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Noise Cancellation Frontends For Automatic Meeting ... - CiteSeerX

Euronoise 2006, Tampere, Finland

Képesi, Pham, Kubin, Weruaga, Juffinger, Grabner

5.3 Angle estimation performance

Noise cancellation methods were also evaluated from a viewpoint of handling the complex

characteristics of meeting noise for DoA estimation. The results are depicted on Fig.1 (right).

The spectral subtraction (SS) method enhanced the DoA performance by 1% (20dB) and 3%

(10dB) in comparison to unprocessed data, while the WPD method rises the performance by

2% (20dB) and 14% (10dB).


Two different noise suppression methods have been evaluated for a noise-robust speaker

localization algorithm as part of the Mistral automatic meeting transcription system. The

methods have been compared by applying three various measures: precision, recall and

effectiveness. As the evaluation has shown, the DoA performance strongly depends on the

VAD preciseness. Good precision of DoA is achieved only at low VAD insertions. The

Statistical Wavelet Filtration method with flexible multi-resolution analysis outperforms

Spectral Subtraction in both tasks: Voice Activity Detection and Direction of Arrival. Our

future work includes the investigation of harmonicity-based VAD and an enhanced SS

method based on the Fan-Chirp Transform. Furthermore, the integration of a video-based

speaker tracking algorithm is planned.


The project results have been developed in the MISTRAL Project, financed by the Austrian

Research Promotion Agency ( within the strategic objective FIT-IT under the

project contract number 809264/9338.


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