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number 2 october 2010

SATO Cutting Systems NEWS


Made in Germany

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the second issue of our newsletter

cuts which hope you will enjoy reading.

The present issue of cuts informs you about

impressing precision in cutting operations

attained owing to fiber laser technology

and linear drive systems. Come and see

our technicians and the sales staff present

you the perfect cutting quality achieved by

SATRONIK_LFL. It will convince you.

SATO will also present oxySCAN - another

“brand new” capacitive integrated scanning

sensor system for oxy fuel cutting. This is the

latest in scanning technology.


The best of two worlds

Moenchengladbach, october 2010

SATO presents SATRONIK_LFL FIBERcut – a fiber laser cutting system combined with a linear drive system.

The congenial combination for high-speed and precise cutting operation.

SATO is not only a specialist in innovations,

but also in modernizing and maintaining the

value of your machinery. In 2010, one of our

major customer in Germany has updated his

entire SATO machinery both mechanically

and electronically to ensure a second flame

cutting life.

It is important to have a reliable and partner

at your side. SATO is such a partner and we

set great store by intensive

communication with you,

let you take part in our

work, so as to improve

continuously and not least

to optimize your cutting


If you have any questions,

would like to make suggestions

or want to get

information on our products and cutting operations,

we are gladly prepared to assist you

and put our know-how and competence at

your disposal.

Let yourselves be convinced and rely on

SATO - for perfect cuts.

The vision

Machines with linear drives are a tradition with SATO. The advantage

offered by linear drives - the excellent running smoothness

- has an especially positive effect on the cut quality.

SATRONIK_WS, our water jet cutting system and SATRONIK_LDP for

the 3D plasma bevel unit are well-known machine concepts.


Faserlaser an einer SATRONIK_LFL

I wish you - also on behalf all SATO employees

- an interesting time with cuts.

Yours sincerely,

Anton W. Hubert


Themes in this issue


• SATO oxySCAN oxy fuel sensor control


• RETROFIT - Saving values

The fiber laser system is SATO‘s most recent innovation in cutting

technology. SATO is presenting SATRONIK_LFL FIBERcut - a machine

system combining once again two components - fiber laser and

linear drive - which add up to an impressing unit.

Flexibility for your requirements - safety included

LFL FIBERcut is a machine concept with partial housing. Unlike the

conventional completely housed fiber laser systems, the LFL design

offers a variety of flexible working widths ranging between 2.5 and

6.5 m and working lengths - attuned to your requirements, while

all safety requirements are, of course, met.

Fiber laser and linear drive – powerful, precise and


In comparison with other laser systems, the fiber laser offers a perceptibly

higher efficiency.

SATRONIK_LFL FIBERcut with its linear drive moves over the material

to be processed quickly and precisely - making almost no sound

and with a scarcely audible cutting noise. The cuts cannot be beaten

for precision and smoothness.

SATRONIK_LFL FIBERcut mit Steuerung CNC 3010 TOPAZ

Another attractive benefit of the fiber laser system is that it requires

very little maintenance. The compact design and the easy

access to all of its components as well as the long useful life of the

fiber laser of SATRONIK_LFL FIBERcut facilitate maintenance work,

if any.

Convincing quality to meet highest demands

Let yourselves be convinced by the quality of cuts made by


We are at your disposal - for perfect cuts.


Imprint: SATO Cutting Systems Anton Hubert e.K. • Tomphecke 51 • 41169 Moenchengladbach • Germany • concept & design: cuts 10/2010


oxy fuel cutting components

oxySCAN Integrated scanning system

Moenchengladbach, september 2010

A capacitive integrated scanning sensor systems offering many advantages

Back to the roots - almost. SATO has its roots in oxy fuel cutting technology. We offer

convincing cutting components and machine concept in this area, too. Our striving for

continuous optimizing has induced our engineers and technicians to design oxySCAN.

oxySCAN is a capacitive scanning system for oxy fuel torches with an integrated sensor

system ensuring optimum control of the cutting process. Against the background of the

well-known problems posed by other oxy fuel torch scanning systems, SATO focused on

reliability and practicability when developing oxySCAN without leaving innovative technologies

aside, though. That is why we deliberately opted for the low-maintenance external


external ignition

oxySCAN in operation

oxySCAN ensures dynamic and reliable scanning movements and the early detection even

of small slag residues. You can use almost the entire size of the plate to be cut as oxySCANis

not equipped with a scanning ring. Nozzles can be changed without tools and in no time

owing to a quick-fastening seal.

oxySCAN stands for reliability and ease of operation, for excellent cutting results and efficient


oxySCAN - integrated sensor system



Before and after RETROFIT

SATO makes old machines almost like new

Moenchengladbach, september 2010

RETROFIT puts a new face to machine value

SATO has the experience

Retrofitting existing machines may often be

a good solution. Being a globally renowned

manufacturer of serial and tailor-made solutions

in the field of cutting systems, we

are able to analyze your existing cutting

system „from within“.

As wear parts are normally replaced at

regular intervals, the mechanical parts of

often still in a good condition. By replacing

outdated components and installing new

state-of-the-art components, existing machines

can be revamped.

Your benefit lies in the modernization of

the installation and the productivity increase

involved. Our retrofitting service

includes the modernization of the entire

cutting system to give it a „second productive


Thanks to our excellent infrastructure

and experienced staff we are able to ensure

you the quality and safety in everyday production you require. Our comprehensive retrofitting services

preserve and update the functional capability of your system to the state of the art in cutting technology.

SATO does not only retrofit SATO systems

Benefit from our extensive know-how in mechanical engineering. The experienced SATO Retrofit-Team

modernizes, of course, also cutting systems of other makes and converts them into modern production



cutting systems

SATRONIK_HDS 9500 with two 3D plasma bevel units and two oxy fuel torches

Moenchengladbach / Zeithain, september 2010

State-of-the-art 3D plasma bevel technology for Salzgitter Stahlandel in Zeithain for multiple plate processing

Salzgitter relies on us - for perfect cuts.

Salzgitter Stahlhandel AG has been delivered a complete

SATRONIK_HDS 9500 cutting system in autumn 2010.

This system - comprising two 3D plasma bevel units and

two oxy fuel torches as well as a 3010 TOPAZ CNC unit

- is a product of cutting edge technology. Highly efficient

multiple plate processing is possible both with plasma

bevel cutting and oxy fuel cutting.

Slim, dynamic, efficient

The 3D plasma bevel units with fully rotational axes -

without rotation limitation - distinguish themselves not

only by a focus on the essentials and easy maneuverability,

but also by the love of details and sophisticated technical

solutions. They are suited for beveling and trimming

structural and special steels with angles of up to 50° - depending

of the material used - to prepare them for welding



Owing to the TOPAZ control unit, this cutting system can

meet almost every requirement. Apart from its excellent

ease of use, TOPAZ is characterized by logical and modern

menu navigation in an attractive design and comes in

a touch screen version. TOPAZ combines ease of operation

and attractive design.

The SATO 3D plasma bevelhead

SATRONIK_ HDS 9500 with two 3D plasma bevelheads during operation


Further questions? Please contact our sales team: +49 (0) 21 61 / 99 42 0 email:

cuts 10/2010

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