Fall 2009.indd - Elizabeth Seton High School


Fall 2009.indd - Elizabeth Seton High School

Volume XVII


Fall 2009

Elizabeth Seton High School

Sister Ellen Marie

Hagar ‘74


Sharon Pasterick


Leeanna Burke

Vice Prinicpal

Maureen McCart

Director of Institutional


Dear ESHS Supporters,

By now, I’m sure you have heard bits and pieces about the

new president of Elizabeth Seton High School. I am a graduate

of Seton, class of l974. I have served in Catholic Education for

34 years now, but primarily below the Mason/Dixon Line. I am

especially happy to return to Seton during this anniversary year.

I am hoping that many people will share the leadership and

responsibility of Seton with me, as you will see in my reflection

on one of my first days.

Did you ever have a perfect day, a day where everything

that you hoped would happen, did indeed happen? I had

one the other day; the highlights of which I’d like to share with

you. Unlike our favorite crime stories, the names of those involved

have been identified to give thanks for their blessings:

At an early morning faculty meeting to brief the faculty

on the kick-off for a campaign to raise money for our track and

field, Mary McGillicuddy left a check on my notebook when I

wasn’t looking

• At a visit to Sacred Heart Parish, Father Parry

offered deanery support for Seton and highlighted all the

parishes’ commitment to Catholic Education.

• At a meeting with William Geier from Geier,

Rachel Fus/The Gazette

Brown, and Renfrow Architects for our track and field project,

Mr. Geier offered to complete the project pro bono.

• At a 50th anniversary meeting, I announced that our vendors Flynn & O’Hara Uniforms,

Beelabor Janitorial, Bay City Pest Control, and Herff Jones Photography would underwrite the cost of

the reception after our Anniversary Mass.

• At a visit with Tommie Marcos, father of a new freshman, he gave us some new fundraising

options for Seton.

• A late night email from Stephanie Flores-Koulish, a Seton graduate, invited me to attend a

reception at Loyola University for the Convocation of their School of Education, an effort for which she

has worked very hard.

Okay, granted. It’s not exactly winning the mega million lottery, but it is a different form of

wealth. Having the active support and commitment of faculty, pastors, business leaders, vendors, parents,

and alumnae is a goldmine for a high school president. In fact, in today’s world, no high school can advance

without it. It is as St. Paul says, “the power that helps us reach perfection.” It is the power that goes

beyond any one person’s weaknesses or limitations. It is the power that sparks new vision, creates new

energy, and shares responsibility and leadership.

And so that night I prayed, “Lord, thank you for this perfect day. Please continue to send Seton more

people who have the power to help us reach greater perfection. You know that alone I cannot do it.”

And like St. Paul, I “was given a thorn in the flesh” because the next day, the day after my perfect day,

I broke my toe and was awarded a boot and a cane. “Okay, Lord. Really, I get it. You don’t need to make

it so obvious. ‘I can be content with difficulties because when I am powerless, it is then that I am strong’.

I know that we must trust in the power of Christ.” But truthfully, I like those perfect days better, when

the power that perfects Seton comes from the support of so many who love Seton. It is really okay if you

inspire more people to promote the mission and vision of Elizabeth Seton High School.

Grateful for all our support,

Office of the President

Stephanie Auletta

Seton Notes Design

Sister Ellen Marie Hagar, D.C. ‘74


50th Anniversary Mass

Elizabeth Seton High School celebrated

it’s 50th anniversary with a Seton community

Mass on September 23, 2009.

The Most Reverend Donald Wuerl,

Archbishop of Washington, was the

principal celebrant. Several local area

priests concelebrated with him. Current

students, faculty, staff, parents and

many alumnae were thrilled to take part

in this exciting day. They were joined

by former faculty and parents, Elizabeth

Seton Board Members, Daughters of

Charity, Mr. Tom Burnford, Secretary for Archbishop Wuerl accepting gifts at the offertory procession.

Education for the Archdiocese of Washington,

the Superintendent of Catholic

Schools, Dr. Patricia Wetzel-O’Neil, representatives of Prince George’s County and area schools. Members

of the class of 1963 joined us for the Mass and took part in the scripture readings and offertory procession

with members of the class of 2013. The Liturgy was enhanced by the performance of student groups

including the Gospel Choir, Symphonic Band, Seton Chorale, and the Divine Dancers. During the Mass,

Sister Ellen Marie Hagar, D.C. ‘74 was officially installed as President of Elizabeth Seton High School by

Archbishop Wuerl. Mrs. Sharon Pasterick, Principal,

was presented with a congratulatory citation

for Elizabeth Seton by State Senator Douglas J. J.

Peters, Chair of the Prince George’s County Delegation.

