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I’m not young enough to know everything.

- J.M. Barrie Every year art colleges all over

Europe will release yet more batches of design

graduates, all of them trained to manipulate

the latest computer programs, all web savvy

and most with some degree of talent. But as

we all know only a few will be talented, or

lucky, enough to get through to the design

profession. Even those who do, will be whittled

down to just a few as the years progress. It’s

a shame really, because it’s not that these young people can’t

design - or press the computer keys fast enough - or up load

a site to the web in the correct way. No, the problem is one

of creativity. Some will find it just too difficult to maintain the

consistent high degree of creativity needed throughout their

professional lives.

Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you

just stand there. - Will Rogers I believe, creativity is, in the

end, a state of mind, I’m not sure if it can even be taught, (sorry

to disagree Mr De Bono), I think you either ARE creative or your

not. By creative, I don’t just mean that someone can come up

with ideas, to be creative you must have so many ideas that you

can’t stop yourself, a creative person doesn’t look for permission

or feel the need to compare with others, a creative person

just does it, because….well, because they feel it’s right.

Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you

can’t, you’re absolutely right. - Henry Ford Today, more than

ever before, we find ourselves in the ‘creative profession’. I say,

‘more than ever before’, because today ‘creative’ studios need

to be just that, ‘Creative Studios’. Gone forever are the days

where clients worked with studios to establish the creative idea

and then continue through with all the implementation and

artwork stages. Implementation and artwork can be, and is,

dissected and calculated to the nearest cent and clients now

employ studios that do nothing else… and do it at a really cheap

rate too. For those of us who remain in the ‘creative’ field, this

means real pressure to continue to come up with cracking ideas

that capture the imagination and maintain excitement around

our clients’ brands. That’s all we do now, so we HAVE to be good

at it or….. well there is no ‘or’.

It is not enough to have a good mind, the main thing is to use it

well - Rene Descartes But there is some good news: Because

when you look around most products and services are more or

less the same, a bank’s a bank like any other, an orange juice is

Rowland Heming

President Pineapple Design

an orange juice, an electric iron is just like any other too, once

you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. So, if brands and services

want to express their image in a different way, then the ONLY

way left is to invest in creativity and design. In the end, creativity

and design is the only real difference, because in most cases

it’s only creativity and design that leads consumers to perceive

a product as unique.

So it falls to us, ‘the creative profession’ to be able to continually

come up with new ideas and we need to do it day after

day? Which begs the question, how can we keep ourselves


No matter how old you get, if you can keep the desire

to be creative, you’re keeping the man-child alive - John

Cassavetes As I said creativity is a state of mind. Creativity

is about being inquisitive, about wanting to know everything.

It’s about diversity, doing things that stimulate your mind. For

example, when I was at college I imagined myself with a big

barrel full of ideas that I had filled up during my education

and from all the influences around me. Then, when I got my

first job, I very quickly realised that I was using up this store

of ideas - trying to impress my bosses by supposedly being the

young ‘creative genius’. I soon realised that if I was to last in

the profession, I would have to find a way to constantly re-fill

my barrel on a daily basis.

When you come to a roadblock, take a detour - Mary Kay Ash

Everybody will have their own method of ‘filling their barrel’, but

I do this by constantly exposing myself to new ideas. By taking

chances and doing things that are risky, ‘off the wall’ and which

perhaps at first don’t seem to have any real benefit, but on the

way, ….because the journey is always more interesting than

the destination….I see, I enjoy, I experience and I absorb….then

suddenly, plop! ….the experience is dropped into my barrel for

later use. It may all sound a little mad, but then I’ve been doing

this for 35 years now and it still seems to be working!

A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut

the rope and be free - Nikos Kazantzakis

Rowland Heming is President Pineapple Design – Belgium and

one of the founders and a Past Presidents of the PDA–EUROPE

– Rowland also runs design workshops – writes articles on

design and creativity - paints portraits in pastel – plays guitar

in a bar each weekend – writes his own songs – plays piano - is

a member of the Lions Club – lives in the deep countryside and

therefore is obliged into bio gardening by his wife who is also a

designer/painter – has a daughter who has just graduated as an

illustrator – has a son who is a DJ and art student…..

