Dear Incoming Seton Student, Here at Seton, we use a web-based ...

Dear Incoming Seton Student, Here at Seton, we use a web-based ...

Dear Incoming Seton Student,

Here at Seton, we use a web-based math program called MathXLforschool, in addition to

textbooks. This program allows you to study, submit your homework, and take quizzes and tests

online. It can be accessed from any computer. If you do not have internet access at home, you

can always do your assignments from school, or at a public library.

To help you be more successful next year, the math department requires a review before school

starts in August. This assignment may require between 10 and 15 hours to complete. Do not try

to finish it in one day or postpone it until the last minute. Rather, spend 1-1.5 hours per day over

several days.

You will need to register online for this program once you receive your schedule and know the

math class you are taking next year. For the summer assignment, you will be using a 30 day free

trial code for the program that will expire exactly 30 days after you register. Directions for how

to do this are numbered below.

The assignment will be open on July 1, and is due on August 21 at 11:59 pm. YOU HAVE 30


DAYS BEGINS THE DAY YOU REGISTER FOR MathXLforschool. The latest that you

should register for this assignment is July 21st. By July 22nd, we will check and respond to all

inquiries regarding registration on MathXLforschools and clear up any problems you might have.

Please send an e-mail to:

Ms. Forrester at or Ms. Bogrash at

NOTE: Please contact the Math Department only if you need help in registering for

MathXLforschool but not for help in actually doing the assignment.

Once you have gained access to your Summer Assignment, MathXLforschool has all of the

resources you will need to complete your review. Please utilize the “Help Me Solve This” and

other links that are found within every problem if you get stuck.

Good luck!

The Math Department


1) Go to and click the Register button.

2) Read the License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Click Accept if you agree to the terms.

3) On the Access Information Screen, you'll be asked whether you already have a Pearson

Education account. Click “No” and then pick a Username and Password. PLEASE WRITE



4) Under Access Code, type in the following: (type one word in each box (don’t type the



5) Follow the instructions to enter some basic information about yourself. (Please use your real

first and last name.) Then create a login name and password. It is very important that you

write down your login name and password or save or print out this page, because you will

use it to access MathXLforschool. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the

registration process. NOTE: When you are asked to select your school name, choose

“Other" from the bottom of the list and type in Elizabeth Seton High School if you do not

see it listed.

6) Return to and enter the login name and password you just


7) Click the Log In button, then click the “Enter MathXL for School” button.

8) Click the button next to “Enroll in my instructor's course.”

9) Type in your course ID:

If you are going into Algebra I type in XL01-F18J-001Z-7WL3

If you are going into Algebra II (any level) type in XL01-F1PV-301Z-2WM3

Confirm you are enrolling in the proper course, and then click the Enroll button.

If your computer needs any components for your online course, you will see a message telling

you to “Run the Browser Check”. Click the “Run Browser Check” link and follow the

instructions on the screen to install any components you need for your online course. After you

have enrolled in your course and run Browser Check, you are ready to do work in your online

course. Use the buttons on the left side of the screen to work in MathXLforSchool. Instructions

for entering your answers are on the web site. Return to anytime to

access your course.

Good luck!

The Math Department

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