Family Service Program Commitment Form for 2012-13

Family Service Program Commitment Form for 2012-13

Family Service Program

Commitment Form for 2012-13

Everyone should have received Sister Ellen Marie’s letter in the August packet

describing the Family Service Program at Elizabeth Seton High School. As she

indicated, the program was developed by the Parents Club Organization to enrich our

school by fostering involvement in school activities by parents, grandparents, and other

family members.

The Parents Club and school administrators have a number of exciting events

scheduled for the upcoming school year. These events will be a success only with the

active involvement of as many family members as possible. We would like to hit the

ground running this year in planning for these events. To do this, we need to ensure

sufficient interest and commitment to these events. We are therefore asking parents to

take some time now, at the beginning of the year, to consider the role they would like to

play in helping with upcoming events.

Listed on the next page are a number of events and activities planned for 2012-13 for

which we will need significant parent support and assistance. Please indicate in the

space provided which activities you are interested in helping with. Your name will then

be included on a list of volunteers that the various committee chairs will call on at the

appropriate time for assistance.

As an alternative to personally helping at school with these events, parents may choose

to provide their service “in kind,” by providing baked goods or other food/beverage items

as needed to support school activities.

We are asking all families to commit a minimum of 10 hours total (or the equivalent in

food donations) to one or more of these activities. If you feel that due to other

obligations you will be unable to participate in the Family Service Program for the 2012-

13 school year, we ask that you remit the $100 fee mentioned in Sister Ellen Marie’s

letter at this time. Envelopes are available that can be used to securely submit this


We are excited about the many upcoming events planned for this school year, and look

forward to working with our devoted parents and family members to make these events

a big success! We want to thank each and every one of our loyal family members for

the hard work they do to enrich their daughter’s experience at Seton.

With gratitude,

The Officers of the Seton PCO

Daughter’s Name: _______________________________ Student ID or Grade:_______________

Parent’s Name:_________________________ Phone:______________ Email:________________

Please fill out either Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3 of the form below.


Part 1: Unable to Participate

____ We regret that we will be unable to participate in the Family Service Program this year, and

are remitting our $100 fee with this form.


Part 2: Participation by “In Kind” donations

____ We will fulfill our Family Service obligations by donating food, beverages, etc. for upcoming

Seton events as needed, in an amount that will correspond to a minimum of 10 hours of

service. (Lists of food items needed, and the amounts corresponding to 1 or more service

hours will be provided by the relevant committee chairs.)


Part 3: Participation by performing service

____ We plan to participate in the Family Service Program this year. We have indicated below

which activities we plan to get involved with, and the minimum number of hours we commit to

performing for each activity.

Note: The following is just a sampling of the many ways in which Seton

parents may fulfill their service obligation. There will be other opportunities

for service hours. These may include Athletic Dept. and Music Dept.

activities, as well as School dances. Check your weekly Parent Announce

for volunteer opportunities!


Event Date

ESHS Homecoming Oct. 20

Fall Open House Nov. 4

Spring Open House Apr. 28

Baccalaureate Reception May 28

Mother/Daughter or other Spring Family event

May (date TBD)

Serve as Committee Chair* --

School/grounds clean-up, beautification projects --

Not specified – activity to be determined later --

Other: If you have a preferred form of service that is not

included in this list, please enter it here.

Minimum Hours


*Serving as a Committee Chair for any PCO-sponsored activity automatically fulfills the family service

obligation for that school year.

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