RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...


RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...


The majority of young people, 78 per cent, consented to their treatment. Of

the remaining 22 per cent the reasons for not giving consent included:

• detention

• consent was given by the parents due to their age

• young person was unable

Discharge from CAMHS

In regard to their discharge from CAMHS, only 27 per cent of participants had

experience of being discharged from CAMHS. Young people had mixed

responses. This depended on their level of readiness for discharge. One

young person stated that they were able to return to the service after their


Transition to Adult Services

Only 10 young people interviewed were involved in moving from CAMHS to

adult mental health services. Two of these young people where still in the

transition process and had not fully moved. Seven young people stated that

the move had been positive. Young people highlighted a twin track approach

that had been used, where adult mental health and CAMHS worked together

to support the young person. Of the two young people who had a negative

experience, one stated that they did not receive any support during the

transition. The other young person who was still in the transition process,

stated that they felt unsupported and did not know what was happening in

relation to their plan. Another young person commented that because the

transition was to a service in England they received little support.

Young people were asked if they met a professional from adult mental health

services in advance of their transition. Five young people stated that this had

occurred. The young people cited this as extremely helpful.

Aftercare Support

This was not applicable to all young people. Only one young person had

received aftercare support.


Fifty-six per cent of young people across the five trusts did not know how to

make a complaint. In the South Eastern Trust none of the young people who

participated knew how to make a complaint, and only one young person within

the Northern Trust. This was in contrast to the Belfast Trust where all 17

young people were aware of how to make a complaint.


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