February 2012 Newsletter - KDA132


February 2012 Newsletter - KDA132

New Zealand

Rolls-Royce &

Bentley Club Inc

Issue 12-2, 2012

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 1



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CHAIRMAN Glynn Williams

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SECRETARY Susie Williams

37 Maxwelton Drive, Mairangi Bay.

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The Bentley badge and Bentley name are registered trademarks of

Bentley Motors Limited.

The Rolls-Royce badge and Rolls-Royce name are registered

trademarks of Rolls-Royce plc.


MEMBERSHIP of the New Zealand Rolls-Royce & Bentley Club, Inc is open to anyone with an interest in these two

distinguished marques, whether or not they are the owner of a Rolls-Royce or Bentley. Your Membership SUBSCRIPTION

includes the Club Magazine (6 issues annually), the right to attend all Club events and activities, and to partake in Club


FEES: Registration Fee $ 10.00 (once only)

Membership Fee

$115.00 (annual, reduced to $100 for prompt payment)

Family membership $ 5.00 (annual)

CONTACT Membership Registrar NZ Rolls-Royce & Bentley Club, Inc

Rob Carthew, 85A Wharewaka Road ,Taupo

Phone: (07) 377 4117 Email: watcher@pl.net or www.nzrrbc.co.nz ,


Club Shop


From the Shadow’s Corner by Cal West, Product Support Manager, Rolls-Royce Motors Inc, USA. A compilation of

technical articles, specific to the Silver Shadow and its derivatives, reprinted from The Flying Lady. We include a set of

reprints of Know Your Silver Shadow from the Club magazine in recent years. $80 per copy including P & P.

Silver Cloud/S Series Reprints 1955-1966: A compilation of technical articles from The Flying Lady specific to these

cars. $20 per copy including P & P.


The Company’s Construction Records, which accompanied every Rolls-Royce and Bentley chassis (since 1931)

through its production at Derby or Crewe, are a valuable resource for subsequent owners. They detail the original order,

any special equipment, and the results of tests and inspections prior to dispatch. The records for all cars over 10 years

old are held by the RREC in the UK, and copies are available to members of that Club. The number of pages for early

cars may be up to 20 or more. Records for a Silver Shadow can amount to even more pages and cost around $NZ150.

To obtain a copy of your car’s records, contact the Club’s Post WW2 Technical Liaison Officer, Roy Tilley, on 04 566

0850 e-mail rmt@xtra.co.nz

ADVERTISING – pages 17 to 23

Classified advertisements pertaining to Rolls-Royce and Bentley are free to Financial Members who do not deal

regularly in Rolls-Royce or Bentley cars or services. All classified advertisements must be submitted to the Editor,

Tom King, Phone 03 3398 309, e-mail the.king@xtra.co.nz 191 Sparks Road, Christchurch 8025. Commercial

advertisements will be the subject to a charge to the advertiser. Colour advertisements are charged at $220 per half

page and $300 for full page, payable to the NZRR&BC Inc.

Sister Clubs

Many of us belong to several motoring clubs, ranging from the Automobile Association to perhaps the

Zundapp Fanciers’ Club, and including along the way the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand; the oldest

established British clubs, The Veteran Car Club, The Vintage Sports Car Club, and The Bentley Drivers

Club; and our sister clubs, The Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club of Australia, The Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’

Club in Britain, and The Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club in America.

All these clubs produce excellent magazines, and your editor is lucky enough to receive our sister clubs’

publications on behalf of our Club on a quid pro quo basis. They are held in the bit of the library which

is at 191 Sparks Road, Christchurch 8025, and a SAE will have copies speeding to anyone interested.

Otherwise, the current strength of our dollar might make membership of other clubs more practicable than

usual, and membership of the RREC is £87 annually, plus £30 one-off joining fee.

The Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club in North America has made the following announcement, through Sabu

Advani, the editor of the RROC’s The Flying Lady.

“Digital Memberships - The Virtual Way to Go! Members outside of North America are NOW eligible

to join the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club as an International Digital Member, at less than half of the cost of

traditional club members—just $US30. This eliminates two key obstacles for overseas recipients of the

magazine: shipping cost and transit time.

“The exact details of this new programme are still being evaluated and may change once we have a better

idea of what people desire. Meanwhile, contact RROC HQ www.rroc.org to sign up—and do tell your

friends who might be interested in this new option but would have no way of learning about it unless you

tell them.

“In addition to The Flying Lady as a PDF file you will receive The Event Lady and the Luxury Travel Guide

by email, and you will have full access to the RROC’s www.rroc.org website including the Discussion

Forum which gives you instant, 24/7 access to advice and feedback from members worldwide on how

to repair and restore your motorcar. Last but not least, this level of membership will also give you the

opportunity to vote in RROC elections by email.”

From the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club of Australia we have received “Overseas Subscription for Præclarvm:

Præclarvm is pleased to announce that it is now able to accept subscriptions directly from Overseas Rolls-

Royce and Bentley enthusiasts. The cost is $A99 per annum worldwide (postage inclusive).

All enquiries should be directed to: RROCA Præclarvm Overseas Subscription, the Treasurer, John

Hiscox, 74 Rose Avenue, Wheeler Heights, NSW, Australia, 2097 or email: treasurer@rroc.org.au

CLOSING DATE FOR NEXT MAGAZINE: Deadline for receipt of all material for Issue 12-3 is 22 May 2012.

Cover: Glynn Williams took this photograph of the only Derby Bentley to be delivered new to New Zealand, B193LE, when he and its

new owner, Brian Cuthbert, paused outside “Braeburn” in Wanganui during their drive from Christchurch to Auckland in the late 1980s.

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 2

Well, it’s that time of year again when we gather for our

Annual General Meeting. This time the Central Region has the

responsibility of organising it, and Feilding has been chosen as a

congenial meeting point in a part of New Zealand accessible by

some fine roads. This magazine’s deadline means that there will

be a bit of a scurry to get it into readers’ hands before Easter, but

here’s hoping….

