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your garage

A guide to organizing your garage

with Gladiator® GarageWorks

I t ’ s I t i’ s mt e i mt e o t o rre e t h i n k t ht e hge agr a gr e a. ® g e . ®

Gladiator® GarageWorks gives you

the power to transform your garage

Sleek designs offer flexibility and mobility for any storage demand. Rugged Tread Plate

exteriors protect against the harsh environment of the garage. Refined styling offers

a unique look. Your garage will never be the same.

Discover how in just Three Easy Steps

Clean out

Your Space

Do a little


Build Your


I t ’ s t i m e t o r e t h i n k t h e g a r a g e . ®





Cleaning out your garage

Unfortunately, you can’t transform your garage without clearing out the one

you already have. Here are some helpful tips to get you on your way.

Make it fun!

Cleaning the garage doesn’t have to be a chore.

Jam out

Make a mix CD or a funky playlist and

rock out with your mop out.


Clean to win

Make it a game or friendly competition.

This works great for motivating kids.

Get your garage

ready for action




Clearing out the entire garage forces you

to make a storage decision on every item.

No cheating.

Race yourself

Set a timer for tasks and see if you can

beat the buzzer. You’ll win every time.

Make it an event

Since the garage holds the entire

family’s stuff, cleaning it is a great

way to spend time together.

Divide &


“Keep or toss” decisions are made easier by

separating your stuff into smaller groups of

similar items.



Keep the


Toss the


What stays? What goes? What items are headed to

the trash heap? Now is the time to decide.

Let’s face it, some things have sentimental value.

Hang on to these memories.

If you hate it, don’t need it, don’t want it, can’t fix it

or can’t use it...why is it still in your garage?

Avoid disaster!

Check the weather

Nothing’s worse than working in bad weather.

Schedule organization for a day that has a

positive forecast.

Watch for Falling Objects

Cleaning off those perilously stacked shelves

can be risky business. Take extra care in these

hazardous situations.

Lift with your legs

If you’re going to be lifting heavy objects, use

your legs. Your back will thank you.

I t ’ s t i m e t o r e t h i n k t h e g a r a g e . ®


a little


A little planning...

Can go a long way, and can help you avoid unnecessary headaches later.

A little bit of foresight can save you time and money in the future.

Get your dimensions

Figuring out exactly how much room

you have will help you design a layout

that works best for you.

Make sure to measure these things first:

a. Front, back and side walls

B. Windows, outlets and switches

C. Doors, including door step

d. Floor space

The product pages found

later in this guide feature

the dimensions for all of

our products. Compare these to

your garage measurements for

easy planning.

Out and



But visible?



What’s your style?

Keep these preferences in mind when

planning your new garage.

If you like to showcase your items while keeping

them easily accessible, consider a garage plan featuring

an assortment of shelves and hooks.

If you want your stuff easily found, but safely

stored, you’ll want to stock your garage full of

baskets and bins.

If you prefer the sleek look of cabinets to visible

items, Gladiator® GarageWorks provides a series of

stylish cabinets and drawers that create the look you

want without sacrificing storage space.

There are many ways to store any item you own.

This list helps you explore the best ways to store

several common garage items.

X = Our recommendation o = Other options

Items to store

How to store it

Hook Basket Shelf Drawer Cabinet

Balls X o



Brooms, Rakes X o

Camping equipment o X o

Canoes, Kayaks X o

Chemicals o o X

Cleaning products o o X

Cords, Hoses, Rope X o

Fishing rods X o

Hand tools o X o

Holiday decorations o o X



Lawn chairs X o o

Lumber o X

Paint cans o o X

Pesticides o o o X

Power tools o X o

Skis, Snowboards X o

Weed trimmers X o

Wheelbarrows X

Using this table as a template, create your own to include any

other items you have that need to be stored in the garage.

This will help you determine which products you will need.

I t ’ s t i m e t o r e t h i n k t h e g a r a g e . ®




Creating a wall organization system

Using your walls for storage is a great way to maximize space. Getting gear up off the

floor allows you to transform your garage into a space you can actually use.

Choose a wall system

Gladiator® Wall Systems are patented

“slat wall” style tracks made for hanging

Gladiator® Hooks, GearBoxes, Shelves,

Baskets, Bins and Accessories.

Choose between GearTrack® Channels,

GearWall® Panels or combine them for

a customized look.

