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Writers & Lovers Cafe: Spring 2014


WRITERS & LOVERS CAFE: Spring 2014 34 in a discarded sock spring warmth -- Chris Dominiczak drifting clouds . . . memories of us together -- Shloka Shankar a pink umbrella flirting with the walking stick – LOST & FOUND -- Freddy Ben-Arroyo putting out campfire -- so many fireflies again -- Artur Lewandowski bonfire -- the fading embers of our love -- Shloka Shankar

WRITERS & LOVERS CAFE: Spring 2014 35 Tanka new year's dawn like every other she humbly begs me to enter her house with right foot – Ernesto P. Santiago half awake in dream clutching rainbow I wear yesterday's smile -- and taste your kisses at the nape of my neck – Nalini Priyadarshni a sunken heart rose yet again, searching for a heartbeat that wasn't hers, but perhaps more dear – Shloka Shankar

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