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Writers & Lovers Cafe: Spring 2014


WRITERS & LOVERS CAFE: Spring 2014 36 a melody drifts from the bedroom window I put down my tools and gloves and hum on the way to the house – Gary Blankenship Excerpt from: The Poetic States by Gary Blankenship, a book of poetry due in Summer 2014 from the Writers & Lovers Studio. city is breathing quietly as the snow melts frozen feelings embrace me with your eyes and cover me with the stars! – Zdravka Babic sawadee kha,* she bows to me – palms pressed together already smitten I greet her in return inner to inner – Devin Harrison * Thai greeting similar to Namaste how long has it been since your heart stopped beating against the pavement? mine flutters gradually wilting every summer – Lori Cureg

WRITERS & LOVERS CAFE: Spring 2014 37 my mother catching snowflakes on her tongue for a few seconds I can see why dad loved her – Susan Burch around the fountain a bevy of children joyfully screaming . . . drops of water soaking the passers-by – Branka Vojinovic Jegdic Transl. Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic shaking spindrift from seaweed hair I rise up from the deep into your clarity – Debbie Strange songbirds dance weeping branches sway gently from their game of hide and seek – Grace Beam

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