RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...


RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...

Trust Name (Total no. of

participants per Trust)

All Trusts (64)

BHSCT (18)

NHSCT (13)


SHSCT (12)

WHSCT (13)


Not Satisfactory

Figure 4: Participants’ Views on Waiting Times

Other issues that were identified in causing delay included, one young person

was changing trusts which took up to a year, and young people experienced

delay whilst trying to access treatment outside of Northern Ireland.

Accessibility of CAMHS

When commenting on how accessible the CAMHS was to young people, 44

per cent described it as very accessible, with 34 per cent stating that it was

okay and 22 per cent stated that they found it difficult to access. The general

themes across the trusts were that, if you did not have a car it was difficult to

access; some young people commented that the CAMH service was not on

the bus route and they had to get two buses.

Young people commented:

0 20 40 60

Number of responses by Trust

“Brilliant." Northern Trust

“I live in a rural location, there

are very few buses, mum had to

bring me and when we got

there, there were very few car

parking spaces. So quite

stressful before you got to the

appointment.” Southern Trust

“Very accessible”

Northern Trust

“When I was in England it

obviously wasn’t

convenient at all, but the

trust paid for my family’s

travel costs so that helped.”

South Eastern Trust


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