Mini Accordion Album - Scor-Pal!

Mini Accordion Album - Scor-Pal!

Mini Accordion Album

Fits in the cute little purse

Jen Young © Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved


• 12" x 12" cardstock to coordinate with purse

• 41/4" x 51/4" coordinating cardstock

• Paper Cutter

• Terrific Tape” ( available in the online store) or double sided adhesive

• Ribbon

• Embellishments to decorate....

Step 1: 12” x 12” cardstock, score at 5" and 10" (dashes). You should have a leftover

2" flap on the right – do NOT cut this off!!!).

Step 2: Using your paper cutter, turn your cardstock a quarter turn, cut into 3 sections

each 4” wide (straight lines). These 3 panels create your accordion album.

Step 3: Cut off one 2” flap. This will be the last page. Apply Terrific Tape to the 2" flaps.

Remove covering and attach the first panel to the next. Connect remaining panel in this

same fashion.

Step 4: Fold into an accordion.

Step 5: Use Terrific Tape to attach the coordinating ribbon on to the base cardstock (cut

the ribbon long enough to wrap around your album and tie into a bow).

Step 6: Adhere the accordion album (the last page) to the base cardstock sandwiching

the ribbon.

Step 7: Decorate with various

embellishments and DS paper

Step 8: Bring the ribbon around, and tie in a

bow at the front of the album.

Slip it in to your cute little purse!

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