Sister Ellen Marie Hagar ‘74 and members of the Class of 1963


Sharon Pasterick and State Sentator Douglas J.J. Peters

Bulletin Board

There are several ways that you and your family

can support Elizabeth Seton High School!

GIANT A+ BONUS BUCKS — You must re-designate

Seton each year. Our number is 00406. You may

register online at www.giantfood.com. Giant’s program

starts in October.


grocery card and your credit and debit cards from

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

each year with eScrip. Visit www.escrip.com and click

on “Yes! Renew”. Our number is 148894953.

New Website!

Check out Seton’s new website at www.setonhs.org.

The Alumnae Tab allows you to update your information,

read about your classmates, see what alumnae

events are scheduled, read Seton Notes and donate

online. Also, keeps you updated on school news, and

athletic events and results.

Do you get e-mails with Seton news? If not, contact

Terry O’Meara at 416@setonhs.org to be put on our

mailing list.

TARGET GUEST CARD – If you have a Target Guest

Card, you may designate Elizabeth Seton. Sign up at

your local Target Store or at www.target.com. Click

on “red cards” and then “enroll now”. Our number is


FOOD LION MVP CARD – Register your MVP card

online at www.Foodlion.com. Click on “MVP card”

and then “Lion Shop & Share” or call 704-633-8250

ext. 3810. You need to re-register each year.

OFFICE DEPOT – We will receive a credit from any

purchase at Office Depot. Use our school ID# 70046245

at the time of any purchase in a store or online at www.


CELL PHONES – If you have old cell phones, laptop/notebook

computers, Apple iPods, digital cameras

and digital video cameras that you don’t want, donate

them to Seton. They are a tax deductible donation!

Accessories such as chargers, ear pieces, etc are not

eligible. Contact the Advancement Office at 301-864-

4532 ext. 7171 or 006@setonhs.org for more information.

GOODSEARCH.COM – Seton earns money every

time you search the Internet with GoodSearch.com.

We also earn a percentage of every purchase made

online through GoodSearch.com. It is a new Yahoopowered

search engine that donates half its advertising

revenue to the charities its users designate. Use it just

as you would any search engine!

Save the Date

April 24, 2009

Elizabeth Seton’s

50th Anniversary



Welcome to Seton

John Bolt, originally from

St. Louis, graduated from

Xavier University in Cincinnati

with a Bachelor of

Arts degree in Theology.

He is teaching freshman

and sophomore religion.

Courtney Jordan graduated

from McDaniel College

with a Bachelor of Arts degree

in English and a minor

in Writing. She also graduated

from Clemson University

with a Master of

Arts degree in Professional

Communication. Before

coming to Seton, Courtney

From left to right: John Bolt, Sister Ellen Marie Hagar, D.C. ‘74, Jamie Teigen, Courtney Jordan, Sister Alice

Matthews and Cassidy Erdecky ‘04

taught Freshman Composition for two years at Clemson University and worked in the Communications

department at a non-profit organization. She is very grateful to be at Elizabeth Seton and even more grateful

to be teaching English.

Cassidy Erdeky ‘04 graduated from University of Maryland College Park with a Bachelor of Science

degree in biological sciences: physiology & neurobiology. Cassidy first came back to Seton last year as

a substitute teacher. She is now working full time and is teaching Algebra I and II. She is also the head

novice coach for Seton’s crew team.

Sister Alice Mathews, D.C. is no stranger to Elizabeth Seton. Sister Alice first came to Seton in 1972.

She taught English from 1972-1981. She returned in the 1990’s and worked in the Development Office.

Sr. Alice is back at Seton teaching freshman English. She received her BA in English and Education from

St. Joseph’s College in Emmitsburg and her Masters in Teaching English from Trinity College.

Jamie Teigen went to school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and received a Bachelor of Science

in Secondary Education and History. She is from Maple Grove, Minnesota and taught 7th grade social

studies there for one year. Here at Seton, she teaches U.S. History to juniors and Government/Current

Issues to seniors.


Around Campus

Seton Welcomes the Class of 2013:

Daughters/Granddaughters Continuing in Their

Mother and Grandmother’s Footsteps

Gayla Freeman ‘10 spent two weeks in June with the

People to People Student Ambassador Program. She

completed some service hours by playing Japanese

games with sixth grade students at Ojika Elementary

School in Ojika, Japan on Hirado Island. While there,

she stayed in the home of a Japanese family for three

days and visited the cities of Tokyo, Nagasaki, and


Sara Porter ‘12 worked with abandoned and disabled

children for two weeks this summer in Jamaica.

Veronica Leach ‘11 volunteered 135 hours at Washington

Hospital Center this summer..