It has been established during the last few years for the National

Chairmanship to last for two years, to give some continuity and

also to not stagnate, while moving the Chairman’s base among the

regions. For this concept your editor would like, once again, to

thank Richard Hadfield for his wisdom in proposing his successor

as a denizen of the Southern Region. The then Southern Region

committee felt, before Richard’s Chairmanship starting in 2008,

that its views were not being considered. He negotiated with them,

to not very much avail, and was instrumental in rejuvenating the

Southern Region, also attending events down here. As a master

stroke Richard then nominated Michael Midgley, a well known

and respected Southern Region member, to ensure that whatever

issues concerned Southern Region members would be dealt with.

Michael’s two years at the helm have now passed, and he is ready

to hand over to his successor. An editor should work closely with

the Chairman and the National Committee, while staying outside

the decision-making process, and the harmonious relationship

we have all had has made this editor’s task particularly easy.

Long may it continue. Thank you, Michael, for your dynamism,

tempered with wisdom and acumen.

At this time your editor would like to thank our advertisers,

contributors, supporters, readers, and our printers for the help

Hi Tom

An exchange I found amusing might be worth mentioning in the


After picking up my ‘new’ Arnage T (see my photograph taken in

Auckland) my friend Peter Harris and I spent the next fortnight

chasing various motoring events round the North Island. We

visited the VCC Rally at Wanganui, took in a classic race meeting

at Hampton Downs and finished up at the Riley Rally at Hawera,

where we encountered surely the best value cabin anywhere in the

country, a snip at $30 for the night. Cabins? Well yes. Why not?

This was a BOYS’ trip. No mamby pamby motels for us. We don’t

mind spending money on petrol but Accommodation? Our $30

cabin looked exactly the same as a $130 motel room when our

eyes were shut.

One chap at the camp was showing some interest in the car and

started running through a list of popular boy racer modifications

that he’d make to my Arnage if it were his. As mine’s the ‘T’

(twin turbo) version it had most of them anyway but I did find it

Clive and Julie Wood

2 Mayfair Crescent

Mairangi Bay

Auckland 0630

(09) 478 2046 (021) 478 661


1992 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit SCA2502A8NCH44551

Mainland Comment

Letter to the Editor

New Members

given freely. For such a small club to be able to produce a

magazine such as ours is almost an indulgence, and here again our

thanks are due to Richard Hadfield, who proposed the 24-page, A4

all colour format. This size means that a great deal more content

can be included, and in turn makes the editor’s role much easier as

we try to avoid the “two minutes’ silence,” club magazine, for the

digestion of, syndrome.

Ian and Anne Scoggins have been members of our Southern Region

for several years, as they enjoyed their life of endless summers

between Britain and New Zealand. We are sorry to report that

health concerns have constrained their activities this summer, and

thought that Ian’s letter to Rob Carthew should be published here.

We have enjoyed their presence here every summer, and hope that

we will see them later this year. They will continue to receive our

magazine in pdf form.

Dear Rob,

Many thanks for your e-mail. I’m sorry I have not replied earlier

but I have been in and out of hospital.

We have sold our house in Christchurch and now live permanently

in U.K.

We will probably visit NZ every other year, and I still have our

Corniche stored with Bruce McIlroy. I will probably sell it after

our next visit.

I have therefore decided that I will resign from the New Zealand

Rolls-Royce and Bentley Club, as I will not be able to take part in

any of the club activities.

I have very much enjoyed being a member and I wish you all the

best for the future.

With best wishes,


necessary to pass comment when he mentioned the 3” twin exhaust

he’d fit the car with. He stopped in his tracks when I asked him

why he’d make the exhaust system smaller.


Malcolm Graham

Geoff, Bridget, Bella and Minnie Edwards

12 Oxford St

Lyttelton 8082

(0274) 338 452


1951 Bentley Mark VI Standard Steel Saloon B361LH

In June 2013 the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club is organising a Centenary Celebration of the Rolls-Royce success in the 1913 Alpine Trials.

Their Past Chairman, Tony James, writes: “If you or any of your colleagues would like further information, please contact the prime organiser of the

rally, who is Len Meades - e-mail lenmeades@btinternet.com or Tel: +44 (0)1346 730 373.”

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 3

The Derby Bentley in New Zealand

In 1935 this Bentley visited New Zealand. These images from

the 1930s Bentley Motors (1931) Ltd magazines show the car,

chassis B143CW, on a typical South Island road, at Lake Tekapo,

atop the Crown Range, and crossing what looks like the Rakaia

River shared road and rail bridge which prevailed before the War.

At present, there are at least seventeen Derby Bentleys resident

in New Zealand. Considering that only one came here new,

that is quite an accomplishment, and reflects well upon New

Zealanders’ taste.

Of course there have been several Derby Bentleys which have

visited our country over the years; the first may have been

in 1935, for in the book Bentley Motors on the Road (Dalton

Watson Fine Books, Lavenham, Suffolk) in which Bernard L.

King has gathered facsimile copies of the Bentley

Company magazine published intermittently during

the 1930s, there are four images with captions (one

saying “Lake Iekapo”) of a Bentley in the South

Island. This car was B143CW, a Thrupp & Maberly

Drop-head Coupé shown in Stanley Sedgwick’s All

the Pre-War Bentleys – As New (Bentley Drivers

Club, 1976) as having been delivered in March 1935

to Ceylon and a first owner J.D. Lawson.

When the Derby Bentley turned 75, we had a

feature in our 08-6; a copy of that article is available

from your editor if required. Since 2008, the

first car to be delivered, B15AE, has visited New

Zealand, which gives us an excuse to print other

images of this beautiful car.

Here are the seventeen New Zealand cars, in order

of manufacture, along with images.

Two views of B15AE, photographed by Glynn Williams at Orewa during the Bentley

Drivers Club tour of New Zealand.

3½ Litre:

B24AH, engine M9BN, registration AYF8, Thrupp & Maberly

Saloon, delivered in April 1934 to its first owner Capt. Stewart

Forester. It was restored while under Bill Hoogenboezem’s care,

and featured on the cover of our 05-5 during a Bentley Drivers

Club weekend in Marlborough. It is now owned by Ray Drury

in Prebbleton.

