Number Title Presenter First Name Presenter Surname Presentation ...

Number Title Presenter First Name Presenter Surname Presentation ...

Number Title Presenter First Name Presenter Surname Presentation Type

33 Characterization of sulphuric acid aerosols in industrial processes Leonie Brachert Poster

34 Development of a novel aerosol mass spectrometer for nucleation mode particles Stefan Georg Gonser Oral

45 Fungal Diversity and Biogeography in the Air Janine Froehlich Poster

53 Aircraft measurement of PM vertical profile above the Czech EMEP stations during EMEP-EUSAAR-EUCAARI intensive campaign. Milan Vana Poster

54 Count Size distribution of the aerosol emitted by the combustion of nanocomposites charles motzkus Poster

56 Organic composition of size-distributed particles emitted from field burning of garden and agriculture residues Celia Alves Poster

57 PM2.5 emissions from wood combustion in a fireplace and a woodstove: carbon content and inorganic speciation Celia Alves Poster

58 Rethinking the first nucleation theorem in atmospheric nucleation Hanna Vehkamäki Oral

59 Activity Size Distribution and Residence Times of Radioactive Aerosols in the Arctic Atmosphere Alexandra Ioannidou Poster

60 Experimental Study on Transition from Bismuth Saturated Vapors to Liquid Nuclei Stefano di Stasio Poster

61 Effect of Alkali Metal Salt Addition on Hierarchic Assembly of Flame Aerosol Nanoparticles detected by Synchrotron Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Stefano di Stasio Oral

63 Charged Particles From Laser Printers Rohan Jayaratne Poster

64 Aerosol Characteristics over the Tropical Urban Station Pune, India Pushpa Raju Made Poster

65 Bioaerosols & air quality testing with an innovative microbial air sampler Quitterie Brossard Poster

66 Evaluation of the influence of the primary particle diameter of soot on their optical properties Mirvatte FRANCIS Poster

68 Diisocyanate aerosols in polyurethane manufacture Amina AKACHAT Poster

70 Methodology to determine carbonate carbon from Thermal Optical Transmittance measurements Maria Rita Perrone Poster

71 Transformation by aging processes of soot particles from laboratory combustion experiments Jennifer Brooke Poster

72 Determination of loss factors of aerosol particles in the sampling systems of nuclear power plants Rainer Jonas Poster

73 Corona ion production and aerosol charging downwind of high voltage power lines James Matthews Poster

75 Computational studies of atmospheric sulfur oxidation mechanisms Theo Kurten Oral

76 Ground-based and airborne examination of particle hygroscopicity at Barbados Heike Wex Oral

77 Simulation of Small Ion Aerosol Dynamics Matthew McGrath Poster

78 Atmospheric dry deposition modeling of Polybrominated biphenyl esters (PBDEs) in southern Taiwan during the biomass burning periods Shun-Shiang Chang Poster

79 Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect from nanoparticlate non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs inhaled by male mice Andrei Onischuk Oral

80 Pollution from tailings and mass transport of deposited aerosol in Mitrovica Afrim Syla Poster

81 Emulation of a global aerosol model to quantify model sensitivity to uncertain parameters Lindsay Collins Poster

82 Determination of airborne plant pathogens by DNA analysis: fungus-like microorganisms Cristina Ruzene Nespoli Poster

83 Optical breakdown and detonation in aerosol systems Konstantin Volkov Oral

85 Measurement of Atmospheric aerosol size distribution, mass concentration and lung deposition in four cities of Pakistan Khan Alam Oral

88 Comparison of the chemical and toxicological characteristics of particulate matter (PM) collected by different methods: filters, impactors and BioSamplers Constantinos Sioutas Oral

89 Autofluorescence of Bioaerosol Standards – Characterization by Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy Christopher Pöhlker Poster

90 Non conventional indoor model for submicron particulates Russell Lyons Poster

91 Ground-based Aerosol Optical Properties and radiative forcing over Karachi Pakistan Thomas Trautmann Poster

93 Translation-Rotation Correction Factor in the Theory of Homogeneous Nucleation Sergey Vosel Poster

94 Molecular simulation of dynamic phenomena in complex plasmas Celine Durniak Poster

95 Aerosol absorption retrieval at ultraviolet wavelengths in a complex environment Stelios Kazadzis Poster

96 Allergenic Asteraceae in urban air: DNA analysis and relevance for human health Isabell Müller-Germann Poster

97 Assessing PM10 source reduction in urban agglomerations for air quality compliance Mihalis Lazaridis Poster

98 Chemical characterization of fine aerosols over eastern central India Dhananjay Deshmukh Poster

99 Physicochemical transformations and photochemical reactions of high-disperse pesticide chemicals Yuri Samsonov Poster

101 Surface tension of nanosized drops of mono- and bivalent metals Andrei Onischuk Oral

102 Relationship of Indoor and Outdoor PM and Gaseous Pollutants in the National Library in Prague Ludmila Maskova Poster

103 n-situ aircraft observations on gases and particulate pollutants around Beijing area: distributions and influencing factors Wenjie Zhang Poster

104 Fluxes of volatile and non-volatile elements in small-scale biomass combustion systems Torben Seidel Poster

105 How accurate are the nucleation event analysis tools? Hannele Korhonen Oral reserve

106 Particle diagnostics and wave phenomena in complex plasmas Dmitry Samsonov Oral

107 The role of diffusiophoresis in fouling of exhaust gas recirculation heat exchangers Gabriele Hörnig Poster

110 Oxidation of C60 aerosol by ozone Andrea Tiwari Poster

111 Color tunable nanophosphors made by flame aerosol synthesis Georgios Sotiriou Poster

112 Antibacterial activity by nanosilver ions and particles Georgios Sotiriou Oral

113 Carbonaceous particles and their influence on spectral optical properties and humidification response Sihye Lee Poster

116 First on-line aerosol chemical composition measurements in South African grassland region Petri Tiitta Oral

118 Chemical composition and dispersal property of smoke emission from forest fires in Siberia Yuri Samsonov Poster

119 Chemical composition of smoldering combustion products of some forest materials and cellulose Svetlana Popova Poster

120 A new measurement technique for the process monitoring of the catalytic activity of nanoparticles during their production process Nicole Neubauer Oral

122 Agglomerate drag in continuum and rarefied flow regimes Peter Vainshtein Poster

123 Variability of physico-chemical aerosol properties in the Eastern Mediterranean Mihalis Lazaridis Poster

124 Indoor/outdoor concentrations of particulate matter and volatile organic compounds in elementary schools: a preliminary study Priscilla Pegas Poster

126 Size distribution of viable airborne microbes in a Mediterranean suburban site Eleftheria Katsivela Poster

127 Nonlinear oscillations and deposition of aerosol in tubes Damir Gubaidullin Poster

128 The study on distribution characteristics of atmospheric aerosols over Ying Duan Poster

129 SMPS spectra under various meteorological conditions Nadezda Zikova Poster

130 Production, sampling and microarray-based detection of bioaerosols containing E. coli and L. pneumophila Reinhard Niessner Poster

131 A new reduced complexity thermodynamic methodology (PF-FiTE) to calculate equilibrium vapour pressures of organic compounds above a multi-component solution David Topping Poster

