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Writers & Lovers Cafe: Spring 2014


WRITERS & LOVERS CAFE: Spring 2014 46 Empty Birdbath Lately, I’ve found solace in my garden. Before, I hated getting my hands dirty or my nose itchy from the soil or plants around me. I’m so glad I recently discovered the healing effects of touching the ground, of replanting succulents that don’t just die on me, of patiently waiting for them to grow in their own time. I look forward to having a one-on-one conversation with my plants every day. It keeps me out of the house, from feeling his absence too much. Deep down I know I feel closer to him in my garden where everything breathes and grows. this morning nobody fills up the birdbath . . . the blue jay and I thirsty for you – Christine L. Villa Excerpt from: Stretching Forever and Other Tanka Prose by Christine L. Villa, a haiku and tanka prose chapbook due in Summer 2014 from the Writers & Lovers Studio.

WRITERS & LOVERS CAFE: Spring 2014 47 Tanka Classics Spring's featured poet is Kathabela Wilson, renaissance woman. She is an artist, jeweler, musician, publisher and writer ... Her poetry events are legend in Southern California and her internet sites are among the best on the web. Please enjoy her poetry and prose. botanical garden bee on foxglove the feel of your toe in my ear splitting the fruit the first man so agreeable the artist his brush with green spirits bees buzz around the flower oh brother, time hidden sweet so loud only we can hear

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