Presstek Dimension Pro 800

Presstek Dimension Pro 800

Dimension Pro 800

Chemistry-free Thermal CTP

■ Eight-page Format

■ Versatile Range of Plate Sizes

■ Fewest Steps to Press-ready Plates

■ Easy to Use, Low-cost Operation

■ Superior Image Control

■ Environmentally friendly

Dimension Pro 800

Increase Productivity and Profitability with Chemistry-free CTP

The Presstek Dimension Pro 800 eight-page CTP

system delivers performance, ease-of-use and

low cost of operation to make your business

more capable, profitable and competitive.

Combined with Presstek’s chemistry-free CTP

plates, a Dimension Pro 800 offers your business

multiple advantages over other platemaking

systems. The amount of time, labor and materials

required for platemaking are significantly

reduced, while accuracy, consistency and

pressroom performance improve.

A Dimension Pro 800 is a cost-effective and

reliable choice for printers looking to:

■ Streamline platemaking operations

■ Better respond to customer needs

■ Lower the costs of platemaking

■ Operate in a more environmentally

sustainable manner

■ Fully capitalize on the efficiency

of CTP workflow

Be More Capable

The Dimension Pro 800 is easy to operate and

its fast turnaround of plates enables you to

process more jobs and respond to short lead

times and last minute changes. Presstek’s

chemistry-free thermal plates provide

outstanding image quality and improve your

pressroom performance while reducing total

cost. The Dimension Pro 800 images plates

in sizes from one page up to eight pages.

Be More Profitable

Presstek CTP eliminates all the costs

associated with the chemical processing of plates. By using

Presstek chemistry-free CTP plates, you remove timeconsuming

steps, reduce labor, and conserve valuable floor

space. You eliminate expensive remakes caused by variables

in chemistry, exposure and human error. With the fewest steps

to press-ready plates, your prepress and pressroom personnel

can perform more tasks every shift. You also minimize the

environmental costs of platemaking.

A Dimension Pro 800 is a robust and reliable system,

engineered for easy maintenance and maximum uptime.

Be More Competitive

Platemaking with a Dimension Pro 800 is accurate and

reliable. Fast response times and lower prepress

costs enable you to better capitalize

on your digital workflow. Jobs

in the queue are imaged on

Presstek chemistry-free plates;

then the plates are washed with

water and they are ready to print.

There’s no faster or more efficient

way to produce the high quality

plates you need.

Imaging plates from 10.6" x 9" up to 33" x 45", the

Dimension Pro 800 is versatile. With fast, lower-cost

platemaking, it helps meet demand for short-run

printing and fast turnaround, while also delivering

the plates you need for long-runs and high quality.

Dimension Pro 800 Features:

Easy, Streamlined CTP: A Dimension Pro 800 fits any

existing prepress environment. Using Presstek chemistry-free CTP,

you will produce high quality press-ready plates in just two easy

steps. Only a water wash is required after imaging and the plates

are ready to print. No chemical processing, gumming or baking

is required. The need to purchase, store, handle and dispose of

noxious chemistry is eliminated.

Reliable and Proven Performance: The Dimension Pro

supports up to 2400 dpi resolution and 200 line screen imaging

with a 25 micron spot size.

The imaging head employs multiple-laser technology. In the

unlikely event that one or several emitters should fail, power is

automatically increased to the others to ensure continuous

operation without any change in resolution or image quality.

Presstek Chemistry-free CTP

Presstek’s chemistry-free CTP plates deliver the

reliability and performance of traditional grained

anodized aluminum plates without the problems and

expense of chemical plate processing. Daylight-safe

Presstek plates require only a simple wash with water

and they are ready for printing.

Presstek’s exclusive Pro graining provides exceptional

ink/water latitude, resulting in faster roll-up and stable

color throughout the press run.

Superior Image Control: Using a combination of pin mounts

and optical sensing, registration is automatic, eliminating operator

intervention and error. Dynamic autofocus reproduces subtle

tonal variations and eliminates hot spots. Automatic clamping

adjusts to fit any size plate (see specifications).

Semiautomatic Operation: Convenient top loading and

unloading; produces up to 11 full-size plates per hour using

Presstek Anthem Pro, or 15 plates per hour using Presstek

Aurora Pro, with minimal operator involvement.

baking or gumming is required

and image definition

Ink receptive (oleophilic)

layer produces a high

resolution dot structure

Low Cost of Ownership: With chemistry-free CTP, the labor,

space, equipment and materials required for platemaking are

minimized, so you save time, money and resources.


Through the use of 1-bit TIFF files, Dimension Pro systems are

compatible with a wide-range of industry standard workflows.

Presstek’s integrated digital solutions include workflow solutions

that optimize the performance of your Presstek equipment and

increase the productivity of your prepress department.

Grained anodized

aluminum base

Microporous water-loving

(hydrophilic) layer retains

grain texture of aluminum


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