132 Bioaerosol analysis by a combined microarray / SERS (surface-enhanced Raman scattering) approach Christoph Haisch Oral

133 Fast evolution and regional deposition of atmospheric aerosol in human respiratory system Maurizio Manigrasso Poster

134 Aerosol particle property sensitivities to choice of predictive technique in SOA partitioning calculations david topping Poster

135 Predictions of Night-time Atmospheric Processes using a Coupled Model of Multi-phase Chemistry and Aerosol Microphysics Douglas Lowe Oral

136 Development of chemical informatics tools for calculating fundamental properties of atmospheric aerosol components Mark Barley Poster

137 Dispersion of nanoparticles in vehicle wake – Part I: analysis of field measurements Prashant Kumar Oral

138 Aerosol synthesis of silicon-germanium nanostructures Christian Mehringer Oral

139 Optics of semi-externally mixed polluted mineral dust Sachchida Nand Tripathi Oral

140 Aerosol Coagulation & Break-up in Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulent Flows Max Eggersdorfer Oral

141 Development of high-performance Cu-La nanomaterials as efficient catalyst for ammonia removal Chang-Mao Hung Poster

142 Platinum-based nanoparticles supported on cordierite as high active materials for catalytic ammonia decomposition Chang-Mao Hung Poster

143 Exposure Analysis for the Inhalation of Ultra-fine Particles Emitted from Household Devices Tobias Schripp Oral

144 Characterizing organic matter in aerosols of biomass burnings and the ambient air by a multi-element scanning thermal analysis (MESTA) technique Y.-Ping Hsieh Poster

145 Influence of aerosol optical properties on NO2 and O1D photolysis rates measured at Eastern Mediterranean Evangelos Gerasopoulos Poster

146 CHEMKAR PM10 ‘wood burning’ A year-long chemical characterization of PM10 in Flanders (Belgium) with a focus on the contribution of wood burning Jordy Vercauteren Poster

148 Semi-continuous system for analysis of water-soluble fraction of metals in atmospheric aerosols Pavel Mikuska Poster

149 Deposition of Nanoparticles on Wire Screens by Diffusion and Image Force Virginia Gómez Oral reserve

150 Effect of Image Force on Penetration of Nanoparticles through a Laminar Flow Tube Virginia Gómez Poster

151 Formation of metal nanoparticles from supersaturated vapor (Zn, Bi). Andrei Onischuk Oral reserve

152 Rare earth labelling of TiO2 engineered nanoparticles for identification of aerosols in occupational environments Virginia Gómez Poster

157 Reaction products of glyoxal in atmospheric aerosols Barbara Noziere Oral

158 Carbon Nanotubes – too “big” AND too “small” to deposit efficiently in the lungs? Alison Buckley Oral

159 Characterizing lengths and aerodynamic diameters of airborne glass fibers Bon Ki Ku Oral reserve

161 PM2.5, PM1 and PM0.4 acidity during spring and summer at one Po Valley site Giorgia Sangiorgi Poster

162 Analysing roadside Particle Number Concentrations using Boosted Regression Trees (BRT) Noor Yahaya Oral reserve

163 Microscopic fungi as significant sesquiterpene emission sources Eszter Horváth Oral

164 Comparison of PM10 source apportionment using PMF and PCA: an analysis of accuracy and robustness of results Daniela Cesari Poster

166 Structure and reactivity of laboratory-produced soot containing iron Natalia P. Ivleva Poster

167 Use of aerosol-derived nanoparticles for the fabrication of polymer ultrafiltration membranes Christoph Kellenberger Oral

168 Hybrid Plasmonic-Magnetic Biomarkers Sotiris Pratsinis Oral

169 Simulated airway particle deposition in an urban environment impacted by biomass smoke Admir Targino Oral

170 Modelling PM2.5 concentrations over Europe Efthimios Tagaris Poster

171 Large particle aerosols within high level microbiological containment Richard Thomas Oral

172 Techniques to investigate bacterial survival within the airborne state Janine Jordan Poster

173 Chemical characterisation of PM10 in primary schools, Portugal Teresa Nunes Poster

174 In-situ aircraft observations on gases and particulate pollutants around Beijing area: distributions and influencing factors Wenjie Zhang Oral

175 Deposition efficiency of micro-size particles in the upper airway of Taiwanese adults Der-Jen Hsu Poster

176 The comparison of diversity of microorganisms in aerosol and seawater surface microlayer Aleksandr Safatov Poster

177 The effect of meteorological factors on bioaerosol concentration in Southwestern Siberia Aleksandr Safatov Poster

178 The comparison of bioaerosol disinfection efficiencies of several new commercial air purifiers manufactured in Russia Aleksandr Safatov Poster

179 Long-Term Measurements of aerosols light absorption coefficient, scattering coefficient and Carbon Monoxide at the ZOTTO tall tower, Siberia Xuguang Chi Poster

180 Towards an assessment of the cloud-aerosol interaction determined by Raman lidar Juan Luis Guerrero-Rascado Poster

181 Molecular structure, source apportionment and weathering of soot Artur BRAUN Oral

182 Global control strategies for polybrominated diphenyl ethers require significant changes Lin-Chi Wang Poster

183 A new model for estimation emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) from Hyytiälä in the southern Finland Qingyang He Poster

184 Characterizations of PCDD/Fs emitted from gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles Jen-Hsiung Tsai Poster

185 Phase transformation of evaporating solution droplets of immiscible polymers Asit Ray Oral reserve

186 PM2.5 and PM1 particles over south-eastern Italy: seasonal trend of levels and composition Maria Rita Perrone Poster

187 Modelling the sensitivity of aerosol properties to variations in key inputs:- 1) vapour pressures; 2) non-ideality; 3) hydrolysis of acid-anhydrides Mark Barley Oral

189 Penetration of charged particle through metallic tubes Kuang-Nan Chang Poster

190 Using the Common Representative Intermediates Mechanism (CRIv2-R5) coupled to an aerosol microphysics model to simulate formation and transformation of atmospheric aerosols Steven Utembe Poster

191 The Transfer Function and the Resolution of a DMA with Multiple Monodisperse Outlets: Sensitivity Analysis for the Case with the Two Monodisperse Particle Outlets Maria Giamarelou Oral

192 Optimum conditions of two-stage ESP system for oil mist control Kye Soon Hwang Poster

193 Size distributions of particle-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons emitted from a diesel generator fueled with waste-edible-oil biodiesel blends Shui-Jen Chen Poster

194 Analysis of carbonyl compounds emissions from a heavy-duty diesel engine fueled with paraffinic/biodiesel blends Tzi-yi Wu Poster

197 Smoking neighbours – a possible source to ETS exposure in homes Peter Molnár Poster

198 Depth filtration performance characteristics in accordance with the filter layer structure Young-Ok Park Poster

199 Effect of various operating conditions to remove SO2 in sorbent inter-circulating desulfurization unit Young-Ok Park Poster

200 D-elements and peptides in aerosols above water: interdependence between size and chemical composition. Marina Chichaeva Poster

202 Understanding phase transition and hygroscopic behavior of organic acid particles and their mixtures with ammonium sulfate by micro-Raman spectroscopy Ming Chee Yeung Oral

