[ grass, weed, marihuana ]

flowers of the cannabis plant

[ hashish, shit, dope ]

pressed resin

Active substance

• THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

Legal status

• the cultivation, possession,

consumption of and dealing in cannabis

are prohibited in Luxembourg

Administration routes

• typically mixed with tobacco and

smoked (joint, stick, bong)

• can also be mixed with food

(space cake, yoghurt)

Time of onset and duration

• smoked: within a few minutes up to

4 hours

• ingested: within half an hour up to 8



• relaxation, euphoria, fits of laughter,

sense of well-being

• distorted perception of time,

slower reactions

• appetite stimulant

• dry mouth, irritation of the eyes,

increased blood pressure

Risks of addiction

• psychological dependency if consumed


• the risk of a physical dependency is

disputed. If cannabis is smoked with

tobacco there is a danger of a physical

nicotine dependency

Associated risks

• if smoked, damage to respiratory


• lack of motivation, vigour and

enjoyment of life

Cannabis: a soft drug Cannabis while driving

Cannabis doesn‘t cause dependency. Cannabis leads to heroin. –

The truth about cannabis is to be found somewhere between

dismissal and dramatisation. As with every psychoactive

substance, you can also become dependent on cannabis. And

as with every other psychoactive substance the use of cannabis

does not necessarily lead to the consumption of other drugs.

A driver under the influence of cannabis is easily dazzled and

responds more slowly to unforeseen events. This is accompanied

by reduced alertness and performance. Nobody should drive in

this condition. But there are currently no studies that prove an

increased risk of accident while under the influence of cannabis.

No problems with the law if it is

for your own use

In Luxembourg, the consumption, possession, dealing in

and cultivation of cannabis are prohibited and a punishable

offence. There is no exception to this rule. However it should be

mentioned in this regard that approximately 32% of Europeans

aged 15 – 34 say that they have consumed cannabis at least

once in their life.

The consumption of psychoactive

substances entails risks

The consumption of any psychoactive substance can cause dependency.

Particular caution is called for:

• if the quality of the product cannot be checked

• when consuming different psychoactive substances at the same time

• in adolescence (physical and mental development)

• in traffic or when operating machinery

You should abstain entirely from psychoactive substances during pregnancy

and while breastfeeding

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