Format for AP Biology Lab Reports - Point Pleasant Beach

Format for AP Biology Lab Reports - Point Pleasant Beach

AP Lab Report Grading Criteria

5 = excellent 4 = very good 3= good 2 = average 1 = weak


Text is typed, standard font and font size, consistent throughout

Attractive and Appealing

Free of spelling and grammatical errors

Required sections are all present and in the correct order

Pages numbered, center bottom

Section order, formatting as prescribed


Title page contains:

Your name

Partner(s)’ name(s)

Title of experiment (Centered)

Date experiment was performed.

PURPOSE (Objectives)

Labeled as “Purpose(s)” or “Objective(s)”:

A clearly written statement of the intended objectives. It should begin with….”The purpose of the

laboratory is to…”(i.e.: determine, observe)

Written in 3 rd person “point of view”, no use of personal pronouns- like “I”, “we” or “you”- whatsoever

Written in past-tense

HYPOTHESIS (should be incorporated within Discussion section)





Methods must be combined with materials, in a single section

A clearly written paragraph summarizing what was done in the lab (in your own words)

Written in 3 rd person

Maintains the past tense throughout the paragraph


A comprehensive, detailed account of all lab tools and reagents, properly identified, that were used

Units and amounts properly documented


Labeled Diagram of apparatus, if appropriate. This MUST be referred to in your M & M section.

Size appropriate

Appealing use of color

CHARTS, GRAPHS, TABLES of collected data

All charts, graphs, tables and diagrams are titled with a number and description

Qualitative observations are described in complete sentences in table format

Quantities observations are clearly organized in logical order

Measurements are recorded using the correct number of significant figures and proper


CALCULATIONS (if applicable) are labeled/included. If several sets of data are calculated in the same way,

show calculations for the first set only. Indicated that the same method was used for all the remaining data

Equations used are listed (if applicable)

Calculate percent error when applicable.


Labeled as “Discussion” or “Conclusions”

A clear well written response to the experiment. It should answer 4 questions in paragraph format.


AP Lab Report Grading Criteria

Your hypotheses should be clear, and incorporated within Discussion section!

Expectation of outcome must be made clear

Should include a clearly written statement of your predictions regarding the outcome of the


Provides 2 or more justifying pieces of evidence


1. What are the results of your experiment? (Discuss data/obs. All tables, charts, graphs should be referenced.)

2. What do the results mean? (Interpretation of calculations, data, interesting or unexpected observations.)

3. Did you achieve the expected result? Why or why not?

4. Are your results valid? (Suggest improvements in the techniques. Do not be afraid to criticize and add your

own creative input. How did your individual results compare to those of other lab groups?)

LAB MANUAL QUESTIONS: all applicable questions posed in the College Board lab manual must be

answered/addressed within your discussion!

Refers to the questions asked on the lab manual/sheet

Incorporates the answers within the data discussion, conclusions

Correctness of answers


Require 3 reference sources:

a. Lab manual(s)

b. Any book other than your lab manual

c. An internet site

Reference notation will include:


Title of book

Pub. date

Volume number, page number

For websites, you must include: title of page, entire http:// address, access date


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