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 4

(left and above) John King’s photographs of B24AH

(below) B148AH in storage in Christchurch

B148AH, engine E4BF, Park Ward Saloon, delivered in July

1934 to T.L. Jones, and is now in the care of Denis Harwood in


B160AH, engine E8BV, Park Ward Drop-head Coupé, delivered

on 4 June 1934 to R. Bedford, and came to New Zealand in

August 1959. It was owned for many years by Eric Gibbs in

Taihape, who used to take bits of the car to Antarctica to work

on while he was stationed there. His work is being continued to

fastidious standards by Clynt Inns near Christchurch.

(above) Eric Gibbs beside B160AH (image courtesy of Roy Tilley)

(right) B127BL in Kelburn while in Ian Maxwell-Stewart’s care.

(Willis Brown’s photographs)

B127BL, engine T9BH, Gurney Nutting Sedanca Coupé,

delivered to The Countess of Warwick in October 1934,

registered BLY794. It features on Page 192 of Johnnie Green’s

Bentley – 50 Years of the Marque (Dalton Watson 1969) and

came to New Zealand in April 1959 in Ian Maxwell-Stewart’s

ownership, then Alan Anderson’s in Wellington, and now our

member Geoff Beetham’s in Auckland.

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 5

John King’s photograph of Lindsay Wogan driving B11DK in the Vintage Car Club’s Invermay Hill-climb, February 1975.

B11DK, engine L7BR, Hooper Saloon, registered BXY14 amazed at there being 17 Derby cars in NZ! Sorry that will now

in June 1935 to Mrs J.R. Campbell. It was imported to New be 16, but we are returning for family reasons - we have just

Zealand in the late 1970s by Frank Renwick, who still owns it. loved living in NZ. My car is body design 26, I think the same

B136FB, engine S3BN, Thrupp & Maberly Saloon, registered as Gavin Bain’s, except the window arrangement on mine is

467CLK to J.F.B. Gage in February 1936, and now owned designed to catch the rain if you are facing the wrong way!”

by Bob Thompson, Nelson. This car is about to depart New

Zealand, for its homeland, as Bob writes: “I bought the car in

1996 as a project and got it back on the road (for the first time

since 1962) in 1998. Since then it has been a story of continuous

refurbishment, and I think all has been rebuilt now, except the

gearbox. It is a great touring car, capable of holding 80mph at

3000rpm in overdrive. We’ve done 40,000 miles in it so far,

mostly in NZ, France and Spain, as well as its native UK. I’m

(Clockwise from above) Bob Thompson’s photograph of B136FB

The text of Mr I. Rogers’ letter to The Real Car Company:

“The late Mr John Briggs, who purchased CJJ406 in about

1963 because he felt sorry for it on a cold garage forecourt in

November. He then ran it every day until he stopped driving, due

to ill health, in about the summer of 1993. I purchased CJJ from

his estate. Please look after CJJ for us all.”

John King’s photograph of B166FB in Oamaru during the

Southern Region’s touring weekend, November 2010.

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 6

B166FB, engine H5BY, Park Ward Saloon, registered as CJJ406

in January 1936 to Lt Cdr C. Crawshay, then stationed in Malta.

Bruce Carey bought this car from the Real Car Company, and

extensive work has been carried out on it.

As time went by, the Park Ward body evolved, and Rolls-Royce

eventually acquired a controlling interest in the company, enabling

jigs to be built, replacing the traditional coach-built construction

with the steel framework seen here.

B29FC at Waiau during a Southern Region run

B29FC, engine D4BR, Thrupp & Maberly Saloon, registered as

EU4758 (U.K.) FS1935 (N.Z.) Thrupp & Maberly body no. 6224

new to Lord Combermere in January 1936. Imported to NZ by

Colin Dray, Wellington 21/11/63; Gavin Bain bought it 1/7/68,

rebuilt it 1970-76, and still owns the car.

4¼ litre:

B174JD, engine Z8BK, Park Ward Saloon, registered as

FPB239 to G.E. Morris in April 1937. Imported to New Zealand

by its current owner, Richard Langridge, to Auckland.

The complexities of the Bentley’s brake adjustment,

compensation, and application systems are seen here on


Richard Langridge’s image of B174JD

B195JY, engine J5BC, Van den Plas Drop-head Coupé,

registered May 1937 to H.W. Barnard as DXV425. Owned by

Julian Smith in Dunedin.

B195JY pictured during some servicing at Bruce McIlroy Ltd

B171KU, engine K2BC, Van den Plas Pillarless Saloon,

registered May 1938 by M.G. Ballantyne, and now owned by

Chris Empson in Te Awamutu.

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 7

Philip Eilenberg took these photographs of B171KU during a

northern Region run which included a visit to Chris Empson’s

home near Te Awamutu. This body design has several unusual

features, such as leading hinges on the front doors and an almost

wrap-around windscreen design.

B175KU, engine K5BC, Park Ward Saloon, originally the

Scottish Motor Show car, and registered in July 1938 to H.G.

Laing. Now owned by Ramon Farmer in Christchurch.

The refinement and comfort of the Park Ward coachwork on

B193LE is evident in these images of the very original B193LE,

now that the dust has been laid.

John King’s photograph of B175KU on the coastline near Oamaru

during a Southern Region touring event

B193LE, engine A3BN, NZ registration DB4250. the only

Derby Bentley delivered to NZ (after touring in Britain), to

A.J. Scott, Christchurch; then Edgar Ridgen 7/56 Greendale; R.

Frisken, Christchurch 1961; B. Cuthbert 1980s; J. Kirker both of

Auckland 1991. Present mileage 123,719. Edgar Ridgen spoke

of the lack of dust-proofing of the Park Ward body, with the rear

seats slung hammock-style, and on the gravel roads prevalent in

the ‘50s the children on the rear seat (who included our member

Katy Parish) could hardly be seen from the front seat.

B118LS, engine N3BZ, Van den Plas Drop-head Coupé,

registered January 1938 as AFN400 to A.H. Bowkett. Now

owned by Dr Ian Johnstone, Wairarapa and Britain.

(Left) Brian Cuthbert (right) has just taken delivery of B193LE

from Rex Frisken (left) outside Fazazz. Brian and Glynn Williams

(who took the photograph) are about to drive it to Auckland.

