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JULY 2014


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Text & Photo:

Rafl Schmitt

The Ferris Wheel gondola

in the colours of Borussia

Dortmund at the Volksfest in

Landsberg, Bavaria

Visitors to the Volksfest in Landsberg/

Lech in Bavaria could hardly believe

their eyes. The Ferris Wheel at their

Volksfest featured a “Dortmund”

gondola of all things, on the very day of

the German Cup Finale Borussia Dortmund

vs. Bayern München (17 th May)!

After all, the visitors could not know that

the “Roue Parisienne” Ferris Wheel

(Burghard-Kleuser), making its first

appearance in Lech, hails from Dortmund;

and as a passionate Borussia-fan, the

owner Michael Burghard clearly demonstrated

for all to see which team his heart

went out to at this finale! The match

ended, after 120 minutes full of suspense

including extra time and a goal disallowed

to Dortmund, 2:0 for Bayern München. ■



Archiv GKS

Rudolf von der

Gathen (GKS e.G.) and Johann

Luxem accompany the

backstage tour in Cologne

which, among other attractions,

also viewed Schäfer’s “Shake”

and Bügler’s “Tal der Könige”

The organiser’s invitation to a

backstage tour at the Cologne

Frühlingsvolksfest for “technophiles”

was very well received.

With more than 70 guests

gathering at the Ferris Wheel

on 29 th April 2014 at 6 p.m., two

groups had to be formed.

Guided by Rudolf von der

Gathen, the organiser of the

Cologne Frühlingsvolksfest and Chairman of the

GKS e.G. and Johann Luxem Vice-Chairman of the

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schaustellerverbände, the tour

included three attractions; the “Europa” Ferris

Wheel, the “Tal der Könige” Walkthrough construction,

as well as the “Shake & Roll” ride. During

the two-hour tour, many questions were answered,

such as why the Ferris Wheel is illuminated by 46,000

lights or that the “Shake” is hydraulically operated,

whereas everything is operated pneumatically with

light beams inside the “Tal der Könige”. The guests

asked many such questions – first and foremost

about safety. “We meet the highest safety standards;

indeed, every event is inspected by the TÜV,”

explained Rudolf von der Gathen emphasizing that,

“there has never been a serious accident in

Cologne.” As the showmen took the time to address

these queries, there was an increasing number of

questions of a more private nature. For example,

what the life and the work of a showman is like;

where are they touring this season, and; where to the

children go to school while on tour? The showmen

left no questions unanswered, and were rewarded

by a lot of applause and handshaking. Participant

Hermann Kammler from Gummersbach said, “the

tour and the showmen openly talking about school,

travelling, countries and differences in cultures; all

this was very interesting.” Anne and Tobias Barth

from Cologne commented, “The look behind the

scenes was highly interesting. What we liked best

was the personal style of the tour. It was very nice to

get insights in the showmen’s lives. Ms Franke, with

her husband and three children from Hamburg told

us, “We have not seen anything like this before. It

was fantastic to talk to the showmen and listen to

their private gossip.”




Text & Photo: Norman Vogt

In December 2013, Mario and Martina Wingender

from Mayen took over the “Breakdance 3” from the

Schneider firm from Bürstadt.

The first venue for the “small” Breakdance was the

Frühlingsfest in Mainz, where the Wingender family

has often also presented its larger Breakdance. In

addition to this example they will also continue to

operate the “Air Crash” propeller. The newly

purchased “Breakdance 3” was built by Huss for the

Keller firm from Aschaffenburg in 1992. From 1998, the

van Elkan firm from Marburg toured the ride for three

years, before it was sold to Schneider in 2002. As is

the case with the “standard size” this version also

accommodates 32 passengers in 16 gondolas. A

baggage van serves also as backflash.


Text & Photos: Norman Vogt

Corn for sure, but completely different! Tino

Röhrig from Hamm does not sell corn on the

cob, but only delicious corn kernels at his new

speciality operation.

According to customer

request, the

corn kernels are

prepared in different

flavours; seasoned

with butter

or herb butter, or

with pepper and

salt, garlic, chilli,

paprika; or – as a

sweet contrivance

– with sugar and

served in small or

large cups. For

the first time,

Röhrig presented

his “Corn in Cup” operation at the Mannheim

Maimess event – and the new offering was well

received and tried out.

The wagon, designed with modern adhesive foil

was reconstructed from an existing crêpe wagon

and largely realised by Tino Röhrig himself. For the

interior furnishing, he contracted a special firm,

which built in the counter with precision, as well as

a refrigerator, a sink and further kitchen


Now also touring a Huss

“Breakdance 3”: Martina and

Mario Wingender


AEG Live and Live

Nation, together with

the London Legacy

Development Corporation

today announced

a new major winter

event for Queen Elizabeth

Olympic Park.

Operators and vendors

are sought to participate

in this exciting

new event which will

take place annually

from November 2014.

Expressions of interest

should be emailed to


The project will be led

by Jim King – Director

of Touring & Events at

AEG Live and John

Probyn Chief Operating

Officer at Live Nation

(Music) UK Ltd and will

see the companies

jointly making a multimillion

pound investment

in London’s

newest Park. ■

Tino Röhrig with his “Corn

in Cup” operation





Photos: Patrick Vanstipelen, Archiv Ramus

■ Info: Kulturgut Volksfest.

Architektur und Dekoration

im Schaustellergewerbe,

J.P. Bachem Verlag,

Köln 2013, ISBN 978-3-

7616-2772-3, Pages: 752

with 1,300 images, Author:

Dr.phil. Margit Ramus,

Price: €98. Orders can be

placed at www.margitramus.de

Books ordered

directly from the author at

this address (on request

with individual dedication)

are postage free.

■ Info: Hasselt Kèrremes,

Authors: Jean Paul

Lambrichts and Mieke

Strauven, published by

Stadsarchief Hasselt,

Belgium in 2014, ISSN:

9789082175608, 240

pages, price: €20. The

book is available at,

among other outlets, the

tourist office and at the city

archive in Hasselt, or can

be ordered online at the



Show woman and author of

a book: Dr. phil. Margit Ramus

Cultural Asset Volksfest

“I made my dream come true” – at the age of 44

Margit Ramus forged new paths that lay the foundation

for her impending academic career. The show

woman from Cologne passed her High School

graduation exams, went to university and obtained

a doctorate in the history of art, and all the while

active with running her showman enterprise! In

December 2013, 62-year-old Margit Ramus Dr. phil.

introduced her dissertation “Cultural Asset Volksfest.

Architecture and Decoration in the Showman


Margit Ramus, née Schoeneseifen, is a sixth generation

show woman. At the age of 15, she left school

as she was needed at home. Ever since, the show

woman – born in Cologne in 1951 - has been selling

roasted almonds and other delicacies at Volksfest

events and Christmas Markets. At the age of 44,

after a cruel stroke of fate, she took up another

challenge in life and made a long-standing wish. She

eventually passed the secondary level graduation

exams and, at the age of 47, registered at the Rhine

Friedrichs-Wilhelm University in Bonn in history of

arts and modern German literature, as well as

modern history as minor subjects. Her Master’s

thesis was published in 2004 with the title “How it all

began; fairs, travelling people and rides.” Due to

extensive material, the renowned art historian

Professor Dr. Hiltrud Kier encouraged her to write a


With 752 pages and 1,300 images her dissertation

“Cultural Asset Volksfest. Architecture and Decoration

in the Showman Industry” published in late

December 2013 offers colourful, and at the same

time academic reading matter.

In great detail and with profound

inside knowledge, the 62-yearold

author scrutinized the

previously unexplored topic of

the architecture and decoration

of rides and fairground entertainment

from the art-historical

point of view. In her dissertation,

Dr. phil. Margit Ramus documents

that showman attractions

are modelled on traditional

architecture. Moreover, she

proves that decoration elements

in the showman industry can be

compared with the art form from

different stylistic eras. Up until

the Second World War, all showman

attractions were designed with neo-baroque

style decoration elements. These neo-baroque style

decoration elements were replaced after the Second

World War by abstract artwork and neon lighting. The

1960s brought dreamy motifs in the style of Salvador

Dali, the 1970s flower-power pictures, and bands

such as The Beatles or Abba, and from the 1980s

pop-art, comic, and street-art come together in the

decoration elements on modern ride attractions. The

key part of the dissertation is the catalogue section,

documenting the history of ride manufacturing from

1883 to 2007, including numerous ride attractions

that no longer exist today. For her studies, she

carried out research at Volksfest events, within longestablished

showman families, museums and

archives, such as the Weimar Central State Archive

or the Cologne City Archive which collapsed in 2009.

There are extensive results, offering enough

material for further publications.

Hasselt Kérremes

A book has been published about the well known

Belgian fair event this year; the fair in Hasselt.

On the 21 st March, the book was presented in

Hasselt in the presence of, among others, the

authors Mieke Strauven and Jean-Paul Lambrichts,

the Hasselt city councillor of culture Karolien

Mondelaers, as well as Steve Severeyns from the

Belgian Showman Association. Even last year, the

special exhibition “Expo Hasselt Kèremess”

attracted more than 3,000 visitors. Actually, the book

is the last stage of a project realized by the “Het

Stadsmu” institutions and the City Archive, the

citizens, as well as a number of volunteers; depicting

the fair that has its origins in a carnival event as

an important piece of the city’s culture. The book now

published is divided into two parts, one of them


taking a look at the beginning and later development

of the event from 1850 to 1945.

The second part gives a detailed depiction of the

event’s revival after the Second World War and its

relocation to the Boulevard. In addition to the history

and stories about the fair in Hasselt, the 240-page

book also includes more than 130 photos and


The authors Mieke Strauven

and Jean-Paul Lambrichts

(centre) with Steve Severeyns

(l.) and Karolien Mondelaers (r.)


Text & Photos:

Rolf Orschel

The showman children in

Saxony-Anhalt have a new,

modern school wagon,

which was handed over in a

festive ceremony at the

Frühjahrs-Jahrmarkt in

Halle/Saale at midday on

11 th April.

The old school wagon, a US

trailer (articulated camping

trailer) was ageing and wornout.

Moreover, relocating

was often difficult as it

required a towing vehicle.

Thanks to the generous support from the Saxony-

Anhalt government, the Altmärkisch Showman

Association, the Saxony-Anhalt Showman Association,

the Non-Profit Association “Mobile Schools”,

the Magdeburg Showman Association and the

Verein Selbständiger Gewerbetreibender Marktund

Messereisender Magdeburg (Association of

Self-employed travelling market and fair tradesmen

Magdeburg), the new and modern rolling classroom

could eventually be purchased this year. While the

skeleton structure of the wagon was built by a firm

in Poland, the interior furnishing was built in




Première in Nürnberg:

“Old Shining House”

Walkthrough constructions have

been the focus of the family for

exactly 35 years now. It all began

with the “China-Town” owned by

grandparents Hans-Dieter and

Gisela Schultze, and then moved

on to the unique “Domino” as

well as the “Gaudi-Hütt’n” of his

parents, Manuela and Ludwig

Barth Sr. Now their son, also

called Ludwig, has dared to

become a showman in his own

right. “Old Shining House” is the

name of his new and very first

own attraction that celebrated its

première at the Nürnberg Frühlingsfest.

Text & Photos: Helmut Bresler

Ludwig Barth with his

mother, Manuela Barth

Old Shining House

Effectively placed on a top-end site in Nürnberg,

the construction aroused the visitor’s

curiosity and caused them to stop in front of it.

Seeing visitors disappear behind a mysterious

door, little children being turned away at the paybox

and screaming women rushing to safety,

directly into the arms of their waiting friends. A

new haunted house with an apparently terrifying

interior awaits its victims. An interview with

Ludwig Barth:

What is your attraction, a fun attraction? Or

perhaps not for the faint-hearted?

Yes and no. An important and decisive feature

is that our actors can adapt themselves to the public

present, and act accordingly. Naturally, there is a

difference between kiddie and family days and the

fireworks display in the evenings, when young

adults, who want to and can come face-to-face with

horror films, are our target group. It goes without saying

that this provides surges of adrenaline.

Well – a visit to the fairground has to be fun.

There is a very important rule. Those who enter our

house are looking for horror and risks, and they get

what they want. Body contact with our guests is

strictly forbidden. After all, this would be a completely

different dimension and certainly not acceptable

for many.

Who are your actors?

They are professionals provided by an agency.

As the attraction is presented all over Germany, as a

general rule I will engage local artists who know the

region and its people. I attach special importance to

an authentic appearance. Costumes and masks

have to go together and suit the actors. As a general

rule, there will be between six and eight actors. All

of them have a lot of experience in how to behave

towards our guests, as they have already worked at

festivals, discos or trade fairs.

Are your actors ‘only’ live ghosts?

A “live” spook in a traditional ghost ride thrives

on the moment of shock, appearing in just one

Are there limits that your actors are not

allowed to overstep?



Some of the horror

troupe and details of the

“Old Shining House”

terrifying instant. My actors, however, have a sustained

contact with our guests, and therefore must

be able to impress them more with verbal skills. I

think these two worlds are not comparable.

be substantially changed and more details will be

added to individually themed rooms. Moreover,

there are plans for a waterfall and a blood fountain

for the outdoor area.

How much did you invest?

What venues are there in your tour schedule?

A lot of money – enough to easily buy a flat in


Where did you get the idea for the attraction?

I was impressed by my visits to the London and

the Hamburg Dungeons, and wanted to seize upon

the good ideas for our region and to fill a gap in the

market. Today I think that I am correct in my

business decision.

Is your attraction also a show booth?

It belongs to the show and fun sector, no

question about it. In my opinion a classic show booth

is something different though. I present a modern

Walkthrough construction and guarantee a creepy


What is the name of your attraction?

After last minute discussions relating to the

rights to the name, the name now is Old Shining


This season, we will appear in Salzburg and,

among other venues, also in Würzburg, Eisleben,

Fürth, Kaiserslautern and Karlsruhe.

How many transport vehicles are required?

I tour with three transport vehicles. At present, I

am still thinking about how to use existing loading

capacity to the optimum.

How old are you?

(Laughing) I am 24 years old.

What's so special about your attraction?

The creepy atmosphere is not only provided by

a good facade. We want to appeal to all senses and

also work with matching noise effects, for example.

You could say that we offer show time with many

scary moments.

What is still missing?

There are yet some features currently being

worked on and optimized. The interior furnishing will




The capital city of North-Rhine Westphalia is

buzzing with activity. There are construction sites

all over the famous city on the Rhine. New

shopping centres, office and business buildings

are being built and the inner-city street network has

Text: Michael Petersen

now been thoroughly modernised. Düsseldorf is

Photos: Norman Vogt

looking forward to the future indeed. Is designing

its future. At the same time

Düsseldorf is also looking back

to its traditions and customs,

and continues to 'live' them.

Düsseldorf is versatile, varied,

international, cosmopolitan, has

the “the longest bar in the world”,

and sometimes it is also a little

snobbish. Be that as it may,

Düsseldorf knows how to party in

the medieval city centre or on the

banks of the Rhine, carnival, on

Japantag (Japan Day), at the Franzosenfest

(French Festival), during

exhibitions, at football matches

and at the high number of traditional

Schützenfest events in the

city. Despite its future-oriented approach,

Düsseldorf relentlessly

preserves its traditions and its

varied cultural customs. Believe it

or not, more than 50 Schützenfest

events are celebrated in Düsseldorf

to this day, yet only a few of

them are still accompanied by a

fair event. Until just a few years ago

that was definitely not so, when the

Schützen in the city districts

celebrated together with their

guests in the beer tent, rode the

dodgem track, chain ride or the

Breakdance, and the Schützen

and Volksfest events were the

absolute highlights in the varied

event and festival programme in

the city of Düsseldorf. Schützenfest

events, festival processions

and celebrating in the beer tent are

still popular today; unfortunately

fair attractions built up on the fairground

at the Festplatz are not

though. As a result only a couple of

or no showman operations at all make their way to most

of the Schützenfest events in the state capital. In

general, this is not a problem for which the Düsseldorf

Schützen associations can be held responsible, as

small and medium-sized fair events are also

struggling to survive in other cities and communities,

for various and quite different reasons.

There are exceptions to the rule though – and the most

beautiful and largest one is the Schützen and Volksfest

of the Schützenverein St. Sebastianus Düsseldorf

1316 e. V. The magnificent and high-class Schützenfest

– an absolute highlight in the Düsseldorf calendar




"Super Chaos" from H.P. Maier

is ride type "Sicko" from

manufacturer KMG

of events – is celebrated together with the largest fair

on the Rhine; this year from 11 th to 20 th July. Even

though the Düsseldorf events calendar is filled with

absolutely top-class events that leave nothing to be

desired, it does not include a single event that attracts

more than 4 million visitors and unfailingly thrills the

public every year. The largest fair on the Rhine is an

unparalleled showcase event in the German showman

industry, and the capital city of Düsseldorf, and its

ideal location on the banks of the Rhine between the

Rhein-Knie-Bridge and the Oberkassel Bridge enhances

the exclusive image of the largest fair on the

Rhine to the point of perfection. In fact, the only thing

missing for absolute perfection is car parking facilities

in close proximity. While cars could still be parked on

the meadow next to the rides in earlier years, this is

unthinkable today. The shuttle bus service between the

exhibition grounds and the fairground is inconvenient

for many guests. The majority of visitors come to the

Rheinkirmes using public transport. Going to the roller

coaster by bus and rail is certainly a good alternative.

Two Opening Celebrations

The Schützenfest of the Schützenverein St.

Sebastianus Düsseldorf 1316 and the fair being

celebrated together is a deeply rooted tradition. Only

the opening is (still) celebrated separately. As the fair

begins on a Friday, it is also opened on Friday, whereas

the Schützenfest is opened with its own extended

opening ceremony in the festively decorated beer tent

one day later.


Drei Top-Geschäfte für eine Top-Veranstaltung!

Im Frühjahr 2014 sind

7 weitere schreckliche

Kreaturen in die

Geisterstadt eingezogen.

Der Publikumsliebling mit Grusel-Garantie – wieder in Düsseldorf!

Nebel – Laser – Horror-Sound – Top-Figuren aus den USA – Live-Akteure



Der Skooter,

auf dem sich die Kleinen

wie die Großen fühlen

– wieder in Düsseldorf!

Zahlreiche Auto-Modelle • Die groovige Geier-Band

Der lustige Wasser-Elefant

Foto: King

Das große


in Düsseldorf

mit 17 Metern Front!

Korkenschießen • Scheibenschießen

Walzenschießen • Blumenschießen

Sterneschießen • Herzenschießen

Zwei fahren – einer zahlt!

Foto: King

Nostalgie, die man sieht!

Tradition, die man schätzt!

Erfahrung, die man spürt!

Seit über 60 Jahren auf der Rheinkirmes. Super-Preise für super Schützen!

Wir freuen uns auf die größte Kirmes am Rhein und bedanken uns

beim St. Sebastianus Schützenverein von 1316 herzlich für die Zulassung!

Düsseldorf / Bedburg (Erft)

www.fellerhoff-geisterbahn.de • Hotline: 0172 /214 11 21

Die Neuheit 2014



das macht so richtig Spaß!

Es erfüllt uns mit Freude und Stolz,

in unserem Premierenjahr auf der

größten Kirmes am Rhein in unserer

Heimatstadt Düsseldorf mit dabei zu sein.

Ein herzlicher Dank dem Schützenverein

St. Sebastianus Düsseldorf 1316 e.V.

für die vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit.

Markus von Olnhausen

Düsseldorf • Tel. 0177-4629850

Mail: info@villawahnsinn.info

total verrückte Spaßhaus

2 Etagen voller Wahnsinn, Spaß und Action

für Groß und Klein – Jung und Alt

23 m Front

9 m tief

10 m hoch


Super Chaos

Das ultimative


mit dem besonderen Dreh

Die Neuheit

auf der Rheinwiese!

Wir freuen uns, auf der

größten Kirmes am Rhein

dabei zu sein.

H.P. Maier OHG


H.P. Maier

Oberwiesenstrasse 70

CH-8355 Frauenfeld

Tel. 0041 79 218 2143

Mail: lumai@bluewin.ch

Of course, opening the fair separately is also a kind of

appreciation of the showmen and further emphasizes

the importance of the fair. Actually, it is high time to

open the Schützenfest and the fair event at the same

time. As they both belong together and complement

each other, all participants should open this unique

family event with a cheerful ceremony.

Four Novelties at the Rheinwiese

Giants – a photo taken

last year

Düsseldorf is known for repeatedly hosting most

impressive ride, coaster, and funhouse premières.

Last year, the “City Skyliner” celebrated its world

première in Düsseldorf. This year, this event might well

have been repeated or even topped, as the 100-metre

“Hangover” Freefall Tower equipped with new ride

elements, announced by Ewald Schneider, was to

celebrate its world première in Düsseldorf. As is well

known, this is not going to happen now.

Fair architect Thomas König succeeded in contracting

four debutantes (2 ride attractions and 2 Walkthrough

constructions), H.P. Maier will present his “Super

Chaos” swing in Düsseldorf for the first time, and with

the “High Impress”, Frank Oberschelp will bring the

fastest “frying pan” in the world to the Rhine. Among

the Walkthrough constructions the “Villa Wahnsinn” will

be the season’s novelty in Düsseldorf, and the large

fun construction “XXL Fun-House” from the Renz


family will make its first appearance at the largest fair

on the Rhine.

Let us start our tour of the fairground at the water ride

(Löwenthal) in the direction of the “Bellevue” Ferris

Wheel, and have a close look at the fairground

attractions on the dike, turn left in the direction of the

Schützenfest and see the attractions on the bank of the

Rhine. In short, let us first see what to find in the outer

circuit. At the first attraction, visitors will encounter Ralf

Sturm’s “Kristall-Palast”, a classic from the funhouse

sector. The labyrinth, differently placed every year, has

many loyally returning regular visitors.

Permanently popular at

Düsseldorf: the "Spinning Racer"


Hermann Fellerhoff’s “Geisterstadt”

retains its usual site,

providing a creepy atmosphere

with many new scary figures and

an additional show to be presented

in the outdoor area. There will be

nothing new leading up to the

“Schwarzwald-Christel”; the chain

ride (Fuhrmann), the “Lach+Freu-

Haus” (Distel), “Spinning Racer”

(Bruch) and the “Rotor” will line the

way. The layout of the bay behind

the “Schwarzwald-Christel” will be

completely new though. The two

top-end sites, being appealingly

occupied by Markmann’s “Nessy”

and the “Flasher” from Ahrend, will

entice a vast number of visitors to

this bay, in the exit area of which

the “Looping the Loop” from

Markus von Olnhausen will be

placed, whereas the “Go-Kartbahn”

from Fackler will maintain

the site it was newly allocated to

last year.

There will be no changes on the

sites of the “Bellevue” Ferris Wheel

(Bruch) and one of the two ghost

A regular guest at the

largest Kirmes on the Martin

Blume's "Daemonium"


ides from Schütze. This year, the Schütze family will

present “Schloss Dracula” with new name signs and

new ghosts. The corner site in front of the Schützen

tent will once again be taken by the “Wilde Maus”

(Eberhard/Göbel). Passing the Schützen tent, visitors

reach the “Konga” mega swing (Küchenmeister),

which did very good business on this site in the last

two years. At the entrance to the first bay on the bank

of the Rhine, the “Golden Greats” dodgem track

(Kropp) will be built up this year, while the Wave-

Swinger (Hanstein) and the “Höllenblitz” (Renoldi) will

be retaining their familiar sites. The “Füchschen” beer

tent will also be built up in the bay, where it will be the

meeting point of the partying crowd once again. As the

showmen placed in the bay did not fare well in the

years before, no concession stalls will be built up in the

bay again this year. Thus the locations for the four

large attractions are perfectly chosen.

As is tradition, Howey’s “Happy Sailor” and the “Fight

Club” (Häsler/Schultz) will be deployed in the second

bay on the bank of the Rhine. Passing the “Alpina-

Bahn” (Bruch), visitors will encounter the “Breakdance”

from Kinzler, Blume’s “Daemonium” and the

“Circus Circus” (Bruch/Gründler). Directly in front of

the water ride, the starting point of our tour visitors

reach the “Toboggan” from Menzie Fischer – a

completely new site for this complex, traditional


This marks the end of the first part of our tour and the

beginning of the second part the inner circuit. Opposite

the water ride, holding the top end site in the

entrance area of the main entrance to the Rheinwiese,

Kaiser’s “High Energy” will whirl its passengers

through the skies. While William Bruch’s Düsseldorf

“Breakdance” will occupy the same site as last year,

visitors will encounter the first debutante on the former

“Nessy” site, the Sicko-type KMG ride “Super Chaos”

from H.P. Maier. Perfectly placed across the circuit will

follow the “Diamond” dodgem track (Hartkopf/Osselmann)

and immediately behind it Goetzke’s “Alex Airport”.

Behind the entrance to the “Alpenwelt” gastronomic

operation the Hempen family will provide a lot

of fun with their “Big Bamboo”, the “Rio Rapidos”

rafting ride (Kaiser) will provide the visitors with a welcome

cooling down, and the funniest travelling

construction site in the world, the “Krumm & Schief

Bau” (Hartmann), will follow on next to it. There will be

no change in the placements of the Caterpillar Ride

(Steiger/Buchholz), the “Venezianisches Pferdekarussell”

(Langenberg), the “Schnauferl” (Vespermann)

and the “Super Rutsche” (Göbel). The “City Skyliner”

(Schneider) will maintain its première site of last

year, flanked by Krameyer’s “Big Monster” and

Schäfer’s “Shake & Roll”. The “XXL Fun-House” (Renz)

will make its debut on the traditional funhouse site

opposite the “Alpina-Bahn”.


Das doppelstöckige


für alle


Auch 2014 auf der

größten Kirmes

am Rhein.

Wir freuen uns, wieder dabei zu sein!

Familie Horst Langenberg • mail: horst.w.langenberg@t-online.de


Wir freuen uns

auf die größte Kirmes am Rhein

in unserer Heimatstadt Düsseldorf

und wünschen der Veranstaltung

einen optimalen Verlauf!

Danny Cronenberg

Tel. 0177/ 608 51 11

Mail: d.cronenberg@arcor.de

Jetzt komplett mit Energie sparender

LED Lichttechnik

Riesen Fahrspaß auf der

größten Fahrbahn!

350 m 2 Fahrbahngröße

Ein herzlicher Dank an Recklinghausen, Neuss, Oberhausen und Mülheim!

Jetzt freuen wir uns wieder auf die größte Kirmes am Rhein in unserer Heimatstadt Düsseldorf.



Tradition & Innovation • Tel.0178/3322387 www.autoscooter.de

The “Power Tower 2” (Schneider) will occupy the

following corner site this year, and the selection of

large attractions in Düsseldorf will end with Frank

Oberschelp’s “High Impress” - the third debutante.

Familiar and successful sites will be interspersed

with a number of relocations, and

the towering fairground attractions will be

quite well spread over the spacious fairground

and promise a very prominent and

attractive Skyline. As usual, this preview is

subject to change.

dike side, and additional terraces provide the tent with

a more open and friendly appearance. The noticeably

higher number of beer gardens and terraces is an

obvious concession to smokers. Renoldi’s “Alpenwelt”

Novelties from Gastronomy

A ride in a veteran car is

popular with both young and

old: the "Schnauferl"

The beer tents of the Düsseldorf breweries

are a fixture at the fair; they attract very

many visitors to the fairground and are a

substantial turnover factor. No longer built

up will be the beer tent from the Diebels

brewery. Its site will now be occupied by the

until now sadly missed “Uerige” brewery.

