Business in Liechtenstein

As a business location, Liechtenstein has much to offer. Known is the stable and innovative financial centre. However, the large, well-diversified industrial sector is still to be discovered. Both sectors benefit from the numerous advantages that Liechtenstein as a business location offers. Two markets (EEA and Switzerland), stability, a simple, contemporary tax system and an environment in which entrepreneurship is worth it: All this contributes to the success of a company in Liechtenstein. The new brochure “Business in Liechtenstein” offers more information about the various location advantages of the country.


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Important information

at a glance

The Principality of Liechtenstein is an excellent business location offering

a wide range of benefits for companies.

Table of contents

Important information at a glance 3

Foreword 4

Welcome to Liechtenstein 6

Stable, secure, debt-free 9

Tradition and entrepreneurship 10

Diversification is reality 13

A professional, stable and innovative

financial centre 14

Entrepreneurship pays 17

At the heart of two economic areas 19

Simple, fair, modern 20

Work makes life sweet 23

Promoting research and development 24

It works 27

Qualified staff 29

An oasis of well-being 30

Legal forms 32

Become an entrepreneur 33

Contact details 34

High level of political continuity and stability

Strong business diversification

Direct access to two markets

(Europe and Switzerland)

Liberal economic policies

Stable social, legal and economic conditions

Moderate company taxation, simple fiscal

system (flat tax)

Liberal corporate law

Solid public financial policy

AAA rating

Swiss franc as legal tender

Excellent infrastructure

Minimal bureaucracy means flexibility and

fast decision-making

Financially strong public sector

Promotion of research and development

Facts & figures 2012


160 km²



Population 36’838

State form constitutional hereditary

monarchy on a democratic and

parliamentary basis

Parliament 25 Members of Parliament

Government 5 Members of Government

Currency Swiss franc

Gross domestic

product CHF 5.2 billion (2011)

Number of jobs 35’829

Proportion of 52 %



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