H e a l t h a n d F i t n e s s M e m b e r s h i p s


H e a l t h a n d F i t n e s s M e m b e r s h i p s

H e a l t h a n d F i t n e s s

M e m b e r s h i p s


Gym $46.50

Group Fitness $61.00

Combination $86.00


Gym $111.50

Group Fitness $146.50

Combination $206.50


Gym $195.00

Group Fitness $256.00

Combination $361.00

Cross Centre - Group Fitness** $466.50

**Valid for group fitness classes at Hartfield Park Recreation

Centre and High Wycombe Community & Recreation Centre


Gym $335.00

Group Fitness $439.00

Combination $619.00

Cross Centre - Group Fitness** $799.50

*3, 6 & 12 month memberships include complimentary appraisals

Things to Remember

For personal hygiene and for the benefit of all our members,

training towels are compulsory in the gym and group fitness

areas. You can bring along your own towel or purchase one from


To ensure that you complete a suitable warm up and do not

disrupt classes for other members, please be punctual to all

classes and remain until the conclusion of every group fitness

class you attend.

Participants who are five (5) or more minutes late will not be

admitted into group fitness classes.

If you are trying a class for the first time:

1. Advise the group fitness instructor of any injuries or

medical conditions that may impact on your ability to

exercise safely.

2. Listen carefully to all instructions. Use the alternative

exercise that is suitable for your fitness level.

3. For your own safety, please advise the group fitness

instructor if you are pregnant or have recently given birth,

prior to commencement of a class.

It is really important to drink water before, during and after



Gym $10.00

Group Fitness $12.00

Fitness Appraisal $40.00


1 Hour Session $55.00

6 x 1 Hour Sessions $275.00

12 x 1 Hour Sessions $527.50

Most of all have fun and enjoy the class!

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: 9.00am-12.00noon




Summer Timetable Effective: 2 Dec 2013

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday




A combination of a cardio

and resistance workout

to improve general fitness

and work specifically on

abs, butt and thighs.


Please Note: Participants more than (5) minutes late will not be admitted to a group fitness class.

Timetable is subject to change.

An exercise routine,

involving both resistance

training and cardio

exercises, designed to

provide an overall body

workout. (55mins)

An intense interval cardio

and strength training

session designed to

seriously improve fitness

levels and burn fat.


A high intensity class

focused on strengthening

and toning the lower body

muscles through cardio

movements on a step

platform. (55mins)

A high calorie burning, Latin

infused rhythms and dance

class. If it is Thursday, you

will complete a series of toning

exercises during the last

10 minutes of class. This will

assist in your total body

workout. (60 mins)

This class will work your

body physically & mentally

each week. The variety &

different workouts on offer

from week to week will

send your body into a

fitness frenzy! (55mins)

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