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Week of June 7, 2009

God Gave Rules to the People

Exodus 19:1–20:20

When the people of Israel left Egypt, God

led them to camp at the bottom of a mountain.

Moses went up the mountain. God said to him, “Moses, remind the people how

I have helped them. Tell them I want them to obey Me. I am coming in a cloud to

speak to you. The people will see and hear. Tell them to get ready—to wash all of

their clothes and to set up boundaries around the mountain. Tell them to look for a

thick cloud and to listen for the sound of a trumpet.”

Moses went down the mountain and told the people what God had said. They

replied, “We will do what God tells us to do.” They did everything God had told them.

After three days, the people saw a thick cloud. They heard the sound of a trumpet.

Moses went up the mountain to talk to God again. God wanted the people to

know what they should do and how they could obey Him. God told Moses and the

people to obey these ten special rules, or commandments.

• Do not worship anyone but God. God is the only God.

• Do not worship anything you have made.

• Always say God’s name in a respectful way.

• Work on six days. On the seventh day, rest and worship God.

• Honor and respect your mother and father.

• Do not kill anyone.

• Husbands and wives should keep their wedding promises to

each other.

• Do not take something that belongs to someone else.

• Do not tell lies about other people. Always tell the truth.

• Do not wish for things that belong to other people.


Mt. Sinai Mount Sinai is in the Sinai

Desert. It is also called Mount Horeb and the

“mountain of God.” The land in the area is rough

and rocky. Other tall mountains surround it.

If you travel there today, you will find a path to

the top which is a little more than 4 miles long. It

can take 3 to 7 hours to make the difficult climb.

Moses was probably 80 years old when he went up

and down the mountain several times. The view

from the top is

truly awesome.



rules God gave to live by

an instrument made from the horn of a


What to Do? Read the story and circle the picture that shows someone doing what God says.

Ethan is visiting

in kindergarten

Sunday School. He

is playing alone

with the blocks.

James wants to

build with the

blocks, but there

aren’t enough

blocks for both

boys to build.

What should

James do?

Gigi is riding her

bike. Her mom

calls her to come

inside for lunch,

but Gigi wants to

keep riding. How

can she choose to

honor and respect

her mother?

This week’s Bible VERSE

We will do what God says. (Exodus 19:8)

To Do at


How Can I? Make time to sit alone with your child this week. This would be a great opportunity to read

the Bible story and recall together what God says. Help your child find the book of Exodus in a Bible. This

is where we read about Moses. Now let him find chapter 19 and verse 8. Explain that the people’s words

mean We will do what God says. Help him think of ways he can do what God says. Talk together about

things such as (1) loving God; (2) obeying your parents; (3) being kind to friends; (4) taking turns and

learning to share; and (5) telling the truth. Let him decide on a way he can do what God says this week.

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