Rowland Heming

illustrations by Tom Plant

PDA visits

Stölzle-Oberglas, Austria

For the first time at one of our congresses

we introduced in Graz a visit to a packaging

related company. In the beautiful countryside

Steiermark, where the damage of the recent

high water was visible, we went to the Glashütte

and the Glass factory of Stölzle-Oberglas.

In the Glashütte we saw the production of glass like household

items, lamps and vases. Austrian craftsmen created these

productions or pieces of art by working hard with their hands,

mouth and the strength of their lungs.

A short exhibition explained the history and the production and

also made clear why the glass had been produced since so many

years in this specific region. In the area close to the Glashütte

there were Lipizaner are also horses born and trained.

From here we went on

to visit the glass factory


Glashütte was relative

calm but here the factory

was full of noise. The guide

had to explain everything

before the visit, because

in the factory you could

not hear him anymore. It

was amazing to see how

little bottles were made

from basic materials like

energy, recycled glass and

silizium. Stölzle-Oberglas

create well-known and

less known glass containers,

for example the

famous Underberg bottle

is produced in this plant

in large quantities, as

well as many other beautiful

big or small bottles.

A specialisation is the

production of medicine

bottles and ampoules for

which they use a special

clean room. Quality control

dominates the whole

process. It was really an

eye-opener to become

aware of the world behind

the glass we are accustomed

to use in our daily


A warm thank you has to be addressed to the staff of Stölzle-

Oberglas for the kind reception and clear explanation.

Rob Vermeulen

Co-President of the PDA Europe

what’s new?

Dear fellow members, dear friends,

It is a pleasure for me, after nearly two years of

valuable experience at ex com, to serve alongside

Rob Vermeulen as President of our Association.

I should like to thank the PDA for this splendid

opportunity and I shall endeavour to fulfil this

important task to the best of my ability and in line

with the Association’s principles and the expectations

of the members.

Some of you probably don’t know me personally, which is why I

thought it best to introduce myself via our newsletter. I should like

to share some aspects of our current situation with you, talk about

the future activities of the PDA and invite you to participate in an

open debate, with a view to getting all our members more actively

involved in the life of the Association.

I am firmly convinced that a sense of belonging and the full participation

of members and sponsors are two defining features of our

Association, which need to be carefully nurtured. Above all we need

to know exactly what your expectations of the PDA are in order to

be able to meet them fully (both through the PDA Congresses and

through our activities during the year). With this in mind I invite you

to get in touch with me and Rob directly; and I take this opportunity

of pointing out that we are in the process of setting up a “Member

Care” service. This is a new and important initiative for the PDA, and

an early indication of the Association’s determination to get closer

to the membership.

I mentioned the PDA Congresses, and I am in no doubt at all that

these events form a vital and fundamental part of the Association’s

activities. They are the best way for the Association to achieve its

goals of promoting international dialogue and propagating the kind

of inspirational culture that allows professionals to work more

effectively. The Congresses need to deliver concrete benefits for

members, which then become a de facto argument for PDA membership;

on the strength of this we plan to invest time and resources

in making these events even better and even more attractive in

terms of their theme, content and location – without of course sacrificing

their legendary intimate character, which has always been

a feature of PDA Congresses and one of the things that has always

made them really special. And a very special Congress is just

around the corner in spring 2006, taking place in one of the fastestgrowing

Italian cities and the venue for the 2006 Winter Olympics

– TURIN. I should like to ask as many of you as possible to attend.

The spring Congress promises to be an unforgettable Italian

tasting experience! (… more than that I cannot say at present,

apart from the fact that I shall be personally involved with the

organization, along with colleagues from RBA Design; we will be

assisted by JJ Schaffner, who is responsible for organizing the

Congress, and who brings ten years’ experience to the task).

