May 2013 - Costa Calida Chronicle

May 2013 - Costa Calida Chronicle


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Date: May 2013 Issue: 6 Volume: XIII

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Mar Menor 74-80

Mazarrón 16-23

Northwest Murcia 40-43

Sport 96-101

What’s On 89-94


Corral & Alcaraz 66

Energy Efficiency 26

Ibex 6

Just Fabulous 62

Linea Directa 12

The Blues House 14

UK Tax Refund 58



Age Concern 26

Andrea’s Charity 48

Easy Horse Care 77

GO maD 49

HELP Mar Menor 76

Helping Hands 24

John Kemp 55

JJ Puppies 30

Lions of Mazarrón 56

MABS Mar Menor 74

MABS Mazarrón 18

MABS Northwest 43



Noah’s ARC 64


Pets In Spain 46


Chatterbox 68


Jane Cronin’s Spanish 79


Classic Artistes 34

Cloud Nine 58

Country Music Nights 23

Flamenco for All 78

Harlequin Rock Choir 16

Spangles 75&80


Food for Thought 36

Herb of the Month 60

Ma Millbank 10

Menu del Dia 88


Darwinians 70

Evolutionists 6

HAH 79

Hondon Valley RBL 76

Ladies’ Chatterbox 23

Los Palacios 19

Sector C Greenfingers 22

Welcome 38



Red Cross Day 56

Sacred Hearts 55


Advertiser’s Directory 104/105

Ask Jennifer 68

Business News 106

Camposol Fiesta 16

Camposolers 18

Caravaca Wine Horses 42

Charities etc 54

Classified Ads 102

CRA 19

Dates to Remember 84

Dear Editor 62

Early Childhood Centre 79


Life in Spain 38

Mazarrón News 20/21

Missing Man 24

Murcia News 52

Northwest Murcia 43

Spanish News 28

Teresa’s Travels 46


Author Review 82

Gardening News 8

Hiking in Moratalla 41

Island Tabarca 95


Puzzle Page 72

Puzzle Solutions 102

TV News 44



Housing Update 103


Beacon of Light 48

Mass in English 70

Olive Branch 30

Open Door 86

St Nicholas Church 32

Welcome House 40

Wellspring Victory Church 50


Badminton 97

Camposol Golf 99

Fuente Old Guard 98

Golf Tips 100

Liga Local 96

Los Amigos Mazarrón 101

RC Sailing 96


Supermoto 100

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With summer hopefully on its way and

no doubt lots of visitors, we thought it a

good idea to see what was on offer in the

area regarding eating out economically.

We hope that you like our article and list

of all our customers who offer a Menu

del Dia on page 88. We now have over

30 bars and restaurants in our Business

Directory, which means that you have

an amazing choice for not only a Menu

del Dia, but also fantastic menus with

or without entertainment. The Menu del

Dias vary in price and choice, but there

should be something to suit all tastes

and budgets. Please support your local

restaurants; they will always be pleased

to see you.

We would like to welcome the

following new advertisers:

Restaurante Le Carrousel

The Voice Kaylou

The Blues House American Grill

B & H Soluciones Integrales

Restaurante La Chara

Dolphin Pools

Pampered Paws

Protech Surveillance & Security

Restaurant Ratatouille

The Old Market Tavern

Welcome Back to:

Another World Properties

UK Supplies Direct

Angels Instead

The Vista Bar

Following a serious robbery at the

Garden Centre 2003 during April,

Pedro and Juani would like to thank all

the Camposol Residents for their concern

and support in the weeks following this

dreadful event. Many residents went out

of their way to ensure that every penny

spare they had was spent at the Garden

Centre. Pedro and Juani are very keen

supporters of all the gardening groups on

Camposol and are very grateful for the

kind comments and support they have

been shown.

The timing of this robbery coincided

with both our palm trees contracting the

dreaded palm weevil bug. Pedro and his

colleague expertly removed them which

was fascinating to watch as they had to

use a “grua” to get them out. By law,

these palms must be disposed of via

incineration in Cartagena. There was a

terrible smell, and a lot of liquid poured

out of the trunks, but they did a very

professional and tidy job!

(Teresa Hicks)

With more flights starting again to and

from San Javier, hopefully business

will pick up over the next few weeks,

especially for those in Los Alcazares

and the Mar Menor. We look forward to

the good weather so that you and your

visitors can explore the wonderful part of

Spain in which we live.

From all at

the Costa Cálida Chronicle


Whilst the CCC are happy to accept monthly reports from the various organizations in the area, the articles printed are not necessarily the

opinions of the editor or publisher and the contents should be viewed as a guideline only. Professional advice should be sought to cover any

information printed therein. Advertisements and reports are not formally endorsed by the CCC. We cannot accept responsibility for advertisers’

works, service or goods. The publishers endeavour to ensure the contents are correct, but cannot accept responsibility for the effects of

errors or omissions.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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On Saturday 16 March a group of 19 walkers

from the Evolutionists made the rocky

ascent of the Aguilon Mountains from the

Pulpi side. This was a steep, sometimes

tricky climb, but was rewarded at the top

by spectacular sea and “campo” views.

A convivial and noisy lunch at the Avenida

Restaurant on Mazarrón Paseo was most

welcome and enriched by the multi-national

nature of the group which included,

Welsh (oh the rugby, the rugby!), Scots,

Irish, English, Americans and Dutch walkers

plus at lunch a Finn.

We are an English-speaking humanist

group and welcome new members

to any and all of our activities. We do

not seek to change anyone’s viewpoint

or have a political agenda but simply

hope to enjoy each others company.

Contact me, Richard Ward, at for details of upcoming


Ibex Insurance, Making Life Easier...

Insurance is one of those things in life that

we can’t avoid; simple as that. Taking out

your Insurance with the right company is

also very important and despite the current

economic crisis, the lowest price does not

necessarily mean good value in the long

term and should an accident happen it’s no

good having cover which does not have the

level of service and support which you require

to back it up when it comes to making

or settling a claim.

Underwritten by Lloyds of London, Ibex Insurance

Services Ltd began operations in

the year 2000, with its head office based in

Gibraltar and 14 branches located in Spain

and Portugal, as well as many more agents

and brokers also offering our products.

Ibex Insurance continues to grow from

strength to strength.

At the Ibex Insurance office in Mazarrón,

both Kelly and Alan are on hand to advise

you on which is the best policy for you, be it

motor, home, medical, travel, pet, marine,

business or a funeral plan.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Kelly is from North Wales, but grew up in

the UAE capital Abu Dhabi before moving

back to Wales to study business and travel.

She moved to Spain in 2000 with her family.

Kelly has been working with Ibex Insurance

indirectly since 2004 and directly at

our Mazarrón office since 2010. Kelly offers

almost 10 years of expat Insurance experience

in Spain and is registered with the

CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) and last

year passed the first of a series of exams

that will see her personally qualify as an Insurance


Alan hails from West Sussex and has recently

joined the Ibex Insurance Mazarrón

team. He moved to Spain 13 years ago,

where he was an estate agent for 7 years.

He moved on to work in sales, travelling up

and down the Costas and his expertise lies

within funeral plans and the workings of

such procedures when it comes to funeral

handling in Spain. He is married to a Spanish

national so his Spanish is excellent.

The Ibex Insurance Mazarrón well located

office is open from 10am-6pm Monday to

Friday. All our policies are written in English

and we can cover both Spanish and UK

registered cars.

For more information call our Ibex Insurance

Services Mazarrón Office on 968

595 945 or email

See our advert on page 3

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Orphaned Puppies and Kittens

It is very common to find puppies and kittens

without their mothers here in Spain and it is

very hard for the person who will become the

“adopting mother” to act correctly, especially

if the animal is only hours or days old.

The puppy’s mother does some basic functions

that are very important in the first days

of life, like giving food, balancing the environmental

factors and making eliminations

easier, as well as socializing and educating

labours that are very important in the third or

fourth weeks onwards.

The period of obligatory nursery lasts 30

days, until the puppy is able to eat solid food.

A new-born dog or cat can take milk about

20/25 times per day. It is recommended they

take some every 3 hours for the first two or

three days, and then, every 4 or 6 hours, depending

on how it is growing and until it is

able to eat solid food alone from a dish. This

usually happens between 15 and 20 days of

life. If feeding the puppy or kitten manually,

it is recommended to use bottles with the size

of the teat adapted to the size of the animal

and with very small holes. Generally, it is better

to give commercial milk to dogs. We have

to bear in mind that dog and cat’s milk has

more protein, grass, calcium, phosphor and

iron than cow’s milk, so if we choose a formula

made at home, we must give cow’s milk

plus one yoke of egg per each quarter of litre,

and add some vitamins.

It is essential to keep the conditions of temperature

and humidity for the puppy as close

as possible to what the mother does with her

own body, especially during the first days,

keeping to 25-27º and 50-60% humidity. We

also should put the puppy face up and pass a

wet cloth 3-5 times per day over the anal and

genital area in order to make urination and

defaecation easier, in the same way as their

mother would clean it.

Finally, if the puppy or kitten does not have

any brothers or sisters around it, and has a

lack of social contact, it should be touched

and cuddled by different people as much as

possible in order to help its socialization.

Many baby animals can be reared quite successfully

in this way, but it is a lot of satisfyingly

hard work.

Undoubtedly, food is the most important

thing. Nursing is divided into two periods: the

first one that lasts one or two days, and the

obligatory nursing that lasts about 30 days.

The first milk produced by dogs and cats is

denser and more yellow than the usual milk

and is segregated during the first two or three

days. It contains a great amount of anti-bodies

which will give passive immunity to the

baby and will protect it against many infections

for the first two or three months of its

life. After this time, the puppy or kitten will

be able to develop actively its own defences

against infections. In cats, this first milk

can be substituted for any other in lactation.

Cat’s milk has a good number of anti-bodies

during all the lactation, however dogs need

this first milk, and this is not always possible

in Spain, because it is not sold here, although

it is in other countries. However, this first milk

may be substituted for serum obtained from

the blood of a healthy dog.

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

in Spain for 25 years.


Your New

Garden or


an Old One

by Clodagh

and Dick


holistic gardeners


authors living

Most expatriates buy properties in Spain with

a very different lifestyle in mind from the one

they experienced previously. They envisage a

more open-air lifestyle to make the most of

the generally dry warm and healthy climate.

However, this is only possible if the garden

is designed and constructed to support this.

For instance:

* The provision of shade from the hottest

suns and shelter from the coldest

winds show the extreme temperatures

are very different from the average

temperatures often quoted by tourist

boards, estate agents and persons attempting

to sell their house privately.

* The provision of good sized covered

and open terraces for when the family

or friends visit for meals or to partake

in hobby activities or games.

* An interesting network of paths that

do not turn boggy after monsoon-like


* Colourful perfumed and productive

plants with minimum monthly maintenance

needs, especially if you plan

a busy working or social life.

* Safe for both young and elderly.

* A swimming pool located and surrounded

by a low-leaf drop mini garden

so that it is not the dominating

feature of the garden.

* Cooking features beyond a barbecue

so that al fresco meals can be organised

daily in good weather without the

style of eating becoming boring.

* A collection of fruit trees and facilities

to grow at least a few ecological fruit

and vegetables.

* Thick boundary hedges for privacy

and hideaways for nesting birds.

* Trees that not only provide shade,

but also hide surrounding houses and

possibly local eyesores.

* A challenge for the dedicated

gardener/s in the family.

* A garden that looks great from wherever

one stands or sits at all times of

the year, for with an outdoor lifestyle

you will live within it and not just view

it through rain splashed windows as

so often happens in northern Europe.

* Hideaways for peaceful reads and siestas.

* Areas for children and grandchildren

to play safely without constant supervision.

* Matches all aspects of the lifestyle

that you foresee in both the short and

longer term. The latter is very important

if you are to be happy with your


In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

When we wrote the first edition of our practical

and comprehensive book ‘Your Garden

in Spain’, the subtitle was ‘Practical ideas

for gardens that suit your Spanish lifestyle’.

Some years later, our publisher Santana

Books asked us to split the book into

four in order to expand the chapters on growing

fruit and vegetables and the development

of gardens on apartment terraces and

balconies. To differentiate the new edition of

‘Your Garden in Spain’, the subtitle of the

new one, but an essential chapter in both is

Chapter 2.1 ‘Design the garden to match

your lifestyle’, which includes an easy to follow

self questionnaire to help you clarify your

lifestyle needs. We suggest that anyone who

asks for assistance or coaching in designing

or redesigning their gardens to first read the

book and then complete the questionnaire.

Do so yourself before investing another euro

in the garden.

Our books

can be obtained


high street

and internet



Amazon, The

London Book



and our publisher



If you are

retiring to

Spain, a recent


published by Amazon Kindle ‘Your Practical

Guide To Having A Great Retirement’

could also be useful. If you are interested in

a hard copy as a retirement present contact

us via our website

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Apparently it is Doughnut Week in the UK

from 11 th to 18 th May, so I was asked to

do some recipes! I tried to find the easiest

recipe for my readers, but they are all

quiet involved. Still, whether you fill your

doughnuts with jam, pour icing on the top,

or just cover them in sugar, they are certainly

worth the struggle. I like the Spanish

doughnuts, Churros and dipping them in

chocolate is my favourite treat. Of course,

I couldn’t make doughnuts for my diabetic

husband, so I have added some pancake

ideas for those people who can’t have sugar!

He loves the apple pancakes which I do

without any sugar and use artificial sweetener


Buen Apetito


3 (7g) packets yeast (21g total)

120ml water (105-115F / 40-46C)

530ml milk, scalded, then cooled

170g sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

3 eggs

113g shortening

940g all-purpose flour

Oil for frying


115g butter

375g powdered sugar

2 1/4 teaspoons vanilla

90-135ml evaporated milk (can substitute

regular milk or water for milder flavour)

Make the dough

Coat a large bowl with oil and set aside.

Gently warm 1/2 cup milk and oil in a small

saucepan. Combine the water and yeast

in a large bowl, stir to dissolve, and sprinkle

with 1/4 teaspoon sugar. Let stand for

5 minutes. Add the warm milk and oil to

the yeast mixture and stir to combine. Add

the remaining sugar, eggs and salt. Stir

to combine. Add the flour gradually. Transfer

the dough to a lightly floured surface

and knead until smooth. Place it in the prepared

bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and

set aside in a warm, draft-free place until

doubled in volume — about 2 hours. Punch

dough down, re-cover the bowl with plastic

wrap, and refrigerate for at least 2 or

up to 12 hours. Turn the dough out onto

a generously floured work surface. Lightly

flour the dough and roll it out to about

3/4 inch thick. Cut doughnuts out using a

3-inch doughnut cutter and transfer them

to a baking sheet. Chill for 30 minutes.

Heat about 4 inches of vegetable oil in a

large deep pan, medium-high heat. Fry the

doughnuts until golden — about 2 minutes

per side. Remove doughnuts and drain on

paper towels. Repeat.

Make the Glaze

Cream the butter and combine the remaining

milk, vanilla essence and powdered

sugar in a small bowl and stir until smooth.

While doughnuts are still hot, dip them in

the glaze and transfer to a wire rack until

glaze is set and doughnuts are cool. Serve


Basic Recipe for Pancakes

1 egg

300ml milk

100g plain flour

Pinch of salt

Cooking oil or Butter

Combine the flour and salt in a bowl and

make a well in the middle. Add the egg.

Whisk or stir well whilst adding the milk a

little at a time. Mix until there are no lumps.

The mixture can be stored in a fridge for up

to six hours. Heat a small amount of oil in

a suitable pan, ensuring it covers the entire

pan. Pour the mixture into the pan and

quickly move it around so it spreads evenly.

Once one side is cooked toss the pancake

and cook the other. To tell if the pancake is

cooked look for small bubbles forming on

the side. Serve with lemon and sugar, jam,

maple syrup, honey, chocolate spread or

your favourite topping.

Banana and Toffee Pancakes

Batter as above

250g butter toffee

3 tbsp milk

6-8 ripe ripe bananas sliced (one per person)

Make the batter as above and then leave to

stand for half an hour. Put the broken toffee

and the milk in a heavy saucepan. Stir

constantly over a low heat until the toffee

has melted and the sauce is smooth. Fry

the pancakes and stack up them and keep

them warm while you cook the rest. Place

slices of banana down the middle of the

pancake and pour over generous amounts

of toffee sauce. Fold over each side of the

pancake into the middle. Stack up or lay

out on a plate and serve with more sauce.

Potato Pancakes

2 large raw potatoes, grated

1 large egg beaten

3 cups of water

2 tbsp milk

1 tbsp lemon juice


1 cooked potato boiled and mashed

Vegetable oil as needed

Grate raw potatoes into water to which

lemon juice has been added. Place potatoes

in a strainer and drain off liquid. Beat raw

and cooked potatoes with egg, milk and

salt to form a batter. Using the heated oil,

cook 3 to 4 pancakes at a time in a large

frying pan. Brown both sides and drain on

a paper towel.

Apple Pancakes

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp sugar

2 eggs

1 ½ cups flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 cup apples



Cream the butter and sugar. Add the

beaten eggs, the flour, baking powder and

cinnamon. Finely chop the apple and add

to the mixture. Gradually add the milk to

make a medium batter. Cook as for ordinary

pancakes and serve either as savoury

dish or with a main course such as pork

chops. Cooked apple or apple sauce can be

used in the batter in same way.

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Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

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Photos copyright:

The American Grill, owned by Chris and

Debbie, is open 7 days a week from 9am until

midnight with the last food orders taken at


Chris, who is American, has many years of catering

experience both in the US and UK and

with the other members of the Blues House

team produces outstanding food and a great

dining experience.

The Blues House American Bar and Grill

in Bolnuevo opened in March, offering its customers

an authentic American Dining Experience

with great food, true Blues Music, set in

a décor that captures the heart of The Blues!

All this at prices that don’t hurt your wallet.

Why not ease yourself into the day with one

of our American Breakfast Bagels, freshly

squeezed juice and great coffee?

Between 4pm and 6pm we offer a Happy Hour

with a wine or caña for 1€ and a low priced

appetizer Dish of the Day.

At sundown, enjoy one of our American Cocktails

– sip a Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea or

one of our Florida Rum Runners.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The Blues House American Bar and Grill’s

extensive menu brings American favourites to

Spain. All freshly homemade, you can enjoy

our own tempting Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich,

Taco Salad, Texas Nachos, New York

Chilli Dogs, T Bone Steaks or Buffalo Chicken

Wings. We also offer a selection of delicious

burgers that are all freshly homemade from

100% beef and served with homemade relishes

and accompanied by American fries.

Our house BBQ ribs and chicken will put us on

your favourite list.

Try the Blues House American Bar and

Grill Appetizer Platter Which Has Mini Burgers,

Quesadilla, Loaded Potato Skins and Buffalo

Wings – a taste treat for two to share.

We also offer salads, hot dogs, hogies and a

selection of children’s meals.

The Blues House American Bar and Grill

is a relaxed and fun spot with a lovely sunny

terrace to enjoy a di fferent experience in

the Spanish sunshine and it prides itself on

its mix of great food, great Blues Music and

great customer service. Come and enjoy the


Blues enthusiasts alert: In the summer, The

Blues House will begin monthly ‘jam’ sessions

for Blues Music enthusiasts.

Tel 968 156 537

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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This month’s profile – Norma and Owen


Norma and Owen Pegram are well loved

members of The Harlequins. They moved

to Spain from Gosport in Hampshire ten

years ago and now reside on Camposol.

They were both teachers, now retired of

course, and are loving every minute of

their life in Spain. Like many of us they

miss their family, but they also miss the


With no previous singing experience, they

joined the Harlequin Rock Choir to make

new friends, have a go, and yes, they are

loving it. Norma loves singing so much that

she has also joined the recently formed

Ladies Barbershop Chorus which is also

based on Camposol. They have no intentions

of ‘putting their feet up’, and have

joined an exercise class, paint, read and

play Bridge.

If you would like to give singing with the

Harlequin Rock Choir a try, we meet at

the Culture Centre, Camposol B on Saturday

afternoons from 2pm to 4pm and

Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm.

New members are always welcome.

If you would like more information please

contact our Musical Director, Ann Thompson

on 628 149 840

The Choir That Rocks

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Camposol Fiesta 2013 Sponsored by Mercers

The new Fiesta logo was the winning entry in

the childrens› Design the Logo Competition.

The winner is Megan Bailey from Totana.

Nearly There! - Update from the Chair –

Michelle Miles

You have heard the phrase “no news is good

news”….well that is definitely the case. We

may have been a little quiet over the last few

months, but believe me, plenty has been

happening behind the scenes in the countdown

to the big day.

The Committee took a decision some time

ago to cancel the usual fund raising social

events and to raise funds through sponsorship

and raffles. It was a big decision, but

with so many worthwhile charities in the

area staging events we feel it was the right

decision given the current economic climate.

However, we did feel that we wanted to do at

least one event before the Fiesta and have

teamed up with MABS Mazarron to stage a

Grand Charity Spring Ball on Friday 24 th May.

It will be hosted by The Club House Camposol

and will be a night of “Glitz and Glamour”.

There will be a fabulous hot and cold

buffet and entertainment from Martin Ross,

Michelle and a Table Magician. There will

also be a free taxi service across Camposol.

The Grand Raffle Prize this year is a Dream

Holiday to the value of 5000 Euro!!! We will

only sell a maximum of 750 tickets and the

lucky winner will be able to select the holiday

of their choice whether that is a Caribbean

Cruise, flights to visit relatives in New

Zealand, a ski holiday or something closer to

home. There will also be several runner-up

prizes, all of which will be drawn on the day

of the Fiesta.

Once again the Fiesta will be compered by

the one and only Byron. The show starts

at around 6pm on Friday 14 th June with a

“Tribute to the Musical Greats of our Time”;

a night of music and dance to suit all ages.

Saturday will be the “Fiesta Fun Day”. Starting

at around 10am there will be a constant

stream of non-stop activities and entertainment

until midnight. The Fiesta will finish

with the usual Grand Firework Finale.

The fun-packed programme is now complete,

but we are keeping it under wraps

until nearer the time. The emphasis is on

Community and Family and we have tried to

ensure that there is a good mix of British

and Spanish culture, local talent and a touch

of Celebrity.

Talent Show Sponsor - Miles Better Entertainment

We are even offering the opportunity

for someone to be a Fie-“Star”. We have

launched a talent competition sponsored by

“Miles Better Entertainment” with a minimum

cash prize of 150€. The competition

will take place on the day of the Fiesta and

is open to singers, dancers, musicians and

speciality acts of all ages. There is an entry

fee of 5€ in advance or 10€ on the day, so

get your application form now! Are you hiding

your light or your dancing dog under a


All tickets and application forms are available

from Alley Palais, The Club House Camposol

Golf, PALS’ usual outlets, Camposol

Markets and all Committee Members. Alternatively

telephone 0034 634 382 968 or

email or send

a personal message to the Michelle Camposol

Fiesta Facebook Page. Spring Ball Tickets

are also available from MABS Camposol.

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

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MABS Mazarrón Race Night is a Hit

Close to 90 people attended MABS Cancer

Support Group’s Race Night at The Club

House, Camposol C on Tuesday, 2 April.

MABS Mazarrón was pleased to welcome

their regular supporters and some new faces

at the event.

The night started with a presentation to

Martine Shindler, who single-handedly

raised 1135€

for MABS


in last year’s

Race for Life,


loud cheers

and applause

from the audience


this awesome


Then, the

races began;

slowly at firs t,

but as the

night progressed,


atmosphere grew more intense and everyone

got into the racing spirit. A welcome interval

to recharge their glasses also meant that they

could enjoy a light-hearted game of ‘Play Your

Cards Right’ which sadly produced no winners,

but six lucky raffle winners took home

an array of luxury prizes and a further winner

taking home 80€ from the Forecast Trimester

Game. After the interval, the excitement increased,

with the throng growing even louder

as a betting frenzy began with the horses being

auctioned to hopeful owners.

MABS Mazarrón thanks everyone who attended

and all the volunteers who helped in

making the night such a fantastic success,

raising 735€. If you would like to keep upto-date

with events, please visit the website or find them on



MABS Mazarrón is a registered charity (No.

7261) offering help and support to local people

of all nationalities who have been diagnosed

with or are being treated for cancer. If

you or someone you know would like some

confidential help or support call our HEL-

PLINE 620 422 410 or visit their website

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate And Neither

Do We.

MABS Helps All Those Affected By Cancer,

Whatever Their Nationality

Photographer: Stan Laird

Camposolers Community Group Website

Camposolers Yahoo is a group website

whose membership is restricted to Home

Owners in the Camposol Urbanisation. It

celebrated its tenth year on 10 th February


Membership of Camposolers includes a

simple click of the mouse for Membership

of its sister site Camposolers 2003 which

provides access to the Camposol Council Office.

If you are a home Owner in Camposol and

wish to be a part of Camposol’s

Community Group please email for an application

to join Camposolers

Owner of Camposolers and Camposolers


Page 18

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

The Los Palacios Garden Group held its

AGM on Wednesday 17 th April, at Mariano’s

Restaurant, Los Palacios. Some of the points

to be discussed were the Registration as a

“Neighbourhood Association” with the title,

Los Palacios Garden and Community

Group. To this aim a new committee was

formally elected. The meeting was well attended.

Well I suppose we should get back to gardening.

The two things you can guarantee will

happen in Spain, the sun will shine and the

weeds will grow. As a gardening group, we

have the equipment; strimmers, back pack

weed sprayers and weed killer, but there is

a definite lack of people to use them. We

are still looking for volunteers to form a weed

eradication group .This will comprise of about

ten people to concentrate on weeds only.

They would be expected to put in only about

3 hours a month; not much to ask for to see

the area looking neat and tidy. If you think

you would like to help, contact me on 646

557 887 or email

This really is a case of “Many hands make

light work”.

We seem to be mentioning the “Book Shop”

every Month, but they are running a “free”,

yes free raffle. You buy two books and get

one free and because you have three books,

you are entitled to a raffle ticket. The raffle

is drawn on the last Friday of every month

and is valid for one month then a new ticket

is drawn.

I have been approached by people telling me

that they are not physically able to help, or

they don’t live here permanently. You can

still help by making a small donation at the

“Book Shop” on a Friday morning

We would like to thank the Ex-Servicemen’s

Association for their generous donation of

50€. This is greatly appreciated.

Our entertainment section is planning some

very pleasant nights. We hope that the community

will support them.

For more information about the Los Palacios

Garden Group, minutes and future projects,

why not visit our website

Edward Roberts


Meeting With Town Hall’s Lawyer –


Jose Navarro, District Mayor of El Saladillo,

accompanied by Bob Owen our Chairman,

met with the council’s lawyer Tomas, who had

offered free advice to the CRA. Tomas said he

could help us with advice, but could not take

action on our behalf.

Tomas went on to say that members should be

cautious in their dealings with Masa. He has

stated that members must be made aware

that although not illegal, it is most unusual for

the same lawyer to act for both Masa and the

client. Members do have a choice on whether

they go with Masa’s lawyer or appoint their

own. He went on to say that you must use

Masa’s lawyer for escrituras, but have a free

choice to use another for the embargo situation.

Bob Owen assured him that was the

advice he had given members from day one.

If Masa refuse to issue an escritura to anyone,

they have a legal right to it and can force

them to comply through legal channels. Tomas

was adamant that Masa must pay their

fines, but this would not hold up division of

plots on the affected poligonos enabling escrituras

to be issued. There is also no connection

between the fine being paid and individual

building licences being issued.

On the question of whether Masa had built

to the original plan parcial in regard to D23

&32, Bob raised the point that Blaya Blaya

had stated that too many properties had been

built on D23, but not enough on D32. Masa

had modified the plans without approval. Tomas

stated that it was now irrelevant as the

plan parcial is going to be amended to show

what is here now. The plan parcial will be

modified in September at the same time as

the Plan General is presented to Murcia, the

Plan General being for all the amendments

and modifications for the whole municipality

of Mazarrón.

Approval of the Plan General by Murcia can

take up to 2 years and will include the system

of management for Camposol, whether

it is by the residents or the council. Once this

is approved, Certificates of Habitation can be

issued and the final completion of Camposol

can take place. Tomas went on to say that

previous promises made by individual councillors

were made on the assumption of complete

co-operation from Masa which had not

been forthcoming.

The subject of extensions/pools/ wall extensions

was raised as licences have not been

issued for some considerable time. Tomas

has stated that if you can prove the works

were carried out more than 4 years ago, the

council will approve them and not fine the

individual. Works carried out in the last 4

years will require licences and providing the

extensions do not exceed 5% of the plot size,

these should be approved. As an example, on

a 400sqmtr plot, any extension must not exceed


Touristico properties were discussed, but at

present the council are not in a position to

make a decision on them. It may be possible

to allocate the touristico quota to unbuilt

poligonos, but no decision has been reached

yet. Technically you should apply for a licence

to operate a business at the address, but Tomas’s

view is that it is extremely unlikely anyone

would do anything about it. Tomas was

also of the view that there could be a case of

fraud against the selling agent. There are no

grounds for a case against Masa as they had

listed all these properties correctly as touristico

on the plans.

All in all a good meeting with the lawyer who

has explained everything quite clearly and

cleared up some mis-conceptions.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Page 19

Semana Santa in Mazarrón

According to data from the Tourism Hall of

Mazarrón, hotel occupancy reached 100%

from 28th to 31 st March in the coastal areas.

The Murcia region escaped some of

the bad weather and Mazarrón enjoyed

a pleasant few days. Puerto de Mazarrón

noted a significant increase in tourists during

these days, both for the hotels and by

the arrival of those with second homes

who came to their Mazarrón residence for

a few days of rest.

Semana Santa de Mazarrón to the sound

of drums. The “Quinteto Almazarrón” preceded

the image of Cristo Crucificado.

In the chair was the Mayor of Mazarrón,

Ginés Campillo, who was accompanied by

Councilors Andres Valera and Juan Miguel

Muñoz, and Queen of the festivity, Ana Cristina

Hernández. Also in the parade was the

curate of the Parish of San Andres Apostle

and San Antonio de Padua, José Carlos

González, President of the Cabildo y de la

Cofradía de la Soledad, Cecilia Morales,

and representatives of the guilds Santo

Sepulcro, Magdalena Campillo; Nuestro

Padre Jesús Nazareno, Tomás Zamora; and

San Juan, Andrés Navarro.The procession

ended at the Centre of Mazarron.

charitable causes.

The following day the Holy Burial parade

filled the central streets of the port and

received a warm welcome by locals and

tourists. The parade was started by the

Brotherhood of San Pedro and as a sign of

respect for the death of Jesus, the image

of the apostle was dressed in black with a

black velvet cape embroidered in gold on

his white robe.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

28 March saw the De Las Promesas procession

with the Cofradía de la Virgen de

La Soledad which once again took place

around the streets of Mazarrón. The parade

was opened by the Cruz Guia from

the nursing home “La Purisima” and was

followed by the banners of the Virgen de

la Soledad y del Cabildo de Cofradías de

A large number of residents and tourists

witnessed the procession of Nuestro Padre

Jesús Nazareno, leaving from the Church of

San José in Puerto de Mazarrón. A pleasant

evening took the march through the main

streets of the seaside town. Among them

were a large number of “manolas” which

this year accompanied several floats.

Opening the procession was a Band of Bugles

and Drums of Puerto de Mazarrón, followed

by the Cofradía de San Pedro whose

members marched with red hoods, capes

and white robes. The throne with the image

of San Pedro this year was decorated

with fishing nets, and the money that

would normally be spent on flowers for the

throne was donated by the Brotherhood to

Also during the Easter weekend, the Paseo

and beach of Puerto de Mazarrón and the

go-kart track next to La Piramide, hosted

the Ist Juegos Juveniles de la Bahía de

Mazarrón organized by the Department of

Youth from Mazarrón Town Hall and Siroco

Aventuras through the programme “Jovenarea”.