203 Performance of a new condensation particle counter for engine exhaust gas (PMP-CPC) Lothar Keck Poster

204 Analysis of the ambient particle number size distributions characteristics during nucleation events in the Eastern Mediterranean Mihalis Lazaridis Poster

205 Spatial distribution of ambient particulate matter and source contributions in Augsburg, Germany Jürgen Schnelle-Kreis Oral

206 Characterization of nanoparticles aggregates deposits produced by filtration: influence of aggregates morphology and filtration velocity François-Xavier OUF Oral

207 Electronic tomography of nanoparticles aggregates: from 2D to 3D François-Xavier OUF Oral

208 Submicronic aerosols dry deposition on urban surfaces: a wind tunnel study to improve the lack of knowledge Pierre Roupsard Oral reserve

209 Long-lived reactive oxygen intermediates in the reaction of ozone with aerosol particles and aerosol health effects Manabu Shiraiwa Oral

210 Gas uptake and chemical aging of amorphous semi-solid aerosol particles Manabu Shiraiwa Poster

211 Correlating the opacity-based dustiness behaviour to material specific properties Sylvia Bach Poster

212 Atmospheric ice nuclei in the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic ash plume over Germany and Israel Karin Ardon-Dryer Oral

213 Prediction of soot oxidation reactivity by Raman microspectroscopy Reinhard Niessner Oral

214 Particle-associated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Prague schools Martin Branis Poster

215 Characterization of soot structure and reactivity based on Raman microspectroscopy Johannes Schmid Poster

216 New aerosol spectrometer for 3 – 1000 nm size range. Vladimir Mitrochenko Poster

217 PM2.5 Source Profiles for Resuspended Road Dust in Seoul and Incheon, Korea. Yongwon Jung Poster

218 Characterisation of CeO2 engineered nanoparticles from a liquid flame spray process – expo-sure of workers Jussi Lyyränen Oral reserve

219 Thermophoretic Focusing as a Means of Avoiding Diffusion Losses in Aerosol Systems Michael Barankin Oral

220 Applications of single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesised by aerosol CVD method Albert Nasibulin Oral

221 Exhaust particles of a light duty diesel engine equipped with an oxidative aftertreatment operating with different sulfur level fuels Panu Karjalainen Oral

222 Mass-based aerosol water uptake measurements, hygroscopicity parameters and solute interaction parameters Eugene Mikhailov Poster

223 Exploring efficiency of sea spray geo-engineering Kirsty Pringle Oral

224 Cluster analysis of single particle data acquired with a Light Scattering Probe AMS during the MEGAPOLI campaigns in Paris, France Friederike Freutel Poster

225 Composition and Optical Properties of Black Carbon and its Coatings in the Los Angeles Area During CalNex James Allan Oral

226 From Embedded to Supported Metal/Oxide Nanomaterials: Thermal Behavior and Structural Evolution at Elevated Temperatures Stephanie Bubenhofer Oral

227 Sanding induced nanoparticle release into air from artificially aged/weathered surface coatings Daniel Göhler Oral

229 Multi-scale modeling of aerosol formation in pipe flow Christoph Winkelmann Oral reserve

230 Passenger exposure to nanoparticles inside a transport microenvironment Pouyan Joodatnia Poster

231 Thermophoresis of non-spherical particle: experimental prospect on soot particles Edouard Brugiere Oral

232 Sampling of Volatile Engine Particulate Matter by Using A Vapor-Particle Separator Meng-Dawn Cheng Oral

233 Portable real-time detection of airborne asbestos fibres for tradespersons Chris Stopford Oral

234 Optical and Radiative Properties of Aerosol as Determined During the ADIENT Project Eleanor Highwood Oral

235 Inflow and outflow of Borneo: the regional setting of aerosol compositional measurements in and above a maritime tropical rainforest Niall Robinson Oral

236 Estimate of the Saharan dust contribution to PM10 concentrations over Italy: a modelling approach Mihaela Mircea Poster

237 Light Scattering by airborne Saharan Dust Particles David McCall Poster

238 Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in the stack flue gases Ting-Yu Hsieh Poster

239 Evaluation of uncertainties in determining particle volatility properties from experiments with standard thermal-denuder techniques Elena Fuentes Poster

240 Primary and secondary marine organic aerosols over the North Atlantic ocean during the MAP experiment Matteo Rinaldi Oral

241 Direct Evidence of Elevated Absorbing Layer Associated with Coarse Mode Particles over CTCZ Region from Aircraft Experiment 2009 JAI DEVI JEYARAMAN Oral

242 Characteristics of fine and coarse aerosol compositions in central Taiwan Chien-Lung Chen Poster

243 Infrared spectroscopy of diesel and biofuel combustion particles Elena Kireeva Poster

244 Ultrafine nebuliser for aerosolization of nanoparticles in colloidal suspensions James Farnsworth Oral

248 Particle size distributions of ambient aerosol in the vicinity of semiconductor plants Chih-Chung Lin Poster

249 Persistent organic pollutants emitted from a municipal solid waste incinerator Kuo-Lin Huang Poster

250 Size measurement of dry ice particles in a jet flow using laser diffraction method Yi-Hung Liu Oral reserve

251 Relationship between water soluble calcium and anions in a kosa (Asian dust) aerosol Ikuko Mori Poster

252 Antimony nanopaticles formation from supersaturated vapor Olga Borovkova Poster

253 Single-step thermal synthesis of nano N-modified titanium dioxide powders for visible light photocatalysis using atmospheric-pressure microwave plasma Lin-Chi Wang Poster

254 Optical, physical and chemical characteristics of sub-urban atmospheric aerosols during very clean and local biomass burning events Young Joon KIM Poster

255 Enhanced Secondary Organic Aerosols during Fog Episodes Daya Kaul Poster

256 Digital visibility quantification for atmospheric environment with a Harris corner detector Chin-Hsiang Luo Poster

257 A Novel IOSH-NCTU Personal Nanoparticle Sampler Chuen-Jinn Tsai Oral

259 Radiative forcing from aerosols measured at a coastal site in the Mediterranean Anna Esteve Poster

260 Release-ability of nano fillers from different nanomaterials Luana Golanski Oral

261 Shipboard characterization of particle and gas emission from a Danish inland ferry Anne Gry Hemmersam Poster

262 The Study of Surviving of Bacteria on Charcoal Filters under Nutrient, Moisture Regain and Water Content Conditions Chane-Yu Lai Poster

263 Comparison of SKYRAD4.2 and AERONET inversions on a CIMEL CE318 radiometer Victor Estelles Poster

264 Atmospheric PM10. Effects of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and organic extracts on Rhodobacter sphaeroids Barbara Elisabetta Daresta Poster

265 Aerosol number size distributions in the vicinity of trade wind cumuli Florian Ditas Oral reserve

266 Gaseous and fine particle emissions from the combustion of agro-forestry pellets in a residential boiler Vijay Kumar Verma Poster

267 Enrichment of trace metal by particle size. Emissions from steel foundries. Jesús Rodríguez-Maroto Poster

268 Distributions of heavy metal traces by particle size (PM10, PM2.5 y PM1). Emissions from non ferrous smelters . Jose Luis Dorronsoro Arenal Poster