However, the life of the PDA is not limited to the two annual

get-togethers. It is evolving constantly throughout the year, with

a whole series of activities of an increasingly practical nature.

These are aimed at helping our members in their day-to-day

professional life with the aid of instruments and knowledge made

available by our sponsors and members.

One example is the Innovation Tool on the PDA website, a special

area reserved for members and sponsors, which includes a large

gallery with examples of work from the packaging sector design

and materials) and a technical forum. Now in the course of preparation,

it will be completed and up and running by the end of the

year – with your contribution also featured. We should like the

web page to become a virtual marketplace for the world of brand

design, which functions as a source of creative inspiration and a

fount of knowledge – all of which is possible as long as enough of

us take part.

“Originality is nothing but judicious imitation.”

The “Packaging Innovation Tool” is just one example of a series of

concrete initiatives that we are developing with the ex com membership.

These are currently at various stages of development, but

all of them testify to our enthusiastic desire to advance the project

of a stronger, more compact PDA with a growing membership.

Fabrizio Bernasconi

Co-President of the PDA Europe


Graphèmes, created in 1988

is an independent agency

located in Lille.

We are specialised in graphic

design (packaging & corporate


The agency consists of 20


The offices are installed in

a building from the 17th century, in the old town which also

accomodates EXPOGRAPHIC, a permanent exhibition devoted

to graphic design.

The mission of the agency is to introduce our profession to the

general public and help them share our passion.

We decided to join the PDA as our desire is to situate our

agency in the international arena (many of our customers are

present on the international market), also we wish to accompany

them in their ambitions in the best way possible.

Finally, we wish to discover other horizons on both the cultural

and professional level, building our capacity to help our clients

be more profitable.

In October we were in Sweden within the framework of ‘The

Design Year’. During our visit, we met an agency in Stockholm

and started an exchange with them. We hope this too will prove

to be enriching for us and our customers.

For all these reasons we have joined the PDA.



member profile

Expographics exhibition

The PDA is represented in countries all over the world.



member profile



3 2 nd



MAY 19 th '06







Firstimpressionsof the

Being an account manager means having to

deal with a huge amount of typical agency

work – preparing estimates, planning meetings,

organizing presentations, etc.

So for me Graz was a welcome opportunity to

draw breath.

Although I had heard about the PDA during

my last two years with RBA, the 31st Congress

was my first opportunity for direct contact with

the Association – a contact that I found both

very interesting and very exciting.

To compare oneself with the most prestigious European and

overseas agencies, to discuss one’s professional experiences,

areas of expertise and views and to receive input and ideas

from allied or complementary sectors – these are some of the

key benefits of PDA membership. The PDA serves as a kind of

vantage point, from which one can get a good overview of the

international design world.

And from this vantage point we can look out across and beyond

national and cultural frontiers and see ourselves as members

of a community, whose identity, values and professionalism can

and must make themselves increasingly felt on the international


As a “new entry” in Graz I became acutely aware of the sense of

common purpose that unites a group of persons who are bound

together not just by a common profession or social objective,

but above all by a shared language, a shared sensibility and a

shared passion.

So I like to think of the PDA as the “Passion for Design

Association” and I hope that every delegate at the Graz Congress

has taken this warmth, these values and this message home

with him and propagated them in his own land – despite the

stresses of everyday agency life.

It is in this spirit that I should like to assist with the organization

of the 32nd PDA Congress, working alongside the Italian director

of RBA in the person of Fabrizio Bernasconi.

To renew the sense of belonging and shared motivation; to

propose stimulating and innovative subjects for discussion; to

offer a valuable cultural and emotional experience – these are

the aims that Fabrizio and Rob have set themselves for the next

Congress. I am honoured to receive the “flame” from Graz – to

employ an Olympic metaphor here – and to carry it forward to the

next venue in 2006.


Alessandra Baicchi, 31 years old, with a university degree

in communication sciences, has worked since 1999 as an

account manager in the field of branding, packaging design

and BTL activities. She joined RBA two years ago, where she

has specialized in mass-market consumer goods, and now

works for major international brands. She also assists the

management with internal agency projects and with international

contacts in connection with PDA.

