July 2012 - Saint Paul Lutheran Church


July 2012 - Saint Paul Lutheran Church

JULY 2012




715 S. Third St., Clinton, IA 52732

563-242-4102 phone |office@saintpaulclinton.org


Have you seen the small posters displayed around the church,

declaring “Christ is With You”? This was the theme of this year’s Southeastern

Iowa Synod, held at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois,

last month. Jean Grager and Donna Jean Holste gave of their time to

represent Saint Paul, along with Pastor Liggett. Here’s what they have

to say about the experience:

Donna Jean: I will never forget the overall good feeling I had

sitting together with pastors and other church representatives

from the SE Iowa synod. Other things I will never forget; the

Bishop’s humor during the assembly, the Bishop’s reports which

included saying that our synod was in a good place even with all

the challenges, the wonderful worship times, the backdrop collage

of words associated with “Christ is With You”, the testimonies

of 4 new leaders in our synod, the video put together by the

synod concerning bullying and most of all the prayer wall. I am

excited about being involved in making a prayer wall here at

Saint Paul. As I ate the hunger meal I was humbled by the fact

that I really have no idea how it feels to go hungry. Even though

I was part of the official kickoff to the malaria campaign of the

synod, I am proud that Saint Paul has already started. I was

glad I was there as Pastor was recognized for the 25 th anniversary

of her ordination. Thanks for letting me represent Saint

Paul as a voting member.


SUN 9:15 am

THURSDAY 7:00 pm


MON-THUR 9:00-4:00

FRI 9:00-11:00

Jean: I was glad to be a representative of Saint Paul at the

synod assembly. I felt that I was a small part of the overall workings

of the Southeastern Iowa Synod by being there. I really

enjoyed the singing, worship, and taking part in communion with

over 400 people, all of the same faith. The collage background

of words of God was amazing. Words of the collage were projected

on screens at various times in the presentations emphasizing

God in our lives. The faith stories both in person and by

video were wonderful to hear. It was an honor to be a voting

member representing Saint Paul in the election and voting process.

It gave me a better understanding of the work of the synod

both here and around the world. Taking part in the hunger meal

helped me to remember that many people of the world aren’t as

well nourished as I am. I was glad to realize that we at Saint

Paul have a head start on many other congregations in the malaria

campaign. I was pleased to see that the assembly recognized

and honored the anniversaries of ordinations and congregations

especially Pastor Elizabeth’s 25 th anniversary.

(Please find their more detailed report on the assembly on page 7.)


It’s common

at the end of a college

class to require

students to write a

semester-long research

paper. But

according to an article

in my college

(Concordia College in

Moorhead, MN) alumni magazine, one psychology

professor Dr. Mona Ibrahim dispensed with

that, and instead, required her students to write

articles on psychology subjects for Wikipedia.

In case you’re not familiar with Wikipedia,

it is an on-line encyclopedia which is

“written collaboratively by largely anonymous

Internet volunteers who write without pay. Anyone

with Internet access can write and make

changes to Wikipedia articles….users can contribute

anonymously, under a pseudonym, or

with their real identity, if they choose.”

In other words, unlike the multi-volume

encyclopedias which might have been in your

home in the past, Wikipedia information is not

necessarily provided by experts.

Therefore, a scholar might have some

legitimate concerns about the accuracy of the

information in a Wikipedia article. In fact, some

of Dr. Ibrahim’s students report that in high

school, Wikipedia was looked down upon – an

unreliable source you ought not use. So, they

were surprised that not only did their teacher not

trash Wikipedia, but that she was requiring them

to invest in it.

But here’s here reasoning: Wikipedia

has fast become the first go-to source when

folks have basic questions . Thus, isn’t it better

to do what one can to influence it and make it

better, rather than ignoring it and hoping it will

go away?

So, her students wrote and submitted to

Wikipedia. They learned that the site isn’t as

loose and unregulated as they had thought.

Their articles were subject to a meticulous review

process, writing and rewriting, and they

learned that only a small percentage of articles

submitted to Wikipedia achieve “good article”

status. It increased their respect and understanding

of the site. In addition, their articles are

seen by far many more people than if they were

just published in scholarly journals.

