Learning Disabilities and Your Child


At The Grand River Academy, our smaller class sizes allow our teachers to more easily recognize classroom struggles and develop a learning strategy specifically suited for your child. In addition, the specialized staff at the Grand River Academy can work with your child in one-on-one sessions, helping students unlock their true potential and acquiring the educational tools they need for success in learning.


In larger public schools, a child can often fall

between the cracks, as specialty teachers as

stretched thin with an increased amount of

learning disabled students. Private schools

for disabilities enable a parent and their child

to work closely with their teachers. Smaller

class sizes and increased student – teacher

interactions help both teachers and parents to

come up with a personalized learning strategy

geared towards the child’s success.

Many private schools offer specialists and

psychologists on staff, helping students achieve

academic success through close monitoring and

care. With the aid of a specialized staff member,

a child can learn the time management, study

and organizational skills that are fundamental

to academic achievement. At times, the school

will offer different financial aid options for

those students with disabilities.

Just because students with learning disabilities experience more difficulties in the classroom doesn’t

mean they are incapable of learning. Many times, classroom struggles can be overcome with effective

learning strategies geared towards their specific needs whether dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyscalculia or ADHD.

Promising small class sizes helps to engage every student in an active learning process as well as a 24/7

learning environment, The Grand River Academy allows students with learning disabilities to work closely

with a specialized staff dedicated to helping your child to best understand course material in a manner

best for them, learning how to become independent learners and unlock their academic potential.

Contact an admissions representative today for more information on disability schools in Ohio and your

child’s needs.

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