Workshop Brochure - Society of Petroleum Engineers

Workshop Brochure - Society of Petroleum Engineers

Early Bird Registration Deadline:

30 September 2010

Society of Petroleum Engineers

31 October 2010 | Beach Rotana Hotel | Abu Dhabi, UAE

SPE Talent and Retention Workshop

Unleashing the Potential of Professionals in the Region:

Working Hand in Hand, Bridging the Gender and Generation Gap

Who Should attend

Industry professionals and decision


Workshop Abstract

Committee Members


Badria A. Khalfan



Zara Z. Khatib


Abdullah Al-Shami

Petroleum Institute

Ahmed Al-Saleem

Saudi Aramco

Amy Omar


Aseel Najem Al-Deen Humoodi


Badria Abdul Rahman

Kuwait Oil Company

Haifa Al-Mubarak

Know-How Training

Rania Algeer

Saudi Aramco

Salem Al-Matroushi


Simon Blandford


The huge growth in the oil and gas industry in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia regions and

the number of new opportunities that are created daily to meet the increasing demand for energy

(5–10% annually) coincides with an unprecedented requirement for regional professionals.

Professionals such as scientists, geo-scientists and various engineering disciplines, health, safety

and environment, finance, legal, etc. are central to the region’s future and play an important role

in the nations’ economic and social growth. Unleashing the potential regional talent, increasing

the capacity of the professionals; male and female, harnessing their skills and capabilities and

understanding the need to embrace fully the notion of inclusiveness and diverse work force will be

essential in building high performing teams and in helping our economy and society to flourish.

This workshop will discuss how to:

• Develop self leaders while bridging both the generation and gender gaps

• Make current access routes easier, fairer and ensure that people who succeed in gaining a

top job do so on the basis of talent and merit alone

• Recruit ambassadors who would work with schools to raise awareness of career

opportunities in our energy sector

• Change mindset and attitudes through inspirational role models to encourage more females

to aspire to a professional career

• Provide a progressive workplace, development and outreach programmes and adequate

communication technologies and tools to expand and strengthen the professional networks

The workshop objectives and desired outcome will be to gain practical insights into the professional

development and to develop a set of recommendations that are required by all parts of society;

governments, organisations, private sector and academia to enhance the image of our energy sector

and to translate the recommendations into time lined decisions working hand in hand to deliver fast

the 2020 vision.


Unleashing the Potential of Professionals in the Region:

Working Hand in Hand, Bridging the Gender and Generation Gap

Sponsorship Support

Sponsorship support helps offset the

cost of producing workshops and

allows SPE to keep the attendance

price within reach of operations-level

individuals, those who benefit most

from these technical workshops.

Sponsors benefit both directly and

indirectly by having their names

associated with a specific workshop.

While SPE prohibits any type of

commercialism within the conference

hall itself, the society recognises that

sponsoring companies offer valuable

information to attendees outside the

technical sessions.

Sponsorship Categories

Sponsorships are offered on a first

come basis. Please contact SPE to

verify the availability of a particular

sponsorship. Existing sponsors

have the opportunity to renew the

same level of sponsorship for annual


• Gold Sponsorship

• Silver Sponsorship

• Delegate Badges

Sponsorship Benefits

In addition to onsite recognition; SPE

will recognise sponsors on the SPE

website and in all printed material

for the workshop. Based on the

sponsorship selected, sponsoring

companies also receive logo visibility

on promotional workshop items.

For More Information

For a detailed list of available

sponsorships, including benefits

and pricing, contact

Caroline Attenborough, at





Workshop Sponsors

Networking Luncheon Speaker Gifts Coffee Breaks Attendee Badges

Workshop Schedule

0700–0745 hours Welcome Coffee, Collection of Badges and Delegate Packs

0745–0800 hours Welcome and Opening of Workshop: Badria Khalfan, ADNOC

0800–0845 hours Keynote Speech by

His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan,

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

0900–1030 hours SESSION 1: Three Panel Sessions

Moderators: Badria Abdul Rahman, KOC; Simon Blandford, Mercer

0900–0930 hours What Values and Behaviours Differentiate the Millennial Leader

More than 70% of the population in GCC countries are under 25. At the same time many business leaders, both

local and expatriate are close to retirement. This presents a set of challenges that are unique to the region. It

is further complicated by the fact that young people who will be entering the world of work 5 years from now,

the ‘Millennials’, have quite different expectations from life than the people who will be their immediate line

managers (from generation X or Y). They are even further removed from the value sets of their senior managers

(baby boomers and generation X). There is already recognition in the region that leaders need to develop more

emotional intelligence. What else must they demonstrate, to maximise the motivation of their increasingly

younger workforce, to retain them and to grow their capability fast enough to take over the reins when their

professional peers/managers retire? This talk shares examples of the issues you will encounter and some

breakthrough thinking that changes the way we lead today.