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 8

Dr Ian Johnstone’s image of B118LS, a Van den Plas Drop-head


B84MR, engine R4BW, originally Thrupp & Maberly Saloon,

delivered in November 1938 to A. Fraser. Now owned by

Lewis Townshend of Palmerston North, who commissioned

Roger Fry in Perth to build a “Bullion Bentley” replica. The

“Bullion Bentley” had been a 1935 Bentley 3½ Litre B38EF,

a 3-position Drop-head Coupé by Franay delivered in August

1935 to P. Bernot, and so known after a substantial proportion

of France’s reserves in the form of platinum were smuggled out

of the country as the German Army advanced in 1940. When

it went back to the UK in 1947, it was registered SML444. The

last known owner is M. Prince (UK) in 2000. Another replica of

it, built on a 4¼-litre chassis B126JD is exhibited in the Peter

Briggs Collection at the York Motor Museum, Western Australia.

B49MX outside Dansey’s Pass Hotel during a Bentley Drivers

Club touring weekend

B165MX, engine N4BL, Park Ward Continental Saloon,

registered September 1939 to London Metal Products as

FXN608. This car came from America, through the Real Car

Company, to the present owner, Berwick Taylor in Auckland.

B165MX in America (above) and outside Dansey’s Pass Hotel

(below) in Otago

Glynn Williams took these photographs of B84MR (above) with

the original Thrupp & Maberly body, and (below) as it had just

come out of its container in Palmerston North after re-bodying by

Roger Fry in Perth

B49MX, engine P9BY, Jack Barclay Park Ward Pillarless

Saloon, U.K. registration FYR100 to C.J. Campbell Steen in

August 1939. Imported by R.S. Mills, Wanaka, and now owned

by Bruce McIlroy, Ashburton.

In addition, the following note came from Peter Baines, then the

General Secretary of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club, to Roy

Tilley in May 2000:

“B141JY The current owner of B141JY says that the car, a Vanden

Plas All-weather, was in Dunedin owned by someone whose

signature looks like J T Chalslock. Can you confirm the name? The

owner is planning to visit next February and would like to trace this


In preparing this item, welcome help was received from Ramon

Farmer, Gavin Bain, Bruce Mcilroy, Roy Tilley, Geoff Beetham,

Glynn Williams, Richard Langridge, James Kirker, Clynt Inns,

Philip Eilenberg, Bob Johnson, Ron Hasell, and the late Willis

Brown, Dr Ian Johnstone, Denis Harwood, and Geoff Edwards.

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 9

Northern Region News

Report by Lois Hadfield, Photographs by Elizabeth Mitchell

Berwick Taylor made a spectacular entrance in his Mark 6 to the

designated Rolls-Royce and Bentley area as he proceeded down a

sweeping set of garden steps when he found himself faced with a

dead-end road way. Not for him the three point turn and retracing

his steps!

As the cars arrived and were tastefully arranged in our area a

short sharp shower had us all racing for the shelter of our cars.

“Quick” said the owner of a very smart Silver Wraith “Hop in my

car—time for a sherry.” This turned out to be Ron Craig who has

been a member for about 18 months. Ten o’clock seemed a little

early but we remembered that a little sherry at 10 had been a British

tradition and forced ourselves. The Silver Wraith has a beautiful

original fitted drinks cabinet in figured walnut, and I am sure that

this is really what he wanted me to see. I had earlier introduced

myself as a committee member, and when I commented that I was

not familiar with the car he told me that he and his wife, Mary, had

not been to many functions as yet.

The Rolls-Royce and Bentley Club had a very good turn-out at

the show, one to which I had never been before. I thought that

some support for Glynn our Northern Chairman would be a good

thing. Richard said he gets bored when you have to be there from

9-45 to 4pm without moving your car so I thought, “I’ll take the

1952 Park Ward myself.”

The 1930 Rolls-Royce was all prepared for our trip to Wanganui

for the Vero International Rally and as we were leaving in 2 days’

time would not have been a good choice.

On the way to the event the Chris and Angela Houry 25/30 driven

by Selwyn ‘failed to proceed,’ but they were able to coast into the

forecourt of a motel opposite the gates of the Ellerslie Racecourse.

The phone call from them had George and Miles Urquhart and

Phillip Eilenberg hot-foot it over there. It was soon diagnosed as

a blown main fuse and they soon had it running. Michael Milne,

(Clockwise from left) Ron Craig,1947 Silver Wraith Freestone &

Webb Limousine WVA75

Mike Coleman,1935 20/25 Gurney Nutting Saloon GHY4

Lois Hadfield,1952 Mark VI Park Ward Drop-head Coupé B119NY

A general view, with Sue and Kevin Williams’s Corniche

CRH11494 in the foreground

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 10

en route in the Carmargue, was asked to return to the motor house and bring the 4WD and the trailer –which proved unnecessary I


Those who attended with their cars were:-

Selwyn Houry & Michael Milne, Chris & Angela Houry 25/30 Charlesworth Saloon GMD51

Brent, Elizabeth, Dean & Evan Mitchell 1952 R Type B182SR

Kevin Williams

1971 Corniche FHC CRH11494

Berwick Taylor

1952 Mark 6 Saloon B307MB

George & Miles Urquhart

1933 20/25 Freestone & Webb GSY12

Phillip & Norma Eilenberg 1952 Mark 6 Saloon B172MD

Mike & Sue Coleman

20/25 Gurney Nutting Saloon GHY4

David Merryweather

1960 Silver Cloud 2 SRA67

Ron & Mary Craig

1947 Silver Wraith Freestone & Webb WVA75

Lois Hadfield 1952 Mark 6 Park Ward DHC B119NY

John & Maureen Stewart

1951 Silver Dawn Park Ward DHC Re-creation SOB112

Bob Coughlan

1974 Silver Wraith 2 LWB Saloon LRH36754

Glynn Williams 1952 Mark 6 Saloon B29NY

I wandered around the show, which was more extensive than I had imagined, with every marque and era on display. Most had small

group picnics going on near their cars as we did. I went to see old friends in the Stag, Horseless Carriage, and Jaguar car clubs, but they

were all away looking at other cars in the show.

