RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...


RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...

Of the young people who did not find the service useful, some were still

receiving treatment and others commented specifically on being unhappy with

their detention.

All Trusts (64)

Trust Name (Total no. of

participants per Trust)

BHSCT (18)

NHSCT (13)


SHSCT (12)

WHSCT (13)

0 20 40 60

Number of responses by Trust

No comment


Not useful

Waiting times

Figure 3: Participants’ Views on Their Involvement with CAMHS

The majority of young people, 78 per cent, were satisfied with the time they

had to wait to access CAMHS. All the trusts with the exception of the

Western Trust had more young people satisfied than not satisfied. Overall the

responses with respect to the waiting times varied from one day to several


Young people commented:

"A couple of days it was an

emergency appointment"

Belfast Trust

"I did not have to wait long

at all, probably a week or

two." South Eastern Trust

Within three of the trusts (Northern, Western, Belfast) young people raised the

issue of delay in GP referral to CAMHS.

One young person stated:

“It took eight months to convince the GP to make a

referral but it only took CAMHS about two weeks to

give me an appointment.” Northern Trust


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