GearTrack® Channels

Provide a simple solution to quickly

organize your garage without making

a full-wall commitment.

GearWall® panels

Provide a full-coverage wall organization

system that offers complete storage

flexibility from top to bottom.

Install the wall system

Gladiator® Wall Systems easily install

on a variety of walls, including masonry,

wood studs or drywall over wood studs. *

Here’s an example of how to install

GearWall® Panels on drywall over studs.

1. Locate and mark wall studs

To support accessories and storage items, the

panels must be securely fastened to wall studs.

2. Install the bottom Panel

Start from the bottom of the wall and secure

one side of the panel with appropriate screws.

Set a level on the top of the panel and slide

the panel up or down until level. Then, secure

the other side.

3. Install the remaining panels

Now, just slide the remaining panels left or

right until they’re properly aligned with the

bottom. Stagger the panels for a more visually

appealing look and install them with screws.

4. Cut panels as needed

Easily customize panels to fit around garage

windows and doors with a simple circular saw

or miter saw.

Add accessories

Installing Gladiator® hooks, shelves, baskets,

bins and GearBoxes to your GearTrack® or

GearWall® system is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Insert Bracket into top channel

Secure bottom tab

Push down to “Lock” in place

* For complete installation

instructions, visit

All accessories easily reposition

to adapt to your changing needs.

I t ’ s t i m e t o r e t h i n k t h e g a r a g e . ®




Using GearBox Cabinets to

organize and store your gear

GearBox cabinets are a great choice for people who want to clear items from

the floor and keep them safely stored behind stylish, lockable Tread Plate doors.


the right size

Some people don’t need a lot of storage

space, others can’t get enough. Fortunately,

Gladiator® GearBoxes come in various sizes

to meet any need.





What Makes A Gladiator® Gearbox

the perfect garage cabinet?


Not being able to lock up gear can

be a real hazard, especially if there are

young children around. Most Gladiator®

GearBoxes feature universal lock systems,

keeping your family, and your gear, safe.

On the floor

or on the wall

Gladiator® GearBoxes are engineered for the wall, the floor or both.

Which is right for you?

On the wall

Gladiator® Wall GearBoxes hang on

Gladiator® Wall Systems to help free up

floor space, giving you room for other

things in the garage. This is especially

useful if your garage is prone to flooding.


Gladiator® GearBoxes are designed to

handle the harsh garage environment.

Heavy-duty steel and welded steel

construction won’t warp or crack in

intense climates, and they’re guaranteed

to hold up over a lifetime of use.



On the floor

Gladiator® Modular and Large GearBoxes

are larger cabinets that rest on the floor.

They come with standard rubber casters,

making them a solid option if you need

more storage and plan on moving your

GearBoxes around a lot.

Your Choice

Large GearBoxes come with solid rubber

casters, making them perfect for the floor.

Plus, they can also be hung on Gladiator®

Wall Systems with an optional Bracket Kit.

Assess your needs and choose the option

that suits you best.

GearBox How-To

Adjust shelving

Simply choose a position,

insert the side tabs of the shelf

above the built-in cabinet grooves

and set the shelf into place.

Lock Casters

Turn the lever located on the

casters counterclockwise to

unlock them and clockwise to

lock them in place.

Install bracket kit

With 6 screws, the Bracket

Kit connects to Large GearBoxes.

Then, it attaches to our wall

systems like other wall items.

I t ’ s t i m e t o r e t h i n k t h e g a r a g e . ®




Choosing the right work surface

For many, a good work surface is an essential part of the garage. Choosing the surface

that suits you best will guarantee you always have a solid foundation to build upon.

What work

surface do

you need?

With a variety of work surfaces

to choose from, pick the ones that

best fit your needs.

A. Modular Workbench

Ideal for the consummate handyman.

Supports up to 1,000 lbs. (453,6 kg) to handle

almost any project you may have planned

for it.

b. modular maple top

Fits on top of any Premier Modular GearBox

or Modular GearDrawer, creating a simple

work top perfect for occasional repairs.

c. Fold-Away Workstation

Saves floor space by hanging on Gladiator®

Wall Systems and folding away when not in

use. Ideal for light repairs in a tight space.

Great for potting plants, too!

Choosing the best

location for your

work surface

The best location for your

work surface usually depends

on the size of your garage.

Here are some pointers to help

you set up a work station that

works best for you.