Dozens of children, youth and adults

enjoyed the activities that were a huge

success and the Councilor of Youth, Andres

Valera presented the trophies and medals.

Participants enjoyed a beach soccer tournament,

a bicycle competition, a climbing

competition, a tennis tournament, a tournament

of karts and a photography competition.

The gym “Bahia Sur” organized classes

that were enjoyed by both young and old.

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo,

said “These games, as with the annual

activity programme designed from the

council, are responding to the youth of

Mazarrón. We will continue organizing

Page 20

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activities and programmes of this type for

our youth to invest their free time in a safe

and healthy way.”

World Water Day

On Friday March 22 to celebrate World

Water Day, the Secondary School “Felipe

II” carried out a solidarity march called the

“Gotas por Níger”. The institute collaborated

with the “UNICEF” campaign entitled “Water

leads to School”. The objective of this

campaign was that in Niger, one of the countries

with the worst indicators in education

is to help children have access to school.

and teachers and Mazarrón Town Council

and local police.

Tree Planting

On 21 March the Centre for Infant and

Primary Education “Infanta Leonor” of

Mazarrón for Dia de Arbor, with the

planting of a tree in the Centre’s facilities.

The children conducted their tree planting

with reading a poem. The event included

the planting of pine trees donated by the

Department of Environment of the City of

Mazarrón and the children reflected on the

ten reasons and benefits of planting trees.

Carles Cano, who has over 50 publications

for Infant and Primary students, captivated

students telling stories in order to

encourage them to read and discover the

rich world of fantasy or reality that is in

the books. He also responded to questions

from the students who wanted to

know everything from his favourite book

to at what age he thinks one should retire.

There were certainly some funny moments.

Carles Cano is an author of children’s literature

as well as a well-known storyteller.

In 1994 he received the “Premio Lazarillo”

of creative writing for the play “Te pillé,

Caperucita”. Although his work has various

degrees of complexity, sometimes his

prosé tends to be experimental, with great

presence of puns. It has also created fictional

universes full of strange creatures,

born of pure linguistic ability.

Lack of water and sanitation facilities has

much to do with the early dropouts, especially

in girls. Access to water favours education,

prevents truancy and 600,000 girls

and 400,000 boys are deprived of their

right to education. Something as simple as

a toilet protected with a door for dignity

and providing hygiene and protection from

prying eyes is a luxury and the possibility

of having access to clean, safe water for

consumption, is still a distant dream. The

I.E.S. “Felipe II”, has worked for the rights

of the children and this culminated in the organization

of the solidarity march in which

participants contributed 1€ or more. At

11am the youngsters of the institute began

walking up the streets of Mazarrón, escorted

by the local police. The school stopped

at the Town Hall to receive greetings from

Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, Councilor

for Education, Mary Celeste Soria, and

the Mayors of local police and youth, and

Isidro Coy Isidro and Andres Valera. Finally,

the march returned back to the school.

400€ was raised to go through UNICEF. A

spokesman from I.E.S. “Felipe II” thanked

all who contributed, including the students

The director of C.E.I.P. “Infanta Leonor”,

Antonio Gallego said “This activity

is giving us a very important natural

heritage at school and we have just

over 100 trees now in the school. “

Linda Scott, a Professor of Horticulture

at the University of Seattle in the United

Kingdom, gave a talk to pupils in Primary 4

in English about the importance of trees in

our lives. Undoubtedly, it was a full day of

activities that are “highly symbolic”.

Carles Cano Peiro

The Valencian writer Carles Cano Peiro

held meetings with pupils from Primary

6 of several schools on 21 March. Councillor

for Education, Mary Celeste Soria,

commented “These meetings encourage

the reading habit among students

of the municipality, and more activities

are planned to promote reading as

a means of intellectual and personal enrichment,

both among young and adults.”

Free Walks

Mazarrón and the Murcia Institute of

Tourism have scheduled a series of tours

around the town of Mazarrón and Puerto

de Mazarón.

Puerto de Mazarrón:

May 5 th and 19 th , June 2 nd and 16 th . Visiting

Phoenician Boat Interpretation Centre,

Casa Romana de la Calle Era and the Archaeological



May 11 th and 25 th and June 8 th . Visiting the

Town Hall, St. Andres Church, Sanctuary

of La Purisima, Church of San Antonio, Casino

and Tower of Molinete.

Departures: 10.30am.

The routes are with an official

guide and are free.

To participate in the routes call 968 59 44

26 or Email

This agreement has also been signed

with 25 other municipalities in the region.

Those interested can pick up the brochure

and further information at the Tourism Office,

Puerto de Mazarrón.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Page 21

We had a very productive AGM at the Golf

Club; a healthy turn-out of over 30 people enjoyed

a lively meeting with a welcome break

for free hot drinks. John Osborne and the

committee were all re-elected and this year

our guest speaker was Jeremy from Medical

Link who gave an informative talk about

claiming back prescription charges incurred

by residents in Spain. Tributes were paid to

our current Chairman and the whole of the

committee, and to all our volunteers who

have worked so very hard in all weathers during

the last year. Thanks were also given to

Greg Green from Sensol Villas for the use of

their underbuild for storage and for auditing

our accounts. These are always available for

anyone to examine.

On 22 nd March we were pleased to welcome to

‘C’ the new Mayor of Camposol, Snr Jose Navarro,

who met with John, our Chair, and given

a tour of Sector C. He was very impressed by

all the work we had done to keep the streets

clean and improve the area. Our next project

is to gravel along the remaining side of the

dual carriageway and the upkeep of already

planted verges. We are always ready for

suggestions of other future projects or work

which needs doing in your area so please let

us know by phone or email.

The repairs to all the pavements from Aqualia

works on ‘C’ have been completed and the

weed spraying has begun again. We would

like to send our good wishes to Antoine, who

has been with our maintenance team since its

inception. A huge thank you to him for all his

hard work and we wish him lots of luck with

his new restaurant. Our volunteers have been

busy planting and watering plants, trees and

pruning palms along the dual carriageway. If

you have any pots or plants which you would

like to add to our area, please leave them behind

the ‘Welcome Wall’ or get in touch and

we will collect them. Our work to keep ‘C’

looking wonderful is ever-increasing; there

are so many jobs we would like to tackle,

but simply do not have enough volunteers to

keep all the planted areas weed free, so if you

have a couple of hours to spare, we would

love to hear from you, or join our group on

Wednesday mornings 9am outside the Sensol

Villa office. Our area has been transformed

by all the hard work and is now a lovely place

to live or spend a holiday so come along and

make new friends and keep fit while enjoying

a free bacon butty!

We would like to take this opportunity to invite

any interested people from Poligonos

C14-17 to a meeting at the Club House on

14 th May at 5pm to discuss joining the Green

Fingers maintenance scheme.

Our Chairman John can always be contacted

on 634 325 427

Information can be found on the chalkboards,

Facebook and our website http://www.



In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

FAST - Easter Fayre

Saturday 23 rd March saw the doors of Mariano’s,

Camposol A opening at 8.30am in order

to set everything up ready for the stall

holders and the FAST Easter Fayre. By

10.20am all was ready for the main doors

to be opened to the people of Camposol

and visitors to the area to browse their

way through over 30 trader stalls looking

for goodies, bargains and prizes. The doors

opened just before 11am and in came a

steady flow of shoppers over the next few

hours making for a highly successful day.

Over 400 people attended the fayre, demonstrating

in part the wonderful support given

to FAST and the unique service they offer

Page 22

within Camposol. The day was a resounding

success raising €3,549.07. This was

only possible through the support given by

all involved from the FAST Support Team

making all the arrangements, the members

setting up and taking down tables and manning

FAST stalls throughout the day and of

course Mariano’s for allowing us to hold the

fayre there.

Our thanks also go to all those who donated

prizes for the FAST Prize Raffle:

TJ Electricals; Branded Fashion; 2let2buy-

2sell; Trevi’s Bar; The Steak Out; Liz’s Café;

Oscar’s; Quicksave; BarSalud; Dental Care;

Ocean Fish Bar; Multi Optica; Bistro Bulgaria;

Puncture Safe; Bezza ‘Market’; Annette

Ryder; Debbie Shaw; Bodega Martinez;

Tropic Ana’s; Clinica Veterinaria; Mr Print;

Manuel Canavos Hairdresser; Cat’s Bar; Kelly

Ensor; Debbie (Stall Holder)

Our thanks to the Steak Out for putting up

with and supplying our support team with

the facilities to sell raffle tickets every Friday,

the stall holders and traders who keep

coming back for more and of course you the

residents and visitors to Camposol for all the

appreciation you show with your support,

donations etc throughout the year.

FAST Bookstall is back on 2 nd & 4 th Friday

every month Camposol B

Saturday 25 th May FAST Spring Ball & 2 nd

Anniversary @ Amapola Restaurant, Bolnuevo

€25 Entertainment ‘Wildcat’.

Saturday 13 th July BBQ & Western Theme

Night with ‘Dave C’ @ The Club House,

Camposol C €10

Saturday 24 th August Flamenco Show @

Oscars, Camposol B €8 incl. basket meal

Friday 11 th October Comedy Cabaret with

‘Justin Sane’ @ The Club House, Camposol

C €8 incl raffle

Saturday 23 rd November FAST Christmas

Fayre @ Mariano’s, Camposol A’11am-3pm

Event tickets will be on sale from the FAST

Bookstall and the FAST Support Team

every Friday morning, Camposol B. Keep

watching the press for updates and new


For information about FAST please call 634

314 386 or 626 465 847or 634 327 730.

FAST – Making Camposol Safer For All

FAST – Registered Charity G30863658

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

In April we had a fantastic number of

members attending the fashion show at

the Amapola Restaurant in Bolnuevo.

Thursday May 9th is a Cultural Trip.

There will be a guided walk around Alhama

followed by lunch in the Espuñas. There

are still a few places left so speak to Margaret

by telephone on 619 661 245 if you

are interested in going.

June 13th is the last meeting before the

summer (how fast the year flies!) and

there will be a demonstration on “alfresco”

entertaining by Chris Leiper and Jackie

Rooke. This will be in the Cultural Centre

on Camposol at 2pm. Come and enjoy a

“picnic of nibbles” and a chance to catch

up with friends before summer and visitors

take over!

Ladies Chatterbox group meets on Camposol

in the Cultural Centre on the 2 nd

Thursday of each month. If you would like

further information please contact Rosemary

Scott on 619 575 463 or Chris

Leiper on 968 199 418.

Chatterbox “SEW and SEW” is a group

for anyone who would like to meet with

other sewing or craft work enthusiasts (not

necessarily very experienced!) to work together,

chat and enjoy a cuppa! We meet

every 2 nd Monday 2.30-4.30pm in the Cultural

Centre. For more information ring Pat

on 608 548 136.

Country Music nights at the Club House,


Our 2 nd night of Country Music at the Club

House took place on Friday 12 th April. Ann

and Tony started the night playing requests

for the dancers. Ann taught a line dance to

a Tanya Tucker song which was fast and it

went down well. She also revised the dance

she taught last month ‘Pick a bale of cotton’,

which had the same hilarious response. Tom

and Helen then re-taught the Barn Dance

which is a couple’s dance.

The live music was provided by Lenny Mitchell,

who took to the stage at 9pm. It was

obvious that he had spent a considerable

amount of time preparing his programme. He

is not normally called to sing Country Music

songs, but he gave us an extensive selection

of modern (Texas Tornados) and the more

traditional songs like Kris Kristoffeson. He

was, in one word, superb. Thanks a lot Lenny

for a great night.

Someone, who will remain nameless, (for obvious

reasons), brought a bit of a laugh on

the night when he discovered, whilst learning

one of the dances, that he still had his slippers

on! He had forgotten to put on his shoes.

Fortunately he didn’t live too far away!

Several of the girls from the local Line Dance

class sold the raffle tickets, and Ray took over

the raffle draw. It is pleasing that people are

willing to assist whenever they can. We actively

encourage this participation and once

again thanks to the people who brought along

raffle prizes. From each month’s surplus

funds, we are hoping to buy sound equipment

- at this rate it won’t take long!

As a ‘reward’ to Ray, one of his favourite songs

was played; a Garth Brooks song ‘Friends in

Low Places’. The couples’ dance Sleaze is

done to this - an easy 10 step dance, which is

extremely visual! Several people commented

that they would like to learn it, so that is the

dance we will teach at our next night, which

will take place on Friday 3rd May at the Club

House, Camposol. The live music will be provided

by Interactive, Murcia, a trio from Alhama.

Entry is only €3 and food is available at

affordable prices. We would appreciate any

contribution of prizes towards the raffle.

If you would like to know more, phone or text

610 632 152 or


PS To the Camposol Sector A ‘phantom poster

stealer’ who took down at least 6 of our posters

from outside Alan/Margaret’s shop, give

us a call and these will be delivered direct to

you. This will save you sneaking about early

morning or late at night. Steve made such a

wonderful job of these (thanks Steve). It’s

not surprising you want to ‘collect’ them!

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Page 23

Detectives investigating the disappearance

of Robert Golden, who has not returned from

a walking holiday in Spain, have launched a

website which

is aimed at gathering information from the

public in an effort to find Robert.

It follows four possible sightings of Robert in

Spain since he flew alone to Seville on 5 November.

The latest reported sighting was on

28 January when a couple saw a man fitting

Robert’s description and carrying a backpack,

walking at a pace towards Gibraltar.

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Wardley-

Wilkins said “These unconfirmed sightings of

Robert are encouraging. If they were in fact

Robert, then it is obviously good news. We

want to confirm it is him and that he is safe

and well. His family have not heard from him

and they would be delighted to hear positive


“This new website, in Spanish and English, is

a part of our efforts to find him. By appealing

directly to people in Spain we hope they will

come forward with any information about his

whereabouts. I would appeal to anyone living

or visiting southern Spain who believe they

have seen him to get in touch.”

Apart from the sighting on 28 January in

Sabinilla, there have been sightings of Robert

on 11 January hitch hiking on the A7 which

leads to Gibraltar, Nurca or Seville. Two days

earlier, on 9 January, a man who lives in Vera

saw a man, carrying a rucksack, walking from

there towards the AP7 to Almeria. On 21 December

a couple thought they saw Robert sitting

on the ground at the Lidl store in Benissa

in the province of Alicante.

Robert’s brother Barry said: “I’m really worried.

I’m really missing him and want to see

him back

home. Robert

loves walking

and the

outdoors. It

is worrying

that he can

be away for

that length of

time and not

use his bank

cards. He is

a very nice

chap and approachable.


anyone thinks

they have

seen him

could they please talk to him to see if he’s

ok? He would never be rude. We are worried

that he has possibly had a medical episode.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact

police on +44(0) 1273 475432 from Spain,

quoting 804 of 23/11 or email

In glorious

sunshine and


the beautiful

playa and marina,

more than

200 people attended

the long

awaited Flamenco


at the Hotel Puerto

Juan Montiel

in Aguilas.

with The Berry Chuckett Trio.

Commendation Awards were also presented

to those who have assisted the local community

and the charity itself including; Furniture

Plus, Mazarron; Clinica Veterinario Cervantes,

Lorca; The Animal Hotel, Aguilas; Amelia

Manzanara and Rita Lenssons.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The event, in aid of the charity Helping Hands, was arranged

by their Patron,

Doña Beatriz

Garcia Romera. Many

local dignitaries and

well known Flamenco

artistes were in attendance

and the day

proved to be a colourful


In addition to the Flamenco

was an auction

which included a

magnificent Rooster

(which now has a new

home with many lovely

lady chickens!), and a

performance by Oscar

Fernandez, lead singer

Finally, the ladies of Helping Hands and

their friends treated the audience to a Fashion

Show displaying some of the beautiful garments

donated to their shop in Calle Fuensanta,

(situated off Avenida Juan Carlos in


For further information on the charity please

contact Linda on 968 482 948.

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Our “Talking Shop” Easter picnic was

a very happy afternoon. Thanks go to all

the volunteers who helped to make the afternoon

pass so pleasantly. An even bigger

thank you goes to D.J.B.K who played

some enjoyable foot tapping music. The

next “Talking Shop” will be on Wednesday

5 th June in the Cultural Centre, Camposol

B at 1.30pm. Come along and have

a cup of coffee and a chat. If you have difficulty

getting there, give us a ring on 634

310 216 and if we can we will pick you up.

On 27 th March, 60 of our followers were

at the Playa Grande Hotel for our monthly

Menu del Dia. Johnny Sparrow provided

the entertainment and we had a chocolate

raffle as it was Easter (as well as everyone

having a mini-egg on arrival!). The next

Menu del Dia will be on Wednesday 29 th

May at Lagarto Verde, Via Axial, Puerto de

Mazarrón 10€.

The next Age Concern Auction, at Mariano’s,

Camposol A, will be on Thursday

23 rd May. They are proving very popular

and a good way to dispose of some of your

unwanted items for a small donation of 5€

to put 3 items up for auction. Come along

and bid for something.

Our Annual Summer Fair will be held at

Lagarto Verde Bar/Restaurant, Via Axial,

Puerto de Mazarrón on Saturday 1 st June

from 11.30am to 3.30pm. There will be

cakes, pies, sweets, face-painting, clothing,

ceramics, bags, ‘bling’, plants, cards

and pottery on display with entertainment

provided by our supporters Harry & Julie.

Bar open for full English breakfasts and

food available all day.

Tickets available from the Cultural Centre

Wednesdays and Thursdays 10am-1pm or

outside the Salud Bar, Camposol B on Fridays

11am-1pm or phone 634 364 484 or

634 310 215

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Within a policy of housing support and rehabilitation

and in compliance with Community

European law, the Council of Ministers

of the Government of Spain has approved

the Royal Decree which establishes

the basic procedure for Certification of

Energy Efficiency of buildings and houses.

The legislation, which already existed

in Spain for new buildings from the RD

47/2007 of January 19 th , establishes that

from the 1 st June of 2013 it will be mandatory

to have an Energy Efficiency Certificate,

for every house constructed previous

to 2007. Such certification is compulsory

for every single house either rented

or for sale (when rents are longer than

four months). It will also be mandatory to

display the result of that energy certification

in any offer, promotion or advertising

of the property, which is common in other

European Union countries.

This certificate will assess the home’s energy

efficiency, describing how effective

the building is, in terms of energy consumption

and associated CO2 emissions.

It will always give a rating that varies from

A (highest rating) to G (lowest rating). The

document will be valid for 10 years.

The certificate must be submitted to the

competent entity of the Autonomous Community

for the registry file created by the

General Department of Industry, Energy

and Tourism. Apart from the objective information

on their energy characteristics,

the certificate will include recommendations

in order to improve the property’s energy

efficiency .The aim of measuring is to

encourage savings and efficiency, in order

to foster the promotion of those houses

that have high efficiency and energy saving

investments. In this regard, the government

has approved a set of grants and

subsidies to facilitate the implementation

of measures to improve energy efficiency

on thermal installations in residential buildings,

and the use of renewable energies.

The Energy Efficiency Certificate may

be only produced by Engineers and Architects,

who are fully trained and qualified in

this area.

Raul Miralles Sanchez

Technical Industrial Engineer

Technician in Energy Efficiency Certification

Tel 692 902 302/629 220 960

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Spain May Ban Private Owners From Letting

Their Properties To Holidaymakers

Restrictions on letting property to holidaymakers

in a bid to appease the hotel industry

could cost around 150,000 people their livelihood.

The government is about to approve

legislation which will mean private property

let to tourists will no longer be covered by the

State Law of Urban Rentals (LAU), and will instead

be subject to regional government law

or industry regulations.

At present, Spanish law allows holiday homes

to be rented out under any circumstances,

classifying them as ‘seasonal lets’, but the

central government says the omnipresence

and proliferation of private villas and apartments

being let – largely over the internet

– is creating ‘intrusion’ and ‘disproportionate

competition’ for the ‘traditional tourism


The new law is likely to ban owners from renting

out their properties for given numbers of

days or nights. Letting out a private home by

the day or night has been a basic right of all

owners, but soon, if it is considered that this

is ‘purely for tourism purposes’, it will be restricted

to only hotels and aparthotels. This

would effectively make the short-term letting

out of any residential property against the


Although nothing has changed at present,

spokespersons from various apartment letting

companies say this appears to be little

more than ‘a moratorium with an expiry date’.

Unemployed Persons Have To Show Nine

Paper CVS as a Condition of Their Monthly


Jobseekers whose dole money has run out

and who want to claim the 450€ monthly unemployment

benefit provided by the State,

have to show nine paper copies of their CV

stamped by companies they have applied to

for work. They also have to produce names

and telephone numbers of companies they

have contacted seeking work, links to job

search websites they have signed up to or

‘sits vac’ where they appear as applicants.

These have to be shown to the job centre,

or INEM office, 30 days before they hope to

receive the benefit, which is currently 85% of

the minimum wage, being a total of 452.63€.

The nine stamped CVs requirement is mandatory,

which automatically means an obligation

to visit companies in person and speak to a

person in authority. This is frequently impossible

and CVs are merely taken off visitors by

reception staff and in most cases, those contacting

companies on spec looking for work

tend to send their CV by email, meaning a

stamped copy will not be available.

Those in receipt of the monthly benefit,

known as the ‘Plan PREPARA’, are given a

‘personalised itinerary’ for getting back into

the job market.

Brits Grew Hash Plants In Cellar Using

Council’s Electricity Supply

Three British residents have been arrested in

Benijófar (Alicante) for growing a hash farm

in a basement by siphoning water and electricity

from the council’s supply. Two men and

a woman were arrested and are due to face

trial in Torrevieja.

Police were notified about ‘possible suspicious

activity’ going on at a villa in the town, which

has a high population of mostly-British expatriates.

A total of 62 marijuana plants, some

over two metres tall, were found in a cellar, as

well as a further 125 plant pots which had the

remains of already-harvested crops. It turned

out the massive electricity and water bill for

growing the plants was being picked up by

the town hall, since the three British nationals

had managed to illegally tap into the public

supply to avoid paying their own utilities for

their illicit underground garden and to prevent

suspicion being aroused by huge bills.

Seven-Metre Wasp Nest Found in Abandoned


Police in San Sebastián de la Gomera cordoned

off an abandoned house after finding

a seven-metre-long wasp nest. Officers were

called out by worried neighbours of the empty

home and say the nest was in an indoor hallway

and contained literally millions of wasps.

Experts have examined the nest, which is said

to be 21’ 9” in length, and say the common

type of wasp found in gardens would never

normally build a nest of this size. They believe

it must be an invasive species of wasp which

had migrated from Africa.

Mum Fined 1,500€ For Letting Daughter

Play Truant For Months

Education authorities say the 13-year-old

only went to school for five weeks in the first

years and in the second year, she only attended

class for four days. She was at primary

school at the time, in the academic years of

2008-2009 and 2009-2010, say social services

in Motril (Granada) where the mother and

daughter live.

They contacted the mother during the first

year to find out if there was any justifiable

reason why her daughter was not going to

school and to remind her of her obligation to

ensure her daughter received an education,

but in spite of promises to do so, the mother

ignored the warnings. The headmaster of

the school in Motril said the accused failed to

enrol her daughter for

the year 2009-2010,

but after contacting

them, managed to get

the child a place.

In some cases, parents

who allow their

children to continually

skive off school can

end up losing custody

and the kids are put

into care.

Lessons Must Be Given In Spanish If Just

One Pupil Requests It

Classes at school in parts of Spain with regional

languages must be taught in Spanish if

any pupil so requires, says a Supreme Court

ruling. So far, 10 verdicts by the Supreme

Court on the subject have been passed in

favour of mums and dads in Catalunya who

want their children to be taught in Spanish,

even if this is in combination with Catalán.

Although all these cases have taken place

in Catalunya, the Supreme Court verdict is

valid for the whole of Spain and parents in

the Basque Country, Galicia, the Comunidad

Valenciana and the Balearic Islands will also

have the right to demand that their children

are taught in Spanish as well as in the coofficial

languages of these regions.

Residents In Spain Throw Away Enough

Groceries To Fill The Country’s Food

Banks 80 Times Over

An estimated 50% of all foodstuffs produced

in the EU ends up in the bin, whether or not

it has gone off. In total, eight million tonnes

– nearly a tonne per two people – of food

are thrown away in Spain every year, says

the Spanish Federation of Food Banks. They

are calling for changes to reduce the sheer

waste that happens in a country where millions

are unable to feed themselves or their

families due to job loss and are forced to rely

on hand-outs from the Red Cross, Cáritas, or

soup kitchens.

These methods include eradicating ‘two-forone’

offers in supermarkets on perishable

goods, and reducing packaging size to reflect

modern society. The Federation also says

‘use-by’ and ‘sell-by’ dates should be more

realistic and better explanations given, since

many people throw food away fearing it has

gone off when it is perfectly safe to eat and

the flavour and nutritional content has not

reduced at all. Recently, use-by dates were

removed from yoghurts on the basis that they

did not expire.

Pasta, rice and other foodstuffs are said to

never really go off, according to nutritional

experts. Most food in food banks are non-perishables,

meaning people who rely on these

as the only way of surviving do not get any

fruit or vegetables or other vitamin-rich produce,

so they are likely to suffer in terms of

their health, particularly long-term.

Spain Second-Worst In Europe For Human-Trafficking

And Forced Prostitution

EU statistics firm Eurostat says a total of

1,605 women were smuggled into the country

and held hostage, being forced to work as

prostitutes against their will. There are more

cases of forced prostitution among immigrants

in Spain than in Romania, despite the

fact that a high number of human-trafficking

victims come from the latter country.

According to the International Work Organisation

(OIT), as many as one in five humantrafficking

victims are male. They detected a

total of 880,000 people forced into slavery,

sexual or otherwise, within the EU in 2010, of

whom 68% were women, 12% were underage

girls, 17% men and 3% underage boys. Provisions

of the Directive include the harshest

possible penalties for offenders, total support

– before, during and after trial – for victims,

maintenance of statistics on such crimes, and

special protection for those who fall prey to

traffickers to ensure they do not come to any

harm from their captors or become targets for

similar criminal organisations.

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Registered Charity Nº 8.714/1ª

JJ’s Puppy Rescue Association rescue

abandoned puppies in the Mazarrón area and

care for them in foster homes where they can

be trained and socialised whilst we are finding

them a loving forever home locally or abroad.

To be successful in our work we are always

in need of foster carers. We pay for all vaccinations

and veterinary costs and give you

support whenever you need it. If you feel you

can offer a place in your home and your heart

for one of our rescued puppies short or long

term as a family pet or companion please talk

to us about our Foster Charter.

We have a Charity Shop in Puerto de Mazarrón

staffed entirely by volunteers and we really

need all the public help we can get. Any unwanted

saleable items will be gratefully received.

We can arrange for donated items to

be collected by one of our Association Members.

We also need volunteer helpers who can

give some of free time to work in our Charity

Shop so if you would like to help come in and

have a chat with the staff.

We thank Liberty Seguros for their recent

generous Sponsorship Donation of 400€ to

our funds for the care of abandoned puppies

and we support their Pet Insurance Plan for

the essential veterinary care of domestic pets.

For further details of the Liberty Seguros Pet

Plan contact their local representative Trudy

669 075 081 or Natalia 669 075 157.

For More Information or Collection of

Donated Items Give One of Our Committee

Members a Call

Tony 618 034 921 or Christine 603 127 984


In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The Carpenter’s Son

He was born in a little village, the child of a

peasant woman,

He learned to be a carpenter and worked in

his father’s carpentry until he was thirty years


Then he spent three years as an itinerant

preacher telling people about God and God’s


He never wrote any book,

He never held any office,

He never went to a university,

He never had a family or a house of his own,

He never travelled more than two hundred

miles from the place he was born,

He never commanded a great army and never

won any wars – for he was opposed to violence,

He was always loving towards his fellow humans-

even his enemies,

When he was only thirty three years old, public

opinion turned against him,

His friends betrayed and deserted him,

He was turned over to his enemies and endured

taunting and spitting at his trial,

Despite being innocent he was nailed to a

Cross between two common criminals,

When he was dead he was laid in a borrowed


But the story of this man does not end here-


By his death and resurrection people were

freed from sin,

Since then, many centuries have come and


All armies ever to have marched,

All ships ever to have sailed the seas,

All parliaments that ever sat,

All kings that ever reigned,

Have not had such a profound influence on

the people of this planet as did this carpenter’s


Give JESUS some influence over your life,

You will see miracles happen!

A warm welcome awaits you on Sundays at

the Cultural Centre, Camposol B.

Contacts: Pastors Ralph & Margaret Locke for

help, a chat, prayer, counsel, etc 968 199

622/618 720 181 or

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St Nicholas Ecumenical Church

Calle Sobrija 2248

Sector D20 Camposol

By Rev Len Eaton MBE

I promised in my previous report written

in Mid-March that I would tell you how the

latter end of Lent leading up to Easter Day

went at St Nicholas Ecumenical Church.

The Palm Sunday Service was a very joyous

time, the Lord making his triumphal

procession toward Jerusalem. Palm Crosses

were blessed and distributed to the

congregation. Sad to say that the joy was

gradually decreased during the Holy Week

until Good Friday and the Crucifixion, so

a solemn service of Holy Communion took

place on that day. Two days later we celebrated

the Resurrection of Our Lord with

a wonderfully joyful Service of Holy Communion

celebrating the Easter Day. Now

we are in the Easter Period, we are looking

forward to Ascension and Pentecost. While

we are waiting for these times we ask God

to send the Holy Spirit to tear away the

bars that imprison us in sin, evil and death.

Fill us with the power of the Resurrection

Christ so that we may be his faithful disciples

in life, in death and beyond death.

Something rather marvellous is happening

here over this Eastertide. During April and

early May four children are to be Baptised,

two couples are to be Blessed after their

Civil Marriage, and a couple renewed their

Wedding Vows after 31 years of marriage

and lastly but no means least, we look forward

to celebrating the 90 th birthday of our

oldest Church Member on 13 th May

Services for May

Sunday 5 th May

Songs of Praise 10.30am

Sunday 12 th May

Morning Prayer 10.30am

Sunday 19 th May

Pentecost Holy Communion


Sunday 26 th May

Trinity Sunday Holy Communion


All services take place at Calle Sobrija

2248, D20 Camposol, where a warm welcome

awaits you. Services offered by the

Church are Wedding Blessings, Holy

Baptism, Confirmation and Funerals.

We have a Pastoral Service throughout the

year, people who listen, talk and are there

to help anyone who is sick or in need. The

Pastoral care is absolutely confidential.

For any of the Church Services offered, or

other information, please call Rev Len Eaton

on 968 138 952, Rev Deacon Maureen

Kent on 636 099 679, Rev Deacon

Bill Coyle 634 143 260, or Rev Bro Konrad

679 927 268



St Nicholas Pastoral Care Group, in conjunction

with Age Concern, are running a

series of sessions for carers, providing relaxation

and some fun!

Starting Wednesday 22 nd May 2-4pm at

the Cultural Centre, Camposol B

For further details phone 628 691 739

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Sponsored by the Murcia Riding Federation

(FHRM), Pavo Horsefeeds, Piccadilly Coffee

and the Cavalli Foundation, the Murcia

Region Association for Riding for the

Disabled (Asociacion Murciana de Terapias

Ecuestres), was able to present an impressive

Conference and Demonstration of Paraequestrian

Riding at the Equimur Horse

Fairin Torre Pacheco in March.

An appreciative audience listened as

speakers, Fatima Cao (Vocal for Paraequestrian

Riding of the Spanish Riding

Federation RFHE), Elena Peropadre (Spanish

National Champion in Paraequestrian

Dressage 2011) and Joaquin Clotet (Specialist

in Equine Nutrition Piensos Pavo),

gave Murcia an insight into the world of

Paraequestrian riding.

In an interview, Elena Peropadre explained

that she had turned to Paraequestrian Riding

after a near fatal

accident in which a

horse that she was

training attacked her

whilst in the box, almost

amputating her

arm and causing serious

injuries to her

left leg and practically

destroying her

foot. Her immediate

concern on arriving

at the hospital was

that the horse should

not be sacrificed and

her next question

to surgeons

was if she

would ever

be able to

ride again.

