Catering Menu - Sette Bello

Catering Menu - Sette Bello

Catering Menu

Sette Bello Catering Menu

Date: _______________ Time Required: _______

Number of guest: ____________

Company Name: ___________________________

Delivery Address: _________________________Pick up: YES / NO

Contact Person: ____________________________

Ph: _________________ Mob: _______________

Email Address: ____________________________


• All orders are COD or on ACCOUNT organised by management

• Orders can be faxed to (03) 9574 8099 or emailed to prior to 4pm the previous day

• All equipment not returned to Sette Bello including all ceramics

and cutlery will be charged at cost

• Minimum numbers apply to some items

• A delivery fee may be charged.

• We reserve the right to alter menu, if outside circumstances




Bacon & Egg Focaccia @ $7.00 ea

Ham, Cheese & Tomato Focaccia @ $7.00 ea

Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toastie @ $5.50 ea

Breakfast Wrap w egg, bacon, lettuce & relish @ $8.00 ea

Plain Croissant @ $3.50 ea

Ham, Cheese & Tomato Croissant @ $5.50 ea

Fresh baked Muffins @ $3.00 ea

(Raspberry and white chocolate, Blueberry and yoghurt, Apple and cinnamon, Orange and

poppy seed, Triple choc & Banana and choc chip)

Mini-­‐Danish Pastries @ $1.50 ea

(Apple, Apricot, Mixed Berry & Chocolate)

Homemade Slices @ $3.00 ea

(Lemon, Caramel, Chocolate Brownie, Hedgehog & Coconut roughie)

Assorted Cookies @ $2.50 ea

(Yo-­‐ Yo, Anzac biscuits, chocolate brownie & Jam-­‐filled Viennese)

Yogurt Cups @ $5.00 ea

(Choose from natural, mango, passion fruit, berry & granola)

Fruit Platters @ $6.00 per person

Cheese Platters @ $10.00 per person

(Award winning cheeses from Tarago River. Accompanied with dried and seasonal fresh fruit,

quince paste & Lavoche crackers)

Petit Fours Platter @ $24.00 per dozen

(Assorted mini desserts ranging from chocolate tart, cheesecake, lemon tart & éclairs)

Scones Platter @ $36.00 per dozen

(Plain and Fruit accompanied with strawberry jam and double cream)


Gourmet Turkish Focaccia (F) or Wraps (W) or Baguettes (B) @ $8.00 each.

Baguette Wraps Focaccia

Choose from our selection:


Pollo (Chicken):

With Swiss cheese, avocado, sundried tomato & spinach

Roast Lamb:

With feta, olive, roasted capsicum, tzatziki & rocket

Ortolana (Roasted Vegetables):

With eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, pesto & goat’s cheese


With roasted capsicum & Assiago cheese


With mayo, Spanish onion, roasted capsicum & capers

Smoked Salmon:

With lemon crème fraiche, Spanish onion & rocket


With pesto, shaved Parmesan, & rocket

Leg Ham:

With Swiss cheese, French mustard and tomato

Chicken Schnitzel:

With basil aioli, cos lettuce, Swiss cheese & avocado

Eye Fillet Beef:

With horseradish mayo, rocket, onion jam & Swiss cheese

Chili Chicken:

With sweet chilli, shaved carrot, cucumber, cos & avocado



Antipasto Platter: $12.00 per person

With a selection of sliced cured meats, marinated Italian vegetables, olives, cheese &

water crackers. Vegetarian Antipasto platter also available

Cheese Platter: $10.00 per person

Award winning cheeses from Tarago River. Accompanied with dried and seasonal fresh

fruit, quince paste & Lavoche crackers.

Fruit Platter: $6.00 per person

A selection of fresh seasonal fruit.

Gourmet Pizza Platter: $28.00 per pizza Serves 3-­‐4 ppl

Wood-­‐fried pizza slices with choice of Caprese (Tomato, Pesto & Bocconcini), Vegetarian

(Red peppers, zucchini, eggplant & pumpkin), Salami (Salami, olives & Red peppers)

Sicilian (Spicy pork sausage, olives & caramelised onion)

Sushi Platter: $60.00 per platter (45 pieces)

A selection of Japanese Sushi and sashimi items accompanied with soya sauce, wasabi

and pickled ginger.

Gourmet Sandwich Platter: $5.50 per person

A variety of gourmet sandwich fillings both meat and vegetarian done either in Ribbon,

Point or Club Style. Please state which style of sandwich platter you require when


Sette Bello Mixed Platter 1 (72 pieces): $150.00 per platter

Mini Beef Burgers, Arancini, Chicken Skewers, Battered Prawns, Sausage rolls & Meat


Sette Bello Mixed Platter 2 (72 pieces): $135.00 per platter

Meat Balls, Arancini, Beef Skewers, sausage rolls, point sandwiches & frittata bites

Sette Bello Mixed Platter 3 (54 pieces): $110.00 per platter

Mini Burgers, Battered Prawns, Arancini, Peking duck pancakes, Salmon & Dill Tartlets,

Chicken Skewers

Sette Bello Mixed Platter 4 (54 pieces): $95.00 per platter

Salmon & Dill Tartlets, Frittata bites, ribbon sandwiches, mini pizza slices, Peking duck

pancakes & Arancini

Sette Bello Vegetarian Platter (54 pieces): $90.00 per platter

Frittata bites, Arancini, ribbon sandwiches, avocado and cucumber sushi, Sundried