The Düsseldorf cult pub simply belongs to

the Rheinwiese. Naturally, the Schumacher

brewery with its barn will also be presented

again. To the right of the barn, facing its

main entrance there will now be an open

beer garden. The main entrance of the

Schlösser tent changes sides. As a result,

the tent can now also be entered from the


Zum Braukessel

Der exquisite


nach Schausteller-Art

Wir bedanken uns beim Schützenverein

St. Sebastianus 1316 e.V. für die erneute

Zulassung zur größten Kirmes am Rhein.

Unser Dank gilt auch dem Brauhaus

Schlüssel für die vertrauensvolle



Die große



Schaustellerbetriebe Peter Fuhrmann • Wuppertal • Tel. 0171 / 777 24 30

will once again change this year. In addition to the large

tent in the middle of the Alpenwelt, another two smaller

roof tents will be built up. A large open-air stage will now

be in the middle surrounded in a circle by benches and

tables. Numerous snack and sales booths will be

placed under the two smaller tents. Even in rainy

weather visitors can celebrate in a dry place here.

Fireworks: 1 Million Visitors Expected

On the second fairground Friday the brilliant fireworks

display will be held again, attracting some 1 million

visitors – crowding the fairground, the Oberkassel dike,

the two Rhine bridges and the medieval city centre

bank, on this evening every year. It is the day with the

highest visitor attendance and the strongest turnover

day for many participants. The Wuppertal pyrotechnic

firm Nico once again promises a first-class fireworks

display replete with the latest effects. “Eine Seefahrt die

ist lustig”, or “A voyage is fun” will be the motto in

Düsseldorf throughout the event, with a fairground ferry

shuttle between the medieval city centre and the fairground

being provided. As there are no car parks in

close proximity to the fairground, and illegally parked

vehicles will be resolutely towed away, visitors are

recommended to use public transport. Those coming

by car should park at the signed car parks at the

exhibition grounds and take the shuttle bus. At long last,

all the information about the largest fair on the Rhine is

available on an informative website. It provides guests

with information relating to the fair and the Schützenfest,

clearly listing accommodation and further information

providing for a pleasant visit to Düsseldorf and the

fair. The website is also directed at the showmen

though, providing them with all the information relating

to applications. For information on the fair and

Schützenfest including the schedule:




Text: Helmut Bresler

Photos: Helmut Bresler, Archiv Müller-Reichart, Verlag Mainpost

Christian Schuchardt, 45, the new Würzburg Lord Mayor

since this spring, will open the Kiliani event in the Würzburg

Hofbräu Hahn beer tent on Friday, 4 th July.

Once again presented will be the Almhütte under the management

of Ehrenfried Müller and many spectacular showman novelties

ranging from the “Europa-Rad” (Kipp), the “Sky Fall”

(Goetzke), “The King” (Zinnecker) and the “Predator” (Löffelhardt),

to the “Techno Power (Eckl), “Breakdance” (Wolf), and the

“American Swing” (Schäfer), not to forget the large water ride from

Heitmann-Schneider and the richly curved “Wilde Maus” from

Münch. The show and fun sector will be represented by the firms

Hofmann/Jehn (Freddy’s Company), Barth (Old Shining House),

and Dom-Jollberg with the “Fahrt zur Hölle”. Another organisational

novelty: After the head official in charge, Alexander Hoffmann,

was elected to the Bundestag last autumn, the Kiliani boss

is a woman; namely, Hülya Düber. She is very accomplished in her

job and was head official in the building law department and head

of building inspection in the construction department at the Würzburg

city authorities.


No, bids for the project are duly called for according to a regular or

irregular rotation schedule. The electrical company Pixis used to be in

charge, and the Scheuermann firm from Giebelstadt/Eisfeld has been

carrying out all electrical works on the Würzburg fairground since 1984.

Since when has the Talavera been your second home?

For 50 years it has been something like my second living room. Since

1964, I have been working at the spring festival and at the Kiliani event.

What did the fairground look like back then?

Completely different! In those days, there weren't any power junction

boxes or cables laid out under the street. There were still overhead lines,

and we were a small team working continuously.

Were you briefed by your predecessor?

No, I wasn’t. No, I was simply told “...this is your new job. See to it

that everything works”.

Showmen are not always easy. Did you often have problems?

No, I didn’t. We occasionally had slight differences of opinion, but in

the end everybody still had the electricity they required in time for the

beginning of the event. Sometimes it simply took slightly longer …

Which attractions were built up on the fairground 50 years ago?

The countdown for the Kiliani opening has started. The last showmen

are arriving at the fairground and there is work going on all over the

fairground. Even Uwe Woiters, the fairground electrician is now a 'live

wire', so to speak. It is his last big job. Once dismantling begins about

midnight on 20 th July, it will also be the end of his active working life.

Kirmes & Park Revue interviewed the living Kiliani legend.

Do you get fired up by the rush of activity all around you?

No, I simply have known the procedures and the showmen long

enough. I work true to the ancient and wise sayings “Strength lies in calmness”,

or “Haste makes waste”. This does not mean dilly-dallying but

working quickly through tasks. But of course, I cannot possibly be everywhere

at the same time.

There were famous and fine-sounding names from the era. I recall for

example Distel, Feldl and Herhaus.

Can you think of any related stories?

Lulu Herhaus, the Grande dame of the showman industry still came

to Würzburg with her old wooden track ride, before she acquired the

modern steel version from Schwarzkopf. I was her contact person for all

questions relating to electric power and worked on many fairgrounds; in

Frankfurt, Straubing, and Munich – all over Southern Germany. I got on

well with her.

Who was the beer tent patron at that time?

A significant 'birthday' is fast approaching, isn’t it?

There is still a long time to go – until after Kiliani. On 23 rd July seven

decades will be celebrated together with your family here in Würzburg.

When did you begin you apprenticeship as an electrician?

That was a long time ago – back then in Eichstädt at the age of 14. I

came to Würzburg only later and quickly felt at home in the metropolis in

Lower Franconia.

Today, the Scheuermann firm is responsible for the Kiliani power

supply. Has it always been this way?


The owner of the largest operation on the fairground was Anneliese

Müller-Reichart – and she was in full control of her business.

How did you perceive the Müller-Reichart’s demise?

It came all of a sudden and unexpectedly for everybody. I think the

last few years on the fairground were not happy for them.

Does Kiliani need the Stadlwirt?

Yes, I think so. Naturally, these local scene restaurateurs - the Stadlwirt

and/or the Almhütte - attract new visitors. In the final analysis, every

single participant and the organiser benefits from this, and thanks to

increased demand we can also sell more electricity. In other words, everybody

is happy.

How does the cooperation with the beer tent patron Michael Hahn

work out?

I honestly don’t know what could be better. Hahn is an experienced


You have seen Hans Dom and Heiner Distel as showman spokesmen.

Does Kiliani need this post?

Absolutely! It is important to have an experienced and respected

voice to the outside - to the public. These days this is all the more

important, with more media diversity than ever. I think that both Würzburg

fair events have always been, and will remain, valuable.

During the redevelopment of the Talavera, the Kiliani event was

held on the Mainwiesen. Did you like that?

To be honest, it was a disaster as far as electricity is concerned and

resulted in a lot of extra work. The area was simply not suitable for fair

events, and nothing more but a temporary solution was possible.

Will the events be relocated again for the Landesgartenschau 2018?

I don’t know; I don’t have any information on the planning status at

the moment.

Do you still like to board a ride?

I have always liked to take a ride and still do today. After all, coasters,

Freefall Towers, Ferris Wheels and speedy round rides must be tested,

mustn’t they?

You have experienced the era of the fairground director Anny

Musenbichler, as well as the two men who have held that office, Horst

Waibel and Alexander Hoffmann. Interesting people?

Certainly, without a doubt. All of them with a mind of their own; and

they all would surely have been in a right fix without electricity!

Do you miss any regular participants who left the Kiliani, such as

Lössel, Guderley, or Dölle?


Of course, after all we worked together well for a

long time. But the Kiliani event experienced a lean

period that not all the showmen wanted, or were able,

to cope with.

During the so-called peak times I have help. Then

I am twice or even three times as fast as usual.

Do you accept cash or bank transfer only?

What happened?

Both are possible; we decide case by case.

The answer is very simple. Years ago, far too many

events were held at the same time. The popular wine

festivals in the surrounding region alone prevented a

lot of visitors from coming to the fairground. As a result,

earnings decreased and the reputation of the Kiliani

event suffered; truly not a good situation.

Does your successor, Fabian Henkel, already

have many contacts?

Yes, he accompanied me at the spring festival

and he is getting used to it. I am sure he will master the

job with ease.

What brought about the recovery in the last few


You could have retired at the age of 65, but you

put in another five years. Why?

In my opinion, there are several factors: A new beer

tent patron with new ideas, a trendy restaurateur with the

Almhütte concept, and new ideas for the supporting

programme, such as the veteran car meeting on the last

opening Sunday with a car parade across the fairground.

As a result, visitors rushed to the fairground.

There were spring fair events in snow and

freezing temperatures.

Oh dear. There were years that were simply far too

cold, with frozen water pipes and not a single visitor

strolling across the fairground, covered in snow. This

year, 2014, there was beautiful spring weather; Saint

Peter had a heart for the showmen!

Because I enjoy my work and my work environment,

and because I was in good health. I happily put

in a few years more.

What does your wife say about it?

She has coped well and is now looking forward to

our new life together.

What is your hobby in your free time?

I have a large garden I love, and I will then also

find time and leisure for it.

Electricity is dangerous. Were there accidents?

Were there any special experiences you have

not forgotten?

Well – yes. Not due to a short-circuit, but due to a

staff member's carelessly discarded cigarette,

Schäfer’s suspended-gondola ghost ride could almost

have fallen victim to fire. That was really dangerous. It

happened in the early afternoon, but thanks to the

rapid arrival of the fire brigade, the very worst scenario

was prevented. Everybody lent a hand so that the ride

could open again the next day. Everybody helped!

Dangerous are the forces of habit and the

neglecting of basic safety regulations. Of course we

suffered the occasional minor electric shock, but

nothing more serious – thank God!

The Bavarian television station interviewed you?

Yes, during the Würzburg spring festival. It was

aired in the “Wir in Bayern” programme, portraying the

state and the people of Bavaria. Afterwards, many

people asked me about the report on the telly.

What do you do if all the participants want to

have electricity at the same time or want to have

their operations disconnected at the same time

during dismantling?

What are you doing now?

Supplying the showman with electricity who

arrived last. Goodbye.

Das Lachen am laufenden Band!



Tel. 0178 /217 38 45


Vor 20 Jahren begann

die Erfolgsgeschichte

in Würzburg...

...wir freuen uns auf Kiliani 2014!





Tradition ist etwas, was man nicht kaufen kann!

Peter & Renate Münch

St.-Martin-Str. 8 • 81541 München

Die Super 8-Schleife

Wir freuen uns

auf unsere

Premiere in


Karin und Josef Diebold • Tel. 0163 / 459 26 46 • E-Mail: josef.diebold@gmx.de

Circuit walkabout 2013 –

amonst others with electrician

Uwe Woiters, Heiner Distel, OB

Georg Rosenthal Pastor Martin

Fuchs. Right: Showman

spokesman Heiner Distel, Dr.

Hülya Düber, Mark Laudenbacher

and Hans Obermeier (all three

from the city of Würzburg, General

Department for Citizen Service)

A Kiliani circuit walk around 10 years ago with

fairground Director Horst Waibel (centre) and Lord

Mayor Pia Beckmann (r.). Above a snapshot from the

70s of the Kiliani-tapping of the keg by Lord Mayor

Klaus Zeitler – carefully watched by publican Anneliese

Müller-Reichart (centre) and her son Peter (left)


Neue Geister

für Würzburg


...unheimlich gut!

Wir bieten Gruselvergnügen

für die GANZE Familie

Unvergleichliche Fahrt voller Effekte

Feuer speiende Figur an der Fassade

Feurige und stimmungsvolle Beleuchtung

Einzigartige Ausstattung

Lange Fahrtzeit

Geringer Platzbedarf

Foto: King

Hautnah zu erleben u.a. in Forchheim, Karpfham, Freising, auf dem

Münchner Oktoberfest und in Freiburg. Im August und Ende Oktober

gibt es noch freie Zeitfenster für ein Gastspiel. Sprechen Sie uns an!

50 Jahre Geisterbahnen • Tradition seit 1821 • Tel. 0172 / 822 55 10

Herzlich willkommen auf der Talavera!

Fredi Zündorf



Sie treffen uns auf dem

Bad Kreuznacher Jahrmarkt,

in Düren, beim Neusser Schützenfest,

auf dem Bonner Pützchens Markt,

in Bad Neuenahr und auf dem

1. Kölner Oktoberfest.

Unser Alpendorf

bietet viele


– und besitzt

unendlich viele


Fredi Zündorf


0178/459 71 92


Text: Uwe Holzmann

Photos: Uwe Holzmann, Ina Richter

“Bruchmeister, Lüttje Lage, Ausmarsch …”,

“Bruchmeister” (a ceremonial title peculiar to

Hannover), “schnapps”, “procession”; in

Hannover, the capital city of Lower Saxony, these

terms are inevitably associated with the “largest

Schützenfest in the world”, held on the centrally

located and boasting a total area of some 10-

hectares at the Schützenplatz. It is to be held from

4 th to 13 th July this year, where the 485 th Schützenfest

will offer a mixture of high tech and tradition.

“The Hannover residents and their guests from

near and far can look forward to an attractive

mixture of thrills, partying, family fun and

Schützen tradition”, promised Klaus Timaeus,

General Manager of the Verein Hannoversches

Schützenfest e.V., in an initial preview of the event

at the first press conference in January.

Meanwhile, preparations for the largest Schützenfest

in the world have almost been completed and once

the build-up of attractions on the Schützenplatz,

currently in its final stage has been finished, a well

worth seeing fairground ranking within the German

première Volksfest league will have been put together.

The giant propeller “Gladiator” (Buwalda-Kriek),

whirling its passengers through the sky, and the

“Artistico” (Köhrmann), a giant swing, making its

passengers feel like high wire artists will be the top

highlights. Further attractions will be the “Burner”

(Meisel) and the “Hot Shot” (Dölle), promising speedy

rides up to the sky, along with the “Teststrecke!”

(Steiger Achterbahn GmbH) and the “Wilde Maus”

(Barth) coasters, as well as the water ride (Meyer &

Steiger). Naturally, the “Roue Parisienne” (Burghard-

Kleuser) will be a focus point at the fairground. Ghost

rides, funhouse constructions and modern rides will

complete the cornucopia of fairground attractions.

Among many other attractions, the “Kick Down”

(Landwermann), “Polyp” (Stummer), “Shaker”"

(Wilhelm), „Breakdance” (Hainlein-Noack), „Wellenflug”

(Blume) and the “Musik Express” (Krause) –

highly popular in Hannover – the “Geisterschlange”

(Lehmann), the “Down Town” labyrinth (Hofmann), the

funhouse attractions “Omni” (Kinzler), “Crazy Outback”

(Hofmann-Jehn) and “Fun Street” (L. Hofmann)

will await the visitors.

Another highlight, the “Altweibermühle”

(Hartkopf) will

be transformed into the

"Horror-Mühle" at this year’s

Schützenfest, with Marc

Terenzi and his team presenting

excerpts from his

“Horror-Nights” programme,

providing the visitors with a

creepy atmosphere, just as

will the “Panic Room”

(Lemoine). Those preferring

sportive activities will get

their share of entertainment

at the “Live Boxen” attraction

(Heinen), and with some

skill and luck they can even

win some money.


the Hannover Schützenfest

Klaus Timaeus, Manager

at the Verein Hannoversches

Schützenfest e.V.



Fairground map of the

largest Schützenfest in the

world in Hannover (subject

to change)

The selection of attractions will be rounded off by a

number of kiddie rides, a pony ride, popular dodgem

tracks and a Go-kart track. Furthermore, the “Paderborner

Pferdekarussell” (Noack-Steuer) will provide

some nostalgic flair.

Naturally, operations providing visitors with fun, entertainment,

and delicacies cannot be absent either on

a perfect fairground. Games booths, sweets, roasted

almonds, delicious fish rolls and pastries are an indispensable

must. A special feature at the Hannover

Schützenfest are the large beer tents, snack booths

and beverage outlets with their cosy beer gardens,

where the long-standing Hannover “Lüttje-Lage-

Trinken” (schnapps drinking) is retained, and

delicious fried sausages and spicy shish kebab are

served. Moreover, Ross Antony, Matthias Brodowy

and guest star Bata Ilic will certainly provide for a “full

house” and a happy partying atmosphere in the beer

tents “Alt Hanovera”, “Gildefestzelt” and the shrill –

and now a cult – “Gaypeople-Zelt”. Friends of

traditional music will certainly get their money’s worth

at the “Festival der Blasmusik”, "Olympiade der

Fanfarenzüge” marching bands, the “Jazzfrühschoppen”,

or the festive 'last post' on Schützenplatz.

The exact dates will be available in the media, in

flyers, or at www.hannover.de/schuetzenfest

A special highlight in the year of the FIFA World Cup

will be the “Hannover 96-tent” operated by Enzo

Fumiento, a well-known Hannover publican. It is to be

a central meeting point for football fans and fans of

the Schützenfest alike. In the centre of the fairground,

the magnificent circular section surrounded by tall

poplars is a cosy rest area with gastronomic

operations, inviting visitors to linger and stay.

Despite all this, it should not be forgotten that the event

is a Schützenfest. As a result, Schützen shape the

image of the 12-kilometre Schützen procession

through the Hannover medieval city centre on 6 th July.

Every year, some 10,000 people from German and

foreign Schützen Associations, marching bands and

folk and carnival groups participate in this procession.

(Moreover, the Schützen provide a special atmosphere

to the events in the “Festhalle Marris” beer tent

every evening. Hundreds of Schützen coming from

the Luneburg Heath and the Harz Uplands will also

dominate the Niedersachsentag (Lower Saxony Day)

on the second Friday during the event. This latter

feature was omitted in 2012) As a result, the organiser,

the showmen and the Schützenfest mascot “Ballerkalle”

hope for beautiful weather, as well as plenty of

fun and entertainment at the 485 th Schützenfest on the

Hannover Schützenplatz.

Das Lachen am laufenden Band!



Tel. 0178 /217 38 45



Uwe Holzmann

From 4 th to 13 th July, visitors to

the largest Volksfest and

Schützenfest event in the Goslar

region will be able to experience

a great deal of Schützen

tradition, surges of adrenalin,

wind in their hair and a lot of fun.

The traditional Schützen procession

at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday 5 th

July, accompanied by music,

proceeding through the medieval

city centre to the Osterfeld fairground

and attracting crowds of

spectators every year, will mark the

beginning of the event. In addition

to classic ride attractions, such as

the Ferris Wheel (Wilhelm) or the

“Jaguar-Express” (Ahrend), visitors

will also encounter a number of new

highlights, such as the giant “Mega

King Tower” (Zinnecker), the

“Monster” (Gebr. Boos), and the

“Crazy Mouse” coaster (Ahrend).

Further novelties – or appearing in

Goslar after a break of many years

– will be the “Magi” (Meyer), the

“Volare” Wave-Swinger (Blume),

the “Flipper” (Splitt) and the

“Hawaii-Swing” (Schaak). Moreover,

the “Break Dancer No.2”

(Dreher-Vespermann), the “Krake”

(Markmann), the water ride (Heitmann-Schneider)

and the dodgem

(Vorlop) are indispensable attractions

at Goslar. Providing the

visitors with a lot of fun, a creepy

atmosphere, and a large dose of

horror will be the “Horror-Lazarett”

(Lehmann), appearing in Goslar for

the first time, as well as the “Psycho”

(Bergmann), along with the “U

3000” (Ahrend), the “Gaudi Hüttn”

(Hartmann) and the classic “Spuk

Schloss” Ghost Ride (Hansla). The

younger visitors will be able to

enjoy nine kiddie rides. Moreover,

the Continental pick stands “Silbermine”

and “Spielhölle Hongkong”

from Kellner together with a firstclass

selection of games booths,

shooting galleries and pick up

trolleys, many snack and sweets

booths, roasted almond booths,

pastry bakeries and ice cream

parlours, as well as an ample

choice of beverage outlets with cosy

beer gardens will leave nothing to

be desired. Every Friday at 11 p.m.,

the traditional fireworks display will

provide the fairground with a happy

atmosphere, and on Wednesday 9 th

July the Family Day will entice the

public to the fairground with

reduced prices. Important to know

for football fans, there will also be live

TV coverage of all the FIFA World

Cup matches of the German team

inside the “Bayern Festhalle”. ■

The Bürgersöhne corps (1814), in which bachelors celebrate the

Freischießen event and shoot out their own reigning king, has a great

tradition. The origins of the corps go back to the time of the industrial

revolution, which had deep influence on Peine. The high number of

new citizens also wanted to take part in the Freischießen event. However,

they were denied the right to join the Schützengilde, consisting

of long-time Peine merchants and craftsmen at that time. Also

founded in addition to the aforementioned corps were the MTV Vater

Jahn Peine (1862), TSV Bildung (1863), and the Peine Walzwerker

Verein (1878), which also participate in the largest town festival.

Two Bürgerschaffer, or administrators, elected at the citizen’s

meeting, are responsible for the organisation of the Peine Freischießen,

and during the preparations for the Peine Freischießen,

the Kirmes & Park Revue had the opportunity to interview Thomas

Weitling, the administrator re-elected for the 7 th time, at the Freischießen


Mr. Weitling, what are the special features at this year’s

Peine Freischießen?


The Peine Freischießen can look back on a centuries-old

tradition and enjoys being ranked highly in the affections of the

Peine residents. The Volksfest is enthusiastically used to cultivate

friendships, to meet old friends, and also as an excuse to return to

your home town of Peine to celebrate the Freischießen event with

friends and family. In 1979, the Schützenplatz, located in the town

centre directly adjacent to the town hall and the Schützen building,

was set up as a fairground. The adjoining town park and the high

number of trees surrounding the fairground provide a very special,

green setting. Countless processions of marching bands held

throughout the event provide Peine with a special flair and draw the

fascinated attention of virtually all citizens.

Text: Uwe Holzmann

The largest event celebrated in the some 50,000-resident district

town of Peine in Lower Saxony is the annual Schützenfest, the

“Peine Freischießen”, held for five days around the first Sunday

in July; this year from 4 th to 8 th July.

Originally, the name comes from the ancient custom, according to

which the Peine residents were able to “shoot themselves out of their

civic duties”. Even though the origin of the event is not known due

to a town fire in 1557, it is thought that there was a kind of Bürgerwehr,

or Home Guard, in the frequently fought-over town even shortly

after the founding of the town in about 1220. Over the years, the

Peine residents took advantage of this right for self-defence to be

granted an increasing number of rights by the landlords, such as

the right to “shoot themselves out of taxes” or the right to elect the

mayor. Since the late 19 th century, the Peine Freischießen has no

longer been an event of a single “local Schützenverein”, but of

seven “corps”, without which the Peine Freischießen would be

unthinkable. They preserve the idea and the cultural assets of the

Peine Freischießen. Every corps has its own king. Among the seven

corps there are three so-called “Bürgerkorporationen” (citizen

corps), namely the Neue Bürger Corps (1927), the Bürger Jäger

Corps (1871), and the Schützengilde (1597). Among these three

corps the king, who has a special position in the town’s community

life during his 1-year reign, is shot out.

Are there any special events during the opening of the


For some years now, we have waived official opening speeches

in Peine. On the opening Friday from 3 p.m. the fairground fills up

with eleven youth marching bands playing not only for the visitors

but also for the showmen and operators instead, attracting the

crowds to the fairground even in the early afternoon. It goes without

saying that the young musicians get a number of free rides on the

ride attractions and coasters by way of thanks. Since 1966, a

magnificent fireworks display is held by Schneider-Pyrotechnik in the

adjoining town park at about 10 p.m. on Friday evening, much to the

delight of the visitors to the fairground, as well as the residents of

the Peine town centre.

Which attractions will you surprise the visitors to the Peine

Freischießens with?

After a year without a Ferris Wheel, visitors will be able to enjoy

rides in the “Around the World” Ferris Wheel from the Cornelius firm

once again, and the “Sky Dance” tower chain ride from the Nülken

firm will provide visitors with thrilling flights up in the sky. As the

organiser, we are pleased that the Haberkorn firm from Erfurt will

present its novelty “Chaos Airport” funhouse as a very special

attraction in Peine, and the over-the-top ride “Night Style” from


Wir freuen uns, mit unserer Neuheit CHAOS AIRPORT

beim Freischießen 2014 in Peine dabei zu sein.

Nächste Station:

Speyer, Brezelfest

Andrea und Mario Haberkorn • Erfurt • Tel. 0163 / 89 84 777


Foto: Georg Winter

Raymond Armbrecht will properly whirl its

passengers around. It goes without saying that

classic rides are also a fixture in Peine, such as

the “Breakdancer” (Dreher-Vespermann), “Top In”

dodgem track (Robrahn) and the “Troika” Switchback

(Frank Ahrend), particularly popular with the

youth for many years now.

And what about attractions for younger


The younger visitors will be able to enjoy a

number of rides and attractions, such as the

“Fantasialand” compressed air ride (Berweke),

“Flying Airdance” (Wilhelm), the kiddie track ride

(Böker), the small “Piraten-Schiff” (Bossle), the

“Junior Skooter” (Kröker), and this year the “Nordsee-Bälle”

novelty from Rosenstädt, instead of a

pony ride.

Would you tell us something about the

infrastructure at the Peine Freischießen?

On the fairground opposite the Schützen

building there will be solid toilet facilities with a

service and nappy-changing station, a police

station and a German Red Cross container. As the

Peine Freischießen is a very peaceful event mainly

frequented by families, security personnel have

not been necessary so far; only the Niedersachsen

beer tent employs security personnel of

its own in the evening hours.

This year, the Peine Freischießen occurs

during the FIFA World Cup – what will you as

the organiser do about this?

To prevent football fans from watching the

quarter and semi final matches at home instead of

coming to the fairground, the town authorities have

organised a “Public Viewing” in the town park in

close proximity to the fairground. Therefore, football

fans can enjoy themselves on the fairground

before and after the matches.



Traditionally the small but always

interestingly laid out fairground

that presents regularly changing

novelties and attractions, mainly

accommodated showmen from

Bremen, Hamburg, Braunschweig

and, naturally, from the

Peine/Salzgitter region.

Text & Photos:

Uwe Holzmann

In Peine 1986: “Big Splash”

water ride (Löwenthal) and

“Breakdance” (Rühl)

1987: “Die wilde Jagd”

(Thrumann) and “Kampf der

Giganten (Blume)

For decades, the dodgem

track (Robrahn), “Rio

Express” (Hoffmann), the

small “Breakdancer”

(Dreher), the set of

Gallopers “Die wilde Jagd”

(Thrumann), “Jet Ride” from

H.G. Wille (initially a normal

Jet Ride, then from 1991 a

larger, 14-piece model built

by Lutz), and the constantly

popular Hennecke “Kinder-

Paradies” track ride from

the Geschwister Wille from

Bad Gandersheim have

been regular participants.