What does this have to do with the

church? For those of us who have practiced the

traditional way to do and be church, and who

were raised with the expectations that you attend

worship because that’s what’s expected,

and who think that kind of commitment is a good

thing – we can find ourselves looking at the current

religious landscape and people’s attitude

toward religion (i.e. the old “spiritual-but-notreligious”

self-designation) with the same disdain

and suspicion that scholars have looked

upon Wikipedia.

We have several choices. We can cling

to our rightness, and insist that people relate to

the church in the ways that have worked in the

past – like scholars who disapprove of and turn

their backs on Wikipedia. Or, like scholars writing

Wikipedia articles in order to improve the

information, we can engage with the current culture

on its own terms, seeking to influence it by

our presence and engagement. I know that I

personally am far more familiar and comfortable

with the former model. I love the church I grew

up in and was trained for and have served in,

and I find this new landscape we’re in to be bewildering

and frightening. But I think God is calling

us out into new ways of engagement.

Who knows – not only may new ways of

engagement be more effective for God’s kingdom,

but maybe (like those students who found

Wikipedia to be better-regulated than they had

thought) we’ll find out surprisingly positive things

about those with whom we engage. And maybe

that engagement will change us for the better,




Jul Race for Hunger, World Hunger Appeal

Jul 2-16 Pastor on Vacation

Jul 4 Office is Closed

Jul 17 Block Party Meeting

Jul 22 Council Potluck Social, 11:00

Jul 22 & 29 Offering of Letters for

Bread for the World

Jul 22 Epistle Deadline

Jul 29 Reflections from Pastor Liggett’s Doctoral

Studies, after worship

Jul 29 Community Dinner, 5:30

Jul 31 WELCA meeting, 6:00

Jul 31 Service Committee Meeting, 7:00

Looking Ahead

Aug 26 Block Party

Sep 9 Rally Day &

Celebration of Ministries & Anniversaries

Oct 14 CROP Walk



Tuesday, July 31, 6:00


No Hannah Meeting in July


No Lydia Meeting in July


Monday, July 9, 1:00

Lunch, 11:30, Culvers


Tuesday, July 3, 8:30


Sunday, July 29, 5:30


This year’s CROP Walk will

be Sunday, October 14,

starting from our next-doorneighbor


First United Methodist


VBS Sabbatical. We’re taking a sabbatical this

year from VBS — but the good new is that VBS will be

back next year!

If you’d like ot participate or help with a VBS this year,

we encourage you to check in with First United

Methodist’s program July 22-26, 5:30-8:30 p.m. Call

248-5868 for more info.


July 29, you’re invited to stay after worship

for an hour-long conversation

based on reflections from Pastor Liggett’s

doctoral studies. Having completed

her assignments for her third intensive

class, she would love your input,

as we reflect on how best to be

church together!

We all need community

to help us mark who we

are and whose we are, to

see that we are fearfully

and wonderfully made.”

Living from the Heart of God

A Journal for Life’s Stage

Women of the ELCA



How’s your heart/ soul / faith / relationship with God?

All tied up in knots?

Unbinding is coming…..


Let's win for World Hunger! Follow the RAGBRAI bikes

on the Iowa map as we raise money for the ELCA World

Hunger Appeal! This year we will see who will get to our

river first. Will we reach our goal of $1,100 or will the

riders dip their tires in the river first? Service Committee

is asking for donations of $2.35 per mile or $150

to reach each stop along the way.

Beginning June 24th we'll track the progress

on the Iowa map stationed outside the

lounge. Envelopes are in the pew pockets

and the back of the church. There is a

bicycle with a basket next to the map

where you can place your envelopes,

or alternatively, in the offering plate or

clip this box, attach a check, and

mail your vote to the church office

at Saint Paul, 715 S 3 rd St., Clinton,

Ia 52732.


World Hunger or the bike riders?

Let us celebrate and honor God in our race to fight world hunger! Vote for the ELCA

World Hunger Appeal with your dollars of $2.35 per mile to total about $150 for each stop

along the way across Iowa for a grand total of $1,100. Let's win in our race to beat

RAGBRAI riders to our river.

Name ______________________________________________ Envelop # (opt.)_______

Enclosed is my total contribution of $________ for _____________Miles

(Contributions will be sent to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal – so everybody wins!)


2012 Offering of Letters

Two annual projects by Service Committee

- sponsoring the Bread for the World's

Offering of Letters, and raising funds for

the ELCA World Hunger Appeal - have

both been occurring in July for several

years. There is no monetary cost for you

who write letters in support of hungry

people throughout the world. However, the

effect of doing so can make a huge difference

in the way in which hunger issues are

dealt with by Congress.