The proof

was seen in

the amazing


that Elena

gave in the

main arena

at Equimur,


skill, dedication


true love of


Murcia is

looking for

Paraequestrian riders with a view to forming

a Regional Team.

For more information phone Liz

Vocal de Doma Paraecuestre FHRM

636 172 198

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

A l b e r t

Greene (born April

13, 1946), better

known as Al

Green or Reverend

Al Green, is

an American Gospel

and Soul music

singer. He

reached the peak of

his popularity in the

1970’s, with hit singles

such as “You

Oughta Be With

Me”, “I’m Still In

Love With You”,

“Love and Happiness”,

and “Let’s Stay Together”.

In 2005, Rolling Stone named him No 66 in

their list of the ‘100 Greatest Artists of All

Time’. The nomination stated that “People are

born to do certain things, and Al was born

to make us smile.” The Rock and Roll Hall of

Fame inducted Green in 1995, referring to

him as “One of the most gifted purveyors of

soul music.”

Green has sold more than 20 million records.

He was born in Forrest City, Arkansas. He was

the sixth of ten children born to Robert and

Cora Greene. The son of a sharecropper, he

started performing at age ten in a Forrest

City quartet called the Greene Brothers;

he dropped the final “E” from his last name

years later as a solo artist. They toured extensively

in the mid-1950s in the South until

The Greenes moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan,

when they began to tour around Michigan.

His father kicked him out of the group

because he caught Green listening to Jackie


Green formed a group called Al Greene &

the Creations in high school. Curtis Rogers

and Palmer James, two members of

The Creations, formed an independent label

called Hot Line Music Journal. In 1967,

under the new name Al Greene & the Soul

Mates, the band recorded “Back Up Train”

and released it on Hot Line Music; the song

was an R&B chart hit. The Soul Mates’ subsequent

singles did not sell as well.

Al Green’s debut LP “Back Up Train” was

released on Hot Line in 1967. The album was

upbeat and soulful but didn’t do well in sales.

This was the only album on the Hot Line

label. Green came into contact with band

leader Willie Mitchell of Memphis’ Hi Records

in 1969, when Mitchell hired him as

a vocalist for a Texas show with Mitchell’s

band and then asked him to sign with the

label. Mitchell coached Green to find his

own, unique voice at a time when Green

had previously been trying to sing like his

favorites Jackie Wilson, Wilson Pickett,

James Brown, and Sam Cooke.

Green’s debut album with Hi Records

was “Green Is Blues” a slow, horn-driven

album that allowed Green to show off his

powerful and expressive voice, with Mitchell

arranging, engineering and producing.

The album was a moderate success. The next

LP, “Al Green Gets Next to You” (1970),

included a hit remake of the Temptations

classic “I Can’t Get Next to You”, and more

significantly, Green’s first of seven consecutive

gold singles, “Tired of Being Alone”

was a massive commercial success. “Let’s

Stay Together” 1972) was an even bigger

success, as was “I’m Still In Love With

You” (1972).His next album “Call Me” was

a critical sensation and it is one of his most

fondly remembered albums today. “Al Green

Explores Your Mind” (1974) contained his

own song “Take Me to the River”, which

was later turned into an R&B hit by labelmate

Sly Johnson and also covered by Talking

Heads on one of their their albums.

On October 18, 1974, tragedy hit. Mary

Woodson White, a girlfriend of Green’s,

assaulted him before committing suicide at

his Memphis home. Although she was already

married, White reportedly became upset

when Green refused to marry her, some four

months after he peaked at No. 32 on the Hot

100 with the ironically titled “Let’s Get Married”.

At some point during the evening, White

doused Green with a pan of boiling grits (A

traditional American breakfast) while he was

showering, causing severe burns on Green’s

back, stomach and arms. Then she went and

found his .38 and killed herself. The police

found in her purse a note declaring her intentions

and her reasons. “The more I trust you,”

she’d written, “the more you let me down.”

Green cited the incident as a wake-up call to

change his life. He became an ordained pastor

of the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Memphis in

1976 and continues to serve in this capacity,

delivering services down the street from Graceland.

Continuing to record R&B, Green saw

his sales start to slip and drew mixed reviews

from critics. 1977’s “The Belle Album” was

critically acclaimed, but did not regain his former

mass audience.

In 1979, Green injured himself falling off the

stage while performing in Cincinnati and interpreted

this as a message from God. He then

concentrated his energies towards pastoring

his church and Gospel Singing, also appearing

in 1982 with Patti Labelle in the Broadway

musical ‘Your Arms Too Short to Box with

God.’ According to Glide Magazine, “By the

late 70’s, he had begun concentrating almost

exclusively on Gospel Music.” His first Gospel

album was “The Lord Will Make a Way.”

From 1981 to 1989 Green recorded a series

of Gospel recordings, garnering eight “Soul

Gospel Performance” Grammys in that period.

In 1985, he reunited with Willie Mitchell

along with Angelo Earl for “He Is the

Light”, his first album for A&M Records.

In 1984, director Robert Mugge released

a documentary film, ‘Gospel According to

Al Green’, including interviews about his life

and footage from his church. In 1989, Green

released “I Get Joy”, again with producer/

guitarist Angelo Earl.

After spending several years exclusively

performing Gospel, Green began to return

to R&B. First, he released a duet with Annie

Lennox, “Put a Little Love in Your

Heart” for ‘Scrooged’, a 1988 film starring

Bill Murray. In 1989 Green worked with

producer Arthur Baker writing and producing

the international hit “The Message Is

Love”. In 1992, Green recorded again with

Baker, the Fine Young Cannibals, and reunited

with his former Memphis mix engineer

(this time functioning as producer) Terry

Manning, to release the album “Don’t Look


His 1994 duet with country music singer Lyle

Lovett blended country with R&B, garnering

him his ninth Grammy, this time in a pop

music category. Green’s first non-religious

album in some time was “Your Heart’s In

Good Hands” (1995), released to positive

reviews, but disappointing sales. The same

year Green was inducted into the Rock and

Roll Hall of Fame. “Keep On Pushing

Love” a single released from the album invokes

“the original, sparse sound of Green’s

early classics.”

In 2000, Green published ‘Take Me to the

River’, a book discussing his career. He also

sang the National Anthem at the 2000 NBA

All-Star Game in Oakland, California. Green

received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement

Award in 2002. Since then Green has continued

to perform with artists of all musical

genres, but it is the music of the 70’s that

most people associate him with.

I am a massive fan of Al Green and know

through requests on my shows that many

people, like me love the songs he made.

You can listen to Mark Davies on Costa

Cálida Radio on Nite Express on Mon and

Wed 7-9pm and on Friday evenings on Cálida

Rocks 7-9pm.

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y best selling


Mary Wood

Following on

from my first

article in the

Costa Cálida


March issue,

I would

like to share

with you how easy it is to publish your work,

whether it be a full novel, a short story, a ‘how

to’ manual, a collection of poems or anything

that you want to publish in book form.

The feedback from my first article from near

and far – one from as afield as Dubai, told me

that there are a lot of you out there beavering

away at writing, and some dreaming of finding

a publisher. Well, I am here to tell you.

You don’t have keep receiving rejection slips.

You can go it alone and be very successful,

earning high royalties and have the joy of being

read. I did, so you can too!

Self-publishing is no longer tainted with those

words – vanity publishing – the label once

given to those rejected by the big publishers

and who went ahead and published their own

work. Such work, even if of a good standard,

was slated as being egotistic and was rarely

stocked by book shops. Well, that has all

changed. Now, it is becoming the ‘done thing’

to publish your work yourself.

Many writers are doing self-publishing; even

some of the big names, as it is more lucrative

for them and they can re-publish their back

catalogue and earn on books that had long

since bitten the dust. Amazonbooks for kindle

is one of the most popular routes to take,

but there are other ebook sites, all offering

the self-publishing facility. It is easy to bring

out a paperback version of your book and to

have it available to buy worldwide!


First; make sure your work is well edited. This

is a specialist job. Being good writers doesn’t

make us good editors. The creative bit is

down to us. We have to learn and be proficient

at our craft, otherwise we insult anyone

who takes a chance on us and buys our book

and we will fail in our quest to be successful.

The creative bit is no good without the editing

bit; they are two halves that make a whole.

The editor I engage makes my work sing with

clarity, stops my verbosity, corrects my punctuation

down to the last full-stop and helps

me to produce a manuscript that is ‘clean’

and fit for publishing.

Once this is done, find one or more betareaders.

These are lovers of books who will

read your work and feed back to you on anything

they think jarred with them or felt flat

or repetitive. They will tell you if the story

flowed, or if there were parts they flicked over

– the boring bits – that should be cut.

Next, you need an eye-catching cover – front

only for kindle, front and back for paperback.

If you are good at graphic art, then you can

do this yourself. I have done this on two occasions

without being good at it. I bought a

suitable picture from one of many online that

sell royalty-free photos and then found a programme

that allowed me to write text on the

photo. Lastly I re-sized it to the correct proportions

– simple. For a more complex cover,

engage a cover artist/graphic designer as I

have for my soon-to-be-released fourth book.

With this all done, you can have your book up

for sale in kindle format in as little as twelve

hours. For the paperback version, go to

They are sponsored by the Arts

Council and will produce your book for no

charge. Plus, if you purchase the unique number

all books need for distribution, the book

will be available within weeks on Amazon and,

available to order from all book-sellers worldwide!

As space is limited here, please feel free to

email me any questions you may have. I’ll be

happy to tell you more about how to publish

on Amazon kindle, or how to get your book

into paperback. I can also give you more information

about how to get an editor, book

cover designer, and beta-readers, as well as

what you can expect to pay for these services.

If you would just like to make contact with

me, email

Good luck and I hope that if you choose to

go down this path in your writing career, you

achieve the success that I have and that it

changes your life as it has mine.

Best Wishes


In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

This month I have been travelling a little

further afield, and the distinctive restaurant

El Molino caught my eye on a recent family

outing to La Manga. The windmill is easily

spotted on the Gran Vía strip, on the left

hand side as you drive down.

The Menu del Día was a good price, at 10€

per head including drink and dessert, although

coffee was extra. There were several

starters on offer, and we tried the pasta Bolognese

and the “crema de calabacin” soup.

The soup was delicious and piping hot, although

my younger son declared it “not

creamy enough”, but it was packed with veg

and flavour. It was obviously too healthy for

his 10 year old palate!

Main courses were ‘pollo asado’, tender and

tasty, griddled chicken breasts for the kids,

and a fillet of sea bass for me. All came with

a small portion of sliced fried potatoes and

peppers. The fish was one of the nicest I

have eaten; very tasty!

As usual, all eyes were on the dessert menu!

Unlike some all inclusive menus, with the

rather unimaginative flan and natilla, this

Italian-style eatery had got it spot on. My

3 die-hard chocoholics chose the chocolate

cake, with rich creamy filling and generous

portions. However, when my lemon meringue

pie appeared, there were a few envious

glances to the plate and cries of “swap”!

Mine was a tangy lemon custard and a topping

so high I thought I might not be able to

finish the lot. A challenging task, but with a

little help from the boys the plate was clean.

This was a superb deal for a ‘menu’, and the

atmosphere even on a quiet weekday was

good. A place to return to!

Rating: (out of 5)

Quality :

Service :

Value for Money :

Location :

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Page 37

Hello from Bob. By the time you read this,

Fran and I will have been to Disney in Florida.

I’m writing it the day before we leave to fly

to Gatwick, where we stay overnight, ready

for our flight to Orlando. Fran’s getting really

excited now and looking forward to having

her photo taken with Mickey Mouse. I don’t

plan to go on any of the rides that I’m not in

control of. If I’m in control and it goes wrong,

then it’s my fault, but big-dippers and things

that go round and round don’t do much for

me, so I’ll just stand and watch as the others

make themselves sick!

We had our annual Treasure Hunt on 24 th

March, with over 100 people taking part. We

started from

El Pareton

and made our

way through

the campo,

into La Hoya,


Totana, and

finished at

the Social

Centre in Los

Muñoces, answering


questions all

the way. Well

done to Paul

and Jim who

organised the

route, the

staff at the

Social Centre,

and to the

eventual winners,


For Coffee. Everyone had a great time and

as far as we know, there are no divorce cases


Our April

Dance was

on 10 th , and

what a night

this was! Angie


as herself to

start off the



the fabulous

Dan Davy

and the highlight

of the

night, Angie

as Cher. If

you weren’t there, you missed a real treat,

and if you were there, then you’ll agree that

this was one of the best nights ever! Her outfit

didn’t leave too much to the imagination I’m

pleased to say, and the audience (well, the

men really) participation was eagerly given,

including me! In case you didn’t notice, I did

make sure I was sitting as near to the front as

I could get in anticipation. It worked! Apparently,

this was her toned-down performance

– can’t wait for the big one! Another fantastic

night and well done to the organisers.

Tickets available:

May 22 nd Dance; with one of our favourites,

Sunset, featuring tributes to Status Quo and

The Eagles, and the best Abba tribute anywhere,

Abba Elite. Also that night we have

the lovely Maria O’Hara, who everyone looks

forward to seeing. Just €10 and €5 for lamb

and chips.

Ladies’ Day on 12 th June, at The Club House,

Camposol C; a fashion show, bingo ,stalls and

cold buffet. Woody is providing the entertainment,

and tickets are just €10.

There are still a few places left for Benidorm

Trip from October 14 th ; 3 night’s half-board

at Hotel Helios, at €140 including a day trip


There are 6 rooms left on the second coach

for Christmas at the Helios Hotel; 4 night’s

full-board, with a gala Christmas lunch, all

transport, at just €230.

Sevilla Trip from September 16 th , staying 4

nights B & B at Hotel Becquer, close to the city

centre, near bars and restaurants, to include

a trip to Huelva and a jamon factory, a stop in

Granada on the outward journey, and time in

Cordoba on the way home. Just €350.

Book/Jigsaw Swap dates for May are 28 th

only as most people will be on the Norwegian

Fjords Cruise earlier in the month. Ring Jo on

669 457 985 for more details.

The Annual Petanca Competition is on

Wednesday 29 th May at 1pm. Call Les on 968

131 880 for details.

The next Welcome Meeting is on May 4 th ,

where you can buy tickets for July Dance on

and all previously advertised events where


For more information, ring Rosemary on 620

105 179, or email, or visit

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

My Spanish friend María cannot drive, and

still relies on husband Pepe to take her to

the supermarket once a week, Monday

evening being the time set aside for the

big “weekly shop”. Truthfully, I don´t know

how she manages it, living as she does in

the middle of nowhere. Perhaps the fact

that she has a constant supply of home

grown fruit and veg and chickens and rabbits

at her disposal makes life a little easier.

In our household, the weekly shop has

now become a daily event, due to the

amount of food and milk that the kids

consume and the fact that we never seem

to be completely organised. Last week

started with the weekly shop, on Monday

morning, swiftly followed by the trip to the

supermarket on the way home from work

on Tuesday to pick up the bits I had forgotten.

Wednesday was a quick trolley-dash

as we had run out of dog food and salad,

and by Thursday I was sick and tired of the

sight of the aisles, and life had a certain

“Groundhog Day” quality about it.

Despite the fact that we have a list on the

kitchen counter to prompt us and encourage

the kids to write down anything that

they need, I generally arrive at the supermarket

only to find the list is still at home

(along with the eco-friendly re-useable

carrier bags). Luckily I have a good memory,

but when I get home and check the

stuff, there will be at least 2 or 3 things

that I will have forgotten.

Ah well, I can always pop back tomorrow!

Liz Edmiston 691 977 107 &

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Page 39

Already Whitsun is upon us. What are your

childhood memories of Whitsun? Did you, like

me, have a new outfit for Sunday best and

perhaps a new dress for the Whitsun treat?

I remember with delight Whit Monday, how

the whole Sunday school clambered onto the

back of open lorries decked with chairs from

the school hall. It wouldn’t happen these

days, what with health and safety, to be taken

to a country venue. The farmer had cut his

field in readiness for the onslaught and we

found various events going on like egg and

spoon race, three legged race and a coconut

shy. Oh yes don’t forget the sweetie stall!

Mums would be busy spreading bread and

making sandwiches for everyone to eat and

at the end of the day we would return home,

again on the open lorries singing our hearts

out; by far the highlight of the day.

But what of the reason behind Whitsun when

our Lord ascended to heaven?

During the 50 days after His resurrection, He

appeared to various people, including His disciples

who had been hiding, frightened, behind

locked doors.

John 20:19

Not all recognised Him at first, like the two

on the road to Emmaus, but when the Lord

opened their eyes, they recalled the elation

they had felt as they walked and talked with

the Lord. Luke 24:13-32

We can all experience this excitement when

we choose to follow Him and allow Him to

be Lord over our lives. One way to do this

is to find a church where there are others to

encourage and help you in your walk. Why

not join us on the first Sunday each month at

Welcome House? We are a small group but

growing steadily and very informal, ‘a different

way of doing church.’

Our next event is on May 5th at the new time

of 4pm. or

Tel 633 447 937

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Berlingo is a small little girl who was found in

the most unusual circumstances. A supporter

of MARA had heard a strange noise coming

from his car. After 5 days he and a friend

set about investigating the noise and to their

surprise found this little dog trapped behind

the headlight of the car. After removing the

headlight they

were able to free

her and she is

no worse for her

experience. The

make of the car

was a Berlingo

hence the name.

Freddy is a real

little cutey. He is

7 months old and

is house trained.

He lives with his

foster parents but

would love his for

ever home.

Juanito is very

lonely since his

brother was adopted.

In our kennels

we have a lot of

small dogs who

desperately need

a forever home.

They are all socialized

with other

dogs. If you

are interested in

adopting one of

our dogs please ring Marion on 968 979 865

or 628 811 187.

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This month the WARM group enjoyed two

beautiful walks in the region of Murcia.

On the first, Saturday 23 rd March, our prayers

were answered - it neither rained nor were

we baked - the day had dawned perfectly for

walking and a very multinational and multiaged

group met at the Ermita de San Roque

north of Blanca, to go exploring the tracks in

the area. 25 people and two dogs completed

the route of just less than 14km. We set

off downhill towards Blanca on a lovely wide

track that’s invisible from the road, alongside

the Sierra del Solán. It was impossible not

to stop and enjoy the treat provided by the

intriguing yellow spiked flowers of the parasitic

broomrape Cistanche Phelypaea. Continuing,

we passed alongside the cemetery

until reaching the lookout platform over the

huerta of Blanca and the Rio Segura. Continuing

through the fragrant azahar of the flowering

citrus trees we stopped beside the Azud

de Ojós lake to enjoy the canine entertainment

of one of the dogs retrieving a cane six

times longer than her. After a leisurely meander

through the hamlet of Bayna we reached

the picnic area under La Navela and made the

long and gradual climb back upwards through

the pines, stopping frequently to admire the

views up the Valle de Ricote towards Abarán

and Cieza, and the distant remains of the last

Moorish stronghold in Spain – the ruins of the

castle of Ricote. Finishing the walk back at

the Ermita, we drove a very short distance to

our final destination and a warm welcome at

a local restaurant for well-earned drinks and

a three course meal.

The second walk was on Easter Saturday

when 20 people started in Ucenda and walked

through the Reserve De Selva in a loop and

returned to Ucenda. We stopped at an old

ruin and went inside to investigate. On the

walls, someone had painted a picture of birds

which were very intricate and colourful. We

continued on what had turned into a beautiful

day with cloudless skies although the wind

was quite strong. At about the halfway point

we stopped at some marble blocks and had

a picnic with homemade Hot X Buns - much

appreciated by all. On the return we stopped

to look at a lake that had formed since last

year’s Gota Fria and an eagle swooped low

across the water, circled round and disappeared

into the woods. We returned to the

cars having walked for 16kms, tired but happy.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the

walk especially those who were in Spain for a

holiday. So nice to see new faces.

There are just a few walks left in May and

June, so if you are interested in exploring the

region of Murcia on foot with a group of likeminded

people please contact warm2005@ for further information.

Route No 5 Benizar - Fuente de Arriba

- Scratch de las Cuevas

On 24 th March we started spring with the

Benizar tour, although it was “freezing cold”

and black clouds crowned the limestone mass

of the Fuente de Arriba. There was a chilly

wind but we intended to go into the depths

of this unique corner of Moratalla with a visit

to the disturbing Benizar petroglyphs, carved

millennia in this limestone area.

We went down to the village to visit some

of the streets of the mill, lovingly tended

by neighbours and we were surprised at the

presence of a plant called Venus’s Navel, present

in all the walls, which indicates the high

degree of humidity. This is not surprisingly as

the presence of water is constant in Moratalla.

We took an old trail that winds through the

gardens and lead us to the Rincon de las

Cuevas, a botanical enclave. Here the landscape

becomes surreal, surrounded by multicolored

cenajos, several habitats coinciding

in this area, so that biodiversity is awesome

with more than fifty species of breeding birds

seen, even today. We heard a nightingale

sing and a wren or finch whose local name

is piquirrojas chovas. The birds have started

their reproductive period and birds of prey fly

over the peak carrying some small trophy.

In the rocks, we also note that some spring

flowers are growing in the grass; violets and

hellebores are so pretty. We also admire the

paintings barely visible in 3 metres of soil and

ditches and a Muslim aqueduct.

We decided to have lunch in the shelter of a

large cave, well protected from the wind, before

heading to the Cueva de la Pila del Fraile

by an ancient path that passed by a damaged

raft before crossing the creek to observe a

sunset Natterjack toad. After a full ascent, we

excavated a stalagmite developed from the

persistent dropping of water from the roof of

the cave for millions of years. These cenajos

date back to the Miocene era and the atmosphere

is magical and spectacular.

We reached an old cattle pen in which we

observed a schematic style painting before

climbing the steps. Despite its length and verticality

June who is 75 years old, managed to

reach this ancient path. The end of the dizzying

ascent lead us to view a spectacular landscape,

before arriving at the forest of Sabina

which is dotted with plants such as lavenders

etc. that cover one area that collects a lot of

water after the springs feed the area.

In the distance the inaccessible Castillo de

Beniza is located on top of a small plateau

that we eventually

reached. We

went down some

steps and got to

the edge of the

foot of the cenajos

and descend some

new steps to go a

ledge with stunning

caves. The

new landscape

was breathtaking

and spectacular

and to top all a

female peregrine

flew past us.

We left this authentic natural balcony to return

to the cars, as it was time to go to Bar

Fofi, a restaurant that prepared a magnificent

banquet and the good wine Ulea Tertia. At the

end June and her friends said goodbye and

the rest of us decided to stroll by Benizar in

order to “reduce” the hearty meal with that

we had just eaten.

The next walks are:

12 th May – El Salero de Zacatin-La Torre

21 st May – Casicas del Portal-Calar de Sevilla

Tel 968 730 208

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Page 41

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The first five days of May see one of Murcia’s

best known and loved fiestas take place in

Caravaca de la Cruz. All of this is reflected

in a superb museum in Caravaca – the Museo

de la Fiesta (Museum of the Fiesta), located

in Calle de las Monjas, beyond the end

of the road in which you find the Tourist Office.

You really cannot miss it as it is located

in an imposing 16 th Century building with a

large sign outsided. Entrance to the museum

when we were last there (September 2012)

was 4€ per person (3€ for concessions) and

this included an audio guide in English to listen

to as you walked around.

The tour begins in an upstairs room which

deals with the origins of the May Fiesta. The

wall panels tell of the miraculous appearance

of the True Cross of Caravaca at the mass

celebrated by a captive Christian priest, before

the Arab King, Abu-Ceyt, in Caravaca

on 3 May 1232. Another panel deals with the

origin of the spectacular Wine Run and a third

concerns the part played by the Bands of

Moors and Christians in the Fiesta. It is said,

in the descriptive material, that in the 13 th

Century, when Caravaca was on the frontier

of Christian Spain against the Moorish Kingdom

of Granada, the town was besieged and

the water supply had putrefied. Consequently,

several knights rode through the encircling

Moors to search for clean supplies. None was

to be found - only wine! As a result, wine was

put into the skins and the knights returned to

Caravaca. Less romantically, it is believed

that rivalry among those transporting wine to

an annual blessing led, in the 19 th Century, to

the development of today’s competition racing

the horses up the hill to the Castle.

From the first room, you pass on to another

which chronicles the daily progress of the Fiesta.

Thus, on 1 May, there are flower offerings

and a competition to find the best

horses. The serious part of the Fiesta, however,

begins the following day, 2 May. There

is a dawn chorus of bells from the Church of

San Salvador, but the “official” start of the Fiesta

comes with a mass to celebrate the True

Cross of Caravaca and numerous parades

of the horses which will later participate in

the Wine Run. Moors and Christians follow

and their processions come together as they

make their way to the castle precincts. If

you are in Caravaca at the time, you cannot

help bumping into one band of Moors or

Christians (or more) as they wander through

the streets.

It is the race of the Wine Horses up the hill

to the entrance to the castle which has always

struck us as a truly remarkable event.

The 80 metre course starts at a bend in the

road, with around 60 horses participating one

by one. Each is decked out in a bright livery

from head to tail and has four “handlers”

holding on to the sides. If any one of these

handlers lets go, then the horse is disqualified.

The runs are timed electronically and

the fastest take less than 10 seconds. What

has also been remarkable when we have been

there is the way that crowds throng the narrow

road up which the horses run and part

to allow them through. It is something, in

our view, well worth going to see, although

you may want to try and position yourself in

a rather less challenging place than many of

the locals so you are in no danger from the


There are further processions on 3 May, which

also sees a solemn mass. The main event of

the day, in the evening, and after an unsuccessful

meeting between the Moor and Christian

monarchs sees mock battles take place,

is the blessing of the water at the Templete in

the town. The Templete is a hexagonal baroque

construction of the mid-late 18 th Century

on the site of a former chapel into which

the waters from the nearby Fuentes del Marqués

flow. The cross is bathed in the waters

to bless them amidst a massive crowd. The

following day sees the cross taken around the

houses of those who are ill in Caravaca and

the grand, colourful procession of the Moors

and Christians. On 5 May the cross returns

home to the grand Church in the castle precincts.

The inevitable fireworks follow!

All this (and more) is explained in illustrated

panels in the museum, and we hope that this

brief description might whet your appetite to

go to Caravaca on one of the principal days

of the Fiesta, even if you may have to be very

careful if you attend the Wine Horse races.

What else is there in the museum?

The next room on the tour concentrates on

the Christian bands who participate in the

Fiesta, showing their costumes and equipment.

If nothing else, it will emphasise to

you the care, time and expense lavished by

a very large number of people in Caravaca

in preparing for, and participating in the great

May celebrations. Each group of Christians

has two or three costumes to wear at different

times during the Fiesta. At one end of

the room were the even more richly clothed

models of the Christian King and Queen.

Not surprisingly, the next room deals with the

Moors in a parallel way. Each of the Moorish

groups has its own distinctive costume to

wear between 2 and 4 May. There are wall

panels in both rooms which show photographs

of the processions.

Downstairs toward the end of the tour, there

are full size representations of the Wine Horses

and their handlers in all their finery. The

embroidery, especially on the decorative coverings

for the horses, is extremely fine and

detailed and note the wine skin which is also

shown in the room.

If you wish, you can also see a DVD showing

images of the Fiesta, a representation of the

appearance of the Caravaca Cross in 1232,

as well as scenes from the Wine Run.

The Fiesta is a great time for both townspeople

and the hoards of tourists who descend

on Caravaca alike. The museum gives you a

good feel for it, and its importance, although

you really have to be there to savour the full

effects. Best of all is to see some of the actual

May events and then contemplate the

whole thing at greater leisure in the museum!

Article by Clive and Rosie Palmer who have

written several guide books on towns and regions

in Murcia. These can be seen at, and

obtained from,, or contact Clive and

Rosie’s most recent book, “Exploring Murcia,

Days Out” is now available to buy from

the Costa Cálida Chronicle Office on Camposol

B, Best Wishes (who also stock other of

their books), or phone Patti on 968 433 978.

Page 42

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Hopefully by the time this has gone to print,

the weather will be more like summer and we

will be enjoying days out and about. There is

so much to see in the area and many of the

local tourist offices are promoting the local

towns by organising walks and other events.

There is one area that is worth a visit and that

is the Sierra Espuña. The Hotel Mariposa in

Gebas is an English run establishment that offers

not only good food, accommodation and

entertainment, but you can also explore the

area either on foot, quad bike or mountain

bike. We spent a very good evening at The

Hotel Marisposa in March, having an excellent

meal whilst listening to Martin Ross Lawford

singing, giving us the chance to dance the

night away. Mark, from The Hotel Mariposa

picked us up from Bullas in their mini bus, at

no extra cost, which saved us driving all the

way up to the hotel. They have some excellent

deals on special weekends if you want

to get away for a few days and they serve a

superb Sunday Roast from a little as 10.50€

per person. See their advert on page 63 for

full details on what is on offer this month.

Cloud Nine Drama

There will be a performance of “Filthy Rich”

and “Last Panto in Camposol” at the Patio

Bar in Pliego on Sunday 9 th May at 8pm. Tickets

3€. Please turn up and support this group

of enthusiastic thespians for a good night out.

Tourism in Moratalla

On 5th April, the Mayor of Moratalla, D Antonio

García Rodríguez, underlined the intention

of projecting and promoting the tourist values

of Moratalla, including the sector of rural

tourism which currently has more than 50%

of the accommodation in the Region of Murcia

which is a strategic sector in the economic

development of the municipality.

Juan Soria, highlighted the important positioning

Moratalla has achieved within the

rankings of several portal websites to highlight

the image of the town, both regionally

and nationally. He has also presented several

projects of great importance for the municipality,

including the declaration of national

tourist interest of the tamboristas and Holy

Week in Moratalla and the creation of the Museum

of the Tamboras. Mª José Nicolás, Senator

for the Grupo Popular, also highlighted

the work of the Town Hall in developing tourism

in the media. She emphasised the project

“52 semanas y un destino” which includes,

heritage, gastronomy, nature and fiestas for

everyone to enjoy. These projects must be

supported by the Regional Administration under

the name of “Destino Región de Murcia”

with the support of the Secretary of State for


Free Tours

There are free tours to “Villa Santiaguista”

held every Saturday in May and June from

12pm-1pm from the Tourist Office in Moratalla.

To reserve a place on any of these walks,

please phone 968 730 208 or email

Investigating the existence of hydrocarbons

in Northwest Murcia

The Governing Council has granted permission

to the company ‘Oil and Gas Capital, SL’

to investigate the possible existence of hydrocarbons

in the municipalities of Cehegín,

Calasparra and Moratalla for six years. After

studying the record, the regional government

considers that the applicant company has the

legal, technical and financial capacity to implement

the programme of research.

Cehegín Scene

On the last Sunday of every month from October

2012 to May 2013 in the “Plaza del Castillo”

Cehegin there is a craft market known

as “El Mesoncico” . There you will find more

than 50 craftsmen of the area with stalls displaying

such products as cured meats, hams,

pottery, cakes, wines, cheeses, etc. Sunday

26 th May is all about fruit and vegetables

from the local area. Fresh produce will be

on sale and you will be able to try Zarangollo

(a mixture of eggs and courgette),

tomatoes in local olive and ham. This is

also when El Mesoncico celebrates the 12th

Exhibition of Open Air Painting Casco Antiguo

de Cehegín.

The Archaeological site of Begastri is opened

for visitors Saturdays and Sundays 10am-

2pm. You will be able to see a video presentation

followed by a guided tour to see the remains

of the Iberian

culture before the IV

century B.C.

From 17 th -19 th May we

celebrate Fiestas in

honour of San Isidro

and San Zenón with

running of bulls, bullfights,

Acrobat competition

as well as a Craft


Car Boot Sale

The date for the car

boot market has been

changed to 12 th May

instead of the 19 th as

previously arranged

and is taking place in

the square beside the

old railway station in

the Vía Verde, just two

minutes from Mercadona.

