SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems ... - SAE International

SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems ... - SAE International

SAE 2008 Alternate

Refrigerant Systems


June 10-12, 2008

Resort Suites, Scottsdale, AZ



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Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium

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Vehicle Thermal Management

Heat Exchangers & Climate Control

By Dr. Gursaran D. Mathur

Operating thermal systems typically requires

a significant amount of energy, which could

adversely affect vehicle performance. To

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they demand in an energy-efficient manner,

innovative approaches must be developed.

This book is an essential resource for engineers

and designers working on thermal systems,

presenting 45 of the most relevant technical

papers focusing on this important vehicle


420 pp., Paperbound 2004.

ISBN: 978-0-7680-1445-7

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CHE design, performance, operating problems and state-of-theart-technology

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What’s inside

Symposium Overview 2

Welcome 3

General Information 4

Technical Sessions 6

Speaker Biographies 10

Sponsors 24

SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant

Systems Symposium



Symposium Overview

As the need to control man-made greenhouse gasses (GHG) increases, the mobile air conditioning industry is taking

an active role in developing solutions. The 2008 SAE Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium will gather

industry leaders from around the world to address this important topic. SAE has been actively involved in this

important issue, and has supported related projects on an international level, including the Alternate Refrigerant

Cooperative Research Program, the Improved Mobile Air Conditioning Cooperative Research Program, and the

CRP 150 Cooperative Research for Refrigerants with GWP

Dear Symposium Participant,

As the symposium organizer, I would like to welcome you to the 9th Alternate

Refrigerant Systems Symposium. It’s been over a decade since the first

meeting was held to discuss a replacement refrigerant.

As we said last year there is not much time remaining for the world auto

industry to choose a new mobile A/C refrigerant to meet the 2011 European

Community (EC) F gas regulations. Currently there are still alternate refrigerant

choices, and raise the question if we will have a global or regional

replacement. The 2008 SAE Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium will

again gather industry leaders from around the world to address this important


The search for a global replacement refrigerant for HFC- 134a is complex and

mistakes could be costly. One replacement refrigerant may not answer the

world needs and multiple refrigerant systems may soon exist in the world

marketplace. It should be remembered that the early-1990’s changeover

from R-12 to R-134a cost the industry an estimated $8.5 billion and this

change could cost significantly more. After 15 years, considering a 3% inflation

rate, and not additional equipment technology costs, the global industry

expenditures are estimated to be in the range of $40 billion for a single

replacement refrigerant.

Ward Atkinson


Sun Test Engineering

SAE has been actively involved in this important issue, and has supported

related replacement refrigerant projects on an international level, including

the latest HFO1234yf Alternate Refrigerant Cooperative Research Programs,

I hope that you are more informed on the issues at hand once the symposium



Ward Atkinson

SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium 3

general information

Hours of Operation

Emergency Hotline


SAE International

World Headquarters

400 Commonwealth Drive

Warrendale, PA 15096-0001 USA

Phone: 1-724-776-4841

Fax: 1-724-776-0790

Customer Service

1-887-606-7323 (toll free U.S.

and Canada)



The Navajo Room

Monday, June 9

1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday – Wednesday,

June 10-11

7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Thursday, June 12

7:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

General Information

Business Center/High Speed

Wireless Internet

Resort Suites offers High Speed

Wireless Internet throughout the

entire property. The Business

Center offers high-speed Internet

connections, as well as access to

fax machines and copiers.

Special Events

Ride and Drive Program

All participants that register for

the Ride and Drive Event will be

required to sign a liability waiver. In

addition, proof of a valid driver’s

license and medical insurance must

be shown.

Formal Vehicle Rides

The following are requirements for

those planning on participating in

the formal ride and drive event:

• Pre-registration is required

for the formal ride and drive.

Participation is based on vehicle

availability. Cars will be filled on a

first-come, first-serve basis.

• Participation is required each day

when you are assigned to a

vehicle. This ensures accuracy

for the evaluation of the vehicles.




• Formal ride participants MUST

wear slacks and a short sleeved

shirt. No shorts will be allowed.

• All participants must sign a

liability waiver.

• Drivers must show a valid drivers

license. Drivers must also provide

proof of personal auto insurance


Welcome Reception

The Pavilion

Tuesday, June 10

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

sponsored by

Evening Reception

The Pavilion

Wednesday, June 11

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium

SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium 5


No audio or video recording of presentations is permitted, except by SAE. Please turn off

cell phones and pagers before entering technical session rooms.