Personal letters to your representatives in

Congress can result in policies that help in

far greater ways than we can each do


Bread for the World's 2012 Offering of

Letters are needed more than ever since

proposals dealing with the federal deficit

could result in the most severe cuts to

programs for hungry and poor people in

Bread's history. Bread's 2012 Offering of

Letters is designed to respond to these

challenges by making our advocacy as

effective as possible by running several

campaigns simultaneously.

The overall campaign is "Expanding the

Circle of Protection". The four minicampaigns

are for "Domestic Nutrition Assistance

Programs", "Poverty-Focused

Foreign Assistance", "Tax Credits for Low-

Income Families", and "International Food

Aid Programs". The Circle of Protection is

a coalition of Christian denominations and

religious organizations who are advocating

for the protection of programs vital to hungry

and poor people in the United States

and abroad.

Hunger is a serious problem in America, a

series of tax cuts will expire at the end of

2012 including two provisions that are critical

for low-income working families: the

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the

Child Tax Credit (CTC). These tax credits

boost household earnings and lift millions

Saint Paul Women of ELCA Action Items

Lutheran World Relief kit items will be collected

through October. There are wallet size cards with

needed kit items available on table in church lounge.

July focus is on school kit items. Items needed to

complete the kits: 2 to 2 1/2 inch erasers, pencil

sharpeners, 18 or 24 count box of crayons, ball point

pens (no gel pens), unsharpened pencils, blunt

scissors, 30-centimeter rulers (or a ruler with cent. on

one side inches on the other), 70-sheet spiral notebooks

of wide or college ruled paper. For more information

contact Donna Jean Holste at 242-3082.

Check out the Fair trade coffee, tea and chocolates

for sale on the first Sunday of the month.

New greeting cards of all kinds and stamps will be

taken as Love gifts to the Women of the ELCA synod

gathering August 4 th for veterans residing at the Iowa

Veterans Home in Marshalltown. The veterans will

use them to send cards to their friends and family

during the year. There will be a basket available in

narthex for donations.

of people out of poverty each year. 900

million people around the world suffer from

chronic hunger, and Congress is considering

deep cuts to these programs. Particularly

concerning are the Food for Peace

Program which represents the majority of

food aid the U.S. provides to meet emergency

and humanitarian needs in response

to malnutrition, famine, natural disaster,

civil strife, and other emergencies, and the

McGovern-Dole International Food for

Education and Child Nutrition Program

which provides U.S. agricultural commodities

and financial and technical assistance

to carry out school feeding programs. The

program also supports maternal, infant,

and child nutrition programs.

Writing a letter takes so little time and has

such beneficial results that we hope everyone

at Saint Paul will do so this year. Preaddressed

note cards will be available in

the lounge on Sunday, July 22nd and July

28th, along with sample letters, and a

video if you would like more information.

Put your completed letter in the designated

basket and they will be blessed on

their way on Sunday, August 5th.


What does the ability to pay via cell phone mean for us?

More convenience….more spending, more debt….

This article from Matthew Duggan of “Share Save Spend” spells out this latest trend designed

to part us from our money. It’s best to be aware of this new and troubling trend, so that we

can be forearmed.

From Cash to Plastic to Cell – R U Ready?

The shift to electronic payments via smartphone is here —

and with it comes huge implications for consumers.

Can you imagine a world without cash or plastic? No fumbling for

coins, no dirty dollar bills in your wallet…in fact, no wallet at all, because

even credit and debit cards will be obsolete. Sounds great,


Well, that world is officially here. Using your smart phone to make

electronic payments is the new currency, and its popularity is increasing

in a big way. Though this new way of spending certainly offers consumers

ease and convenience, it also brings major risks. In a cell

dominant society, consumers will need to be cautious about security,

privacy, and spending.

Here are some things to keep in mind in the age of mobile purchasing.

Talk with your children

and grand children about

how target marketing

works. For example, explain

how information

they share on Facebook

is being collected and

used by marketers to directly

impact their consumer

habits. Encourage

them to think twice about

how and what they share

about themselves online.

