Lying and Defiance Presentation

Lying and Defiance Presentation

Lying and Defiance Presentation


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Dr. Bryan Post, MSW


Identifies 27 of the most

problematic and challenging

behaviors parents face.

Provides step-­‐by step guidance

and insight for working through

these behaviors.

“If you always do what you’ve

always done, you will always

be where you’ve already


-­‐Bishop T.D. Jakes

• We all perceive an unexpected event or request as threatening until it is deemed to

be otherwise

• When we make a request of our child, they freeze first to determine if they perceive

this event as threatening (homework, chores, going to school etc.)

• You are not always going to know what is causing this stress reaction in your child

• The essence of defiance is fear so make your request and back away. This gives your

child some space to perceive that this request is not a threat but that it is safe.

• If you force your child to do what you want, your are creating a negative repetitious


• Want to create “positive repetitious conditioning” (basically you want them to

comply without a negative response)

• Wake your child up slowly (spend 10 mins with them,

come back in 5 min turn on light, walk away, come

back etc.)

• This helps reset their CIRCADIAN RHYTHM (how

the child wakes up in the morning and calms down

at night)

• Practice this morning routine at alternative times

(this role play can be used for any transition issue)

“It’s when we most

need love, that we

will be our most


-­‐Leslie Charles

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