There is plenty

of room for parking

and Stalls will be provided

by the Town hall

for 2€. Anyone interested

in booking a stall

contact the Cehegín

Tourist Office on 968

723 550.

Free Nature Walks

Cehegin provides a

variety of landscapes

which include woods,

mountains, hills, sloping

valleys, scrubland

and streams which

provide a priceless

tourist and educational

resource. Walks take

place on 3 rd or last Saturday

of each month.

They are designed for people of all ages who

enjoy hiking at fairly easy levels which makes

them accessible for the whole family.

This walk on 25 th May will begin in one of the

least known areas of the region of Murcia (La

Asomadilla) and will take us to the area of

Carrascalejo through a pretty path under the

shade of imposing poplar trees. The distance

is 9.5 km, the time will be approximately

3 hours with an average incline of 15,4% -


The Ecological Park Is Closed Until Further


Tel 968 723 550 or visit

Santiago Leo

Cehegin Tourist Office

Organizing The World Cup of Orientation

in Cehegín

The regional government has given approval

for a grant of €35,000 to the Federation of

Orientation in Murcia to collaborate on expenses

incurred in connection with the organization

of the World Cup in Cehegin. The

competition will be held in April 2014 and is

expected to involve more than 1,500 people.

This tournament, which is part of the promotion

of the sport in the nature of the Ministry

of Culture and Tourism, is also directed to the

promotion of rural tourism in the region.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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By the time this article is published the new

CAFÉ Ambulance will have been presented by

the Honary British Consul Antonio Berdonces

Vivancos to the Ayuntamiento of Mazarron

Gines Campillo. The ambulance will be administered

by the Cruz Roja and will be identified

by the CAFÉ logo on each side. You will

see PALS The Lions and Costa Cálida International

Radio logos as well. Thanks to

everyone who over the years has helped pay

into the fund. It reached 45000€ and PALS

have advanced the balance making the total

paid for this state of the art vehicle 57536€.

The CAFÉ Concert in September will help

out, so see you there and PALS continue to

accept donations for the ambulance until the

end of this year.

PALS have, excluding the ambulance donation,

now purchased life saving equipment to

the total value of 188,414€ and were in the

lead on the Lorca Earthquake Concert where

6400€ of equipment was donated to that

stricken city.

We think we are the only local charity that declares

publicly where all the money goes and

are proud to advise that the financial records

are open to all at our monthly meetings at the

Cultural Centre, Camposol B. We always welcome

new members and ideas and have some

really exciting events planned for this year.

If you wanted a cruise to the Greek Islands

and Turkey, sorry it’s already at sea from

the 29 th April for 7 nights, however we do

have some really unusual trips coming up.

A trip into the beautiful Sierra Espuñas

on May 28 th with visits to the market and archaeological

sites in the town of Alhama de

Murcia, then lunch at La Perdiz. 25€ food included.

A day trip to Benidorm, on June 5 th with

drop offs at Terra Mitica, the Old Town of Benidorm

and the famous market. Have fun in

Europe’s fun filled hot spot 15€. Pick ups at

most places.

A trip to Salamanca, Segovia & Avila from

24 th to 27 th June with a stop in Toledo 210€

3 night’s hotel B & B. Some places available

due to cancellations.

We usually have our beach BBQ on May 1 st but

as our team and quite a few of our supporters

are on the cruise we have decided to hold a

special lunch in a beachside restaurant, with

special entertainment and hold the boules

contest all on July 2 nd. 17.50€ per head.

The second coach for the Basque Region

Trip is rapidly filling up. Fantastic value at

285€ full board, all excursions included. See

a totally different part of Spain in Cantabria

from 6 th -11 th October. 5 nights and 6 days of


It might seem early, but we have reserved

our Christmas Ball Dinner/Dance at the

Costa Costa Hotel, Mazarrón for Sunday 8 th

December 29.50€ with masses to eat and

drink and entertainment by popular request

the John Lindo Trio are back.

Information and tickets from the Trevi Bar on

each Saturday morning from 11am-1.30pm

or at Saralaras on a Wednesday 1-3pm or call

626 460 465.


In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

May! Month 5 – where does it go? All is well

in the Rainbow camp. Matt and Alan went to

the UK for a week in April to see mum Jones

– did a little decorating for her and got the

garden ready for summer. Mum Monk continues

to be independent in her little house in

the garden – 91 and going strong.

Regular readers will know we have a large

garden and “too much” land. We had some

students from Cartagena cultivating some of

it a few years ago but they stopped and now

our local goat man Antonio has asked if he

can use it and with his friends has started

to grow lots of vegetables – using our well

water! We should get a good supply of fresh

seasonal vegetables. We have noticed lots of

the villagers cultivating their land much more

this year – a sign of the “crisis” times?

The “crisis” has also brought with it security

issues. Normally good law-abiding people

with no money can turn to crime. Our two

security products mentioned in last month’s

newsletter were received with interest – the

personal distress alarm and the solar floodlights

are both in stock. Ask for more details.


There is lots of talk in the bars and on the

internet about all Brits losing their UK TV later

in the year – remember the same talk this

time last year for a November close down?

There certainly are some changes coming

with the launch of the “E” Satellite and the

moving of the remainder of the FREESAT

channels to this satellite. What those moves/

changes will bring to us down here is UN-

KNOWN – 100%. I suspect that the changes

will be similar to those already made (the

entire Channel 5’s and some of the 4’s) and

will have little effect on us (except for those

with the smallest dishes?) but there is no concrete

information for reception one way or the

other. We can only wait and see. The 5’s

and 4’s already moved will not change again

along with any pay SKY channels. These are

on the pan-European beam and have mostly

already moved.

Supposing the worst and signals do become

weaker in our region; that may mean you will

need a bigger dish or change to internet TV

(IPTV). The irony is that “those in charge” try

to stop us watching our national TV in any

other country in the EEC, but there are, and

always will be, ways around that, so why even

bother trying to stop us? Why not just open

up the airwaves to all? We can live, work,

pay tax and play in any EEC country, but we

can’t, or at least officially can’t, watch our national

TV. Crazy or what? What I do find disturbing

is that further

down the coast where

expats have lost the

5’s and some 4’s, installers

are pushing,

and installing, bigger

dishes to get these

channels back, with

clients spending up to

a 1000€ for a dish that

the installer cannot

guarantee will work for

the “E” Satellite and I

bet they disappear if

they don’t work!

Hold tight, don’t fret and let’s see what happens.

We at Rainbow are getting as prepared

as we can for whatever eventuality and

we are advising clients that are making investments

of the possible changes with open

minds! Just don’t listen to unsubstantiated

“bar and internet talk”!

Manhattan have been having a few issues

with recordings. There is a software fix

and Humax (told to us by Don of Spain and

Bournemouth) have been having issues with

the FREETIME boxes closing right down and

not waking up to record items. Again a fix

available, BUT both these fixes are “dangerous”

to apply unless you are confident in what

you are doing. Best to contact us for more

detailed information if you are having either

problem. We often get calls from clients having

“odd” problems with all makes and types

of digiboxes. All these boxes are powerful

computers which are software controlled and

like ANY computer the software, can get corrupted,

especially in Spain where mains electricity

is “dirty” – depending on what/where/

which bit of software gets corrupted, will depend

on the problem you get and its severity.

There is nearly always an easy remedy.

Firstly unplug the box from the mains, count

to 20, and replug to get the box going – will

solve 80% of these problems, but if that

doesn’t work go into the MENU and do what

is usually called a “Factory Reset”. This puts

the box back to a state it came out of the

factory, with software all in order and none of

the “fiddling” you have been doing installed!

Instructions are always “on screen” but you

could get the manual out if stuck! Or call us!

That’s it for May. Article sponsored by Rainbow

Satellites the company for all your TV

needs in the Murcia Region. Contact Alan or

Matt for any advice. Email rainbowsats@ or call (0034) 686 358 475.

Our website www.rainbowsats@gmail.

com has some good basic information for TV

viewing in Spain.

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Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Page 45

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Although I have come from a large company

background, often with huge marketing

budgets for glossy brochures, exhibition

stands etc, it is good to know that

even the smallest organisation out here in

Spain can achieve the same effect, but at

minimal cost. Far too often we see internet-based

business cards, blackboards with

spelling mistakes, or magnetic vehicle signs

thrown onto vehicles that are simply not

professional looking. Well, you need look

no further than Mister Print for that professional

look for your business. Based on

Camposol Sector A, Mister Print can give

you a total package that starts by designing

a professional logo, which should then

be used on all marketing material. Mister

Print produces flyers, business cards, A

boards, clothing and vehicle sign writing,

all with the same corporate “look and feel”

of a big company, but at a small company

cost. Times are still quite tough out there

for some businesses, especially if you are

not yet established, so please give yourself

a chance to stand out from the rest. It is

amazing at just how quickly a new business

can suddenly be seen everywhere. Graham

from Mister Print works closely with us by

sharing these logos etc, so that we can design

a professional looking advert for you.

Just because your business is small, does

not mean that you have to look small or not

appear professional.

As many of you know by now, I am no cook

and frequently wriggle out of cooking whenever

possible by eating out, buying take –

away food, or eating frozen processed food.

Let’s face it, this is not very good or very

healthy and is a bit scary at the moment

with all the recent bad press about meat

products in frozen foods! For this reason,

no-one was more excited than I was, to see

the price list and menu launched by Country

Kitchen. Whilst I have no doubt that

the majority of their customers will be those

that are in real need of a home delivery service,

perhaps through ill health or without

the transport to go shopping, but I can see

anybody being a potential customer, especially

if you live alone.

The food from Country Kitchen is all

freshly cooked and then frozen. It comes

in oven and microwave proof disposable

containers that have little compartments

for each food component. For example; the

stuffed chicken breast also came with peas

and creamy mashed potato. The website is

now up and running so you can either order

on line or phone for next day delivery. Jim

and Margaret from Country Kitchen say so

long as they have a few hours notice they

can deliver any variation of food from the

menu. Kevin does not eat mashed anything,

so he would ask for roast potatoes instead

of mash and I prefer broccoli or cauliflower

instead of peas. The Country Kitchen

menu is extensive and has a whole range

of soups, starters, main meals and desserts

and must be sampled!

More next month


These 4 pups were found abandoned in the

campo with their mother when they were just

2 weeks old. They are now looking for homes

and will be small/medium size when fully

grown. Call: 645 469 253

Wills is 1

of 3 puppies

brought to us

after being

found wandering


streets. 1 has

been adopted

and 2 are

still available.

They are

now approx

11 weeks old

and will be

medium size

when fully

grown. Call:

966 725 975

Teddy & Tiramasu


now around

3 months old

and are happy,


pups. They

have started

their vaccinations

and will

be medium/

large when

fully grown.

Call: 633

402 155

Lucy was

found extremely



heavily laden

with puppy

milk. She is

approx 15

months and

after searching

for 2 days

no puppies

were found.

She is very

loving and

friendly and

will make

someone a

lovely companion.


645 469 253

To view more

animals for

adoption go


To advertise an animal for adoption email

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agendas escolares • diseño gráfico • catálogo de productos • displays

folletos publicitarios • carteles • calendarios • libros • papelería corporativa

Pol Ind. Marimingo - C/. Campo de Cartagena, 27 - 30180 BULLAS (Murcia) Telf./Fax: 968 654 007 •

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

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Page 47

Another busy month for us here at Andrea’s

Animal Rescue, as usual!

Heidi has not received her treatment yet; apparently

the lab has been on a go-slow due to

Easter. Hopefully it will be here by next soon,

so we’ll let you know how it goes next month.

She is doing well with the eye drops, and is

looking so much better after her beauty session.

She is turning into a real beauty. The

auction to help pay for her treatment raised a

whopping €763, which is enough to cover the

injections and also to get her sterilised when

she is well enough to have that done. Thank

you to everyone who supported us, especially

item donors and winning bidders!!

We had a VERY big surprise this month when

Truffle, one of our lady pot-belly pigs, produced

4 more pot-belly pigs!! We didn’t even

know she was pregnant!! But we know who

the father is - definitely that cheeky monkey

Linford! Hopefully that will be his last bit of

fun as he is now castrated. We also gained a

new member for our growing pig family, the

lovely Peppa. She is such a babe!

Toby and the nameless pup have both found

their forever


One of our

most fervent



Smith, has

created some


knitted dog

hats & coats

to sell in aid

of the charity;

what a


bunch of people

we have

in our group.

Check out our Facebook page for more info.

Two more puppies have come in, picked up

at the builder’s merchant!! Funny what you

can get there these days! They are brothers,

we think, around 4 months old, and are possibly

Mastin crosses - they will definitely be

big dogs when fully grown!! They have been

named Yin and Yang. One of them (Yang,

the mottledcolour


has already

been reserved


UK, but we

are looking

for a home

for Yin. For

more info on

these 2 beauties


contact Andrea

on 690

906 565.

Donations as

always gratefully


both in the shop in Fuente Alamo, and

via PayPal to

Also please join us on

Facebook at



Thanks for reading!


In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

We were delighted



back Barbara

Almond from

England on

April 23 rd at

Condado de

Alhama for

an evening

of clairvoyance.

It was

a wonderful


and as usual

Barbara delighted the audience with her

wonderful evidence of clairvoyance & lots of

laughter. On the Wednesday at the Beacon

of Light Centre she gave more amazing

evidence as well as a wonderful reading and


May brings two guest mediums from England

who came to Spain last year on honeymoon

and asked if they could serve the

Beacon of Light. They are Janet Harris

and Shaun Gray. They will do an event at

Condado de Alhama on Tuesday May 28 th at

8pm with doors closing at 7.45 pm. Tickets

are available at 5€. They will also take our

Wednesday meeting on May 29 th at Cañadas

del Romero. Details of Janet can be found on

www and details for both

of them on facebook.

Our meetings are every Wednesday from

7pm with weekly guest mediums which usually

finish at approximately 8.30pm. As always

the evenings end with a friendly chat

and cup of tea and biscuits. Healing is now

available before the meeting, starting at

5.30pm. All our meetings are funded by donations

given during the evening.

Do you seek a special place?

The welcome’s warm, a friendly face.

Do you need a place to go,

When you feel good or you feel low?

Do you want to know some more,

For when we exit Earth Plane’s door?

Healing you can get from there,

Given with lots of loving care.

Mediums travel from afar,

Some by ‘plane and some by car,

Messages of hope to bring,

From loved ones as we proudly sing.

Life does not end at the grave.

Eternal love to you they gave.

They’re never very far from you,

So very close in all you do.

So why not pop along and see,

And join us for a cup of tea?

If you would like on a Wednesday night,

Come to our Centre - The Beacon of Light

For further information please phone 620

877 326

Email beacon.of.light.murcia@gmail.


facebook Beacon of Light Murcia

Page 48

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Christian Humanitarian Aid Charity

in the Mazarron & Surrounding area

Helping Anyone in Need,

Irrespective of Race, Creed or Status.

This is the prompting that Started our

MAD Journey…. Matthew 25 v 35-36

“When I was Hungry .…, When I was

Thirsty….., When I needed Clothes

……, When I was a Stranger ..…,

When I ……….………….…”

God fills in the missing gaps.

We are often asked what we take & do

not take in way of donations. Simple answer:

everything – clothes; especially

children’s, furniture, linen, bric-a-brac,

food, toiletries, hygiene products, underwear,

shoes especially men’s sizes 41-43.

We literally need everything for life

& home – think of what you use daily &

so do our clients!!

We have Food & Toiletry/Hygiene

Collecting Bins located@ The Tea Pot,

Puerto de Mazarrón; Quick Save, Camposol

B & English Butchers, Camposol A.

Milk (UHT) is ALWAYS Needed

for our growing Families.

Maybe you have a Shop or Bar/Restaurant

where we can place one of our Bins,

if so please let us know.

We are pleased to announce New Drop-

Off points on Condado de Alhama, Gardens

2 & 11 and TJ Electricals, Camposol


Summer is almost here. Don’t forget GO

maD when your family, friends or holiday

makers leave behind food, toiletries, hygiene

products including nappies, suntan

lotion etc. PLEASE do not throw them into

the rubbish bin. Put them in one of our

Collection Bins or Drop-Off Points.

We are negotiating on premises on the

Paseo in Puerto de Mazarrón to accommodate

a Charity Shop, Drop in

Centre for clients, homeless & pilgrims,

soup kitchen, sewing/craft workshops,

children’s after school/holiday

clubs. how wonderful to have the

beach opposite for football, sandcastle

competitions plus further activities.

Volunteers Needed for ALL these Projects.

To discuss further, call us today on

the Outreach number 634 357 137.

Saturday 8 th June Garden Party 2.30pm

@ 6 C/Alicante, Camposol A. 5€ entry including

afternoon tea. sale of summer

clothes & accessories, cakes, raffle, tombola,

live music & more. Tickets via GO

maD Shop.

Mazarrón Shop 634 321 161 (Open

Tues-Sat 10am-2pm).

Outreach/Enquiries 634 357 137


Facebook mad Mazarrón

Drop-off Points:

GO maD Shop

GO maD Van @ Camposol A Lower Car

Park, Tues 11am-1pm

Camposol Cultural Centre, Fri 12.30-2pm

Costa Cálida Radio, Pto de Mazarrón

Mazarrón Country Club, Manzana 5 Plot

15 Su 968 199 159

We have been recently blessed to have

carried out some house clearances.

Please remember us when finding a new

home for any of your unwanted items.

Call Tony on 634 007 594.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Page 49

What shall I write about this month? So many

thoughts and ideas zip through my mind all

day and every day, but when I come to write

this article, on many occasions I look at the

blank page on the computer screen and everything

up top goes... well... BLANK! As I

stare at the blank screen today, Words came

to mind and I started thinking about how important

it is to not only say the right things,

but also to understand what other people are

saying to us. It’s all about the translation and

how very often we get the wrong end of the

stick because we heard wrong, or we did not

get the whole story, or even did not understand

what was being said... no wonder we

get ourselves in a mess sometimes trying to

respond to a message we did not fully understand.

How many times have we wished we had never

said or done anything at all when we reap

a whirlwind after saying or doing something

based on our partial knowledge, or understanding,

of a situation?

Words are very powerful and can build

someone up, or destroy them. Remember the

rhyme from school ‘sticks and stones may

break my bones, but names will never hurt

me’ ... What utter rubbish; normally our physical

bodies can be patched up, repaired and

mended, but negative words can secretly destroy

a person’s life. A great principle to follow

is that if we cannot say something good about

someone, then don’t bother saying anything

at all ... but so often we jump in with both feet

in our mouth at the same time.

It is so important that we receive and understand

the right message that is being conveyed

to us and when we do this we are then

able to respond in a correct and beneficial


loud laughter; she was reading a notice on

the back of the door ... this is what she was

looking at.

‘Rules for use of apartment:

1. The 50€ deposit is liable for the condition

of the apartment.

2. Cleaning every three days, do not include

the kitchen. At the end of your stay the kitchen

must be returned, and in clean condition,

otherwise will be charged tank cleaning.

3. Please avoid change of room furniture. In

any case, before departure must be all the

furniture in its original location.

4. Under the sink there is a dustbin with its

corresponding bag. Please make use of it.

Once full cube, or when they wish to avoid the

accumulation of odours in the apartment, it

can deposit the bag with garbage in containers

which are to the effect in different parts of

the Hotel. They have bags of garbage spare in

the last drawer in the kitchen.

5. Please take care of the tableware of the

apartment and left in order to its output.

6. They can please contact reception for any

questions or help requiring!!!

We certainly need help with Rule 4 as we did

not want any spare bags of garbage!

The Bible is certainly very clear about the following

Words of Life. In the Gospel of John,

Chapter 3 verse 16, it says, ‘For God so loved

the world that He gave His one and only Son,

that whoever believes in Him shall not perish

but have eternal life,’ There it is perfectly clear

so that every one of us has the opportunity to

understand and respond. God loves us that

much… more than we will ever be able to understand…

I thank God that I am amongst the

‘whoever believes’.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Last September we had a friend staying with

us. She had never been to Gibraltar before, so

we decided to spend a few days in the south

of Spain with her and would include a visit to

the Rock as well as going to Ronda. When we

arrived at our apartment in Sotogrande and

were settling in, I observed our friend giggling

like a schoolgirl and then bursting into

Page 50

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Page 51

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Guided Tours

Over a thousand people have already enjoyed

these free guided tours which are the

initiative of the Institute of Tourism and the

Tourism Office Network. They are in effect for

all weekends until July 16 th . The routes allow

visitors to enter the cultural, historic, natural

and ethnology of Murcia’s official tourist

guides, technical offices and stage actors.

All routes are contained in a prospectus, of

which 15,000 copies have been published

and distributed by the office network and

tourist establishments. Information is also

available on the website

The guide, along with illustrative texts, contains

all relevant data on each route, the

meeting point, the contact for booking, itinerary,

duration, a recommendation on clothing

and footwear, as well as the date and


Ministry of Presidency

Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia

Tel (+34) 968 362 893

Sports Centre ‘Europe’ in Lorca

The Governing Council approved the signing

of an agreement between the Ministry

of Culture and Tourism and the City of Lorca

to carry out repairs to facilities at the sports

complex ‘Europe’, in Lorca, which were badly

damaged by the earthquake of May 11,

2011. They will undertake a comprehensive

refurbishment of the centre. Once the work

is completed, the complex will have four

pools, two of them 25mtrs and two others

for teaching, a gym, sports court, beach volleyball

court, squash, table tennis and judo

hall. The facility will have also a sauna, locker

rooms, auditorium and cafeteria. This centre,

attached to the Secondary School Prince of

Asturias, will also be used by students from

five other institutes of the city.

The Community Contribution of Almost

Nine Million Euros for Urban Renewal in

The Neighborhood Of La Viña De Lorca

The Governing Council approved the conclusion

of the contract for the project design and

execution of works related to urban renewal

in the neighbourhood of La Viña. The works

consist of the renovation of urban infrastructure,

the release of public space and the pedestrianisation

of roads in order to promote

accessibility. The areas include the San Fernando,

San Diego, Alfonso X, San Jose, San

Pedro and other uptown areas and accessibility

to the works of Lorca Castle.

Lorca Workshop of Time

The Governing Council has approved a grant

of 30,000€, through the Institute of Tourism

in the Region of Murcia, for tourism and cultural

development of Lorca through the promotion

of ‘Lorca Workshop of Time’. This will

be to carry out a campaign in media and social

networks, as well as various promotional

materials that will contribute to the recovery

of tourism in the city after the earthquake of

May 2011.

Health and Social Care

435,000€ has been allocated for care centres

and services for people with physical disabilities

and for the maintenance of facilities,

services and activities of the Federation of

Associations of Physical and Organic Region

Murcia (FAMDIF) during 2013.

Page 52

Activities of the Federation of the Deaf

in the Region of Murcia

72,600€ will go to the Deaf Federation of

the Region of Murcia (Fesormu) through the

Social Action Murcia Institute (IMAS), under

the Ministry of Health and Social Policy to

continue the activities planned by Fesormu

to promote socio-professional integration of

people who experience some degree of hearing

loss. Fesormu has operated since 1994

and currently serves more than 260 people

with deafness.

People With Intellectual Disabilities in

The Municipality Of Cartagena

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy has

been granted 2,384,983€ to reserve 204

places in day centres for people with intellectual

disabilities in the city of Cartagena.

The goal is to provide appropriate resources

to provide a comprehensive and integrated

care in society of people with intellectual disabilities.

Children Psychosocial Intervention With

Legal Action

A grant has been awarded to the Presidential

Diagram Foundation Intervention Psychosocial

aimed at children and young people subjected

to legal action in the region, imposed

by the Juvenile Courts, which may include

placement in open, semi-open, closed or

therapeutic, educational task performance,

probation or attending a day center. The aim

is to promote the development of vocational

training, educational support and social and

psychological support to help them.

Assistance To Women Victims Of Gender


769,180€ has been granted for the provision

of services and the implementation of

programmes and activities that contribute to

realising the victim support gender violence

and eradicate it from society. In cooperation

and coordination with local organisation,

this offers comprehensive care for women

of domestic violence and offers shelter and

assistance to women through the regional

network of domestic violence resources with

which the Community has, built by the Centers

for Specialty Care (CAVI) Points Care

(PAE), foster homes and supervised apartments.

Integration of Graduates of The UMU

Through Practice School

The regional government has given approval

to award a grant to the University of Murcia

to collaborate with the business plan of the

School of Professional Practice in 2013. Encouraging

the promotion and dissemination

of knowledge and quality training of graduates

towards their integration into the labour

market is one of the objectives of the Ministry

of Universities and Research Company.

This extends to schools in Legal Practice,

Psychology, Nursing, and Social Work and

the School of Journalism, Advertising and


These refresher courses, taught by prestigious

professionals, contribute to the professional

advancement of the graduate. They

are reinforced by building relationships with

institutions, organizations, companies and

professionals that develop programmes or

activities in the same area as the above


The Construction Of Wastewater Discharge

From The Pumping Station To

The Neighbourhood Severo Ochoa Peral


The Governing Council has authorized the

hiring and spending of the construction of the

new wastewater discharge from the pumping

station ‘Severo Ochoa’ the neighbourhood

Peral Cartagena, and the construction of the

extension of wastewater interceptor. These

works will adapt sanitation infrastructure in

the Northern, Eastern and Western town of


The construction of the pumping station is

another step in the series of actions undertaken

by the regional government of Murcia

to provide more and better quality water.

Operating Plan Approved Infomur for

Preventing and Extinguishing Forest


Infomur Plan establishes the organizational

structure and protocols for coordination and

mobilization of human and material resources

needed to tackle forest fires and emergencies

originating in the area, in order to protect

people, property and the environment

against the risk of forest fires. The means

and resources assigned to the plan are on

alert and immediately available 24 hours a

day, 365 days a year, for their prompt and

effective intervention in any of the three periods

of wildfire hazard.

Four Gold Medals in The Region Of Murcia

The Regional Government has granted a

Gold Medal to Thomas Strong Fernandez,

president of Strong Corporate Group. He has

been President of the Corporate Group and

El Pozo Strong Food, for over forty years

and stands out as one of the most important

businessmen of Spain. The Strong Group

manages more than 20 companies and has

a workforce of over 5,500 people, in addition

to indirectly employing another 20,000


The Community also grants this distinction

to Secondary School Alfonso X El Sabio

Murcia City to recognize the educational

and cultural work during its 175 years, having

been created by Royal Order on October

5, 1837. This is the second educational institution

of the Murcia region of Spain to be

recognised. Throughout its history, famous

personalities like Jose Echegaray and Juan

de la Cierva were associated with this school.

Murcian sculptor, Mariano González Beltrán,

also receive the Gold Medal. He was

born in Murcia in 1948 and is a sculptor with

an international dimension, present in cultural

venues worldwide, heir to a rich tradition

of sculpture and has contributed to the

renewal of artistic languages, and the figurative

sculpture. His work is distributed in

space and bodies such as the monument to

the human rights of the Council of Europe in

Strasbourg, and in private collections around

the world, especially in Europe and the United


The Gold Medal has been awarded for the

work done by Scout Federation Explorers

of Murcia. A hundred years ago, in Cartagena,

a group of explorers began their first

adventure, which culminates with the celebration

of the centenary of Scout Federation

Explorers of Murcia. Many young people in

the region have been part of a Scout Group,

which has given them the opportunity to

make great friends, stay in touch with nature

and travel.

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Page 53

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Page 54

Animal Organisations:


968 163 529

Andrea’s Animal Rescue

Fuente Alamo

690 906 565

Easy Horse Care


652 021 980

Galgos del Sol


JJ’s Puppy Rescue


618 034 921

John Kemp’s Puppies

La Pinilla, Fuente Alamo

646 737 230



666 186 037



685 311 599

Noah’s ARC


699 352 818

968 154 507 (shop)


966 769 137

Pets in Spain

San Fulgencio/La Marina

Protector de Animales



RAD Animal Association

655 027 676


Age Concern


634 310 216

Alcoholics Anonymous

Cuevas de Reyllo, Mazarrón

646 290 420

Cabo De Palos

968 545 181

Costa Cálida Samaritans

GO maD


634 357 137

Helping Hands

Help Murcia Mar Menor

Los Alcázares,

968 570 059

Lions Club Mazarrón Bahía


636 746 959

MABS Mar Menor

693 275 779

MABS Mazarrón

620 422 410

MABS NW Murcia

PALS (Protection & Life Saving)


968 437 837


Beacon of Light

Cañadas del Romero

620 877 326

Mass in English

Pastrana, Mazarrón

628 824 555

New Life Church

Los Belones

966 769 300/650 509 606

Olive Branch Christian Fellowship

Cultural Centre, Camposol B

618 720 181/968 199 622

Open Door

Los Almagros

646 705 403/655 141 721

Pilar Christian Community Church

Pilar de la Horidada

966 769 300/650 509 606

Puerto Lumbreras Church

619 945 283

St Nicholas Church

Camposol D, Mazarrón

968 138 952

Welcome House


633 447 937

Wellspring Victory Church

El Alamillo, Mazarrón

620 599 270



San Pedro

966 189 402

Arts & Cultural Association of Murcia

655 421 120

Camposol Bridge Club

968 130 583

Cloud Nine Drama

644 400 123

Darwinian Gardeners

Evolutionists of Almeria and Murcia

Ex-Servicemen’s Association


968 965 058

Friends & Buddies

Camposol, Mazarrón

968 163 758

Greenfingers Sector C

Camposol, Mazarrón

626 513 842

HAH Help at Home

San Javier

968 134 978/633 673 034

Ladies’ Chatterbox

Camposol, Mazarrón

968 199 418/619 575 463

Lion Country Music

La Molata, Cañadas de Alhama

968 163 082

Los Palacios

Camposol, Mazarrón

Post Box A512

Spangles Ladies’ Harmony Chorus

Los Alcázares

968 334 527/968 432 525

Welcome Group

Camposol, Mazarrón

620 105 179

If you would like details of your club

or organization included on this page,

please send an email to

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Truly Loving Self…

I’ve felt the energies intensify recently. The

waves vibrate at a very fast and high frequency,

coming from the Cosmos, the centre

of the Earth and deep within everyone. They

feel like hot flames burning away all my yesterdays

that no longer support me, my old

habits, addictions & patterns, until IAM left

with only a peaceful and solid sense of pure

love, joy and light...

As I wrote in my recent blog post,

it’s taken a

toll on my dry red face; there is no getting

away from it... and it continues to flake, peeling

all the layers of yesterday off. I feel like

a snake shredding its skin, going into

another phase of life... So I know it’s important

for me to stay relaxed, peaceful and

focus on healing and balancing my body consciousness.

However, I recently ‘went into’ drama, feeling

sorry for myself, being the poor me and

doubting my own healing. YES, my face followed

my thoughts and beliefs and my healing

took a step back, leaving my face inflamed.

I was reminding myself that by not

trusting myself to heal and rebalance my

body consciousness, I wasn’t truly loving myself,

so I thank myself for this reminder

and will only focus on truly loving myself,

instead of fear and victimhood.

We are all going through this great shift of

energy... we are all being confronted with our

fears, having the chance now to choose to release

them and integrate fully with our soul,

our IAM divine self. No- one else can help or

do it for another; it’s up to everyone to be

conscious of their innate wisdom and love

within that will guide them home.

Come and join our Circle of Potential

each Thursday morning, where we support

each other’s journey, awakening,

breathing and living in the New Energy


Contact Barbara on 650 796 579 for

more information.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Page 55

World Red Cross Day is celebrated every

year on May 8 to emphasize the role of its

members and volunteers in saving lives and

aiding the defenceless communities around

the world. The first World Red Cross Day

was held in 1948. This special day is very

significant for the Red Cross because it is

also celebrated as the birthday of its founder

Henri Dunant. People are encouraged to

support The Red Cross by donating blood.