Back row (L-R): Maureen Higgins, Taylor Tucker, Ashley Peacock and

Kayla Webster Front Row (L-R): Sydney Henry, Tori Montgomery,

Cheyenne Vaughn, Jessica Boileau. Not Pictured: Caitlin Kolb and Jennifer


The class of 2013 represents alumnae from the classes

of 1964-1995. These students are Jessica Boileau,

granddaughter of Macella Schrott Shea ‘64; Sydney

Henry, daughter of Yasmin Leftwich ‘83; Maureen Higgins,

daughter of Elizabeth Lonergan Higgins ‘77; Caitlin

Kolb, daughter of Catherine Smith Kolb ‘79; Tori

Montgomery, daughter of Syndnee Nobles-Thompson

‘88; Jennifer Nuth, daughter of Patricia Evans Nuth ‘77;

Ashley Peacock, daughter of Joan Mahoney Peacock

‘86; Taylor Tucker, daughter of Kelly Savoy Tucker

‘85; Cheyenne Vaughn, daughter of Celena Vaughn-

Bosserman ‘95; and Kayla Webster, granddaughter of

Anna Crapo Hyatt ‘65.

Megan McGowan ‘11 volunteered over the summer at

St. Pius the VI’s summer camp where she was a camp

counselor to a pre-K and kindergarten group. This was

her 4th summer volunteering at the camp. While working

there she discovered that she wants to be a teacher

and work with children.

Katie Busch ‘11 volunteered at The Gabriel Network

Pregnancy Clinic as an office assistant and at the Perry

School’s summer camp named Camp Dream where she

was a camp counselor. She worked with children, many

of them suffering from abuse at home.

Prayerfully Remembered

Rosa Alvarez

mother of Karina ‘12

Erin Hayden Blair ‘75

Daniel J. Donoghue

father of Eileen ‘67, Ann ‘68, Clare ‘77

Rosa ‘77, and Mary Pat ‘87

Daniel McGillicuddy

father of Mary McGillicuddy, faculty,

grandfather of Megan Macheski ‘00 and Theresa

Macheski ‘06

Sherra Theresa Halcisak Peterson ‘77

William C. Washington

father of Shirleta ‘91 and Stefanye ‘94

Jean K. Woodhouse

mother of Nancy ‘67 and Kathy ‘70

Jackie Ferguson ‘87

sister of Joanne ‘88


Alumnae Updates


Barbara Criswell Robertson ‘64

and her husband have moved to

Ocean City. It’s been a year, and

they are loving it as well as their

grandkids. The two 15 year olds took their boating test and can now

drive the boat. She and her husband are still working; she is selling

MaryKay, and he is selling cars for Sherwood Ford in Salisbury.

Class of 1969 celebrated their 40th reunion September 19th at Carrol’s

Creek Restaurant in Annapolis. They raised $1,000 for tuition




Carol Gerhardt Bachmann ‘70 is switching jobs from composing

taxonomies to writing user requirements. She never figured she’ be a

“techie” as an English major!

Francesca Avelleyra ‘71 began her 31st year of teaching Special Education

in Prince George’s County Public Schools this past August. She

loves her job; however, her knees have started to protest a bit. She is

also an empty nester and is looking forward to reading, sewing and trying

out all those recipes she has been cutting out of magazines.

Kathy Jones Repage ‘76 has been married to her husband for 18 years.

Her daughter, Kathleen Carol, is the Product Director for an IT Company.

Kim Dern Ogle ‘77 just celebrated the college graduation of her oldest

son, Jesse, from American University. Her youngest son, Noah, just

entered high school at South River in Edgewater.

Mary Hartnett Dill ‘79 has been working for the public schools for

24 years as a paraprofessional in Special Education. She started working

in Prince George’s County in 1985 and left there to work closer to

home. She now works for Queen Annes County Public Schools and

loves it. She is currently working for the local middle school and is also

a volunteer at UCVFD as an EMT-B. She tried to become a firefighter,

but found out that it was not for her. She also does some volunteer

work at the Animal Rescue Foundation walking dogs, cleaning cages

and laundry.

Margaret Robertson’s ‘79 son, J.J., is 15 and is a sophomore at

Prescott High School. J.J. enjoys baseball and fantasy football.


Class of 1989 celebrated their 20th reunion on September 19th. Their

reunion was held at the Crofton Country Club.


Charon Hines ‘91 was featured in the July E-Newsletter for Higher

Achievement. She graduated from Mary Baldwin College with a BA in

Sociology. She also received her Masters from Bowie State in Art and

Teaching and a Masters of Science in Education from Trinity University.

