Food and Agriculture: The future of sustainability

Food and Agriculture: The future of sustainability


Executive Summary




1. Introduction 1

Brief background 2

Methodology 3


2. State of agriculture and food: An overview 5

2.1 Introduction: The food challenge 6

Challenges to food security 8

Waste 9

The challenges of emerging dietary habits for human health and ecosystem health 10

Pressures on food prices 12

2.2 Shifting organization of the agriculture sector 14

Shifting roles and governance from public to private 15

Role of firms in governance 16

Integration and global markets 17

Increased role of technology and innovation 18

Increased concentration and dependence in food supply 20

2.3 External challenges 22

Increase in population 22

Agricultural land degradation and water scarcity 22

Climate change 24

Energy market impacts on agriculture 25

Rethinking agriculture’s role in the ecosystem: a necessary multifunctionality 26

2.4 Conclusion 27

3. Main challenges and priorities of global thought leaders 29

Themes addressed 30

3.1 Policy Group 30

Introduction: Successes and challenges 30

The Importance of technology and innovation 31

Shifts in research and development to facilitate innovation 31

Shifts in policy to incentivize prudent use of limited resources 32

Trade and markets 33

Focus on smallholders is crucial 34

Waste and consumption 34

3.2 Rural Livelihoods and Poverty Group 35

Climate change 35

Water 35

Soil quality 36

Food and Agriculture: The future of sustainability


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