“Die wilde Jagd” was built up in Peine for the last

time in 1996, when it was sold to a private


In the meantime it has come under the ownership

of the Deutsches Musikautomaten-Museum in

Bruchsal Castle, where a part of the ride is


1987: “Rio Express” (Hoffmann)

and “Wellenflug” (Blume)

presented in a permanent exhibition. The

“Fantasialand” Jet Ride has been operated by

Frank Berweke from Braunschweig for six years;

the “Geschwister Wille” firm gave up touring and

sold the kiddie ride. With the beautiful kiddie track

ride from the Bremen Böker firm, the “Kinder-

Paradies” has found an appealing successor in


Almost every year during the last 30 years, a

Ferris Wheel has been built up on the fairground

on the Peine Kantstraße. Up until 1986, it was

often the small, 20-gondola Ferris Wheel from

Franz Bruch from Düsseldorf, from 1988 the

successor ride (a 33-metre Nauta-Bussink Wheel

with 24 gondolas), and from 1995 the 45-metre

“Wonder-Wheel” from the Bruch-Schneider firm.

Other attractions and novelties in Peine during the

last 30 years have included the brand new “Big

Splash” water ride from Löwenthal, the prototype

of which was built by Weber + Co., but unfortunately

had to be shut down due to technical

problems, while the “1001 Nacht” Flying Carpet

from Bruch, the “Hully Gully” from Walter Köhrmann

and a novelty Breakdance, namely the

model from the Herne Rühl firm, were regularly

besieged by visitors. In 1987, the “Galactica”

(Berg), “Ranger” (Schäfer), “Kampf der Giganten”

(Blume), “Crazy Town” (Schau), and the “Wellenflug”

(Blume), along with the “Breakdancer”

(Dreher) appearing in Peine for the first time and

a fixture ever since, enthralled the public. In 1988,

the “Skylab” (Tolisch) took the visitors up into the

1988: “Skylab” (Tolisch), organ (Ricke),

and Ferris Wheel (Franz Bruch) in Peine

sky, and the “Schunkler” (Wendler), the “Lido

2000” show booth (Lemoine), and a Mäusestadt

provided a lot of fun in Peine. Novelties in 1989

were the Huss Magic “Circus-Circus” from “HBB”

(Howey-Bruch-Bruch), making its third appearance

after its première in Peine, the “Centrox” from

Gräfe boasting an additional rotating movement,

and the Dutch “Sky Flyer” from Tegelaar, as well

as the “Hai-Show” (shark show) providing thrilling


Appearing in addition to the regular participants

in the rolling mill and owl town of Peine ever since

1989 appearing in Peine:

“Circus Circus” (HBB)



Build-up scenes and

showman transport vehicles in

Peine in the 1990s.

1996: Frisbee (Robrahn) and

“Wonder Wheel” (Bruch-

Schneider). 1997: “Wellenflug”

(Roie), dodgem track (Robrahn)

and “Colorado Rafting”




1997: View from the

Ferris Wheel. “The” attraction

2004 in Peine: Free Style (Agtsch)

the 1990s have been many “good and new”

attractions, for example the “Frisbee” (Robrahn),

“Colorado-Rafting” (Bruch-Schneider), “Roll-

Over” (Krause), multi-level horse carousel,

“Wellenflug” (Roie), “Fliegender Teppich” (Köhrmann),

“Show der Sensationen” (Blume), “Take

Off” (Ahrend), “Wilde Maus” (Barth), “Airwolf”

(Eberhard), or the “Freestyle” (Agtsch). ■

1998: Ferris Wheel and

the Flying Carpet. 2009: Run on

the “Airwolf” and the longrunning

hit “Breakdancer”



Première in Krefeld: The

“Villa Wahnsinn” from the

Markus von Olnhausen family

The new Walkthrough construction

“Villa Wahnsinn” from

the Markus von Olnhausen

family celebrated a successful

première at the Krefeld Sprödentalkirmes.

In the end, the imposing

construction could be

completed on time, thanks to the

tireless help and ample support

by a number of colleagues and

the Reckmann firm.


Michael Petersen

Photos: Michael Petersen,

Archiv von Olnhausen

Melanie and Markus von

Olnhausen with son Arno and

daughter Henny. At the

inauguration in Krefeld:

Pastor Sascha Ellinghaus

Villa Wahnsinn

wagon, the real rebuilding

of the attraction was put on

hold up until early 2013, as

calculations, layout designs,

discussions with the

As early as 2011, the family decided to extend its supporting firms dragged on somewhat, and they

showman enterprise with a Walkthrough construction.

did not want to be rushed or put under avoidable

It was to be a funhouse for the whole

family, with classic elements in an open and unobstructed

design. They did not want the customers

to pay for “a pig in a poke”; potential visitors should

time pressure. The operation’s name, “Villa Wahnsinn”,

is known from the gastronomic sector; there

is even one of these party restaurants in the Düsseldorf

medieval city centre.

be able to see, at

least to some extent,

what they were in for.

In the same year,

they bought and

partly dismantled the

“Twister” facade

wagon from the

Oberschelp family,

as they needed the

hydraulic system

and the skeletal

structure for construction

of the new

funhouse. Having

purchased a second



Details of the new

Walkthrough construction

Even though copyright has meanwhile become a

delicate topic, investigation revealed that the name

“Villa Wahnsinn” is legally protected only in the

gastronomic sector. As a result, Markus von

Olnhausen was able to have the rights to the name

legally protected for the showman sector – excepting

of course, gastronomy. In mid-2013, the

family carried out all steel assembly themselves and

the new hydraulic system was fitted into the second

wagon. For the “Villa Wahnsinn”, two vehicles are

now placed at a 45 degree angle to each other,

providing an unusual visual appearance and

design. Spreading over two levels, the 24-metre

long, 9-metre deep and 10-metre high “Villa Wahnsinn”

ranks among the larger funhouse constructions

in Germany. In addition to its size and

height, the “Villa” provides a bright, friendly, and

vividly coloured design. While Boris Shypov

painted the attraction with funny motifs reflecting

high spirits, fun and just a little madness according

to the wishes of the family, the Reckmann firm from



A view of the second level

True friends: Many

colleagues and friends of the von

Olnhausen family helped out so

that the “Villa Wahnsinn” could

be opened in Krefeld on time

Oberhausen expertly installed the power-saving

and varied LED lighting system. With shaking

stones, rolling barrels, water basins and fountains,

there is much to experience already in the outside

area, and inside the attraction a spacious glass

labyrinth, a “car wash”, suspension bridges, moving

barrels and staircases, a ball pool, an expander

course, a moving belt, rotating discs and still much

more; all is available to the visitors. From August the

attraction is to be extended with a cake-walk, and

fine-tuned with further LED spotlights and decoration


King-sized sunflowers, solar lanterns and flowers

provide the attraction with a friendly and colourful


Considering the vast number of funhouse constructions

it was certainly a bold decision to invest

a great deal of money in a Walkthrough construction.

The “Villa Wahnsinn” however proves that good

ideas and their realisation can really make a difference.

This year, the “Villa Wahnsinn” will also be presented

at, among other venues, Mülheim-Saarn, Düsseldorf,

Essen, Erkelenz, Haan, and Bad Ems. ■



Germany’s first

Technical Park “Pegasus 16”:

Störzer’s “Black Out”

The ride project “Pegasus 16”

from Alexander and Sascha

Störzer, built by the Italian manufacturer

Technical Park, celebrated

its German première at

the Nürnberg Frühlingsfest.

Despite strong competition on

the fairground, the major ride

made a successful debut and

was very well received by the



Helmut Bresler

Photos: Helmut Bresler, Heiko Schimanzik

Black Out

It took quite some time until this ride type found

its way to Germany. In August 2000, the construction,

accommodating 30 passengers, celebrated

its world première in Lucca, Italy. Even

though German showmen repeatedly showed

interest in this attraction, this interest never

resulted in more than a visit to the Technical Park

premises in Melara. As a result, the large

version of the Pegasus ride, named after the

winged horse from Greek mythology,

“conquered” the whole world – except for

Germany. When a compact 16-seat version

became available last year, Alexander and

Sascha Störzer seized the opportunity and, with

a heavy heart, parted with their “Eclipse” in

favour of the new ride.

Ordering a new ride is often an experience not

for the faint-hearted, and this certainly proved to

be the case with the Störzer brothers decision.

The preview originally planned in Deggendorf,

Lower Bavaria, where the family wanted to get

used to their newly purchased ride and gather

detailed knowledge of its technology to be able

to skilfully operate the ride on its further tour, did

not work out smoothly.



“Black Out” in action


The QR code to scan,

and on-ride video's from

Störzer’s “Black Out”:

The transports from Italy

reached the Nürnberg fairground

only at the very last

minute, yet the “Black Out”

made its rounds drawing the

visitor's fascinated gaze

punctually for the opening of

the event on Easter Saturday.

To begin with, the ride control

caused a lot of problems,

acting up at the end of the ride

and the required lowering of

the main arm. This was

remedied by a new version of a Simatic control

from Siemens. The most impressive feature was

the brilliant LED lighting that made the crowd

stop in their tracks. Moreover, the backflash was

not completed and provided at that stage. However,

the ride is now to be presented complete

with the backflash at the Schweinfurt Volksfest

for the first time. The response of the

passengers in Nürnberg (and at the subsequent

venue Bamberg) was positive. Due to the suspension

of the gondolas, passengers are

provided with a smooth and spectacular looping

experience, with the overlapping rotation of the

arm and the wheel quickly causing a feeling of

Anja and Alex Störzer



At the première of

Pegasus in 2000, Karl

Ruisinger, Editor-in-

Chief of the Kirmes &

Park Revue described

the major ride as


“… It is best to compare

the ride with existing

ride types. At first

glance, the ‘Pegasus’

recipe in the guide to

international ride manufacturing

would read:

Take the well-tried

basic construction of

the Dutch ‘Top Scan’,

add the gondola wheel

of the ‘Evolution’ well

known in Italy and bring

it up-to-date with selflooping


gondolas that the

American ‘Chaos’ is

world-famous for, season

everything with a

good pinch of companies’

know-how –

and the new attraction

is ready to go. But stop!

Pegasus is far more

than simply a ride

thrown together from

well-known components.

It is a creation

with a character of its

own, freshly mixing

successful ride elements

and assembling

them into a successful,

truly unprecedented


disorientation. As the gondolas can be locked in

position all of a sudden from the control panel

during the ride, there is a

variety of ride sequences.

Moreover, the main arm can be

swung or moved by 360

degrees, resulting in a really

varied ride experience that

provides eye contact with onlookers

as the icing on the

cake. Many passengers were

so thrilled that they immediately

took a second ride.

The “Black Out” was built according to the new

DIN standard 13814 featuring, for example, the

latest RGB light technology that creates any

desired colour by the blending of the three

primary colours (red, green, and blue), powersaving

single-phase motors, the most up-to-date

eddy-current brake and comfortable shellshaped

seats made of carbon fibre, the material

of the future. As a result, the new ride also meets

the standards of security, energy efficiency, and

environmental-friendliness. The Störzer brothers

chose a dark science fiction theme for the ride's

design. Current plans for the backflash provide

for a futuristic cityscape beset by heavy hail and

thunderstorms. This theme is highly fashionable

and the colours white and green dominating the

Störzers’ ride perfectly match the theme. ■

Group photo of the build-up

team in Nürnberg on Maundy

Thursday, with the Störzer

family and the specialists from

the Technical Park firm




The 3 rd Wuppertal

Mega Fair



Michael Petersen

Michael Petersen, Nils Benthien

The event suffered from

continuous rainfall this time

The Wuppertal Mayor Peter

Jung also joined the group

photo at the opening (2 nd f.r.)

Umbrellas were an indispensable necessity for

the visitors to the 3 rd Wuppertal Mega Fair (9 th

to 12 th May), blighted with April weather with

rainfall, storms and low temperatures throughout

the event. This year, there was really no

sign of the merry month of May.

On Friday afternoon, the fair was opened by Peter

Fuhrmann, Chairman of the Wuppertal Schützenverein,

Albert Ritter, DSB President, and the

Wuppertal Mayor Peter Jung; all delivering short

speeches (with the sun still shining). The beer

tapping ceremony was followed by the traditional

stroll across the fairground and a ride on the

Ferris Wheel of the prominent guests. While the

fairground was well-attended in the afternoon, this

changed abruptly in the early evening hours.

When a high number of visitors awaiting the

opening fireworks display rushed the fairground

at about 7.30 p.m., a stormy wind was blowing,

accompanied by hail

showers and heavy rainfall,

and most of the

visitors left the fairground

in a hurry. The fireworks

display was then held in

light rainfall. While Saturday

suffered from storm

and rain, the weather was

dry on Sunday afternoon

and from midday all the

attractions were quite

crowded. Unfortunately it

was raining again in the

early evening hours, and also the Family Day on

Monday was virtually "washed away". Due to the

adverse weather conditions, visitor attendance

and turnover fell far short of expectations. The

attractions offered on the fairground conformed to

our detailed preview. As the artificial grass site

next to the stadium is no longer used as a football

pitch, it could be completely filled up with showman

attractions for the first time. The future use of

this site is currently being decided on, and there

is reason to hope that it will continue to be available

for the fair. All in all, the layout and the

occupancy of the fairgrounds in front of the

stadium, along the Wupper and next to the

stadium, left nothing to be desired. The Wuppertal

Showman Association did a good job in

organising and running the 3 rd Mega Fair, and

three weeks before its opening, the event was

heralded in an extensive poster and advertising

campaign in all local media.




Text & Photo: Kai Morawetz

Teterow is the third largest city in

the Rostock district, located in the

centre of Mecklenburg, Western

Pomerania, and mainly known for

the annual motorbike races on the

Bergring, the largest natural grass

track for speedway races in


Since 17 th May 1914, the Hechtbrunnen,

or Pike Fountain, with the

city’s symbol, the pike, has been

standing on the market square. 25

years ago, the 75 th anniversary of the

fountain’s unveiling was celebrated

with a Hechtfest, which over the years

has evolved into a fixture in the city’s

calendar of events. As a result, the

Teterow residents and guests from

the surrounding region celebrated the anniversary

“100 Years of the Hechtbrunnen” and the 25 th Hechtfest,

from 16 th to 18 th May this year. The festivities

began with a long procession, and on the festival

grounds on Schulkamp a small fairground was built

up, having been organised by the showman Frank

Rathsack for the first time this year. This year’s

selection of attractions on the fairground was more

appealing than last year, with the “Back to The

Future” Simulator (Heinerici-Upleger) making its

first time appearance and Taube’s “Wiener Sport

Rad” and the family coaster “Drache” from Thiede

returning to the event after a longer absence.

Moreover, visitors encountered the “Hot Cars”

dodgem track from Rathsack with some of its

chaises featuring striking new air brush artwork. In

contrast to the last few years, when a street lamp

constituted an obstacle, the front of the dodgem

track could now be completely unfolded at last.

The city authorities had now showed understanding

and had the street lamp moved by some metres.

While the Matterhorn “Tropical Jet” from Simmrow, a

popular guest and meeting point at the Hechtfest for

many years, was sadly missed – mainly by young

people – while the younger visitors could enjoy a Jet

Ride. Moreover, a colourful and varied family programme

was presented inside the Petra Taube's

beer tent throughout the event. Directly next to the

beer tent several snack booths and beverage outlets

were built up, with delicious fried sausages,

steaks and much more being offered at the “Grillmeister”

(Börner). Apart from several sweet stalls

there was also an appealing choice of all kinds of

concession stalls. Moreover, a row of handicraft and

market stalls selling an ample product range spread

over the rear section of the fairground. A brilliant fireworks

display, held on late Sunday evening, marked

the end of the 25 th Hechtfest.

The “Wiener Sport Rad”

from Taube in Teterow

View across the Neue

Messplatz at Kirchheimer Weg

in Heidelberg


Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

The Heidelberg Volksfest on the Neue Messplatz at

Kirchheim Weg (this year from 17 th to 25 th May),

organised by the city administration together with

the Showman Association, was opened with the

traditional tapping of the keg in front of the stage

on Saturday at 3 p.m.

As the event on the Neuer Messplatz has increasingly

lacked momentum in the last few years, and only a

couple of showmen were willing to present their



Visitor attendance

was modest

attractions on this area, a

varied programme with live

concerts under the motto

“Rock & Pop” and attractive

ride constructions succeeded

in creating more of an

atmosphere and enticed a

considerably higher number

of visitors to the fairground

throughout the event. The

organisers succeeded in

engaging Steffen’s “Devil Rock”, along with the

“Alpha 1” “Breakdance” from Spain, Neigert’s

“Looping the Loop”, a Simulator (Tedesco), and a

dodgem track. Younger visitors were able to enjoy a

number of kiddie rides. The daily, free live concerts on

the small stage in the centre of the fairground were

not to everybody’s taste, however. The loud music

between the rides and the concession stalls made a

rather disconcerting impression on most of the

visitors and showmen, seriously affecting the showmen's

business, and did not bring about the hopedfor

increase in turnover. After just a couple of days one

of the showmen was fed up, dismantled his attraction

overnight and left! The opening fireworks display on

the first Saturday evening, the kiddie stage programme

on both opening Sundays and the “Super-

Wednesday” with reduced prices did not lead to the

hoped-for rush of visitors either. The posters heralding

the Volksfest were not very effective. They were too

small and hardly discernible among the countless

election posters that had been put up on almost every

street lamp. Due to the failures of the Volksfest events

on the Neuer Messplatz, the authorities and the Showman

Association have been searching for a new citycentre

fairground for some time. One can only hope

that they will find one soon, in order to prevent the

Heidelberg Volksfest events from declining into

insignificance and the Volksfest lights going out



Attractive occupancy

at the Maikirmes in Ahlen

Text & Photos:

Nils Bernthin

For more than 175 years, the

Maikirmes has been held in

Ahlen, Westphalia. This year,

the event was celebrated on Dr.

Paul-Rosenbaum-Platz for a

fully six days, from 1 st to 6 th May.

70 showman operations were

chosen from the applications

received. In addition to the

“Jekyll & Hyde” Propeller from

Thelen coming to Ahlen directly from its première

venue in Paderborn, there were also the “Number 1”

dodgem track (Isken), the “Colossus” Ferris Wheel

(Göbel), the “Formel Eins” dodgem track

(Schneider), the Musik Express (Schneider-Krause),

the “Breakdance” (Noack), and the “New World

3000” Simulator (Welte). Built up in the centre row as

further novelties for Ahlen were the “High Explosive”

coaster (Vorlop), and the funniest construction site in

the world “Krumm & Schiefbau” (Hartmann &

Söhne). Moreover, the younger visitors were able to

enjoy a chain ride, swing, track ride, kiddie carousel,

Jet Ride, and a western-style pony ride, with a

number of games and sales booths rounding off the

entertainment contingent. In the run-up to the event

there were discussions about alleged animal cruelty

at the pony ride. A social network “Flashmob” even

called for a demonstration, with protest signs and

banners in front of the pony ride. The police were

able to find the initiator who had deleted the entry


from the social network, after having been reminded

of the fact that a demonstration has to be registered

and that the police would take appropriate action if

necessary. District veterinarians inspected the pony

ride, and could not determine any violation of the

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. The local newspapers

and television station, Lokalzeit Münsterland,

reported positively on the pony ride, and the Ahlen

Mayor Benedikt Ruhmöller, who pointedly paid a

visit to the Anton Keiser's pony ride during the

opening stroll across the fairground, also unequivocally

rejected the accusation of cruelty to animals.

Moreover, the authorities honoured Anton Kaiser for

his loyal participation in the Ahlen fair of many years

standing. After the opening

stroll across the fairground, the

May fair was opened on Thursday

afternoon by the mayor in

the presence of many guests of

honour, and a high number of

prizes was given away in a

lottery. Friday was the popular

Voucher Day under the motto –

pay once, ride twice, with a fireworks

display being held after

sundown, and Monday was the

designated Family Day with reduced fares and

special offers.

The product choice at the

sweets booths left nothing to

be desired


Text & Photos:

Rolf Orschel

For many decades the spring and summer fair

in the city in the south of Saxony-Anhalt was

held on the easily accessible fairground at the

indoor ice rink in the Halle-Neustadt district.

After the move of the summer fair to a

location near the market square proved disappointing

for participants, the city

authorities provided the showmen with a new

temporary venue in “Thüringer Park” at the

Justizzentrum this year, where the spring fair

was held from 5 th to 23 rd April.

Officially, the move to the alternative site was due

to dike construction works on the old fairground.

The old-established area at the indoor ice rink

was virtually ‘washed away’ by the flood last

June and thus will not be available as a fairground

for a long time. The area will now be used

as a storage yard for the building material for an

indefinite period of time. However, it remains to

be seen when the planned construction work will

actually begin. The new, temporary fairground is

located on the area of the former Thuringia

goods station, which was transformed into a

park and sports complex after 1991. As the new

fairground will be difficult to find due to a lack of

signposts, the showmen doubt that it will be as

well received by the Halle residents and guests

as the old one.

On the grassy fairground, visitors can be offered

only a limited entertainment contingent with

hardly any large rides, due to a lack of electricity

and water connections and the parks department’s

strict rules for protecting the grass. As a

result, visitors encountered only the “Spider” (H.

Meyer), “Jaguarbahn” (Neutzsch), the dodgem

track (W. Meyer), and the “Crazy Trip” Funhouse

(Probst). The younger visitors enjoyed a kiddie

carousel (Steinicke), “Super 8 Truck” (Katzschmann),

a Jet Ride (Schelauske) and Samba

(Eckstein). A number of snack, beverage and

games booths rounded off the selection of attractions.

The narrow fairground was laid out as

a rectangle with a centre row, accommodating

most of the kiddie rides.

Due to the park department’s rules the large

rides could be built up only in the entrance area

and in the right front row, so the left row was

occupied almost entirely by concession stalls.

Wednesdays were the designated family days,

and at the “Ladies Night” on Fridays from 7 p.m.,

all women paid only 1 Euro per ride. There was

no fireworks display as the igniting of fireworks

in the park and sports complex was not


View into one of the

fairground streets on the

temporary fairground in

“Thüringer Park

Unfortunately only a

limited offer could be presented

on the new replacement




Text & Photos:

Ralf Schmitt

Thanks to the public holiday on 1 st May, this year’s Landshut

Frühjahrsdult on the Grieserwiese-fairground was open for 12

days – from 30 th April to 11 th May.

Visitors were able to enjoy many novelties and constructions

returning after a long absence, as well as many well-known

attractions. The overall image of the fairground was dominated by

the three tallest Dult attractions, the “Flasher” Propeller, the giant

“Around the World” ride, and the “Caesars Wheel” Ferris Wheel.

Further ride and track attractions at the Dult were the “Techno

Power”, “Super Hupferl”, “Fahrt zur Hölle”, “Cobra” coaster, “Free

Style”, “XXL-Krake”, two dodgem tracks, and the “Domino” Funhouse.

As is usual, they were joined by kiddie rides, games booths,

shooting galleries, Continental pick stands, sweets and sales

booths, as well as two large beer tents and varied snack booths

and beverage outlets (among others also a beer ride). Additionally,

there was also a merchant market with an ample choice of items

one either needs or doesn't. Due to mostly good weather throughout

the event, most of the participating showmen could well have

been satisfied with their financial results.




Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

Impressions of the

Pirmasens Maimarkt

As a general rule, the Maimarkt

in this Palatinate city is held from

the Friday before the first Tuesday

in May. If 1 st May is before this

Friday, the market begins on 1 st

May. In concession to a request

by the showmen, the city

authorities changed these rules

for this year only, and the market

opened its gates on 30 th April and

remained open until 11 th May.

Due to the short-term cancellation of a round ride,

Daniela Hartman, the market organiser in charge now

for several years, could put together only a small but

nonetheless appealing fairground, for which she

succeeded in engaging the “Alpha 1” UFO as a major

ride. Moreover, the “Tropical Trip” (Massel), the

dodgem track from Jockers and Massel’s “Beach

Polyp” were also available to the visitors, and the

younger visitors were able to enjoy a number of kiddie

rides. Several snack booths and beverage outlets, as

well as a couple of beer gardens, provided the visitors

with food and drinks. A colourful mixture of concession

stalls completed the attractions on offer. On Tuesday

and Wednesday a bric-a-brac market with some 100

market merchants was held in a section of the Blocksbergstraße

adjoining the fairground, and a brilliant fireworks

display in the late evening of the 2 nd opening

Sunday marked the end of this year’s May Market. Due

to cold and rainy weather, the final financial results of

the showmen were rather disappointing.


Matejska Pout –

the spring fair in Prague

Text & Photos:

Ton Koppei

The traditional Prague Frühjahrskirmes

“Matejska Pout” – one of the oldest fair events

in Europe – was held from 1 st March to 21 st April.

Due to Easter being late in the calendar this year

however, quite a number of attractions left the

event already one week prior to its official end to

be ready to operate at another venue in Europe on

time. The fairground located behind the historic

exhibition building Vystaviste was laid out as usual

with many regular participants occupying their

traditional sites. Novelty attractions presented this

time were, among others, the “Der Burner” ride

from the German Meisel family, the “North Pole”

Funhouse and a strange open air course with mini

armoured vehicles. The “Sound Machine”,

popular in Prague for years now, made its rounds

under new management for the first time. It was

sold by Van der Beek to the Hoefnagel family from

the Dutch town of Swalmen. A water ride was

absent in Prague this year though. After a break of

several years, the go-kart track from the Fackler

firm was built up on its site. Also returning to

Prague after a long break was the Dutch multistorey

Ghost Ride “Thriller”. There were hardly any

changes and few novelties among the local participants,

however. Noticeable here was only a

well-kept typical 1970s style kiddie ride. While last

year’s event was characterised by low

temperatures and rain, the Matejska Pout event

enjoyed a lot of sunshine and spring-like temperatures.

Therefore, most of the participating

showmen were quite satisfied when they left the

Czech capital.




Much fun along the

promenade: Kirkcaldy Links


Text & Photos: Owen Ralph

Do you know which Europe's largest street is?

According to the organisers, it is Kirkcaldy

Links Market. Staged by the Scottish Section of

the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain, the event

also enjoys the bragging rights of Scotland's

biggest funfair.

An ancient royal charter grants permission for two

annual markets on the “Links” (seafront), in April

and October. Only the April event remains and it is

now a market in name only. Held traditionally in the

third week of the month, this year's fair ran from 16 th

to 21 st April, clashing with the Easter holidays.

Although one or two ride owners had regular Easter

commitments to fulfil instead, many others

travelled from across Great Britain to take up their

place in the 1km long stretch of amusements along

the town's Esplanade, facing the North Sea and the

Firth or Forth (just north of Edinburgh).

Surrounded by stunning coastline, Kirkcaldy itself

is not a particularly picturesque or prosperous

town, but the locals do turn out to support the fair

in good numbers and the showmen responded to

the current economic climate with offers such as

50p (€0.60) candyfloss or multi-token deals on the

Dodgems. But the popular rides can still command

a premium here, such as the Taylor family’s ‘Fairground

Attraction’ Waltzer, Abie Danter’s ‘Air’ Star

Shape and John J White’s ‘Move It’ Tagada.