269 Particle mass flux deposition in ventilation ducts of food factories Mourad BEN OTHMANE Poster

270 The volatile fraction of Arctic aerosol particles derived from thermodenuder/mobility spectrometer measurements during ASCOS Andreas Held Poster

272 A Study of Terpenes by Raman Acoustic Levitation Mariana Ghosh Oral

273 Aerosol emissions from nanotechnology-based products at end-of-life Ulrika Backman Poster

274 Nanofibril filters for environmental nanoparticles Franco Belosi Poster

275 Deposition on fibrous filters in the interception region Sarah Dunnett Oral

276 Evaluation of a high temperature particle sampling setup for separation of inorganic and organic phase using laboratory model compounds Patrik Nilsson Poster

277 NMR spectroscopic characterization and factor analysis of the oxidized organic aerosol components in Cabauw, Netherlands, during the May 2008 EUCAARI IOP Marco Paglione Poster

278 Testing methods to derive top of the atmosphere reflected shortwave fluxes in the presence of aerosol during the ADIENT campaign: application to GERB and SEVIRI Helen Brindley Oral

279 Source apportionment of atmospheric organic aerosols by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy during the EUCAARI project Marco Paglione Oral

280 New particle formation by tobacco plants stressed by ozone: The potential role of mono- and sesquiterpenes Boris Bonn Oral

282 Understanding particle formation by alkene-ozone reactions: Experimental studies and theoretical simulations Boris Bonn Poster

283 New particle formation by biogenic emissions: Potential organic nucleation pathway and implications on climate feedbacks Boris Bonn Poster

284 Characterisation of Particles produced by Abrasion of Nanocomposites with a Grinding Machine Albert Hellmann Oral

285 Measurement and Simulation of Nanoparticle Deposition at Microfibres Kilian Schmidt Poster

286 The “Dual-Spot” Aethalometer: real-time loading compensation and indication of aerosol albedo Anthony Hansen Oral reserve

287 Comparison of organic compounds in atmospheric aerosols in urban areas in the Czech Republic Kamil Krumal Poster

288 Study of local aerosol combustion concentration with a differential white light opacimeter BELLIVIER Axel Poster

289 The global picture of aerosol layers formation in the stratosphere and in the mesosphere under the influence of gravito- and magneto- photophoretic forces. Helmuth Horvath Oral

290 Magnetic properties of PM10 collected at industrial and urban sites during heating and non-heating seasons Bohumil Kotlik Poster

291 ADIENT satellite based aerosol direct radiative forcing Gareth Thomas Oral

292 Experimental study of aerosols and vapours at high temperatures: past and recent application of aerodynamic quenching Santiago Jiménez Oral

293 Wintertime aerosol properties and their implications to radiative forcing over Eastern India Shubha Verma Poster

294 Characterization of PCDD/Fs emitted from motorcycles Wen-Yinn Lin Poster

295 Source evaluation of aerosols measured over the Indian subcontinent and ocean from combined measurement and modeling platforms Shubha Verma Poster

297 The basic performance of Jatropha curcas seed stove and its indoor air pollution over traditional wood stoves Haryono Huboyo Poster

298 Chemical vapor synthesis of Cu-Si/SiO2 nanoparticles Anna Lähde Oral

299 Development of a fine particle filter for domestic wood-fired heaters Sascha Schiller Poster

300 Characterization of silicon-carbon nanoceramics synthesized from hexamethyldisilane in high temperature aerosol reactor at atmospheric pressure Mirella Miettinen Poster

301 Artificial lung as an alternative for measurement pulmonary deposition in vivo. Agata Penconek Poster

302 Characterization of resuspended and respirable urban particulate matter Beatrix Turóczi Oral

303 Source apportionment and health effects of winter urban atmospheric aerosol Beatrix Turóczi Poster

304 Characterization of trace gases and PM2.5 emitted during the combustion of shrub biomass in a Portuguese stove CELIA ALVES Poster

305 Model comparison between global and regional climate-aerosol models ECHAM5-HAM and REMO-HAM: European aerosols Joni-Pekka Pietikäinen Oral reserve

306 Microbial test battery for risk assessment of fine particles originating from the combustion of wood Iris Raquel Gutiérrez Oral

307 Health risk assessment of wood combustion fine dust particles with Caenorhabditis elegans Birte Hegemann Oral

308 Transfer of gas-borne carbon nanoparticles onto liquid surfaces Dagmar Koch Oral

309 Influence of data processing in the determination of the effective density of nanostructured particles Florence Grippari Poster

310 Gases and aerosols emitted from wildfires in summer 2009 (central Portugal) Ana Vicente Poster

311 Organic compounds in PM2.5 emitted from fireplace and wood stove combustion of typical Portuguese wood species Cátia Gonçalves Oral

312 Biopersistence and pulmonary effects of intratracheally instilled titanium dioxide nanoparticles at four different doses to rat lungs Takako Oyabu Poster

313 Small ion concentrations and particle formation in a polluted environmnet in South-Africa Anne Hirsikko Poster

314 Hybrid filtration and catalytic control of toxic pollutants from a 1.2MW waste biomass cofiring boiler David Sanz Oral

315 Particle and droplet transport in turbulence and inertial effects Roar Skartlien Oral

316 Particle concentrations in Apulia Region PM natural excedancees Eleonora Andriani Poster


318 Measurement and modelling of ammonium nitrate aerosol and its impacts in North-Western Europe Will Morgan Oral

319 The power of the dark side: Night-time measurements of aerosol chemical composition in North-Western Europe Will Morgan Oral

320 Size distribution of atmospheric aerosols and associated ion species on the western Mediterranean Eduardo Yubero Poster

321 Responses of lung cell cultures after realistic exposure to primary and secondary carbonaceous aerosols Lisa Künzi Oral

322 Automated sampling system for studying iodine chemistry at high temperature Jarmo Kalilainen Oral

323 Experimental work on particle motion inside a differentially heated cavity Jarmo Kalilainen Poster

324 Molecular Characterization of Organic Compounds in Atmospheric Aerosols Alexander Laskin Oral

325 Respiratory airflow in human upper airways Jakub Elcner Poster

326 Pulmonary toxicity of well-dispersed single-wall carbon nanotube following 4 week inhalation Yasuo Morimoto Poster

327 A chamber for aerosol instrument comparisons Paul Quincey Poster

328 A new integrated device for on-board particle measurements: Sampling system Theodoros Tzamkiozis Poster

329 Real-time Detection of Airborne Influenza A Viruses Using Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistor Maosheng Yao Oral

330 Differences in Positively and Negatively Charged Bacterial Aerosol Diversity in Indoor and Outdoor Environments Maosheng Yao Oral reserve

331 Use of Electrostatic Sampling and ELISA method in Studying Charge Distributions of Airborne Allergens Maosheng Yao Poster

332 Effects of Microwave Irradiation on Culturability and Diversity of Biological Aerosols of Different Sizes in Different Environments Maosheng Yao Poster

333 Use of six-stage Andersen Sampler in Investigating Bioaerosol Inhalation Risks in Different Environments Maosheng Yao Poster

334 Performance of a Button Inhalable Sampler with Modified MCE Filter Method in Enumerating Culturable Bacterial and Fungal Aerosol Concentration and Diversity Maosheng Yao Poster