June 9, 2008

8:00 a.m. – 12 noon

SAE CRP1234-1 (Members only)

The McDowell Room

12 noon

Lunch (On your own)

1:30 - 4:30 p.m.

SAE CRP1234-2 (Members only)

The McDowell Room

1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

ARSS Registration [Riders of vehicles must pre-register]


June 10, 2008

sponsored by

7:00 a.m.

Registration – The Navajo Room

Breakfast - The McDowell Room

8:00 a.m.

Opening Remarks

Ward Atkinson

8:10 a.m.

R1234yf System Enhancements

John Meyer, Visteon Climate Control

8:40 a.m.

SAE CRP 1234-2 Overview of HFO-1234yf Project

William Hill, GM Technical Center

9:10 a.m.

The Four Fiat Pandas Experiment - To evaluate different

MAC systems

Carlo-Andrea Malvicino, CRF Veicoli

9:40 a.m.

Refreshment Break

10:00 a.m.

Assessment of MACs Direct Refrigerant Emissions Depending on

Driving Mileage and Ambient Conditions

Roberto Monforte, Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A.

10:30 a.m.

GM HFO-1234yf Refrigerant Development

Kenneth Porrett and Eric Scarlett, GM


SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium

11:00 a.m.

HFO-1234yf Low GWP Refrigerant - A Global Sustainable

Solution for Mobile Air Conditioning

Mark Spatz, Honeywell Intl. Inc.;

Barbara Haviland-Minor, DuPont Fluorproducts

11:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Ride Commentary

12:00 – 1:15 p.m.

Lunch - The McDowell Room

12:45 – 3:45 p.m.

Formal Vehicle Rides

Formal Vehicle rides are for members of specifically assigned ride teams.

sponsored by





1:30 – 2:00 p.m.

Personal Climate Controlled Seating: Combining Enhanced

Comfort with Improved Fuel Economy

Edward I. Wolfe IV, Delphi Automotive Systems; Karl Kennedy, Lear Corporation

Demonstration vehicle will be on site during the Symposium for comfort rides upon


3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Committee Working Group Meetings - LCCP

6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Welcome Reception – The Pavilion Room

sponsored by

7:00 a.m.

Registration – The Navajo Room

Breakfast - The McDowell Room

8:00 a.m.

COP Determination of MAC

Harald Riegel, Behr GmbH & Co. KG


June 11, 2008

8:30 a.m.

Update on EPA SNAP Regulations

Karen Thundiyil, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

8:45 a.m.

Flammability Assessment HFO-1234yf

Christophe Proust, INERIS

9:00 a.m.

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment on Alternative

Refrigerant Systems

Scott Bang, Jinyoung Yoo and Naksup Sung, Hyundai & Kia Corp.

SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium 7



June 11, 2008

9:30 a.m.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Abatement Opportunities in

Do-It-Yourself Recharging of Leaky Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning

Systems in California

Alberto Ayala, CARB

10:00 a.m.

Refreshment Break

10:20 a.m.

Leakage Analysis of R744 Compressor Shaft Seal

Markus Schwerdtfeger, KACO GmbH + Co KG Dich.

10:50 a.m.

“Piflex” Flexible All Aluminum Hose for R744 MAC Systems

Henry Petersen, PIFLEX P/S ; Carsten Post, Hydro Aluminium

11:20 a.m.

A/C System Control Strategies for Major Refrigerant Options

Christophe Petitjean, Valeo

12:00 – 1:15 p.m.

Lunch - The McDowell Room

12:45 – 3:45 p.m.

Formal Rides

Formal Vehicle Rides are for member of specifically assigned ride teams.

3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Committee meeting of standards working groups, including ISO

document development

6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Evening Reception – The Pavilion Room


June 12, 2008


7:00 a.m.

Registration – The Navajo Room

Breakfast - The McDowell Room

8:00 a.m.

Test Results of Refrigerant R-152a in an Automotive Airconditioning


Man-Hoe Kim, Korea Advanced Inst. of Science & Technology

8:30 a.m.

Results of Audi A5 Evaluation with Alternate Refrigerants

Hans Hammer, Audi AG

8:50 - 10:05 a.m.

Industry Updates

8:50 a.m.

Results of Nissan and Toyota Investigation of Alternate

Refrigerants Regulation

Kenta Aoki, Nissan; Tohru Ikegami, Toyota

SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium

Hyundai/Kia Evaluation of Alternate Refrigerants

Scott Bang, Jinyoung Yoo and Naksup Sung, Hyundai & Kia Corp.