It’s Not Real

There’s a reason casinos operate in chips rather than cash. Because chips don’t look or feel

like real money. The same is true of cell phones. With a quick wave of your cell phone you can

purchase a coffee or TV without even thinking about how you’re actually going to pay for it. It

makes sense then that people tend to spend considerably more when they purchase something

with their phones. It’s so fast and easy that it doesn’t even feel like real money.

In parts of Europe and Asia, people have been using mobile devices to pay for goods and

services for some time. In fact, when they used a cell phone, spending increased by 10 – 20%

over the soon-to-be-passé plastic.

Hyper-Targeted Marketing

In the next 24 to 36 months there will be a mammoth change in not only how you purchase

things but also how companies market to you. Electronic payment systems, in conjunction with

third party apps and social media sites such as Facebook, will allow companies to more easily

assess and aggregate information about you, and then, send targeted marketing messages to

your mobile device. And it doesn’t stop there.

Mobile marketing is also being used to change purchasing behavior in stores and online. For

example, a new service called Wrapp allows you to give, receive, and redeem free and paid

gift cards to and from your Facebook friends. For merchants, Wrapp helps them acquire and

retain new customers while gathering invaluable, real-time demographic data. Soon, it will be

quite normal to have loads of offers dangled in front of you – virtually of course – all with the

sole purpose of driving your current and future spending behavior.

Don’t Forget the Kids

If you think retailers are eager to roll out new mobile marketing campaigns to adults, imagine

how they are salivating at the prospect of reaching our kids with a lifetime of spending

decisions and habits hanging in the balance.

There’s no doubt about it—mobile marketing will transform what you buy and how you pay for

it. The key to avoiding the trap of overspending or impulse buying is to take stock of your (and

your kids) current money habits and ensure there is a healthy balance of share, save, and



2012 Southeastern Iowa Synod

Assembly Report

Report of the business of the 2012 Southeastern

Iowa Synod Assembly held June 1-2 at Augustana

College. Jean Grager, Donna Jean Holste, and

Pastor Liggett represented Saint Paul.

Bishop Michael Burk presided over the assembly

and preached and presided at the Friday afternoon

service of Holy Communion. His report to the assembly

was divided into three parts under the headings

“Prayer”, “Witness” and Giving”. As a part of

his report, four new leaders in the synod, Kara Ullestad,

Tim Maybee, Jo Kinnard, and Dr. Dirk Stadtlander, shared something of their faith story

with the assembly.

Heather Miller of Faith Lutheran Church, Clive, was elected the new vice-president of the synod.

Other elections were held for synod council positions as well as positions on the synod discipline

and consultation committees. Voting members to the 2013 ELCA Churchwide Assembly were

also elected.

The Rev. Linda Norman, Treasurer of the ELCA, was the churchwide representative and also

preached at the Saturday morning worship. She presented a forum on best practices for managing

congregational finance. Scott Weidler, ELCA Program Director for Worship and Music, served

as assembly musician.

A highlight of the assembly was the launch of the ELCA Malaria Campaign for the SE Iowa Synod.

Jessica Nipp from ELCA churchwide ministries, and Walter Gwenigale, Jr., chair or these efforts in

Southeastern Iowa, both addressed the assembly urging participation and support. A video was

shown emphasizing the need to eradicate malaria in Africa. An outdoor dessert reception Friday

evening celebrated the launch of the Malaria Campaign. Friday offering collected

for the Malaria campaign was $3560.

We were pleased to be one of the few churches to have already started the

Malaria Campaign. We signed letters to our US congressmen asking their

support in eliminating death from malaria around the world.

Four resolutions approved by the assembly encouraged 1) 100% participation

by congregations in support of the ELCA Malaria Campaign; 2) increased

congregational support in the areas of education, action, and advocacy for this

synod’s work in fighting hunger;3) local attention to mission planning and

growth in support of the ministry of this whole church; and 4) congregational support for ELCA

seminaries. Other business included the approval of the 2013 synod budget and minimum compensation


We celebrated numerous anniversaries of ordinations and commissionings

as well as congregational anniversaries. Pastor Elizabeth and

Bishop Burk both celebrated their 25 th anniversary of ordination They

had been classmates at Wartburg Seminary.

Small group discussions took place reviewing different

aspects of the assembly. This also gave churches

opportunity to meet together to find out what is happening

in other synod congregations.

The three of us opted to do the Hunger meal, consisting

of bread and soup for Friday lunch. The difference

in the cost between the regular lunch and the hunger

meal was given to world hunger.