3 2 nd


Alessandra Baicchi


MAY 19 th '06







Design Service Center

“Merck brings effects to the design of

your projects”

Upon now, Merck Effect Pigments have the opportunity to help you and

your customers with the implementation of effect pigments already in

the layout stage of a new project. We are now able to transform original

layout datas and add effect layers directly to the layouts. This means,

we can show customers and partners in the industry our experience

making suggestions of effective use of refinement to the prints. On

demand we can provide a physical sample of our proposals in form of

an analogue cromalin.

& HP come together to unleash the potential of digital printing

To the delight of brand owners and designers worldwide,

ExxonMobil Chemical and digital printing giant HP are infusing

the packaging workflow with one of the most desired

elements in business - extra time.

Recognizing that a brand owner and a packaging designer

can create an all digital flexible packaging workflow by

combining ExxonMobil and HP technologies, the companies

decided to jointly promote their capabilities in the flexible

packaging market.

“The union of digital printing and flexible packaging enables

a faster time to market for packaged consumer goods,” says

Massimo Ferrari, ExxonMobil’s Director of New Business

Development in Europe.

“By combining HP and ExxonMobil technologies, customers

can grow revenues by improving packaging cycle times

over conventional processes and eliminating waste linked to

the packaging design process.”

HP has been at the forefront of the development of digital

printing and proofing technologies for packaging, as well

as non-packaging applications. HP Indigo digital presses

allow brand owners to turn a design into printed packaging

in a matter of hours with opportunities for mass product

customisation, a perfect recipe for new product launches and

targeted promotions.

During the design phase, the HP Designjet family of large for-

How does this work?

The first and most challenging point is, that you use our expertise and

send us a promising project. Then we give the input how to enhance the

layout with effect colors.

For further information or details regarding this, please contact:

MERCK KGaA Pigments/Marketing Printing Industries

Frankfurter Strasse 250,

64271 Darmstadt, Germany



Phone: 0049-(0)6151-726134

mat printers, in conjunction with ExxonMobil’s PacVantageTM,

can accelerate design acceptance and reduce proofing cycles

through accurate emulation of the final printed piece.

In addition to being able to quickly print the packaging, digital

printing allows for shorter runs, which eliminates waste and

the need for storing unnecessary packaging, while freeing up

conventional printing equipment for longer run jobs.

While HP is heavily involved with the proofing and output

portion of the packaging workflow, ExxonMobil’s PacVantage

integrates all players in the packaging chain, a feat that would

be impossible for one company alone.

PacVantage was demonstrated at Interpack in April with HP

technologies including a HP Indigo press WS4050, an HP

Designjet 90 and 130 for printing and proofing, as well as a

Bosch Terra 25 VFFS packaging machine. The demonstration

clearly showed how HP technologies and PacVantage can

enhance the role of packaging as a brand communication

channel. “Merck brings effects to the design of your projects”

“Visitors to Interpack viewed ExxonMobil’s and HP’s shared

vision for the future of digital printing in flexible packaging,”

says Massimo.

“This collaboration reflects the commitment of ExxonMobil

and HP to help customers increase efficiency in printing and



Correspondence address

PDA Secretariat

Claudia Josephs

Bergstraße 11

D-40878 Ratingen

phone: + 49 (0) 2102-102 99 40

fax: + 49 (0) 2102-102 99 41

mobile phone: + 49 (0) 151-16 23 12 50

e-mail: • internet:


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sponsor news

• Executive Committee - INNER CIRCLE :

Co-President PDA Rob Vermeulen Netherlands

Co-President PDA Fabrizio Bernasconi Italy

Treasurer Hartmut Bandke Germany


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• Executive Committee - OUTER CIRCLE :

Congress Organisation Jean Jacques Schaffner Switzerland

Education/Student's Care Fabrice Peltier


New Member Frank Swolfs Netherlands

Congress Support Oleg Beriev Russia


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