When choosing a spot for your

work surface, be sure to look for:

1. Good lighting

2. Room to work

3. Access to electrical outlets

Three-car garages

often allow

you to arrange

work surfaces

in an L-formation.

This creates a

highly functional

work center.

In a small garage,

placing your

work surface on the

side is usually the

best option.

In the average

two-car garage,

the back wall

is the ideal

place for your

work surface.

Large garages often

provide enough room

for any number of

possible work surface

placements, although

a long row of back

wall workbenches

is often the

easiest option.

Tips for keeping a tidy surface

Keep a Trash can nearby

A garbage can or compactor

will help keep debris from

cluttering up your work area.

Hang tools close to your bench

It’s much easier to put a tool in its

proper place when that proper place

is right next to your work area.

Hang plenty of bins

Keeping screws, nails and other small

items stored away in a group of bins

will help keep your surface tidy.

Dock a modular GearBox

Store Modular GearBoxes or Modular

GearDrawers under your workbench for

easy access to frequently used items.

I t ’ s t i m e t o r e t h i n k t h e g a r a g e . ®




Using appliances in the garage

Other appliances aren’t meant for the garage.

Gladiator® appliances weren’t meant for anyplace else.

Benefits of using

appliances designed

specifically for

the garage

Other appliances may sweat when

the heat is on, but Gladiator®

refrigerators and freezers keep their

cool, even in the hottest garages.

Never be forced to work around

appliances again. Heavy-duty

locking rubber casters provide

complete mobility.

The garage may be freezing, but your

food never will. Unless, of course, it’s

inside a freezer.

The heavy-duty steel design won’t

crack, chip or fade, even in extreme

garage conditions.

Unconventional uses for garage

refrigerators or freezers

You don’t need us to tell you that a refrigerator is a good place for food and drinks

(at least we hope you don’t). With that in mind, we have compiled a list of uses for

a garage refrigerator or freezer that you might not have considered.


> Store your tulip bulbs in the

garage refrigerator to get them

ready for quick planting.

> Store seeds in the freezer or

refrigerator to help them keep

their viability.

Soccer moms:

> Keep cold packs in the freezer

to combat swelling in case of a

sprained ankle.

> Fill spray bottles with water and

keep them in the fridge for a

refreshing spritz after working

out or winning the game.

For fishing:

> The garage refrigerator is the

perfect place to keep any type of

bait for your next fishing trip.

When painting:

> Instead of cleaning brushes you

plan on using the next day, store

them in the freezer. The paint will

thaw when you take them out

and they’ll be good to go!


> Storing your glues in the

refrigerator will help them last

longer and reduce dangerous

glue fumes.

I t ’ s t i m e t o r e t h i n k t h e g a r a g e . ®




Protecting your floor

A covered garage floor is easier to install than you might think and adds

style and protection to an area of the garage that’s often overlooked.

Tile Floor Covering

• Easy to install. Snaps in place quickly

and stays together without adhesives.

• Customizable. Design a floor that’s all

you with a variety of available colors.

• Go wall-to-wall or tile only those

places where you need it.

Why cover the

garage floor?

You may be wondering what the

point is of improving the look of a

floor that takes a beating

on a regular basis.

Gladiator® floor covering not only

adds style to your garage floor, but

also protects it from the daily

hazards of the garage environment.

Imagine a garage floor that doesn’t

chip when you drop a hammer,

crack in cold weather or allow oil

spills to set in and stain.


“Measure twice, floor once,” that’s our motto.

Maybe not, but being as precise as possible

will save you time, money and sanity.

Before you install, remember to:


Cleaning a floor that you’re about to cover

may seem silly, but it’s necessary to keep dirt

and debris from bothering you later.

Now, imagine a floor that does all

that, and looks incredible.

Tile Floor installation

1. Place the tile from wall to wall in a

‘T’ shape. This will help determine if

you’ll need to cut tiles to fit.

2. If you need to cut tile, cut it so the

tile will have to be placed around

the whole perimeter. It’s more work,

but it looks much better.

3. After you have cut and placed the

perimeter tiles, fill in the rest of your

garage using the male and female

interlocking loops.

I t ’ s t i m e t o r e t h i n k t h e g a r a g e . ®





Store smarter, not harder, with these innovative Gladiator® storage products.

