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ESYINK offers affordable printing solutions for all types of printers from entry level PIXMA printers to high end printers. Also get printer cleaning tips by reading this.

A printer gets dusty over time. To keep it at its peak,

you may find it helpful to clean it few times a year. This

is a pretty simple thing to do, if you follow the below


Before you begin your cleaning, remember to

disconnect both the power plug and the cable before


Use a soft brush to clean dust and dirt from the sheet

feeder. You can use the same brush inside the printer,

but avoid the gears.

A can of compressed air can be used to get rid of dust

and debris, but never shake it or get the nozzle too

close to the moving parts.

Clean out the ink inside the printer with a soft and

slightly damp cloth. Use the same on the outside as well.

Never use any solvents or oils, especially cleaners with

alcohol, as this can damage the plastic.

Don’t use the cleaning sheets that sometimes come

with printing papers as these can actually cause

problems, including jamming inside the printer.

Use a large and clean camel hair brush to occasionally

clean dust specks and paper particles out of the

printer’s paper path.

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