335 Development of a Lightweight, Simple and Efficient Exhaled Breath Condensate Collection Device and Method Maosheng Yao Oral

336 Effects of single-walled carbon nanotube filter on culturability and diversity of environmental bioaerosols Maosheng Yao Poster

337 Influences of Air Volume, DNA Template, and Dilution Factor on the Performance of qPCR Coupled with a Modified BioStage Sampling Method in Quantifying Bioaerosols Maosheng Yao Poster

338 Quantifying the concentration of volcanic ash aerosol in ground-based lidar returns Franco Marenco Poster

339 The FAAM volcanic ash flights in May 2010: results from the lidar, the CAS, and ARIES Franco Marenco Oral

340 Influence of aircraft combustion chamber conditions on physical and chemical properties of soot aggregates Delphine Lottin Poster

341 On methods determining the fractal dimension of combustion aerosols and particle clusters Delphine Lottin Poster

342 Performance of a High Resolution Optical Particle Spectrometer Hee-Siew Han Poster

343 Heterogeneous uptake of HO2 onto submicron aerosol particles Ingrid George Poster

345 Hormone structural differentiation using a high resolution DMA Martin Hollertz Poster

346 Spatiotemporal distribution of light-absorbing carbon in Stockholm Patricia Krecl Poster

347 Personal Exposure Assessment of School Children to Airborne Nanoparticles Rohan Jayaratne Oral

348 Atmospheric transport characteristics of dust storm arrive at Taiwan Tzi-yi Wu Poster

349 Assessing inhalation exposure to nanoparticles during nanoparticle synthesis and packing Joonas Koivisto Oral

350 Analysis of cloud and aerosol particles by single particle mass spectrometry during a hill-cloud-field experiment in Central Europe Anja Roth Oral reserve

351 Fluorescence and bioaerosol measurements at a high-altitude site (puy de Dôme) Andrew Gabey Poster

352 Characteristics of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins and Dibenzofurans in the atmosphere in northern Taiwan Shun-I Shih Poster

353 Personal Monitoring of Exposure to Particulate Matter with a High Temporal Resolution Anna Verena Broich Oral

354 Particle mass spectrometry based on micro string resonators for the application in portable aerosol monitors Silvan Schmid Oral

355 A Thermal Precipitator for Nanoparticle Cytotoxicity Screening Dirk Broßell Oral reserve

356 Road dust resuspension and chemical composition with regards to street washing activities Angeliki Karanasiou Poster

357 Preliminary investigation of contrails sampled during the COntrails Spreading Into Cirrus (COSIC) campaign in June 2009 Hazel Jones Poster

358 Gaseous iodine as a substantial cause of new specific air ions Urmas Hõrrak Poster

359 Oxidation of nopinone - Influence of relative humidity and particle acidity on particulate products Anke Mutzel Poster

360 Diethylamine and new charged particles formation Tiia-Ene Parts Poster

361 Water Uptake Properties of internally mixed sodium halide and succinic acid particles Lorena Miñambres Oral

362 The potential of biofuels in shipping for mitigating the climate impact – Results from the integrated BIOCLEAN study Andreas Petzold Oral

363 Weather condition – air quality relationships in Eastern Germany (1999 – 2009) Silvia Leise Poster

364 Highly size resolved particle fluxes over an urban area Malte Julian Deventer Oral

365 Direct integration of a GPS-GPRS unit into a miniature diffusion size classifer Martin Fierz Oral reserve

366 Classification of Dust Days over Israel by Integration of Satellite Remote Sensing Products David Broday Oral

368 Classification of Nucleation Events during the Summer Period in Thessaloniki, Greece: Kerbside versus urban background measurements Dimitrios Siakavaras Poster

369 Development and Characterization of a Novel Approach for Water-Based Condensation Growth of Aerosols Francisco Romay Oral

370 Size Distribution and Source Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) contained in PM10 in Waliguan and Xining of China Lili Tang Oral reserve

372 Measurement of particle size distribution in the gas phase. QCM-based procedure Fedor Dultsev Poster

373 Modifications in hygroscopicity and volatility of wood combustion aerosols after chemical aging Zhijun Wu Oral reserve

374 Deposition of aerosol particles in dosing tubes (endotracheal tubes) used in aerosol drugs therapy for infants Lukasz Zywczyk Poster

375 Influence of key aerosol, trace gas and meteorological parameters on new particle formation in Southern Spain Jovana-Maria Diesch Oral

377 Distribution of stripped droplets by sizes at drop shattering in a uniform flow Alexander Girin Poster

378 Distribution function for daughter droplets at theoretical law of parent drop motion Alexander Girin Poster

379 Pharmaceutical deposition of peanut proteins on skin patches by EHDA in cone-jet mode bertrand Dupont Poster

380 Time-frequency analysis of aerosol number concentrations in Europe -- \\ 28 day period in nucleation and the (lack of) weekly cycle in CCN-sized particles Ari Asmi Poster

380 Time-frequency analysis of aerosol number concentrations in Europe -- \\ 28 day period in nucleation and the (lack of) weekly cycle in CCN-sized particles Ari Asmi Poster

381 Dynamic structure of two-phase polydisperse spray in wake of a shattering drop Alexander Girin Poster

382 Equations of kinetic of drop shattering in a speedy uniform flow Alexander Girin Poster

383 Measurement of soot size distribution in flames by inversion of angular light scattering Jérôme Yon Poster

384 Laser diagnostics based flame characterization of a flame spray pyrolysis process Sascha Engel Poster

385 Routine monitoring of coronene in the Czech Republic Libor Hejkrlik Poster

386 Hill Cap Cloud Thuringia 2010 (HCCT-2010) – Overview and first results Dominik van Pinxteren Oral

387 Protein Nitration and Health Effects Kathrin Selzle Poster

388 A GIS based approach to combine back trajectory statistics and land cover analysis for the source apportionment of aerosol constituents Dominik van Pinxteren Oral

389 Modelling the volcanic eruption of Sarychev Jim Haywood Oral

391 Meteorological impacts in the modification of PM10 concentration levels in the urban area of Volos, Greece George Proias Poster

392 Source apportionment modelling to quantify atmospheric particle emissions using tunnel measurements Ravindra Khaiwal Oral

393 Pulsating Aerosols for Topical Treatment of Upper Airway Diseases Winfried Möller Oral

394 SPACCIM model studies of tropospheric aerosol-cloud interactions with the extended multiphase chemistry mechanism MCM-CAPRAM Andreas Tilgner Poster

395 Retrieval of aerosol radiative properties from sun-sky radiometers measurements of ESR network: comparison between the inversion codes Skyrad4.2.pack and the new Skyrad5.pack Monica Campanelli Poster

396 Workplace exposure to fine particles from welding fumes Elzbieta Jankowska Poster

397 Chemical composition of PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 in the industrial city in Korea Minkyun Kim Poster

398 Biomass burning aerosols measured with in-situ and remote sensing instruments in Eastern Finland during the forest fires in Russia 2010 Harri Portin Oral

399 The response of PM concentrations in the UK to changes in industrial and agricultural emissions: implications for the exceedance of Air Quality Standards Eiko Nemitz Oral reserve

400 Chemical and mineralogical composition of particulate matter released from agricultural operations Antonella Malaguti Poster