We had 13 Rolls and Bentleys on display. Kevin and Sue Williams brought their Corniche which Kevin had polished and primped until

it looked magnificent—especially the engine bay with replacement chromed dome nuts on everything.

There was motoring interest for any taste, from a ‘Gymkhana’ with a lot of squealing tyres, to the book stall with an impressive range

of motoring memorabilia and workshop manuals. I didn’t get to see everything as the area was so large, but it would be a great day out

for families, especially those with boys in tow.

At lunchtime we gathered in and around the thoughtfully provided gazebo and chattered and shared our lunches and a little wine, coffee

or beer and Mary Craig’s delicious bacon and egg tartlets and a great cake baked by one of the ladies.

We ignored the odd bit of drizzle and were surprised by the large numbers of people who had come to the show.

We all decided it was rather like a picnic day outing we often put on, but with entertainment.

And, no, I didn’t get to read the book I had taken in case of boredom!

A general view of the Club’s display at the Ellerslie Car Show, with Glynn Williams’s Mark VI B29NY in the foreground, with B172MD,

B119NY, SRA67, and GHY4 also distinguishable

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 11

Central Region News

Report by Roy Tilley, Photographs by Keith Shackleton

The oldest vehicle there was a 1912 Rolls Royce, chassis

2038E, with the number plate “1912” and the following history:

“The 1912 Silver Ghost is owned by Roy Southward, son of the

late Sir Len Southward. Originally it had a landaulette body by

Hamshaw. It was first registered in New Zealand on June 2nd 1947

and became a break-down truck in the ownership of Arthur Bruce

Garage in Queen Street, Auckland. It was later (1956) owned by the

Harvey and Munro partnership. Sir Len Southward purchased it in

about 1970 and then, in the ownership of Roy Southward, it received

a full chassis restoration, and its tow-truck body was replaced by

the Charlesworth tourer body that it wears today. Restoration was

completed in 2005 and since then the car has been used regularly

in Vintage Car Club events in New Zealand. It also took part in the

Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club Centenary Scottish Tour in 2007.”

(From top, clockwise) Graham Benseman 2001 Arnage Red Label, chassis

number unknown; Barrie Benseman 1964 Silver Cloud III, SEV249; Martin

Ferner 1954 R-Type, B74TN;

Doug Majors Silver Shadow SRH15571; Martin Purdy Silver Shadow I,

SRH6886; Gary Nichols 1961 S2, B8CU; Roy Southward 1912 Silver Ghost


More detailed images of 2038E

As we go to press there is a sad report of Roy Southward’s passing in late


The Vintage Car Club’s Wanganui Rally

Report by Richard Hadfield, Photographs by Lois Hadfield

As I explained in my article on the Bentley Drivers Club “Britain

by Bentley” tour in issue 11-5 Lois and I were unable to take our

partially restored Mk VI Park Ward Drop Head Coupé which was a

great disappointment. Within three months of our return, however,

it was all set to go and going well. By now it was September

2011 and entries were invited for the 2012 V.C.C. National rally

to be held this year in Wanganui so we were more than tempted.

Several members were planning to attend including John &

Maureen Stewart and George Urquhart in their Silver Dawn and

20/25 respectively, and David & Kaye Porter had entered with

their 1904 Darracq which they planned to trailer down.

Lois has relatives near the small town of Waverley and I wanted to

accompany John Stewart to South Taranaki to inspect the progress

on one of the Arrol Johnstons from the Noel Marsh collection sold

to a Scottish buyer and being restored before shipment. Further,

I wanted to visit the buyer of our 1910 Hupmobile in Feilding

whom we see from time to time.

With this in mind I tried to discover which of the hub rallies were

planned on which days so that I could make some appointments.

Disappointingly, this information was not available except from

the entrant’s rally packs to be collected on arrival in Wanganui.

When we received the rally packs, I could see why there could be

no alterations to routes or destinations. The detailing was superb

down to our names on each page.

Lois and I had decided to make the trip to Wanganui in a leisurely

fashion and stop near Te Kuiti and then at the Chateau making it a

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 12

trip of three more or less equal days of about 175 – 180 kilometres

each. On contacting the Stewarts and George Urquhart they had

planned to make it two days so we were unable to travel in their

company but we thought we might return to Auckland with them.

In the event that was not to happen as Maureen’s sister in

Auckland was taken ill so the Stewarts had to return after only two

days in Wanganui. The amount of detail in the rally packs was a

wonder to behold. As there were 682 entrants in the rally, the field

was split into six groups each one colour coded with car numbers

and name swingers in the same coding. When it came to the hub

rallies it was obvious that this was necessary as if the organizers

had allowed all the entrants to visit say Marton on the same day,

the town would have been absolutely swamped. It worked well

and we were able to partake of the various facilities in each town

without any crowding and right through the two weeks, the locals’

interest seemed not to diminish in the slightest.

Lois and I had many conversations with café owners and petrol

station proprietors all of whom said that the upturn in level of

business brought by our presence was noticeable. This more than

justified the council sponsorship promoted by the former mayor

Michael Laws to the tune of $100,000.

It was estimated that some 22,000 bed nights alone would contribute

close to a quarter of a million dollars to the local economy. That

plus eleven breakfasts and eleven lunches and eleven dinners all

add up to a considerable boost to the local economy.

As to the rally itself, well it was three years in the making

and it really showed. Everything - and there were many, many

everythings, ran so very smoothly that the whole event was a

pleasure to be involved with. We had three hub rallies each week

making six in all to the towns of Marton, Feilding, Hawera, Ratana,

Hunterville and the most enjoyable – a run up the Whanganui river

to Jerusalem. Note the spelling of the river name. The locals have

decided, in the lack of official advice due to the Greens blocking

The Whanganui River near Jerusalem

any agreement, that, as the river is significant to the local tribes, it

should be spelt in the way of their choice but that they will retain

the long held spelling of the name of the town of Wanganui.

