Annex 1: Logical framework matrix in standard format ... - Sida

Annex 1: Logical framework matrix in standard format ... - Sida

Annex 1: Logical framework matrix in standard format ... - Sida


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Annex 1: Logical framework matrix in standard format (compulsory)

Log frame planning matrix for project

„Strengthening institutions and capacities for

implementation of EU Directive on regulated professions“

Program name and number: IPA National Program 2011

Twinning Bosnia and


Contracting period:

Implementation period:

Overall objective Objectively verifiable indicators Sources of Verification

Increase mobility and

employability of labour

force through strengthening

institutional and

administrative capacities

for implementation of EU

acquis in the fields of

mutual recognition of


Number of ministries/institutions

implementing requirements of the

Directive according to the Road


Reports from relevant ministries

Total Budget: € 525.000 Twinning budget: € 500.000

Project purpose Objectively verifiable indicators Sources of Verification Assumptions

Strengthening the

institutional capacity of

relevant Ministries for:

Education, Health,

Veterinary and Architecture

for recognition of diplomas,

certificates and other

evidence of the formal

qualifications (Directive


Number of Universities, faculties,

schools introducing curricula in

line with the Directive

EC Progress report

Stable political and

economic climate

Relevant institutions

committed to cooperate

Results Objectively verifiable indicators Sources of Verification Assumptions

- Road map/maps* for the

implementation of the

- Number of road maps (for

different sectors)

Project reports

Relevant institutions reports

Directive 2005/36/EU of

Reports of the Conference of Education

European Parliament and

Ministers in BiH

the Council of European

Union on regulated

professions is prepared.

Resources available

Stakeholders’ interest

- A gap analysis conducted

between the requirements

of the Directive

2005/36/EZ and BiH

Higher Education –

Qualifications Fframework

and Baseline Qualifications

Framework reviewed and

recommendations report


- Legislation relevant to the

Directive 2005/36/EU is

reviewed and

recommendation report


- Recommendations on

strengthening and capacity

building of

institutions/bodies for

implementation of the


- Road map/maps*

including recommendations

for the certification and

recognition of

qualifications falling under

the Directive 2005/36/EZ


* A decision will be taken

during drafting Activity

Plan for this Project in

consultation with relevant

authorities in BiH.

- Number of meetings and

members of staff from relevant

ministries and institutions

involved in drafting gap analysis

- Number of sectors involved in

legislative analysis

- Number of staff from

ministries/institution trained for

implementation of the Directive

- Number of institutions

participating in preparation of

road map/maps for certification

- Number of institutions

participating in cooperation

Documents/reports related to

establishment of authorized bodies


Number of institutions/bodies

form EU cooperating with BiH


- Institutional building

1) Effective cooperation

between institutions

operating in this field

ensuring transparency and

information to the society

regarding EU Directive on

regulated professions


2) Recommendations for

possible development of

authorized bodies in

relevant sectors at all levels

of decision making drafted.

3) Establishment of

connection between

relevant authorities in BiH

with similar bodies in EU

member states.

- Staff capacity building

1) TNA and

recommendations for the

staff in the relevant

ministries drafted.

2) Tailor made training

based on TNA for specific

sectors and institutions

(raising awareness about

the Directive, examples of

good practice from other

EU countries, training in

specific needs for specific

sectors, training of staff in

competent ministries on

regulated professions (120

people in total etc.).

TNA report available

Number of staff trained

Activities Means Costs Assumptions

- Arrange regular meetings

of working groups that will

consist of domestic and

international experts.

- Identify relevant

- Twinning contract 500.000 + 25.000 Euro Relevant institutions willing

to cooperate

Specific project resources

are available

legislation and organize the

review of legislation.

- Assist in drafting of


- Facilitate the elaboration

of a proposal for

arrangements for the

certification and

recognition of

qualifications falling under

this Directive.

- Facilitate drafting of road


- Organize consultation on

the findings and to prepare

road map/maps with all

concerned parties.

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