Spa News Winter 2005.indd - Spa Vitoria

Spa News Winter 2005.indd - Spa Vitoria

Winter Newsletter 2005/2006

A Note From

Dr. Saltz...

It gives me great pleasure to bring to

you our winter newsletter.

In this issue we are featuring the

Perfect Match in Non-surgical

Facial Rejuvenation that will

prepare you for the coming holidays!

Wishing you a happy and healthy


Have fun reading!

Renato Saltz, M.D.

The Perfect Gift…

Show them you really care with a

gift certificate from Spa Vitoria.

Gift certificates are available in any

denomination and are good for Spa

treatments and products. A perfect

way to tell a friend, spouse, teacher

or neighbor how special they are!

Don’t Forget the


Just because the weather is cooling

off and the heat is slipping away

don’t put the bottle of sunscreen

in the back of the cabinet. It’s

important to wear it everyday rain

or shine!

Looking for the best sunscreen?

Stop by Spa Vitoria today!

Thermage & Fillers – A Perfect Match

In Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation

The Thermage procedure is the

only non-invasive treatment that

delivers tighter skin, renewed facial

contours and stimulates collagen

growth (collagen is the building

block that provides structure to your

skin). It has been clinically proven to


tighten and gently lift skin to smooth

wrinkles and renew facial contours.

Incision-free Thermage is fast and

easy with no downtime from daily


Soft Tissue Fillers are safe and

natural cosmetic dermal fillers that

restore volume and

fullness to the skin

to correct moderate

to severe facial

wrinkles and folds,

such as nasolabial

folds, lip and

forehead wrinkles.


At Saltz Plastic

Surgery we now

offer the perfect

match in nonsurgical


rejuvenation! The

combination of

Thermage & Soft

Tissue Fillers is

a safe, minimally

invasive, in-office

treatment that

provides consistent

great results.

4 Beauty


No beauty treatment – not even

a very expensive face-lift lasts a

lifetime. However, with simple

beauty investments you can look

your best and simplify your life

for years to come. Think of them

as beauty versions of capital

improvements. After a series of

intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments

on your face, for instance, you can

toss the camouflage makeup…maybe

even the foundation. Laser away the

hair from above your lip or on your

chin, and say good-bye to waxing

and tweezing. The four beauty

investments are:

1 · IPL

2 · Chemical Peels (a great way to

polish your skin)

3 · Good Skin Care & Sun Block

4 · Laser Hair Removal

Other “beauty investments” you can

do for yourself are:

· Tighten facial collagen with

Thermage ®

· Lip plumping with tissue fillers

· Soften your wrinkles with

Botox ® or tissue fillers

For more information on any of the

beauty investments call our office at


TNS Recovery

Complex by Skin


Every time your skin is exposed

to the sun, pollution, smoking and

other environmental stressors, it

loses some of the natural factors that

keep it healthy and youthful. Now

science has discovered a way to help

restore what time takes away. TNS

Recovery Complex with NouriCel-

MD is a patented formulation,

designed to give your skin the

natural growth factors, antioxidants,

matrix proteins, and collagen it needs

for optimal health.

Many people experience the

following benefits after 3 months

of daily use with TNS Recovery

Complex :

- Younger looking skin

- Improved elasticity

- Reduced wrinkle depth and

minimization of fine lines

- Enhanced skin texture

- Decreased age spots and


We’re open Monday – Saturday stop

by and pick up your bottle of TNS

Recovery Complex .

Warm Up and Relax

Try a Warm Stone Massage at

Spa Vitoria! Heated river stones

are carefully placed on the body,

bringing tremendous tranquility.

The smooth stones combined with

fluid massage strokes calm the mind

and melt away tension. Warm stone

massage is also great for the patient

recovering from injuries and long

periods of immobilization.

90 minutes $100.00

Best of State



Appreciation Day!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Receive 10% off your

entire purchase of products

at Spa Vitoria

5445 Highland Drive

Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

(801) 274-9501

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