The Mk VI behaved immaculately, due largely to the detailed work

by Colin Gray, who spent many hours preparing the car, which is

now a very enjoyable car for long distance touring. In fact we

are considering driving down to Feilding in it for the A.G.M. at

Easter. The mechanicals are completely overhauled and the body

refurbishment is done from the front guards and bonnet to the rear

of the doors. The remaining body work and rear painting will be

done over next winter.

B119NY is an elegant addition to an already pretty street scene in


NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 13

The Rolls-Royce Ghost - a Brief Acquaintanceship

A Rolls-Royce Ghost has just completed a South Island introductory

visit, driven by Neil D’Arcy-Brain, the Brand Manager of the

Rolls-Royce division of Team McMillan Ltd. Neil and the car

paused briefly in Christchurch on their way home to Auckland, and

your editor happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The first impression is the relatively compact size of the car when

compared to its larger brother, the Phantom. The Ghost is longer

than a Silver Shadow, but not by much, at 5399 mm, and is almost

exactly the same length as the Silver Cloud II. So are the height,

width, and weight, with a conscious effort to keep the weight low

by the use of light alloys. The wheelbase is about 20 mm longer

than a LWB Silver Shadow, with very little overhang at the front.

A look at the engine was essential, and there, under the apparently

mandatory sheathing which prevails these days, nestles a 48-

valve V12 engine of 6.6 litres, twin turbo-charged, to produce

“adequate” power, but defined as 420 kw at 5,250 rpm. That is

563 bhp in “old money” and will propel the car to a governed 250

kph, and from 0 to 100 kph in 4.9 seconds. The really startling

feature of the design is the maximum torque of 780 Nm, or 575 lb

ft, available at just 1,500 rpm.

The comfort is as expected, with the same level in front and rear

seats through a multitude of adjustments available. A sun-roof

can be specified, or the separate air conditioning system for rear

passengers which occupies the ceiling, as on the car which came

to the South Island. The colour is defined as English White, with

that tinge of green we may remember from the Austin-Healeys

and other BMC cars finished in their Old English White, but the

finish which Rolls-Royce Motors achieve is in another world from

BMC’s “once-over lightly” approach. The other eleven colours in

the standard range are dark hues, with some gorgeous blues and a

Sea Green, complemented by nine interior colour options. Your

reporter is partial to Sand over Sable, as illustrated across the page

in Rolls-Royce Motors’ illustration of the new two-tone options

for the Phantom, and would hope that such an option would be

available for the Ghost.

The designers’ objective has been simplicity for the driver; there

is not the confusing array of controls so often encountered, and

while there are enough options to keep the driver and front seat

passenger amused for the duration, a panel, veneered to perfection

of course, conceals the g.p.s. display. Instrumentation is by light

faced dials; there is no revolution counter, but instead an intriguing

“power reserve %” indicator. To see that gauge indicate that we

were using merely 1% of the engine’s capability while cruising at

80 kph helped us to understand why the car’s fuel consumption

figures are so good. Neil achieved an average of 24 or so miles per

gallon during the South Island trip; only once has your reporter

managed 20 mpg in a Mark VI on a trip, and it has been all

downhill from there, so to speak.

Cameras are always available, and those to the front pass speed

limit information to the Heads Up Display projected just below

the line of sight on the windscreen, but there are no annoying bells

and whistles to distract a transgressor, and the correct digital speed

reading on the windscreen is rather fun to maintain, helped by the

sensitivity of the controls. The ZF automatic gearbox is 8-speed,

so the ratios are close enough to make changes imperceptible.

We chose roads which were fun before the events of September

2010, and the ride and cornering capabilities of the Ghost were

enough to bring back the fun. It is a remarkable car, and there is

surely an argument for taking the EQC and/or insurance payout,

buying a Ghost, and living in it while taking a year to explore the

rest of the country.

Thank you, Neil D’Arcy-Brain and Team McMillan, for the

opportunity to drive the new Ghost. We wish you well.

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 14

The Opening of the Rolls-Royce Showroom in Auckland

On Friday evening 23 March the weather was perfect for the

opening of the new Rolls-Royce Motors showroom at 11-15

Great South Road, Newmarket. Very bright LED lighting and

liveried doormen were on hand to greet guests, champagne and

other refreshments were served, while circulating staff continually

tempted us with delicious finger food.

Through the ante-room, the customer lounge, and beyond into

the main show-room, where there is room for two Rolls-Royces,

the new extended wheelbase, or EWB, Ghost was the main focus

of attention. 1700 mm has been added to the rear compartment,

purely to the foot-room area, extending the dimensions quoted

on Page 14, and this particular car’s colour scheme, from the

Commissioned Collection, was a warm misty grey which has not

appeared yet in the brochure, known as Silver Haze, with Crème

Light leather interior. With the various options available there are

44,000 different combinations, making it among the least likely

cars to be mislaid in a supermarket car-park. The customer lounge,

beside the show-room, has an innovative feature wall, where the

various colour combinations of exterior paint, upholstery, carpet,

lambs-wool over-rugs, door capping, seat piping, and head lining

can be displayed together.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff members, both from Team

McMillan (Neil D’Arcy-Brain and Des Parsons) and Rolls-Royce

Motor Cars Limited in Singapore (Dan Balmer) were able to

answer questions and demonstrate the features of the cars, while

outside sat Ghosts in English White and Darkest Tungsten, both

with Seashell interiors, as well as a Phantom in Diamond Black.

Her Excellency the British High Commissioner, Vicki Treadell

CMG MVO introduced herself to us, as guests continued to arrive.

We noted several members of our NZ Rolls-Royce & Bentley

Club present. The Managing Director of Team McMillan,

Mr Bob McMillan, gave the opening address, in which he told

of the process by which the perceived tiny New Zealand market

changed to one worth pursuing for Rolls-Royce Motors, and of

Team McMillan’s commitment to its market. Bob McMillan has

stepped aside from his BMW role to concentrate on the Rolls-

Royce side of the business. The new Ghost model must be at

the forefront of such a drive, with a cost structure which will put

it into direct competition with other highly regarded marques.

The situation which existed around 80 years ago, between the 8-

litre Bentley and the Phantom II Rolls-Royce, seems likely to be

re-enacted, without the constraints on development costs which

prevailed in 1930; interesting times.

