Winter 2010.indd - Elizabeth Seton High School

Winter 2010.indd - Elizabeth Seton High School

Volume XVIII

Issue 2

Winter 2010

You are cordially invited to

Elizabeth Seton High School’s

Elizabeth Seton High School

Sister Ellen Marie

Hagar ‘74


Sharon Pasterick


Leeanna Burke

Vice Principal

Maureen McCart

Director of


Stephanie Long

Seton Notes Design

50th Anniversary Alumnae Reunion and Family Celebration

on April 24, 2010 at Elizabeth Seton High School!

6:00 p.m.

Please join us as we

Showcase Seton: Past, Present, and Future!!

Our Evening Begins With

Dinner sponsored by The Outback Steakhouse

And also includes

Entertainment from Elizabeth Seton High School’s Fine Arts Students

An Art Exposition and Sale provided by Seton’s Art Students

A Silent Auction compliments of Seton’s Generous Supporters

Alumnae Awards and 50th Anniversary Honors

This is a golden opportunity for all alumnae to re-connect and renew their relationships as they

come home to Seton to see both the old and the new!

This Gala Celebration will honor Seton students: past, present, and future

who live the mission of Elizabeth Seton High School.

Dress is semi-formal and a cash bar will be available.

Tickets are only $30.00 and are on sale now at Seton and on our website.

As a courtesy to The Outback, the final count must be completed by March 31st!

Please visit to purchase a ticket, become a sponsor, or make a donation in lieu

of attendance. Business, personal, or class ads may also be created.

Facebook and find your friends to join your class as they reserve a table for a class reunion!

And Don’t Miss the Fabulous

50th Alumnae Dance!!!

March l3 in the auditorium

8:00-11:00 pm

Bring your friends, your favors,

and your food for a

Tailgating Party at Seton!

Admission is free because our

President has secured the DJ for us!

Dress is casual! Come stag or drag, but

come happy!!!

For more details and to reserve your seating,

please go to

Office of the President:

Dear Alumnae and Seton Supporters

In the few short months that I have served as president of Elizabeth Seton High School, I have

had the profound privilege of meeting many of you in person, in letters, or in many, many wonderful

emails. During this time, I have heard tremendous stories of success, of support, and of

spirituality: many of which I have tried to re-tell in the pages of this edition of Seton Notes. The

small snippets of these stories can never do justice to the depth of what I have discovered, but I

hope that they will bear witness to the truth of our 50th Anniversary theme, Celebrating our History,

Your Story. Without these stories, there is no history and no reason for Seton to celebrate.

As we look to the future, I think of the wisdom of Soloman who said, “Without a vision, the

people perish.” (Prov. 29:18) It is the responsibility of the President to have such a vision and

to lead according to that vision. And so, “What about you,” one might ask. Yes indeed, I have

a vision of Seton, but my vision includes all of you, especially our alumnae in this Year of the


I have a vision that the alumnae of Elizabeth Seton High School will reconnect to renew their relationships, and therein

re-discover the values of Seton in their life today.

I have a vision that these relationships will re-claim, re-shape, and re-invigorate Seton for another 50 years as alumnae

unite in promoting, upholding, and advancing the vision, mission, and values of Seton.

I have a vision that Seton will progress according to a well-developed and well-founded strategic plan that allows for

enhancements in our curriculum, our technology, our facilities, and our student activities.

I have a vision that our girls will become more engaged in the community as they participate in internships and

collaborate with mentors who can augment their leadership skills.

I have a vision that those who truly love our Seton Community will offer the best of themselves to teach, to form, to nurture,

and to serve our girls so that a Seton graduate is a woman who is articulate, responsible, and innovative. Likewise,

she is a woman who demonstrates the highest respect for herself, the highest regard for others, and the highest reverence

for God in all that she does.

However, my vision is only valuable if it takes root in the realities of the everyday life of Seton. Thus, in this edition

of Seton Notes, I hope you will join me in thanking God for all those who have made a commitment to bear witness to this

vision in their living and their giving. I hope you will also take time to discover the many ways that you can make this

vision a reality. This edition hosts a variety of upcoming activities and avenues for your participation.

I hope, most especially, that you will join us on April 24th for our 50th Anniversary Celebration. If you have attended

Seton, we want you there! Without you, our family would not be complete. I also hope you will relax and have a good time

with us at the Alumnae Dance. The price is right! Finally, I hope you will complete the alumnae survey on our website.

Our alums have praised Seton for its positive impact in their lives, but they have also shared hurts, disappointments, and

suggestions that have truly helped me in my new role. This Year of the Alumnae is about you: each of you uniquely loved

by God. Take time to let us show our love for you too. We want to make God’s vision and Seton’s vision tangible and

transparent in your life.