Unlike Danter’s big budget attraction, the Tagada is

somewhat basic in presentation, lacking anything

special in the way of light or decor, yet thanks to its

boisterous ride experience and streetwise sounds,

the teenagers love it and were quite happy to part

with £5 (€6) for a ride at peak times. Further along

the promenade, Mr Danter also presented his

spinning Wild Mouse. Scotland's own M&D Taylor,

owners of M&D's Theme Park near Glasgow, were

back after several years' absence with their

Bomber Mark 2 (Booster XL) and Wild River Log

Flume, the weather being in favour of the latter

attraction. There was also a brand new Star Flyerstyle

attraction for visitors to enjoy, the Sky High

tower from Michael Wallis (manufactured by Mardi

Gras UK) and, for the kids, a Czech-built flying

Dumbo ride presented by Andrew Harniess.


Also featured in this year’s line-up were the following

attractions: Matador/Rodeo (Barker), Waltzer x

4 (Codona, Horne, A Taylor, J Taylor), Gallopers

(Colquhoun), Big Apple coaster (Gamble), Top Star

(Houghton), Tagada (Cubbins), Super Spin/

Experience (Sedgwick), Sea Storm/Happy Sailor

(Harniess), Dodgems x 3 (Horne, de-Koning, Miller)

Midnight Express (Johnstone), Speed Buzz/Fun

Factory (Wheatley), Miami x 2 (Wheatley, Horne),

Freak Out (Horne), Ice Maze (Wallis), Jumpin’/

Saltomontes (Gamble), Twister x 2 (Horne, White),

Booster (Thompson), Ghost Train x 2 (White, Miller),

Rotor (Sedgwick) and Fun House x 6 (Broughton,

Chadwick, Wheatley, Paris, Pullar, Wallis).

Down the bottom end of the fair, visitors could

enjoy a taste of yesteryear thanks to the vintage fairground

lorry, living wagon and steam engine presented

by preservationists Brian & Helen McGinley

and Alex Steele. As always, there was a model

show on Saturday organised by local enthusiasts,

who also award trophies to the showmen for bestpresented

equipment– the only British fair where

this happens. As well as categories for best ride

(Danter's Air) and transport (won by the Pullar

family's Fun House lorry), there was also a prize for

Trevor Dailey's traditional fairground games. For

those trying their luck on the various game stalls

across the fair, the “hot prize” for 2014 was without

a doubt the Minions (from the film Despicable Me).

The cuddly yellow characters were everywhere! ■




Gastronomic operation with

maritime character: “Windstärke

13” from the Pluschies family

Ricki Pluschies with his

daughter Meggy. Also dubbed

"Meggy", the decorative fishing

boat on the roof of the


Text: Ralf Schmitt

Photos: Ralf Schmitt, Michael Bonhoff

Rustic-style and maritime – these are the right

words to describe the new gastronomic

operation “Windstärke 13” from the Pluschies

firm that celebrates its première at the

Hamburg Frühjahrsdom.

The construction, built into a successful overall

arrangement from customized wooden elements

by the Schmäding firm, made its debut on the

space opposite the traditional coaster site on the

Dom-fairground. To the left and the right of the

front side there is a bar as well as a swing grill,

on the inside of the construction several rooms

and alcoves provide adequate seating possibilities,

and bar tables to enjoy food and drinks.

Access is also easily available to wheel chair

users. The most striking features are the crooked

façade design and a decorative lighthouse,

matching the name “Windstärke 13”. The

maritime character is impressively emphasized

by an original seaworthy fishing boat on the roof

of the construction.


Text & Photos:

Michael Petersen

Michael Völlmecke and

Ute Manegold

Presented once again: With their

transportable “Langnese Happiness

Station”, the show people

Michael Völlmecke and Ute Manegold,

who used to travel with

rides such as “Round Up” and

“Magic”, have a new project. The

Kirmes & Park Revue saw the

particularly striking operation at

the Palmkirmes in Recklinghausen,

and seized the opportunity

to interview Michael Völlmecke.


Welcome back. Will you now be regularly appearing at Volksfest

events once again?

Yes and no. It's true, we will make guest appearances at several

fair events, but it's mainly exhibitions, city festivals and temporarily in

the Gelsenkirchen Zoo, as well as at the Pentecost Fair in Menden,

the Seehasen Festival in Friedrichshafen, the Hanse-Sail in Rostock

and either the Rhein im Flammen or the Harley Meeting in Hamburg.

How did you acquire this Langnese Happiness Station?

We have already been operating a solid version of this concept

in Münster for many years and have been closely working together

with the Langnese firm for 10 years already.

Okay, but what's so special about the mobile Happiness


This mobile version is uniquely unparalleled in Europe. It is a 10-

metre long Airstream trailer we bought and reconstructed together

with the Langnese firm. Three ice cream machines of the latest

generation were built in so that we can offer six flavours at the same

time. The counter has been equipped with two areas for the 50 different

toppings. Customers can watch the preparations of the ice cream


Which flavours do you offer?

Customers first choose their favourite flavour and then their five

toppings, which are included in the price. Then we mix a unique ice

cream contrivance from everything. Further toppings are available at

an extra charge. By the way, the dairy products are lactose and gluten

free, and it goes without saying that we will also offer milk shakes in

all variations. Furthermore, it won’t be long before the menu will also

provide for plain yoghurt with a free choice of toppings.



To mark its 125 th anniversary, the

Southern German Showman

Association also presented a

large nostalgic park with a

colourful and varied programme

during this year’s Nürnberg

Frühlingsvolksfest. A special

highlight of the programme was

a model fair exhibition, the form

and size of which has not been

seen in Bavaria before, held from

1 st to 4 th May.


Rolf Orschel

Photos: Martin Jakubith, Helmut Bresler

Martin Jakubith from

Ansbach was the driving force

behind the Nürnberg exhibition

The Showman Association contracted the model

builder Martin Jakubith from the IG Kirmes &

Kirmesmodellbau firm from Ansbach in central

Franconia for the organisation and the layout of the

exhibition. Together with 7 other model builders – some

of them coming from as far away as Lower Saxony –

he succeeded in transforming the 300 m 2 exhibition

tent into a miniature fairground that was truly well worth

seeing. The high number of true-to-original models

and lovingly designed examples earned much praise

from the visitors, as well as the South German Showman

Association as well as the showmen who were just

as impressed by the miniature Volksfest.

With the true-to-original model of major ride “Ikarus”

from Mathias Prenzlow from Königslutter in the Helmstedt

district and the “Allround” from Uwe Rodloff from

Salzgitter still under construction, two fully-functional

1:14.5-scale models were presented. Additionally,

Ralph Walter from Heidelberg enthralled visitors with

1:32-scale models of a Ferris Wheel, a Rainbow, a

Breakdance and a Ranger, all making their rounds

framed by a part of an original Breakdance backflash.

Models of “Power Tower 2” and the “Space Party”, the

originals of which were presented at the Frühlingsfest

in Nürnberg at the same time, could be admired on the

model fairground from Thomas Peter from Roßtal /

Fürth district. These models are scaled down by 160

times and fit in the palm of a hand. The model builder

also presented a Ferris Wheel, a Breakdance, the

“Imperator”, “Magic Mountain”, “Santa Maria” and a

number of concession stalls; all of them fully-functional

The “Imperator” (1:160) from Thomas Peter

and elaborately illuminated 1:160-scale models.

Stephan and Uwe Hirschfeld from Bad Arolsen came

to Nürnberg with a true-to-detail and lovingly laid out

H0-scale fairground and presented, among other

exhibits, the elaborately illuminated and fullyfunctional

models of the “Commander”, “Hexentanz”,

“Daemonium”, Ferris Wheel, “Booster Maxx”, “Höllentaxi”

and “Octopussy”, as well as a number of

concession stalls built by small series manufacturers.

Andreas Ciupek from Rüsselsheim displayed a 1:87-

scale section from the Cannstatt Wasen with the fruit

column, three true-to-original beer tents reproduced

down to the smallest detail, the “Carat 2000” dodgem

track, “Revolution” Top Spin, “Geheimnisse des

Orients” Labyrinth, Cannstatt Wave-Swinger, and

several other attractions. From Frank Müller from

Moers in North-Rhine Westphalia visitors learnt that he


had brought his fully-functional 1:24-scale Musik

Express and dodgem track models to Nürnberg,

completely dismantled and loaded on the appropriated

baggage vans. He also had short stories to

tell them about the different scenes lovingly laid out

with Preiser figures.

On the H0-scale fairground from Martin Jakubith,

visitors were able to admire the elaborately designed

Faller models “Piraten Insel”, “Mammut Höhle”, Roller

Coaster, “Flipper”, “Freefall Tower”, the latter equipped

with brand new drive systems, and much more. It was

well worth taking the time to discover all the small

details at the attractions, on the fairground and behind

the scenes of the colourful facades. Moreover,

Thorsten Rodriguez-Fernandez from Fürth presented

his model fairgrounds in the large exhibition tent

throughout the Frühlingsvolksfest. On a space of

about 16 m 2 , he displayed a perfectly laid out street fair

event. Music played on all fairground models and live

announcements over the microphone enhanced the

atmosphere. The ride chip collections from Martin

Jakubith, Stephan & Uwe Hirschfeld, as well as

Thomas Peter, rounded off the interesting exhibition. At

the close of the exhibition, the model builders expressed

a decidedly positive assessment of the event.

The combination of the Nürnberg Volksfest, the

nostalgic park and the model fair exhibition was

perfectly organised by the Showman Association. Due

to the positive response, the South German Showman

Association announced their decision to stage the fairground

model exhibition again in the future. ■

“Commander” and

“Daemonium” on the

fairground model from

Stephan Hirschfeld

1:14.5-scale models

“Ikarus” and “Allround” from

Mathias Prenzlow and

Uwe Rodloff

Group photo of the

exhibitors in Nürnberg (f.l.t.r.):

Standing: Ralph Walter, Uwe

Rodloff, Mathias Prenzlow,

Frank Müller, Thomas Peter,

Uwe and Stephan Hirschfeld.

Kneeling: Andreas Ciupek and

Martin Jakubith

“Cannstatt Wasen” impressions (1:87)

from Andreas Ciupek and a section from Frank

Müller’s 1:24-scale miniature fairground


European Showmen’s Union

Europäische Schausteller-Union

Union Foraine Européenne

International non-government organisation (NGO) • Established in 1954

President Albert Ritter

Successful Conclusion for EU-Project “ett-edu”

Better Educational Chances for European Showman Youth

Consultation about the education of showman youth in Europe.

Education means the future. It's only those

who have a good education who have the

best chances in life. For this reason it's important

that the general conditions are extended

and improved also in the area of

the showman profession in Europe. The

unique European project "ett-edu" for professional

qualification for show-persons,

has successfully concluded after a two year


In Germany the school project BeKoSch (professional

competence for show-persons) has

been a successful model for many years. It

comprises of a combination of (career) school

attendance in winter and E-Learning in the

summer. During the season break participants

absolve an optimal-content programme

for the showman profession. The training

course can be continued during touring time

by way of E-Learning. Showman youth in

France and England will benefit from the positive

experience of their German colleagues.

The European Union patronised project “ettedu“

(European transfer of travellers' vocational

education) was founded in 2011. Its target

was the development of a European wide

concept for the professional education of

travelling youth. In this framework there are

already offers such as the adapted German

BeKoSch-courses that can also be also used in

France and England.

As a result during the last two years countryspecific

adaptations have been made in Lycée

Peltier in Ham, France, as well as at the Gloucestershire

College in England. Practical tests

have already been undertaken in Gloucester,

Herne und Bielefeld, and in January 2014 a

pilot course took place for travelling youth in

Bielefeld. Future expectations from participating

European countries France, England

and Germany, are the extension and promotion

of the communication and cooperation


The “ett-edu“ project is a part of the European

representation of showman associations,

schools and educational institutions. The German

ESU associations were represented by

Managing Director Frank Hakelberg (DSB)

und Werner Hammerschmidt (BSM). Following

the successful completion, the project

team is in complete agreement that there

should also be a continued exchange in the

future, and that the coordinated action over

national borders will have a long term effect

on the education of travelling children and

youth in Europe.

Further information in internet:

www.berid.de and www.ett-edu.eu. ■

The “ett-edu“-Project Team 2013 in front

of the Reichstag in Berlin. Photos: ESU

European Showmen’s Union • Europäische Schausteller-Union • Union Foraine Européenne

“Sinksenfoor”: ESU Substantiates Solidarity with

Belgian Showman Colleagues

Presidium meeting in Antwerp

Many showman problems on the agenda

Huge media interest during the press conference

The European Showman Union will continue

to battle intensively for the saving of

the “Sinksenfoor“. „Our fight is about the

safeguarding of the European Volksfest culture.

Our solidarity is with our Belgian colleagues“

said President Albert Ritter during

a presidium conference on the 15 th May

2014. The traditional fair “Sinksenfoor“ is

banned from the Antwerp inner city, and

from 2015 will be presented on a railway

property far away from the centre. Demonstrations

against this situation were made

by the Belgian showmen from March on.

President Albert Ritter (left) during the interview

with Belgian TV-station AVT. Centre: General

Secretary Steve Severeyns.

During the occasion the future regular presidium

meeting was chosen to be Antwerp.

Albert Ritter, Vice President Nicole Vermolen,

Franck Delforge, as well as the General Secretary

Steve Severeyns took part in the decision


President Ritter appeared to be satisfied with

the formation of a commission comprising of

representatives of the city and the showmen.

It is time for mutual discussions “at eye-level“

in order to find a permanent solution, said

Ritter. The basic demand of the European

Countless journalists getting information during

the press interview of the ESU in Antwerp. Front left:

Vice President Franck Delforge.

Showman Union is still the fact that the fair

belongs in the city centre and not on the

perimeters of the city.

However there were also quite a number of

other current themes as well, such as the implementation

of the Europanorm 13814 for

ride constructions, the situation regarding the

European Volksfests as cultural heritage, the

education of showman children, transport

problems in Europe, reduced VAT, and the

entrance of showman vehicles into European

environmental zones.

“Sinksenfoor“ Top Theme at Press Conference

In the run-up to the presidium meeting, the

European Showman Union invited countless

press representatives from the media, radio

and television sectors for a press conference.

In addition to the current European showman

industry problems the main theme was naturally

the Sinksenfoor situation. Presidium

members had enough opportunities to present

the ESU position. President Ritter declared

in an interview with the Belgian TV channel

AVT: “The fairground tradition in Europe is

over 1200 years old and it can't be attacked by

simply casting it out from the city walls for no

good reason. We are fighting for a European

guideline for the protection of this old cultural

heritage, naturally also orientated on the city

of Antwerp in order to retain its fair and to protect


Vice President Nicole Vermolen during talks

with a press representative Photos: ESU

Publishing Information


European Showmen’s Union (ESU)


Responsible for contents:

Albert Ritter, rittera@dsbev.de



Christoph Jansen, jansenc@dsbev.de



Europäische Schausteller-Union

c/o Deutscher Schaustellerbund e.V.

Am Weidendamm 1A • D-10117 Berlin

Tel.: 0049 (0)30 590 09 97 80

Fax: 0049 (0)30 590 09 97 87

E-Mail: mail@dsbev.de

Internet: www.esu-ufe.eu

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Cranger Kirmes in Herne

Anzeigenschluss ist der 10. Juli.

Infos zu Anzeigen: Tel. 08441/402213 • E-Mail: anzeigen@gemiverlag.de


Unusual park fun for

both children and fans

begins behind the

Playmobil castle gates

The 40-year anniversary of Playmobil

is a great opportunity to

introduce the Playmobil FunPark

that opened at the turn of the

century, and has in the meantime

grown to a 90,000 square metres




Sacha Szabo

Frank Lanfer

Playmobil FunPark

The Playmobil building

site is particularly popular

Located directly next to the company head office

in Zirndorf, it offers visitors the possibility to

plunge into the world of plastic figures. Whereas

the Geobra Brandstätter firm that produces

Playmobil can look back on a much longer and

older company history: the firm was founded in

1876, and in the early years it produced fittings but

already at the beginning of the twentieth century

the company concentrated on tin toys, which even

today are a collector's item. At the beginning of the

1950s, the young Horst Brandstätter joined the

firm and began to use the new material plastic


In addition to large toys such as tractors, the hulahoop

rings (in concession from the Californian toy

manufacturer Wham-O Corp) became the first

large economic success. But there were also other

(useful) articles manufactured, such as for example

water-skis and flower pots.

The oil crisis at the beginning of the seventies

required a new direction. This time the product

had to be small, using little raw material. This was

the birth of the system-toy Playmobil, which was

created by Development Manager Hans Beck,

and presented for the first time at the toy exhibition

in Nürnberg in 1974. Within only a few months,


several million D-Marks turnover was achieved

with this new production line. One year later the

company began to export; these days around

70% goes abroad – since 1974 up to now, more

than 2.7 billion figures have been produced.

These historic points are helpful in discovering

and understanding some of the less prominent aspects

of the park – such as the Lechuza-plant


The main attraction however, around which everything

focuses at the Playmobil FunPark that

opened in 2000, is the 7.5 centimetres sized Playmobil

figures...or more precisely: everything

focuses on the small visitors who visit because of

these figures. The park is considerably different to

other amusement or theme parks, so there are no

large attractions, and ride constructions are

searched for in vain. The park has the charm of a

huge adventure playground with Playmobil theming,

which makes it also remarkable in another

aspect: there are almost no supervisory personnel.

Supervision is left to the parents – as is the

case on normal playgrounds. Insofar children less

than 12 years of age are only allowed entry in the

company of an adult. Due to the many attractive

water areas and water playgrounds in the park,

this can be considered as a little reckless. Nevertheless

it all appears to function well: children have

a lot of fun at the park and happily there has never

been any unusual accident to report in the 14-year

history of FunPark.

Visitors enter the park through a castle gate next

to the huge glass Playmobil-city where small visitors

can play with the Playmobil-sets, and arrive

first in an area where large construction machines

stand, which the children can take over. From

there the tree house can be reached, and also the

three core areas with which Playmobil FunPark

began: the pirate ship, the knight's castle, and

Western City. Everything in these areas can be

entered and climbed on, and it's here that the

distinctive features of park can be seen, laid out

especially for children. The knight's castle or the

pirate ship can be explored, which already stand

in children's rooms as a Playmobil model. Whether

as pirate captain on the lookout of the pirate ship

or as rival knight climbing the knight's castle, at

FunPark children can experience great adventures

in the XXL-playground world that they know from

home. Additionally the life-sized Playmobil figures

are a great atmospheric decoration that can be

well integrated into their games, although life-sized

in this case means the size of a child. There are

many lovingly created details that are a feast for

the eyes such as the crocodile in the castle moat,

the cute dinosaur baby or even the life-sized Playmobil

cow that can even be milked.

The king and queen reside

in the knight's castle

The large HOB-Centre


Horses have to be

groomed and cows have to be

milked at the Playmobil farm

Cowboys and Indians on

the loose in the Wild West /

Photo right: the 12 metres

long Noah's Ark

In addition to these specific

Playmobil-themes there is also

an area that has been designed

to promote the motor skills of

children, with a particularly

large example of the well-known

Okta-climbing nets, a balancing

course, a sliding slope, and

even a water playground area.

Newly added in 2013 were the

power-paddleboats that have to

be brought into action by the

guests themselves.

Also remarkable: apart from the

18-hole mini-golf course everything on offer can

be used free of charge, even those type of attractions

that cost extra at other parks. This means

specifically that even the gold mine where small

gemstones and "gold nuggets" are sifted out of the

sand can be played in without any prior booking.

Even the vending machines that produce the popular

squeezed coins are free. Horst Brandstätter

described this park philosophy on the occasion of

his 80 th birthday in an interview: "With the family

friendly prices at FunPark I can give the kiddies

and their families something back, and simultaneously

work against the omnipresent lack of

exercise." This concept is one of the reasons why

the park last season was able to entice over

710,000 visitors! The Playmobil-Aparthotel also

belongs to the park since 2002, and offers 28

family rooms, an active-park with board games in

XL format, and mini-golf. Another facility is the

HOB-Centre (named after the Manager of the firm

Horst Brandstätter), which is a 5,000 square

metres sized large light-flooded indoor hall with

café, a large play and climbing area, a disco and

a small exhibition that rounds off what's on offer,

so that even adults can enjoy a programme while

the children discover "their" toy worlds. This indoor

area is open until 10 p.m. and together with the

bordering beer garden offers a varied programme

also in the evenings – for example the WM-football

transmission on a large screen.


It is a park that is of a distinctive character when

compared to others, and caters to the wants and

wishes of children. For adults whose children have

fallen victim to Playmobil fever, FunPark is a must!

But a visit to the park is also recommended for

adults who simply want to go back to enjoy the

playing world of their childhood. It is simply

delightful for example to discover the Noah's Ark

theme area and to experience the small toy figures

in a large size for once.

Playmobil FunPark is less ideal for the thrill seeker

– until now at least. The new product row "Amusement

Park" was introduced in April with a Ferris

Wheel, chain ride, Swing Boat and Breakdance,

so it's an appealing thought that these types of real

ride constructions may well move into FunPark

very soon. Whether or not this series is to be continued

with perhaps a Playmobil coaster that was

produced as a licensed product for the Japanese

market in 1989, is still unknown.

The Playmobil FunPark located near Nürnberg

may be the largest, but it's not the only one: other

(indoor) FunParks are located in the USA, France,

Greece, and Malta. In some cases entrance is

even free; in Germany a day ticket can cost up to

11 Euro, depending on the season. ■

There are lovingly

designed water playgrounds

all over the park

The pirate ship anchored

in the middle of a lake can only

be reached by raft or over foot

and rope bridges



Mario Mammon (IAAPA

Chairman of the Board)

handing over a present to

Andreas Andersen (Liseberg’s

CEO and President)

The 3 rd spring meeting of IAAPA

Europe took place from the 3 rd to

4 th June in the Swedish theme

park Liseberg. Invitations were

issued by the Association Manageress

Karen Staley, and Park

Manager Andreas Andersen.



Frank Lanfer

Frank Lanfer,

IAAPA Europe

IAAPA Europe Forum

From left: Maxime Didierlaurent

and Clement Fleurent

(both Fraispertuis City) / Nico

Rössler (Bavaria Filmstadt) and

Werner Nowotny (Legoland) /

Nick Hastrup (SMAPS) and

Andrea Kolar (IAAPA Europe)

More than 110 members from 20 countries responded

to the invitation and enjoyed the carefree

park atmosphere in the best of summer weather

until late in the evening hours – and naturally also rides

on the new Looping-Launch-Coaster "Helix" from Mack

Rides (see KPR 6/2014).

This year's forum was entirely dedicated to the subject

safety with the IAAPA Europe Safety Committee under

the management of Paul Chatelot, the Director Prevention

& Safety at Disneyland Resort Paris, informing

all participants about the latest results and experiences

of the importance of safety in the theme park

branch. In a number of brief presentations various

methods for the resolution of problems were offered.

The start was made by Kenneth Berndtsson (Liseberg’s

Head of Technical & Safety Operations) and

Daniel Lindberg (Liseberg’s Attractions Manager),

who reported about the safety measures undertaken

during the construction of the new "Helix" coaster

during ongoing park operation.

Janne Wahlstedt is the expert regarding kiddie playgrounds

and was responsible for the safety of last

year's Liseberg novelty "Kaninlandet". He pointed out

the dangers, precautionary methods, and test criteria

in order to make kiddie playgrounds safe. He advised

that playgrounds in a theme park have, legally seen,

not as stringent safety requirements to comply to, as

publicly accessible areas. Therefore there are many

possibilities to create a lot of fun for the kids. However,

he suggested another alternative, namely that parks


should be considerably safer than city playgrounds.

David Bomilow (Drayton Manor’s Park Operations

Manager) and Anders Fridehall (Liseberg’s Director of

Safety) reported about the precautions and preparations

for large (musical) events, the so-called

"Crowd Management".

Thomas Rydahl (Tivoli Garden’s Security Director) introduced

as an example the safety and evacuation

plans for Copenhagen's Tivoli, well known as an inner

city evening event location.

The concluding "Learning Session" informed about the

technical prerequisites and measures taken, in order

to make it possible for people with disabilities to

participate in theme park amusement.

Andreas Andersen (Liseberg’s CEO) lectured about

the accessibility to his park. He emphasised also the

special status of the "Liseberg Model" that is a company

owned by the city of Göteborg under public law,

and which is aware of its social responsibility towards

its fellow man.

Jan Maarten de Raad (Joravision), Har

Kupers and Charlotte van Etten (Vekoma)

A new projekt team (from left): Siegfried

Gerstlauer, Andreas and Claudia Leicht

(Hansa-Park), Alex Korting (Designer)

Fernando Aldecoa (PortAventura)

and Thomas Mack (links) testing „Helix”

Jeroen Nijpels (JN

Entertainment / Zierer),

Christian Angenvoort

(TAA) and Francois

Mayné (Tejix)

From left: John Davies (Omniticket),

Edward Pawley (Simworkx), Steve Drake

(Lo-Q) and Sascha Czibulka (Intamin)


Kenneth Berndtsson and Daniel

David Bromilov (Drayton Manor)

Janne Wahlstedt

Thomas Rydahl

Lindberg (both Liseberg)

and Anders Fridehall (Liseberg)


(Tivoli Gardens)

Gianni Chiari (EAASI) Har Kupers (Vekoma) Paul Chatelot (Disneyland Resort Paris)

Gianni Ghiari (EAASI, the European

Association Amusement Supplier

Industry, and ANCASVI, the

Italian association of the amusement

industry) reported about the

practical implementation by the

Italian manufacturers. He also

stressed the correctness and importance

of an international uniform

standard norm in the amusement

area, and the difficulties

along the way. The final result

should be presented during the

upcoming EAS Expo 2014 in Amsterdam.

Har Kupers (COO Vekoma Rides)

Paul Chatelot (Disneyland Resort

Paris) emphasised that his company

as market leader has a particularly

large responsibility in relation

to safety questions: "We reinvest

in protection. Safety is our

governance and part of our culture."

He brought attention to the

fact that there is a responsibility to

the Walt Disney ideals, which even

informed shortly about the different national and international

standards such as ASTM, EN 13814, DIN and

ISO, and the necessity for international harmonisation.

He emphasises in particular the new and very

controversial in Germany EN 13814, which replaces

the usual DIN 4112. It was compiled over a 12-year

working period with 28 European countries participating

under the supervisory chairing of Gianni Chiari

(EAASI) and Vice-President Mike Withers (Disney).

Kupers also mentioned the prospect that each

in those days welcomed all country could have it own "National Deviations" – probably

people, in particular children and

also in relation to the current lively resistance of

the disabled.

the German showmen.



Want big results? Look no further than IAAPA Attractions Expo 2014.

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Go big in 2014 with IAAPA Attractions Expo.


CONFERENCE: NOV. 17–21, 2014 • TRADE SHOW: NOV. 18–21, 2014






Margreet Papamichael

(AECOM Europe)


Theme park, water park and museum numbers

for the calendar year 2013 showed substantial

growth internationally, with the top Northern

American parks surpassing pre-recession

days, water parks emerging in Latin America,

Asia continuing to surge forward in numbers,

and the Middle East resuming development


In Europe, 2013 shows a divide between the

performance of Northern European parks and

Southern European parks. The former were in a

better position largely due to a strengthening

economy and good weather. The United Kingdom

tourism sector had a fantastic year, but Southern

European parks were prevented from reaching

their full potential due to the ongoing challenging

economic situation there (tax increases, salary

cuts, Euro uncertainty, etc).




