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Produktbroschüre (kurz) Englisch

Produktbroschüre (kurz) Englisch


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Transparency meets intelligence<br />

Light is more than the diff erence bet<strong>we</strong>en brightness and darkness. Daylight aff ects body<br />

and mind. Scientifi c studies show the measurable positive eff ects on the human organism<br />

- not just in terms of <strong>we</strong>ll-being and health. Suffi cient daylight in the working environment<br />

infl uences productivity and reduces the risk of accident and injury. Daylight is one of the key<br />

factors for productivity and safety and therefore essential for creating entrepreneurial values.<br />

Aesthetic and efficient: daylight solutions for roof and facade<br />

If gable, saddle or pent roof, skylight domes, facade and wall elements, free roofi ng with a<br />

large span construction - the entire performance range of <strong>EVERLITE</strong> meets all diff erent requirements.<br />

Our clients need not just depend on standards. They can create their own ideas<br />

and visions.<br />

You can fully rely on our quality<br />

For more than 35 years the name <strong>EVERLITE</strong> has represented innovation and performance in<br />

the areas of daylight and smoke extraction. High quality components and careful processing<br />

help to provide top quality for <strong>your</strong> daylight installations. Convince <strong>your</strong>self of our performance<br />

and expierience.


Alphaglas ®<br />

Alphaglas ® – our high quality product<br />

Highly impact resistant polycarbonate is the basis for our high<br />

quality product Alphaglas ® . The choice of this material ensures<br />

a stable temperature bet<strong>we</strong>en -30° C and +120° C. Thus, the<br />

material is significantly stable beyond the usual scope.<br />

Alphaglas ® boards are transparent or coloured and usually used<br />

in industrial and office <strong>building</strong>s. Alphaglas ® keeps the inside of<br />

<strong>your</strong> <strong>building</strong> at the right temperature in summer as <strong>we</strong>ll as in<br />

winter. Light can pass, heat is stopped by our special sheets.<br />


VLIES INSIDE Alphaglas ® multiwall sheets with integrated layer<br />

(10/V/6 or 10/V/6)<br />

Protect <strong>your</strong> employees and <strong>your</strong> <strong>building</strong> with various means<br />

from fire and smoke.<br />

In case of a fire in <strong>your</strong> <strong>building</strong> Alphaglas ® PC 10/V/6 and 16/V/6<br />

will simply melt out by heat so that smoke, heat and gases can<br />

escape and the firemen have clear vision and are able to react<br />

more quickly.<br />

Alphaglas ® PC 10/V/6 and 16/V/6 can save lives and assets.<br />


VLIES INSIDE Alphaglas ® multiwall sheets with integrated layer<br />

(10/V/6 or 10/V/6)<br />

Common roof lights cannot provide sun protection without<br />

additional devices which are often relatively expensive and far<br />

from easy to use.<br />

Alphaglas ® PC 10/V/6 and 16/V/6 from <strong>EVERLITE</strong> offer you sun<br />

protection and glare protection without impairing light quality.<br />

VLIES INSIDE is an innovation by Deutsche Everlite GmbH<br />

providing you with the ideal climate inside <strong>your</strong> industrial or office<br />

<strong>building</strong>, almost without adjusting or maintenance.



Continuos roof light – arcade design<br />

<strong>EVERLITE</strong> roof lights are equipped with Alphaglas ® multi-skin<br />

sheets, thus they can be modified for light quality, heat insulation,<br />

fire prevention and sun protection. The perfect daylight system in<br />

terms of energy efficiency and design.<br />


Individual solutions bring daylight into <strong>your</strong> <strong>building</strong>s<br />

We offer you different styles and versions of roof lights, for example:<br />

saddle roofs, classic shed roof lights, aligned to the north with<br />

dark southern side in different angles, modified shed roof lights<br />

with high transparent north side and energy reduced south side,<br />

so light streams into the <strong>building</strong>, but heat stays outside.<br />

Open to new technology: We offer special adapters for solarthermic<br />

or photovoltaic systems, suitable for almost every common<br />

system.<br />


Intelligent daylight adjustment and sun protection system<br />

CONTROLITE works inside the facade or roof light independent<br />

of <strong>we</strong>ather conditions and allows the optimum amount of daylight<br />

into <strong>your</strong> <strong>building</strong>. Common sun protection systems are often influenced<br />

by fierce wind or icing in winter and therefore do not work<br />

properly any more - CONTROLITE is different:<br />

CONTROLITE intelligent daylight management system with integrated<br />

Rota Blades senses the daylight outside and continuously<br />

adjusts the light level to create the „light“ atmosphere.


