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Scania press release

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P13303EN / Per-Erik Nordström

21 March 2013

Spectacular fuel savings

Scania Opticruise with performance modes

Numerous new features, including Scania Active Prediction, have been

integrated free-of-charge with Scania Opticruise into a predictive powertrain

control system that provides fuel savings of 4-5 percent. Specialised performance

modes have been developed to boost efficiency in different applications.

A basic version of Scania Opticruise is an additional option for maximum fuel

economy. With limited functionality, it further simplifies economical driving.

The new Economy mode is tuned for maximum fuel saving in long-haulage. Scania

Opticruise, Scania Active Prediction and the new Economy mode provide combined

fuel savings of up to 4-5 percent. Further significant savings are obtained from the

aerodynamic refinements introduced with Scania Streamline, low-drag gearboxes

and the second generation 450 and 490 hp Euro 6 engines.

Scania Active Prediction is a predictive cruise control system that uses GPS and

topographical map data to finely regulate the cruising speed. It is fully integrated in

the new functionality, using different fuel-saving strategies in different performance

modes. The new version of Scania Ecocruise is fitted in markets where no topographical

map data is available.

The new performance modes enable customers to tailor the vehicle’s performance to

suit each type of operation, as well as to individual preferences regarding functionality

and driver influence. All settings can be altered or fine-tuned by a Scania


Standard Economy Power Off-road

The new features are integrated in existing controls – i.e. the steering wheel buttons

for Scania Active Prediction and the steering wheel lever for Scania Opticruise.

Switching between modes is done by toggling the ring switch and the modes

available are shown in the central display.


Corporate Relations Telephone +46 8 553 810 00

SE-151 87 Södertälje Fax +46 8 553 855 59


2 (6)

Ring switch

N Neutral

D Drive

R Reverse

Mode toggle

Mode toggle

– Standard mode

E Economy mode

P Power mode

O Off-road mode


+ Manual upchange

– Manual downchange

– (hold 1 s) Manoeuvring

A/M Automatic/manual

AUT switch

AUT Automatic retarder

via brake pedal

Customised performance – up to three modes on each truck

Up to three performance modes can be specified on vehicles with Scania Opticruise.

Several other parameters can be set individually according to customer needs and

all settings can be altered by a Scania workshop if required.

• Standard mode is an all-round mode optimised to provide good fuel economy,

while still delivering good hill performance. The system strives to run the engine at

maximum torque during hillclimbing.

Scania Active Prediction is fully integrated in the functionality, increasing speed

slightly to gain momentum before entering an uphill section. Before entering a

descent, the vehicle starts coasting to save fuel, and gains downhill speed using

the momentum of the vehicle. The system works within a speed window of 6

percent below and 4 percent above the set cruising speed (–6%, +4%).

• Economy mode is tuned to consume as little fuel as possible with some sacrifice

in terms of trip time. Engine response is soft (with Euro 6 engines).

Alternative speed limiter settings of 85 or 80 km/h can be chosen, which engage

automatically when switching to Economy mode. Kickdown is disabled.

Scania Active Prediction uses a special economy strategy. The speed window

spans from 12 percent below up to the set cruising speed (–12%, 0%). The

minimum adjustable offset for downhill speed control with a retarder is 5 km/h

above cruising speed in Economy mode (3 km/h in other modes).

• Power mode is intended for runs where transport time is at a premium. Engine

response is aggressive (Euro 5 with XPI, Euro 6 engines) and uphill performance

is optimised by running the engine at maximum power, with slightly quicker

gearchanges than in Standard mode. Scania Active Prediction is not available

and the cruise control has normal functionality.

• Off-road mode is suitable for driving in rough terrain and on surfaces with high

rolling resistance. Vehicles specified for off-road driving have Off-road mode and

it can be specified for other applications as well, for example forestry. Engine

response is soft (Euro 5 with XPI, Euro 6 engines) to promote smooth progress.

p13303en opticruise with performance modes

3 (6)

The system strives to keep the clutch engaged as much as possible to avoid

interruptions in power delivery and traction. The number of gearchanges is

minimised by allowing the engine to work over a wider rev band. Gearchanges

are faster with a priority on gearchanging speed over comfort. Scania Active

Prediction is not operating, normal cruise control functionality applies.

Basic version of Scania Opticruise with limited functionality

Scania has also developed a simplified gearchanging system that limits the

possibilities for the driver to influence gearchanging. This shortcut to even better fuel

economy is requested in particular by large fleet owners, whose drivers frequently

drive different brands.

Scania Opticruise Basic for long-haulage:

• Fully automated Scania Opticruise (with automatic clutch).

• Standard and Economy mode.

Scania Active Prediction (or Scania Ecocruise).

• Speed limiter set at 85 km/h or 80 km/h.

• Kickdown disabled.

• Manual gearchanging disabled (above 50 km/h).

Summary of performance options

Virtually all parameters can be set by a Scania workshop.

Standard Economy Power Off-road

Scania Opticruise x x x x

Scania Retarder x x x x

Scania Active Prediction

Scania Ecocruise (markets without topographical data)






Kickdown disabled Option x Option Option

Manual gearchanging disabled above X km/h Option Option

Speed limiter setting

Optional setting engaging automatically in Economy mode

Optional setting engaging automatically in Economy mode

89 km/h 89 km/h

85 km/h

80 km/h

89 km/h 89 km/h

Acceleration control x x

1 Scania Active Prediction can be disabled in Standard mode by a Scania workshop.

For more material, please visit the Scania Streamline pressroom at

For more information, please contact:

• Gunnar Nyfjäll, Product Manager Long-haulage, tel. +46 70 5382892,


p13303en opticruise with performance modes

4 (6)

• Johan Björkegren, Product Information Powertrain, tel. +46 70 1615311,


• Per-Erik Nordström, Product Affairs, tel. +46 70 5535577,



Scania Opticruise functionality

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

When introduced in 1995, Scania Opticruise was one of the first automated gearchanging systems in

the market and it took driver comfort and driver support to new levels. The functionality has been

continually refined ever since, turning Scania Opticruise into a comprehensive powertrain

management system.