Results of GM Evaluation of Alternate Refrigerants

Harry Eustice, GM

Current Status of Alternate Refrigerant Evaluation

Jean-Marie L’Huillier, Renault; Roberto Monforte, Fiat; Bruno Rose, PSA

10:05 am

Refreshment Break

10:20 a.m.

Mobile A/C Impact on CO2 Exhaust Emissions - Over the

Road Monitoring in Real Time

Timothy Fox, California State Univ. - Northridge

10:50 a.m.

The Great Refrigerant Debate

Panel of global OEM and Tier one representatives to offer “opinions”

on a range of questions related to refrigerant choices to meet the EU

regulation mandated for 2011.

Kenta Aoki, Nissan

Scott Bang, Hyundai

Tim Craig, Delphi

Harry Eustice, GM

Hans Hammer, Audi AG

Tohru Ikegami, Toyota

Jean-Marie L’Huillier, Renault

Roberto Monforte, Fiat

Christophe Petitjean, Valeo

Bruno Rose, PSA

SAE Disclaimer:

The purpose of this session is to provide an open exchange of ideas. Remarks made by participants or members of the

audience cannot be quoted or attributed to the individual or their company unless express permission has been granted

by the individual and their company. Any record of remarks, discussion, or photographs may not be used unless express

permission has been granted by the individual and their company.

12:00 – 1:15 p.m.


12:45 - 3:45 p.m.

Formal Vehicle Rides

Formal vehicle rides are for members specifically assigned ride teams.

3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Committee Working Group Meetings - ICCC

SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium 9

speaker biographies

Kenta Aoki


Bio not available

Ward Atkinson – VCCC, Inc.


Sun Test Engineering

Ward is President of VCCC, Inc. established 1980,

which is an operating division of Sun Test Engineering,

located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sun Test Engineering

provides consulting services to the automotive industry.

Clients have included: Ford Motor passenger car

and truck divisions, General Motors passenger car and

truck divisions, Subaru, Hyundai, AM General, Nissan

Research and Development (USA) and other world auto

companies. Ward has overseen engineering programs

which have been conducted for auto industry suppliers

including, DENSO, Honeywell, Modine Manufacturing

Co., Colt Holley, BASF, Goodyear, Autolite and ICI.

He has been the originator of the Phoenix Alternate

Refrigerant Symposiums and hosted the meeting since

1998. Ward has volunteered for the society in many roles

over the years since he became a member in 1954. In

1998 Ward received the SAE Arch T. Colwell Cooperative

Engineering Medal. In 2005, Ward received the US EPA

Climate Protection Award and has been granted 6 U.S.

product patents.


Alberto Ayala, PhD MechE

Chief, Climate Change Mitigation & Emissions Branch Research

Division Air Resources Board

California Environmental Protection Agency

Alberto Ayala is Chief of the Climate Change Mitigation

and Emissions Branch of the California Air Resources

Board (CARB). The Branch has principal responsibility

for greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies for

refrigerants used in motor vehicle air conditioning

systems. Dr. Ayala has been with CARB for eight years,

received a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from

the University of California, Davis in 1997, is an Adjunct

Professor at West Virginia University, and a Visiting

Professor at the University of the Pacific.

Larry Edsall

Editor & Journalist

Auto Week Magazine

Larry Edsall graduated from the Medill School of

Journalism at Northwestern University and worked

as sports editor for daily newspapers in Michigan. In

addition to three Olympic Games, he covered auto

racing, which led to a job at AutoWeek magazine. He

was recruited to Phoenix late in 1999 to establish the

editorial content for automotive websites and continues

to oversee

. He also writes a weekly feature for The Detroit News,

contributes to AutoWeek and Automotive News, does

editorial consulting, and is the author of nine books, the

latest is Masters of Car Design. His 20-year history of the

Mazda Miata is scheduled for publication this fall and

he’s working on a book chronicling the development of

the new Chevrolet Camaro, with the book to be published

in conjunction with the car’s launch early next year.


SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium

Timothy Fox

Professor, Mechanical Engineering,

California State University Northridge

Professional/Instructional areas of expertise include

automotive air conditioning systems, alternatively fueled

vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, stationary energy

systems (including electric power generating stations,

heat-power combined cycles, natural gas pipeline/

compressor stations, and steam enhanced heavy oil

recovery), environmental/space simulation testing, and

aircraft/spacecraft performance, design and propulsion


Currently funded projects include (1) Automotive air

conditioning-environmental CO2 impact (CARB), (2)

MicroTurbine environmental performance assessment

(Capstone), (3) Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle

development (NSF)

University of Michigan - BSE (Math), BSE (Aero), MSE

(Aero), PhD (ABD Aero)

Hans Hammer, MechE

Development Refrigerant Cycle, Audi AG

Hans Hammer is heading the Alternate Refrigerant Project

at Audi. He is also in charge of all testing issues on the

refrigerant cycles. Hans has been with Audi since 1985

after he received his degree in mechanical engineering at

the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany.

He worked on refrigerant cycles since he started his

career at Audi and he contributed to the introduction

of new technologies such as variable compressors in

1990, non-ozon-depleting refrigerant R134a in 1992 and

externally controlled compressors in 1999.

William Hill

Technical Fellow

General Motors Corporation

William Hill is a Technical Fellow with General Motors

Corporation. He has worked for GM for 33 years in

various areas of HVAC. His current assignment is with

the Global Technology Engineering group working on

global advanced technologies and system integration

issues. Bill has also been involved with alternate

refrigerants for seven years through his work with

the SAE Alternate Refrigerant Cooperative Research

Programs. He served on the Expert Team of the ARCRP

Phase I and II. He was also active in the IMAC CRP

with the efficiency team and now leads four teams with

the CRP150 to investigate new low global warming

refrigerants. Bill is also active in the Interior Climate

Control Committee and has served as an organizer of the

Climate Control sessions for the SAE Congress for the

last 8 years.


SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium 11

speaker biographies

Tohru Ikegami

Toyota Motor Corporation HVAC Development Body System

Engineering Div.3 Vehicle Engineering Group

Bio not available

Man-Hoe Kim

Professor of Practice

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Dr. Man-Hoe Kim is a Professor of Practice in the

Graduate School of Automobile Technology at KAIST. He

received Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from

the KAIST in 1988. Prior to joining the KAIST in 2003,

he worked for Samsung Electronics Company for 14

years. He was a Guest Researcher at NIST for 1993-1994

and a Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois for

1999-2001. His research activities have been in areas of

energy efficient HVAC components and system design for

mobile and residential applications, and vehicle thermal


Jean-Marie L’Huillier

Test Bench Design Engineer


Jean-marie joined Renault in 1988 as test bench design

engineer. He joined the Air conditioning group in 1995, in

charge of automatic control and system development.

Then, he took the responsability of several HVAC

developments, including an underfloor HVAC project for

the last Renault large MPV (Espace).

Since 2003, as manager,he has been in charge of the

HVAC upstream engineering team.


Carloandrea Malvicino

Head of Thermal Systems Dept.

Centro Ricerche Fiat

Carloandrea was born in 1963. He graduated in Physics

in 1987 after following an application-based course.

He joined the “Centro Ricerche Fiat” in 1988 and

worked on sensor systems and the development of new

measurement systems.

In 1994 he widened his sphere of interest to include the

field of climate control and now is heading the Thermal

Systems Department and leading a Fiat Group Research

project on vehicle fuel economy increase. His present

activity is focused on the development of innovative

technologies and solution to improve the vehicle fuel

efficiency and reduce emissions.

During the period spent in the “Centro Ricerche Fiat” he

has written a considerable number of papers and has

been the inventor of a number of patents and supervisor of

several degree theses (Turin University, Turin Polytechnic,

Ecole Supérieure des Mines de Paris and Ecole Supérieure

des Mines de Saint Etienne). He is at present leading also

the EU project B-COOL focused on the development of

low cost and high efficiency R-744 (CO2) based mobile air

conditioning systems.


SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium

Barbara Minor

Engineering Fellow

DuPont Fluoroproducts

Barbara joined the DuPont Company in 1981 as a

chemical engineer in Wilmington, Delaware. Barbara

is currently with DuPont Fluoroproducts and is an

Engineering Fellow conducting research for the

DuPont Refrigerants Business. Barbara has been in

the Refrigerants industry for over eighteen years and is

currently leading the technical effort to develop new low

GWP refrigerants for automotive air conditioning. She

holds over eighty US patents for refrigerants, cleaning

agents and aerosol propellants as well as several

publications in the field. She is an active member of the

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Technology Institute

serving on the AHRI Steering Committee and Research

and Technology Committee. Barbara is also a member of

ASHRAE and is currently Chair of TC 3.1 – Refrigerants

and Secondary Coolants.

