SmartWay TM Logistics - RR Donnelley

SmartWay TM Logistics - RR Donnelley


At RR Donnelley’s DLS Worldwide, social responsibility and

effective business performance go hand­in­hand

As a SmartWay SM Transport Partner, we

deliver logistics everyone can benefit from

The SmartWay Program is a voluntary collaboration

between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

and the freight industry intended to increase energy

efficiency while trimming greenhouse gas emissions

and air pollution. It comprises truck and rail carriers

and logistics companies that have committed to

reduce fuel consumption through improved freight

logistics and emission controls.

RR Donnelley earned the highest SmartWay

score available

In fact, we actually entered the SmartWay Program

already having the highest available score possible.

We were already using carriers in our logistics services

offering that promote fuel conservation strategies and

actively evaluate emerging technologies.


Committed to reducing our carbon footprint

RR Donnelley’s DLS Worldwide partners with a

significantly greater number of SmartWay SM carriers

than is required and we consolidate freight to reduce

the number of trucks on the road. We’re hoping to

accelerate the 2012 SmartWay initiative to:

Reduce 150 million barrels of oil

consumption annually

Reduce 33­66 million metric tons of carbon

monoxide (CO2) emissions annually

Reduce up to 200,000 tons of nitrogen oxide

(NOx) emissions annually

As a third­party logistics

provider, RR Donnelley’s

DLS Worldwide works

collaboratively with

customers to achieve

both reduced freight

costs and better

environmental outcomes.

–– Michael Manzella,

Chief Sustainability

Officer, RR Donnelley

SmartWay Transport's

goals are to reduce

the impact of freight

transport on the

environment, and to

help our partners see

the rewards to their


–– Environmental

Protection Agency

Whatever your company's logistics

needs, DLS Worldwide can help you

save money and the environment. We

provide the experience and resources –

you bring the commitment to reducing

your costs and reducing your carbon


Helping you reduce your carbon footprint

As a 3PL (Third­Party Logistics provider), DLS

Worldwide enables customers to outsource all or

part of their shipping needs, resulting in efficient

freight management solutions. Our environmentally

friendly over­the­road services include:

■ Full Truckload

■ Less Than Truckload (LTL)

■ Intermodal/Rail


With DLS Worldwide as your logistics provider, you

can be assured the carriers we use to move your full

truckload freight are committed to sustainability –

it’s our requirement as a SmartWay Transport



Our LTL carriers collect freight from various shippers

and consolidate that freight for delivery to a single point.

Kind of a carpool for freight, LTL results in significant

fuel and cost savings.


Intermodal/rail is the most fuel­ and cost­efficient

way to move goods from place to place (moving a

ton of freight more than 400 miles on a single gallon

of fuel). Already managing a significant number of

intermodal/rail moves annually, DLS Worldwide is

committed to filling even more rail cars each year.

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