0930–1000 hours Career Progression for Female Professionals: A Necessity or a Luxury

Very few female graduates achieve senior management or professional roles due to inherent cultural and

legacy career progression issues, or, concerns. When this fact is combined with the significant gap in middle

and senior management positions that will be created by planned retirements, the region can no longer see

the career progression of women as a luxury. They are fast becoming the major provider of intellectual capital

for the region. Their challenges, of mixing personal career development aspirations with their essential role in

nurturing family life, will need to be addressed more aggressively and more creatively, by employers, than has

been the case up to today. What facilities will be needed, what changes to working hours, what support can be

and is being provided? This talk is about what has been done or could be done to enhance the role of women

professionals and achieve greater equality in the workplace.

1000–1030 hours Understanding and Closing the Generation Gap in Values and Expectations

Our NOCs are still allowing locals to retire after 25 years service and asking expatriates to retire at 60 when

the rest of the world is pushing the retirement age out towards 70. The reasons for retaining older employees

may be different, Europe is struggling with a population decline, whereas the GCC has a positive ‘baby boom’

but the consequences are similar. Here we need to capitalise on the energy of young people, and at the same

time be realistic about their expectations by channelling it constructively into the roles and activities that bring

most advantage to the individual; the team and the organisation. We need to capitalise on the older managers

and employees’ knowledge, and use it to accelerate young people more rapidly into leadership roles, without

increasing shareholder risk, due to their relative inexperience. From the other side, how can we create a

workplace and environment that will attract the brightest of the “Millenials” in 5 years time, and retain that

talent long enough to develop into leaders? Can the older generation really be given the tools and skills needed

to coach the younger generation, or will we need to develop new ways of working that capitalise on their

confidence and use of technology, web based social interaction, cross cultural tools and skills more effectively?

1030–1045 hours Coffee Break

1045–1230 hours SESSION 2: Break Out Session/Working Groups

Moderators: Ahmed Al-Saleem, Saudi Aramco; Salem Al-Matroushi, ADNOC

1230–1330 hours Luncheon and Networking Games

1330–1500 hours SESSION 3: Feedback on Proposed Actions

Moderators: Aseel Najem Al-Deen Humoodi, ADCO; Simon Blandford, Mercer

1500–1530 hours Coffee Break

1530–1630 hours SESSION 4: Role Model Stories Lessons Learnt and Successes

Moderators: Abdullah Al-Shami, Petroleum Institute;

Haifa Al-Mubarak, Know-How Training

1530–1600 hours Invited Speaker Presentation

1600–1630 hours Committee Appreciation and Closing Remarks, Zara Khatib, Shell

Register by 30 September 2010

General Information

Workshop Venue

Beach Rotana Hotel

P.O. Box 45200, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971.2.697.9138

Fax: +971.2.697.9141


Workshop Guidelines


One day of informal discussions prompted by selected keynote presentations and discussions. Workshops maximise the exchange of

ideas among attendees and presenters through brief technical presentations followed by extended Q&A periods. Focused topics attract

an informed audience eager to discuss issues critical to advancing both technology and best practices. The majority of the presentations

are in the form of case studies, highlighting engineering achievements and lessons learned. In order to stimulate frank discussion, no

proceedings are published and the press is not invited to attend.


• Proceedings will not be published; therefore, formal papers and handouts are not expected from speakers.

• Work in progress, new ideas, and interesting projects are sought.

• Professionally-prepared visual aids are not required; handwritten view graphs are entirely acceptable.

• Note-taking by participants is encouraged.


Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Steering Committee encourages attendance from those who can

contribute to the workshop most effectively either in discussions or with posters. A mix of attendees in terms of geographic origin, companies

and disciplines will be encouraged.

Workshop Deliverables

• The Steering Committee will appoint a “scribe” to record the discussions and to produce the full workshop report for SPE.

• This report will be circulated to all attendees as the workshop deliverable within 4–6 weeks following the workshop. The copyright of

the report is with SPE.

• PowerPoint presentation materials will be posted on a specific SPE URL address after the workshop. Provision of the materials by

the speakers will signify their permission for SPE to do so.