Please pray that God will give me the light to know and the grace to do as I do for you.

With great affection,

Sister Ellen Marie (Class of l974)


Alumnae Survey Reveals Success of Seton Alums:


We hope to continue to receive surveys to gather your thoughts!

We, the Elizabeth Seton Alumnae,

commit in this Year of the Alumnae to

Re-connect, so we can Renew our RELATIONSHIPS!

Promoting the 50th Anniversary Celebration

We are available on facebook to help spread the

word about this celebration and to gather our

friends and classmates together!

Francesca Avelleyra ‘71

Bernadette Shyrock Barber ‘84

Maureen Berard ‘00

Regina Murphy Day ‘76

Stephanie Flores-Koulish ‘84

Donna Tolliver Grimes ‘74

Anna Crapo Hyatt ‘65

Aleta Applegate Kressley ‘65

Rita Lappin O’Connor ‘64

Jennifer Rothgeb ‘69

Kim Strickland ‘00

Monet Williams ‘05

Carol Ball Wilson ‘65

We are helping to plan the event!

DeDra Alexandar

Shannon Anderson ‘02

Gina Andrella Barley ‘80

Tracy Branch-Anderson ‘83

Belinda Carter

Maxine Clark

Cathleen Cooney

Janell Conley

Andrea Davis

Judy Holman DeLeonibus ‘80

Alfreda Edwards

Ida Ettah

Rochelle Burnette Harley ‘84

Laurin Hodge ‘02

Mazel Jones ‘02

Veronica Banks Lee

Mary Anne Schrider Libcke ‘84

Stephanie Long

Angela McGowan

Pam McIntosh

Beverly Scanlan Moore ‘74

Colleen Cleary Nash ‘80

Sydnee Nobles-Thompson ‘88

Patty Evans Nuth ‘77

Mary O’Meara

Janice Partenheimer

Mary Payne

Maureen Davis Rice ‘73

Yvonne Robinson

Gina Safo

Laura Salers

Sherry Smith

Acquenetta Thurston

Brie Williams ‘02

Natasha Williams ‘02

Initiating An Alumnae Committee

We are meeting to begin an alumnae Committee

that will support the Mission of Seton!

Rebecca Anderson ‘09

Kiara Anthony ‘09

Gina Andrella Barley ‘81

Cavella Brown Bishop ‘82

Rebecca Sierra Boughamer ‘98

Daniella Bryce ‘91

Sharon Boyd Chatman ‘75

Stacey Gallagher Cleveland ‘88

Erica Corbin ‘00

Jeanne Fierstein Davis ‘81

Regina Murphy Day ‘76

Ayesha Edwards ‘00

Adrianna Espinosa ‘07

Paula Lucas Flynn ‘73

Mary Brophy Haddow ‘68

Laurin Hodge ‘02

Pamela Narcavage Hoehler ‘92

Patricia Mackie Hough ‘69

Donna Shearer Jenkins ‘88

Colleen Hildreth Kennedy ‘78

Amy Reese Lawrence ‘77

Celeste Knox Laurel ‘80

Mary Ann Schrider Libcke ‘84

Lizette Lopez ‘96

Alison Thompson McKeever ‘04

Jennifer Rothgeb ‘69

Sarah Klapp Schaefer ‘01

Gina Masciarelli Schmidt ‘77

Tammi Williams Simpson ‘96

Re-connecting with my

classmates, and administrators,

from Seton helps

to keep me centered. The

values instilled in all of us,

while at Seton, are much

needed in our current society.

We could all use a

little - "Light To Know,

and Grace To Do."

Laurin Hodge ‘02

Nancy Brosnihan, Nancy Rosenfelder Horstkamp,

Mary McIntosh Jones, Rita Lappin O’Connor,

Mary Ellen O’Halloran Shoe, and Mary Ann Petrini

Taliaferro, members of the class of 1964, at a

November luncheon at Elizabeth Seton.


Alumnae Relationships and Alumnae Support Really Matter…

“It couldn’t have happened to a better family.”

Sister Ellen Marie

Class of l993 Unites to Support A Setonite

Coming home to Seton sixteen years after graduation was indeed

a sweet experience for the Class of l993. Touring the school, fusing

together for class photos, and wining and dining at a local restaurant

made for a superb celebration. It was a time of laughter, of conversation,

of reminiscing, of re-uniting, and most of all of reliving their happy


At the end of the night, the class decided that we “couldn’t think of a

better thank you to Seton, then a gift that allows a student to stay at Seton

and graduate with her class,” say Ann Cratty, “We want her to remain a

part of a class that will one day re-connect as we did and re-discover the

love we felt at Seton.”