Another highlight of the assembly was the opportunity

to add a prayer to the prayer wall. Prayers were

written on a paper cross and laced through a ribbon

attached to the wall.


We’re glad to begin presenting a

regular financial statement for your

perusal! Thanks to Susan Daniels

for her hard work and many hours

spent to make that possible.

You’ll note that as of the

end of May, we had a

positive balance (for the

first time in a long time)!

Although we have kept

costs below budget, this

is due largely to the faithfulness

of you, the Saint

Paul community, in your

offerings, which were

very healthy during April

and May.

Offerings have been

down a bit in June; we

are grateful for members’

attention to the on-going

need to pay for our

shared ministries, and

we ask that folks be

mindful in continuing

regular remittance of

your offerings. Thank


One way to help you

practice first-fruits giving

and help your church’s

cash flow at the same

time is by enrolling in

Simply Giving automatic

funds transfer. You can

choose how often and

when those transfers will

be made. Make the

switch by picking up an

authorization form from

the office, fill it out and

return it to the office.

Saint Paul Lutheran Church


MAY 2012

MAY 2012 JAN-MAY 2012 2012 BUDGET


40100 - Pledge Offerings $18,793.50 $99,974.85 $200,967.00

40105 - Non-Designated Offerings $2,075.56 $7,902.09 $25,120.00

40200 - Designated Offerings $1,728.35 $10,666.73

40300 - Interest Income $3.10 $121.78 $425.00

TOTAL INCOME $22,600.51 $118,665.45 $226,512.00


60100 - Worship Expense $202.49 $1,276.12 $4,000.00

60200 - Learning Expense $0.00 $238.81 $2,200.00

60300 - Outreach Expense $0.00 $71.33 $270.00

60400 - Service Expense $1,358.61 $7,250.70 $15,118.00

60500 - Property Expense $1,803.76 $15,336.47 $38,492.00

60600 - Office and Administration $1,369.11 $1,393.79 $9,288.00

60700 - Stewardship $0.00 $477.67 $1,346.00

60800 - Salaries $9,785.30 $54,126.49 $130,425.00

61000 - Other Staff Expenses $0.00 $749.74 $4,100.00

66000 - Payroll Expenses $5,931.47 $22,838.54 $49,265.00

67002 - Expenses Related to

Holding $1,728.35 $10,666.73 $0.00

TOTAL EXPENSE $22,179.09 $114,426.39 $254,504.00

NET INCOME $421.42 $1,239.06 - $16,992.00


JULY 2012

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

6 7

9:00 Knitters Grp

12:00 Baby

Shower in



9:00 ARCH in FH

2 3

8:30 Men’s Breakfast

10:00 Bible Reading at



9:15 Worship


Office is Closed

5:30 Knitters Group

7:00 Worship

|| —- Pastor gone on vacation ————————–--—————————————–———————————————————————————————-—–— ||

13 14

9:00 Knitters Grp

11 12

9:00 ARCH in FH


10:00 Bible Reading at


NO Lydia Circle—July


1:00 Ruth/Deborah

Lunch before,

11:30 at Culvers


9:15 Worship

5:00 ARCH in FH

5:30 Knitters Group

7:00 Worship

|| —- Pastor gone on vacation ————————–--—————————————–———————————————————————————————-—–— ||

20 21

9:00 Knitters Grp


9:00 ARCH in FH

NO Hannah Circle - July

16 17

10:00 Bible Reading at



9:15 Worship

10:30 Unbinding tune-up


5:00 Block Party Meet

5:15 Learning

Committee Meet

5:00 Stewardship

Committee Meeting

5:30 Knitters Group

7:00 Worship

|| —- Pastor returns from vacation —– ||

27 28

9:00 Knitters Grp


9:00 ARCH in FH

5:30 Knitters Group

7:00 Worship

23 24

10:00 Bible Reading at


22 Epistle Deadline

9:15 Worship

11:00 Council Potluck Social


6:00 “Unbinding”


30 31

10:00 Bible Reading at



9:15 Worship

10:30 Doctoral Dipping

6:00 WELCA Meeting

7:00 Service Committee

5:30 Community Dinner



ACOLYTE 9:15 Katie P. & Haley V. Hannah B. Marisa H. & Payten H. Katie P. Kory K. & Haley V.