John J. Meyer, PH.D ME

Refrigerant System Technical Fellow

University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois 1996

Dr. Meyer has been conducting fundamental research

on refrigerants since joining the Mechanical Engineering

Department at The University of Illinois in 1990. Since

joining Visteon Dr. Meyer has been a member of

the Advanced Climate Systems group and has had

refrigerant sub-system program responsibility. He has

been very active in outside organizations, including SAE,

EPA, CARB, and various universities. He has authored

numerous publications, presentations, and patents in the

thermal sciences field.


SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium 13

speaker biographies

Roberto Monforte, Eng. PhD

Alternative Refrigerants Program Manager

FIAT Group Automobiles SpA, Torino, Italia

Roberto graduated in engineering at the Polytechnic of

Turin in 1990. His degree was followed by a Doctoral

Thesis in Machine Design and Construction at the

Polytechnic of Turin in 1993, dealing with the Structural

Characterization of Materials for Superconducting

Applications at Cryogenic Temperatures together with

CERN-Geneva and CNR-Turin.

He was then joining MAC system suppliers’ in the Turin area

(1994-2001), experiencing in MAC Systems Design for both

current technology development to mass production and

research for alternative refrigerants application.

He joined FIAT in 2001 as project leader in MAC system for

the Grande Punto / new Corsa development in the SCCS

FIAT/GM common Platform.

His current appointment, dating since 2004, deals with

innovation and pre-development of MAC systems for the

FIAT vehicles.

He has been a member of the ACEA SG-AirCo working

group since 2004 supporting the definition of the leakage

measurement procedure for the EU Commission Directive

on the MACs HFCs emission management.

He has been a member of SAE since 2003, issuing 3 SAE

papers among 7 in all.


Christophe Petitjean, PhD

Alternate Refrigerant Program Director


Dr. Christophe Petitjean gained his PhD in Energy

Sciences by 1992. He joined Valeo Climate Control in June

1992 as Thermodynamic Engineer. Then he was in charge

of experimental benches and simulation tools together

with A/C loop engineering management. He is involved in

Alternate Refrigerant since 1994 within the RACE project

until now as Alternate Refrigerant Program Director in

Valeo. He is also member of various organizations such as

SAE Standard Committee, UN IPCC/Technical Economical

Assessment Panel (Kyoto Protocol).

Henry Petersen

VP Sales & Marketing

Piflex P/S, Denmark

Employed for 23 years at Hydro Aluminium in several

executive positions including relocation to Germany,

Belgium, Holland and North America.

Now also VP Sales - & Marketing for Piflex P/S, Denmark .

Passion: Technical- & commercial development of light

weight and cost efficient solutions in Aluminium mainly for

the Automotive Industry.

Twenty-three years experience in the automotive industry

with high level developments and business opportunities.

58 years young. European with Danish Passport. Worldly

with respect and passion for other cultures and mentalities.

Commercial bachelor added with International sales and

marketing, organizational matters including international

legal commercial rights.


SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium

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speaker biographies

Kenneth Porrett

Staff Engineer

General Motors

Ken Porrett is a Staff Engineer with General Motors

Corporation. Ken began his career with GM in 1990

and has held various positions in Validation and HVAC.

His current assignment is with the Global Technology

Engineering group working on global alternative

refrigerants. Ken has also worked on the development of

fuel economy improvements for mobile air conditioning


Bruno Rose, PSA

PSA Peugeot Citroën

Bruno Rose studied mechanical & thermodynamics

engineering in the Ecole des Mines in Nantes. From

1998, he worked as an engineering consultant for the

automotive and aircraft industries, designing engine

cooling circuits, air conditioning systems and their control

strategies. Since 2004, he is responsible for the Heating

and Air Conditioning engineering group in PSA Peugeot

Citroën, Vélizy.

Carsten Post

Manager, Application and Development

Hydro Aluminium

Educated as Mechanical Engineer from South Danish

University in 1996. Born in Denmark 1970.

Eight years of experience as application and development

engineer at Hydro Aluminium working with development of

heat exchanger components. Three years in a position as

project manager for developing A/C components specific

for R744 air conditioning systems at Hydro Alunova.

Present in a position as manager for Application and

Development in the manufacturing plant of Hydro

Aluminium in Tonder and since 2002 a core team member

of the Piflex P/S project group

Christophe Proust, INERIS

Senior Scientist and Research Manager

French Institute for Industrail Risk

Dr. Proust is specialized in explosions and manages a

team of students, technicians and engineers on a large

scale experimental site close to Paris. After more than 20

years of experience in the field, a significant body of data

has been gathered concerning all the major aspects of

industrail safety including the formation and the ignition of

explosive atmospheres.