Alumnae and Parents support Elizabeth Seton High School’s

Tuition Assistance Raffle

Elizabeth Seton High School joins the Baugher Family in thanking our alumnae and

parents who recently supported our $5000 Tuition Assistance Raffle. The Baugher

Family has been very active at Seton, especially in the Parents’ Club Association. Mrs.

Baugher has held an office in the Parents Club for two years and has also chaired the

Father/Daughter Dance. Libby Baugher ‘11 is a member of the symphonic band and the

photography club.

On January 6, when the winning ticket was pulled and Mary’s name was read, tears of

joy filled her eyes for as she says, “I felt gobsmacked, which she explained is an English

word that means overwhelmingly and happily surprised.” Ms. Baugher felt especially

blessed because in the recent past, she lost her job for a year, and finances became much

more difficult. This tuition blessing will help their family resurrect from that adversity. Thank you, God, for gobsmacking us

when we most need it, and when we least expect it.

Ayesha Edwards, Class of 2000 - CPE Mentor for ESHS Student

Ayesha Edwards decided that it was time for her to give back to Seton for what she herself had

received. To do so, she joined Capital Partners for Education, a non-profit organization dedicated

to improving the lives of motivated, low-income youth by helping them get a quality education,

graduate from a private high school, and go to college. Of CPE graduates, 97% have enrolled in

college and most are the first in their families to attend college.

Ayesha’s role as a student mentor is to join with other CPE staff members to create a support

system for her student by providing study skills, career direction, and community service activities.

Ayesha reviews her student’s progress reports and report cards to show interest in her and

to be sure she is meeting her requirements. She spends time studying with her and oversees her

preparation for college. Moreover, she gets to know her student’s family and social life, and she serves as a guide for her in

personal choices and goal setting.

We thank our Seton graduates who are involved in CPE as well as the entire staff. This year, alone, CPE has given over

$100,000 to assist 22 students in attending ESHS. What a difference they are making to students, to families, to the Seton Community,

and to society!

“Class of l993 tours building during their sweet sixteen reunion.”


ESHS is Blessed with

New Scholarship Opportunities in 2010!

The Kim Neely Scholarship: A Story to be Continued

Kim Neely was a member of the Class of 1991. She left us suddenly on May 21, 2006 to be received into God’s tender

embrace. In 2008 her parents created a scholarship fund so that Kim would never be forgotten. At that time, the scholarship

in the amount of $1,000 was awarded to Roshaunda Ross ’10 based on an essay that she wrote on the topic, “My Most

Difficult Challenge and How I Dealt with It”.

This year Kim’s parents entitled the essay contest, “How My Faith Life Has Helped Me through Difficult Times”. After

reading several essays, they chose Rieisha Leighton ‘12 as the recipient.

However, when the Business Office received Mr. and Mrs. Neely’s check, it was assumed that it was to renew Roshaunda’s

scholarship. When Mr. and Mrs. Neely were informed of this situation, they immediately asked their friends to help

them support a second scholarship in Kim’s honor. Family and Friends of Kim Neely continue to raise money for this

scholarship, and God continues to keep Kim’s memory with us.

Sr. Lani Manseau, D.C. and Joan Mahoney,

ICA graduates, with Teresa Meli ‘12.

Elizabeth Seton High School’s Business Supporters Scholarship

Elizabeth Seton High School wishes to thank our business supporters

who agreed to use a portion of their advertising budget to fund a Business

Supporters’ Scholarship for two students. Those businesses include:

BeeLabor Janitorial Services, Inc., Baldwin Law Group, ChevyChase/

Capitol One, Cranford Mechanical, Bob Grill General Contractor, Henry

Haditsch Photography, L & L Music Wind Shop, W.B. Maske, Sheet

Metal Works, Paramount Vending, R & R Mechanical ,Train Printing, and

Weyer’s Floor Service, Inc. This year’s scholarships were awarded to Tori

Campbell’11(left) and Marissa Carrillo ‘11(right).

Immaculate Conception Academy Scholarship

Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA), an all girls Catholic High School in

Washington D.C., was administered by the Daughters of Charity from its inception.

Begun in1902 to serve the girls of Immaculate Conception Parish, it continued until

the school merged with St. Anthony High School in l984 becoming All Saints High

School and finally closing in l989.

This year ICA’s alumnae presented Elizabeth Seton High School with a $3,000

scholarship to a student who exemplifies our Catholic values. This scholarship was

awarded to Teresa Meli ‘12.

An Anonymous Donor Scholarship

This scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship given by an anonymous donor in memory of her parents. The donor recalls

the sacrifice her parents made for her so that she could attend a Catholic High School very much like Elizabeth Seton. This

donor visited Seton only once, for a very brief time. Two aspects impressed her: the girls were known on a first name

basis, and the girls were friendly and supportive of one another. Her high school no longer exists; so she has chosen to give

to Elizabeth Seton High School because of its academic mission and gracious atmosphere. This year this scholarship was

awarded to a student who was in need of financial aid due to a very difficult family situation. As we marvel at this giving,

we can re-echo the words of Elizabeth Ann Seton who said, “And in every trial, great or small, let your heart go to Jesus.