This is the seventh annual Theme Index collaboration

between the Themed Entertainment Association

(TEA) and AECOM, although the study

itself has been in existence for much longer. It

began as an attendance report of major US theme

parks, produced by ERA (now part of AECOM)

and a no longer existing trade magazine. Over the

years, this study evolved to add water park figures,

address the international scope of the

industry, and include the Museum Index.

AECOM starts by asking the individual parks,

museums and multi-park-attraction operators to

provide us with their attendance figures and many

of them provide us with this information. We ask

for the number of paid (!) visits to the park in that

calendar year. Clearly, this is different for the

museums where we ask for the number of visits

(regardless whether paid or not).

Where we do not receive specific park-museumlevel

figures from the operator, we use a detailed


methodology that considers the following: historic

attendance trends, generally available information

on the park/museum, park changes, (such

as new rides, areas, shows, ticket prices, intellectual

property connections, etc), general economy

of the nation and the metro area, tourism trends

nationally and in the metro area, weather trends in

the area, (particularly during peak periods), the

performance of nearby parks/museums and other


Finally operators are also given the opportunity to

review and comment on AECOM’s estimate before

the Theme and Museum Index is finalized and published.

Of those that don’t provide official figures at

the park level, many do provide us with general

feedback on our estimates in order to keep them

in the general ballpark of actual performance, even

if they won’t go on the record as doing so.

As the leading provider of business planning studies

worldwide for attractions with a 50 year history,

we also work frequently with all of the major operators,

parks, and museums, providing us with

the opportunity to periodically update our estimates

with actual figures.

All results and detailed information of the entire

“TEA/AECOM Global Attractions Attendance Report

2013” can be downloaded free of charge as

PDF under:




Las Vegas is considered to be a

city of the superlative, so it was

only a question of time that a

Ferris Wheel would also be

erected there with unimaginable


Text & Photos: Ton Koppei

The gondolas almost have

the elegance of the London Eye

– no wonder as they were also

produced by Leitner-Poma firm

During the past years there were projects presented

repeatedly – and sometimes there was

even talk of two huge wheels for Las Vegas. Definite

until now however is only the "High Roller" wheel that

opened in March 2014, which with a height of 167

metres is currently the world's highest.

As comparison: the world record up until now is 165

metres for the "Singapore Flyer", whilst the famous

"London Eye" measures 135 metres.

Responsible for the planning was the London firm

Arup Engineering, and the complete project was

realized by The Hettema Group. Companies involved

in the construction came from France,

Sweden, the USA, Germany and the Netherlands.

The wheel offers 28 cabins, each of which can

accommodate up to 40 (!) passengers, with eight

drives providing the rotation. For a 30 minute ride

on the new "High Roller" passengers currently pay

27 US dollars during the day and 37 dollars in the


The wheel that is visible from quite a way away is

located not far from the world famous Las Vegas

Strip, which is filled with huge hotels and casinos.

As the wheel is however around 200 metres from

the Strip, a new access street has been built. There

are countless bars, restaurants and shops located

in "The Ling". Operator of the complete complex is

the Caesars Entertainment Corporation.

Currently Ferris Wheel projects are a hot subject in

the USA. As a result the huge wheel in Orlando,

operated by the Merlin-concern will also open this

year, and the next world record will apparently be

set by a wheel in New York very soon.

At the moment there is a construction stop for the

time being for another large Ferris Wheel project in

Las Vegas: the two huge supports of the "SkyVue"

are already standing directly opposite the casino

Mandalay Bay at the southern end of the Strip near

the airport. However for more than a year now the

local project developer Howard Bulloch has

stopped building, apparently due to financial

difficulties. The latest announcement is that the 152

metres high wheel will however be completed by

the middle of 2015.

Directly next to the "SkyVue" construction site the

LIM-Shuttle-Coaster "Speed The Ride" from Premier

Rides, intended originally to be an outstanding

attraction for the Sahara Hotel between 2000 and

2011, should to reopen in 2013. However as the

projected shopping complex Atika Plaza for which

the almost 70 metres high coaster was to be an eye

catcher has also not been realized yet. Currently

the individual coaster track parts are rusting in a

parking area.





Frank Lanfer


There are two water parks on Gran Canaria – and

another will be erected in 2016 by the Kiessling

family, owner of the Loro Parque and Siam

Park. Reason enough therefore for the Spanish

Grupo Aspro-Ocio S.A. (Aspro Parks), in existence

since 1991 and operator of 41 attractions

in Europe (for example the Alpamare taken over in

2000), to extend its own water park on the Canary


New since this season is the "Racer Twin Turbulence"

water slide from manufacturer Polin, which

is a double construction of the well known and

breathtaking Halfpipe similar slide, placed next to

each other, and affords an attractive racing


The starting platform has a height of 19.3 metres,

and during the simultaneous start the two-seat

tubes initially disappear into a black-hole sequence.

In this dark figure-8-element the slide ends

already deliver a race that flows into a grandiose

almost 40° steep launch into the daylight. On the

other side the rafts climb the steep wall before sliding

down with airtime, landing in the basin after an

airtime hill. Each side has a 156 metres length and

a top speed of up to 52 km/h. The theoretic capacity

is 480 passengers per hour.

In addition to a dozen water slides, Aqualand

Maspalomas also offers a large wave pool, the almost

one kilometre long Lazy River "Congo River",

and a bathing landscape for children.

The daily admittance price into Aqualand Maspalomas

is relatively high: in addition to the ticket for

25 Euro there are additional costs such as for

example 4 Euro for a locker, and 6.50 Euro for a

lounger with umbrella. Swimming with a seal is

offered as an up charge-attraction and costs 52

Euro including a souvenir photo.



The theme Angry Birds continues

to boom and is very popular

with children in almost all age

groups. Even young adults don't

evade this motive and so it's almost

developed to a necessity to

allow these birds to fly into

theme parks. Surprisingly however

even Thorpe Park, known

up until now as a thrill park, has

also decided to use this theme.

Text & Photos: Wolfgang Payer

Thorpe Park located near London aims to entice

children with this action, as the typical age

group of other parks within the Merlin Group –

Legoland Windsor and Chessington World of

Adventures – are already adults.

As a result the "Angry Birds

Land" opened on the 24 th of May.

The new area is located at the

rear end of the park. Those who

enter "Angry Birds Land" can

also discover a game of skill in

Angry-Birds outfit to the left and

right of the entrance. On the left

side there is a shop and a 35 m

Freefall Tower.

The Drop Tower from Italian firm

Fabbri that opened in 2001 has

been re-themed and has been

given a fitting name: "Detonator:

Bombs Away". To the right of "Angry Birds Land"

there is a dodgem from Italian manufacturer

Bertazzon with the name "King Pig’s Wild Hog



The main attraction "Angry Birds 4D" from Simworx

is located in the centre of the new area. Although

the theme contents don't basically offer a lot of

opportunity for a film, the overall concept of the

attraction has been very successfully implemented.

At the beginning of the film viewers are made

to take note of the water effects.

And rightly so, as there is no other 3D or 4D film,

typically English, that uses water effects so extensively

than this one. The seat rows can be

tipped forwards and backwards, in order to emphasise

downed birds in a sling. Light, wind, and

soap bubble effects round off the very action

packed film. The new "Angry Birds Land" is without

a doubt a very good and successful investment

for Thorpe Park.



Frank Lanfer

Photos: Efteling

The position of Park Manager remained vacant

for seven months, and it's only now that the successor

to Bart de Boer, who has shown the door

in September 2013, has been newly appointed.

And he wants to signal a new era for the already

successful theme park. Fons Jurgens is his

name, and he is 44 years old. Before taking up

his new office in April 2014, he was Marketing

Manager of the park in the Netherlands.

Under his management Efteling is planning a stepby-step

extension into an international destination

with five million visitors annually. To implement these

plans Efteling is investing around 36 million Euro in

the first phase, amongst others for the extension of

the 2009 opened holiday park "Bosrijk". "Efteling is

one of the largest theme parks in Europe and has

set a target to remain among the top parks in the upcoming

years. Therefore a continued increase in our

visitor numbers is necessary" explained Jurgens.

"Hence we will be making further purposeful investments

in the park. The improvement of already

existing attractions and shows, the merchandising

offers, and the gastronomy are central aspects.

Additionally we will be opening a 37.5 metres high

Dive Coaster in the summer of 2015 from B&M."

Last year there were around 4.2 million visitors to

Efteling, and there will also be a number of novelties

for them this year as well: Cinderella and a dragon

Apps will accompany guests through the park in a

number of languages. And the Intamin water

attraction "Piraña" existing since 1982, and which

carries off visitors to the world of the Aztecs, Mayas,

and Incas, has been radically renovated and

extended for 2 million Euro; among others there are

now a new course network and interactive elements

to spray the riding guests. Earlier the Darkride

"Droomvlucht" as well as a restaurant were generally


In addition to the appointment of Fons Jurgens to

Chairman of Efteling, Saskia van Opijnen-Zwart und

Heleen Dura-van Oord join the Supervisory Board;

the last mentioned is also partner of the financial

investor Peak Capital.

Fons Jurgens is Efteling's

new Park Manager



In April, Euro Park Idroscalo, a

small amusement park located

at the gates of Milan, opened the

World's first "Condor Starflyer"

to the public.

Text & Photos: Matteo Crepaldi

The famous ride, which first opened as a classic

32 metres high Huss "Condor" at German

Phantasialand in 1986, was then relocated to the

Italian amusement park in 2009. The name “Condor”

and the original Mexican theme remain the

same, as well as the giant Phantasialand logo on

the thin tower shaft.

In November 2013, a group of small Italian companies,

led by Metalpark and including Nuova

Elektron and Safety Attraction, started work to give

new life to this old classic. The gondolas were

removed in order to affix a gondola cross with 12

double "Starflyer" type of suspended seats (and

with the option of up to 24 double seats). Additionally

the rotational speed has been slightly


The ride cycle begins with a slow ascent up to

about a third of the overall height. After a few seconds,

rotation starts and the ride begins to move

upwards again. Once the highest level is reached,

the rotational speed increases to its maximum.

After about a minute, the rotation decreases to its

initial level and descent begins. At approximately

one third of the height there is another pause to

allow rotation to stop, and finally the seats are

lowered back into the station.

The restraint system comprises of a horizontal

metal bar affixed to the seat by a rubber covered

steel chain, and by a three point seat belt. An

interesting fact is that this is the only ride of its kind

to have a clockwise rotation whilst all other existing

"Starflyer"-similar constructions spin counter


All in all, the "Condor Starflyer" offers ride fun for

the whole family. Due to its height and the high

rotational speed, it can be quite a thrilling experience,

however it is still not too intense.

2014 will certainly be an important year for Euro

Park Idroscalo, which is celebrating its ten year

anniversary of new ownership, and in addition to

the "Condor Starflyer", is also operating another

new ride (Haunted Walkthrough), as well as

undertaking many improvements to existing attractions.



A calendar of events can be found here for the month of July in

alphabetical order. Additional information about individual

events is listed below.

A■ Aichach 18.07.-28.07.

■ Alfter 25.07.-28.07.

■ Allersberg 25.07.-28.07.

■ Allershausen 24.07.-27.07.

■ Allstedt 04.07.-07.07.

■ Altdorf 30.07.-04.08.

■ Altenkirchen 04.07.-07.07.

■ Andernach 04.07.-06.07.

■ Ansbach 11.07.-16.07.

■ Ascheberg 26.07.-28.07.

■ Ascheberg-Herbern 11.07.-13.07.

■ Attendorn/Sauerland 04.07.-07.07.

■ Aue/Sachsen 18.07.-20.07.

■ Augsburg 24.07.-27.07.

■ Au/Hallertau 24.07.-28.07.

B■ Bad Buchau 04.07.-07.07.

■ Bad Laer 18.07.-21.07.

■ Bad Münstereifel 18.07.-21.07.

■ Bad Nauheim-Steinfurt 18.07.-21.07.

■ Bad Nenndorf 25.07.-27.07.

■ Bad Sachsa 18.07.-20.07.

■ Bad Saulgau 17.07.-21.07.

■ Bad Urach 04.07.-07.07.

■ Bad Wildungen 16.07.-19.07.

■ Bad Wimpfen 26.06.-01.07.

■ Barth 31.07.-03.08.

■ Baunach 18.07.-21.07.

■ Bechhofen an der Heide 25.07.-28.07.

■ Beerfelden 11.07.-14.07.

■ Beratzhausen 11.07.-14.07.

■ Bergen/Niedersachsen 02.07.-06.07.

■ Bergisch Gladbach 04.07.-06.07.

■ Berlin-Mitte-Moabit 25.07.-17.08.

■ Berlin-Mitte-Wedding 20.06.-20.07.

■ Biberach/Riss 18.07.-27.07.

■ Bitburg/Eifel 11.07.-14.07.

■ Blieskastel-Webenheim 11.07.-21.07.

■ Bodenkirchen 10.07.-14.07.

■ Böblingen 04.07.-06.07.

■ Bogen 11.07.-15.07.

■ Bopfingen 04.07.-08.07.

■ Braunlage 25.07.-28.07.

■ Breckerfeld 25.07.-28.07.

■ Breidenbach 25.07.-28.07.

■ Bretten 04.07.-07.07.

■ Bruckmühl 11.07.-20.07.

■ Brüggen 27.06.-01.07.

■ Brühl 18.07.-21.07.

C■ Celle 18.07.-22.07.

■ Cham 25.07.-04.08.

■ Chemnitz 04.07.-06.07.

■ Clausthal-Zellerfeld 18.07.-21.07.

■ Cunewalde 04.07.-06.07.

D■ Dannenberg/Elbe 03.07.-06.07.

■ Darmstadt 03.07.-07.07.

■ Deizisau 26.07.-28.07.

■ Dessau 04.07.-06.07.

■ Diemelsee-Adorf 25.07.-27.07.

■ Dießen/Ammersee 25.07.-28.07.

■ Dietfurt/Altmühl 25.07.-29.07.

■ Dinkelsbühl 18.07.-23.07.

■ Dinklage 05.07.-07.07.

■ Donauwörth-Nordheim 25.07.-27.07.

■ Dortmund 05.07.-07.07.

■ Dortmund-Marten 25.07.-28.07.

■ Dranske/Rügen 25.07.-27.07.

■ Dresden 11.07.-21.07.

■ Duderstadt 11.07.-15.07.

■ Düren 26.07.-03.08.

Düsseldorf-Derendorf 04.07.-07.07.

Düsseldorf-Flingern 28.06.-01.07.

Düsseldorf-Kaiserwerth 05.07.-07.07.

Düsseldorf-Oberkassel 11.07.-20.07.

■ Duisburg-Homberg 12.07.-14.07.

E■ Ebstorf 02.07.-06.07.

■ Eckernförde 11.07.-13.07.

■ Eging am See 25.07.-29.07.

■ Ehingen/Donau 25.07.-28.07.

■ Eichendorf-Adldorf 18.07.-22.07.

■ Ellingen 04.07.-07.07.

■ Eltville/Rhein 04.07.-07.07.

■ Emden 18.07.-20.07.

■ Emmerich 04.07.-07.07.

■ Erbach/Odenwald 18.07.-27.07.

■ Erkheim 11.07.-14.07.

■ Eschborn 25.07.-28.07.

■ Eschwege 03.07.-07.07.

■ Esens 11.07.-15.07.

■ Essen-Rüttenscheid 11.07.-20.07.

F■ Feucht 18.07.-23.07.

■ Finnentrop 05.07.-07.07.

■ Forchheim 25.07.-04.08.

■ Frankfurt/Oder 11.07.-13.07.

■ Frankfurt/Oder 11.07.-13.07.

■ Freyung 27.06.-02.07.

■ Friedrichshafen 17.07.-21.07.

■ Fritzlar 10.07.-13.07.

■ Fürstenfeldbruck 27.06.-06.07.

■ Fürth-Burgfarrnbach 25.07.-30.07.

■ Fürth-Eigenes Heim 18.07.-21.07.

■ Fürth-Hardhöhe 04.07.-09.07.

■ Fulda 25.07.-03.08.

G■ Gangkofen 03.07.-08.07.

■ Garching 12.07.-21.07.

■ Garmisch-Partenkirchen 26.07.-03.08.

■ Geisenheim/Rhein 18.07.-21.07.

■ Geislingen/Steige 27.06.-06.07.

■ Gemünden/Main 28.06.-06.07.

■ Geretsried 25.07.-03.08.

■ Gernsheim/Rhein 31.07.-04.08.

■ Gerolstein 25.07.-28.07.

■ Gescher-Hochmoor 18.07.-20.07.

■ Gevelsberg 27.06.-01.07.

■ Gladenbach 03.07.-06.07.

■ Goch 28.06.-01.07.

■ Göttingen 18.07.-21.07.

■ Goslar/Harz 04.07.-13.07.

■ Grafenau 04.07.-09.07.

■ Grebenstein 11.07.-14.07.

■ Greding 25.07.-28.07.

■ Greifswald-Wieck 18.07.-20.07.

■ Großschönau 18.07.-21.07.

H■ Hadamar 25.07.-28.07.

■ Hagenburg/Sachsenhagen 12.07.-14.07.

■ Hamburg 25.07.-24.08.

■ Hannover 04.07.-13.07.

■ Havixbeck 11.07.-13.07.

■ Hechingen 18.07.-21.07.

■ Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen 19.07.-21.07.

■ Heiligenstadt 04.07.-06.07.

■ Hennweiler 24.07.-28.07.

■ Hermeskeil 11.07.-20.07.

■ Hersbruck 11.07.-20.07.

■ Herzogenaurach 04.07.-13.07.

■ Heusweiler 05.07.-07.07.

■ Höchstadt/Aisch 04.07.-08.07.

■ Hof 25.07.-03.08.

■ Hohenwart 18.07.-21.07.

■ Homburg/Saar 04.07.-07.07.

■ Hückeswagen 25.07.-28.07.

I■ Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck 26.07.-28.07.

■ Idar-Oberstein 27.06.-01.07.

■ Ingelheim-Frei Weinheim 25.07.-28.07.

■ Iserlohn-Letmathe 18.07.-21.07.

■ Iserlohn-Sümmern 26.07.-28.07.

■ Isny/Allgäu 11.07.-14.07.

K■ Kalkar 26.07.-29.07.

■ Karlsfeld 27.06.-06.07.

■ Karlshagen/Usedom 25.07.-27.07.

■ Kaufbeuren 11.07.-21.07.

■ Kirchenlamitz 11.07.-14.07.

■ Kleve 12.07.-20.07.

■ Kleve-Materborn 26.07.-29.07.

■ Köln-Deutz 18.07.-20.07.

■ Königsbrunn 27.06.-06.07.

■ Konz 18.07.-21.07.

■ Krefeld-Uerdingen 26.07.-29.07.

■ Kroppenstedt 04.07.-06.07.

■ Küps 24.07.-28.07.

L■ Lambsheim 05.07.-07.07.

■ Landau/Isar 27.06.-02.07.

■ Langenaltheim 04.07.-07.07.

■ Langenhagen 18.07.-20.07.

■ Langenstein 04.07.-06.07.

■ Lauf/Pegnitz 04.07.-08.07.

■ Laupheim 03.07.-07.07.

■ Lehesten 04.07.-06.07.

■ Lehrte 31.07.-03.08.

■ Leipheim 12.07.-14.07.

■ Leutkirch 19.07.-22.07.

■ Leverkusen-Opladen 25.07.-28.07.

■ Lichtenfels 11.07.-20.07.

■ Lilienthal 26.07.-28.07.

■ Limbach-Oberfrohna 11.07.-20.07.

■ Löningen 19.07.-21.07.

■ Lohr/Main 25.07.-03.08.

■ Losheim am See 12.07.-15.07.

■ Ludwigshafen/Rhein 11.07.-13.07.

■ Ludwigsstadt 18.07.-22.07.

■ Lübbenau 04.07.-06.07.

■ Lübeck 27.06.-13.07.

M■ Mainburg 11.07.-14.07.

■ Marienheide 05.07.-07.07.

■ Marklkofen-Steinberg 25.07.-28.07.

■ Markranstädt 10.07.-14.07.

■ Marktredwitz 26.06.-01.07.

■ Marktschorgast 26.07.-28.07.

■ Mengkofen 27.06.-01.07.

■ Metelen 26.07.-28.07.

■ Miesbach 27.06.-06.07.

■ Mönchengladbach 28.06.-01.07.

■ Mönchengladbach 12.07.-14.07.

■ Morbach 25.07.-29.07.

■ Morsbach/Sieg 11.07.-14.07.

■ Mücheln/Geiseltal 04.07.-06.07.

■ Mühlheim/Main 28.06.-01.07.

■ Mülheim/Ruhr 28.06.-06.07.

■ Münchberg 11.07.-14.07.

■ München 31.07.-24.08.

■ München-Au 26.07.-03.08.

■ München-Nymphenburg 12.07.-20.07.

■ Münster 17.07.-21.07.

■ Muggensturm 18.07.-21.07.

■ Murnau/Staffelsee 11.07.-20.07.

N■ Naila 12.07.-14.07.

■ Nalbach 28.06.-01.07.

■ Neuburg/Donau 25.07.-03.08.

■ Neuenrade 25.07.-28.07.

■ Neufahrn/Freising 15.07.-20.07.

■ Neugersdorf 25.07.-30.07.

■ Neuhaus/Elbe 25.07.-27.07.

■ Neuss-Holzheim 05.07.-08.07.

■ Neuss-Reuschenberg 12.07.-15.07.

■ Nienburg/Weser 27.06.-04.07.

■ Nürnberg-Almoshof 11.07.-15.07.

■ Nürnberg-Buch 11.07.-16.07.

■ Nürnberg-Gartenstadt 27.06.-01.07.

■ Nürnberg-Großreuth 04.07.-08.07.

■ Nürnberg-Reichelsdorf 25.07.-29.07.

■ Nürnberg-Ziegelstein 25.07.-03.08.

O■ Oberasbach-Altenberg 18.07.-22.07.

■ Oberkotzau 26.07.-28.07.

■ Obernburg 19.07.-21.07.

■ Oberndorf/Lech 31.07.-03.08.

■ Oelde 18.07.-20.07.

■ Östringen 05.07.-08.07.

■ Oettingen 25.07.-28.07.

P■ Paderborn 26.07.-03.08.

■ Pappenheim 25.07.-28.07.

■ Peine 04.07.-08.07.

■ Perlesreut 18.07.-21.07.


■ Plüderhausen 24.07.-28.07.

■ Poing 11.07.-20.07.

■ Putbus-Lauterbach 24.07.-27.07.

U■ Ueckermünde 25.07.-27.07.


R■ Radolfzell 18.07.-21.07.

■ Ravensburg 25.07.-29.07.

■ Rees 05.07.-07.07.

■ Regen 25.07.-30.07.

■ Rehau 04.07.-08.07.

■ Reichertshofen 25.07.-28.07.

■ Reisbach 11.07.-15.07.

■ Reken 05.07.-07.07.

■ Remscheid 04.07.-08.07.

■ Rendsburg 04.07.-07.07.

■ Rheine-Mesum 04.07.-06.07.

■ Rochlitz 18.07.-20.07.

■ Rodewisch 25.07.-28.07.

■ Roding 27.06.-07.07.

■ Rotenburg/Fulda 03.07.-07.07.

■ Rothenburg/Tauber 27.06.-02.07.

■ Rottenburg/Laaber 26.06.-30.06.

■ Ruhmansfelden 18.07.-21.07.

S■ Saalfeld 12.07.-21.07.

■ Saarlouis-Roden 12.07.-15.07.

■ Salzkotten 18.07.-21.07.

■ Sande 11.07.-14.07.

■ Saßnitz 11.07.-13.07.

■ Schermbeck 11.07.-15.07.

■ Schiffweiler 19.07.-22.07.

■ Schlieben 04.07.-06.07.

■ Schnaittach 11.07.-14.07.

■ Schorfheide-Finowfurt 04.07.-06.07.

■ Schrozberg 18.07.-21.07.

■ Schüttorf 12.07.-14.07.

■ Schwäbisch Hall 25.07.-28.07.

■ Schwaig/Nürnberg 18.07.-22.07.

■ Schwalbach-Bous 27.06.-01.07.

■ Schwalbach-Ensdorf 05.07.-08.07.

■ Schwarzenbach/Saale 18.07.-21.07.

■ Schweinitz/Jessen 11.07.-13.07.

■ Selb 12.07.-14.07.

■ Selbitz 19.07.-22.07.

■ Sinsheim/Elsenz 19.07.-20.07.

■ Soltau 10.07.-13.07.

■ Sonneberg 05.07.-13.07.

■ Sonneberg-Oberlind 18.07.-21.07.

■ Sonsbeck 18.07.-21.07.

■ Sonthofen 27.06.-06.07.

■ Speyer 10.07.-15.07.

■ Spiesen-Elversberg 26.07.-29.07.

■ Spremberg 04.07.-06.07.

■ Stadthagen 16.07.-20.07.

■ Stadtlohn 05.07.-07.07.

■ Stolberg/Rheinland 04.07.-07.07.

■ Stralsund 24.07.-27.07.

■ Stromberg 25.07.-28.07.

■ Süderbrarup 25.07.-29.07.

■ Südlohn-Oeding 26.07.-28.07.

■ Sulzbach-Rosenberg 19.07.-27.07.

■ Sundern 05.07.-07.07.

T■ Taufkirchen/Vils 11.07.-20.07.

■ Teisnach 11.07.-14.07.

■ Tettnang 04.07.-06.07.

■ Traben-Trarbach/Mosel 11.07.-14.07.

■ Treuchtlingen 11.07.-20.07.

■ Trier-Zurlauben 11.07.-14.07.

■ Uelsen 10.07.-15.07.

■ Ulm 11.07.-21.07.

■ Unkel/Rhein 25.07.-28.07.

■ Untergriesbach 11.07.-14.07.

■ Unterhaching 04.07.-13.07.

V■ Vaterstetten 17.07.-22.07.

■ Veitsrod/Herrstein 11.07.-14.07.

■ Viersen-Dülken 28.06.-01.07.

■ Vilsbiburg 27.06.-06.07.

■ Vohburg/Donau 18.07.-21.07.

W■ Wadgassen 05.07.-08.07.

■ Waldkraiburg 10.07.-21.07.

■ Waldmünchen 10.07.-14.07.

■ Wallenfels 25.07.-28.07.

■ Wallerfangen 20.07.-22.07.

■ Wangen/Allgäu 24.07.-27.07.

■ Waren/Müritz 11.07.-13.07.

■ Wehretal 17.07.-21.07.

■ Weingarten 11.07.-15.07.

■ Weiskirchen 26.07.-28.07.

■ Weißenfels 04.07.-06.07.

■ Weißenstadt 18.07.-22.07.

■ Werdohl 04.07.-07.07.

■ Wernigerode/Harz 18.07.-20.07.

■ Wertheim 25.07.-27.07.

■ Wetzlar 01.07.-08.07.

■ Wiek/Rügen 18.07.-20.07.

■ Wiesbaden-Biebrich 04.07.-07.07.

■ Wiesbaden-Hainerberg 27.06.-04.07.

■ Wiesbaden-Schierstein 11.07.-14.07.

■ Wilhelmshaven 03.07.-06.07.

■ Willich 11.07.-15.07.

■ Willich-Neersen 05.07.-07.07.

■ Windsbach 11.07.-14.07.

■ Winnenden 18.07.-21.07.

