Installation Guide for SWAM-based instruments - Sample Modeling

Installation Guide for SWAM-based instruments - Sample Modeling

Installation Guide for SWAM-based instruments - Sample Modeling


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<strong>Installation</strong> <strong>Guide</strong><br />

<strong>for</strong> <strong>SWAM</strong> – <strong>based</strong> <strong>instruments</strong><br />

Please store all the downloaded files in a safe place <strong>for</strong> future use!<br />

After extraction of the ZIP archive make sure that you downloaded the right version matching<br />

your system (32 or 64 bit). Copy the User Manual to a convenient, safe place <strong>for</strong> future<br />

reference and read it be<strong>for</strong>e using the instrument.<br />

Please note that the <strong>SWAM</strong>-<strong>based</strong> <strong>instruments</strong> are VST and AU PLUGINS, not stand-alone<br />

applications. After installation, they can only be opened in host applications like sequencers<br />

(Cubase, Logic, etc.), DAWs, free VST hosts and others, supporting VST or AU standard.<br />

Windows<br />

Be<strong>for</strong>e running the installer, please make sure that you know the exact path to your VST Plugins.<br />

This path must be entered during the installation procedure. It is usually the VST folder of your<br />

host application.<br />

Path examples:<br />

Cubase, 32bit:<br />

C:/Programs/Steinberg/VST Plugins<br />

Cubase, 64bit:<br />

C:/Programs/Steinberg/VST Plugins 64bit<br />

Make sure that you are installing the right version <strong>for</strong> your system (32 or 64 bit). Please note<br />

that the 64bit plugin version cannot be used on a 32 bit system. If you use a 64bit computer, we<br />

strongly recommend to install the 64bit plugin version only.<br />

On a 64bit system, please do not confuse the folder “Programs” (which contains 64bit applications only)<br />

with „Programs (x86)“, which is <strong>for</strong> 32bit applications!<br />

If you are not sure about the location of your VST plugin folder, please refer to the user manual<br />

of your host application.<br />

The installer will also create the folder Programs/<strong>Sample</strong>modeling/<strong>SWAM</strong><br />

where the uninstaller, the End User License Agreement (EULA) and the instrument presets can<br />

be found.<br />

In case no host application is available, please refer to the section “Stand-alone mode” in the<br />

User Manual.<br />

NOTE (<strong>for</strong> computer-geeks only): All the files belonging to the <strong>instruments</strong> (dlls, samples,<br />

and other files) will be installed in one single “<strong>SWAM</strong>” folder within the VST folder (usually on<br />

the system disk – see above), so the samples cannot be separated/copied to another drive.<br />

However, no direct disk streaming is used; the samples (less than 80 MB per instrument) are<br />

directly loaded into the RAM. Whether they reside on the system disk or an external drive<br />

depends solely on the location of your VST folder (which you have chosen during the installation<br />

of the host application).

Mac OS<br />

Run the appropriate installer (32 or 64 bit) and follow the instructions. This will install both AU<br />

and VST plugins in the “Components” and “VST” folders respectively:<br />

/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/XXXX_ xxbit v1.xx. component<br />

And<br />

/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/XXXX_ xxbit v1.0.1. vst<br />

where “XXXX” is the name of the instrument<br />

The End User License Agreement (EULA) and the instrument presets will be installed in<br />

/Users/Shared/<strong>Sample</strong>modeling/<strong>SWAM</strong>/XXXX.<br />

Note: Although only the option “all users” is available and highlighted, it still requires a click to<br />

proceed.<br />

NOTE (<strong>for</strong> computer-geeks only): All the files belonging to the <strong>instruments</strong> (the engine<br />

application, samples, and other files) are integrated within the single “component” file (usually<br />

on the system disk), so the samples cannot be separated/copied to another drive. However, no<br />

direct disk streaming is used; the samples (less than 80 MB per instrument) are directly loaded<br />

into the RAM. In case you prefer keeping the instrument on an external drive, you need to copy<br />

the entire component file to the new location, and create an alias in the previous location<br />

(inside the Components). Please note that the vst file is already an alias linked to the<br />

“component” file.<br />

Online activation<br />

After installation of the Saxophones, a software activation is necessary, otherwise the<br />

<strong>instruments</strong> will not work, showing “not licensed” on the GUI. Each instrument requires its own<br />

activation.<br />

1. Launch your host application and load the instrument (Please refer to the Manual of your<br />

host application if it does not recognize the plugin). The Online Activation window of the<br />

instrument appears – <strong>for</strong> example:<br />


2. Enter either License Key you received with the download links.<br />

After a few seconds the authorization procedure is completed. The instrument installed on your<br />

system is permanently personalized and activated, and your e-mail address will appear on the<br />

instrument GUI.<br />

Please note:<br />

- the above procedure may take a while in case of a very slow Internet connection.<br />

- if you are prompted to enter more data than just the License Key, you are not connected<br />

to the internet and the Offline Activation is started. At this point you may choose to go<br />

online and repeat the Online Activation procedure (highly recommended), or proceed<br />

with the Offline Activation as explained below.<br />

Offline activation<br />

We strongly recommend the online activation. It´s much more convenient and faster. It also<br />

makes any future requests (license recovery, deactivations and re-activations etc.) much easier.<br />

The online activation can be per<strong>for</strong>med even if you connect your computer to the Internet <strong>for</strong> a<br />

few minutes only.<br />

If you cannot connect your system to the Internet even temporarily, follow the instructions<br />

below to complete the offline activation:<br />

1. The Offline Activation window of your instrument appears – <strong>for</strong> example:<br />


2. Copy the System ID making sure that no characters are missing.<br />

3. From a computer with an Internet connection go to www.swamengine.com/activate<br />

The Offline Activation Page appears:<br />

Enter the System ID, an unused License Key and your e-mail address into the appropriate<br />

fields. (The License Keys have been sent to you together with the download links and via<br />

an email). Please note that the entered e-mail address must be identical to the address<br />

used <strong>for</strong> the purchase. After clicking on “Submit” the Activation Code will be displayed,<br />

and an e-mail with all the above data will be sent to the given e-mail address.<br />

3. Go back to the previous, offline computer and enter (copy/paste) the License Key, the<br />

Activation Code and your e-mail address into the appropriate fields of the Offline<br />

Activation window. Please note: your e-mail address must be written exactly like the e-<br />

mail used <strong>for</strong> the purchase!<br />

4. In a few seconds the plugin will be permanently personalized and activated, and your e-<br />

mail address will be displayed on the instrument GUI.<br />

Note: Please safely store all the activation data! (License Keys, Activation Codes, as<br />

well as the e-mail address and the name belonging to them). They are necessary in<br />

case of any new installations.<br />


Deactivation<br />

Deactivation of the instrument might be necessary if you used up both license numbers (keys),<br />

but need to move to a new computer. This is possible only if the new computer belongs to you.<br />

In this case the instrument(s) on the “old” system will be deactivated (they cannot be used any<br />

more) and their license keys will become free <strong>for</strong> the activation of the software on the new<br />

computer. The above procedure must be done directly on our server. Please contact us,<br />

providing the license key and the computer ID which shall be deactivated.<br />

Copyright © 2012 Giorgio Tommasini & Peter Siedlaczek<br />

All rights reserved.<br />


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