Harald Riegel

Manager Development R744 AC

Behr GmbH & Co.KG

Dr. Riegel is currently Manager Development R744 AC at

Behr. He has a Master in Physics PhD. He is a member of

SAE, VDI, and German Physical Society

Eric Scarlett

GM - MPG - HVAC/PTC Development

General Motors

Mr. Scarlett has a BSME from Michigan State

University. He started his working career in 1984 with

Tecumseh Products on refrigerator compressor. In 1989

he joined Ford Motor Company (and later Visteon) were he

worked on compressors and refrigerant systems where he

become a Technical Professional. In 2007 he joined GM in

system development.

Markus Schwerdtfeger

Business Unit Manager Face Seals

KACO GmbH & Co. KG

University degree Engineer (German: “Dipl.-Ing.

Maschinenbau”) I am responsible for running the business

unit “face seals” inside the KACO GmbH. I am a member

of the SABO group; which is a worldwide group of around

4.000 people that develops, manufactures and sells

dynamic seals for automotive and industrial use. I am

responsible worldwide for development, manufacturing

and sales for face seals of our group.

I have a 12 year experience in dynamic seals and for 9

years I have been involved in the development of a shaft

seal for the R744 compressor. For 7 years I have been

responsible for the development of the shaft seal for the

R744 compressor. Our team in Germany has developed

a production ready design for the R744 compressor

shaft seal for various customers worldwide and various

innovative testing equipments to analyze such seals.


SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium

Mark W. Spatz

Global Leader - Alternative Refrigerants Application Research &

Technical Service

Honeywell Inc., Buffalo Research Center

For the last fifteen years was responsible for assisting

the air conditioning and refrigeration industries in the

transition to environmentally friendlier refrigerants

including conducting the original application work on new

LGWP refrigerants. Conducted research on the application

of these new working fluids, consulted with industry, and

wrote and presented numerous technical papers in this


Education: MS Mechanical Engineering, Union College,

BS Mechanical Engineering, City College of NY

Over thirty years of experience in the research,

development, and design of refrigeration, cooling,

energy, and heat transfer systems. In addition to vapor

compression technology, conducted research and

development on other technologies such as desiccant

cooling, absorption, heat pipe technology, Stirling, and

Vuilleumier cycles.

Professional Societies: Member of SAE and participant in

various programs including CRP and IMAC. Also member

of ICCC. Served as a member of the AREP Technical

Committee of ARI that evaluated R-22 Alternatives.

ASHRAE Member and Research Chair of ASHRAE

Technical Comm. 8.11 – Unitary A/C & Heat Pumps.

Naksup Sung

Senior Enigneer

Hyundai & Kia Corporation

Naksup Sung works at Hyundai Kia Motors R&D Center

in KOREA and H/VAC Senior Enigneer


Karen Thundiyil

MACS International Cooperation Manager

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

In 2004, Karen joined the United States Environmental

Protection Agency (US EPA) to work on ozone and

climate cross cutting issues. She serves at the MACS

International Cooperation Manager and has a portfolio

of projects under the Significant New Alternatives Policy

(SNAP) program and Section 609 of the Clean Air Act.

Karen came to the US EPA from the Massachusetts

Institute of Technology (MIT) where she received a

Masters in Environmental Policy & Planning under the

supervision of Dr. Mario Molina.

Jinyoung Yoo

Hyundai & Kia Corporation

Edward I. Wolfe, IV

Senior Project Engineer

Delphi Corporation

Edward I. (Ned) Wolfe is a Senior Project Engineer in

Delphi Corporation’s Advanced Systems Development

Group responsible for refrigerant emissions work and

developing future refrigerant systems for vehicle air


Ned is active in the Society of Automotive Engineers,

serving as a member of the Interior Climate Control

Standards Committee, and member of the SAE I-MAC

Team on Refrigerant System Leakage Reduction.

Through the SAE I-MAC Team much work has been done

to develop refrigerant emission testing methodologies

for adoption into SAE J-standards for global automotive

industry use.

Ned’s education in mechanical engineering includes a

Bachelor of Science from Virginia Tech and Masters of

Science from Lehigh University.

SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium 17


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Friends of the Industry

Friends of the Industry


SAE 2008 Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium

2008 SAE Bio-fuels:

Specifications and

Performance Symposium

7-9 July 2008

Le Palais des Congres De Paris

Paris, France

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