The volume of blood donated to The Red

Cross is enough for 21,000 blood transfusions

a day.

There is a special theme every year on

World Red Cross Day to emphasize the

goal of the celebration. The global theme

for 2013 is “Together for Humanity”. The

theme is chosen to draw attention to the

need and power of partnerships of organizations.

It also highlights the need for stronger

local and global associations in facing the

growing humanitarian challenges.

Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

have the world’s largest humanitarian network

to provide relief. It carries out its activities

in more than 170 countries, so is the

world’s largest force of unpaid assistants,

helping some 233 million people every year.

The total number of members and volunteers

is approximately 97 million. The Red

Cross and Red Crescent Movement originated

to provide first aid as well as all the

possible assistance to victims on the battlefield

thus alleviating human suffering.

The Red Cross is active in helping to avert

deadly and painful diseases like measles

and other childhood diseases, by vaccinating

as many children throughout the world.

The eradication of these diseases is the primary

objective to saving children from sufferings.

The Africa Women’s Initiative

(AWI) has also contributed as a five-year,

integrated health education and advocacy

programme and the International Red

Cross’s mission is to safeguard human life

and health. Its aim is to prevent and lessen

human suffering, ensuring indiscrimination

on the basis of nationality, race, class or political

opinions, religious beliefs. The red coloured

cross on a white background was the

symbol originating in 1864 by the Geneva

Convention and is recognized as a protection

symbol in conflict.

The International Committee of the Red

Cross (ICRC) is a private institution founded

in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland which

consists of 25 members and The Red Cross

was a committee authorised and empowered

to protect the life and dignity of the victims

of national and international war or conflicts,

under international human rights law, most

of which are using The Red Cross as their

official organization emblem. The World

Red Cross is working with other Red Cross

Societies to improve miserable conditions

in developing nations. They are reconnecting

families separated by emergencies.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

April has again been an extremely busy

month for The Lions of Mazarrón Bahia.

We were delighted to give a certificate of

appreciation to Phil and Sue from Healthy

H2O for their continuous support to the Lions

in our work. We also gave a certificate

to Dawn Heron from Calida Caring Agency

for her support.

At our monthly meeting we had a representative

for Samaritans Spain talk about the

work they do providing an emotional support

service for English speakers of any age

who may be experiencing distress or despair,

or who may be feeling suicidal. People

contact the Samaritans about many issues

including loneliness, debt and illness.They

asked for our help with telling local people

about their 24 hour confidential and anonymous

helpline service.

Samaritans Spain 902 883 535

We were delighted to be part of the handover

of the ambulance to Mazarrón Council

along with PALS and Costa Cálida International

Radio. Once again thanks must go to

all the supporters with their generous donations

which have made this possible.

We would also like to say many thanks to

everyone in their continued collection of

plastic tops to help with the treatment of

six year old little Eva in Lorca. These can be

given to any Lions member or Mercedes at

Multi Optica on Camposol B

Do you have any unwanted items of bric-abrac

or books etc for us to sell at our weekly

stall held every Friday at Camposol B in order

that we may continue with our work?

As always The Lions of Mazarrón Bahia

would like to thank everyone for all their

support. We could not do it without you

Our grateful thanks to you all


Page 56

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Page 57

Have you got a problem with HMRC or

the Spanish Tax Office?

Have you listened to many rumours about

how difficult it can be to pay your taxes in


Are you having any problem with HMRC which

you are finding nearly impossible to sort out?

You are not the only one in these circumstances.

Unfortunately, a lot of expats in

Spain invest valuable time and money trying

to get in touch with the Inland Revenue. It

is very frustrating being so far away and not

being able to keep your affairs with the UK in

order; especially your tax affairs.

Spain can be THE GREAT UNKNOWN when we

talk about Tax.

Domiciliary or Fiscal Residents? Non Residents?

What is your real situation in Spain?

The Convention to Avoid Double Taxation between

UK and Spain has just been changed.

There is a new regulation about declaration of

World Wide Assets for those who have been

fiscal residents in Spain in 2012.

UK Tax Refund SL clients were worried until

they decided that a phone call may be worth

making. We w ere able to explain how we

work, what we could do to help them, and

now, when they hear the word TAX, they do

not panic as before.

UK Tax Refund SL offers a unique service

to British residents in Spain. We ensure that

a client’s tax affairs in both Spain and the UK

are dealt with correctly and any overpaid tax

is refunded under the Double Taxation Agreement

between Spain and the UK.

UK Tax Refund SL, registered Agent with

HMRC, can help you to sort out any problem

with self-assessment, PAYE, wrong coding notices,

letters about an under payment of tax

and many other situation where you can see

there is an error, but at the same time you are

unable to deal with, without the assistance of

a professional.

UK Tax Refund SL deals with the HMRC and

the Spanish Tax Office directly and ensures

that our clients’ affairs are dealt with preference.

Over 700 clients up and down the Coasts are

able to verify this.

There is a way to put your tax affairs in order

in Spain and the best way is always the


Give us a call on 965 636 938 and stop worrying!

Email us at

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Come and enjoy an evening of comedy

with Cloud Nine!

Two one act comedies to be performed on

the following dates:

Sunday May 19th at 8pm in The Patio

Bar, Pliego – tickets 3€

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May at

8pm @ La Molata Social Centre, near

Los Muñoces – tickets 5€

For tickets please contact

Ruma Jordan at rumajordan@hotmail.

com or

Paul Macdonald at pandsmac@hotmail.


We will be happy to meet you to arrange

receipt of your tickets.

Profits go to local charities.

“Filthy Rich”

The cleaning ladies in the municipal art

gallery enjoy their work. Not only does

it provide them with an escape from the

mundane reality of their lives outside the

marble halls, but they have grown to love

and appreciate the objects in their care, although

certain aspects of avant-garde art

does worry them. Rumours of government

cut-backs threaten to upset their cosy regime.

However, in the face of adversity

they come up with a solution that not only

secures their futures and helps to save the

gallery, but also ensures that their lives

will never be quite the same again

“Last Panto in Camposol”

With membership down to four and no

money, the Amateur Dramatic Society

needs to put on a successful show. Joyce

wants a musical, but Gordon has written

a pantomime. Margaret and Bernard fear

the worst and are proved right. What could

go wrong? Everything, but the show must

go on!

For further information:

Paul Macdonald at





Page 58

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Page 59


After losing her beloved little dog, Ann was

certain she would never be able to take

on another new one; that was until she

met Carly. Unable to resist, she adopted

Carly who became the newest member

of her family. At this point MAMAS were

approached for help towards the cost of

spaying. We are always pleased when people

are sensible and take the correct steps

to protect their pets and so were happy

to contribute towards the cost. We wish

Carly good luck in her new family.

Can we assist you with your pet?

Have you provided a home for an animal

from a rescue centre or shelter for a stray

dog or cat? We can provide financial assistance

towards the cost of spaying or castrating

your new pet and also with those

unexpected vet bills, if funds are available.

To do this we need your unwanted items.

You can donate at the shop, Mon to Sat

10am-2pm. We normally have a good selection

of furniture, household items and

clothing in the shop all at reasonable prices,

so if you are looking for anything make

us your first port of call and you may save

yourself some money and help our charity

at the same time. We have just set out our

range of summer clothes in the shop where

we have some top brands at bargain prices

so call in and grab a bargain.

For full details go to

Camposol Drop-Off Point

Every Tuesday we are on Camposol B car

park 10am-1pm opposite the petrol station.

We will take any saleable items no

matter how large or small, to raise money

in order to help other people with the medical

expenses for their cats and dogs.

Fuente Alamo

You can leave items at The Dog Bowl,

Fuente Alamo every Friday until 12pm.

Furniture Pickup Service & House


If you are downsizing, moving house or

just want to get rid of some clutter try our

50/50 scheme. We can take anything

from a single large item up to a full house

contents, including household furniture,

and white goods. We will collect the larger

items free of charge, display them in our

shop to ensure that you receive the best

possible price for them and then forward

your 50% share of the proceeds to you.

MAMAS are now on Facebook, so why not

join us or take a look to see how we are

getting on at

Please contact us if you need help:-

Tel 666 186 037 or call at the shop


Helping You Helping Animals

Registered Charity No 9537/1a

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Saffron is a spice derived from the flower

of Crocus Sativus, commonly known as the

Saffron Crocus. The Saffron Crocus can

survive long hot summers and cold winters

with temperatures as low as -10ºC. It reproduces

by corms, which must be broken

up and replanted each year. It is an autumn

flowering perennial plant which usually bears

up to four vivid crimson flowers. It is the stigmas

of these flowers that are dried and used

as seasoning and colouring in many different

styles of cooking. Saffron is the most expensive

spice in the world as each stigma has to

be collected by hand. To glean 450g of dry

Saffron it requires the harvest of 50,000–

75,000 flowers and forty hours of labour are

needed to pick 150,000 flowers. The stigmas

are dried quickly upon extraction and sealed

in airtight containers. Saffron is native to

Greece where it was first cultivated, although

it does now also grow in Southwest Asia, Europe

and America. The Saffron Crocus originated

in Crete, although Iran now accounts

for about 90% of the world’s production.

Page 60

Saffron is slightly bitter in taste and carotenoid

gives it its golden colour traditionally

used in cooking and the textile industry. Despite

attempts at quality control and standardisation,

an extensive history of Saffron

adulteration, particularly among the cheapest

grades, continues to be a problem. Typical

methods include mixing in extraneous

substances like beets, pomegranate fibres,

red-dyed silk fibres, or the Saffron Crocus’s

tasteless and odourless yellow stamens. Other

methods included dousing Saffron fibres

with viscid substances like honey or vegetable

oil. However, powdered Saffron is more

prone to adulteration, with turmeric, paprika,

and other powders used as diluting fillers.

Adulteration can also consist of selling mislabelled

mixes of different Saffron grades.

Varieties from Spain,

including the trade

names “Spanish Superior”

and “Creme”,

are generally mellower

in colour, flavour and

aroma. “Spanish Saffron”

is actually ‘safflower’

and of course

is an indispensable

ingredient in such famous

dishes as Paella.

Almost all Saffron

grows in a belt bounded

by the Mediterranean

in the west and

the rugged region encompassing

Iran and

Kashmir in the east. In recent years, Afghan

cultivation has risen. Prohibitively high labour

costs and abundant Iranian imports mean

that only select locales continue the tedious

harvest in Austria, England, Germany, and


Crushed Saffron threads are soaked in hot,

but not boiling water, for several minutes prior

to use in cuisine. This helps release the

beneficial components. Saffron’s aroma is

often described by connoisseurs as reminiscent

of metallic honey with grassy or hay-like

notes, while its taste has also been noted as

hay-like and sweet. Saffron also contributes

a luminous yellow-orange colouring to foods.

Saffron has also been used as a fabric dye,

particularly in China and India, and in perfumery.

It is used for religious purposes in

India, and is widely used in cooking in many


Saffron has a long medicinal history as part

of traditional healing. It was used as a remedy

to sleeplessness and to reduce hangovers

caused by wine and was also used to perfume

bathing and as an aphrodisiac.Several

modern research studies have hinted that the

spice has possible anticarcinogenic (cancersuppressing)

characters. Saffron stigmas,

and even petals, may be helpful for depression

and early studies show that Saffron

may protect the eyes from the direct effects

of bright light and retinal stress, apart from

slowing down macular degeneration and retinitis


Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Page 61

On 2 nd April

Just Fabulous


to a much

larger outlet

on the Camposol



Sector B

(opposite T J


The new store

is beautifully

laid out with

a huge range

of cards and

gifts for all

occasions at

very attractive

prices. The shop is light and airy and

is offering a whole host of additional facilities

not previously available. A wide range of

helium balloons, party ware, stationery and

mobile phones have also been added to the

services offered.

At the back of the Just Fabulous shop you

will find the new Post Shop offering both

UK and Worldwide Postal/Parcel service with

new mailboxes that are available to rent at a

very competitive price. There is also a comprehensive

Photocopying and Laminating

Service, which is proving very popular.

Just Fabulous can even print your boarding

passes for you - a real benefit, especially for


The new Passport Centre enables customers

to renew their passports by offering a total

solution, which includes taking your passport

photos and help with the complex form

completion of the passport application.

There is a new Lottery Ticket machine available

and Mobile Phone Top-Ups can be

done within the shop.

Also located within the premises is the only

genuine Men’s Barbers on Camposol, courtesy

of Martin and The Cutting Crew.

Just Fabulous opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 9.30am until 5.30pm

Saturdays 9.30am until 2.00pm.

Please pay Just Fabulous a visit . They are

a very friendly team and will be delighted to

see you.

Tel 968 970 599

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Dear Editor

I just want to tell everyone about the wonderful

performance this little ragamuffin

team from El Pareton put on at the Hacienda

Alamo Football Tournament on Saturday

30 th March.

Teams came from all over Murica including

Elche, Cartagena, Pilar de la Horadada,

Murcia, Torre Pacheco, Fuente Alamo

and many more. The teams all turned up

with proper coaches. The little El Pareton

team turned up with put-together

kit, no socks to match and in some cases

no matching shorts. Their coach was Jelco

who also had no fancy tracksuit, just

shorts and flip flops.

The team played 8-a-side. The first match

they drew 4-4 even though at one time the

opposing team, Hacianda de Alamo had 9

men on the pitch. The second game they

were thrashed 9-0. In the 3rd game they

bounced back and won 4-3. They then won

a penalty shoot out and ended up in the

semi-final which unfortunately they lost.

We are so very proud of this little team for

which it was the first time they had played

together and yet they reached the semifinals;

all this for the enthusiasm of one

man - Well done Jelco! We just wish more

people would support you. We need more

8 years upwards boys to come along and

train at El Pareton, Tuesday nights 6pm-


From the family of George Lee Oliver

Dear Editor

I was struck by the Beacon of Light

Centre article in the March issue of the

Chronicle and the fact that they want to

help others find peace and healing in their

lives. It’s a great article which suggests

that “peace” and “healing” can come from

contacting those who have passed away.

My immediate thought was drawn to Gods

words in Leviticus 20 verse 27 “A man

or woman who is a medium or spiritualist

among you must be put to death, you

are to stone them, their blood will be upon

their own heads”.

Deuteronomy 18 verses 10-12 “Let no one

be found among you who sacrifices his son

or daughter in the fire, who practices divination,

sorcery, interprets omens, engages

in witchcraft, casts spells, who is a medium,

spiritualist, consulter of the dead,

anyone who does these things is detestable

to the Lord God. Very harsh words

from God! What is God actually saying?

I Can Meet Your Every Need, Take Me

At My Word!

1 Timothy 2 verse 5 “For there is one God

and one mediator between

John 3 verse 16 “For God so loved the

world that he gave his one and only begotten

Son that whosoever believeth in him

shall not perish but have everlasting life”.

1 Peter 5 verse 7 “Cast all you anxiety

(burdens) on him Jesus, for he cares for


Psalm 147 verse 3 “God, heals the broken

hearted and binds up their wounds”. John

14 verse 1 Jesus said “Let not your heart

be troubled, trust in God, trust also in Me”.

The Prophet Isaiah 9 verses 6-7 says “For

unto us a child is born, to us a Son is given,

and the government shall be upon his

shoulders and he will be called Wonderful

Counselor, the Mighty God, Everlasting

Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase

of his government and peace there will

be no end”.

Jesus said in John 8 verse 12 “I am the

light of the world, whoever follows me will

never walk in darkness, but will have the

light of life”. As the Psalmist David said,

we too can have that assurance Psalm 56

verse 13 “For you have delivered me from

death and my feet from stumbling that I

may walk before God in the light of life”.

Jesus said to Martha after her brother had

passed away John 11 verses 25-27 “I am

the resurrection and the life, he who believes

in me will live even though he dies

and whoever lives and believes in me will

never die.

Do you believe this? Martha said “Yes

Lord, I believe that you are the Christ

the Son of God who was to come into the

world”. If you have taken the step of faith

and believe and trust Jesus Christ as your

Saviour, you can say with the apostle Paul

2 Corinthians 1 verse 3-4 “Praise be to the

God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

the Father of compassion and the God

of all comfort, who comforts us in all our

troubles so that we can comfort those in

any trouble with the comfort we ourselves

have received from God”.

If you haven’t put your trust in Jesus,

now is the time to do it. The apostle Peter

at Pentecost stood up and said Acts 2 verse

21 “And everyone who calls on the name of

the Lord Jesus will be saved” which means

“you shall not perish but have everlasting

life”!! WHOA!!

Sandra Carpenter

Puerto Lumbreras Christian Fellowship

Tel 619 453 283

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Page 64

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Page 65

Resident or Fiscal Resident. The Fiscal


The recent new obligation for residents to report

their assets abroad valued over €50,000

and deadline 31st March on following years

highlights the importance of ascertaining your

Fiscal Residency. Your

Residency dictates whether or not you have

a requirement to complete this new tax form.

Residency criteria can be more complicated

than people realise. Many people assume

they are non-residents when they are actually

residents. Failing to complete this new report

can have serious consequences.

Civil residency issued by the Foreign Office is

not conclusive to prove you are resident. The

criteria followed by the Tax Office to determine

if you are a Fiscal Resident in Spain is:

You spend more than 183 days in Spain in

one calendar year. You become liable whether

or not you take out a formal residency permit.

These days do not have to be consecutive

(temporary absences from Spain are ignored

for the purposes of the 183-day rule unless it

can be proved that the individual is habitually

resident in another country for more than 183

days in a calendar year.)

Your “centre of economic interests” is in

Spain. i.e., the base for your economic or professional

activities is in Spain.

Your spouse lives in Spain and you are not legally

separated, even though you may spend

less than 183 days per year in Spain.

You have also to bear in mind that you can be

tax-resident in Spain even if you do not apply

for a formal residence permit. It is your responsibility

to register for, and pay tax, if you

meet one of Spain’s tax-residence rules. People

who meet the residence rules, but have

not been paying tax in Spain, are now being

pursued by the tax authorities.

Tax-residency can be a complicated issue

than first appears and you may be resident

here, even if you are careful about day counting.

The Tax Authority can investigate to

make sure that you really have been a resident;

a resident in their eyes being a fiscal

one. To do this, they will ask for your fiscal

residency certificate and tax declarations. It

is pretty difficult to obtain a fiscal residency

certificate without having presented an annual

tax declaration. Residents should make

a tax declaration even when there’s no tax to

pay. That way you can be sure you have proof

of being a fiscal resident when you need it.

A recent agreement has been signed among

the big five EU countries (UK, Germany,

France, Spain and Italy) to develop and pilot

multilateral tax information exchange, where

financial information will be automatically exchanged,

in a fresh effort to curb tax evasion.

Source: The Financial Times 2013/04/10.

UK says that where there is a conflict, the

taxpayer is resident in the country where they

have a permanent residence available and, if

they have one in both countries, it is where

the centre of their economic interests lies.

You can benefit from some fiscal advantages

of being fiscal resident:


If it can be demonstrated that the deceased

had his fiscal residence in Spain and close relatives

inherit, such as the spouse or descendants,

with fiscal residence in Spain, they have

99% reduction in many Autonomous communities

such as Murcia. Non-residents pay according

to a sliding scale with tax rate starting

on 7.65% up to 34%.

Capital Gains:

If the vendor is a fiscal resident and thereafter

he is able to obtain a certificate from the

Tax Office, the purchaser won’t have to retain

the 3% of the price, in accordance with law


Fiscal Residents for the last three years and

older than 65 years and selling property

which has been the main residency during

this time, do not have to pay the Income Tax

on the profit obtained.

If the person is younger than 65 years and

sells the main residency, he does not have

to pay the Income Tax on the profit if he reinvests

the obtained amount of money in buying

new property as a main residency.

To be certain that you are not liable to report

your assets abroad you must obtain professional

advice from a qualified professional


Firm who can ascertain your liability.

Tel 968 078 754


In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Where there is a conflict to determinate fiscal


If you have interests in Spain and the UK and

spend time in both there needs to be a way

of working out where you are “fiscally domiciled”

The double tax treaty between Spain and the

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Page 67

The month of

May is named

after a Greek

Goddess called

Maia. The first

day of May, May

Day, is the time

of year when

warmer weather

begins and flowers

and trees

start to bloom.

It is also said to

be a time of love

and romance and

people in the

Northern Hemisphere celebrate the coming

of summer with lots of different customs that

are expressions of joy and hope.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares this sentiment

as in the case of the two readers featured

this month.

Dear Jennifer,

He Wants His Ring Back!

My husband of 30 years left me for a

younger woman and initially I was devastated

but now I feel that I am better

off without him. The problem is that

he has decided to marry his new floozy

and he wants me to give back my wedding

ring! Granted it is a family heirloom

passed down the generations on his side,

but I feel that I deserve it after what I

went through. Besides, I want to give

it to our daughter when she gets married

next year. Am I wrong in refusing to

hand back my wedding ring?


Dear Gwen,

Keep the ring for your daughter, that is, if she

wants it. This way, you can assure your ex

that the ring will remain within the family.

If however, she does not want it, then what

you decide to do with it is down to personal

choice. Either way, after 30 years spent with

your ex, you are entitled to keep it and point

him towards the nearest jewellery store for a

ring for his new bride. I am sure she will want

a new ring anyway.


Dear Jennifer,

Dumped By A Love Rat

I have been seeing a fabulous man for

a month now and am head over heels

in love with him. Recently, however, he

cancelled our date at the last minute

and casually informed me that he was

spending the weekend with his ex-wife

and kids. My guy has been divorced for

decades and his children are grown up,

so I think it is a bit weird that he still

wants to spend time with them and not

me! Should I be jealous, worried or just

let go?


Dear J.M,

I think you are being overly sensitive about

the situation. Family ties are binding and your

beau did not “dump you” for another woman.

He is still the father of his children and there

is nothing wrong with wanting to spend quality

time with them. His connection to his family

is admirable, but perhaps he should have

taken time to reassure you of his love. Let

him know just how you feel about the matter,

but I don’t think there is any competition between

you and his ex-wife. If you can’t handle

a man who is loyal to his family, look for one

without family ties.


Send your questions to

Your permission is sought before any letter is

published and all letters will be anonymised

to avoid embarrassment and to respect confidentiality.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Hi, it’s Shannon writing this month. I am going

to tell you about a trip to a car museum.

You know where the Parque Meditteraneo is,

on the way to Cartagena? Well, there used

to be a shop there called Splaff - it closed a

while back and has now opened up as a car

museum. When we got there, it didn’t look

very big from the outside, but once inside it

was full of cars. It only costs 2€ per adult

and 1€ for children and we were allowed to

take photographs.

There were at least 20 motor bikes at the

entrance ranging from the early 1900’s to

the present day. There was one that really

caught my eye; it was a red racing bike that

looked really odd. The racer would have

to lie flat on his stomach to race it as the

seat was so far back. There was an old airplane

hanging from the ceiling above the

bikes that was made out of wood and nylon.

The wheels looked like bicycle wheels. As

we moved around we saw Rolls Royce cars

through the ages. My favourite one was a

white one with a gold emblem on the bonnet.

Matthew was with us as he was on leave from

the Navy and he said that you were not allowed

to have those emblems sticking up like

that anymore as they were dangerous and

could kill someone. He took loads of pictures

for us as Mum had forgotten her camera -

again! I spotted what I like to call a ‘Mr

Bean’ car; a yellow Beetle with a burst tyre!

They had new and old side by side and renovated

cars as well. There were engines out

so those who wanted to have a closer look

at the workings could do so. Dad asked me

if I could put one together. I said ‘No’! A

Cadillac sat in the middle of the area with bull

horns on the bonnet. That was the beginning

of the American car display. It was huge and


The whole museum was really well laid out

with Rolls Royce cars, Ferraris, Bentleys,

Fords and even an E Type Jaguar. All the

cars had a bit of a history written mostly in

English, so you could see when and where

and how they were made. Some of the doors

could open, so we could look inside and see

the layout of the interiors. Some were very

posh with drinks cupboards and little tables

that dropped down like in an aeroplane. My

favourite car though, was the red E Type Jaguar.

It was gleaming like all the rest of the

displays, but that one just looked the best.

There was a stretch limo as well and the man

in charge said we could get inside it and have

our picture taken. We did and Matthew took

a photograph of the three of us as you can

see! A really good place to visit and worth

every euro.

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Page 69

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Mass in English is celebrated every Saturday

at the Catholic chapel at Pastrana, approximately

10km from Mazarrón

Schedule of Masses:

Saturday at 4:30pm

Schedule of Confession:

Saturday from 3:30-4:25pm also on request

Fr. Carlos Prats 628 824 555

Fr. Octavio Carpena 676 219 445

Why Do We Call Mary, The Mother Of


We call Mary the Mother of Mercy for two

reasons: firstly, because she is the Mother of

Jesus Christ, who is the personification of Divine

Mercy, and secondly, because she is our

mother, who never ceased to show us mercy.

Mary’s title of the Mother of the God/Man is

the most glorious of her titles, for it is the

source of her greatness and the reason for her

being immaculate.


words “Mother

of God”

describe her

being exalted


all others, to

a supreme

height, a

person who

is not only

greater than

anyone else

that God has

made, who is

above anything

that He

could have

made. So great is her dignity that all heaven

honours her and pays her homage.

The Eternal Word who was born from all eternity,

of God alone; but when, out of mercy for

all mankind, He became Man, He took human

nature as well in Mary’s womb, uniting this

nature with the Divine Nature, in one Person,

and thereby giving a truly Divine value and

dignity to the actions performed.

Given the title “Mother of God”, was correct

as she was the Mother of Christ. She did not

bear only the human nature, separated from

the Divine but gave birth, in very truth, to a

Divine Person, the Eternal Incarnate Word.*

By the light given her from above, Mary understood

the nature of her mission and she

gave her consent, with great love for God and

complete submission to His eternal designs

*by Blessed Fr, Sopoccko – St. Faustina’s

Spiritual Director.

“Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it done

to me according to thy word”. (Luke 1,38)

Prayer: Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is

with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women,

and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,

now, and at the hour of our death. Amen

On Saturday April 6 th the Darwinian Gardeners’

regular meeting was a visit to a

member’s garden between Alhama and Totana.

Photos taken when they moved there

nine years ago showed the house standing in

a plot which was effectively a field. By using

cuttings from the clump of false bamboo

which was on the site, and fast growing trees,

the garden has now been divided into several

areas, giving an interesting and intimate feel.

Those of us who garden on rocky mountains

could only gaze in wonder at the abundance

of lush greenery. As well as a football pitch,

screened from the rest of the garden by trees

and bamboo, there is an extensive vegetable

garden, colourful wild area, gravelled paths

and small island beds, a secluded grove with

pond and goldfish and a delightful Moorish

style pavilion.

After showing

us around

the garden,

our hostess

showed us

her collection

of esparto

grass objects

and explained



usage and

also demonstrated




Two members


ways of taking


and after refreshments,

the raffle rounded things off and

38 people went into Alhama for an excellent


The Third Annual Garden Party took place

on Saturday April 13 th at Cortijo Raja, Morata

on the first really warm day of Spring, with

traditional Spanish dancing at nearby Finca

Los Loberos. As well as a number of stalls,

the FAST team gave demonstrations of CPR

and the Heimlich anti-choking manoeuvre,

and burgers and hot dogs were provided by

the Pawson family. The produce competitions

were judged by Jim and Margaret of Country

Kitchens and the plant competition by Andrew

Brown. Winners in each category received a

gold certificate and gold plant for first place,

and a silver certificate and plant for second

place. As well as enjoying a thoroughly enjoyable

afternoon, 515€ was raised for the GO

maD humanitarian charity.

For information about future events see our

webpage on, or email, or

phone 669 338 885

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Page 71

Quiz questions on the April 2013 Costa Cálida Chronicle

1. Where can you see six

wild boars?

2. Who claims to give you

“Low cost removal Spain

- UK – Spain?

3. What does Philip Peacock

Offer you?

4. Who offers traditional

Italian cooking with a

Italian chef?

5. Where can you find Martin

& the Cutting Crew?

6. Who is offering you the

Queen’s birthday menu?

7. Who are the new owners

of Don Ricardo’s International


8. Where would you find

“Le Gourmet”?

9. Who says “We clean

pools, we also do everything


10. What happened on the

4 th April 1975 in Albuquerque

New Mexico?

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Answers on page 110


1 After-bath wear

5 Group of bees

10 Far away

14 Asian nation

15 Game

16 Parasite

17 Powdered drink

18 City

19 Parlay

20 Intelligent

22 Trials

24 Extremely high

frequency (abbr.)

25 Warning

27 Small ducks

29 Stupid people

32 Typing mistakes

35 Endure

38 Travel term

39 Capital of South


40 Roberto’s yes

41 TV rating

43 Most basic

44 Pope’s governing


46 Environmental

protection agency


47 Saclike structures


with fluid or diseased


48 Leaves out

49 Common Catholic

girl’s name

51 Flowering herb

54 Light purple flower

57 Elver

59 Soften

62 Midwestern state


64 Native ruler

66 Somberness

68 Uncommon

69 Ms. Minelli

70 Shampoo brand

71 Island

72 Soup

73 Mary __ Moore

74 African nation


1 Decays

2 City in Nebraska

3 Corny

4 Implant

5 Short-term memory

6 Stay in one place

7 Apt

8 Cook with dry heat

9 __ Carlo

10 Wing

11 Mist (2 wds.)

12 Hormone

13 Shallow area

21 Affirmative

23 Material

26 Flick

28 Caustic substance

30 Fib

31 Witch hunting city

33 Globes

34 Religious division

35 South of the border


36 Short for aluminum

37 Write in serial form

39 Sea jewel

41 Bad

42 Resort hotel

45 __ A Small World...

47 Heat

50 Three

52 Number of notes in

an octave

53 Type of race

55 Afloat

56 Waitress on Cheers

57 Snaky fish

58 Shine

60 Lounge

61 Medicine amount

63 Desire

65 Half-baked

67 Deface

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Page 73

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

ChariTEA Fundraises for Local Charity

On 13 March, MABS Cancer Support Group,

Murcia was delighted to continue their involvement

in the annual ChariTEA fundraising

event, organised by Escuela Oficial de

Idiomas de San Javier (EOISJ) through its

Cultural Association (CONEXIA EOSJ) at the

Centro Civico in Parque Almansa, San Javier.

EOISJ Director, Maria Angeles Martinez-AbarcaNicolás,

opened the event and welcomed

representatives from local charities: Help Mar

Menor, Aidemar and MABS Murcia.

Organisers, CONEXIA EOISJ, invited the Convocatoria

del Conservatorio de Musica de

San Javier to entertain visitors with a wide

range of music, including chamber music performed

by David Salar’s group, White Voices

Choir(directed by Marinela Gabor), a string

quartet (by Professor Lester Mejías) comprising

Daniel Cánovas (violin), Inmaculada Belmonte

(violin), Lesster Mejías (Viola), Marina

Rubio (violoncello) and a percussion group

(by Professor M Carmen Pérez) comprising

José Luis Sánchez, Federico Martínez, José

Martín, Juan Martínez, Gonzalo Pérez, Celia

Muñoz, Inmaculada Egea, Alberto Pedreño

and David Pérez. Solos were performed by

Jesús Hernández (Piano and Voice), Conchi

Aniorte (Piano), Alberto García-Quesada

(Oboe), Laura Soria (Piano),

Café Golf provided delicious cakes and tea

for the event, donating 100€ to the charities’

fund. A grand raffle was organised by CONEX-

IA EOISJ, with fabulous prizes donated by local

businesses. CONEXIA EOISJ President,

Antonio García Clemente presented the prizes

and announced that they had raised a fantastic

total of 1327€. On 5 April, each charity

was presented with 475.66€. Including the

money collected from sales by each charity at

their individual stands, the grand total for the

event reached 1875€.