401 Modelling the buildup of aerosol loading over Italy during high-pressure conditions Mihaela Mircea Poster

402 STXM-NEXAFS Investigations of Laboratory Secondary Organic Aerosols and Amazonian Background Aerosols Christopher Pöhlker Poster

403 Sensor for vehicle on-board particle measurements Leonidas Ntziachristos Poster

404 UHMAEMO – University of Helsinki Multicomponent Aerosol Module Henri Vuollekoski Poster

405 A miniaturised Airborne Particle Classifier (APC) Chris Stopford Poster

406 Ignition and extinction limits of porous carbon particles dust Svetlana Orlovskaya Poster

407 Study of Heterogeneous Nucleation upon Nanoparticles in Condensation Particle Counters (CPCs): Effects of Particle and Vapor Composition Michel ATTOUI Oral

408 Peculiarities of oxide microstructure growth on the surface of molybdenum and tungsten filaments heated in air Svetlana Orlovskaya Poster

409 More precipitation from melting ice particles in deep convective clouds in a warm and moist environment Zhiqiang Cui Oral

410 The impact of clouds on radical concentrations: Observations of OH and HO2 during HCCT-2010 Ingrid George Poster

412 Analysis of particles and CO2 fluxes in an urban area: correlation with traffic rate and micrometeorology Daniele Contini Oral

413 Regional extent of new particle formation Niku Kivekas Poster

414 Spatial and seasonal variation of number concentration and size distribution of aerosol (5.6 – 560 nm) in urban and rural areas of Bologna (Italy) Vanes Poluzzi Poster

415 A 3-year-follow-up Study of Traffic Related Respiratory Alterations in Schoolchildren in Milan, Italy MARCO SALA Poster

416 Alteration of respiratory function in asymptomatic subjects living in Milan (Italy) and in Aprica (Italy), an Alpine site with different levels of environmental pollution. Spirometric Francesco and laboratory evaluation. Cetta Poster

417 A plea for a more “doubtful” and “skeptic” approach to the role of intrinsic toxicity of airborn pollutants as the main responsible for observed cardiovascular, respiratory and cancerous LUIGI diseases or deaths ALLEGRA in humans.


418 Comparison between in vitro results of PM incubation with cell-lines and health effects in children. Rosalia Zangari Poster

419 H2O: A new model to predict secondary organic aerosol formation Florian Couvidat Oral

420 Hygroscopic properties of sub-Arctic aerosols: continuous HTDMA measurements from Pallastunturi, Finnish Lapland Antti-Pekka Hyvärinen Poster

421 Morphology and phase transitions of internally mixed dicarboxylic acids/ammonium sulfate/water particles during hygroscopic cycles Mijung Song Poster

422 Environmental pollution in Metropolitan Areas and alterations of respiratory function GIANFRANCO SCHIRALDI Poster

423 Mesothelioma incidence is likely not going to decline, despite asbestos ban in Western countries Paolo Paladini Poster

424 The inflammatory response elicited in vitro by air pollutants is greater in synoviocytes from patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis than in those with osteoarthrosis MARCELLO GALEAZZI Oral

425 PM 2.5 and Water Soluble Inorganic Ions in the Venice area Stefania Squizzato Poster

426 “Perinatal susceptible window” as a main responsible for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases occurring later in life because of PM exposure Laura Moltoni Poster

427 Measurement of damages to exposed populations during concomitant evaluation of PM concentration and health effects usually doesn’t consider damage to newborns. SIMONA BENONI Poster

428 The “harmful potential” of PM, evaluated “in vitro” must be used with a great causation as a surrogate for risk assessment in humans Jacopo Martellucci Poster

429 Selection of proper markers for a better knowledge of health effects of air pollution. Difficulty in the choice of markers or in the recognition of causative mechanisms? VALENTINA GUERCIO Oral

430 Using holographic optical landscapes to manipulate aerosol arrays, compare particle hygroscopicity and study aerosol coagulation Rory Power Oral

431 Single Particle Soot Photometer (SP2) intercomparison: Results from 6 instruments Marie Laborde Oral

433 Ambient Organic Gases and Ammonia: Formation of Organo-Nitrogen Species in the Presence of Sulfuric Acid Aerosol John Liggio Oral

434 Numerical simulation of H2SO4 cycle and new particle formation in the Cern CLOUD chamber Jens Voigtländer Oral

435 Aerosol optical properties over East Asia: An integrating CMAQ-simulated and satellite-retrieved aerosol data using a data assimilation technique Chul Han Song Poster

436 Room temperature gas sensor based on carbon nanoparticles Peter Pikhitsa Oral

437 Particulate Carbon and Sulfur in the Lower Stratosphere Johan Friberg Oral

438 Injection of sulfur compounds into the stratosphere by using modified commercial aircrafts Anton Laakso Poster

439 Modeling and Measurement of ENP Dynamics in a Ventilated Two-Zone Chamber Mingzhou Yu Oral

440 Study of SOA formation from limonene ozonolysis in indoor environments: a new approach involving simultaneous investigation of gas and particulate phases molecular composition Stephanie Rossignol Oral

441 To some mechanisms of UV-light induced SO2 Oxidation to H2SO4 and Aerosol Formation Andrey Sorokin Poster

442 Mobility measurements of electrosprayed protein ions in the sub 10 nm size range Anne Maißer Oral

443 General and PAH-mediated cytotoxicity in particulate matter from wood combustion Susanne Gauggel Oral

444 Modelling of aerosol scattering and absorption parameters in the troposphere of West Siberia Svetlana Terpugova Poster

445 Pollen are efficient cloud condensation nuclei Francis Pope Oral

446 Over 10-years of new particle formation and growth in sub-Arctic Pallas station Eija Asmi Poster

447 Measurements of Siberian Arctic aerosols in Tiksi, Russia Eija Asmi Poster

448 Source apportionment of ambient PM10 near a major highway in a Swiss Alpine valley Harish C. Phuleria Poster

449 Composition and hygroscopic properties of background aerosols at a rural U.K. site Gerard Capes Poster

450 Validation of the regional aerosol climate model REMO-HAM under East Asian conditions Stephanie Fiedler Poster

451 Effects of sea spray geoengineering on clouds and Earth’s radiative balance Antti-Ilari Partanen Oral

452 Mass and number concentration of particulate matter in Lahore, Pakistan. ian colbeck Poster

453 Aerosol particle size distributions in clean and polluted environments in South Africa Ville Vakkari Oral

454 Assessment of bacterial and fungal aerosol in hospital air ian colbeck Oral

455 First observations of nucleation of new particles in a volcanic plume Karine Sellegri Oral

456 Diffusion coefficient measurements of sulphuric acid in air David Brus Poster

457 Ibuprofen nanoparticle formation from supersaturated vapor in the flow chamber Alexander Samodurov Poster

458 Sulfur vapor homogeneous nucleation from a supersaturated vapor in a flow chamber Sergey Valiulin Poster

459 Stable carbon isotope ratio analysis of anhydrosugars in biomass burning aerosol Xuefang Sang Oral

460 Development of a Setup for the Purpose of Respiratory Research and Aerosol Deposition in the Lung Using a Novel Active Lung Simulator Mathias Forjan Poster

