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Heating / Architecture / Building Project / 01-03-11

Cosy Warmth for Large Halls – and Hot Wheels

First-class cars warm to Schütz Energy Systems / Perfect climate for industrial

halls and showrooms / Optimal room temperature for people and vehicles /

Successful co-operation with the Schweich-based installation company Flach


Selters/Schweich (hds). –The sanitary and heating installation company Flach from

Schweich has been in business for more than 32 years. Reiner Welker, 47, has been

with Flach for over 20 years and is now a master craftsman in heating and ventilation

who specialises in heating installation. Along with the two managing directors, Karl

Spieles and Günter Spaeder, he has been closely involved in the industry

developments of recent years. These specialists are well aware that the success of

their company depends not only on each and every one of its 50 employees, but also

on reliable suppliers. Only if punctual deliveries, high material quality and a reliable

planning service before and during the building phase all come together can the

company do a professional job. That’s where building technology manufacturer

SCHÜTZ Energy Systems comes in – as Flach’s dependable partner, which is why

the installation experts at Flach have been relying on heating technology from

Westerwald for the best part of a decade.

More than just material suppliers

The best example of this tried and tested co-operation is the installation project at a

large German car dealership. The heating experts from Germany’s Middle Mosel

region have been installing heating systems in the new showrooms (Porsche, Lexus,

Audi, VW, Toyota) of the Cologne-based Löhr Group since 2004. Over the past few


years, Flach has installed the modern SCHÜTZ underfloor heating system on an

area totalling more than 4000 square metres in a variety of locations, including

Mainz, Trier and Neuwied.

“We work very much hand in hand, it’s much more than a question of ‘simply

supplying material’. In fact, the SCHÜTZ planning department calculates exactly how

many heating pipes and distributors are required for a given area prior to installation.

Only then can we draw up our installation plan and our fitters set to work. This is a

precision job,” says Reiner Welker, describing the two companies’ co-operation. Day

or night, this supplier is always on hand to provide prompt support. “SCHÜTZ feels a

shared responsibility for our projects – and provides a warranty that backs this up.

For instance, SCHÜTZ guarantees the A1 functionality of its industrial underfloor

heating systems, for up to ten years.”

Mild radiation heat for Porsche fans

Flach is currently installing a SCHÜTZ underfloor heating system at the new Porsche

centre in Aschaffenburg – more than 10,500 metres of PE-Xa pipes (20 x 2mm) over

a total area of 1,250 square metres. In order to ensure the all-round comfort of

visitors, customers and the “luxury hotrods” on display in the new showroom, a

modern industrial underfloor heating system was chosen as a modern option – as

compared with air heating. The advantages of an underfloor heating system are that

it is very quiet, requires only low flow temperatures and is far more energy-efficient.

The mild, agreeable radiation warmth is generated exactly where it’s needed – on the

ground, where employees work or customers view their four-wheeled dreams for the

future. As required, the ceiling, on the other hand, is cooler since no warmth is

needed there. Another positive aspect is that the system is self-regulating, adjusting

automatically to changes in temperature.

“The industrial underfloor heating system works like an ordinary underfloor heating

system in a home: providing consistent warmth, saving energy, noiseless and

virtually invisible,” Welker adds. There is one very important point, however, that

architects and building contractors regularly ignore until it is too late: “Installation of

an industrial underfloor heating system must be planned before building work begins


– as early as possible – because the system cannot be retrofitted! Once the building

shell is complete, it is definitely too late.”

Heating pipes form part of the floor slab

The reason for this is clear: the industrial underfloor heating system, consisting of

PE-Xa system heating pipes (20 x 2mm), stainless steel distributors, clip rails and

control technology, is – to an extent – an integral part of the floor slab to be laid.

These heating pipes are installed in the floor and then covered with a layer of fibrereinforced

concrete that can be up to 20 centimetres thick in places. Before it has

dried out completely, the surface is then ground with quartz sand to create a smooth,

even, fine surface – comparable to a screed layer. Once the floor has been left to dry

for at least 21 days, it can then be heated and is ready for use. Now the final floor

covering can be laid according to the customer’s wishes. Tiles or a nice coat of paint

are the preferred options. Floor and underfloor heating are now fully functioning and

it’s time for the powerful Porsches to roll up and roll in …

More information: www.schuetz.net

Schütz: Facts and Figures

Schütz GmbH & Co. KGaA was founded in 1958. The company is headquartered in Selters,

Westerwald (Germany). Worldwide, the company has more than 25 production locations with

over 2,600 employees in Europe, Asian, Australia, North and South America.

Sales in the company’s three divisions – Industrial Packaging, Industry Services and Energy

Systems – totalled around €800 million in 2007. The major proportion of sales, 75 per cent,

was generated in the Industrial Packaging division. Around 18 per cent was generated in

Industry Services with a wide array of activities and component supplies to subsidiaries and

licensees. This division is also responsible for machine and tools manufacturing including the

development of production plants. The Energy Systems division generated seven per cent of

the company’s total sales.

Schütz has considerable vertical integration across the enterprise, thus ensuring substantial

in-house value creation. All products are manufactured using the company’s own systems. All

key production and manufacturing equipment and machinery is developed and built in-house.



Photo 1:

Installation work is teamwork: employees of Flach in Schweich pour on the special

fibre-reinforced concrete. Photo: Habau GmbH

Photo 2:

The new Porsche centre in Mainz, where 540 square metres of SCHÜTZ underfloor

heating were installed. Photo: Habau GmbH

Photo 3:

The Flach team installed a SCHÜTZ industrial underfloor heating system at the

Porsche centre in Mainz in next to no time. Photo: Habau GmbH

Photo 4:

Industrial underfloor heating systems are an integral part of the floor slab and need to

be planned before construction begins. Photo: Flach

Photo 5:

Planning hand in hand: First Schütz Energy Systems plans the exact quantity of

material required, then Flach draws up the installation plan for the fitter. Photo:


Photo 6:

The PE-Xa system heating pipes are laid in the floor and then covered with a layer of

fibre-reinforced concrete up to 20 centimetres thick. Photo: Flach

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