In keeping with workshop objectives and the SPE mission, commercialism in posters or presentations will not be permitted. Company

logos must be limited to the title slide and used only to indicate the affiliation of the presenter and others involved in the work.

Attendance Certificate

All attendees will receive an attendance certificate attesting to their participation in the workshop. This certificate will be provided in

exchange for a completed Workshop Questionnaire.

Continuing Education Units

Attendees at this workshop qualify for SPE Continuing Education Units (CEU) at the rate of 0.1 CEU per hour of the Workshop.

Registration Information

This is a nonresidential workshop. The registration fees include all workshop sessions, coffee breaks and luncheons. The registration fees

are as follows:

Before 30 September 2010: USD 250 SPE Member USD 300 Nonmember

After 30 September 2010: USD 450 SPE Member USD 500 Nonmember

Cancellation and Refund Policy

• A processing fee of USD 100 will be charged for cancellations received before the registration deadline 30 September 2010.

• For cancellations received after the registration deadline, 30 September 2010, 25% refund will be made to the registrant.

• No refund on cancellations received within seven (7) days prior to the workshop date, i.e. on or after 24 October 2010.

• No refund will be issued if a registrant fails to attend the workshop.

Registration Policy

• Registration fee MUST be paid in advance for attending the workshop.

• Full fixed fee is charged regardless of the length of time that the registrant attends the workshop.

• Fixed fee cannot be prorated or reduced for anyone (workshop co-chairpersons, committee members, speakers, discussion leaders,

students and registrants).

• Attendees are expected to attend all workshop sessions and are not permitted to attend on a partial basis.

• Delegates with no proof of advance payment are required to pay on-site by cash or cheque, present a copy of the wire transfer or

submit a letter from their company guaranteeing payment of the workshop fees.



Unleashing the Potential of Professionals in the Region:

Working Hand in Hand, Bridging the Gender and Generation Gap

31 October 2010, Beach Rotana Hotel, P.O. Box 45200, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Important: Attendance is limited and is not guaranteed. Early registration is recommended. Please print or type in black ink.

Registration Fee MUST be paid in advance for attending this Workshop.

First Name/Forename_________________________________________________ Middle Name___________________________________________________

Last/Family Name_ _______________________________________________________________________________________ SPE Member? ❒ Yes ❒ No

Member No.__________________________________________ Job Title_____________________________________________________________________


Street or P.O. Box Number_____________________________________________________________________ City___________________________________

State/Province___________________________________ Zip/Postal Code___________________________ Country___________________________________

Telephone___________________________________________ Facsimile

Email (required)____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Workshop Fee includes: Technical sessions, materials, luncheons and coffee breaks.

Accommodation is NOT included in the workshop registration fee.

Workshop Fee: Before 30 September 2010 ❒ USD 250 for SPE Members ❒ USD 300 for Nonmembers

After 30 September 2010 ❒ USD 450 for SPE Members ❒ USD 500 for Nonmembers

Credit Card (Check One): ❒ American Express ❒ MasterCard ❒ Visa

NO REFUNDS will be granted on cancellations after 30 September 2010.

Card Number (will be billed through Society of Petroleum Engineers)

Expiration Date (mm/yy)

Name of Credit Card Holder (printed) _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Signature: (required)__________________________________________________________________________ Date_______________________________

Please inform us of mobility or special dietary needs_ ____________________________________________________________________________________

Payment by Bank Transfer: IMPORTANT - For reference: Please quote “10WPES” and name of delegate

Make Payment to: HSBC Bank Middle East, Jebel Ali Branch, P.O. Box 66, Dubai, UAE

Account Name: SPE Middle East FZ-LLC Account Number: 035-129709-100 Swift Code: BBMEAEAD

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

• A processing fee of USD 100 will be charged for cancellations received before 30 September 2010.

• For cancellations received after 30 September 2010, 25% refund will be made to the registrant.

• No refund on cancellations received within seven (7) days prior to the workshop date, i.e. on or after 24 October 2010.

• No refund will be issued if a registrant fails to attend the workshop.


SPE Middle East, North Africa and India will assist in providing a visa invitation letter, upon request in writing, to confirmed registrants after receiving full payment of registration fees.

Visa invitation letters take five days to issue from the date of request and it is the delegate’s responsibility to obtain their own visa. SPE cannot issue the visa nor can we guarantee it

will be obtained.

For questions or additional information contact: Saba Faghihi at


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To submit your registration online, please visit the event’s website at:

Alternatively, you can email this form to:, or fax it to: +971.4.366.4648.


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