Customers can choose according to preference between the fully automated version and the clutch

pedal version. The automatic clutch is electro-hydraulically operated, providing exceptional precision

and smoothness. The new performance modes can be specified on either version.

All gearchanging controls are integrated in the RH steering wheel lever, which also controls the

Scania Retarder (if fitted).

Ring switch

N Neutral

D Drive

R Reverse

Mode toggle

Mode toggle

– Standard mode

E Economy mode

P Power mode

O Off-road mode


+ Manual upchange

– Manual downchange

– (hold 1 s) Manoeuvring

A/M Automatic/manual

AUT switch

AUT Automatic retarder

via brake pedal

All driving modes are controlled by toggling the ring switch on the Opticruise lever and the mode

engaged is indicated in the central instrument.

Display examples

N Neutral

R Reverse

m Manoeuvring


A Standard mode

AE Economy mode

AP Power mode

AO Off-road mode


M Standard mode

ME Economy mode

MP Power mode

MO Off-road mode

Ring switch


A/M switch

Used to select Neutral, Drive or Reverse. The spring-back toggle function switches

between performance modes and the modes available are indicated in the central


Used to adjust gearchanges manually. Also controls progressive braking with the retarder,

if fitted.

Switches between automatic and manual gearchanging.

p13303en opticruise with performance modes

5 (6)

AUT switch


Crawler gears



Launch control




Floor switch

Clutch pedal


In AUT position, the retarder, exhaust brake and downchanging are used to optimise

retardation when the brake pedal is depressed slightly. The application delay is bridged by

brake blending.

Engaged by pressing the Opticruise lever away from the steering wheel for a few seconds.

Provides ultra-smooth driving in all gears (including crawlers) and all modes. Shown with

an ‘m’ after the gear indication. Disengages automatically in high gear range.

With the 12+2-speed range-splitter gearbox, Scania Opticruise is the only system that

offers two extra-slow crawler ratios for ultra-slow progress in fully mechanical drive. The

crawlers are automatically used for starting, if necessary.

Enabled automatically if drive wheels are spinning faster than front wheels.

Function: The clutch disengages immediately when the accelerator is released. The driver

can press the accelerator repeatedly to get the vehicle ‘rocking’ and get moving again.

Rocking is disabled in Off-road mode to keep the clutch engaged as much as possible.

Hill-hold makes starting uphill simply a matter of accelerating away. Activate the hill-hold

switch, brake, start accelerating within 3 seconds after releasing the brake. Hill-hold is now

also available for more configurations, including construction and with drum brakes.

Normal starts are made by slipping in the automatic clutch slightly above idling speed. For

tough starts, for example on steep hills, or on very soft ground, the driver can trigger

higher starting revs by pushing down the accelerator fully. The clutch will then slip in at

around 1,000 revs.

Preselecting D or R with the rotary switch before stopping provides immediate

engagement when the vehicle stops. Useful for repetitive manoeuvres in D and R.

Changing down manually several steps (no limitation) before entering a steep hill leaves

the engine revving and the gearbox in neutral. The gear engages as soon as the speed is

right and the truck starts climbing at maximum power. If you know from experience, for

example, that the vehicle will climb in fourth gear, you can change to fourth beforehand

and just wait for the climb to start.

The small switch at the left on the floor engages the exhaust brake and triggers

downchanging for maximum engine braking without engaging the retarder.

Scania is the only manufacturer offering automated gearchanging with an optional clutch

pedal, a preferred choice for some operators.

Efficient heavy-haulage transmission

Scania Opticruise is a cost-effective solution for heavy-haulage transport at gross train weights of up

to 250 tonnes. Power transmission is purely mechanical, via Scania's normal automatic clutch and a

standard Scania overdrive gearbox. Mechanical drive is efficient and saves fuel. Thanks to the high

low-speed torque of Scania engines, the clutch is smoothly fed in slightly above tickover.

Cruise control strategies

Introduced in 2011, Scania Active Prediction pioneered a cruise control system that uses GPS data to

adapt the cruising speed to the topography. Scania customers have a choice of three types of cruise

control with different strategies:

p13303en opticruise with performance modes

6 (6)

• The normal cruise control strives to maintain speed up the hill using the maximum torque band of

the engine.

Scania Active Prediction uses GPS positioning and topographical map data to optimise the

speed going up-hill and downhill, saving 2-3 percent of fuel in hilly terrain.

Scania Active Prediction uses a special, extra fuel-efficient strategy with Scania Opticruise in

Economy mode saving an additional 2 percent of fuel in hilly terrain.

Scania Ecocruise adapts the cruising speed to the topography by sensing the load on the engine.

Scania Ecocruise is only active in Economy mode and replaces Scania Active Prediction in countries

where topographical data is lacking. The fuel saving is up to 3 percent in hilly terrain.

Examples of performance modes and applications

Up to three performance modes can be specified on a truck. The table gives an indication of how the

modes can be used for different applications. All settings can be modified by a Scania workshop.

Performance mode

Standard Economy Power Off-road

Long-haulage Light x



Heavy x x x

Hilly x x x

Level x x

Construction Tipper x x x

Mixer x x x

Timber x x x x

Mining x x x

AWD x x x

Heavy-haulage x x x

Distribution x x

Municipal x x

Fire or rescue x x

1 Economy mode is most efficient in tough conditions – the hillier, the better.

p13303en opticruise with performance modes

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