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The New State Board of Education

Accountability | World-Class Math and Science Standards | Meaningful Diploma

Proposed Draft Rule for Third Math


March 26, 2008


A Meaningful High School Diploma

The purpose of the diploma

is to declare that a student

is ready for success in

postsecondary education,

gainful employment, and

citizenship, and is equipped

with the skills to be a

lifelong learner.


Legislative Direction:

A Third Credit of Math

“ . . . the State Board of Education shall revise

the high school graduation requirements

under RCW 28A.230.090 to include a

minimum of three credits of mathematics,

one of which may be a career and technical

course equivalent in mathematics, and

prescribe the mathematics content in the

three required credits.

2SHB 1906


Board’s Process:

Listening to the Public and Examining the Data

The Board carefully examined data from a variety

of sources:

‣ Listened to significant public input and heard-

“One diploma with multiple pathways.”

‣ Reviewed national and international studies and

other states high school requirements and found-

39 states have or will require 3 credits of math; 14

states require Algebra II.


Change in Current Board Rule

WAC 180-51-061

Current Rule

• Two math credits

• Credits currently aligned

with 9 th and 10 th grade level


• Classes 2008-2012

Proposed New Rule

• Three math credits

• Credits are in: Algebra I,

Geometry and Algebra II or

Integrated I, II and III that

meet new high school and

math standards (and CTE

equivalencies and/or

additional election for third


• Class of 2013 and beyond


Board Direction for Third Credit of Math:

A Creative and Flexible Proposal for Algebra II

Effective for the Class of 2013, all students are required to

complete a third credit of math in Algebra II after taking

Algebra I and Geometry (or integrated series)


‣ It can also be completed through an approved career and

technical education (CTE) course that aligns with Algebra II


‣ Some students may elect an alternative math credit that

leads to a specific career goal actively pursued and identified

in their high school and beyond plan.


Career and Technical Education Courses

Students may

substitute a CTE

course that meets the

same math standards

for any of the three

math credits.


Election of Course of Study Other than Algebra II

• Students may elect a course

other than Algebra II or

Integrated III if:

• Student has taken Algebra I and

Geometry or Integrated I and II.

The math course elected is

based on student’s active pursuit

of career oriented program of

study in his/her high school and

beyond plan.


Roles of Parent/Guardian and High School

‣ Meeting held with student,

parent/guardian, and high school

counselor/advisor to discuss

students’ high school and beyond

plan and implications of math

selected for future pathways.

‣Parent/guardian must sign a

statement that the meeting took

place and that the course elected

is more suitable than Algebra II.


Third Credit of Math: Algebra II

Board’s Next Steps:

• Review draft rule and listen to public comment

at the March and May 2008 SBE meetings.

• Examine implementation issues:

• WSSDA survey sample of school districts to

understand current student participation in

math and resource issues.

• Review public comment, revise as necessary and

adopt rule at the July 2008 SBE meeting. (When

Algebra II math standards are completed.)

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