461 Four years of high resolution monitoring of inorganic water soluble aerosol components over a semi-natural ecosystem in South East Scotland Marsailidh Twigg Oral

462 Anthropogenic Snowfall Events from Urban Fogs Gary Lloyd Oral reserve

463 The weekly cycle of ambient concentrations and traffic emissions of coarse (PM10-PM2.5) atmospheric particles Andre Prevot Oral

464 Comparison of emissions from wood and oil boilers in small (20–25 kW) and medium (5–10 MW) scale Terhi Penttilä Oral

465 Optical and microphysical characteristics of smoke aerosol during fire events in Moscow region in summer 2010 Mikhail Sviridenkov Oral

466 The effect of coronal mass ejections on cloud microphysics Martin Bødker Enghoff Poster

467 Application of Fine Particle Model software to kraft recovery boiler modelling Aino Leppänen Poster

468 Chemical characterization of PM10 and trace gas measurements with the online-system MARGA at the research station Melpitz in Germany Benjamin Fahlbusch Poster

469 Volcanic ash optical properties with an UV-depolarization Lidar Alain Miffre Oral

470 Cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) activity and oxygen-to-carbon elemental ratios following thermodenuder treatment of organic particles grown by ?-pinene ozonolysis Scot Martin Oral reserve

471 Simultaneous determination of water-soluble organic tracers in atmospheric aerosol using silyl-derivatization and GC-MS analysis Maria Chiara Pietrogrande Oral

472 Comparison of three AMS measurements during the Hill Cap Cloud Thuringia 2010 (HCCT 2010) campaign Laurent Poulain Poster

473 Regional modelling of the tropospheric multiphase system using COSMO-MUSCAT Roland Schrödner Poster

474 Determination of the refractive index of soot particles in the visble spectrum by extinction spectra Alexis Coppalle Oral

475 A new model for estimating the emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) from Hyytiälä in the southern Finland Qingyang He Oral

477 Spatio-temporal variations of particulate air pollution in Beijing, China Nina Schleicher Poster

478 A 19th Century model for secondary organic aerosol David Topping Oral

479 Photochemical synthesis of olivine (Mg2xFe2-2xSiO4; 0 ? x ? 1) nanoparticles Russell Saunders Oral

480 Development and Application of Two-Product Secondary Organic Aerosol Model Parameters Based on Volatility Basis Set Fits Kelley Barsanti Oral

481 Observations and Modelling of Cloud-Aerosol Interaction in Mixed Phase Frontal Layer Cloud Keith Bower Oral

482 Characterization of New Particle Formation Events in Kuopio, Finland Amar Hamed Poster

483 Development of the Electro-physical Method of Aero-ion Cleaning of Gaseous Atmosphere Andrey Grishin Poster

484 Electrostatic charging of spray droplets by addition of ionic compounds Asit Ray Poster

486 Phase Transitions and Separation of Mixed Organic-Inorganic Particles Scot Martin Poster

487 Influence of Existing Particle Surfaces on Formation of Secondary Inorganic Aerosols in Fine Mode Mukesh Sharma Poster

488 Measured O:C and H:C Elemental Ratios Constrain the Production Mechanisms of Biogenic Secondary Organic Material Scot Martin Oral

489 Reactive oxygen species (ROS) emissions from diesel engines running on various biofuels Svetlana Stevanovic Oral reserve

490 Strategies for Nanoparticle Release Assessment from Powders, Liquid and Solid Materials into the Environment Fissan Heinz Oral

491 Comparison of emissions with pellet fuel and wood logs from a hybrid masonry heater Annika Hukkanen Poster

492 Determining the transfer function of a Very Long DMA using polymer size standards Janek Uin Poster

493 Characterization of Agglomerates and Aggregates in Gases along the Exposure Pathway Fissan Heinz Poster

494 A new analyser for continuous measurement of the concentration and composition of aerosols Hiroshi Kume Poster

495 A novel exposure system for testing the lung toxicity of domestic wood combustion aerosols Sonja Muelhopt Poster

496 Impacts of local atmospheric circulation on PM2.5-bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in three different emission scenarios in Venice-Mestre (Italy) Mauro Masiol Poster

497 Characterization of PM2.5 chemical composition in Venice (Italy) and their relation with the regional-scale movement of the air masses Mauro Masiol Poster

498 Relationship between new particle formation and pollutant gases in an urban environment Imre Salma Oral

499 Particulate PAHs and nitro/oxy-PAHs: on sampling degradation and size distribution in the south-west of Paris. Johany Ringuet Oral

500 The calibration of an aerosol dilution system Lenka Skrabalova Poster

501 Chemical composition and source apportionment of PM10 at different Swiss locations 2008/2009 compared to 1998/1999. Matthias F.D. Gianini Oral

502 Atmospheric particle number concentrations and nucleation events in an urban background site Francisco J. Gomez-Moreno Poster

503 Physico-chemical property measurements for aerosols at Manchester Murray Booth Poster

504 Water uptake on silica nanoparticles Helmi Keskinen Oral

505 Experimental study of heterogeneous reactivity between Raluca Ciuraru Poster

506 A Long-Term Study of the Aerosol Effects on Convective Clouds over Southern Sweden and Finland Moa Sporre Poster

507 Hygroscopicity parameter measurements of cloud condensation nuclei from nucleation experiments at the CLOUD chamber Georgios Tsagkogeorgas Poster

508 A modelling approach to study PM2.5 dispersion and transformation in Venice area stefania squizzato Poster

509 The first long-term model study of particle formation and growth with detailed chemistry and aerosol dynamics in a boreal forest environment Luxi Zhou Poster

510 CFD aided rapid development of small scale reverse-flow cyclones. Collette Haig Poster

511 Influence of wind field patterns on aerosol optical depth over Athens and the Aegean sea Vassiliki Kotroni Poster

512 High temperature electrostatic precipitation for small scale biomass combustion Andrei Bologa Oral

513 Nanostructure of fine and ultrafine particles from start-ups and shutdowns of a 250MW natural gas power plant Cristina Gutierrez-Canas Oral

514 Study of corona discharge ionizer for high temperature/high pressure electrostatic precipitator Andrei Bologa Oral

515 Study of particle chemical composition and size distribution in the pyrolysis gas flow Andrei Bologa Poster

516 Electrical conductivity as sensor principle for a sensor to measure soot aerosols Reinhard Niessner Poster

517 SOA formation from stress induced biogenic VOC emissions and the contribution of isoprene to particle formation and growth – lessons learned from grey poplar trees Einhard Kleist Oral reserve

518 Development of an anatomically correct segmented model of the human mouth for deposition studies of the particle and vapour phase of tobacco smoke during inhalation Ross Cabot Oral

519 Evaluation of Paticulate Matter Line Losses From Simulated Aircraft Exhaust for Different Residence Times and Dilution Conditions David Walters Poster

520 Development of an instrument to simulate puffing, inhaling and exhaling cigarette smoke Paul Warrington Poster

521 Quantitative real time sea salt measurements by HR-ToF AMS Jurgita Ovadnevaite Poster

522 Particle number variation due to the disappearance of a thermal inversion Jose Francisco Nicolas Poster

523 Particle fluxes over arctic sea ice during COBRA James Whitehead Poster

524 Inhibited water diffusion and inhomogeneities in glassy atmospheric aerosol proxies David Bones Poster

525 Measurements of aerosols from a high altitude location in central Himalayas and their importance P. Pant Poster

527 Rapid measurements of single aerosol droplets in conditions far from equilibrium using an electrodynamic balance James Davies Oral