Wall Systems

GearWall® Panels

+ #33616

+ 96" W x 12" H x 0.75" D

(243,8 cm x 30,5 cm x 1,91 cm)

+ Heavy-duty composite material

+ 10-Year Limited Warranty*

+ UL Classified

Hook & Accessory Kits

GearTrack® Channels

+ #33615

+ 48" W x 6" H x 0.75" D

(121,9 cm x 15,2 cm x 1,91 cm)

+ Heavy-duty composite material

+ 10-Year Limited Warranty*

+ UL Classified

GearTrack® End Caps

+ #33614

+ Gives GearTrack®

Channels a finished look

GearWall® Panel Trim

+ #33617

+ Gives GearWall®

Panels a finished look

From wheelbarrows to garden hoses,

get your things up off the floor and

onto the wall with our innovative line

of hooks and accessories

Installing and repositioning our hooks is a breeze

thanks to our track-style wall systems

1 2 3

Insert bracket Secure bottom tab “Lock” into place

Starter Kit (#33611)

+ Provides compact organization for

storing tools up off the floor

+ All hooks easily install and reposition

on Gladiator® Wall Systems

+ Weight capacity between 10 & 50 lbs.

(4,5 kg & 22,7 kg) per hook

+ Lifetime Limited Warranty*


❷ Tool Hooks

❶ Deep Hook

❶ Utility Hook

❶ Wire Basket

Completer Kit (#33612)

+ Provides robust storage for organizing

both smaller and larger items

+ All hooks easily install and reposition

on Gladiator® Wall Systems

+ Weight capacity between 10 & 50 lbs.

(4,5 kg & 22,7 kg) per hook

+ Lifetime Limited Warranty*


❶ Tool Hooks

❷ Big Hooks

❷ Twin Hooks

❶ Deep Hook

❶ Utility Hook

❶ Mesh Basket

❶ J&L Hooks (8 Pack)

❶ Scoop Hook

❶ Wide Hook

❶ Small Item Bins (6 Pack)


30" Wall GearBox

+ #33607

+ 30" W x 30" H x 12" D

(76,2 cm x 76,2 cm x 30,5 cm)

+ 2 adjustable shelves with

6 possible placements

+ Weight capacity: 200 lbs.

(90,7 kg)

24" Wall GearBox

+ #33608

+ 24" W x 24" H x 12" D

(61 cm x 61 cm x 30,5 cm)

+ 1 adjustable shelf with

3 possible placements

+ Weight capacity: 150 lbs. (68 kg)

Modular GearDrawer

+ #33604

+ 34.5" W x 28" H x 25" D

(87,6 cm x 71,1 cm x 63,5 cm)

+ 5 full-extension

adjustable drawers

+ Weight capacity: 1,400 lbs.

(635 kg)

Modular GearBox

+ #33603

+ 34.5" W x 28" H x 25" D

(87,6 cm x 71,1 cm x 63,5 cm)

+ Full-extension

adjustable shelf

+ Weight capacity: 1,400 lbs.

(635 kg)

Tall GearBox

+ #33606

+ 30" W x 66" H x 18" D

(76,2 cm x 167,6 cm x 45,7 cm)

+ 1 fixed and 2

adjustable shelves

+ Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

(136 kg)

I t ’ s t i m e t o r e t h i n k t h e g a r a g e . ®

*For complete warranty details, visit





Finish your garage transformation with gear designed to embrace your newly created space.

Work Surfaces

8' Modular Workbench

+ #33600

+ 96" W x 38" H x 25" D

(243,8 cm x 96,5 cm x 63,5 cm)

+ Space to dock up to 3 Gladiator®

Modules underneath

+ 1.75" (4,4 cm) thick solid maple surface

+ Heavy-duty steel frame and

tubular steel legs

+ 1-Year Limited Warranty on

wooden top*

+ Lifetime Limited Warranty on

steel frame*

+ Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs. (453,6 kg)

per unit


6' Modular Workbench

+ #33601

+ 72" W x 38" H x 25" D

(182,9 cm x 96,5 cm x 63,5 cm)

+ Space to dock up to 2 Gladiator®

Modules underneath

+ 1.75" (4,4 cm) thick solid maple surface

+ Heavy-duty steel frame and

tubular steel legs

+ 1-Year Limited Warranty on

wooden top*

+ Lifetime Limited Warranty on

steel frame*

+ Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs. (453,6 kg)

per unit

Fold-Away Workstation

+ #33609

+ 1.5" (3,8 cm) thick heavy-duty

stainless steel work surface

+ 42" W x 30.5" H x 10" D

(106,7 cm x 77,5 cm x 25,4 cm)

+ Access slot accommodates

power cords for various uses

+ 10-Year Limited Warranty*

+ Weight Capacity: 200 lbs. (90,7 kg)

for the Workstation, 50 lbs.