The Director of Sales from Rolls-Royce Motors Limited, Jolyon

Nash, spoke next, and mentioned the new record for Rolls-Royce

car production of 3,538 last year. The previous record was 3,347,

set in 1978. Since global car production in 2011 was 70 million,

Rolls-Royce must be seen as a very small niche. However, as

H.E. Vicki Treadell, who spoke next, pointed out, British car

production is still important, despite the ownership of most of the

car industry’s belonging overseas. Nissan now produce more cars

in Britain than in Japan, but the design innovations and quality of

construction make the Rolls-Royce car, well, the Rolls-Royce of

car design and production.

The New Zealand Prime Minister, the Right Honourable John

Key, spoke next, and Bob McMillan closed the addresses. Part

of Neil D’Arcy-Brain’s South Island visit earlier this month was

a demonstration that, if a car should “fail to proceed” (in classic

parlance) a replacement would be on hand within 25 hours.

As we left, we were presented with a black ‘shopping bag” with

a Rolls-Royce logo. Inside was a copy of World Collections, an

almost 200-page glossy A4 magazine, published quarterly by

Fairfax Media, which includes a three page article on the Auckland

Rolls-Royce dealership, entitled “Fresh Rolls.” There was also a

beautifully wrapped cup-cake, topped by a Rolls-Royce logo in

marzipan, and this survived the journey home to Christchurch.

Your reporter thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and it seemed

utterly appropriate that while on his way to the bus stop a vintage

Rolls-Royce should pass by. That was Ed and Colleen Pollard

in their 20/25 GNS30, who had joined friends for a fish and chip

picnic dinner in Cornwall Park; the weather was so nice that they

decided to take the Rolls-Royce.

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 15

Twenty Topics by Dr David Davis

(Reprinted from Præclarvm 12-1 with the permission of the Author and Editor)

The NZ Rolls-Royce & Bentley Club Magazine 11-6 has an article

about fitting 4 wheel hydraulic brakes to an early 20hp GA69.

The story of how it was done is fascinating. A later front axle

has been used with the internals replaced with wheel cylinders

hydraulically linked to the brake pedal. Two separate master

cylinders with slave cylinders operate the rear brakes through

the existing levers. The installation required a lot of meeting

problems as they arose including the lubrication arrangements

for the front axle. I wonder if the hydraulics would lock the rear

brakes especially in the wet which is the main objection to 2 wheel

brakes. I suppose it would be a matter of balance between the front

and back. The modification passed compulsory certification.

There are two other front brake conversions that I know of being

76A5 which has had motor bike disc brakes fitted to the front

which involved machining new hubs. I understand that the pads

wear quickly due to the weight of the car. The other conversion is

Jim Kelso’s GRK81 which now has vacuum assistance applied to

the brakes including the RR front axle fitted many years ago by

Patrick Kane White .GF8, has vacuum assistance applied to its 2

wheel brakes which work well in dry weather but readily locks the

wheels in the wet.

Early in my ownership of 42G1, I asked Bert Ward should I fit

An excuse to publish photographs of three “Twenties” active here:

(clockwise from above) Philip Eilenberg’s Hooper bodied GEN39;

Mulliner Weymann Saloon with Division GFN49, cared for by

John Ferguson; and GTM28, James Young Drop-head Coupé

from 1934 replacing the 1928 Melhuish Tourer body, owned by

Vicky Ellis

front brakes to the car. Bert’s response was that, properly adjusted,

2 wheel brakes were more than adequate. After I had driven two

Silver Ghosts with 2 wheel brakes namely 45NA and 56 AG both

of which were great, I appreciated that he was right.

Early cars with A steering, such as Jim’s, have a special problem

as the forward seating position necessitates downward pressure

on the brake pedal rather than outward leg pressure as is the case

with D. The seating position on the latter is further away from the

pedal under the lower raked steering wheel. Clearly, nowhere near

as much comfortable pressure can be applied to the pedal in the

case of A steering as can be in the case of D. I can understand, then,

why there is a perception that A steering cars have a problem.

There is no doubt that the fitting of front brakes to a Twenty,

involves assistance as the pressure required to operate 4 brakes

effectively, is beyond leg strength which is a point raised by Bert.

I have always been wary of the RR servo system as reversing can

be unpredictable as can ahead, unless holding the wheel firmly.

There is a full discussion on the RR servo system in Fundamentals

of Car Performance by Hives etc including these issues which

relate to adjustment. That book also comments on the differences

between 2 and 4 wheel brakes noting that 60% of braking in the

servo system is taken up by the rear brakes the performance of

which in both systems is directly related to the proportion of the

car’s weight over the rear wheels. The book points out that, in

the end, it is all about tyre adherence to the road surface. The

book notes that the greatest retardation achieved in tests was

20ft/second, squared and that the limit for personal comfort of the

passengers in the rear of the car was 12ft/second, squared.

The vacuum assistance fitted to Jim’s car is effective and I would

say is more predictable than the RR servo. Of course the engine

has to be running for it to work which is not the case with the RR

system. It is interesting to note that the Springfield Factory retrofitted

vacuum brakes to Silver Ghosts, and a Canadian owner of

both Rolls-Royce and vacuum types, commented to me that he

preferred the vacuum.

The fitting of front brakes to an early car involves other

considerations besides assistance including whether king posts

and struts should be added to the bottom of the chassis frame to

counter braking stresses and whether changes need to be made to

the front springs to counter windup under braking which affects

steering. There is a discussion of the latter in Fundamentals of Car

Performance which explains why 4 wheel braked Twentys have

longer front springs.

Looking back over my ownership of 42G1, as Paul Samuels

commented when he owned the car, the brakes were hopeless. The

issue was the brakes seeming to not work at all followed by lock

up. Replacing the heavy body helped matters but a significant

improvement resulted from mounting the spare wheel at the back

which stopped the wheels from locking up especially in the wet.

Curing a differential oil leak followed by a complete overhaul

including softer linings which have a more progressive action, has

resulted in effective brakes in which I have every confidence.