Tomato and pumpkin tartlets & Spinach and Cheese puffs



Beef Skewers @ $3.00per piece

Asian style marinated beef

King Prawns @ $3.00 per piece

Crispy battered King Prawns with Chilli Sauce

Swordfish Skewers @ $3.00 per piece

Marinated with salsa verde

Chicken Skewers @ $3.00 per piece

Grilled Chicken skewers with sweet chilli sauce

Arancini @ $2.00 per piece

Arborio Rice balls with pumpkin, spinach and fontina cheese

Italian Spicy sausages @ $3.00 per sausage

Pork & Fennel Italian style sausages with a touch of chilli & tomato relish

Lamb Cutlets @ $4.20 per piece

Crumbed in panko bread crumbs or grilled with lemon

Gourmet Sausage Rolls @ $2.00 per piece

Peking duck pancakes @ $2.00 per pancake

Duck breast pieces, cucumber and Hoi Sin sauce in a traditional Chinese pancake

Spinach & Cheese Puffs @ $2.50 per piece

Beef Meat Balls @ $2.00 per piece

Mini Beef Burgers @ $3.50 per piece

Beef Burgers, Swiss Cheese, tomato relish and iceberg in a gourmet roll

Calamari Boxes @ $6.00 per box

Crumbed calamari served with rocket and aioli

(Calamari Platters also available @ $8.00 per person)


Frittata Bites @ $2.00 per piece

Egg based offerings with seasonal vegetable and local chesses


Salmon & Dill Tartlets @ $2.50 per piece

Natural South Australian Oysters @ $18.00 per half dozen

Sundried Tomato & Pumpkin Tartlets @ $2.20 per piece

Gourmet filled mini bagels @ $4.00 per piece

Chicken & Avocado; roasted vegetable & rocket; Smoked Salmon, rocket & cream cheese;

Leg ham, tomato and cheese

Smoked Salmon roulade @ $3.50 per wheel

Tasmanian smoked salmon with Flore di Latte cheese and fresh spinach

Chocolate covered strawberries @ $1.50 per piece


Your choice of pasta; Linguine (L), Spaghettini (S), Orecchiette (O),

Rigatoni (R), Spinach & Ricotta filled Ravioli (RA), Gnocchi (G) and

Arborio Risotto (AR). Please initial the type of pasta you require in the Type box.

Alla Panna @ $40.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

With field mushrooms, smoked ham, white wine, shaved parmesan & cream.

Quantity Type

Bolognaise @ $40.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

With premium beef mince, rich Napoli sauce and Italian herbs

Duck and Mushroom @ $45.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

Roasted duck, wild mushrooms, shaved parmesan and red wine

Seafood @ $55.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

Assorted fresh seafood in a rich seafood bisque

Amartricana @ $40.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

With smoky bacon, mild chilli, black olives and topped with a fresh Napoli sauce.

Chicken & Mushroom @ $45.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

With grilled chicken fillets, wild mushrooms, shaved Parmesan & spinach leaves.

Primavera @ $40.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with rich Napoli sauce

Lamb shank ragu @ $45.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)



Greek Salad @ $22.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

With baby cos leaves, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, Spanish onion &

black olives with a lemon, oregano & olive oil dressing.

Greek & Lamb Salad @ $35.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

As per Greek Salad above with tender lamb pieces.

Caesar Salad @ $22.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

With baby cos leaves, crispy bacon, croutons, shaved parmesan &

a creamy anchovy dressing.

Chicken Caesar @ $30.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

As per Caesar Salad above with poached chicken fillets.

Smoked Salmon Salad @ $35.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

With fresh smoked salmon fillets, tossed green leaves, tomato, avocado,

cucumber, capers & lemon.

Asian Beef Salad @ $35.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

Asian style marinated beef served over Baby spinach, cucumber, carrot,

avocado & tomato with a soy, chilli & lime dressing.

Marinated Vegetable Salad @ $30.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

With Spinach, pine nuts, roasted pumpkin, zucchini, sundried tomato, eggplant and

fetta cheese

Caprese Salad @ $40.00 per tray (Serves 6 ppl)

With Heirloom tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella cheese and fresh basil



Mount Franklin Water 600ml @ $3.00 each

Lauretana Italian Sparkling Water 1000ml @ $7.00 each

Lauretana Italian Still Water 1000ml @ $7.00 each

San Pellegrino Flavored Mineral Varieties (Chinotto, Limonata,

Rossa & Mandarino) 200ml @ $3.50 each

Soft drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite etc.) 600ml @ $3.50 each

1.25 litre Coke & Sprite @ $6.50 each

Bottled Juices (Orange, Apple, Tropical, Tomato, Pineapple and

Apple & Blackcurrant) 250ml – 350ml @ $3.00 each

2 Litres Golburn Valley Orange Juice @ $7.00 each

Note: Take-­‐Away coffee and tea orders can be organized with catering, so please discuss with your


Please discuss with your caterer any dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free

and/or nut allergies

Prices effective as at 1 st May 2011 and are subject to change without notice=

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