MABS Murcia is extremely grateful to EO-

ISJ Director, Maria Angeles Martinez-Abarca

Nicolas, everyone from CONEXIA EOISJ and

Café Golf for all their hard work to make this

such a successful event. “Every year, they

raise awareness of and funds for local charities,

and MABS has taken part in the event

since its inception” remarked MABS Director,

Lyn Baines. “We are delighted to be associated

with EOISJ and we have gained some

very useful Spanish volunteers as a result of

these events. We look forward to continuing

our good, working relationship with them.”

Hands Across The Sea For MABS

MABS Cancer Support Group Murcia

couldn’t have been more surprised when they

received a large donation from the staff and

customers of the Sun Inn Pub in Stockton,

Cleveland in the UK. Sheila Moore, who works

at the pub and heads up their fundraising

committee, has holidayed in the Mar Menor

area for several years and got to know local

resident, Donna Walsh, very well during that


Donna was recently diagnosed with breast

cancer and is currently undergoing treatment.

MABS Murcia has been supporting Donna

throughout. Sheila was impressed with the

work that they do and wanted to contribute

something towards that. Most people have

been touched by cancer in some way and

when Sheila explained what MABS does, the

staff and customers were keen to contribute,

raising a fantastic amount of £300 (348€).

Donna met with MABS Murcia Director, Lyn

Baines, to hand over the cheque. “We are

overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone

at the Sun Inn Pub and we are so grateful for

their kindness” commented Lyn. “The funds

will be put to good use, helping those affected

by cancer in the Murcia region.”

MABS provides help and support in a number

of ways, including:

Translators for hospital and doctor’s appointments

Drivers for hospital appointments

Equipment in the home

One-to-one counselling

Therapy for conditions, such as lymphedema

Share & Care Support Group

Telephone Support

Latest Cancer Information

Donna is now helping other people who have

been diagnosed with breast cancer. “We’re

very proud of how well Donna has coped and

she will be a great support for others undergoing

the same treatment.” remarked Lyn.

Photographer: Alfonso Fernandez

MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No.

7261) offering help and support to local people

of all nationalities who have been diagnosed

with or are being treated for cancer. If

you or someone you know would like some

confidential help or support call our HEL-

PLINE 693 275 779 or visit their website

Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate And Neither

Do We.

MABS Helps All Those Affected By Cancer,

Whatever Their Nationality

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Going For Gold!

Spangles Ladies’ Harmony Chorus became

Champions of Spain and Portugal at

the 2011 Convention of the Spanish Association

of Barbershop Singers, which took

place in San Pedro del Pinatar. Winners are

not allowed to compete the following year,

so they are now raring to go and win gold

again at the 2013 Convention which was

held in Benalmádena, Málaga on 13 April.

See how they got on by reading the report

on page 80.

Spangles started in December 2004 with

just five ladies and they now boast over

40 members. Under the direction of Gail

Grainger, they have been working hard on

the two songs that they will sing in contest.

“We work hard on our craft, but also ensure

that what we sing is enjoyable and entertaining”

says Gail. The chorus also boasts 5

quartets, three of whom, Viva, Chardonnay

and Fénix, will be competing in the quartet

contest. A fourth quartet, Aurora, was

formed specifically to be ‘mic-warmers’ in

the contest to help the judges tune in for

the first competitor.

On Thursday, 21 March, Spangles and the

quartets held a dress rehearsal, which was

attended by the Mayor of Los Alcázares,

Anastasio Bastida, supporters, family and

friends in the Salon de Plenos at the town

hall in Los Alcázares, and received rapturous

applause. Amor Yagues kindly took on

the MC role for the show and did a splendid


“We are extremely grateful to everyone who

supports us and we are proud to be representing

Los Alcázares again in this competition.”

commented Gail. “We will do our best

to return in April with gold medals around

our necks.”

Following on from their gold medal success

in 2011, Spangles has released a CD

called ‘Pure Gold’, which includes their two

winning contest songs and many audience

favourites. ‘Pure Gold’ is on sale at 5€ and

makes an ideal gift. Call 968 432 525 or

968 334 527 to order your copy.

Photographer: Michael Phillips

Spangles Does it For Charity

Saturday, 30 March, saw Spangles Ladies’

Harmony Chorus taking part in a

big charity fundraising day in Mil Palmeras.

Organised by JP’s Bar in the square, this annual

event has helped to raise thousands of

Euros for local charities, such as the AECC,

MABS Cancer Support Group and EMAUS,

the children’s home in Elche.

The main event of the day was a bike ride,

with over 70 riders taking part. Supporters

returned to the bar and were entertained by

Spangles. It’s anticipated that the final total

of funds raised will reach 2,500€, which

will be divided between the AECC, EMAUS

and MABS Murcia.

Spangles welcomes new members, so if

you’re looking to make new friends and enjoy

singing, why not visit Spangles when

they rehearse at Las Claras? They meet

every Thursday from 10am-1pm.

Please call Lyn on 968 432 525 or Anthea

on 968 334 527 to book Spangles or to

find out how to join, or visit the website

Photographer: Michael Phillips

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Page 75

At the latest British

Legion branch meeting

the Hondon Valley

members said

a fond farewell to

two members; Steve

Suffield who had

been the Standard

Bearer for the branch

for many years

and Evie his wife.

Steve and Evie are

leaving the Hondon

Valley to be

nearer the coast.

Warrant Officer

Neil Parvitt agreed

to take over the

roll of Standard

Bearer and Alan Reed, ex-naval diver,

was recruited to fill the gap and carry the

Union Jack on all official engagements.

There was an alfresco evening in Barbaraja,

again to raise money for the appeal and on

19 th April the Poppy Walk started from Restaurante

Veintiocho in Hondon de las Frailes.

A list of future social events was read out to

the members, including a June Fiesta at

Dave Spark’s house, which would celebrate

both a 60th birthday and a 40th wedding

anniversary. Dave and his wife will donate

all proceeds to the Legion Poppy Appeal.

The meeting ended with a light hearted social

quiz, which although it was supposed to be

an easy one, proved more difficult than they

expected and a lot funnier than anticipated.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The HELP MMM AGM was attended by over

fifty volunteers and the treasurer, Robin Bayliss,

confirmed that at the end of 2012, the

financial position was satisfactory. The president,

Bernard Ash reported that €7500 was

to be donated to the following good causes:

Caritas, Butterfly Children and Holidays for

Heroes - all very worthy causes.

Bernard Ash, Cynthia Sherry and Elaine Dale

were ratified in their current positions as

President, Secretary and Membership Secretary.

Pat Massingham and Joan Mitchell

agreed to continue in their roles as Vice President

and Chief Fundraiser respectively.

The AGM was followed by the monthly General

meeting and one amusing item was raised

under AOB - Not Wanted on Voyage - There

was a late plea for help with “Ricky” from a

lady member who had booked a cruise for

one. Poor “Ricky” was not wanted on the voyage.

She was worried that she would have to

give him away. Happily a temporary home

was volunteered for her beloved “Ricky” the


HELP Murcia Mar

Menor’s Friendship


The latest lunch was

held on 22 nd March at

the Asia Restaurant,

San Javier to say farewell

to Iris Withers

who is leaving for the

UK. The lunch was

also to celebrate Stella

Hawkridge’s 90 th birthday

on 28 th March, but

unfortunately Stella

was in hospital with a

broken hip. We all wish

her a speedy recovery.

Spring Fayre

Once again,

the sun was

shining for

the HELP

MMM Spring

Fayre at the

Arches on

10 th April.

There was a

good mix of

stalls doing

a brisk business,

but it

was Ziggy’s

Fashion Show

that was the

main attraction.

Page 76

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To the Ends of the Earth and Back

Well to the end of the ancient world anyway.

Starting on May 31 st Len Allen (from La Marina)

is taking on the challenge of the Camino

de Santiago, the famous pilgrimage known

as ‘The Way’ starting in Pamplona and travels

all the way to Santiago a distance of approximately

800km. Not satisfied with this, Len is

then going to continue on to Finisterre, which

was widely believed to be the end of the earth

until Columbus discovered America. This will

take his total distance to 900km.

Len, who will turn 60 later in the year, wanted

to do something extra special for this milestone

and when in Santiago last year he saw

people finishing the walk he thought “This is

something I could do”. Len, a seasoned marathon

runner in the UK who moved to Spain

in 2000, will be joined in this ambitious challenge

by one of his old running partners John


“I have been training since Christmas and

hopefully I will be ready by mid-May”. Len will

then have a week or so of rest before setting

off. This involves taking an overnight coach

from Alicante to Pamplona and then the walk

begins. Len added “I will be staying in the

pilgrim hostels along the way each night and I

am really looking forward to hearing the tales

of the other walkers and their reasons for taking

on the challenge”.

Len is planning to walk some 40km a day and

with a few rest days to make sure he gets to

the other end and expects the walk to take

23 days in total. He is doing this walk in aid

of the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

Foundation based in Rojales. His wife Ann,

who has been a great supporter of EHCRC for

many years, thinks he is mad, but will be on

hand to give him encouragement “However

I’m not doing it with him”.

Len can be sponsored by either contacting him

directly on 620 180 002 or by going in to any

of the EHCRC Charity Shops in Guardamar,

La Siesta, La Zenia , Montesinos or Quesada.

Alternatively you can sponsor him at the rescue

centre on Sundays during the open day

or contact Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

by email

will also be sponsorship forms in several locations

around La Marina including News 4U,

Serafins & Cuts R Us.

In the beginning

Molly gave Faith

hope, now Faith

is giving Molly


The EHCRC Foundation

is delighted

to announce the

imminent launch

of their first eBook

about Faith

the pony. Sue

had always felt

that Faith’s story

would make a

good book. Sue decided to have a go herself,

as she realised that really only she and Rod

could write it, as they are part of the story.

Initially the story was written as a children’s

book about Faith and her animal friends at

the rescue centre, not really including Molly,

the pony who lives in Louisiana after being

rescued by Kaye Harris seven years ago when

hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. Because

of a horrendous leg injury she had a

front leg amputation and became a national

figure of survival and inspiration. Molly visits

hospitals for children with cancer and amputations,

and soldiers that have lost limbs

in the war. When they meet Molly with her

artificial leg, they think if this little pony can

do it, so can they, and

for children she shows

them it’s ok to be different.

It was Molly

that inspired us to

save Faith, who went

on to become the first

pony in Spain to also

have a prosthetic leg.

A deep bond was

formed across the Atlantic

between Rod

and Sue, and Kaye and

Glen Harris, which led

to Rod and Sue going

over to New Orleans to

meet these wonderful

people and of course

Molly the pony.

In America there is already

a children’s book

published about Molly

and people bought the

book assuming, that

Kaye got a percentage

of the proceeds from

it. Sadly it is not the

case. The author

has the copyright

and gets all the

money. Kaye and

Glen trusted her

and never signed

an agreement with

her before the book

was published, or

took legal advice.

Having being told

the whole story Rod

and Sue became

determined to help

these wonderful

people, who are still struggling financially to

keep Molly’s foundation going, and to keep

Molly. This was when the book was re-written,

adding Molly’s story through Faith’s

eyes, as if in her diary. Tthis was made possible

by the team at ‘Soul Of The Net’ Web

Design, who came up with the idea of an e-

book, and created the beautiful design. Sue

has been busy in the recording studio and

she would like to thank Richard Haywood and

Trevor Lugmayer at Viva TV for recording the

audio at their studio in Campoamor.

Initially the book will be available for the iPad,

iPod and Kindle and we hope to have it in print

within the next few months. All proceeds from

the sale of the e-book will be shared between

the two charities Easy Horse Care Rescue

Centre Foundation (in Spain) & Kids

and Ponies - Molly’s Foundation, Inc. (in

America). We will keep you posted as to release


In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Page 77

To celebrate our 5 th anniversary, on the first

Saturday 4 th May, ADAPT Association of San

Pedro, will be holding an open day at our

meeting venue, The Hogar de Pensionistas,

San Pedro from 10am.

Invitations are being sent to various associations

with which we have been involved over

the past 5 years. ADAPT has close connections

with local organisations and we thought

it would be good to let them meet the members

for a little socialising. Members of the

press have been very kind to us since we

started 5 years ago so we would like to invite

them to come and meet us and perhaps partake

of a drink and nibbles.

Theatre Group

On the 21 st , 22 nd and 23 rd May The Theatre

Group will be putting on a show for various

schools in San Pedro. These will be at the

Casa de Cultura each morning of Tuesday,

Wednesday and Thursday and will be a series

of comic sketches in English and Spanish.

On behalf of the president, Jane Cronin and

the committee, Enid Winskill.

Spanish Cookery Workshops

Since January this year Eroski Supermarket

of Dos Mares, San Pedro have been putting

on Spanish Cookery Workshops for

ADAPT within the store. These have proved

to be so popular that extra weeks have been

added to the course.

Jose Manuel, Maestro Jamonero from El Pozo,

gave an interesting talk about Iberian pig

farming and the quality of ham which depends

on the diet of the pigs. He then gave

a demonstration on how to slice the ham and

the tools needed and asked for volunteers to

be shown the correct way to cut a ham using

the sharpest of knives and protective chainmail

gloves. Elena showed us how to prepare

and cook cordero, while Damian, who runs

the fish department of Eroski, poured our

wine samples. We all thoroughly enjoyed the

demonstrations and also our tasters of Jamon,

Cordero and wine.

The whole event was filmed and some of our

members were interviewed by Beatriz for an

Eroski Company video which will be also used

in training. The fact that ADAPT is very keen

to integrate with the local community was

much appreciated.

ADAPT meet on the first Saturday of the

month at Hogar de Pensionistas, San Pedro at

10:30am and welcome new members.

Contact Enid Winskill on 966 189 402 or see

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Tickets are now on sale at the Torrevieja

Municipal Theatre from 11am-1pm

on Tuesdays to Saturdays and on the internet

through ServiCAM for the new production

of The Raquel Peña Flamenco

Dance Company.

If you have never seen one of their shows,

take advantage of their forthcoming performance

to see why the Company is

considered one of the finest in Spain. We

are very fortunate to have them based in

Pilar de la Horadada, where Raquel Peña

has her home base. For those of you who

have seen this outstanding Ballet you will

again be able to enjoy the excitement, colour

and fire of new choreography, designer

costumes and many of the old time favourites

that are requested by the audience.

A €2500 donation will be given to AFA, the

Torreveija Alzheimer Association.

For more information please contact the

Company office at 630 689 431 or at

Page 78

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ITV Check

El nivel - Level

El nivel de agua - The level of water

El líquido - Liquid

El freno - Brake

Me quedé sin frenos - My brakes failed

El freno de mano - Handbrake

La bombilla - Light bulb

La refrigeración - Refrigeration

El volante - Steering wheel

Lavaparabrisas - Windscreen Washer

El aceite - Oil

El motor - Engine

El filtro - Filter

El aire - Air

La escobilla - Wiper

La luneta - Window

La batería - Battery

Se ha agotado la batería - The battery is


El neumático - Tyre

La presión de los neumáticos - Tyre pressure

Delantero - Front

Los asientos delanteros del coche - The

front seats of the car

Trasero - Back

El asiento trasero - The back seat

Izquierdo - Left

Está a la izquierda - It’s on the left hand


Derecho - Right

La presión - Pressure

La linea de escape - Exhaust pipe

Los gases de escape - Exhaust fumes

La Fijación - Fastening/securing

El cinturón de seguridad - Seatbelt

La efectividad - Efficiency/effectiveness

El estanque - Tank/reservoir

El circuito - Circuit

El amortiguador - Shock absorber

La pastilla - Pad

El disco - Disk

In conjunction with Jane Cronin,

Spanish Classes and Talks.

Tel 968 183 258

Pink Is The Colour For HAH Mar Menor

In the Pink, (Clothes, shoes, handbags etc.)

Rio Nalon, Los Alcazares and HAH Mar Menor

teamed up for a fashion show on Friday April

5 th . Fabulous fashions were modelled by HAH

volunteers and friends to a packed bar at La

Torre Golf. There were many stalls, a raffle

and cakes made also by HAH volunteers and

offered in exchange for a small donation.

In total, 425€ was raised on the night. Rose

from In the Pink said “As this was my 1 st attempt

at hosting a fashion show, I was delighted

that HAH came on board to help.

They were extremely supportive both before

and during the event and the enthusiasm and

input from their volunteers was a great help.

I am delighted that we were able to raise so

much money for such a worthy cause, and

I really look forward to doing the next one”.

To find out more about HAH, visit their website If you are struggling

to cope following illness call 633 673

034, or if you would like to volunteer a little

help to suit you, email helpathomespain@

Convention For The Maintenance Of An

Early Childhood Centre In Torre Pacheco

The Governing Council has approved 30,000€

as a proposal from the Ministry of Health and

Social Policy, of an agreement between the

Instituto Murciano Social Action and the Association

of Parents of Mentally Handicapped,

Physical and Sensory (Prometheus) Torre Pacheco.

The aim of this agreement is to maintain

its Early Childhood Centre.

The users of the centre will have access to

six therapeutic needs and the association offers

programmes of prevention, detection and

diagnosis of therapeutic intervention, including

cognitive and motor stimulation, speech

therapy and hearing, as well as support and

family counselling.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Page 79

The first Fair for Game and Fisheries will

take place from May 31st to June 2nd in the

Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions Region

of Murcia, located in Torre Pacheco.

The fair has been designed to meet the business

needs of all professionals in both sectors.

The Murcia region issues thousands

of hunting licenses, in addition to having a

unique fishing tradition. Today, hunting and

fishing brings in around 4,600 million Euros

a year in Spain, despite both sectors being

affected by the economic situation.

This fair is a novelty in the region of Murcia

and shows the passion that hunting and fishing

still has in this region. It is clear that

there are many conditions to make the fair a

success both in number of visitors and number

of exhibitors. The organizers of this event

simply want to bring together a broad representation

of exhibitors where the hunter and

fisherman from Murcia, Valencia, Andalusia

and other regions is like a day of hunting and


Being aware of these difficult times IFEPA

offers affordable priced stands looking for a

very fair price for disbursement for the exhibitors

by organizing an exciting programme

of activities, including workshops aimed at

professional exhibitions and competitions, in

which even the visiting public may participate

and that will please the whole family.

Barbershop Takes The Costa Del Sol By


Some 300 barbershop aficionados took Benalmádena,

Málaga by storm when they arrived

for their fifth annual convention last

weekend. This is the second time that the

Spanish Association of Barbershop Singers

(SABS) has based its event on the Costa

del Sol. “Our delegates come from all over

Europe, and we are keen to establish convention

venues with excellent travel connections

and accommodation.” said SABS Vice President,

Lyn Baines. “This is the second time

that we have hosted this international event

in Benalmádena; it’s a great venue and we

always receive such a warm welcome”.

Delegates were based in the Sunset Beach

Club Hotel, with shows and contests taking

place in the Moonlight Lounge at the Sunset

Beach Club, where SABS also held its second

international quartet contest.

Madrid ladies’ chorus, The Barbees, won

the silver medal and Southern Sound, from

Fuengirola, Málaga, took the bronze medal.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Spangles, from Los Alcázares, Murcia, became

gold medal champions of Spain and

Portugal for the second time, also sweeping

the board by winning all three trophies for

top scores in music, presentation and singing.

“We’re over the moon with our win,” said Gail

Grainger, Spangles’ Musical Director “and

to get the top scores is testimony to the hard

work that the chorus has put in over the past

twelve months.”

In the quartet contest, Fourmidables from

Torrevieja, Alicante were crowned Gold Medal

Champions for the first time, having won silver

in the last two contests. The silver medal

went to Hanfris from Barcelona and the

bronze medal was won by Cleftomania from

the Algarve in Portugal. Hullabaloo from

Torrevieja won the Senior Quartet Award and

Fénix Quartet from Los Alcázares won the

Highest Scoring Ladies’ Quartet Award.

The international quartet contest saw Toneacity

walk away with the gold medal and

Simply 4 win the silver medal. Both quartets

are from the UK.

The next SABS annual convention is scheduled

for Calpe, Alicante from 3-6 April 2014

at the Gran Hotel Sol y Mar, right by the sea,

with the national and international contests

being held in the Casa de Cultura in Calpe. If

you are interested in attending this event or

would like to know more about SABS, you can

find information on the SABS website www. or contact by email or

Photographer: Michael Phillips.

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Page 81

Lesley Pearse

is one of the UK’s

best loved novelists

and is a true

storyteller and a

master of gripping


that keep the

reader hooked

from beginning

to end. Lesley

Pearse introduces

you to

characters that it

is impossible not

to care about or

forget and she

writes different genres including crime and

historical all with real passion and realism.

Truth is often stranger than fiction and Lesley’s

life has been as packed with drama as

her books. She was three when her mother

died under tragic circumstances. Her father

was away at sea with the Royal Marines and

it was only when a neighbour saw Lesley and

her brother playing outside without coats on

that suspicion was aroused - their mother

had been dead for some time. The children

spent three years in grim orphanages before

her father remarried a veritable dragon of an

ex-army nurse. Lesley and her older brother

were eventually brought home, to be joined

by two other children who were later adopted

by her father and step mother; thus continued

a stream of foster children.

Lesley’s desperate need for love and affection

as a young girl made her a party girl during

the swinging 60’s and she had various

jobs from nanny to bunny girl to designing

clothes. She lived in damp bedsits while burning

the candle at both ends as a ‘Dolly Bird’

with twelve inch mini shirts. Lesley has been

married three times and has had some really

hard times. Writing probably kept her sane

throughout all of this and much of her own life

is portrayed in her books. She now lives near

Bath and is president of the Bath and West

Wiltshire branch of the NSPCC. She has three

daughters and a grandson.

Forgive Me (2013)

When Eva Patterson returns home from work

one day, a devastating scene awaits her. Her

mother, Flora, lies dead in the bath. Beside

her is a note saying only: ‘Forgive Me’. Flora’s

suicide changes everything. When Eva discovers

that in her will Flora left her an artist’s

studio in London, she finds a collection

of Flora’s paintings and old diaries. Searching

for answers, Eva encounters a psychic

who mysteriously warns her to beware of a

‘sleeping serpent’, which she soon discovers

refers to a shocking crime in Flora’s past. Will

discovering the truth destroy Eva’s belief in

everything she holds dear and will Phil stand

by Eva even when her journey leads her and

those she loves into certain danger?

Gypsy (2009)


Beth’s life is shattered

when she and

her brother Sam are

orphaned, believing

that only in America

can they make a

fresh start. In New

York, Beth’s talent

with the fiddle earns

her the friendship of

gamblers, chancers

and other rogues.

Dodging trouble

across America, Beth

and her friends head for the Klondike River in

search of gold. How far must Beth go to find

happiness and will her travels lead this gypsy

to a place she can ever call home?

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Father Unknown


Losing her adopted

mother threatens

all she’s ever had.

Daisy was adopted,

but when her mother

dies, she finds her

secure existence

thrown into turmoil

by the discovery of a

scrapbook. Inside it

is information about

her real mother.

However, when Daisy

drops everything to

go in search of her

roots, she uncovers a harrowing story of

greed, misery and corruption. She also risks

hurting her adored Dad, the only true family

she has left. Can she cope with the truth

about her real parents and more importantly,

who is the real Daisy?

Secrets (2005)

Without her mother she is alone in the world.

Twelve-year-old Adele is placed in a bleak,

cruel children’s home after a family tragedy

drives her mother insane. When the owner

betrays her trust, Adele has no choice but to

run away. Alone and friendless, she heads for

Sussex, to seek out the grandmother she has

never known. However, the journey, without

food or shelter, leaves her desperately ill.

Surrounded by the beautiful Rye Marshes,

Adele is nursed back to health. Can she now

dream of a new life? What will happen when

her mother reappears, bearing shocking family


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Page 83

The Liberation


Lonely Lola

of La Pinilla

Many local


who travel

through La

Pinilla nicknamed


dog ‘the hole

in the wall

dog’ and may


seeing her. If

you do know

her, we are

really happy

to show you

her now, out

of her horrible

situation. She has now been freed along

with other dogs there that have been living

in poor conditions, including 2 Pointers and

2 Shepherd dogs. We have also agreed with

the owners to help them with other dogs

they own and in turn they are collaborating

with us to make improvements for their own

dogs and to report local acts of cruelty and/

or abandonment.

Lola lived in horrible conditions for 10 years

of her poor life. Chained and un-loved, just

there to bark in case of intruders, she never

knew what it was to be loved or cared for by

humans. Her life was a miserable existence

on a chain outside, through the intense Spanish

heat, the cold of the winter and the storms

and elements that she had no way of hiding

from. She was fed and watered when remembered

by her farmer owner.

Lonely Lola was recently saved by Actin Association,

liberated from her chain at last.

She was taken to a foster carer and within

a short time

this sweet

and forgiving

dog had won

the hearts

of Angie and

Phil McCready

who rescue

and foster

many dogs in

Spain. Lola

turned out to

be healthy in

spite of her


existence and

although at

10 plus years she is an old girl, we think that

finding a new life with no chain and with freedom

to do what dogs do, has given this lovely

sweet dog a new lease of life.

For information on Actin’s work check out

our website

If you can help sponsor or adopt any of these

rescued dogs please see We

are also looking for foster and adoption for 8

puppies that one of the rescued Pointers has

recently given birth to.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and


2 nd 1982 The Argentinean warship ‘General

Belgrano’ was sunk by the British

submarine HMS ‘Conqueror’.

4 th 1979 Margaret Thatcher became Britain’s

first female prime minister

following a landslide election victory.

5 th 1980 The SAS stormed the Iranian embassy

in London, freeing 19 hostages

held by terrorists.

6 th 1937 The Hindenburg Airship, the largest

ever built, exploded at Lakehurst,

New Jersey, killing 36 people.

6 th 1954 British athlete Roger Bannister became

the first man to run a mile in

under four minutes.

6 th 1992 The Channel Tunnel opened, linking

London and Paris by rail.

7 th 1945 Nazi Germany surrendered unconditionally

to the Allies at General

Eisenhower’s HQ in Rheims,


10 th 1994 Former political prisoner Nelson

Mandela was sworn in as the first

black president of South Africa.

13 th 1787 The ‘First Fleet’ carrying convicts

set sail for Australia, setting up

the first penal colony.

14 th 1796 English doctor Edward Jenner administered

the first vaccination

against smallpox, using pus from


16 th 1943 The ‘Dambusters Raid’ by the

RAF’s elite 617 Squadron breached

two huge dams in Germany’s Ruhr


17 th 1865 Thomas Cook began conducted

tours to the continent - the first

overseas ‘package holiday’.

18 th 1991 Helen Sharman became the first

Briton in space, as a passenger

aboard the Soviet Soyuz TM-12.

21 st 1927 Aviator Charles Lindbergh, in the

Spirit of St Louis, made the first

solo flight across the Atlantic.

26 th 1868 The last public execution in Britain

- the hanging of murderer Michael

Barrett – took place at Newgate.

27 th 1941 The German battleship ‘Bismark’

was sunk by the Royal Navy, with

only 110 survivors from its 2,192


29 th 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

became the first men to climb


Page 84

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Page 85

NEST walks are friendly, particularly easy,

outings to amazing places often rounded

up by a wonderful meal in an authentic

Spanish restaurant or occasionally a picnic.

Definitely NOT for sporty walkers wanting

a challenge! Come and make new friends

with NEST!

Friday 24 th May - Snow Houses

Meet 10.30am in El Berro public car park.

Experience the cooler heights of Sierra Espuña,

where snow falls in winter. See how

Snow Houses were used, plus an optional

closer view of the giant military ‘golf ball’ on

top of Sierra Espuña, then the visitors’ centre

before our delicious meal in our favourite

place where we often see wild boar. 5€

for the walk and optional Menu del Dia at 9€

for mixed salad, a starter, main course, dessert,

and a drink, plus coffee, in pine-clad

mountain surroundings. Wear sturdy nonslip

footwear and bring sun protection and

water to sip. An easy short 2hr walk along

wide dirt tracks with one steepish dusty

slope, to see the military installation closer

up – unless you prefer to sit that part out

and wait. There is often no mobile signal for

emergencies, so you do need to be relatively

healthy and come at your own risk. Bring

binocs and cameras to make the most of

stunning scenery and wildlife opportunities!

Subscribe with your email address to the

NEST website and be the first to hear of

new dates and book in. Walks can be very

popular and restaurants have limited places.

We also go out in cooler, shady summer

evenings, so look out for new outings! Also

find detailed driving directions at www. We also have a (free)

photography group so if you’re into photography,

get in touch!

Book your places by ringing or texting 679

002 147 or email natureespunatrails@, with your names and Spanish

contact tel numbers and wait for confirmation

you’re booked in. Looking forward to

meeting you!

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Perhaps it comes along with age together

with the failing eyesight, dull hearing and a

lack of concentration, but really grumpiness

seems to be part of the package, at least according

to my wife and children. It is not so

much that I am impatient; it is simply that I

do not understand why some things turn out

the way they do. Perhaps I am missing the

complexities of the task, or I do not fully appreciate

the training required, but why is it

in a full car park it is impossible to open your

doors because the lines are drawn so close

together? People overtake and then slow

down! You cannot empty a tomato sauce

bottle! Life’s frustrations can make us mad,

but they are just that - frustrations.

How frustrated must God be? He has provided

us with a world of colour, variety, astonishing

sunsets and sunrises, amazing

wildlife, beautiful seas and fantastic views,

a Saviour, a way of escape and yet we don’t

acknowledge God’s hand in it all. Oh but,

as soon as something goes wrong, we are

quick to blame God and feel justified. I am

sorry, but unless you believe God exists, you

cannot blame Him; it just doesn’t work that


”For I know the plans I have for you, says

the LORD. They are plans for good and not

for disaster, to give you a future and a hope”.

Jeremiah 29 V11. This was God’s promise to

a people who had turned away from Him.

Despite His frustration, overshadowed by

His love … it is still His promise to us!

You are invited to come and join us for any

of our events in May.

Sunday 12 th Derek Cleave will be sharing

with us for our monthly meeting. 5pm Start.

Tuesday 14 th Chill ‘n’ Grill from 6pm in our

garden. Bring your own food and cook it.

Thursday 16 th Marty Ross in concert in our

garden, raising funds for Operation Smile.

Further details and other planned events go


If you would like to be informed of our events

and be added to our mailing list please let us


Find us at Los Almagros, Fuente Alamo,

30320, Murcia. GPS: 37”45’ 57.77’ North.

1” 15’ 56.95’ West

Phone Ken 646 705 403 or Carol 655 141


Page 86

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Page 87

If you want a truly Spanish meal, a good

place to start is a Menu del Dia. These

cheap value-for-money meals started during

Franco’s time as a way for workers to obtain

a nutritious meal at an affordable price.

Franco has gone, but thankfully Menu del

Dia lives on, and is in fact as popular as

ever, but you have to know about it to get

the best. Some restaurants advertise their

Menu del Dia on a chalk board outside the

bar or restaurant, whilst others will happily

bring you the normal menu without mentioning

the cheap option, especially if you

are not a local.

During the midday meal or “la comida”, the

Menu del Dia is offered, normally including

a soup, salad, main course with a side

dish and dessert – all for one price. Some

bars and restaurants also offer a Menu del

Noche based on the Menu del Dia, also at

a reasonable price, but to save any confusion,

check the terms and conditions before

you order any ‘Menu’.

The Spanish concept of a meal is not ‘meat

and two veg’. Instead, they split them up

into ‘primer plato’ (first dish) and ‘segundo

plato’ (second dish) and you choose one

from each section. Your first plate will be

predominantly vegetables and your second

plate will be predominantly meat. If you

prefer, you can usually order two ‘primer

platos’ (but not two ‘segundos’). A menu

will usually come with ‘pan’ (bread), ‘ensalada’

(salad), ‘bebida’ (drink), two ‘platos’

and ‘postre’ (dessert), though do check

the menu. Sometimes the tax (IVA) won’t

be included - check if it says ‘IVA incluido’

or ‘IVA NO incluido’.