Currently, she teaches first grade in Montgomery County Public


Joy Stevans ‘92 attended the American Institute of Musical Studies

(AIMS) in Granz, Austria over the summer. AIMS is the leading European

summer vocal program and the most comprehensive course of its

kind that brings future opera and concert performers together. Joy was

one of the 10 finalists of the 2009 Grand Finale Meistersinger Vocal

Competition. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Music at the

University of Maryland.

Mary Luebkert Truman ‘95 is the wife of Matt (DeMatha ‘93) and

mother of Alexandra, born in 2006. She is expecting a baby boy in December

2009. She started her tenth year teaching Early Childhood Special

Education in Prince George’s County, with a population of many

students with autism. She is the co-creator of myAutismcommunity.

com, an online “bulletin board” to find news, resources, discussions and

events within the autism community. She greatly enjoyed her 13 year

reunion and looks forward to the Sweet 16 reunion.


Pamela Dorsey ‘02 graduated from Notre Dame in 2006 with a double

major in Political Science (concentration in International Relations)

and Philosophy and a minor in Arabic Studies. She graduated from

the University of Virginia law school in May 2009. She will begin

working in the DC office of Hogan & Hartson in November 2009. Until

then, she plans to travel. She also recently became engaged to Michael

Nydegger, who is also an attorney in D.C. They plan to be married in


Alexis Thomas ‘09 is a student at Morgan State University and is majoring

in medical technology. She has enjoyed her first few weeks and

looks forward to continuing her education. She thanks Seton for giving

her such a great start.

Alumnae News

Hall of Fame

Induction Ceremony for


Sr. Mary Marguerite Butler, D.C.

Candy Cage ‘81

Maureen “Johnny” Johnson ‘72*

Clara Smiley Kircher ‘63

Sunday, October 18, 2009

10:30 Mass

11:30 Lunch and Induction

Come Join the Celebration!

Individual Tickets $38

Tables of 8 are $280

Congratulate the winners with an

ad in the program

Quarter Page - $50

Half Page - $100

Full Page - $150

RSVP by October 9th to

Stephanie Auletta at 006@setonhs.org

or 301-864-4532 ext. 7171


Commemorate Seton’s 50th

Anniversary with a Seton

ornament. The window

depicted on this ornament is

part of a series of five windows

that grace the Seton

chapel. The ornament

highlights St. Elizabeth Ann

Seton, the patroness of the

school and the foundress of

Catholic Schools for young

women in the United States.

It is sold at the Seton bookstore

for $20. Contact the

Advancement Office if you

would like to buy one.

Year of the Alumnae

This year has been declared the Year of the

Alumnae. This is the reunion year for classes

whose graduation years end in 0 and 5. It is

time to plan your reunion! If you are interested

in helping to plan and organize your reunion,

please contact Stephanie Auletta in the Advancement

Office at 301-864-4522 ext. 7171 or


If you would like to receive SetonNotes electronically,

please contact Terry O’Meara in

the Advancement Office at 416@setonhs.

org or 301-864-4532 ext. 7172

Alumnae Event Calendar

October 18 - Hall of Fame Mass and Induction

December 19 - Young Alum Christmas


March 13 - Free Alumnae Dance

April 24 - 50th Anniversary Celebration


Elizabeth Seton High School

5715 Emerson Street

Bladensburg, MD 20710

Non - Profit Org.

U.S. Postage


Bladensburg, MD

Permit #59

Giving Campaigns

United Way #8302

CFC #24755

Maryland Charity Campaign #5869

America’s Charities #18845

Please designate Seton!

Seton Notes is published three times each year for students, faculty, alumnae and friends of Elizabeth Seton

High School. Please send news of interest to Elizabeth Seton High School Advancement Office, 5715

Emerson Street, Bladensburg, MD 20710, call (301) 864-4532, fax (301) 864-89465, or e-mail Maureen

McCart at mmm@setonhs.org

Calendar of Upcoming Events

October 14

Senior Retreat

October 18

Hall of Fame Mass and Ceremony (10:30 a.m.)

October 20

Tri-M Music Honor Society Induction (7:30 p.m.)

October 27

Ring Ceremony (7:00 p.m.)

November 8

Open House (12 p.m.)

November 11 Fall Athletic Awards Banquet

November 13-14 Drama Club Production (7:30 p.m.)

November 18 NHS Induction (7:00 p.m.)

November 21 Seton/DeMatha Dance Marathon

November 25-27 Thanksgiving Holiday

December 4

Choral Concert (7:30 p.m.)

December 11 Instrumental Concert (7:30 p.m.)

December 14-17 Exams

December 18 Reception for classes 2005-2009

December 19 Snowball Dance (8:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.)

December 21- Christmas Holiday

January 3

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