■ Wissen 11.07.-14.07.

■ Wittmund 18.07.-20.07.

■ Wolfhagen 17.07.-20.07.

■ Wolgast 04.07.-06.07.

■ Würselen 28.06.-01.07.

Würzburg 04.07.-20.07.

■ Wulfen 11.07.-14.07.

■ Wunsiedel 04.07.-08.07.

■ Wuppertal-Barmen 04.07.-06.07.

■ Wurzen 04.07.-06.07.

Z■ Zapfendorf 04.07.-07.07.

■ Zelting-Rachtig 18.07.-21.07.

■ Zierenberg 25.07.-27.07.

■ Zwiesel 12.07.-20.07.


■ A Altmünster 18.07.-21.07.

■ A Ebensee 26.07.-28.07.

■ A Eisenstadt 27.06.-06.07.

■ A Guntramsdorf 16.07.-28.07.

■ A Innsbruck 21.06.-13.07.

■ A Villach 27.07.-03.08.

■ B Antwerpen 07.06.-13.07.

■ B Bastogne 30.07.-03.08.

■ B Brüssel 19.07.-24.08.

■ B Malmédy 28.06.-01.07.

■ B Namur 04.07.-28.07.

■ B Sint-Niklaas 05.07.-20.07.

■ B Veurne 26.07.-30.07.

■ B Wavre 27.06.-06.07.

■ CH Aarau 03.07.-06.07.

■ CH Adliswil 04.07.-06.07.

■ CH Agno/Tessin 04.07.-03.08.

■ CH Arbon 04.07.-06.07.

■ CH Brunnen 18.07.-21.07.

■ CH Genève=Genf 17.07.-10.08.

■ CH Lenzburg 10.07.-13.07.

■ CH Männedorf 11.07.-13.07.

■ DK Vorbasse 17.07.-19.07.

■ ES Pamplona 06.07.-15.07.

■ F Abbeville 19.07.-03.08.

■ F Aiguillon-sur-Mer 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Amiens 20.06.-14.07.

■ F Antibes-Biot 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Argelès-sur-Mer 04.07.-31.08.

■ F Barcarès, Le 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Beauvais 20.06.-06.07.

■ F Bourges 20.06.-14.07.

■ F Bruay-la-Buissière 12.07.-20.07.

■ F Calais 19.07.-17.08.

■ F Canet-en-Roussillon 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Cannes-la-Bocca 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Cap d'Agde 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Carcassonne 28.06.-14.09.

■ F Carnon 28.06.-07.09.

■ F Damgan 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Dinard 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Douai 04.07.-15.07.

■ F Fos-sur-Mer 12.07.-24.08.

■ F Fréjus 04.07.-31.08.

■ F Frontignan 18.07.-31.08.

■ F Grau-du-Roi, Le 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Gruissan 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Guérande 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Hyères-les-Palmiers 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Leucate-Plage 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Marseillan 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Mimizan 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Mulhouse 19.07.-17.08.

■ F Nevers 21.06.-06.07.

■ F Palavas-les-Flots 01.07.-31.08.

■ F Palmyre, la 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Paris 27.06.-24.08.

■ F Pontarlier 28.06.-06.07.

■ F Rethel 26.07.-03.08.

■ F Sables d'Olonne 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Saint-George 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Saint-Germain-en 27.06.-17.08.

■ F Saint-Gilles-Croix 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Saint-Hilaire 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Saint-Tropez 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Saint-Vincent 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Strasbourg 21.06.-14.07.

■ F Valras-Plage 05.07.-07.09.

■ F Vias-Plage 05.07.-31.08.

■ GB Bedford 19.07.-20.07.

■ GB Buckley 08.07.-08.07.

■ GB Burnley, Lancs 09.07.-13.07.

■ GB Buxton, Derbys 09.07.-13.07.

■ GB Cambridge 04.07.-07.07.

■ GB Glasgow 24.07.-03.08.

■ GB Gloucester 18.07.-03.08.

■ GB Hayes, London 10.07.-13.07.

■ GB Holsworthy, Devon 09.07.-12.07.

■ GB Kettering, Northants 27.06.-05.07.

■ GB Kingsbridge, Devon 19.07.-26.07.

■ GB Leicester 12.07.-31.08.

■ GB Littlehampton 10.07.-14.07.

■ GB London 25.07.-07.09.

■ GB London-West 25.07.-03.08.

■ GB Maldon, Essex 30.07.-02.08.

■ GB Margate 31.07.-10.08.

■ GB Rathven, Banff. 23.07.-25.07.

■ I Brescia 14.06.-20.08.

■ I Rimini 24.05.-24.08.

■ L Dudelange 27.06.-06.07.

■ NL Asten 11.07.-15.07.

■ NL Best 04.07.-08.07.

■ NL Den Helder 04.07.-13.07.

■ NL Dongen 11.07.-15.07.

■ NL Etten-Leur 27.06.-02.07.

■ NL Franeker 29.07.-04.08.

■ NL Goirle 28.06.-02.07.

■ NL Harderwijk 08.07.-19.07.

■ NL Helmond 11.07.-16.07.

■ NL Kerkrade 27.06.-01.07.

■ NL Laren ('t Gooi) 05.07.-10.07.

■ NL Meppel 17.07.-24.07.

■ NL Nieuwegein 02.07.-06.07.

■ NL Oisterwijk 11.07.-16.07.

■ NL Panningen 12.07.-16.07.

■ NL Renesse 25.07.-30.07.

■ NL Rhenen 04.07.-12.07.

■ NL Schijndel 12.07.-16.07.

■ NL Texel-De Koog 16.07.-20.07.

■ NL Tilburg 18.07.-27.07.

■ NL Uden 18.07.-27.07.

■ NL Uitgeest 05.07.-09.07.

■ NL Utrecht 11.07.-16.07.

■ NL Valkenswaard 18.07.-23.07.

■ NL Vlissingen 18.07.-27.07.

■ NL Zevenaar 04.07.-08.07.


I Rimini

■ Luna Park Fiabilandia

until 24.08.


B Antwerpen=Anvers

■ Sinksenfoor until 13.07.


I Brescia

■ Luna Park San Polo until 20.08.


13405 Berlin-Mitte-Wedding

■ Deutsch-Französisches

Volksfest until 20.07.

Schaustellerverband Berlin e.V.

Riesenrad, Eclipse, Around the World, Achterbahn,

Breakdance, Frisbee, Melodie Star,

Tanz der Vampire, Wildwasserbahn, Rutsche,

Rocket, Tal der Könige, Labyrinth

Participants: ca. 90



NL Kerkrade

■ Voorjaarskermis until 01.07.


F Amiens

■ Foire de St. Jean until 14.07.

F Beauvais

■ Foire aux Manèges

until 06.07.

F Bourges

■ Les Foires Jacques Coeur

until 14.07.


A Innsbruck

■ Olympia World Vergnügungspark

until 13.07.

F Nevers

■ Fête Foraine et Fête Mendes

France until 06.07.

F Strasbourg

■ Foire de la Saint-Jean until 14.07.


74177 Bad Wimpfen

■ Wimpfener Talmarkt until 01.07.


Breakdance, Frisbee, Wilde Maus, Masgic,

Flip Fly, Riesenrad, Fun House XXL, Kickdown

Participants: ca. 200

84056 Rottenburg/Laaber

■ Volksfest until 30.06.


95615 Marktredwitz

■ Volks- und Schützenfest

until 01.07.

Renner GbR/Grafenwöhr

Polyp, Geisterbahn, Simulator, Maxximum,

Street Style, Wellenflug

Participants: ca. 35


23568 Lübeck

■ Volksfest until 13.07.

Lübecker Veranstaltungs GmbH

31582 Nienburg/Weser

■ Volks- und Schützenfest

until 04.07.



41379 Brüggen

■ Schützenfest until 01.07.

55743 Idar-Oberstein

■ Spießbratenfest until 01.07.


Freddy’s Company, Taiga Jet, Breakdance,


Participants: ca. 50

58285 Gevelsberg

■ Sommerkirmes until 01.07.


Simulator, High Impress, Circus Circus, Shaker,

Salto Mortale, Verrückte Farm, Schlittenfahrt,

Riesenrad, Breakdance, Jekyll & Hyde,


Participants: ca. 170

65189 Wiesbaden-Hainerberg

■ Deutsch-Amerikanisches

Freundschaftsfest until 04.07.

Fa. A.Schramm/Rodenbach

66359 Schwalbach-Bous

■ Kirmes until 01.07.

73312 Geislingen/Steige

■ Frühlingsfest until 06.07.

Karl Kritz KG/Stuttgart

82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

■ Volksfest until 06.07.


Bungee-Trampolin, XXL-Krake

83714 Miesbach

■ Volksfest until 06.07.

84137 Vilsbiburg

■ Volksfest until 06.07.


Power Dancer, Super-Gaudi

84152 Mengkofen

■ Aitrachtaler Volksfest until 01.07.

85757 Karlsfeld

■ Siedler- und Seefest until 06.07.

Siedlergemeinschaft Karlsfeld-Nord

Pirates Adventure, Swing Time, G-Force, Route


Participants: ca. 50

86343 Königsbrunn

■ Gautsch, Volksfest until 06.07.


87527 Sonthofen

■ Volksfest until 06.07.


90469 Nürnberg-Gartenstadt

■ Kirchweih until 01.07.

91541 Rothenburg/Tauber

■ Volksfest until 02.07.


Riesenrad, Twister, Schlittenfahrt

Participants: ca. 25

93426 Roding

■ Volksfest until 07.07.


Alpha 1, Bavaria Dance

Participants: ca. 35

94078 Freyung

■ Volksfest until 02.07.

94405 Landau/Isar

■ Volksfest until 02.07.


Top Spin, Magic, Drop Zone

Participants: ca. 30

A Eisenstadt/Burgenland

■ Kleinhöfleiner Winzerkirtag

until 06.07.

B Wavre

■ Foire d'Eté until 06.07.

F Paris

■ Fête Foraine des Tuileries

until 24.08.

F Saint-Germain-en-Laye

■ Fêtes dés Loges until 17.08.

GB Kettering, Northants

■ Feast until 05.07.

L Dudelange

■ Summerkiermes until 06.07.

NL Etten-Leur

■ Kermis until 02.07.


40233 Düsseldorf-Flingern

■ Schützenfest until 01.07.

41189 Mönchengladbach-Wickrath

■ Frühkirmes until 01.07.


41747 Viersen-Dülken

■ Frühkirmes until 01.07.


45481 Mülheim/Ruhr

■ Saarner Kirmes until 06.07.

Stadtmarketing & Tourismus GmbH (MST)

Breakdance, Big Monster, Disco Jet, Flash, Simulator,

Villa Wahnsinn, Euro-Coaster, Geisterbahn,

Jump Street

Participants: ca. 90

47574 Goch

■ Sommerkirmes until 01.07.

Stadt, S.V. Niederrhein

Amazonas, X-Factor, Simulator, Speedy Gonzales,

Rock Express, Wilder Clown, Bungee-


Participants: ca. 65

52146 Würselen

■ Groß-Kirmes until 01.07.


63165 Mühlheim/Main

■ Kirchweih until 01.07.

Ferling GbR/Offenbach

66809 Nalbach

■ Peter-und-Paul-Kirmes

until 01.07.

97737 Gemünden/Main

■ Kichweih und Heimatfest until



B Malmédy

■ Kermesse Saint-Pierre until 01.07.

F Antibes-Biot

■ Antibes Land until 31.08.

F Cannes-la-Bocca

■ Luna Park Stade Pierre de

Coubertin until 31.08.

F Carcassonne

■ Herisson Land until 14.09.

F Carnon

■ Luna Park until 07.09.

F Grau-du-Roi, Le

■ Luna Park Amigoland until 31.08.

F Gruissan

■ Pirat Parc until 31.08.

F Guérande

■ Luna Park until 31.08.

F Hyères-les-Palmiers

■ Magic World Luna Park

until 31.08.

F Leucate-Plage

Park d'Attractions until 31.08.

F Pontarlier

■ Foire Attractive de la Saint Pierre

until 06.07.

NL Goirle

■ Kermis until 02.07.

35579 Wetzlar

■ Ochsenfest until 08.07.

F Palavas-les-Flots

■ La Fête des Arènes until 31.08.


29303 Bergen

■ Schützenfest until 06.07.


29574 Ebstorf

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 06.07.

NL Nieuwegein

■ Kermis until 06.07.


26352 Wilhelmshaven

■ Stadt- und Hafenfest until 06.07.

Wilhelmshavener Projekt GmbH

Riesenrad, Take Off, Musik Express, Breakdance

29451 Dannenberg/Elbe

■ Schützenfest until 06.07.

35075 Gladenbach

■ Kirschenmarkt until 06.07.

36199 Rotenburg/Fulda

■ Heimat- u. Strandfest until 07.07.


High Impress, Simulator, Star Club, Aqua Velis

Participants: ca. 40

37269 Eschwege

■ Johannisfest until 07.07.


Amazonas, Breakdance, Happy Family, Avenger,

Nessy, Starlight, Top Spin, Jekyll & Hyde,

High Explosive, Wellenflug

Participants: ca. 60

64283 Darmstadt

■ Heinerfest until 07.07.

Heimatverein Darmstädter Heiner e.V.

Power Tower, Wilde Maus, Top Spin, Geisterbahn,

Shake, Cyber Space, Wellenflug, Happy

Sailor, Konga, Take Off, Riesenrad, Aqua

Labyrinth, Magic House

Participants: ca. 240

84140 Gangkofen

■ Volksfest until 08.07.

88471 Laupheim

■ Kinder- und Heimatfest

until 07.07.


Riesenrad, Breakdance, Cobra, Transformer,

Silbermine, Sky Trip, Big Spin, Freddy’s Circus,

Wellenflug, Simulator, Bungee-Trampolin

Participants: ca. 40

CH Aarau

■ Jugendfest/Maienzug until 06.07.


02733 Cunewalde

■ Volksfest until 06.07.

03130 Spremberg

■ Brandenburgtag

until 06.07.


Riesenrad, Jet Force, Raupenbahn, Geisterbahn,

Magic, Drop Attack, Tornado


03222 Lübbenau

■ Spreewaldfest until 06.07.

Lausitzer Schaustellerverband/H.Probst

04808 Wurzen

Parkfest until 06.07.


Breakdance, Geisterbahn, Comic Trip

04936 Schlieben

■ Moienmarkt until 06.07.

06249 Mücheln/Geiseltal

■ Stadt- und St.-Jakobusfest

until 06.07.


06542 Allstedt

■ Lindenmarkt until 07.07.


Riesenrad, Breakdance, Kettenflieger, Rutsche,


06667 Weißenfels

■ Sommerfest until 06.07.


06844 Dessau

■ Leopoldsfest until 06.07.

07349 Lehesten

■ Bergmannsfest until 06.07.

09111 Chemnitz

■ Pressefest until 06.07.

16244 Schorfheide-Finowfurt

■ Flösserfest until 06.07.


17438 Wolgast

■ Hafentage until 06.07.

Großmarkt Rostock GmbH

Hyper X, Breakdance, Rutsche, House of Horror

Participants: ca. 70

24768 Rendsburg

■ Sommermarkt until 07.07.


30169 Hannover

■ Schützenfest until 13.07.

Hannoversches Schützenfest eV.

Riesenrad, Wilde Maus, Kick Down, Gladiator,

Der Burner, Wildwasserbahn, Teststrecke,

Wellenflug, Breakdance, Musik Express, Polyp,

Shaker, Go-Kartbahn, Artistico, Mäusestadt,

Hot Shot, Altweibermühle, Live Boxen,

Fun Street, Down Town, Crazy Outback, Omni,

Geisterschlange, Panic Room, Piratenrutsche

Participants: ca. 260

31224 Peine

■ Freischießen until 08.07.


Riesenrad, Sky Dance, Chaos Airport, Nightstyle,Breakdance,


Participants: ca. 80

37308 Heiligenstadt

■ Schützenfest until 06.07.

38640 Goslar

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 13.07.

Volksfest Goslar e.V.

Mega King Tower, Riesenrad, Krake, Breakdance,

Jaguar, Wildwasserbahn, Crazy Mouse,

Magic, Volare, Monster, Hawaii Swing,

Flipper, Tom der Tiger, Psycho, U 3000, Gaudi-Hütt’n,

Horror-Lazarett, Spukschloss

Participants: ca. 300

38895 Langenstein

■ Schützenfest until 06.07.

39397 Kroppenstedt

■ Volks- und Schützenfest

until 06.07.

40468 Düsseldorf-Derendorf

■ Schützenfest until 07.07.

42287 Wuppertal-Barmen

■ Barmer City-Kirmes until 06.07.

42859 Remscheid

■ Kirmes mit Schützen- und

Heimatfest until 08.07.

Schützenverein von 1816/Remscheid

46446 Emmerich

■ Sommerkirmes until 07.07.


Remmi Demmi, Salto Mortale, Phoenix, Musik

Express, Bungee-Trampolin

Participants: ca. 65

48432 Rheine-Mesum

■ Kirmes until 06.07.

51429 Bergisch Gladbach

■ Moitzfelder Platzer Kirmes

until 06.07.

52222 Stolberg

■ Kupferstädter Stadtkirmes

until 07.07.

SDSA GmbH/Aachen

56626 Andernach

■ Europafest until 06.07.


Beach Party, Riesenrad, G-Force

57439 Attendorn/Sauerland

■ Schützenfest until 07.07.

57610 Altenkirchen

■ Schützenfest until 07.07.

ArGe Müller-Klinge/Urmitz

58791 Werdohl

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 07.07.

Schaustellerbetr. H.Langhoff/Plettenberg

65203 Wiesbaden-Biebrich

■ Gibber Kerb mit Mosbacher

Markt until 07.07.

Gibber Kerbegesellschaft

Taiga Jet, Geisterbahn, Go-Kartbahn, Disco

Fieber, Katz & Maus, Kinder-Achterbahn, Booster,

Musik Express, Hip Hop Fly, Fantastic

World, Water-Walkingballs, Bungee-Trampolin,

Rio, Breakdance, Air-Crash

Participants: ca. 120

65343 Eltville/Rhein

■ Sekt- und Biedermeierfest

until 07.07.

66424 Homburg/Saar

■ Jägersburger Strandfest

until 07.07.


71032 Böblingen

■ Sommerfest until 06.07.

72574 Bad Urach

■ Sommerfest until 07.07.

73441 Bopfingen

■ Ipfmesse until 08.07.


Devil Rock, Irrgarten, Dschungel Train, Wellenflug

75015 Bretten

■ Peter-und-Paul-Fest until 07.07.

82008 Unterhaching

■ Bürgerfest until 13.07.

88069 Tettnang

■ Monfortfest until 06.07.


Tornado, Disco-Flyer, Adrenalin

88422 Bad Buchau

■ Kinder- und Heimatfest

until 07.07.


90431 Nürnberg-Großreuht

■ Großreuther Kärwa until 08.07.

Zelte Schuhmann Cadolzburg

90766 Fürth-Hardhöhe

■ Sommerfest until 09.07.


91074 Herzogenaurach

■ Sommerkirchweih until 13.07.


91207 Lauf/Pegnitz

■ Kunigundenfest until 08.07.


91315 Höchstadt/Aisch

■ Kirchweih until 08.07.


Star Dancer, Simulator

91792 Ellingen

■ Brauereifest until 07.07.

91799 Langenaltheim

■ Kirchweih until 07.07.

94481 Grafenau

■ Volksfest until 09.07.


Sky Rocker, Roll Over, Irrgarten

95111 Rehau

■ Wiesenfest until 08.07.

95632 Wunsiedel

■ Volks- und Wiesenfest until 08.07.

96199 Zapfendorf

■ Kirchweih until 07.07.

97076 Würzburg

■ Kiliani-Volksfest until 20.07.


Riesenrad, Sky Fall, The King, Predator, Techno

Power, Breakdance, American Swing,

Wildwasserbahn, Wilde Maus, Freddy’s Company,

Old Shining House, Fahrt zur Hölle

Participants: ca. 72

B Namur=Namen

■ Foire Foraine de Juillet until 28.07.

CH Adliswil

■ Chilbi until 06.07.

CH Agno/Tessin

■ Luna-Park until 03.08.

CH Arbon

■ Seenachtsfest until 06.07.

F Argelès-sur-Mer

■ Luna Park until 31.08.

F Douai

■ Fête Foraine de Gayant

until 15.07.

F Fréjus

■ Luna Park until 31.08.

GB Cambridge

■ Big Weekend until 07.07.

NL Best

■ Kermis until 08.07.

NL Den Helder

■ Zomerkermis until 13.07.

NL Rhenen

■ Rijnweekkermis until 12.07.

NL Zevenaar

■ Kermis until 08.07.


40489 Düsseldorf-Kaiserwerth

■ Schützenfest until 07.07.


41414 Neuss-Holzheim

■ Schützenfest until 08.07.

44357 Dortmund-Bodelschwingh

■ Kirmes until 07.07.


Schwanenflieger, Simulator, Riesenrad, X-

Factor, Shaker, Breakdance

Participants: ca. 80

46459 Rees

■ Schützenfest until 07.07.


47877 Willich-Neersen

■ Schützenfest until 07.07.

48703 Stadtlohn

■ Kirmes until 07.07.

48734 Reken

■ Schützenfest mit Kirmes

until 07.07.

49413 Dinklage

■ Sommerkirmes until 07.07.


51709 Marienheide

■ Kirmes und Schützenfest

until 07.07.


57413 Finnentrop

■ Schützenfest until 07.07.

59846 Sundern

■ Schützenfest until 07.07.

66265 Heusweiler

■ Kirmes until 07.07.


66773 Schwalbach-Ensdorf

■ Kirmes until 08.07.

66787 Wadgassen

■ Kirmes until 08.07.

67245 Lambsheim

■ Kirchweih until 07.07.


76684 Östringen

■ Jahrmarkt until 08.07.


96515 Sonneberg

■ Vogelschießen until 13.07.


Magic, Breakdance, Kettenflieger

Participants: ca. 30

B Sint-Niklaas=St.Nicolas

■ Zomerkermis until 20.07.

F Aiguillon-sur-Mer, L'

■ Adventure Park until 31.08.

F Barcarès, Le

■ Luna Park until 31.08.




F Canet-en-Roussillon

■ American Park until 31.08.

F Cap d'Agde, le

■ Luna Park until 31.08.

F Damgan

■ Luna Park until 31.08.

F Dinard

■ Luna Park de la Côte

d' Emeraude until 31.08.

F Marseillan

■ Parc d'Attractions until 31.08.

F Mimizan

■ Luna Parc until 31.08.

F Palmyre, la

■ Lunapark until 31.08.

F Sables d'Olonne, Les

■ Luna Park Baie de Cayola

until 31.08.

F Saint-George d'Oleron

■ Luna Park l'île d'Oleron

until 31.08.

F Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie

■ Fête Foraine until 31.08.

F Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez

■ Beau Land Luna Park until 31.08.

F Saint-Tropez

■ Azur Park until 31.08.

F Saint-Vincent-sur-Jard

■ Festy Park until 31.08.

F Valras-Plage

■ Luna Park, Azuriland until 07.09.

F Vias-Plage

■ Euro-Park until 31.08.

NL Laren ('t Gooi)

■ Kermis until 10.07.

NL Uitgeest

■ Kermis until 09.07.


ES Pamplona

■ Fiesta de San Fermin until 15.07.


GB Buckley, North Wales

■ Fun Fair until 08.07.

NL Harderwijk

■ Zomerkermis until 19.07.


GB Burnley, Lancs

■ St. Peter's Wakes Fair

until 13.07.

GB Buxton, Derbys

■ Well Dressing Fair until 13.07.

GB Holsworthy, Devon

■ St Peters Fair until 12.07.


04420 Markranstädt

■ Kinder- und Stadtfest until 14.07.

29614 Soltau

■ Schützen-Volksfest until 13.07.

34560 Fritzlar

■ Pferdemarkt until 13.07.


49843 Uelsen

■ Volks- und Schützenfest

until 15.07.

67343 Speyer

■ Brezelfest until 15.07.


Booster Maxxx, Riesenrad, Breakdance, Voodoo

Jumper, Wellenflug, Taiga Jet, Sky Glider,

Water-Walkingballs, Bungee-Trampolin, Rutsche,

Chaos Airport

Participants: ca. 100

84155 Bodenkirchen

■ Volkfest until 14.07.

84478 Waldkraiburg

■ Volksfest until 21.07.


Riesenrad, Freak, Wildwasserbahn, Atlantis,

Wellenflug, Water-Walkingballs, Bayern-Breaker

Participants: ca. 40

93449 Waldmünchen

■ Heimatfest until 14.07.

CH Lenzburg

■ Jugendfest mit Lunapark

until 13.07.

GB Hayes, London

■ Carnival until 13.07.

GB Littlehampton, W.Sussex

■ Carnival until 14.07.


01307 Dresden

■ Vogelwiese until 21.07.

Dresdner Schaustellerverband e.V.

Riesenrad, Breakdance, Top In Express, Drop

Attack, Geisterbahn, Big Wave

Participants: ca. 40

06369 Wulfen

■ Heimatfest until 14.07.


06928 Schweinitz/Jessen

■ Schul- und Heimatfest until 13.07.

Heimatfestverein Schweinitz

09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna

■ Stadtparkfest until 20.07.

Stadt & MSV/Chemnitz

15234 Frankfurt/Oder

■ Bunter Hering until 13.07.

BSV GmbH/Berlin

17192 Waren/Müritz

■ Müritzfest until 13.07.

18546 Saßnitz

■ Rügener Hafentage until 13.07.

Großmarkt Rostock GmbH

Riesenrad, Hyper X, Breakdance, Shaker, Rutsche,

House of Horror

24340 Eckernförde

■ Sprottentage until 13.07.

26427 Esens

■ Volks- und Schützenfest

until 15.07.

26452 Sande

■ Sander Markt until 14.07.

34393 Grebenstein

■ Vieh- und Jahrmarkt until 14.07.

37115 Duderstadt

■ Schützenfest until 15.07.

40545 Düsseldorf-Oberkassel

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 20.07.

St.Sebestianus Schützenver. Düsseldorf

Wildwasserbahn, Kristallpalast, Geisterstadt,

Kettenflieger, Lach+Freu-Haus, Spinning Racer,

Rotor, Nessy, Flasher, Looping the Loop,

Riesenrad, Schloss Dracula, Wilde Maus, Konga,

Wellenflug, Höllenblitz, Happy Sailor, Fight

Club, Alpina-Bahn, Breakdance, Daemonium,

Circus Circus, Toboggan, High Energy, Breakdance,

Super Chaos, Alex Airport, Big Bamboo,

Rio Rapidos, Krumm & Schief Bau, Raupenbahn,

Super-.Rutsche, Big Monster, City

Skyliner, Shake, XXL Fun House, Power Tower,

High Impress, Villa Wahnsinn

Participants: ca. 380

45131 Essen-Rüttenscheid

■ Gruga Sommerfest until 20.07.

46514 Schermbeck

■ Kirmes mit Schützenfest

until 15.07.

47877 Willich

■ Schützenfest und Kirmes

until 15.07.

48329 Havixbeck

■ Kirmes until 13.07.


51597 Morsbach/Sieg

■ Kirmes until 14.07.


54295 Trier-Zurlauben

■ Moselfest until 14.07.


54411 Hermeskeil

■ Hermeskeiler Stadtwoche

until 20.07.