As a restaurant’s Menu del Dia tends to

change every day, it is unlikely that there

will be anyone on hand to translate it into

English. Some restaurants assume that as

you are not a Spanish speaker, you couldn’t

possibly want the Menu del Dia. If you

aren’t offered a Menu del Dia, ask “¿Hay

menú?” Frequently (and not just in touristy

places) there will be a supplement for sitting

on the ‘terraza’.

Most restaurants will bring a salad and

bread to the table before taking your order

for drink. This is usually included in the

price for the Menu del Dia, but you should

always check if you are not familiar with the

restaurant. In many restaurants, the standard

serving for wine or water is a carafe

- whether there are two of you or you are

dining alone. If you both order wine, it will

probably be a carafe to share. Beer or soft

drinks are also often included in the price.

Appetizers – ‘Entremeses’ or ‘Entrantes’

This is a small dish that may or may not

be ‘finger’ food. It is common to see sausages

such as ‘chorizo’ or ‘morcilla’ (blood

sausage), ‘lomo’ (cured pork loin), ‘jamón’

(ham) or ‘queso’ (cheese) in this section.

There will probably be a selection of both

hot and cold dishes.

First Course – ‘Primer Plato’

The first course is generally a lighter course,

similar to the entremeses above. Soups and

salads or ‘sopas y ensaladas’ also appear

in this section. These can include ‘guiso’

(hot stew-like soup) and ‘gazpacho’ (cold


Second Course – ‘Segundo Plato’

The second course is the main course of the

meal. In this section, you will see all kinds

of dishes, such as ‘cocidos/estofados’ (meat

or stews), ‘asados’ (roast meat), ‘chuletas’

(chops), grilled fish, etc. However, rather

than list Primer Plato and Segundo Plato,

the restaurant may list their dishes by type

of food, such as fish, meat, etc. This section

often contains the signature dishes of the

restaurant, or what the restaurant is known


Fish – ‘Pescados’

Fish will almost always be main dishes

and may be ‘emperador’ (swordfish), ‘calamares’

(squid) or other fish such as salmon.

Since Spain sits between the Atlantic

Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, there

is a big variety of fish and seafood on any

menu. Each region will offer different fish


Meat – ‘Carnes’

As with the fish section, the meat section of

a Spanish menu will contain the meat dishes,

whether they are ‘ternera’ (beef), ‘cordero’

(lamb) or ‘cerdo’ (pork) and they will

be large portions, usually served with chips.

Dessert – ‘Postre’

Dessert may be a simple offering of fresh

fruit and cheese. However, Spanish desserts

include a wide variety of ice creams,

cakes and sorbets, as well as ‘flan’, ‘natillas’

and ‘arroz con leche’. You can usually

choose from either coffee or dessert for

your final course, as sometimes the coffee

isn’t included. Ask, “¿Esta incluido?”

This month we are including bars/restaurants

that offer Menu del Dia to show you

what is on offer in the area.

If you would like your restaurant to feature

in this guide please contact Teresa on

619 199 407

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Page 88

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

RED – Entertainment

ORANGE – Special menus

PURPLE –Market, exhibitions, leisure & meetings

GREEN – Charity & non-profit making events

BLACK – Fiestas & important events

Please refer to the relevant advert or editorial for more details of events

Every Mon

Every Tue

Duplicate Bridge @ La Cumbre Hotel, Pto de Mazarrón 9.30am

Yoga with Mari Carmen @ Bolnuevo 10am

Spanish Conversation @ Jane’s Salon, Bolnuevo 3pm 6€

Fit4Life Weight Group @ Jane’s Salon, Bolnuevo 4pm 5€

Chiropody with Phillip Dawe @ Sensol Golf Villa Sales Building, Camposol C

Bowling League @ Alley Palais, Camposol B

Music Quiz with John @ The Vista Bar, Camposol A 9pm (free nibbles)

Games Night including Roulette and Poker @ Oscar’s, Camposol B

3 Course Menu del Noche @ Restaurant Ratatouille, Pto de Mazarrón 10€

2nd Hand Goods to Buy/Sell/HAH @ Brenda’s Boutique, Los Urrutias10-1pm

Andrea’s Animal Rescue Collection @ Car Park, Camposol B 11.30-1.30pm

Hoy (card) Bingo/HELP MMM @ La Zona Bar, Los Alcázares 2pm 1€/game

B Clean Weekly Working Party @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 9am

Quiz Night @ Restaurant Manchica, La Manchica optional meal 5€

Football Training Session (ages 4-17) @ El Pareton 6-7pm

Harlequin Rock Choir Meeting @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 7.30-9pm

Quiz with Rock and Roll Bingo @ Oscar’s, Camposol B

2 for 1 Lunch Special @ Rest Amapola, Bolnuevo 22€ inc btl wine for 2

2 Course Al Fresco Cooking/Dining @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 7.30pm, 8€ inc btl wine for 2

2 Course Curry Night @ Restaurant Ratatouille, Pto de Mazarrón 8.50€

3 Course Menu del Noche @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarrón, 12€ inc btl wine for 2

MABS Mazarrón Coffee Morning @ MABS Centre, Camposol B 10-1pm

MAMAS Collection/Book Stall @ Camposol B Car Park 10-1pm

Every Wed

Mar Menor Golf Society Competition

Camposol C Gardening Group Clean Up @ Camposol C 9am

Camposol Bridge Club, Duplicate Bridge @ Trevi Bar, Camposol B 9.30am

Gentle Yoga with Mari Carmen @ Bolnuevo 10am

Pool League @ Alley Palais, Camposol B

Beacon of Light Centre @ School House, Cañadas del Romero 7-8.30pm

Pool League @ TJ’s, Camposol B, 8pm

Every Thu

2 Course Pie Night @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarrón, 10€ inc a drink

3 Course Steak/Spare Rib Night @ Restaurant Ratatouille, Pto de Mazarrón 15€

Happy Evening, 2 for 1 @ Rest Amapola, Bolnuevo 35€ for 2 inc btl wine

3 Course Steak Deal @ La Vida Bistro/Bar, El Pareton 25€ for 2 inc wine/cava

Karaoke & Disco with Lisa @ Alley Palais, Camposol B 9pm-late

Karaoke with Byron @ The Vista Bar, Camposol A 9pm

Live Music with Local Artiste @ Oscar’s, Camposol B

HAH 2nd Hand Goods to Buy/Sell @ Brenda’s Boutique, Los Urrutias 10-1pm

Age Concern booking events etc @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10-1pm

MABS MMM Art Workshop @ Café Golf, San Javier, 10-12pm 2€

PALS booking events etc @ Saralara’s, Pto de Mazarrón 1-3.30pm

HAH Book & DVD Club @ La Zona Bar, Los Narejos 2.30-4.30pm

Camposol Market @ Camposol A

Hearing Specialist for Tests/Hearing Aids @ Jane’s Salon, Bolnuevo, Appt Only

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 Page 89 email:

Sacred Hearts Circle of Potential @ Mazarrón Country Club 11-1pm

Bingo @ The Club House, Camposol C 3pm

Fun Quiz/Play Your Cards Right @ The Vista Bar, Camposol A 6pm (food for teams)

Quiz Night @ TJ’s, Camposol B 8.30pm

Rib & Steak Night @ Restaurant Manchica, La Manchica 17.95€ for 2 inc btl of wine

2 Course Curry Night @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarrón, 10€ inc a drink

4 Course Surprise Menu @ Restaurant Ratatouille, Pto de Mazarrón 25€ for 2

Pie Night @ La Vida Bistro/Bar, El Pareton

Party Night @ Oscar’s, Camposol B

Age Concern booking events etc @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10-1pm

PALS for booking events etc @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol B 11am-1.30pm

Andrea’s Animal Rescue Collection @ Mazarrón Country Club 11.30-1pm

Every Fri

Camposol Bridge Club/Duplicate Bridge @ Trevi Bar, Camposol B 9.30am

Friday Art Group @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 9.45-12.30pm

Indoor Market @ The Steak Out, Camposol B 10-2pm

Camposol A Gardening Book Stall @ Car Park Camposol A 10.30-12.30pm

Camposol C Greenfingers Garden Group 10 Pin Bowling @ Totana 4pm

Positive Thinking Workshop @ Mazarrón Pensioners’ Club, Mazarrón 5-6.30pm

Joker Jackpot @ TJ’s, Camposol B 6pm

Fish & Chip Night @ New Royal, Pto de Mazarrón 6.50€

3 Course Fish & Chip Night @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarron 10€

Fish & Chip Night @ Rest Manchica, La Manchica from 5.50€

19€ for 2 large Cod & Chips @ Restaurante Marina, Pto de Mazarrón, inc btl wine

3 Course Surprise Menu @ Restaurant Ratatouille, Pto de Mazarrón 19.50€

Romantic Dinner @ Rest Amapola, Bolnuevo 25€ inc btl wine for 2

Fish/Chips/Fun Quiz @ La Vida Bistro/Bar, El Pareton

Disco and Karaoke with Lisa @ Alley Palais, Camposol B 9pm-late

Live Music @ Kennelly’s, Hacienda del Álamo 9pm

Live Entertainment/Rock n Roll/Tributes @ Oscar’s, Camposol B 9.30pm

Karaoke @ The Steak Out, Camposol B

Disco with Resident DJ’s Jalco & Romeo @ Oscar’s, Camposol B 12-5am

Noah’s ARC Book Sale & bric-a-brac @ Camposol B 9.30-2pm

HAH 2nd Hand Goods to Buy/Sell @ Brenda’s Boutique, Los Urrutias 10-1pm

Age Concern booking events etc @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 11-1pm

Lions Mazarrón booking events etc outside Compusurf, Camposol B 11am

GOmaD Donations @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B/Costa Calida Radio 12.30-2pm

Every Sat

Harlequin Rock Choir Meeting @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 2-4pm

Adult Badminton @ El Pareton 10am-12pm

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Every Sun

Fish & Chip Lunchtime Special @ Restaurant Manchica, La Manchica from 5.50€

19€ for 2 large Cod & Chips @ Restaurante Marina, Pto de Mazarrón inc btl wine

3 Course Steak Night @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarrón, 15€

3 Course Surprise Menu @ Restaurant Ratatouille. Pto de Mazarrón 19.50€

3 Course Steak Night @ Restaurant Manchica, La Manchica, 24.95 for 2 inc btl wine

3 Course Steak Deal @ La Vida Bistro/Bar, El Pareton 25€ for 2 inc wine/cava

Exotic Menu/different wine every course @ Rest Amapola, Bolnuevo 25€

Live Entertainment/Rock n Roll/Tributes @ Oscar’s, Camposol B 9.30pm

Disco with Resident DJ’s Jalco & Romeo @ Oscar’s, Camposol B 12-5am

MABS Murcia MM Book Sale @ The Arches Bar, La Oasis 10-1pm

HELP MMM Clothes Sale @ The Arches, La Oasis 10.30am-1pm

HAH 2nd Hand Goods to Buy/Sell @ Brenda’s Boutique, Los Urrutias 10-1pm

PALS for booking events @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 11am-1.30pm

Car Boot Sale @ Cañadas del Romero Social Centre 8.30am

Car Boot Sale @ Venta Romero, Cuevas de Reyllo. 9-2pm

Page 90

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Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Sunday Roast @ The Vista Bar, Camposol A from 6.50€ inc glass of wine

Sunday Lunch @ Bistro Bulgaria, Condada de Alhama from 6.50€

Sunday Roast @ TJ’s, Camposol B from 7.50€ (inc lunch on a stick at 1€)

Sunday Roast @ Restaurant Manchica, La Manchica from 7.50€

Sunday Lunch @ La Vida Bistro/Bar, El Pareton from 7.50€

2 Course Sunday Roast @ Rest Marina, Pto de Mazarrón 8€ inc glass of wine

Sunday Roast @ New Royal, Pto de Mazarrón 8.50€

Sunday Carvery @ The Club House, Camposol C from 9€

3 Course Sunday Roast @ Alley Palais, Camposol B 9.95€ (5€ under 12’s)

3 Course Sunday Lunch @ Restaurant Ratatouille, Pto de Mazarrón 10€ inc btl wine for 2

3 Course Sunday Lunch @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarrón, 10€ inc btl wine for 2

3 Course Traditional Sunday Lunch @ Liz’s Café, Camposol B 10€ inc a drink

Meat Carvery/Vegetable Buffet @ La Mariposa, Gebas from 10.50€ inc glass wine/beer

3 Course Sunday Roast @ Rest Amapola, Bolnuevo

Sunday Roast @ Kennelly’s, Hacienda del Alamo

3 Course Sunday Roast (night) @ Rest Ratatouille, Pto de Mazarrón 10€ inc btl wine for 2

Karaoke with Byron @ Oscar’s, Camposol B

HELP MMM Car Boot @ Autocine, Los Narejos

Open Day @ Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, Rojales 1-4pm


Wednesday 1

Fiestas del Barrio San José Obrero - Alcantarilla

HELP MMM May Day Carnival @ La Zona Bar, Los Alcázares 5pm

Thursday 2 Trip to Caravaca Wine Horse Festival - Dragontours 19€

Market Morning @ Jane’s Salon, Bolnuevo

‘Robbie Williams’ Show @ Bistro Bulgaria, Condado de Alhama 8.30pm

Friday 3

Santisima y Vera Cruz - Caravaca de la Cruz

Santa Cruz - Abanilla

Los Mayos - Alhama de Murcia

Fiestas de la Santa Cruz en El Estrecho - Fuenta Álamo

Santa Cruz - Ulea

San Isidro - Yecla

Madrid Open Tennis Tournament - ATP World Tour Masters (until 12 th )

Country Music Night feat Interactive @ The Club House, Camposol C 7.30pm, 3€

Grand Opening/live entertainment @ Restaurant Ratatouille, Pto de Mazarrón 8pm

The CAS Band @ The Vista Bar, Camposol A 9pm

MABS Murcia NW Outdoor Market Stall @ Calle Segura, Calasparra 9-1pm

HELP MMM Friendship Group @ Golf Deluxe, Torre Pacheco 11am

Lion Country Music Nightspot @ La Molata, Cañadas de Alhama 8pm

Saturday 4

Sunday 5

ADAPT Open Day (5 th Anniversary) @ Pensionista de Hogar, San Pedro 10am

Darwinian Gardeners/Evolutionists Trip, Cabo de Gato bot gardens/museums 15€

Welcome Meeting @ Mariano’s, Camposol A 2pm

Free Tour of Moratalla from Tourist Office 12-1pm

Cuban Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 7.30pm, 8€ inc btl wine for 2

Harlequin Rock Choir @ The New Royal, Pto de Mazarrón

Pitu @ The Club House, Camposol C

‘Bee Gees’ Show @ Bistro Bulgaria, Condado de Alhama 8.30pm

Artisan Market @ Bullas

Free Tour of Puerto de Mazarrón with Murcia Institute of Tourism 10am

Mazarrón FC Home v Yeclano Deportivo

Supermoto 2 nd round of the Valencian Championships

Rock & Roll Bingo @ Bistro Bulgaria, Condado de Alhama 8.30pm

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Page 91

Monday 6

Art Classes @ Jane’s Salon, Bolnuevo 9-11am

Jerez Horse Fair (until 12th)

PALS Monthly Meeting @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 11.15am

MABS Murcia NE Hog Roast @ Castle Bar, Fortuna from 1pm

MABS Mar Menor Cut ‘a’ Thon @ Hairy Clayre’s Salon, Los Belones 10am-4pm

Tuesday 7

Wednesday 8

HAH Volunteer Meeting @ Bacchus Restaurant, Los Narejos 11.30am, Lunch Opt.

MABS Murcia NE Auction @ Bob’s Bar, Fortuna 2pm

World Red Cross Day

General Meeting of SAMM @ CAR Infanta Cristina, Los Narejos 11am

Jukebox Legends @ The Club House, Camposol C

Rock & Gospel Evening/Wellspring Victory Church @ Mazarrón Country Club 8.30pm

MABS Murcia MM Volunteer Meeting @ Centro Civico, Roda Village, 11.15am

MABS Murcia NE Fortuna Ladies Lunch Club @ Las Palmeras, Baños de Fortuna 1pm

MABS Murcia NW Volunteer Meeting @ Hotel Argos 5pm

Thursday 9

Europe Day

Ladies Chatterbox Group Cultural Trip Guided Walk around Alhama & lunch

Friday 10

Indoor Market with fashion/bling/DVD’s etc @ Alley Palais, Camposol B

Mountain Bike Day @ La Mariposa, Gebas 35€ inc lunch/insurance/bikes etc

Paella Weekend @ La Cata, Condado de Alhama 22€ per couple

Steve Fisher as Rod Stewart @ La Mariposa, Gebas

MABS Mazarrón Book Sale @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 9-1pm

Saturday 11

Free Tour of Mazarrón with Murcia Institute of Tourism 10am

Free Tour of Moratalla from Tourist Office 12-1pm

Rocky Horror Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 7.30pm, 8€ inc btl wine for 2

Paella Weekend @ La Cata, Condado de Alhama 22€ per couple

Steve Fisher as Rod Stewart @ The Vista Bar, Camposol A, 5€ inc basket meal

GNT @ The Club House, Camposol C

Michelle @ The New Royal, Pto de Mazarrón

‘Phil Collins’ Show @ Bistro Bulgaria, Condado de Alhama 8.30pm

Sunday 12

Artisan Market @ Mula

Mazarrón FC Away v CD Cieza

Walk in Moratalla – El Alero de Zacata-La Torre from Town Hall

Car Boot Sale @ Old Railway Station, Cehegin 9am-2pm

Paella Weekend @ La Cata, Condado de Alhama 22€ per couple

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Monday 13

Tuesday 14

Wednesday 15

MABS Mazarrón Jigsaw Bereavement Group Lunch @ Cat’s Bar, Camposol A 2pm

Art Classes @ Jane’s Salon, Bolnuevo, 9-11am

Ladies Chatterbox Group Sew and Sew @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 2.30-4.30pm

Guided Walk followed by 4 course lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas 12€

Camposol C Greenfingers’ Meeting @ The Club House, Camposol C 5pm

Open Door Chill ‘n’ Grill @ Los Almagros from 6pm. Bring your own food to cook

Help MMM Charity Market @ La Zona Bar, Los Alcazáres 11.30am

HAH Table Top Sale @ La Zona Bar, Los Alcácares 10-2pm

HELP MMM Quiz with a Difference @ El Carmoli Restaurant 7pm 11€ incl chicken & chips

San Isidro – Fortuna, Cehegin and Mula

Page 92

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

HAH Chatters @ Bacchus Restaurant, Oasis, Los Narejos 11.30am, Lunch Opt.

Thursday 16

Open Door Concert with Marty Ross @ Los Almagros 7pm, 5€ (5€ for food)

HELP MMM Lunch @ Diamantes, El Mojon 1.30pm, 10.50€

Friday 17

RC Sailing Club Meeting & Race Day @ 2pm (racing 3pm)

Fiesta in Cehegin with bull running, acrobats & craft fair 17 th -19 th

Italian Weekend @ La Cata, Condado de Alhama 22€ per couple

MABS Mazarrón Book Sale @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 9-1pm

MABS Murcia NW Outdoor Market Stall @ Calle Segura, Calasparra 9-1pm

Lion Country CM Nightspot @ La Molata, Cañadas de Alhama, 8pm

Saturday 18

Free Tour of Moratalla from Tourist Office 12-1pm

Cuban Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 7.30pm, 8€ inc btl wine for 2

Italian Weekend @ La Cata, Condado de Alhama 22€ per couple

Suzy G @ The New Royal, Pto de Mazarrón

Woody @ The Club House, Camposol C

The Beagles @ La Mariposa, Gebas

‘Shanni Ormiston’ Show @ Bistro Bulgaria, Condado de Alhama 8.30pm

Sunday 19

Artisan Market @ Caravaca

Free Tour of Puerto de Mazarrón with Murcia Institute of Tourism 10am

Mazarrón FC Home v CAP Ciudad de Murcia

Raquel Peña Dance @ Municipal Theatre, Torrevieja 5.30pm, 10€ & 15€

Cloud 9 Drama Productions @ The Patio Bar, Pliego 8pm, 3€

Italian Weekend @ La Cata, Condado de Alhama 22€ per couple

Rock & Roll Bingo @ Bistro Bulgaria, Condado de Alhama 8.30pm

Tuesday 21 ADAPT Theatre Group @ the Casa Cultura, San Pedro (until 23 rd )

Walk in Moratalla – Casicas del Portal-Calar de Sevilla from Town Hall

3 Course Thai Night @ La Vida Bistro/Bar, El Pareton 25€ for 2

Help MMM General Meeting @ Las Claras, Los Narejos 11.30am

Wednesday 22 Trip to Benidorm Market & Beach - Dragontours 19€

Welcome Dance @ Mariano’s, Camposol A 10€ (5€ food)

Dementia Carer Session @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 2-4pm

Thursday 23 7 Course Menu/Wine Tasting Evening @ La Cata, Condado de Alhama 7pm, 20€

Auction – Age Concern @ Mariano’s, Camposol A

Friday 24

Commonwealth Day

Saturday 25

NEST Walk with optional meal, Meet El Berro Car Park, Sierra Espuña 10.30am 5€

Italian Weekend @ La Cata, Condado de Alhama 22€ per couple

Grand Charity Ball @ The Club House, Camposol C, hot & cold buffet/music/dancing 8pm

Corpus Christi y Virgen de la Salud - Archena

Nature Walk, Cehegín

Free Tour of Mazarrón with Murcia Institute of Tourism 10am

Free Tour of Moratalla from Tourist Office 12-1pm

Cloud 9 Drama Productions @ La Molata Social Centre, Los Muñoces 8pm, 5€

Rocky Horror Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 7.30pm, 8€ inc btl wine for 2

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Page 93

Italian Weekend @ La Cata, Condado de Alhama 22€ per couple

Music from GNT & Curry Nite @ TJ’s, Camposol B, Free Entry (Opt Curry at 5€)

Barrington @ La Mariposa, Gebas

Dee @ The Club House, Camposol C

CAS Band @ The New Royal, Pto de Mazarrón

Party Night with Eddie B @ The Steak Out, Camposol B

‘Adele’ Show @ Bistro Bulgaria, Condado de Alhama 8.30pm

MABS Mazarrón Spring Fayre @ MABS Centre, Camposol B 11-3pm

MABS MMM 4th Annual Village Fayre @ Rio Nalon, Los Alcazares, 11-2.30pm

APAH Charity Day @ Iceland Store, San Javier

Help for Heroes Night @ Alley Palais, Camposol B

FAST Spring Ball @ Rest Amapola, Bolnuevo, 4 course meal/wine/dancing to Wildcat 25€

Sunday 26

Artisan Market @ Plaza del Castillo, Cehegin 10am

Cloud 9 Drama Productions @ La Molata Social Centre, Los Muñoces 8pm, 5€

Mazarrón FC Away v CF Molina

Sevillana’s Social Meeting @ Asturias Restaurant

Italian Weekend @ La Cata, Condado de Alhama 22€ per couple

Monday 27

Tuesday 28

Art Classes @ Jane’s Salon, Bolnuevo, 9-11am

Guided Walk followed by 4 course lunch @ La Mariposa Gebas 12€

Welcome Book Swap @ ICA Medical Centre, Camposol B 10-12pm

Sacred Hearts Creative Expression Workshop @ Mazarrón Country Club

Camposol B Clean Meeting @ Trevi Bar, Camposol B 4pm

Beacon of Light @ Condado de Alhama 7.45pm, 5€

PALS Visit to Sierra Espuña/Market/Alhama 25€ inc lunch at La Perdiz

MABS Mazarrón Volunteers’ Meeting @ Trevi Bar, Camposol B 11.30am

Wednesday 29

Welcome Annual Petanca Competition @ Mariano’s, Camposol A 1pm

MABS Murcia NE Volunteers’ Meeting @ La Carcelera, Fortuna 11.30am

Friday 31

Indoor Market/fashion/bling/DVD’s etc @ Alley Palais, Camposol B

Easy Horse Care Rescue 900km walk by Len Allen along ‘The Way’

Game & Fishing Fair @ IFEPA, Torre Pacheco until 2 nd June

Nigel Burchill as Elvis @ La Mariposa, Gebas

GO maD Table Top Sale @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 10–2pm

MABS Murcia NW Book Sale Outside Trevol Bar, Calasparra 11-2pm

MABS Mazarrón Jigsaw Bereavement Group @ Cat’s Bar, Camposol A 12pm


Saturday 1

Fiestas Trinitario-Berberiscas - Torre Pacheco

ADAPT Meeting @ Pensionista de Hogar, San Pedro 10.30am

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Sunday 2

Monday 3

Tuesday 4

Age Concern Summer Fair @ Lagarto Verde, Pto de Mazarrón 11.30-3.30pm

Artisan Market @ Bullas

Free Tour of Puerto de Mazarrón with Murcia Institute of Tourism 10am

Mazarrón FC Home v Beniajan CF

PALS Monthly Meeting @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 11.15am

HAH Volunteer Meeting @ Bacchus Restaurant, The Oasis, Los Narejos 11.30am

MABS Murcia NE Auction @ Bob’s Bar, Fortuna 2pm

Wednesday 5 PALS Trip to Benidorm 15€

Age Concern Talking Shop Social @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 1.30-3.30pm

Thursday 6 Trip to Tabarca Island - Dragontours 32€

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Photos copyright: Eileen Jenkins

Tabarca – The Pirate’s Island

The island has two distinct parts, the division

marked by the narrow middle with the

port on one side and a sandy beach on the

other. The majority of the buildings are on

the south part of the island, whereas the

north is mostly barren. The lighthouse, inaugurated

in 1854, was at one time used

as a prison but is now closed to the public.

The island, and the small outlying islets, La

Cantera, La Galera and La Nao, have been

a Mediterranean Marine Reserve since

1986, for the flora and fauna which abound

in the crystal clear waters.

On 6 th June, Dragontours will have a boat

trip to the island of Tabarca. After our early

start, we expect to arrive in time for the

11:30am sailing out to the island. The boat

trip should take approximately 30 minutes.

Our return will be on the 6:15pm boat, so

a full day of enjoyment awaits you.

For the less ambitious, there are plenty of

bars and restaurants available, for tapas

or a full Spanish meal. You might want to

try the “caldero tabarqueño”, a typical fishrice

dish the island is famous for. There

are sun beds and umbrellas for rent for a

long siesta on the beach, or during your

explorations, you might want to purchase

a souvenir or two from one of the shops.

A stroll through the little village or around

the island can also be very pleasant.

The whole island has been declared an

artistic-cultural heritage site, since 1964.

During our journey, Eileen will be commenting

on the historical background of

this interesting island. The boat will make

a brief stop shortly before arriving so passengers

can enjoy viewing the fish and

plants through the glass bottom. Access

to the small islets is strictly controlled,

but snorkelling is acceptable and the water

is exceptionally clean and transparent.

There is a small windward beach, and

rocky coves on the leeward side of the island

where snorkelling can be fascinating.

Price only 32€, including the return boat

trip and coach from the Mazarrón area.

Book now with Dragontours on 968 199

021 or email

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There are two sets of results to be reported

on this month:

“Privé Erasmo” won by 4 goals to 3 to

“Calzados Luna”. The same result occurred

in the showdown against “Ginés y Ana” and

the “Citronor” team.

Another result was the victory of “Agrimur

S.A.” against “Ángela S.L.” by 5 goals to 2.

The other two matches that should have

been played have been deferred. The first

of them was the team “Domi Dos” against

“Fontanería Carlos”, while in the other

match was “Aceromaza” against “Automaza


Alex Javier from

the “Fontanería

Carlos” team is

the current “top


10 teams

played at the

Pavilion of

sports “La

Cañadica”. The

first result was

the victory of the “Domi Dos” against “Prive

Erasmo” by 6 goals to 2. “Calzados Luna”

beat “Ángela S.L.” 4-6 and “Fontanería Carlos”

won by 6 goals to 2 to “Citronor”. “Automaza

S.A.” was upset by a 6-0 defeat by

“Agrimur S.A.”. The last game “Gines and

Ana” against “Aceromaza” was postponed.

The league stands as:


1 AUTOMAZA S.A. 6 2 2 0 0 12 2 +10

2 FONTANERIA CARLOS 6 2 2 0 0 12 5 +7

3 CALZADOS LUNA 6 3 2 0 1 12 9 +3

4 GINES Y ANA 6 2 2 0 0 8 5 +3

5 DOMI DOS 3 2 1 0 1 8 6 +2

6 ACEROMAZA 3 1 1 0 0 5 3 +2

7 AGRIMUR S.A. 3 3 1 0 2 6 11 -5

8 PRIVE ERASMO 3 3 1 0 2 9 15 -6

9 ANGELA S.L. 0 3 0 0 3 9 16 -7

10 CITRONOR 0 3 0 0 3 7 16 - 9

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The Radio Controlled Mar Menor Sailing

Group has just started its Spring/

Summer monthly race series. Racing commenced

on Friday the 19 th April, running 6

races starting at 11am. The wind was light

and from the North East and the First Race

started with a wind speed around 6 knots,

progressively rising to 9 knots over the

next five races.

The Race Officer for the day was David

Atherton, assisted by Tony Jones who both

acted as O.D. and Monitors, calling out

penalty turns for rule infringements. All

races are run to RYA rules.

The course was a sausage and triangle

which consisted of one lap of a windward

loo-erd course followed by a triangle. All

starts but one were

to windward. The

fourth race was a

wild card with a

downwind start just

to keep helms on

their toes. One boat

retired with a broken

forestay and 9 boats

in total took part.

First place went to

a visitor Guillermo

Martinez. Guillermo

is a local builder of

full size yachts and

in his spare time enjoys

racing radio controlled I.O.M. yachts

(I.O.M. stands for International One Metre).

The results for the first five places as follows:

Place Sail Number Points


1st 46 14

Guillermo Martinez

2nd 50 15

David Lees

3rd joint 114 25

Ernie Foster

3rd ¨ 45 25

Nigel Lane

4th 56 27

Stuart Lockwood

Next monthly Series Race Day will be

Friday 17 th May meeting at 14.00 hours

racing starting at the new time of 15.00

hours. We also hope to be joined by Carlos

Martinez. Carlos is a J80 world champion.

When Carlos is not racing 8 metre yachts

and representing Spain in world heats, he

gets in some practise with his I.O.M, so if

any readers have an R.C. Racing Yacht and

would like to come along and join you will

be made very welcome.

Thank you to all the other competitors for

making it a very close run race. Please remember

that practise racing will also be

held on all other Fridays starting in May at

the same time as above.

For further information please contact

David tel 968 170 870 or email

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Anyone for Badminton?


For Adults


Senior Totana


in El Pareton

on Saturday




you’re looking

to become a member of a club or would prefer

to play with your own group, our friendly club

offers court time for all levels, from beginners

to intermediate. We can also accommodate

County Standard players in our Totana club.

Why Play Badminton?

Badminton will improve your all-round fitness

and flexibility, it aids weight loss and combats

weight gain and of course Badminton is fun

to play.

Badminton For Kids

Badminton Junior Totana plays twice a

week; Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Totana

Sports Centre, (next to the railway station).

The classes are fun and energetic and

are open to girls and boys, with ages ranging

from 9 years. Member’s fees are €10 per

month, with a special offer, of any second

brother or sister playing for free.

Why play Badminton?

Badminton requires running, jumping, fastpaced

movement and flexibility. Once the

basics are learnt, beginners quickly find their

skill levels improving.

Call Martin on 699 044 742

Badminton Totana is a patron of the volunteer

cancer support group MABS, one of

the leading charities

in Spain dedicated

to the support of all

who are affected by

cancer, whether patients,

family, friends

or carers. MABS

provides support irrespective

of nationality,

age, economic

circumstances or

medical history.

On 19 March, Club Mazarrón Fútbol Base

fulfilled a dream of playing several football

matches against Real Madrid C.F. “Without a

doubt, it will be a dream that they will never

forget. More than 150 people enjoyed this

magnificent experience, in which there were

also magic moments seeing the stars of football

like Zinedine Zidane, Fernando Morientes

and Emilio Butragueño.”