(22,7 kg) per shelf


27" Maple Top

+ #33605

+ 1" (2,5 cm) thick solid maple surface

+ Fits the Modular GearBox or

Modular GearDrawer


+ #33602

+ 9 outlets provide power sources

for any location on the bench

+ Fits either Modular Workbench

+ UL Listed

Charcoal Tile

4-Pack: #33618

48-Pack: #33619

Charcoal Drain

4-Pack: #33630

Blue Tile



Black Tile



Silver Tile

4-Pack: #33620

48-Pack: #33621

Silver Drain



Red Tile



White Tile



Freezerator® Convertible

Refrigerator / Freezer

+ #46-43193

+ 6 cu. ft. (0,17 m 3 ) upper compartment can

be changed from refrigerator to freezer

+ 15 cu. ft. (0,42 m 3 ) lower compartment is a

dedicated freezer space

+ Consistent internal temperatures,

even in extreme heat/cold

+ Casters for easy movement

+ 1-Year Limited Warranty*

+ UL Listed

Chillerator® Garage Refrigerator

+ #46-43630

+ ENERGY STAR® qualified

+ 14 cu. ft. (0,40 m 3 ) refrigerator on bottom

+ 5 cu. ft. (0,14 m 3 ) freezer on top

+ Traditional combination of refrigerator

and freezer space

+ Consistent internal temperatures,

even in extreme heat/cold

+ Casters for easy movement

+ 1-Year Limited Warranty*

+ UL Listed

Tile Floor Covering

+ 12" W x 0.5" H x 12" D

(30,5 cm x 1,3 cm x 30,5 cm)

+ Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

(113,4 kg) per square inch

+ Additional colors also available

+ 10-Year Limited Warranty*

+ UL Classified

Trim Packs

Male: #33628

Female: #33629



is the only garage

organization system

offering appliances

designed specifically

for the garage.

Look for the UL mark:

The UL Mark gives you instant peace of mind

that this Gladiator® product meets the safety

requirements of Underwriters Laboratories, the

leader in product safety testing and certification.*

*For complete warranty details and a complete list of UL Classified and UL Listed

Gladiator® products, visit

I t ’ s t i m e t o r e t h i n k t h e g a r a g e . ®

Planning Grid

Use the grid below to make quick sketches and notes related to your garage transformation.




Ordering information

❶ Visit and locate Gladiator® products by selecting the “Tools” tab.

❷ Select the items you wish to purchase and add them to your shopping cart.

❸ Look for the “Buy Online – Pick Up in Store” link.

Enter your postal code to see if the products are available at your local Sears store for immediate pick up.

❹ Complete the checkout process.

Depending on your selection, items will be shipped directly to your home or set aside at your local Sears store.

❺ You will receive a confirmation e-mail that contains the details of your order.

Visit to check the status of your order.

Gladiator® Refrigerators are Underwriters Laboratories listed in accordance

with UL 250 (Standard for Household Refrigerators and Freezers).

Gladiator® Trash Compactors are Underwriters Laboratories listed in accordance

with UL 1086 (Standard for Household Trash Compactors).

Gladiator Powerstrip is Underwriters Laboratories listed in accordance

with UL 962A (Standard for Furniture Power Distribution Unit).

Gladiator Floor Coverings are Underwriters Laboratories Classified in accordance with ASTM E-648-03

(Standard Test Method for Critical Radiant Flux of Floor Covering Systems Using a Radiant Heat Source).

Also classified as a floor coating as to slip resistance.

Gladiator® GearWall® Panels & GearTrack® Channels are Underwriters Laboratories Classified with a

Flame Spread Index (FSI) of 25 or less and a Smoke Developed Index (SDI) of 350 or less and are rated

as Class A materials, as required by fire and building codes per International Building Code (IBC).

SEARS and GOOD LIFE. GREAT PRICE. are registered trademarks of Sears Brands, LLC. ®Registered trademark/Trademark of Whirlpool, U.S.A. Whirlpool Canada LP licensee in Canada. ©2008 Whirlpool Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. 4/08.


I t ’ s t i m e t o r e t h i n k t h e g a r a g e . ®

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