54634 Bitburg/Eifel

■ Europäisches Folklore-Festival

until 14.07.

55758 Veitsrod/Herrstein

■ Prämienmarkt until 14.07.

56841 Traben-Trarbach

■ Moselweinfestival until 14.07.

57537 Wissen

■ Schützenfest until 14.07.


Participants: ca. 30

Flip Fly, Achterbahn, Breakdance, Hollywood


59387 Ascheberg-Herbern

■ Benediktus-Kirmes until 13.07.


64743 Beerfelden

■ Pferdemarkt until 14.07.

65029 Wiesbaden-Schierstein

■ Schiersteiner Hafenfest

until 14.07.

Riesenrad, Polyp, Katz & Maus, Hip Hop Fly,

Geistervilla, Breakdance, Air-Crash

66640 Blieskastel-Webenheim

■ Webenheimer Bauernfest

until 21.07.

Reiterverein Blieskastel

Rio, Polyp, Breakdance, Chaos, Go-Kartbahn,

Flipper, Achterbahn

Participants: ca. 60

67063 Ludwigshafen

■ Stadtfest until 13.07.


82418 Murnau/Staffelsee

■ Festwoche until 20.07.


XXL-Krake, Kettenflieger, Doggy Dog

Participants: ca. 15

83052 Bruckmühl

■ Volksfest until 20.07.


84048 Mainburg

■ Hopfenfest until 14.07.


The Beast, Super-Hupferl, Happy Monster,


Participants: ca. 50

84416 Taufkirchen/Vils

■ Volksfest until 20.07.


85586 Poing

■ Volksfest

until 20.07.

Furch Veranstaltungs GmbH/Haag i.OB

87600 Kaufbeuren

■ Tänzelfest

until 21.07.

Tänzelfestverein e.V.

Kettenflieger, Free Style, Domino, Musik Express,

Flipper, Mondlift

Participants: ca. 30

87746 Erkheim

■ Volksfest mit Krammarkt

until 14.07.

88250 Weingarten

■ Welfenfest/Schüler- und Heimatfest

until 15.07.

Stadt & H.Gebauer/Konstanz

Intoxx, Transformer, Hopser, Freddy’s Circus,

Magic, Dschungel Train, Wellenflug, Simulator

Participants: ca. 25

88316 Isny

■ Volksfest, Kinder- und Heimatfest

until 14.07.


Adrenalin, Crazy Town, Shake, Silbermine,


89077 Ulm

■ Ulmer Volksfest until 21.07.

I.G. Ulmer Volksfest

90427 Nürnberg-Almoshof

■ Kirchweih until 15.07.

90427 Nürnberg-Buch

■ Kirchweih until 16.07.

Closed on Tuesday

91217 Hersbruck

■ Sommerfest until 20.07.

Closed from Tuesday to Thursday

91220 Schnaittach

■ Schnaittacher Kirchweih

until 14.07.

91522 Ansbach

■ Kirchweih, Sommerfest

until 16.07.

ArGe der Stammbeschicker/Nürnberg

Top Spin, Walk of Fame, Riesenrad


91575 Windsbach

■ Kirchweih until 14.07.

48465 Schüttorf

■ Kirmes until 14.07.


91753 Treuchtlingen

■ Volksfest until 20.07.


93176 Beratzhausen

■ Volksfest until 14.07.

94107 Untergriesbach

■ Volkfest until 14.07.

94244 Teisnach

■ Volksfest until 14.07.

94327 Bogen

■ Volksfest until 15.07.


94419 Reisbach

■ Volksfest until 15.07.

95158 Kirchenlamitz

■ Volks- und Wiesenfest

until 14.07.

95213 Münchberg

■ Wiesenfest until 14.07.

96215 Lichtenfels

■ Schützenfest

until 20.07.

Stadt/Platzmeister D.Brandmeier

Space Party, Roll Over, High Explosive, Heisse

Räder, Bayernwippe, Aqua Velis, Simulator,


Participants: ca. 40

CH Männedorf

■ Chilbi until 13.07.

NL Asten

■ Kermis until 15.07.

NL Dongen

■ Kermis until 15.07.

NL Helmond

■ Zomerkermis until 16.07.

NL Oisterwijk

■ Kermis until 16.07.

NL Utrecht

■ Maliebaan-Festival-Kermis

until 16.07.


07318 Saalfeld

■ Volksfest

until 21.07.

Stadt+Schaustellerfachverband Thüringen

Breakdance, Jaguar, Happy Butterfly, Kettenflieger,

Jump Street, Simulator, Crazy Trip

31558 Hagenburg

■ Schützenfest until 14.07.

41198 Mönchengladbach-Wickrath

■ Kirmes until 14.07.


41466 Neuss-Reuschenberg

■ Schützenfest until 15.07.

47198 Duisburg-Homberg

■ Kirmes until 14.07.

47533 Kleve

■ Großkirmes

until 20.07.


Skater, Love Express, Simulator, Ghost, Pharaos

Rache, Salto Mortale, Riesenrad, Breakdance,

Euro Coaster, Water-Walkingballs

66679 Losheim am See

■ Kirmes until 15.07.

66740 Saarlouis-Roden

■ Donatuskirmes until 15.07.

80639 München-Nymphenburg

■ Magdalenenfest

until 20.07.

BLVMS & ArGe Magdalenenfest

85748 Garching

■ Bürgerfestwoche until 21.07.

89340 Leipheim

■ Kinderfest until 14.07.


Breakdance, Street Style, Musik Express, X-

Flight, Sweety Star, Water-Walkingballs

Participants: ca. 50

94227 Zwiesel

■ Grenzlandfest until 20.07.


Sky Rocker, Super-Gaudi, Breakdance, Kettenflieger,

Bavaria Dance

Participants: ca. 25

95100 Selb

■ Wiesenfest until 14.07.

95119 Naila

■ Volks- und Wiesenfest

until 14.07.

F Bruay-la-Buissière

■ Fête Foraine until 20.07.

F Fos-sur-Mer

Park d'Attractions

until 24.08.

GB Leicester

■ Abbey Park Pleasure Beach

until 31.08.

NL Panningen

■ Kermis until 16.07.

NL Schijndel

■ Zomerkermis until 16.07.


85375 Neufahrn/Freising

■ Volksfest until 20.07.

Festzeltbetrieb G.Widmann GmbH/Freising


31655 Stadthagen

■ Schützenfest until 20.07.

34537 Bad Wildungen

■ Kram- und Viehmarkt until 19.07.


Star Club, Breakdance, Take Off, Twister-Coaster,

Adrenalin, Bungee-Trampolin

Participants: ca. 160

A Guntramsdorf

■ Jakobitage until 28.07.

NL Texel-De Koog

■ Kermis until 20.07.


34466 Wolfhagen

■ Vieh- und Krammarkt until 20.07.


Ultimate, Airgate, Shaker, Top Spin, Muik-

Shop, Spukschloss

Participants: ca. 140

37287 Wehretal-Reichensachsen

■ Wichtelfest until 21.07.

48143 Münster

■ Sommersend until 21.07.


85591 Vaterstetten

■ Volksfest until 22.07.

88045 Friedrichshafen

■ Seehasenfest

until 21.07.


Octopussy, Shake, Riesenrad, Booster Maxxx,

Wellenflug, Safari Express, Phoenix, Future

World, Intoxx, Swiss Tower

88340 Bad Saulgau

■ Bächtlefest until 21.07.

CH Genève=Genf

■ Fêtes de Genève

until 10.08.

DK Vorbasse

■ Vorbasse Marked

until 19.07.

NL Meppel

■ Zomerkermis until 24.07.


02279 Großschönau

■ Grußschinner Schissn until 21.07.


08280 Aue

■ Stadtfest until 20.07.


09306 Rochlitz

■ Inselfest until 20.07.


17489 Greifswald-Wieck

■ Fischerfest until 20.07.

Großmarkt Rostock GmbH

Riesenrad, Hyper X, Breakdance, Rutsche,

Drachen, House of Horror

Participants: ca. 150

18556 Wiek/Rügen

■ 700-Jahr-Feier

until 20.07.

Festwirt Thomas Holtz/Barth


26409 Wittmund

■ Bürgermarkt

until 20.07.

Bürger- und Verkehrsverein Wittmund e.V.

26721 Emden

■ Delft- und Hafenfest

until 20.07.

29223 Celle

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 22.07.

30836 Langenhagen

■ Stadtfest

until 20.07.

33154 Salzkotten

■ Schützenfest

until 21.07.

37073 Göttingen

■ Schützenfest until 21.07.

H.Theile/Bad Gandersheim

37441 Bad Sachsa

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 20.07.

Schützengesellschaft Bad Sachsa

38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

■ Clausthaler Volks- und Schützenfest

until 21.07.

Schützengesellschaft Clausthal e.V.

38855 Wernigerode/Harz

■ Sachsen-Anhalt-Tage until 20.07.

47665 Sonsbeck

■ Kirmes until 21.07.

48712 Gescher-Hochmoor

■ Kirmes und Schützenfest

until 20.07.

49196 Bad Laer

■ Schützenfest until 21.07.


50321 Brühl

■ Margaretenkirmes until 21.07.

Wepag Veranstaltangs GmbH/Brühl

50679 Köln-Deutz

■ Schützenfest until 20.07.


53902 Bad Münstereifel

■ Kirmes until 21.07.


54329 Konz

■ Heimat- und Weinfest until 21.07.


54492 Zelting-Rachtig

■ Rachtiger Weinkirmes

until 21.07.


58642 Iserlohn-Letmathe

■ Kiliankirmes until 21.07.


Disco Dance, Flip Fly, Musik Express, Rutsche,

Aqua King, Gladiator, Breakdance, Wellenflug,

Berg & Tal, Gaudi-Hütt’n

Participants: ca. 140

59302 Oelde

■ Margaretenkirmes until 20.07.

Stadt & A.Schneider/Lippstadt

61231 Bad Nauheim-Steinfurt

■ Rosenfest until 21.07.

Andreas & Sandy Walldorf/Giessen

64711 Erbach

■ Wiesenmarkt, Eulbacher Markt

until 27.07.


Mega King Tower, Voodoo Jumper, Crazy

Mouse, Avenger, Chaos Airport, Wellenflug,

Riesenrad, Drop Zone, Mäusestadt

65366 Geisenheim/Rhein

■ Lindenfest until 21.07.

71364 Winnenden

■ City Treff until 21.07.


72379 Hechingen

■ Irma-West Kinder- und Heimatfest

until 21.07.

Irma-West-Gemeinschaft e.V.



74575 Schrozberg

■ Jacobifest

until 21.07.

Veranstaltungsbüro E.Gührer/Schrozberg

76461 Muggensturm

■ Volks- und Heimatfest

until 21.07.

78315 Radolfzell

■ Hausherrenfest

until 21.07.

85088 Vohburg/Donau

■ Volksfest until 21.07.

86551 Aichach

■ Volksfest

until 28.07.

Brauerei Kühbach

86558 Hohenwart

■ Volksfest until 21.07.

Fa. Walter Neumüller/Holzheim

88400 Biberach/Riss

■ Schützenfest

until 27.07.

Schützendirektion Biberach

Breakdance, Wellenflug, Riesenrad, Wilde

Maus, Monsterhaus, X-Factory, Top Spin, Geheimnisse

des Orients, Simulator, Schnee-Circus,


90537 Feucht

■ Kirchweih until 23.07.

Markt Feucht

Super-Hupferl, Happy Butterfly

90571 Schwaig

■ Kirchweih until 22.07.

90587 Oberasbach-Altenberg

■ Volksfest until 22.07.

90766 Fürth-Eigenes Heim

■ Kirchweih until 21.07.


91550 Dinkelsbühl

■ Kinderzeche until 23.07.


Cobra, Horror-World, Taumler, Around the

World, Simulator

94157 Perlesreut

■ Schmalzlerfest

until 21.07.

J.& E.Braun GbR/Burgthann

94239 Ruhmansfelden

■ Volksfest until 21.07.


94428 Eichendorf-Adldorf

Parkfest until 22.07.

Brauerei Arco Valley GmbH

95126 Schwarzenbach/Saale

■ Schützen- und Wiesenfest

until 21.07.

95163 Weißenstadt

■ Wiesenfest

until 22.07.

Manfred Fertsch/Lauertal

96148 Baunach

■ Altstadtkirchweih

until 21.07.

96337 Ludwigsstadt

■ Schützenfest until 22.07.

96515 Sonneberg-Oberlind

■ Oberlinder Kirchweih until 21.07.


Magic, Kettenflieger

Participants: ca. 20

A Altmünster

■ Bierzeltfest und Kirtag

until 21.07.

CH Brunnen

■ Chilbi until 21.07.

F Frontignan

■ Luna Park

until 31.08.

GB Gloucester

■ Summer Festival Carnival

until 03.08.

NL Tilburg

■ Kermis until 27.07.

2 x Achterbahn, Flying Jump, Hangover, Rutsche,

Pirates Adventure, 2 x Polyp, Booster

Maxxx, Water-Walkingballs, Riesenrad, Wildwasserbahn,

Ice Jet, Monster, Sound Machine,

Teststrecke, Booster, 2 x Breakdance, Inversion

XXL, Jumper, Katapult, Pirates of the

Carribean, Event Tower, X-Factory, Haunted

Mansion, U 3000, Der Burner, Mini Racer,

Snow Jet, Turbine, Cake Walk, Das Omen

NL Uden

■ Kermis until 27.07.

NL Valkenswaard

■ Kermis until 23.07.

NL Vlissingen

■ Kermis until 27.07.


49624 Löningen

■ Volks- und Schützenfest

until 21.07.

63785 Obernburg

■ Eisenbacher Mirabellenfest

until 21.07.

Wasser- und Bodenverband Hardt

66578 Schiffweiler

■ Kirmes until 22.07.

69118 Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen

■ Kirchweih

until 21.07.


74889 Sinsheim/Elsenz

■ Kerwe until 20.07.


88299 Leutkirch/Allgäu

■ Kinderfest

until 22.07.


Riesenrad, Schlittenfahrt, VIP, Bungee-Trampolin

92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg

■ Sankt-Anna-Fest

until 27.07.

95152 Selbitz

■ Heimat- und Wiesenfest

until 22.07.


B Brussel=Bruxelles=Brüssel

■ Foor until 24.08.

F Abbeville

■ Foire de la Madeleine

until 03.08.

F Calais

■ Foire d'Eté until 17.08.

F Mulhouse

■ Foire Kermesse

until 17.08.

GB Bedford

■ River Festival until 20.07.

GB Kingsbridge, Devon

■ Charter Fair until 26.07.


66798 Wallerfangen

■ Kirmes until 22.07.


GB Rathven, Banff.

■ Rathvan Market, Peter Fair

until 25.07.


18435 Stralsund

■ Wallensteintage

until 27.07.

Meisel-Peters GbR/Anklam

18581 Putbus-Lauterbach

■ Hafenfest until 27.07.

Thomas Holtz/Barth

Riesenrad, Tornado

Participants: ca. 30

55619 Hennweiler

■ Hennweiler Markt

until 28.07.

73655 Plüderhausen

■ Festtage until 28.07.

Karl Kritz KG/Stuttgart

84072 Au/Hallertau

■ Volksfest until 28.07.

85391 Allershausen

■ Volksfest until 27.07.

86156 Augsburg

■ Jakober Kirchweih until 27.07.


88239 Wangen/Allgäu

■ Kinderfest until 27.07.


Riesenrad, Tornado, Simulator, Bungee-Trampolin

96328 Küps

■ St. Jakobi Kirchweih until 28.07.

GB Glasgow

■ Green Fair until 03.08.


02727 Neugersdorf

■ Jakobimarkt, Gierschdurfer

Schiss'n until 30.07.

Linke GbR Neugersdorf

Riesenrad, Jet Force, Eclipse, Rutsche, Wildwasserbahn,

Breakdance, Shake, Musikladen,

Geisterbahn, Drachen, Drop Attack. Fliegender

Teppich, Crazy Outback, Crazy Trip

Participants: ca. 250

08228 Rodewisch

■ Kirmes until 28.07.

10557 Berlin-Mitte-Moabit

■ Deutsch-Amerikanisches

Volksfest until 17.08.


Riesenrad, Hyper X, Around the World, Crazy

Mouse, Booster, Commander, Breakdance,

Melodie Star, Gaudi-Schunkler, Kettenflieger,

Nessi, Tal der Könige, Gaudi Hütt’n, Mäuseschloss,

Horror House, Water-Walkingballs

17373 Ueckermünde

■ Hafftage until 27.07.

Großmarkt Rostock GmbH

Riesenrad, No Limit, Breakdance, Speedy

Gonzales, House of Horror

Participants: ca. 70

17449 Karlshagen

■ Hafenfest until 27.07.

Großmarkt Rostock GmbH

Shaker, Rutsche, Drachen

Participants: ca. 50

18556 Dranske/Rügen

■ 700-Jahr-Feier until 27.07.

Festwirt Thomas Holtz/


19273 Neuhaus/Elbe

■ Volks- und Schützenfest

until 27.07.

20359 Hamburg

■ Dom-Hummelfest

until 24.08.

Behörde für Wirtschaft Verkehr Innovation

Wellenflug, Airwolf, Wilde Maus XXL, Geisterhotel,

Gladiator, Wildwasserbahn, Tanz der

Vampire, Viva Mexico, Sky Dance, Action,

Love Dream, Frisbee, Dom-Dancer, Riesenrad,

Münchner Rutsch’n, Atlantis Rafting, Rock

& Roller Coaster, Rocket, Shaker, Dom-Geister,

Kuddel der Hai, Amazonas, Mäuse-Circus,

Happy Family, Fun Street, Omni,, Alpen-

Hotel, 2 x Irrgarten

Participants: ca. 250

24392 Süderbrarup

■ Brarup-Markt

until 29.07.


Flash, Double Jump, Breakdance, Schlittenfahrt,


31538 Bad Nenndorf

■ Schützenfest

until 27.07.

34289 Zierenberg

■ Viehmarktfest

until 27.07.

34519 Diemelsee-Adorf

■ Adorfer Kram- und Viehmarkt

until 27.07.

Gemeinde Diemelsee Touristinf.

35236 Breidenbach

■ Zeltkirmes

until 28.07.

Swoboda GbR/Frankfurt

36037 Fulda

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 03.08.

Distel GmbH Veranstaltungen/München

Bungee-Trampolin, Top Spin, Mäusestadt,

Flip Fly, Hot Shot, Time Factory, Psychodelic,

Starlight, High Impress

38700 Braunlage

■ Schützenfest

until 28.07.

42499 Hückeswagen

■ Schützenfest

until 28.07.


44379 Dortmund-Marten

■ MaVoFe, Martener Volksfest

until 28.07.

Schausteller-Verein Rote Erde

51381 Leverkusen-Opladen

■ Innenstadtkirmes mit Stadtfest

until 28.07.


Love Express, Sky Trip, Simulator, Brasil, Riesenrad,


53347 Alfter

■ Sommerkirmes until 28.07.


53572 Unkel

■ St.-Pantaleons-Kirmes

until 28.07.

54497 Morbach

■ Sankt-Anna-Kirmes

until 29.07.

54568 Gerolstein

■ Sankt-Anna-Kirmes

until 28.07.


55218 Ingelheim-Frei Weinheim

■ Hafenfest until 28.07.


55442 Stromberg

■ Kirmes until 28.07.


58339 Breckerfeld

■ Jakobus-Kirmes until 28.07.

58809 Neuenrade

■ Schützenfest until 28.07.

65589 Hadamar

■ Kerb until 28.07.

65760 Eschborn

■ Wiesenfest until 28.07.


74523 Schwäbisch Hall

■ Jakobimarkt until 28.07.

P+L Event GmbH/Bechhofen

The King, Walk of Fame, Space Party, Breakdance,

Top Spin, Intoxx, Taiga Jet, Domino

Participants: ca. 50

82538 Geretsried

■ Volksfest until 03.08.

84163 Marklkofen-Steinberg

■ Seefest until 28.07.

85084 Reichertshofen

■ Paarfest until 28.07.


Bavaria Dance

Participants: ca. 15

86609 Donauwörth-Nordheim

■ Schützenfest until 27.07.


86633 Neuburg/Donau

■ Volksfest

until 03.08.


Freestyle, Flipper, Berg & Tal, Top Spin, Wellenflug,


Participants: ca. 40

86732 Oettingen

■ Kirchweih until 28.07.

86911 Dießen/Ammersee

■ Gautrachtenfest

until 28.07.


88212 Ravensburg

■ Rutenfest until 29.07.


Rio Rapidos, Transformer, Lach+Freu-Haus,

Devil Rock, Riesenrad, Nessy, Musik Express,

Wellenflug, Traumgenerator

Participants: ca. 100

89584 Ehingen

■ Kinderfest until 28.07.


Joker, Schlittenfahrt, Freddy’s Circus

90411 Nürnberg-Ziegelstein

■ Kirchweih until 03.08.

Closed on Tuesday

90453 Nürnberg-Reichelsdorf

■ Kirchweih

until 29.07.

90584 Allersberg

■ Kirchweih until 28.07.

90768 Fürth-Burgfarrnbach

■ Kirchweih until 30.07.


91171 Greding

■ Volksfest until 28.07.

91301 Forchheim

■ Annafest until 04.08.


Black Out, Fahrt zur Hölle, Jumper, Wildwasserbahn,

Riesenrad, Star Dancer, Disco Swing

Participants: ca. 80

91572 Bechhofen an der Heide

■ Kirchweih

until 28.07.

91788 Pappenheim

■ Volksfest until 28.07.

92345 Dietfurt

■ Volksfest until 29.07.

Heiko Perz/Fürth

93413 Cham

■ Volksfest until 04.08.

Volksfestverein Cham

94209 Regen

■ Pichelsteinerfest

until 30.07.

Verein Pichelsteiner e.V.

Riesenrad, Maxximum, Route 66, Kettenflieger,

Scheibenwischer, Simulator, The Beast,


Participants: ca. 40

94535 Eging am See

■ Volksfest

until 29.07.

95030 Hof

■ Volksfest until 03.08.


Magic House, Hex’n Wippn, Wellenflug, Riesenrad,

Wildwasserbahn, Kick Down, Breakdance,

Artistico, Top Spin

Participants: ca. 55

96346 Wallenfels

■ Kirchweih until 28.07.

97816 Lohr/Main

■ Spessartfestwoche

until 03.08.


Wellenflug, XXL Fun House, G-Force, Big

Wave, Wildwasserbahn, Bayern-Breaker

97877 Wertheim

■ Altstadtfest until 27.07.

GB London

■ Summer Season Fair

until 07.09.

GB London-West

■ Sheperd's Bush Summer Fair

until 03.08.

NL Renesse

■ Kermis until 30.07.


28865 Lilienthal

■ Schützenfest until 28.07.

33098 Paderborn

■ Libori-Kirmes until 03.08.


Riesenrad, Jekyll & Hyde, Alex Airport, Skater,

Take Off, Daemonium, Looping the Loop, Big

Bamboo, Musik Express, Simulator, Bungee-

Trampolin, Mäuse-Spektakel

Participants: ca. 130

46354 Südlohn-Oeding

■ Kirmes until 28.07.


47533 Kleve-Materborn

■ Kirmes until 29.07.

Stadt Kleve

47546 Kalkar

■ Schützen-Kirmes until 29.07.


47829 Krefeld-Uerdingen

■ Stadtfest until 29.07.


48629 Metelen

■ Altstadtkirmes until 28.07.


49477 Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck

■ Kirmes until 28.07.


52349 Düren

■ Annakirmes until 03.08.


Go-Kartbahn,1001 Nacht, Booster, Riesenrad,

XXL, Geisterbahn, Willy der Wurm, Wellenflug,

Wilde Maus, Sky Fall, Star Flyer, Fünfer-Looping,

Remmi Demmi, The Game, Octopussy,

Playball, Super Marci World, Fahrt ins Paradies

58640 Iserlohn-Sümmern

■ Schützenfest until 28.07.


59387 Ascheberg

■ Jakobi-Kirmes until 28.07.


Wellenflug, Spaßmobil, Adrenalin, Salto Mortale,

Musik-Shop, Jump Street, Bungee-Trampolin,

Wilder Clown, Water-Walkingballs

Participants: ca. 130

66583 Spiesen-Elversberg

■ Elversberger Kirmes

until 29.07.

66709 Weiskirchen

■ Kurparkfest und Kirmes

until 28.07.


73779 Deizisau

■ Kinderfest until 28.07.


Olympia-Bob, Schunkler, Geisterbahn

81541 München-Au

■ Sommer-Jacobidult until 03.08.

Stadt, Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft


82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

■ Festwoche Garmisch until 03.08.

95145 Oberkotzau

■ Sommerkirchweih until 28.07.

95509 Marktschorgast

■ Kirchweih until 28.07.

A Ebensee

■ Volksfest Trauneck until 28.07.

B Veurne

■ Boetefoor until 30.07.

F Rethel

■ Les Fêtes de la Sainte-Anne

until 03.08.


A Villach

■ Kirchtag until 03.08.

Amusement Park starts on Wednesday!


NL Franeker

■ PC-Kermis until 04.08.


84032 Altdorf

■ Altdorfer Wiesen until 04.08.


B Bastogne=Bastenaken

■ Kermes Annuelle until 03.08.

GB Maldon, Essex

■ Carnival until 02.08.


18356 Barth

■ Hafenfest until 03.08.

Festwirt Thomas Holtz/Barth

31275 Lehrte

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 03.08.


64579 Gernsheim

■ Rheinisches Fischerfest

until 04.08.

Rheinisches Fischerfest Gernsheim GmbH

Telstar, Mäusestadt, Water-Walkingballs, Bungee-Trampolin,

Riesenrad, Chaos Airport, Polyp,

Wellenflug, Intoxx, Disco-Fieber, Flash

Participants: ca. 100

81929 München

■ Sommerfestival Olympiapark

until 24.08.


86698 Oberndorf/Lech

■ Bezirksmusikfest

until 03.08.


GB Margate

■ Carnival until 10.08.

No responsibility for accuracy!



Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 12 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

zum Abonnementpreis von 96,– € inkl. 7 % MWSt. und Versand (Deutschland)

Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 6 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

zum Abonnementpreis von 51,– € inkl. 7 % MWSt. und Versand (nur innerhalb Deutschlands)

Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 12 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

❑ Europa Normalpost zum Abonnementpreis von 114,– € inkl. Porto und Versand

❑ Europa Luftpost und Übersee zum Abonnementpreis von 126,– € inkl. Porto und Versand

Ich wünsche die angekreuzte Zahlungsweise:

❑ durch Bankeinzug. Die Einzugsermächtigung erlischt mit Kündigung des Abonnements.



❑ gegen Rechnung. Bitte kein Geld einsenden, Rechnung abwarten.

❑ per Kreditkarte. Bitte ankreuzen: ❑ Visa ❑ Mastercard ❑ Diners Club ❑ American Express


gültig bis:

Das Abonnement verlängert sich jeweils um ein weiteres Jahr, wenn es nicht spätestens 6 Wochen vor Ablauf schriftlich gekündigt wurde.



PLZ/Ort Datum Unterschrift

Bitte einsenden an: Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen

Diese Bestellung kann ich innerhalb von 10 Tagen schriftlich bei der Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen widerrufen.

Die Widerrufsfrist beginnt 3 Tage nach Datum des Poststempels meiner Bestellung. Zur Wahrung der Frist genügt das rechtzeitige Absenden.