In His arms you can take refuge for he will never leave you or forsake you.”


Embracing the Future, Exalting the Past….

Elizabeth Seton High School Embarks on Extensive Strategic Planning

Continuing in the tradition of its Middle States Evaluation and its former financial planning for the Capital Campaign Project,

Elizabeth Seton High School is now developing a five year strategic plan. Board Members, Administration, Faculty,

Parents and Alumnae are joining together to create a plan that will include projected improvements and enhancements in

facilities, finances, academics, development and public relations, technology, and extracurricular activities.

Other topics to be addressed in the planning include staffing, governance, and the spiritual life of the school. Several committees

have been established to gather and analyze significant data related to these areas and topics.

The process begins with a survey that asks for feedback from all Seton’s major stakeholders regarding the Mission, Vision,

and Values of the school as well as their opinions regarding our targeted areas of study. In the next few months, parents,

students, and alumnae will be receiving this survey to solicit their input.

This data as well as the survey responses will be used by the working committees to develop goals,

objectives, cost factors, and action plans. It is not too late to join our Strategic Plan Committee. Any

alumna, who is interested in being involved in the development of this plan, can email Sister Ellen Marie


A Face We Can’t Forget, A Legacy of Love That Lasts Forever

In Memory of Dan Goodrich., Director of Technology Services

6/2/39 - 12/5/09

Over twenty years ago Dan Goodrich came to Elizabeth Seton High

School. He was originally assigned to teach several mathematics

and advanced computer courses. At the same time, he was given the

responsibility of creating the school’s first computer system.

Dan, a brilliant mathematician, began to build a school-wide network

which served us well for so many years.

Dan Goodrich will be remembered for his passion for his family, wry sense of humor, philosophical approach to

life, commitment to providing and maintaining a database system to meet the needs of the school, and his love for

Elizabeth Seton High School.


Prayerfully Remember

John Abel, father of Johnnie Abel, recovering from surgery

Denise Ferguson, friend of Mary Brophy Haddow ‘68

Barbara Goodrich, wife of Dan Goodrich

Stephen Hung, father of Courtney Hunt ‘02

William Russell, father of Adel ‘72 and Irma ‘78

Jessica Julien ‘10, Marketty Bleck ‘11, Celina M’bale ‘12, Assata Hyacinthe ‘12,

Sandy Meristil ‘13, Naomi Gaston ‘13, Karena Bazile ‘13 and

Sierra Applewhite ‘13 who have family in Haiti

Mary Howes ‘63

Sister Mary Daniel Turner

Lauren Morrison ‘69

Elizabeth Seton High School

5715 Emerson Street

Bladensburg, MD 20710

Non - Profit Org.

U.S. Postage


Bladensburg, MD

Permit #59

Ongoing Fundraisers:

Cellphones, Grocery stores, Verizon long

distance, and Target.

Seton Notes is published three times each year for students, faculty, alumnae and friends of Elizabeth Seton

High School. Please send news of interest to Elizabeth Seton High School Advancement Office, 5715

Emerson Street, Bladensburg, MD 20710, call (301) 864-4532, fax (301) 864-89465, or e-mail Maureen

McCart at

Field of Dreams Project: A Done Deal

Those of us who know Candy Cage ‘81, Athletic Director of Elizabeth

Seton High School, also know that it’s hard to say “no” to her because of

her enthusiasm, energy, and excitement. She motivates us, amazes us, and

ultimately, moves us to give our best.

That’s exactly what happened when Coach Cage approached the Seton

administration about “going after” a grant from the State of Maryland to

help renovate Seton’s track and field. Coach Cage spelled out the need:

new sod, new bleachers, more lighting, and re-surfacing and re-lining the

existing track.

She also spelled out the reasons: safety, success and spirit. No longer would students injure an ankle

in a hole in the field; no longer would spectators lack appropriate seating; no longer would a well-ranked

track team run a course with invisible lines; and no longer would games be called for darkness. Seton needed

a track and field befitting of its accomplishments.

And “yes” is exactly what parents, staff, and alums said when they heard Candy’s speech on Back to

School Night or in Letters of Appeal. Parents came forth from their seats in the auditorium with payments

and pledges. Faculty and Staff immediately responded with willing gifts of support. And when the needed

sum of $25,000 to match the $50,000 state grant hovered at $19,000, Seton’s alumnae responded with their

own “yes”.

And “yes” it is, because “yes”, today we have $25,000 to complete our Field of Dreams!

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