David G Davis 42G1 NSW

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 16

FOR SALE: 1960 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Chassis SVB331. Good condition, imported new,

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Receipts for $80,000 spent recently with Burkes Metals, and much more spent in Hong Kong prior to

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1920s Maddox (coach-builders of Huntingdon from 1905) alloy panelled barrel sided tourer body

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km irreplaceable Bentley.

Could help with finance if required

Bob Cleave,

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Provenance exclusively $399,900.

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47,000 kms. A truly handmade vehicle. $89,990

2010 Bentley Continental GT Supersport 1992 Bentley Turbo R

Ice white Ice Ice Ice , white Beluga , ,, Beluga trim, full trim, Ice spec, full white full full includes spec, , Beluga includes Naim trim, Audio, Naim full spec, Audio, 20” includes alloy 20” wheels,

alloy Naim wheels, Audio, 20” alloy wheels, 2009 Bentley 2009 Bentley GTC Speed GTC 2009 Speed Bentley GTC Speed

reverse reverse camera. camera. reverse camera. Only 16,000 kms Silver with $370,000 grey $370,000

hide. Red Moonbeam $370,000 piping. Moonbeam Silver, The Hotspur Silver,

very Hotspur Moonbeam Hide, finest. Navigation, Hide, Silver, $POA

Navigation, Hotspur Naim Audio, Naim Hide, Audio, 20” Navigation, alloy 20” wheels alloy Naim wheels $325,000 Audio, $325,000 20” alloy wh

BENTLEY BENTLEY AUCKLAND AUCKLAND 100 Great 100 Great North North Road, 100 Road, Great Grey Grey North Lynn, Lynn, Road, Auckland. Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Ph: 09 Ph: 360 09 3200 360 3200 Fax: Ph: (09) Fax: 360 361 (09) 3200 6403 361 Fax: 6403 Email: (09) Email: 361 sales@bentleyauckland.co.nz 6403 Email: sales@bentleyauckland.co.nz www.bentleyauckland.com


NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 22


Authorised Bentley Service &

Rolls-Royce Heritage Dealer





Dark Sapphire blue with Porpoise hide upholstery and

carpets. Christchurch new vehicle. Mileage 46000 kms.

Bentley Service history. Excellent condition. Price

$142,500.00 NZD.



Storm grey with light grey hide upholstery and shale

grey carpets. Adjustable rear seats & seat heaters to

rear seats. Mileage 133000 km. Price $32,000.00 NZD.



Tudor grey with light grey hide upholstery piped in dark

blue, with dark blue carpets piped in light grey. Same

family ownership for the last 20 years. Manual

transmission. Handbook and tools. Original condition.

Price $25,000.00 NZD

Sherwood green with beige upholstery and conifer

carpets. Burr Elm veneer. Has been serviced by

Bruce McIlroy Ltd for 10 years. Excellent original

example. Price $45,000.00 NZD.



At Bruce McIlroy Ltd we exclusively restore and service Bentley and Rolls-Royce motor vehicles ranging

from 1907 Rolls-Royce vehicles to the present day Bentleys. Our workshop is equipped with the latest

technology to carry out hydraulic, mechanical, electrical work and panel fabrication on Heritage

and modern vehicles. Our technicians are Crewe factory trained.



Telephone/Fax 03 308 7282, A/H 03 308 7372, Mobile 027 223 1600, e-mail bruce.mcilroy@xtra.co.nz


NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 23

Club Calendar

Full details are also contained on our Web Site www.nzrrbc.co.nz

2012 National Rally and A.G.M


This year’s National Rally is being organised by the Central Region Committee and will take place at the Raceway Court Motel, Awahuri Road,

Feilding over the Easter weekend.

The main events for the weekend will be as follows:

Friday 6 April

Registration for early birds 4.00pm onwards, followed by meeting and greeting in the bar.

Dinner under own arrangements. If you plan to eat in the Raceway Court restaurant, you will need to let them know.

Saturday 7 April

Registration, Gymkhana, more details later.

Informal dinner after which Richard Hadfield will give us a brief dissertation on his recent travels, including the BDC and RREC rallies in the UK

Sunday 8 April

Annual General Meeting: 10.00 am. Concours preparation and judging. Drive and visits for those not entering the concours. Details later.

Pre-dinner drinks: 6.30 pm.

Dinner 7.30 pm, followed by Concours prize-giving and other awards.

Monday 9 April. Checkout.


Northern Region

Sunday 27 May: Lunch at Riverhead Pub 1130 for 1200 (high tide is 1141) wet or fine. Seats for 25 have been booked. Further details and RSVP

to Lois Hadfield (09) 448 2248 or oldie@ihug.co.nz

Central Region

Friday 6 to Monday 9 April: National Rally and 2012 Annual General Meeting

Easter Weekend – At Raceway Court Motel in Feilding. Registration Form and Programme enclosed with this issue.

Mark your calendars for a Fun Filled R-R & B Car Weekend in “Friendly Feilding”, fourteen times winner of “New Zealand’s Most Beautiful Town

Award” and the hub of the Manawatu District. (Only20kms N of Palmerston North City)

Closing date for Registration and Receipt of Entries – Monday – 19 th March

Bookings for Hotel: phone & fax (06) 323-7891 – Your hosts - Sharon and Paul- Raceway Court Motel

Saturday 28 April: Flying Display – organised by the Vintage Aviation League – Masterton.

Southern Region

Saturday 31 March: Day run to the Vintage Car Club’s Swap Meeting at Winchester

Saturday 5 May: Day run to the Vintage Car Club’s Swap Meeting at Tinwald

Friday 15 to Sunday 17 June: Ohau Lodge Weekend with a day run up to Mt Cook on Saturday 16 June. This is before the skiing season starts,

and just before The Lodge becomes very busy, so we are welcomed as before.

Otago Weekend at a date to be arranged

Friday 16 to Sunday 18 November: Canterbury Anniversary Weekend and our traditional Long Touring Weekend, to a destination not yet


Please note these dates on your calendars. Suggestions for these and additional events are always welcome.

Bob Thompson’s photograph of B136FB and an occupant enjoying the view towards Mt Cook from the Lake Pukaki lookout

NZRR&BC Issue 12-2 24

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