I order the next 12 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

at a subscription price of 102,– € incl. 7 % MWSt. and postage (Germany)

I order the next 6 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

at a subscription price of 57,– € incl. 7 % MWSt. and postage (Germany)

I order the next 12 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

❑ Europe normal post at a subscription price of 120,– € incl. postage and handling

❑ Europe airmail and other countries at a subscription price of 132,– € incl. postage and handling

❑ I will pay by credit card. ❑ Visa ❑ Mastercard ❑ Diners Club ❑ American Express

Card Nr.:

Expiry Date:

❑ I require an invoice.

The subscription is automatically extended a further year if a written cancellation is not received 6 weeks prior to the end of the subscription.



Postcode/City Date Signature

Please send to: Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen

This subscription order can be called in writing within 10 days by notifying Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen, Germany. The

time limit for cancellation begins 3 day after the date of posting my order. The time limit is ensured and proved by the timely posting of cancellation.




Ihr Partner für das Schaustellergewerbe



D-34613 Ziegenhain • Kasseler Straße 44

Tel. 0 66 91 / 35 36 • Fax: 0 66 91 / 59 97

Moderne Verkaufswagen nach Ihren Wünschen


Ride Model music-boxes direct

from the professionals!


Major Ride Route 66, diameter

18 m. Price 150,000 Euro

(plus VAT in Germany). + 49 (0)

8735/536 or (0)177/6546223

10 different Showman CDs

only 35,- Euro. WÖLK ART.

Tel. 06381/70763

For sale or exchange Kiddie

Coaster for Miami. Contact

Gemi Verlag GmbH – Code

No K02-07/14

New: Construction book and

contract folder, bum bags,

money holders DIN A4 and

other new formats, all articles

with embossed showman

motives. WÖLK ART.

Tel. 06381/70763

Scooter-hall for sale from

15.09.2014. Built 1995. brand

Ninja, 19 x 20 m incl. 19 Scootercars,

public address system,

lighting, facade and tarpaulin.

Help with build up. By negotiation:

75.000 Euro. Hall sale by negotiation:

55.000 Euro. Tel. +49

(0) 664/1016565

Menus, Aprons, and Wallets

in imitation leather with embossing

according to your

requirements. WÖLK ART.

Tel. + 49 (0) 6381/70763





• • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

All types of tarpaulins according to

your requirements, for large and small

ride, show, and walk-through operations

Kiddie Water Sport Ride Heitmann

Original, 10 x 10 m, built

1942, good condition, can tour

immediately, price by negotiation,

only genuine enquiries,

Europe-wide. +49 (0)231/411144

Showmen Anniversary Gifts

and prizes, with engraving if

required. WÖLK ART: + 49 (0)

6381/70763 www.woelkart.de


Searching to purchase Spinning-Coaster

from. Reverchon

or Maurer Söhne with

construction book or TÜV

(transportable) Contact Gemi

Verlag – Code No K01-07/14

Cash buyer searching for

cars from ride type L’Autopede

from Belgium, please offer

all you have. Tel: + 31



Polish manpower – find personnel

from Poland here Tel.



Ride Models & music-boxes

for prizes and anniversaries.

WÖLK ART. Tel. + 49 (0)

6381/70763 www.woelkart.de

Workshop for figures and decoration

assembly. +49 (0)351/

30954190, +49 (0)172/ 3845189



Vrijkenstraat 2

6088 PA Roggel NL

Ph. (0031) 475/492445

Fax (0031) 475/494390




hat Termine frei!

Tel. 0160 - 62 62 063 • www.raklo.de



10 x 4 m, Bj. 2000

LED Beleuchtung

Englisches Spiel

Uhlenbrock Musikanlage

Preis VB

Tel. 0177/7105033



hydraulisch absetzbar

mit 14 x EX1 Elaut, Kasse,

Neonfassade, Fahrgestell,

aufgebaut 7,5 x 4 m.

Anfragen unter Chiffre

K01-06/14 an

Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach,

85291 Reichertshausen

Karussells der Spitzenklasse


Industriestr. 3

44577 Castrop-Rauxel

Tel. 0 23 67/83 37

Fax 0 23 67/17 67

Nach wie vor liefern wir:


Reetdächer, Mauerwerke



Weihnachtsmarkt 2014 in 30851 Langenhagen

28. November bis 21. Dezember 2014

Gesucht werden Kunsthandwerker, Händler mit attraktivem

Warenangebot und außergewöhnlichem Food, Imbissbetriebe.

Bewerbungen müssen enthalten:

• Firmierung und Anschrift des Bewerbers mit Warenangebot bzw. Leistung

• Lichtbild und Größe des Geschäftes (Front, Tiefe, Höhe)

• Stromanschlusswert des Geschäftes

Die Verkaufseinheiten können auch von uns gemietet werden.

Bewerbungen interessierter Inhaber von Verkaufsgeschäften an

Karl-Ernst Hartkopf • Forstweg 13 • 31582 Nienburg

Tel. 0163 / 253 37 62 • E-Mail: arndt.firmahartkopf@gmail.com



Suchen Sie noch Geschäfte für Ihre Veranstaltung? Oder haben Sie mit Ihrem Geschäft noch Termine frei? Hier können Sie Ihre Anfrage veröffentlichen.

Für Veranstalter, die bereits in der Kirmes & Park Revue ausgeschrieben haben, ist dieser Service kostenfrei.

Für alle anderen Interessenten beträgt der Preis pro Veröffentlichung: bis 3 Zeilen € 25,- + Mwst., für 4-6 Zeilen € 40,- + Mwst.

Bitte wenden Sie sich an Markus Westner, Fax 08441-498829, E-mail: anzeigen@gemiverlag.de


• Grenadiermarkt in Pirmasens

(30. August bis 4. September): Gesucht

werden noch ein Fahrgeschäft sowie Geisterbahn/Laufgeschäft.


Pirmasens, Frau Hartmann, Tel.: 06331-



• Riesenrad 38 m mit einzigartiger

Weihnachtsfassade/Dekoration hat

Weihnachtsmarkttermin 2014 frei. Tel.

0163/8705503, 0163/5704436

• Super Tower frei am 2. Sonntag im

August und 4. Sonntag im Oktober. Tel.:


• Groß-Geisterbahn (30 x 18 m) hat

noch Termine frei. Tel.: 0170-8061982

• Riesenrad (38 m) frei am 2. und 3.

Sonntag im August. Tel.: 0178-4139834

• Hochfahrgeschäft (Freak Out-

Schaukel) 4. Sonntag im Juli und 4. Sonntag

im September sowie ab Oktober,

Raum Süddeutschland. Kontakt:

www.uebel-und-sachs.de oder Tel. 0171-


• 4-Etagen-Laufgeschäft hat Termine

frei. Tel.: 0178-7228059

• Musik Express frei am 3. und 4.

Sonntag im Juli, 1., 4. und 5. Sonntag im

August und im September. Tel.: 0163-

5405751 od. 0177-3195476

• Kinderschleife (16 x 10 m) frei ab 3.

Sonntag im September und im ganzen

Oktober. Tel.: 0171-5154715

• 2-Etagen-Laufgeschäft frei am 3.,

4. und 5. Sonntag im August sowie 1. und

3. Sonntag im September, Raum Nordund

Mitteldeutschland. Tel.: 0170-


• Kick Down frei am 1. und 2. Sonntag

im November. Tel.: 0178-2024455

• Bungee-Trampolin-Anlage hat

Termine frei. Tel.: 0157-83034461

• Rasantes Rundfahrgeschäft hat

Termine frei. Tel.: 0171-5266995

• Etagen-Belustigung hat Termine

frei. Tel.: 0178-8362951

• Scheibenwischer frei am 4. Sonntag

im September sowie 1., 2. und 4. Sonntag

im Oktober. Tel.: 0170-2333387

•Simulator hat Termine frei. Tel.: 0157-


• Derby-Spiel frei am 3. und 4. Sonntag

im September sowie 3. und 4. Sonntag

im Oktober. Tel.: 0177-2826550

• Water-Walkingballs hat Termine

frei. Tel.: 0157-83034461

• Breakdance frei am 3. und 4. Sonntag

im August. Tel.: 0160-6035215

• „Airgate” (Familien-Hochfahrgeschäft,

20 m, mit Ausflug 23 m) hat noch

Termine frei. Tel.: 0174-8990055

• Willy der Wurm (Familienachterbahn)

hat noch Termine frei. Tel.: 0177-


• Sky Trip hat Termine frei. Tel.: 0178-


• Gladiator hat im September Termine

frei. Tel.: 0031-629546133

• Breakdance frei am 4. Sonntag im August.

Tel.: 0178-5379375

• Laufgeschäft „Ghost” frei am 1., 2.,

3. und 4. Sonntag im August. Tel.: 0178-



Rolf Auf dem Berge


Focal point: traffic law and claims for damages

Am Markt 14

49565 Bramsche

Telephone +49 (0) 54 61 / 30 30

Telefax +49 (0) 54 61 / 26 41

Mobile +49 (0) 1 72 / 301 9694

E-Mail: rae-auf-dem-berge@web.de


Transport – Haftpflicht – Kfz

Altersvorsorge – Unfall – Kranken

Klaus Rübenstrunk

Hagener Straße 244 • 44229 Dortmund

Tel.: (02 31) 9 76 10 20 • Fax: (02 31) 9 76 10 21

Mobil: 0171 / 828 58 68

E-Mail: vb-ruebenstrunk@t-online.de


Gerd Römgens

Expert appraisal for the Showman Industry, Damages,

Conservation of Evidence, and Appraisal Reports

Tel. +49 (0) 171/ 264 89 29 and +49 (0) 2154/208308

Fax: +49 (0) 2154 / 20 83 13

Mail: sv-buero-roemgens@arcor.de

www.sv-roemgens.de u. www.roemgens.de

Gerd Römgens • Jupiterstr. 17 • 47877 Willich






















4 lines:

11,- €

5 lines::

14,- €

6 lines::

17,- €

7 lines::

20,- €

8 lines::

23,- €

9 lines::

26,- €

10 lines::

29,- €



Text price for 1x Edition €

❑ Please insert my advertisment under a code number (Cost 5,– €) €

❑ Specimen copy (5,50 € incl. postage & handling per edition) €

❑ The advertisment should appear for months (Multiply by total price) €

❑ 10 % discount for 12 months ❑ 5 % discount for 6 months €

❑ The total amount can be debited to my credit card, details below. TOTAL €

❑ Visa ❑ Matercard ❑ Diners Club ❑


Christian Name



Expiry date




American Express


rate for

1-3 Lines:

8,- €


(please mark with a cross)

❑ For Sale

❑ Purchase

❑ Job Market

❑ Business


❑ Deadlines

❑ Contacts

❑ Model Construction



please contact us on

Tel. 49 (0 ) 8441/40 22 13

Please send to:

Gemi Verlags GmbH


85291 Reichertshausen

Please complete

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✘ shows where ENGLISH VERSIONS are available

• 01069 Dresden, Wiener Platz 4

• 01097 Dresden-Neustadt, Schlesischer Platz 1

• 01109 Dresden, Wilhelmine-Reichard-Ring 1

• 04109 Leipzig, Hbf, Willy-Brand-Platz 5

• 06112 Halle, Hbf, Bahnhofplatz 1

• 06844 Dessau, Fritz-Hesse-Str. 7

• 10117 Berlin-Friedrichstr., Georgenstr. 14-18

• 10178 Berlin, Alexanderplatz, Dircksenstraße

✘ 10178 Berlin, Ladenzeile / Abgang S-Bahn

• 10243 Berlin, Am Ostbahnhof

• 10623 Berlin, Fernbahnhof Zoo

• 10829 Berlin-Südkreuz/West, Neumannstr.

• 12439 Berlin-Schöneweide, M.-Brückner-Str. 42

• 12521 Berlin, Flughafen-Schönefeld, Terminal D E G

• 12681 Berlin, Boxberger Str. 3-9 / Haus 3 / Halle 2 West

• 13405 Berlin, Flughafen Tegel, Haupthalle, Bon Voyage

• 16515 Oranienburg, Stralsunder Str.

• 18055 Rostock, Hauptbahnhof

✘ 20099 Hamburg, Hbf., Glockengiesserwall

• 20354 Hamburg, Bahnhof Dammtor, Theodor-Heuss-Platz

• 21337 Lüneburg, Bahnhofstr.

• 22335 Hamburg, Flughafenstr.

✘ 22765 Hamburg, Paul-Nevermann-Platz

• 23558 Lübeck, Am Bahnhof

• 24114 Kiel, Sophienblatt 27-29

• 24145 Kiel, Bunsenstr. 1c

• 25980 Westerland, Tinnumer Str. 11

• 26122 Oldenburg, Hauptbahnhof

• 26125 Oldenburg, Wilhelmshavener Heerstr. 32

• 26382 Wilhelmshaven, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 26721 Emden, Bahnhofsplatz

• 26789 Leer, Bahnhofsplatz

• 27472 Cuxhaven, Bahnhof Haus 1

• 27570 Bremerhaven, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 73

• 27749 Delmenhorst, Wittekindstr. 10/ZOB

✘ 28195 Bremen, Bahnhofsplatz 15

• 28199 Bremen, im Flughafen, Flughafenallee 20

• 29525 Uelzen, Am Bahnhof

• 30159 Hannover, Ernst-August-Platz 1

• 30669 Hannover, Flughafen, Terminal A

• 31134 Hildesheim, Bahnhofsplatz

• 31582 Nienburg, Bahnhofstraße

• 32052 Herford, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 32423 Minden, Bundesbahnhof 12

• 33102 Paderborn, Bahnhofstr. 29

• 33330 Gütersloh, Willy-Brandt-Platz-2

• 33602 Bielefeld, Hauptbahnhof

• 34117 Kassel, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 34131 Kassel, Wilhelmshöher Allee 253

• 35037 Marburg, Bahnhofstr. 33

• 35390 Gießen, Bahnhofstr. 102

• 37073 Goettingen, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 38102 Braunschweig, Berliner Platz 1

✘ 39104 Magdeburg, Bahnhofstr. 68

• 40210 Düsseldorf, Hauptbahnhof

• 40474 Düsseldorf, Flughafenstr. 120 T.B

• 41061 Mönchengladbach, Europaplatz

• 41236 Mönchengladbach, Bahnhofstr. 66

• 41460 Neuss, Presse & Buch im Bhf., Theodor-Heuss-Platz

• 42103 Wuppertal, Döppersberg 37

• 42277 Wuppertal, Berliner Platz 15

• 42283 Wuppertal, Winklerstraße 2

• 42697 Solingen, Bahnstraße 5

• 42859 Remscheid, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 44137 Dortmund, Koenigswall 15

• 44629 Herne, Bahnhofsplatz

• 44649 Herne, Heinz-Rühmann-Platz

• 44787 Bochum, Buddenbergplatz, Süd-Ausgang

✘ 45127 Essen, Hauptbahnhof

• 45468 Mülheim, Dieter-aus-dem-Siepen-Platz 3

• 45657 Recklinghausen, Große Pferdekamp Str.

• 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Im Bahnhof

• 46045 Oberhausen, Hauptbahnhof

• 46395 Bocholt, Hindenburg Str. 1

• 46446 Emmerich, im Bahnhof

• 46535 Dinslaken, im Bahnhof

• 47051 Duisburg, Mercatorstr. 17

• 47798 Krefeld, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 48143 Münster, Berliner Platz

• 48431 Rheine, Hauptbahnhof 1

• 49074 Osnabrück, Im Bahnhof

• 49356 Diepholz, Am Bahnhof

• 50169 Kerpen, Bahnhofstr. 9

• 50667 Köln, Bahnhof 1

• 50667 Köln, Trankgasse 11

• 50679 Köln-Deutz, Otto-Platz 7

• 52064 Aachen, Bahnhofsplatz 2a

• 52351 Düren, Hauptbahnhof

• 53111 Bonn, Am Hauptbahnhof

• 53173 Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Moltkestr. 43

• 53721 Siegburg, Europaplatz

• 53879 Euskirchen, Bahnhofstraße

• 54292 Trier, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 55116 Mainz, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 55543 Bad Kreuznach, Europaplatz

• 56068 Koblenz, Bahnhofsplatz 2

• 57072 Siegen, Am Bahnhof 16

• 58089 Hagen, Berliner Platz 3

• 58239 Schwerte, Bahnhofstraße 35

• 58452 Witten, Bergerstr. 35

• 58644 Iserlohn, Bahnhofsplatz 2

• 59065 Hamm, Willy-Brandt-Platz 1

• 59227 Ahlen, Bahnhofsplatz

• 59423 Unna, Bahnhofstr. 74

• 59494 Soest, Bahnhofstr. 2

• 59759 Arnsberg, Bahnhofstr. 136

✘ 60051 Frankfurt, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 60594 Frankfurt, Diesterwegplatz 51

• 61169 Friedberg, Hanauer Str. 44

• 63450 Hanau, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 63739 Aschaffenburg, Ludwigstr. 2, Hbf.

• 64293 Darmstadt, Platz der Deutschen Einheit

• 64625 Bensheim, Amershamplatz 1

• 65190 Wiesbaden, Bahnhofsplatz 2

• 65428 Rüsselsheim, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 65929 Frankfurt-Höchst, Dalbergstr. 1

• 66111 Saarbrücken, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 66424 Homburg, Im Bahnhof

• 66538 Neunkirchen, Bahnhofstraße

• 66606 St. Wendel, Mommstr. 2, Bahnh.

• 66740 Saarlouis, Bahnhofsplatz 11

• 67434 Neustadt, Bahnhofsplatz 4

• 67547 Worms, Hauptbahnhof

✘ 67547 Worms, Bahnhofstr. 11

• 67655 Kaiserslautern, Bahnhofstraße 1

✘ 68161 Mannheim, Bahnhofsplatz 17

✘ 69115 Heidelberg 1, Willy-Brandt-Platz 5

✘ 70173 Stuttgart, Arnulf-Klett-Platz 2

• 70174 Stuttgart-Mitte, Th.-Heuss-Passagen

• 70372 Stuttgart/Bad Cannstatt, Bahnhofstr. 30

✘ 71032 Böblingen, Talstr. 18

• 71638 Ludwigsburg, Bahnhof 14-18

• 72072 Tübingen, Europaplatz 17

• 72764 Reutlingen, Bahnhofstr. 3

• 74072 Heilbronn, Bahnhofstraße 30

• 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Bahnhofspl. 1

• 74889 Sinsheim, Friedrichstr. 25

• 75175 Pforzheim, Bahnhofsplatz

✘ 76137 Karlsruhe, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 76227 Karlsruhe, Hauptbahnstraße 1

• 76646 Bruchsal, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 78462 Konstanz, Bahnhofsplatz 43

• 79098 Freiburg, Bismarckallee 3

✘ 80335 München, Hauptbahnhof, Arnulfstr. 3

✘ 81667 München, Orleansplatz 10

• 84032 Landshut, Bahnhofsplatz

• 85356 München-Flughafen, Südallee 1

• 86150 Augsburg, Viktoriastraße 1

• 86154 Augsburg, Ulmer Str. 53

• 87435 Kempten, Bahnhofplatz

• 87527 Sonthofen, Bahnhofstraße

• 87561 Oberstdorf, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 87700 Memmingen, Bahnhofstr. 3

• 89073 Ulm, Hauptbahnhof

✘ 90411 Nürnberg, Flughafenstr. 100

✘ 90443 Nürnberg, Bahnhofsplatz 9

• 92224 Amberg, Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring 5

• 92318 Neumarkt, Bahnlinie 5/HBF

• 92637 Weiden, Bahnhofstr. 28

• 93047 Regensburg, Bahnhofstr. 18

• 94032 Passau, Bahnhofsplatz 29

• 94315 Straubing, Bahnhofsplatz 13

• 95028 Hof, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 95326 Kulmbach, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 95444 Bayreuth, Bahnhofstr. 20

• 95615 Marktredwitz, Bahnhofsplatz 7

• 96052 Bamberg, Ludwigstraße 6

• 96215 Lichtenfels, Bahnhofsplatz

• 96450 Coburg, Lossaustr. 4

✘ 97070 Würzburg, Bahnhofstr. 4

• 97424 Schweinfurt, Im Bahnhof

• 97437 Hassfurt, Bahnhofstr. 12

• 99084 Erfurt, Willy-Brandt-Platz 12


Ihr Partner für das Schaustellergewerbe




& Zubehör

aus Elkhart, Indiana

Tel. 06195-960507


Tel. 07191/ 34 0135


Wet Protect Feuchtigkeitsschutz

Fax 07191/ 34 0136



• • • • • •

Contact person also for Germany

D. Hinzen

Tel. (0031) 6 531450 03

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

Die einzige Modellbahn

im Ausstellungswagen


Telefon 01 72 / 5 38 56 79


Markus Westner

Tel. 08441/402213

Fax 08441/498829



Agi Reddersen

Tel. 08441/81057

Fax 08441/86105


D-34613 Ziegenhain

Kasseler Straße 44

Tel. 06691/3536

Fax: 0 66 91 / 59 97

Verkaufswagen bis 3,5 to

speziell nach Ihren Wünschen gefertigt

Winterdom Hamburg – 7. November bis 7. Dezember 2014

Thema: Irisches Dorf

Gesucht werden für die Dorffläche Kunsthandwerker, Händler mit attraktivem

Warenangebot zum Thema Irland und außergewöhnlichem irischem Food.

Bewerbungen müssen enthalten:

• Firmierung und Anschrift des Bewerbers mit Warenangebot bzw. Leistung

• Lichtbild und Größe des Geschäftes (Front, Tiefe, Höhe)

• Stromanschlusswert des Geschäftes und evtl. zusätzlich benötigte

Anschlüsse (für Wohnwagen etc.)

• Bedarf an betriebsbedingten Zusatzflächen für Wohn-, Park-, Kühlwagen etc.

Die Verkaufseinheiten können auch von uns gemietet werden.

Bewerbungen interessierter Inhaber von Verkaufsgeschäften an

Karl-Ernst Hartkopf • Forstweg 13 • 31582 Nienburg

Tel. 0163 / 253 37 62 • E-Mail: arndt.firmahartkopf@gmail.com


Termine 2015


vom 20. März bis 19. April

(außer Karfreitag)


vom 24. Juli bis 23. August


vom 06. November bis 06. Dezember

Anträge auf Zulassung zu den drei DOM-Veranstaltungen sind auf Formblättern der Freien und

und Hansestadt Hamburg – Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation – zu stellen und bis spätestens 15. August 2014 an die

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg

Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation – Stabsbereich Norddeutsche Zusammenarbeit,

Marketing und Tourismus – Volksfeste und Sonderveranstaltungen

Alter Steinweg 4 • 20459 Hamburg

zu richten. Die digital ausfüllbaren Vordrucke können ab sofort unter www.hamburg.de/dom/dom-veranstalter heruntergeladen werden.

Vordrucke können auch beim Stabsbereich Norddeutsche Zusammenarbeit, Marketing und Tourismus – Volksfeste und Sonderveranstaltungen,

Telefon (040) 42841-2627, 42841-2628 oder 42841-2629, angefordert werden. Bitte verwenden Sie vornehmlich die


1. Für jedes Geschäft und ggf. jede DOM-Veranstaltung ist eine gesonderte Bewerbung einzureichen.

2. Maßgebend für den Zeitpunkt des Eingangs der Bewerbung ist das Datum des Poststempels.

3. Bewerber/innen, die ihr Gesuch verspätet oder unvollständig oder nicht auf dem vorgegebenen Formblatt einreichen, scheiden

bei der Entscheidung über die Zulassungen grundsätzlich aus.

4. Sogenannte Schirmstände werden nicht zugelassen.

5. Zulassungen zu den DOM-Veranstaltungen begründen keinen Rechtsanspruch auf einen bestimmten Platz.

6. Die Entscheidungen über die Zulassung bzw. Nichtzulassung erfolgen für jede Veranstaltung in einem voneinander getrennten

Verfahren. Bis zum Abschluss des Zulassungsverfahrens werden keine Auskünfte über Zulassungen, Ablehnungen oder Platzierungen


7. Ergänzungen bzgl. der eingereichten Bewerbungsunterlagen sind für den Frühlingsdom 2015 bis spätestens zum 15.10.2014, für den

Sommer- und Winterdom 2015 bis zum 15.02.2015 einzureichen, um im Vergabeverfahren Berücksichtigung finden zu können.

8. Eine Haftung dafür, dass das Fest tatsächlich und zum/zur angegebenen Zeitpunkt bzw. Zeitdauer stattfindet, wird nicht übernommen.

Im übrigen gelten die Richtlinien zur Vorbereitung und Durchführung von Volksfesten auf dem Heiligengeistfeld in der aktuellen Fassung.

9. Wird nach Ablauf der Bewerbungsfrist ein Mangel an geeigneten Bewerbungen zur Durchsetzung des Gestaltungswillens des Veranstalters

festgestellt, kann der Veranstalter geeignete Betreiber anwerben und nachträglich in die Bewerberliste aufnehmen.


vom 8. Mai bis 10. Mai 2015

Anträge auf Zulassung zum HAFENGEBURTSTAG HAMBURG für die sog. Bunte Meile sind auf Formblättern der Freien und Hansestadt

Hamburg – Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation – zu stellen und bis spätestens 15. August 2014 an die

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg

Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation – Stabsbereich Norddeutsche Zusammenarbeit,

Marketing und Tourismus – Volksfeste und Sonderveranstaltungen

Alter Steinweg 4 • 20459 Hamburg

zu richten. Die digital ausfüllbaren Vordrucke können ab sofort unter www.hamburg.de/hafengeburtstag/Kontakt heruntergeladen werden.

Vordrucke können auch beim Stabsbereich Norddeutsche Zusammenarbeit, Marketing und Tourismus – Volksfeste und Sonderveranstaltungen,

Telefon (040) 42841-2626, 42841-2628 oder 42841-2629, angefordert werden. Bitte verwenden Sie vornehmlich die


Für jedes Geschäft ist eine gesonderte Bewerbung einzureichen. Die vorgenannten Bestimmungen zu 2., 3. und 7. gelten für die Vorbereitung

und Durchführung des Hafengeburtstages Hamburg entsprechend. Im Übrigen gelten die Richtlinien zur Durchführung des

Zulassungsverfahrens für den Hafengeburtstag Hamburg.

Ergänzungen bzgl. der eingereichten Bewerbungsunterlagen sind für den Hafengeburtstag 2015 bis spätestens zum 15.10.2014 einzureichen,

um im Vergabeverfahren Berücksichtigung finden zu können.

Wird nach Ablauf der Bewerbungsfrist ein Mangel an geeigneten Bewerbungen zur Durchsetzung des Gestaltungswillens des

Veranstalters festgestellt, kann der Veranstalter geeignete Betreiber anwerben und nachträglich in die Bewerberliste aufnehmen.

Zur Wahrung des Gleichheitsgrundsatzes werden bis zum Abschluss des Zulassungsverfahrens keine Auskünfte über Zulassungen,

Ablehnungen oder Platzierungen erteilt.

Hamburg, im Juni 2014

Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation – Stabsbereich Norddeutsche Zusammenarbeit,

Marketing und Tourismus – Volksfeste und Sonderveranstaltungen





This new event will take place annually at

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, opening

in November 2014

Operators and vendors are sought to join

us on this exciting new venture

Please email expressions of interest to:


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