(M)LAR: Building Code - RZB


(M)LAR: Building Code - RZB

German regulations



Building permit

Regional German building codes

Landesbauordnung (MBO)

- (Model) School building directive 07/1998

- (Model) Places of assembly regulation 06/2005

- (Model) Points of sale regulation 09/1995

- (Model) Directive for multi-storey buildings 04/2008

Workplace health and safety regulations

Workplace regulation

Workplace directive

Trade and Industry Regulation

Regulations for the prevention of accidents (BGV A8, BGR 216,

BGR 131 etc)

- (Model) Car-parks regulation 07/1997

- (Model) Accomodation facilities regulation 12/2000

- (Model) Directive concerning temporary buildings 05/2007

- ...

Compliance with generally accepted standards is required


1. Scope

This directive applies to

- Wiring systems in the following locations: essential stairwells; landings

and spaces that connect essential stairwells and exits; essential corridors,

excluding open corridors in front of external walls,

- Passing cables through walls, ceilings and the like,

- Fire protection for electrical wiring systems.

2. Definitions

- be enclosed in components (including the enclosures) that exhibit

adequate fire resistance duration and that are composed of incombustible

materials (excluding the enclosures); operability of the distributor’s

electric components must be ensured in the event of fire for the entire fire

resistance duration.

The fire resistance duration must be no less than 30 minutes for:

- Emergency escape lighting systems, to the exclusion of wiring systems

that supply power to emergency escape lighting within only one fire

compartment of one storey or within one stairwell; maximum floorspace

per fire compartment: 1,600 square meters.

Wiring systems are composed of electric cables and/or conduits and the

relevant fittings, connections, monitoring and control systems, power

supplies, distributors and insulating material for cables, including the

attachment hardware and coatings used for the wires/conduits.

Fiberoptic cables and electric cables are classified as electric wires.

3. Fire resistance

Fire-protected distributors for electrical wiring systems pursuant to section

5.3 of directive (M)LAR must:

- be located in suitable spaces that are not used for other purposes and

that are separated from other rooms by walls, ceilings or doors that

are adequately fire-protected and – apart from the doors – made of

incombustible materials

- be kept in separate housings with a certified fire-resistance duration

rating; or

Specifications subject to alteration

German regulations


New „Technical rules for workplaces“

Escape and rescue route plan

ASR A1.3 Safety and health signs (04/2007)

ASR A2.3 Escape routes, emergency exits, escape and rescue plan


ASR A3.4/3 Emergency escape lighting, optical safety guidance systems


The regulation titled BGR 216: Optische Sicherheitsleitsysteme

(einschließlich Sicherheitsbeleuchtung) (optical safety guidance systems

(including safety lighting)), will remain in force until 31 August, 2010, along

with the regulation titled ASR A3.4/3. In May 2009, the old workplace

directive titled ASR 7/4: Sicherheitsbeleuchtung (emergency escape

lighting) was superseded by the regulation titled ASR A3.4/3.

ASR A1.3


1. Objectives

2. Scope

3. Definitions

4. General

5. Signs

6. Escape and rescue plans

7. Labelling of containers and conduits containing dangerous substances


Directional arrow

Escape route / Emergency exit


This directive ASR A1.3 lays down the requirements for safety and health

signs at workplaces. Pursuant to article 3 of the workplace regulation titled

Arbeitsstättenverordnung and section 1.3 of the appendix thereof, safety

and health signs are to be used in order to avert workplace safety and

health risks.


The workplace regulation Arbeitsstättenverordnung implements EU

Directive 92/58/EEC on the minimum requirements for the provision of

safety and/or health signs at work.

Specifications subject to alteration

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