SKY DOME<br />

Individual solutions bring daylight into <strong>your</strong> <strong>building</strong>s<br />

Sky domes are the easiest and smartest way to bring daylight<br />

and safety into <strong>your</strong> industrial or office <strong>building</strong>.<br />

Light, air, smoke ventilation – our roof light domes provide all<br />

three functions and offer real added value. Our skylight domes<br />

aesthetically match <strong>your</strong> <strong>building</strong> situation and are available in<br />

many designs and glazing variants.<br />


Daylight through the walls of <strong>your</strong> <strong>building</strong><br />

Transparent facades for a completely transparent or translucent<br />

shell with as little visible structure as possible, that is what makes<br />

<strong>EVERLITE</strong> light walls so special and flexible.<br />

We can provide you with various colours and styles, our light<br />

walls can be used as full or partial facade glazing or for gates<br />

and windows.<br />


We are <strong>your</strong> partner for the following topics:<br />

Roof light and roof light dome restoration<br />

Renovation of facades and light walls<br />

<strong>EVERLITE</strong> s<strong>up</strong>ports you in restoring daylight components, for e.g.<br />

energetic matters, tightness, sun protection or listed monument<br />

protection.<br />

Every refurbishment is an individual case, bearing individual risks<br />

and requires individual planning and expertise.



Additional safety in case of fire<br />

In case of fire the need of smoke and heat extraction is more<br />

than obvious. Adequate measures to protect life and property<br />

are essential in this case as the fire‘s toxic fumes threaten <strong>your</strong><br />

staff and assets.<br />

In the beginning a fire is easily contained, and possible damage<br />

as a consequence of toxic fumes can be reduced. This is<br />

done by immediately extracting smoke and heat by fast opening<br />

equipment in our daylight systems, for example opening flaps,<br />

window shades or mechanic exhaust units.<br />


Fresh air in <strong>your</strong> light-flooded <strong>building</strong><br />

The optimum quantity of fresh air inside <strong>your</strong> <strong>building</strong> every day<br />

is as important for health and safety as daylight and smoke and<br />

heat extraction.<br />

Our air ventilation systems bring fresh air into <strong>your</strong> industrial and<br />

office <strong>building</strong>, thus improving <strong>your</strong> indoor climate and having a<br />

positive effect on the health of <strong>your</strong> staff.<br />

SAFETY<br />

Simple and simply safe - our fallthrough protection systems<br />

Adequate protection for persons working on <strong>your</strong> roof is important<br />

and necessary.<br />

<strong>EVERLITE</strong> offers you various fallthrough protection systems for<br />

roof lights suitable for all stages of occ<strong>up</strong>ancy from the construction<br />

stage protecting the workers on the roof to the regular <strong>building</strong><br />

use protecting visitors or technicians working on <strong>your</strong> roof.


Our main competences<br />

daylight elements<br />

facade<br />

smoke & heat ventilation<br />

continuous roof lights<br />

free canopy<br />

restoration work<br />

fire protection<br />

sun protection<br />

sky domes<br />

ventilation systems<br />

safety and service<br />

maintenance<br />

Our customers<br />

Daylight solutions for <strong>your</strong> <strong>building</strong> are our passion and core competency. Our customers are<br />

architects, planners, owners of industrial and office <strong>building</strong>s<br />

Renowned companies rely on our quality:<br />

Aral • Audi • BP • DHL • EXPOCAMP • Geobra (Playmobil, etc.) • Lufthansa • OBI • Mercedes Benz<br />

Miele • Porsche • VW • Westag<br />

Deutsche Everlite GmbH | Am Keßler 4 | D-97877 Wertheim<br />

Tel.: + 49 93 42 96 04-0 | Fax: + 49 93 42 96 04-50 | info@everlite.de | www.everlite.de

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