Download brochure - SNL Financial

Download brochure - SNL Financial

Asia-Pacific Coverage

SNL coverage is

coming to the Asia-Pacific

banking sector.

A single source. A single standard.


The first standardised,

in-depth coverage

of Asia-Pacific banks.

SNL is the premier provider of banking industry data, news and

analytics in North America and Europe. Our upcoming Asia-Pacific

coverage will usher in a new era of depth and ease-of-use for both

in-country and multinational analysis.

The SNL approach: each country’s key unique items, plus standardised

templates for multinational comparisons.

In business since 1987, SNL is the trusted information partner to 4,000 companies

and more than 90,000 users. These include the 100 largest commercial banks in

North America, 600+ asset managers, 100% of the U.S. investment banks involved

in the financial institutions sector and a growing number of leading European banks.

A hallmark of our approach is the recognition of the reporting formats and methods

unique to each country or sector, while facilitating peer-to-peer comparisons with carefully standardised templates.

We serve as a single source for news, data and analytics on an interactive Web-based platform.

Immediate access to accurate Asia-Pacific bank data without

time-consuming manual entry and translation.

SNL’s Asia-Pacific coverage will incorporate the standards and processes we

have perfected over 25 years. We gather the latest information from multiple

sources, translate it, standardise it and scrub it for accuracy. With SNL, it’s easy

to make comparisons across different institutions in different countries without

time-consuming manual entry of data. Our Excel ® Add-In lets you link your own

spreadsheets to our database for automatic updating. In most cases, our numbers link right back to source

documents for easy auditing. And you can trust that our data is accurate and comprehensive – find an error or a

missing figure and we’ll send you US $50.

Complete coverage of 550 banks includes

comprehensive data on financials, asset quality,

capital adequacy, M&A, equity & debt issuances

and branch networks.

Included in our Asia-Pacific coverage are over 500

data items and ratios in a standardised Asia-Pacific

template that aligns IFRS, J-GAAP, PRC and other

country-specific fields. Look at reports such as

Balance Sheet by Type and Class, P&L, Asset Quality,

Components of Regulatory Capital, Interest Yield/Cost,

Loan and Deposit Composition and more. Easily

compare banks in India or China to banks in Japan,

Indonesia and Australia.

Our coverage of 550 banks is in a standard format with

easy menu-based access.




SNL tracks comprehensive M&A data for banks,

including minority interest deals and relevant industry

pricing metrics. Track capital issuances or assess a

bank’s debt maturity position. Visualise M&A or

branch development strategies with push-button

mapping, or just download a bank’s entire branch list

into Excel.

News coverage of all financial institutions.

Local news becomes your news. SNL reporters

monitor and summarise local, foreign

and English-language financial news each

morning. Keep up to date with our

comprehensive aggregation of relevant

news releases and statements from companies and

industry bodies throughout the

region. Receive SNL’s own

proprietary news from experienced

financial journalists, including

regular features, market columns

and blogs.


SNL is the prerequisite resource for insightful banking

analysis, providing a comprehensive overview of key

investment trends. SNL’s banking database is fast,

reliable and easy to use. In fact, an SNL subscription was

one of our first purchases after starting our new firm.”

Meredith Whitney, Meredith Whitney Advisory Group, LLC

1) Detailed financial metrics - tier 1 components to net interest margin

2) More than seven years of detail on banking acquisitions

3) Debt maturity schedules and detail, equity offerings




“Covering the plethora of European banks’ financials

across so many systems has become so much easier thanks

to SNL’s new European product. At long last, we have what

we were waiting for. I especially appreciate the promptness,

consistency, accuracy and comparability.”

Sam Theodore, Senior Analytical Expert,

European Banking Authority

4) Country profiles – economic forecasts to banking sector statistics

5) In-depth news on the sectors, sub-sectors or specific companies,

via PDF, custom email alerts or midday/evening summaries

6) Push-button branch mapping and analytics

Asia-Pacific Coverage

Our comprehensive Asia-Pacific banking coverage makes

in-depth analysis easier.

Initial Launch Coverage

Detailed coverage of 300 listed banks

and 250 non-listed and subsidiary


Light coverage of 300 insurers,

investment banks, asset managers

and finance companies

Complete regional focus on North

Asia, Japan, Southeast Asia, South

Asia and Australia/New Zealand

News & Documents

Early-morning summary of all financial

institutions news across the region,

translated from local sources

Highly customised email alerts

Proprietary industry reporting and


Complete archive of company

documents including investor


Company Profiles

Corporate subsidiary trees

Officer and board bios and photos

Credit ratings, estimates, ownership

and other market data

Detailed, Standardised Financial Data

500+ items and ratios in an

Asia-Pacific banks template

Standardised and “As-Reported”


Up to 10 years of historical data,

quarterly updates

Segment data – by business line

and geography

Click to see the source of every figure

National, regional or global peer


M&A Data and Debt/Equity Issuances

Comprehensive M&A transaction

database with full deal profiles and

linked deal documents

Detailed tracking of historical capitalraising


Current debt outstanding and debt

maturity charting

Branch Data

Mapping of branches by country

Pro forma M&A deal maps

Country Profiles

Macroeconomic and banking

sector data

Rankings, recent deals and offerings

Industry news

Support and Access

24/7 support and training

No limit on number of users

Full Excel integration via SNL’s

Excel Add-In

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