The journey began early on the Tuesday, arriving

in Madrid before having a tour of the

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, where los Benjamín

y Alevín and los Alevines teams felt for

the first time what it would be like to be in the

dressing room of their idols, exit through the

tunnel from the locker room to the field and

sit on the bench and enjoy the Real Madrid


A few hours later, after enjoying a pleasant

meal and time free, the Mazarronero expedition

left for Valdebebas, where a great reception

awaited them. Best of all was seeing

Zinedine Zidane in the cafeteria, where

they could be photographed next to him.

Later, the President of Real Madrid, Florentino

Perez, and the legendary soccer player Emilio

Butragueño, approached them and greeted

all those present, immortalising this unique

moment. They also met another great footballer,

Fernando Morientes.

Most importantly, what made this trip special,

was forged in the locker rooms. The illusion

of children entering the field of play,

with instructions from their coaches was a

dream come true for them. The behaviour

of both clubs was exemplary and after a day

packed with events and strong emotions, the

Mazarronero clubs headed home, leaving behind

that wonderful dream which will provide

them with so many warm memories that will

remain as one of the best experiences of their


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A Better Way To Spend Your Winter Fuel


How many times have you looked out to sea

and admired the beautiful view, with the blue

sky blending seamlessly into the blue sea;

a sailing yacht gracefully pushing its way

through the rolling waves? How often have

you imagined how great it would be to venture

out for a sail especially on a hot day when

the sea looks so cool, clear and inviting, only

to be brought down to earth because everyone

knows sailing is a financial black hole of

astronomic proportions?

The Sailing Association Mar Menor

(SAMM) Catamaran Group is just one of

seven SAMM boat groups. The proud owners

of Hamoor, a Stryder 23ft cruising catamaran,

formed the boat share group in 2008 with the

intention of enjoying the near perfect sailing

waters of the Mar Menor, and maybe venture

a little further afield.

Following the wintery conditions at Altorreal

last month, March 28 th saw Fuente Old

Guard make a return trip to La Peraleja at

Sucina with the promise of a warm dry day.

The better weather seemed to suit Phil Carter,

recently back from injury, who came in as

The then Commodore of SAMM, John Curtis,

generously decided to let this new group have

Hamoor on permanent loan to help them get

under way. Hamoor was an ideal day boat just

needing a bit of TLC. With the boat getting the

all-clear, the group divided into various levels

of sailing experience. The qualified skippers

formed the back-bone of the group and along

with those who could sail, they worked together

as skipper and first mate. They then

arranged sailing days and aced as crew and

took out any group members wanting to sail.

Sailing days take many forms; some days are

dedicated to improving sailing skills, learning


boat handling


picking up

and casting

off a mooring,


alongside a

jetty; even

man overboard


is practised.

Those wanting

to take

the helm

were encouraged

to do

so, to master

all aspects of


For those

looking to match their skills against others,

there is always the SAMM Spring and Autumn

handicap race series. There are also

days when the boat ventures a little further

away. Mini-cruises are usually a day trip into

the Mediterranean for a cruise along the cost

to Cartagena or maybe Torrevieja, sometimes

taking in an overnight stop. The group is very

friendly and sociable, having monthly lunches

out. New members are welcome whether you

have any sailing ability or not. New skippers

who hold an ICC or have sailing ability to a

minimum of Day Skipper are needed.

For further information contact:

Mike Harding on 968 532 315

Derek English on 965 32 613

We say farewell to Semana Santa and hello

to the new racing season. The Catamaran

Group has been training up new skippers in

order to offer more trips and some race training.

The three Balaton boats have been out

of the water, cleaned and anti-fouled. They

have their members standing by, rule book in

one hand, stopwatch in the other. The Radio

Controlled group continue to indulge in their

own racing off the pantalan at CAR.

Overall Winner and Winner of Division

Two with 32 points. In 2 nd Place Overall and

2 nd in Division Two was Dave Simpson with

29 points, which was decided on count-back

with Paul Western coming third.

The 1 st Division Winner was Danny Lewis

who seems to be on a good run of form with

28 points and Bob Daffon was able to claim

2 nd Place in Division One with 20 points.

Paul Western, with his point’s score of 29, was

able to take 1 st Place in Division Three with

our new member Les Day coming in 2 nd with

28 points.

The Nearest the Pin Prizes were won by

our guest Karl Killian, who also had the highest

score of 34 points to take the Guest Winner’s


The Two’s Money was shared by Phil Carter

and Karl and Zac Killian. Finally we should

A group from the Mojacar Sailing Club enjoyed

a few days in a local hotel, bringing six

Hobie Cats to indulge their sailing passion on

the Mar Menor. The high winds of their first

day saw several capsizes, but day two was

more enjoyable with both the morning and afternoon

sailing being less of a ‘fight’ and more

of a jolly, managing to get round the islands.

The Handicap

Racing season


on Sunday 7 th

April, with 18


in 7 boats,

all anxious to

show a clean

pair of heels.

With a windstrength

of 5-8 in a

north westerly


to blow

away those

winter blues

and lubricate

those muscles, the racing got underway. It

was not long before the CAT, normally up with

the leaders, was having some difficulty and in

danger of drifting on to the reef as the wind

shifted around. Although a mishap was avoided

the boat finished in last place. In spite of

crossing the line first, the Laser 2000 helmed

by Tug Wilson and crewed by John Down,

had to settle for 2 nd on corrected time. 1 st

went to Connie, helmed by Vernon O’Byrne

and crewed by Bob Miles and Carole Sibson. A

worthy 3 rd went to the Martin helmed by Tony

Jones with Barry Young crewing.

A break for lunch observed a wind speed exceeding

16 and promising more. A decision

was taken to abandon a 2 nd race much to the

disappointment of the Weta crew who went

out to enjoy an unbridled ride on the crest

of a wave.

New members are always welcome, check

the website

or email

mention Ian Murphy, who for the first time,

was awarded the Plonker Trophy with just

12 points.

If anyone wishes to join FOGGS or just play

as a guest, please contact Dave on 868 082


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Big Changes at Camposol Golf

Colin, his wife Kate, their daughter and sonin-law

Stuart, owners of Alley Palais have now

taken over Camposol Golf Club and Course.

The new name for the course is Camposol

Club de Golf and they have big plans of how

they are going to improve the course over

the next two years and already we are seeing

significant progress. They outlined their

plans for the future of the course at the Camposol

Golf Association AGM held on Tuesday

26 th March, all of which sounded positive.

The new Committee voted in at that meeting

are: Captain, Trevor Andrew; Vice Captain

and Secretary, David Oakes; Handicap

Secretary, Peter Stevenson; Competitions

Secretary, Peter Coulstock; Treasurer, Barry

Baker; Social Secretary, Eugene Toye; New

Lady Captain, Marilyn Jones and the President

remains the same as last year, Stewart


Captain’s Farewell & Presentation Evening

We had a fantastic Dinner Dance at the Costas

Costa Hotel on 2 nd March where all the

Knockout Competition Winners were presented

with their trophies. The meal was

fabulous and the wine and beer flowed all

night with dancing to Sunflower Valley and

the dance floor was never empty. We had a

Charity Auction for a year’s membership at

Camposol Club de Golf that was very generously

donated by Colin and Stuart. There

was also a raffle and quite a considerable

sum will be going to the Captain’s nominated

charities FAST, MABS and the Spanish Red

Cross - Cruz Roja.

Knock Out



Malcolm Lee

– Men’s Singles


Eugene Toye

& Clive Porter

– Men’s Doubles


Sue Brew –

Ladies’ Singles


Evelyn Fealy

& Mary Armitage – Ladies’ Doubles Winners;

Liz & Mike Paul – Mixed Doubles’ Winners.

Captains’ Drive In

The two new Captains had their Drive in

Competition on Wednesday 3 rd April and

there was coffee & brandy for everyone before

they drove off. The Captains drove off

the tee for the first time as the Men’s and

Ladies’ Captains and bets had been taken as

to how far they could drive the ball individually.

The rest of the members followed them

with a mixed competition. There was a meal

in the Club House afterwards subsidised by

Association funds and very tasty it was too.

Camposol Cup, Spanish v British

This event took place last November and was

unfortunately rained off and postponed until

27 th April. It is a four ball match play competition.

This is an event we all look forward to

as we enjoy our golf clashes with the Spanish

and the camaraderie it evokes.

Summer Ball

12 th July @ the Pinito de Oro. They always

look after us really well with excellent food,

free flowing wine and fantastic views. What

else could you ask for?

The Camposol Championship

This prestigious 2 day event to find the best

golf player in the Golf Club is to be held on

26 th & 27 th June. We are hoping the weather

will not be too hot as we are all getting

older and the heat, plus the steep climb up

the 18th hole, barely leaves you with enough

puff left to climb the steps to the all important

19th hole!

The Costa Cálida Ladies’ League

The last match of this Season was held on

5 th April with Camposol against Hacienda at

Hacienda, where the Camposol Ladies were

delighted to come off the winners with 22

points to 16, which away from home was a

good win, but the overall run-away winners

this season are Peraleja with 142 points.

Second is La Manga with 125 points; third

Camposol with 110 points and finally Hacienda

with 90. We have a final Friendly Competition

where all the teams are mixed in together

followed by a meal hosted by the Winning

Team, probably at the end of May which

we are all looking forward to. We all enjoy

our Ladies League encounters in a competitive,

but friendly spirit. This coming new

season which will start in September we are

hoping to get 2 more teams to join in with us

as this would make the League even more

challenging. If you are group of Lady Golfers

who would like to be part of our group

you are very welcome to join us. We play at

reciprocal golf courses at reduced green fees.

To participate in the League you only need a

group of 6 ladies. If you are interested, or

would like more information, please contact

Betty Roberts at email bettylloyd1560@

Betty Roberts

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Victory in

Villena for



Sunday 14 th

April saw

Spain’s best


racers descend


the Chicharra


racing circuit

at Villena in

Alicante for

round two of

the Spanish



It was Britain’s

Mat Ford-Dunn from Bullas in Murcia

who put on a superb display of riding in both

of the SM Master 35 Races to clinch the

overall victory. With a large crowd watching

the day’s racing, Mat qualified his Supermotoland

SML 450 race bike on the front row

of the grid for the first of his two races. With

a good start and a strong pace, Mat was in a

comfortable 2 nd position before a small crash

in the dirt section allowed the 3 rd placed rider

to catch him, but once underway again, Mat

opened a gap and held it to the line to take

2 nd position.

The Supermotoland Race Team briefed

Mat on the grid for the 2 nd of his two races and

he knew exactly who he had to beat to gain

the overall win. Mat’s start was not so good

this time and he was locked in a 4-rider battle

for the lead throughout the whole race and

despite many overtaking attempts he was unable

to pass the two riders in front without

risking a crash, and finished a close third. Mat

knew that was enough for the overall victory

and made sure that he didn’t make any mistakes

that might cost him the win.

Once the chequered flag dropped, Mat was

confirmed as the overall winner and took to

the top step of the podium for the first time

this year. Mat’s sponsors, Advance Moves

International Removals and Stratton Motorsports

were delighted with the result and

the many expat race fans that turned up to

watch a great day’s racing.

Mat is next in action at Oliva in Denia on the

5 th May for the 2 nd round of the Valencian

Championships. Further details, race reports

and videos can be found at the team’s website

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Fix Your Swing Mid-Round by David Gay

PGA Professional

How many times have you been in the middle

of a solid round of golf when suddenly

you lose your swing - no matter what you

try, nothing seems to help? It’s such a frustrating

experience; you just don’t know what

to do. The following tips feature some midround

fixes that can help you stop the bleeding,

build your confidence and get your game

back on track.

Mid-Round Golf Tip: Back to basics

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the bad shots start

to ruin your round. Do what the tour pros do;

start by checking your grip, alignment and

ball position. These are the areas they attend

to, not only on the practice tee, but during

their rounds. The next time you watch them

on TV, notice how meticulously they set-up to

the ball before every shot. They understand

bad shots start with bad basics, and they also

understand this is an easy fix that does not

require “working on your swing,” which you

should never do during the round.

Mid-Round Golf Tip: Get in rhythm

No matter how good a player you are, it’s

common to temporarily lose your rhythm during

a round of golf. First, try and relax (not

always easy to do when the bad shots start

flying off your club face). Next, take a couple

of extra practice swings holding two or three

clubs, as you would do prior to warming up

before your round. Another idea is to sing to

yourself during your practice swings which

will improve your tempo. Again, notice how

many times tour pros take a few extra practice

swings before an important shot - it’s because

they’re working on their rhythm.

Mid-Round Golf Tip: Close your eyes

If you find yourself losing your swing, try taking

practice swings with your eyes closed. I

have on occasion had students hit balls with

their eyes closed, in order to eliminate hitting

at the ball instead of swinging the club. When

bad shots pop up during the round, it’s common

for golfers to overly fixate on the ball

and thus lose their swing. Swinging with the

eyes closed helps you release the club head

through the impact zone.

Mid-Round Golf Tip: When putting, look at

the hole

A couple of weeks ago a PGA Tour Pro missed

so many short putts on his Saturday round

that on Sunday he started to look at the hole

when he putted, instead of looking at the ball.

This is an excellent “fix” if you find yourself

missing short putts. By looking at the hole,

you free-up your mind and naturally release

the putter head through the contact zone. As

a result he putted much better on Sunday -

too bad he didn’t use this fix during Saturday’s


For more information on lessons, club repairs

and discounted green fees you can contact

David on 670 083 939 or email david@

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Mazarrón FC’s rollercoaster season has continued

in the usual manner. After a run of four

games in which only one point was achieved,

a 4-0 home victory over E.M. Fuente Alamo

and a creditable 1-1 away draw at C.D. Alberca

after the Easter break, gave renewed

hope that a top half of the table finish to the

season could be achieved.

The return of midfield dynamo, Poyato,

brought back some much needed steel into

that area and allowed Baeza, Alfonso and

Barrachina more freedom to move forward

into attacking positions. Two other new signings,

Chicho and Clemente have boosted the

defence and Jose Da and Diego junior have

returned to training with the Club following

the end of their seasons at Los Alcazares and

Elche respectively.

played and advertised in the local media, on

our website www.losamigosdemazarron.

es and on posters at various points throughout

Camposol and Mazarrón. The remaining

League fixtures are in the What’s On section

of this month’s Chronicle.

On Saturday 8 th June there is an exciting finale

to the season when Holbrook Sports FC of the

English East Midlands Counties League will be

playing a friendly game against Mazarrón FC

at the Estadio Municipal; kick off 5pm. Holbrook

are staying in Mazarrón for their end of

season trip and their players and officials will

also be attending the Mazarrón FC End of

Season Player of the Year Dinner organised

by Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC. This

year’s event is to be held at Mariano’s Bar &

Restaurant, Camposol, on Saturday 8 th June

at 8pm, following the game. In addition to

the usual Player of the Year, Young Player of

the Year and Players’ Player of the Year Trophies,

there will also be presentations to both

teams who took part in the game, Mazarrón

FC and Holbrook Sports. There will be chicken

and chips and music and dancing with

Backwater. Tickets are just 10€. In addition

a coach will be picking up and dropping off

at various points on Camposol and Mazarrón

Country Club at a cost of 5€. Please call at

the Trevi Bar any Thursday before our weekly

meeting 3.30-4pm for your tickets.

Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC supported the

FAST Easter Fayre at Mariano’s recently

when our extensive range of merchandise

was on display. It is always useful to maintain

a presence at these events and to be able to

answer any questions about Los Amigos and

Mazarrón FC. If you would like to purchase

any merchandise, the Trevi Bar maintains a

stock. If they don’t have the correct size,

they will always take your orders. Otherwise

come and see us at our weekly meetings at

the Trevi Bar every Thursday 4pm.

A number of Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC

members joined three coach loads of players

and parents of two of the Mazarrón FC

schoolboy teams who travelled to Madrid in

March to play against the mighty Real Madrid.

Mazarrón FC’s home games are normally

played on Sundays with varying kick off times.

Admission is just €4 with juveniles free. Los

Amigos de Mazarrón FC will be organising a

supporters coach to the last two away games

in May at Cieza and Molina leaving from the

car park opposite Consum, Camposol B. The

coach fare is just €7.

Full details of all games, both home and

away, are announced on the Tuesday before

the weekend on which the game is to be

If you are interested in football, why not join

us at our weekly meetings at the Trevi Bar

and at the various social events we organise

throughout the year? You can find out all the

latest information about your local football

team and others in the area and enjoy a drink

amongst friends in pleasant surroundings.

See you on Thursday at 4 pm!!!

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

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Sony wide angle lens VCL-0637H 37mm

thread 25€

New Duracell DR5 Video camera battery


Fotima video/camera case 10€

Tel 635 885 062 Camposol

One lady’s and one gent’s mountain bikes.

Never ridden! 15 gears. 40€ each

Folding pet transport cage with base for medium

dog! VGC 30€

Tel 608 942 917 Camposol

Tel Barry 868 046 390


2 baby female goats. Really cute. Born 7 th Feb.

Ready to go.

Tel 646 005 017

Chocolate lab boy looking for girlfriend

Good Pedigree. Can home the puppies.

Tel 605 778 621


Comanche Petit 2-berth trailer tent. Good all

round condition. 499€

Tel 676 915 760 Totana

Dog transporting kennel 40(L) x 22(w) x 30(H)


Tel 634 063 889


Yamaha electronic keyboard as new with stand


Tel 968 199 487 Camposol

Large Tunnel style tent, 2 beds,

sleeps 5, £295 new, accept 80€

Full length free standing ornate metal mirror,

cost £200 exc cond accept 75€

Tel 634 314 494 Totana

Strong family outdoor full size table tennis

table with Playback. Includes nets/bats/balls

€150€ Buyer to collect.

Tel 968 154 083 Puerto de Mazarron

2 dark red IKEA lean back chairs/old and

strong 20€ pair

Old large mirror 80cmx130cm 30€

Gas (gas bottle) heater 50€

Tel 696 641 833/968 130 200 Fuente Alamo

20 kilo sack (approx) of horse manure for 2€

META Riding Centre, La Costera de Alhama.

Tel 636 172 198 or

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Brand new white roller blind 48cm w x 85 cm

h. New €165 accept €75

Arm chair recovered professionally in brown

high quality fabric €50

Tel 649 207 376 Mazarrón


VHS video machine in full working order





CLES AND BOATS) Maximum 20 words and

3 classified ads per customer.

April 2013 Quiz Answers

1. What happened last month?

Clocks sprung forward

2. What day did World Poetry Day

fall on?

March 21st

3. What’s the name of the choir that


The Harlequins

4. What is now located next to

Caixa Bank, Camposol Sector B?

Creature Comforts

5. Who is Silvente?

Solicitors and Accountants

6. Who is the author who carried

out their own revue?

Mary Wood

7. What was found in Lorca following

the Gota Fria of 28 th September

last year?

Roman Milario

8. What was the herb of the month?


9. Who offers fitness with a smile?

Dance Zone

10. Who is offering French “Ooh La

La” Nights in April?

Tropic Ana’s

Page 102

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Well, summer is nearly here. Let’s hope that

April saw the last of the rain for a while. My

husband read last month’s article and said

“it was boring” so, I must do better J……

PLUS VALIA–in simple terms, Plus Valia is

a tax the seller pays on the perceived increase

in the land from the time the property

was purchased to the time it is sold.

I was staggered a week or so ago when a

vendor showed me the Plus Valia due on

the apartment they were selling. They had

owned this apartment for 30 years and are

selling it very cheaply (reference 687). The

Plus Valia they have to pay is 6,600€!!! This

is the quotation the vendor has been given

by the Town Hall, so if you are selling your

property and you have owned it for a number

of years, it might be worth asking your

legal representative to see what your commitment

would be when you sell.


GAGE?? –if you are struggling to pay the

mortgage or have stopped paying altogether

whilst you are trying to sell your property,

speak to your agent, they should be able to

advise you on what amount you would need

to clear your debt. Be honest with them and

they will be able to advise on a realistic price

to sell your property. Keep the price low to

sell it, even if it means losing money. Better

to sell and walk away debt-free than go

through the ordeal of repossession.

On a lighter note and continuing from last

month – here we go. Incidentally , three of

these things happened only last week!

Four Things Not To Do When Selling

Your Property

DO NOT: Tell the viewer about all the latest

crime/noise/pig farms/dogs/hideous neighbours’.

Don’t deceive, but don’t elaborate

on the first viewing.

DO NOT: Follow the clients from room to

room and try to take over from the agent.

Sit in the sunshine and relax. If there are

any questions the agent can’t answer, they

will ask you.

DO NOT: Have curry/hot pot/chilli on the

boil as everyone arrives.

DO NOT: Have the television blaring at 100

decibels. Turn it off!!

DO: Keep that pool sparkling.

If you have any questions about buying or

selling a property, then contact me.

Jennie Iredale

Best of Spanish


Telephone (0034) 635 434 651

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Page 103

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and


La Mariposa 968 631 008


Corral & Alcaraz 968 078 754

Silvente 968 332 058

Airport Parking:

Seguro Parking 622 062 115

Banking & Finance:

Lloyds Bank International 902 024 365

Money Corp 902 887 243

UK Tax Refunds 965 636 938

Bars, Cafés & Restaurants:

Alley Palais Diner 968 978 869

Amapola Restaurant 660 328 092

Bistro Bulgaria (CDA) 968 328 084

Blues House American Grill 968 156 537

Cafeteria Plaza 968 705 406

Chez Zoe 676 691 324

Kennelly’s Bar/Restaurant 686 341 749

La Cata 868 082 662

La Chara 968 152 016

La Mariposa 968 631 008

La Vida 625 917 425

Le Carrousel 636 690 126

Le Gourmet 968 154 315

Leonardo’s 628 682 303

Liz’s Cafe 696 724 123

Mamma Mia 628 682 303

Oscar’s 627 689 888

Quality Indian 968 199 198

Restaurant Manchica 672 909 503

Restaurant Marina 619 500 555

Restaurante Ratatouille 968 155 887

Spice Villa 968 199 226

The Arches 653 081 341

The Club House 968 978 855

The Old Market Tavern 968 154 330

The New Royal 968 595 864

The Steak Out 968 970 619

The Vista Bar 648 731 309

T J´s Bar 653 088 836

Tropic Ana’s 699 060 472


Fuente Building Services 696 744 982

JML Building Services 669 054 652

Tony’s Building Services 647 119 952

Building Services:

A1 Garden & Ground Serv 628 505 733

Concrete Impressions 691 083 330

Crystal Conservatories 680 386 142

Doors And More 968 431 190

B & H Soluciones (Energy) 692 902 302

JD Roofing & Building 630 269 994

Kennelly’s Electrical Serv 968 341 749

VIP Services 650 893 607

Woodworks Direct 649 540 016


Philip Carpenter/Joiner 680 443 219

Car Hire:

Bolnuevo Cars 968 150 979

Coys Rent.A.Car 966 702 816

F & C Rent a Car 968 199 156

Cars & Transport:

Autotune 634 143 240

Puncture Safe Murcia 968 979 260

Specialist Vehicles SL 968 146 158


Country Kitchen 603 135 387

The Roving Diner 676 217 059

Chimney Sweeps:

Home from Home 660 478 881

Tony Chimney Sweep 646 438 694


Phillip Dawe 968 150 244

Cleaning Services:

Helping Hands Home Care 675 865 636

Limpieza Rosa 619 199 407

Tony Upholstery Cleaner 646 438 694

Clothes Shops:

Legs & Co 660 792 513

Computer Repairs & Sales:

Camposol Computers 968 199 191

Consulting IT Services 691 993 219

Loco Murcia 968 971 893


Dental Care 968 199 111

English Speaking Dentist 968 707 428

Olivier Houdusse 968 153 645


Kennelly’s Electrical Serv 686 341 749

Louis Harris 619 712 821


Angels Instead 634 165 296

The Voice Kaylou 695 011 121

Funeral Plans:

ASSSA 968 153 396

The Funeral Director 650 631 719


DFS 968 334 194

Furniture Plus 968 482 456

Garden Centres:

Garden Centre 2003 669 565 402

Hairdressers & Barbers

Jane’s Salon 968 158 433

Martin & The Cutting Crew 664 051 612

The Beauty Palace 968 971 828

The Salon 691 916 717

The Salon 2 686 354 232

Health & Beauty:

Freedom Mobility 638 893 357

Jane’s Salon 968 158 433

Rosies Toesies 639 171 835

The Beauty Palace 968 971 828

The Fuschia Beauty Clinic 630 439 480

The Salon 691 916 717

The Salon 2 686 354 232

Heating and Aircon:

Calida Gas & Oil 659 761 771

Camposol Heating & Maintenance (CHM)

968 199 184

Cool Solutions 600 418 220

Llamas Chimeneas 968 591 030

Louis Harris 619 712 821

Home Furnishings:

Curtain Call 616 240 171

Yorkshire Linen, Pto Maz 968 595 946

Yorkshire Linen, San Javier 968 193 912

Page 104

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:


ASSSA 968 153 396

Ibex 968 595 945

Liberty Seguros 902 255 258

Linea Directa 902 123 975

Nash Warren 968 156 583

Internet Cafés:

Alley Palais 968 978 869

Camposol Computers 968 199 191

Dot Com World 968 199 154

Kennels, Catteries and Pet Care

4 Legs Dog Grooming 608 712 599

Colina Kennels 639 012 342

El Carro Cattery & Kennels 620 582 654

Mountain View Kennels 676 394 431

Pampered Paws 634 302 388


Rainbow Laundrette 634 309 603

The Laundry Shop 968 131 997

Legal Services:

Corral & Alcaraz 968 078 754

Costa Calida Properties 968 199 251

Nicky G Translation Serv 968 199 245

Silvente Accountant/Lawyer

968 332 058


ADS Locksmith 600 255 250


Colair 626 796 149

Decklid Auto Services 626 678 840

Eurotyre 968 424 605

Ken Sherwood Mechanic 679 646 859

Kwik Fix English Mechanic 968 972 006

Lopez Milan 968 429 216

Mobile Car Mechanic 666 161 129

Neumáticos El Ceña 968 422 015

Mobility Products:

Freedom Mobility 638 893 357


Dr Enrique Garcia 667 448 109

Outdoor Living:

Furniture Plus 968 482 456

Painting and Decorating:

EPDS Painters & Decorators

636 558 002

Helping Hands 675 865 636

RJB Décor Painting 699 044 742

Trevor Smith 968 163 298


Apache 24/7 Plumbing 674 788 693

Calida Gas & Oil 659 761 771

Camposol Heating & Maintenance

968 199 184

Printing & Design:

Entorno Grafico 968 654 007

Mister Print 638 893 357

Property Maintenance:

Helping Hands 675 865 636

Trevor Smith 968 163 298

Property Rentals:

La Manga 4 U 0044 7921 351298

Owners Away 691 977 107

Paramount Resort Villa Rentals

968 970 614

Property Sales:

Another World Properties 968 592 679

Best of Spanish 635 434 651

Fuente Alamo Real Estate 968 598 173

Golden Sun Properties 968 152 515

Holmes & Pegg 968 199 290

Old Farmhouses 968 159 264

Prime Property Murcia 646 692 471

Removals & Storage

Advance Moves 968 654 667

Costa Calida Transport 968 130 846

Dainton’s 696 180 634

Lord’s Removals & Storage 608 061 872

Mar Menor Removals 968 564 298

Retail Outlets:

Just Fabulous 968 970 599

Kitchens Plus 1 968 184 235

Legs & Co 660 792 513

Le Gourmet 968 154 315

T J Electricals 868 181 121

UK Supplies Direct 661 173 269


Arivic S. L (safes) 626 981 735

Eriks Metal Works 636 050 008

Protech Surveillance 667 196 366


4 Legs Dog Grooming 608 712 599

Compusurf 968 970 666

Healthy H20 968 437 270

Puncture Safe Murcia 968 979 260

Repair it! 646 705 403

See Right Lenses 968 956 246

Solar Power:

Freesol 659 232 507

Solar Directa 659 315 130


Corral & Alcaraz 968 078 754

Professional & Legal Solutions

968 595 826

Silvente Accountant/Lawyer

968 332 058

Spas & Hottubs:

Eurospas 650 722 905

Sport & Leisure:

Alley Palais 968 978 869

Camposol Club de Golf 968 978 886

Costa Cálida Radio 902 903 783

Espuña Adventure 968 631 008

Horse Riding META 636 172 198

Sacred Hearts 650 796 579

Yogamayga 958 150 755

Swimming Pool Cleaning &


Alpha Pools 968 971 824

Daisy Pool Covers 660 080 201

Dolphin Pools 669 512 273

Jorge Pools 674 168 000

Köhn Pool Service 968 138 638

Watermaid 646 705 088


Costa Calida Property Serv 968 199 251

Nicky G Translations 968 199 245

Travel Agents

Dragon Tours 968 199 021

TV & Satellite:

CTV Aerial & Satellite Systems

600 218 046

ISS 655 480 543

Loco Murcia 968 971 893

Rainbow Satellites 686 358 475

T J Electricals 868 181 121

YPM Satellites 628 234 045

Veterinary Clinics:

Clinica Veterinaria Pto Maz 968 153 931

Emerg 608 466 553

Clinica Veterinaria SurEste 965 352 438

Veterinary Clinic Maskota 968 597 929

Emerg 619 378 473

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Page 105

If you are an existing customers and you have some Business News that you would like to

share with our readers then why not email it to us to be included on our Business News page.

Please keep your news to about 50 words and send us an email by 15th of the month,

to with Business News in the subject box.

Pampered Paws is a new business based

on Camposol offering all aspects of dog

grooming. They are working closely with

Noah’s ARC, helping them smarten up

stray dogs, ready for rehoming. Joanne

from Pampered Paws was taught by an

English teacher who has been dog grooming

for over 10 years in Torrevieja and was

trained by a Crufts’ judge. Please bring the

advert with you on your first visit and receive

a €5 discount plus a VIP loyalty card.

Home visits are available within 10kms of

Camposol for 3 or more dogs at an extra

charge of 5€.

Tel 634 302 388

La Vida Bar & Bistro in El Pareton, are

delighted to announce the recruitment of

two new chefs. Both chefs have a wealth of

experience in producing exquisite food as

well as producing traditional favourites.

Saturday night is Fine Dining Night; choose

from their A la Carte menu, which includes

a bottle of wine for two people. All the food

is home-made and seasonal. La Vida Bar

& Bistro is the perfect place to hold private

functions and special occasions inside

the restaurant or garden.

Open 7 days a week from 10am to 9pm.

Tel 625 917425

Curtain Call has bought some complete

rolls of top quality linen mix fabric direct

from the manufacture, so can now offer

the fabric at less than half price to a

limited number of customers. This means

that a Neptuno D can now be curtained in

ceiling to floor and side to side curtains for

just €900. This price includes all rails and

full fitting by Curtain Call.

Contact Sally on 616 240 171 to discuss

your project.

If you want to protect your car from the

sun this summer, contact Woodworks

Direct for a carport with a sun reflective

roof. For all wood pergolas, gazebos, garden

sheds and garden furniture, Woodworks

Direct have the best solutions.

Tel 649 540 016

Kennelly’s are looking for Market Stall

Holders for Friday evenings at The Pueblo

Español at The Hacienda Alamo Resort.

This will be a night market starting early

June. Stalls will be only €5 each. The market

will be from 8pm until late and coincides

with live music on the Plaza.

For more info call Shaun on 686 341 749

or email

Yoann from Le Gourmet, your delicatessen

shop & wine cellar in Calle Mayor, Puerto

de Mazarrón, is pleased to inform you

about the opening of his new restaurant,

Le Carrousel. The new restaurant, which

will be open every day, will serve international

food and from the terraces will have

fabulous views over the Bay of Mazarrón.

Tel 636 690 126

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Page 106

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

Page 107

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Page 108

Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement in the Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 email:

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