Donna Jean Holste

Jeanette Klare

Donna Jean Holste

Jeanette Klare

Donna Jean Holste

Jeanette Klare

Donna Jean Holste

Jeanette Klare

Donna Jean Holste

Jeanette Klare


LECTOR 9:15 Jule Luckritz Joan Guidebeck Travis Flatten Donna Jean Holste Ardena Zirbes

Travis Flatten Laura Dymkowski

Joan Guidebeck

Donna Jean Holste

Jule Luckritz

Roberta Jurgersen



GREETERS 9:15 Phyllis Edwards Roberta Gee Darlene Clausen Ardena Zirbes Judie Colah




Wally Schilling

Bob Wright

Wally Schilling

Bob Wright

Wally Schilling

Bob Wright

9:15 Ted Eilders

Wally Schilling

Bob Wright




July 2 Elayne G., Lois S., Judie C.

July 2 Elayne G.

July 9 Elayne G., Darlene C., Donna Jean H.

July 9 Darlene C.

May 31/June 3 109

June 7/10 102

June 14/17 99

June 21/24 102

July 16 Judy D., Lois S., Darlene C.

July 16 Dixielee S.

July 23 Judy D., Judie C., Irene N.

July 23 Evelyn H.

July 30 Elayne G., Darlene C., Donna Jean H.

July 30

FLOWERS 9:15 Craig Witte Liz Mink




Judy and Don Doughty 07/01/1967

Justin and Rachel Grager 07/12/2003

Sherrill and Randy Spaude 07/12/1986

Jerry and Julie Paisley 07/14/1979

Robyn and Chad Housenga 07/18/1998

Paul and Lynn Schnack 07/21/2001

Chad and Michelle Jensen 07/22/2006

Andy and Alicia Elmore 07/29/2006

Scott and Sabrina Gifford 07/29/2000

Dale and Terry Koppenhaver 07/30/1966

Bruce and Barb Reber 07/31/1965

St. Paul’s - A place to be?

Or a place to belong?

Recently a group of people from St. Paul’s participated

in an experiment. Some were enthusiastic at the

beginning, some were curious, and some were

skeptical. Almost all came away from the experiment

feeling better about St. Paul’s and about themselves.

They said things like,

I got to know my church family better

I grew spiritually

I was able to express myself and no one said “no”

I got to hear the faith experiences of other people

I found a prayer partner and friend for life that I

can confide in

St. Paul’s became, for these people, not simply a

place to be for worship. Rather it became a place

where they felt more closely connected to other

people and to God. St. Paul’s became a place to really

belong. Would you like to feel more closely connected

to God? Do you want to grow spiritually while forming

lasting relationships with other people? This fall you

will have an opportunity to do just that! Keep watching

for more details to come.


Snyder, Jessica 07/01

Dennis, Robert 07/04

Cook, Clayton 07/08

Bailey, Traci 07/09

Jensen, Michelle 07/09

Brunson, David 07/10

Paulsen, Jeanette 07/11

Wiper, Sandra 07/11

Kowzic, Rhya 07/12

Borja, Kayla 07/14

Rasmussen, Marilyn 07/14

Ottens, Eugene 07/18

Meyers, Easton 07/19

Brunson, Dante 07/20

Donahue, Teresa 07/22

Jacobs, Richard 07/23

Baker, Travis 07/24

Keefer, Howard 07/24

Kennedy, Christopher 07/24

Lass, Marcia 07/24

Quaintance, John (Jack) 07/24

Waterman, Davis 07/24

Hubbart, Evelyn 07/26

Grager, Ernest 07/28

Pelham, Mike 07/28

Winter, Donald 07/29

Wright, Gary 07/29

Baker, Jennifer 07/30

Cannon, Vanessa 07/30

Bousman, Sierra 07/31

Owen, Audrey 07/31

Peterson, Marlene 07/31


If you have a family

member or friend who

is ill or in distress and

you would like for the

members of this group

to pray for them, call or email the office

office@saintpaulclinton.org 242-4102







Sundays at 9:15 - Thursdays at 7:00

2012 Congregation Council:

Ted Eilders - president

Jim Nelson - vice president

Justin Grager - treasurer

Evelyn Dymkowski - secretary

Mert Schmidt

Lisa Clarke

Joan Guidebeck

Susan Daniels

Karl Wolf

John Obermiller

Jean Grager

Al Rathje

JULY 2012















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