Elizabeth Seton High School 5715 Emerson Street


Elizabeth Seton High School 5715 Emerson Street

Elizabeth Seton High School

5715 Emerson Street

Bladensburg, MD 20710

More Than

Mere Money...

More Than Mere Money...

The Mission and Vision of

Elizabeth Seton High School

Why Your Gift Matters…

It is More than Mere Money when you give a gift to

Seton. You are securing the future success of a Seton

student. You are moving Seton’s legacy forward to

the next generation. Every gift to Seton matters.

Percentage of participation in a school’s giving is

often viewed as a level of commitment to the school

and its mission. Corporations and foundations are

more likely to add their support when alumnae and

current and graduate parent support is high. Giving

back to your alma mater means that students today

benefit from the alumnae who came before them.

The collective impact of many gifts advances the

success of Seton and its students as Seton moves into the

next 50 years..

Please consider a heartfelt gift

to ensure a Seton student’s success!

Elizabeth Seton High School offers every student the

opportunity to


In a challenging college-preparatory curriculum with

a highly sought-out Honors Program and a constantly

revised curriculum that responds to changing

standards, emerging technology, and current

business practices.


To a diverse community that extends beyond ethnic,

religious, academic, and socio-economic boundaries

forming one family of faith and friendship.


One’s talents and interests through participation in

one of Seton’s

• 21 athletic teams

• 25 extracurricular clubs

• 8 award winning music groups

• Numerous leadership opportunities inside and

outside of the school environment


One’s personal and communal spiritual life through

prayer, religious formation and instruction, and

service to others, especially the most disadvantaged.

Dear Elizabeth Seton High School Supporters:

“More Than Mere Money”, is the title of a biography

of Dorothy V. Lewis, a woman who evoked my constant

admiration and adulation.

I met Dorothy Lewis in my last assignment in Macon, Ga.

She was a very wealthy woman whose Family Foundation

significantly funded the four Catholic Schools in that

area. Her wish was that the money be used for financial

assistance to families in need and for enrichment of the

schools’ educational endeavors. The author who entitled

Dorothy’s biography wanted to reveal to the readers the

wider story of a woman who was an astute business woman

with unusual vision.

However, I understood those words differently because I

had experienced, personally, the impact of her gift. The

truth is that Dorothy saved the school in which I served

while also promoting the unbridled advancement of the

other three schools. In our school, she allowed:

• Students with limited financial resources to receive a

quality, Catholic education

• Staff members who gave tirelessly to the school, to be paid

a more just compensation

• The School Curriculum to meet advanced standards

of education

• The Catholic Faith and Identity to endure

Dorothy herself became a bit of a recluse in her latter days.

Her funeral left me impressionably sad as it was a simple

burial with no mass, no music, no marvels at what she had

done. It took me awhile to understand that the author was

absolutely accurate. Dorothy had a vision beyond our earthly

kingdom. Her gift was indeed “more than mere money”.

It was “the gift that God had given her, to give as a gift.” No

praise was due except the praise of God. No music needed

to be sung except the music of the heavenly hosts. The only

words Dorothy wanted to hear were His words: “Well done

good and faithful servant. What you have done for the least,

you have done for me.” Truly, it has been a life of “More

Than Mere Money”.

May Dorothy’s story inspire us all to give the gift that we

have, the gift that can assist another while giving praise to


“May God continue to give us the light to know and the

grace to do!”


Sister Ellen Marie


The Impact of Elizabeth

Seton High School

Elizabeth Seton High School proudly attests to the

following measures of success:

• 100% college acceptance rate

• Scholarship and grant money awarded to graduating

students has consistently exceeded 5 million dollars


• Over the past five years, Seton’s combined SAT

scores exceed State and National averages.

However, beyond the statistical measure of success,

our graduates have this to say:

Krystal Okafor ‘08

Seton certainly set me up for success!

As a History and Government and

Politics double major, I spend most

nights composing essays. My time at

Seton taught me how to write collegelevel

research papers with ease.”

Jacqueline Melvin ‘07

“Before entering high school, my family

gave me a strong foundation of faith.

Throughout my journey at Seton, I grew

to understand my faith and truly accept

it as my own. The lessons taught to me

by teachers and classmates at Seton,

as well as by the Daughters of Charity,

inspired me to put my faith in action. This spirituality has

guided my passion to address and change injustices on a

local and global level.”

Mia Athey ‘09

“Service at Seton made me want to

get involved in service at Catholic

University; so I joined a group to feed

the homeless. The homeless are very

grateful. It is very nice to sit down,

and have a conversation with them

and hear about their lives. It makes me

appreciate my life and my gifts with which God has blessed

me. For example, I can buy a metro card and ride the

metro. I am also privileged to afford Catholic University.

My service makes me ponder my purpose in life.”

They Need Your Support...

said, ‘No’ because of financial problems. I had my

mind set on attending Seton, so I prayed. Seton felt

right; and it helped me feel hopeful. When we came to

register at Seton, no funds were available. My parents

and I went back to Seton again, and God made the

impossible happen. We received the financial aid we

needed. Whoever did this for me, I thank you for

giving me this opportunity. I understand how blessed

I am!”

Karina Alvarez is a sophomore at Seton whose

mother died on the first day of school this year.

Through the generosity of one woman, not only

was Karina’s security at Seton sustained, but also the

security of her sister, who begins Seton next fall. No

doubt, it’s a sacrifice for this donor and her husband,

but it is also a generous gift that adds hope and

happiness to the daughters of Rosa Alvarez. Never

could we imagine letting go of them and remaining

true to our mission!

This bright young lady is Tori Campbell, a

member of Seton’s work/study program. Tori also

benefits from Capital Partners in Education, a

business group dedicated to helping motivated, low

income youth receive a college preparatory education

to reach their dreams of higher education. Just one

conversation with Tori will reveal her maturity, her

motivation and her accomplishments! We can’t wait

to see what the future holds for her!

“My name is Taylor Young. When I brought the

Seton brochure home to my mother, she immediately

I/We wish to make a gift of

❑ $50 ❑ $75 ❑ $100 ❑ $___________

to the Elizabeth Seton High School.

❑ I am interested in receiving information regarding planned

gifts or bequests to the Elizabeth Seton High School.

Elizabeth Seton High School is in my will.

Payment type (circle one)

Check, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX

Please make checks payable to the Elizabeth Seton High School.




State Zip




I herby authorize Elizabeth Seton High School to charge the amount as noted above.


Credit Card Number___________________________________________________ Exp. date_____________________




Elizabeth Seton High School

5715 Emerson Street

Bladensburg, MD 20710

Did You Remember To...

Fill-out the gift form?

Enclose your check payable to Elizabeth Seton High School?

Or fill out the Credit Card information?

Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Your gift can also be made online at: www.setonhs.org.

Thank you for your gift!

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