529 High-throughput multi-jet mode electrospray for two fluids using a coaxial grooved nozzle Inyong Park Poster

530 The influence of particle shape on optical particle sizers Sascha Pfeifer Poster

531 Handheld nanoparticle monitors – An intercomparison study Christof Asbach Oral

533 Evaluation of an improved unipolar diffusion charger for size distribution measurements Christof Asbach Oral

534 Nuclear aerosols in primary circuit and containment: a review of the Phebus experiments Alan Jones Oral

536 Field chamber studies on nucleation potential of ambient air Hanna Mannninen Oral

537 Field measurement of secondary organic aerosol in a boreal forest site in southern Finland using on-line soft ionization ion trap mass spectrometry Alexander Vogel Oral reserve

538 Planetary boundary layer influence at the Jungfraujoch: in-situ and remote sensing measurements. Martine Collaud Coen Poster

539 Filtration of oil mists and dust - machining and grinding operations Tomasz Jankowski Poster

540 Laboratory investigation of post-combustion nitro-PAH formation Jan-Christoph Wolf Poster

541 Evaluation of the efficiency of the fume cupboards in the laboratory Tomasz Jankowski Poster

542 Carbon burnout of a multi-fuel dust-burner in co-combustion situations Paur H.-R. Poster

543 Effect of Different Sampling Methods on the Collection Efficiency of CNF- and CNT-Fibres Burkhard Stahlmecke Poster

544 Atmospheric circulation role on PM fractions Styliani Pateraki Poster

545 Investigations on (Nano-) Particle Release during Mechanical Treatment of Different Composite Materials Burkhard Stahlmecke Oral

546 SOA formation from campholenic aldehyde ozonolysis Yoshiteru Iinuma Poster

547 Carbonaceous aerosols in the Asian Brown Clouds transported from Southeast Asia: downstream observations at Mt. Lulin in Taiwan Chung-Te Lee Oral reserve

548 Improved cloud screening for aerosol optical depth measurements with a Brewer spectrophotometer Veerle De Bock Poster

549 Formation of neutral sulphuric acid clusters containing base molecules Ismael Kenneth Ortega Colomer Oral

550 Aerosol Optical Depth in East Mediterranean using MODIS and CALIPSO satellite retrievals Eleni Marinou Poster

551 Measurement of sub-micron aerosols dry deposition velocity on a heterogeneous field by eddy correlation using an Electrical Low Pressure Impactor and a Condensation Particle Guillaume Counter

BACON Oral reserve

552 Mineral dust chemistry, mineralogy, shape, mixing state, complex refractive index and microphysics determined by electron/optical microscopy and by X-ray diffraction at Praia, Konrad Cape Verde, in winter 2008 Kandler Poster

553 Instrumental improvements and applications of the compact laser mass spectrometer LAMPAS 3 for on-line single particle characterization Klaus-Peter Hinz Poster

554 Physico-chemical properties of particles formed in efficient, intermediate and smouldering wood chip combustion Tiina Torvela Poster

555 Novel laboratory-scale biomass combustion reactor for studies on emission formation and ash behaviour Tapio Kettunen Poster

556 Analysis of a time series of particulate sulfate in a suburban site M. Aránzazu Revuelta Poster

557 Impact of aerosol activation on modelled regional particulate matter Wanmin Gong Oral

558 Investigation of charge conditioning of aerosols by means of soft X-ray and AC corona discharge devices Peter Kallinger Poster

559 Aircraft measurements of volcanic ash properties Ben Johnson Poster

560 Determination of the spatial variability of particle number concentration, particle size distribution and the concentrations of NO and NO2 in an urban region and the surrounding Rayk using one year mobile measurements Rinke with the AERO-TRAM Oral

561 Modelled new particle formation and growth in Southern African savannah environment Rosa Gierens Poster

562 Size effect in homogeneous nucleation in nanoscale particles Valeri Levdansky Poster

563 Penetration of sub 30 nm particles through mechanical and electret fibrous filters Nikolaus Koch Poster

564 Characterization of aerosol from ship emissions in the Central Mediterranean Sea (Lampedusa island) Silvia Becagli Oral

565 One Year Aerosol Measurements with LIDAR in Portugal Frank Wagner Poster

566 In situ measurement of cloud droplet activation behaviour of black carbon particles Martin Gysel Oral

567 Near vessel dynamics of sea salt sprays: How efficient can maritime clouds be seeded? Thomas Leisner Oral

569 Radiative properties of mixed biomass-mineral dust aerosol in the thermal infrared during SAMUM-2 Claas H. Koehler Oral

570 Synergetic monitoring of Saharan dust plumes: A case study of dust transport from Canary Islands to Iberian Peninsula. Part 1: Dust detection, identification and vertical structure analysis

Carmen Cordoba-Jabonero Oral

571 Micro Smog Chamber: a Candidate Tool for Evaluating Wood Burning Emissions Alejandro Keller Oral

572 Synergetic monitoring of Saharan dust plumes: A case study of dust transport from Canary Islands to Iberian Peninsula. Part 2: Evaluation of potential dust impact on surface Carmen Cordoba-Jabonero Poster

573 Influence of probe nozzle diameter on aerosol particle size distribution for isokinetic sampling in gas streams Thomas Barth Poster

576 MALTE Box – model prediction for aerosol formation in the chamber Chatriya Watcharapaskorn Poster

577 Microphysical and chemical characterization of cloud droplets, cloud droplet residuals, and interstitial aerosol particles during a hill-cloud field experiment in Central Europe Johannes Schneider Oral

578 Evaluation of Chemical-Transport-Model Predictions of Primary Organic Aerosol for Air Masses Classified using Back Trajectory and Particle-Component Factor Analysis Craig Stroud Oral

579 In situ volcanic aerosol measurements made using the FAAM research aircraft: a case study Kate Turnbull Poster

580 Rapid development pf a patient preferred nasal pMDI actuator Richard Brewer Poster

581 Geoengineering the Earth’s Climate – An assessment of potential effectiveness and side-effects Annabel Jenkins Poster

582 Dust optical, chemical and radiative properties from the DODO and Fennec aircraft campaigns Claire Ryder Oral

583 Chemical composition, Hygroscopicity and CCN properties of biogenic secondary organic aerosols M. Rami Alfarra Oral

584 Does aerosol in London create an urban solar flux island? Claire Ryder Oral

585 Aerosol exposure in combination with aerosol impacts on climate: What is the total health outcome? Jakob Löndahl Oral

586 Contribution of biomass burning to London’s PM10 Gary Fuller Oral

587 Turbulence and Condensation Charles Clement Oral

588 Changes in black carbon undergoing SOA coating measured with SP2, SP-AMS and optical instruments. Jonathan Taylor Oral

589 Computationally efficient methods for computing the free molecular and continuum friction factors of non spherical aerosol particles Thaseem Thajudeen Poster

590 Surface Area Deposition Index for Jet Engine PM Exhaust Donald Hagen Oral reserve

592 Field observation of the hygroscopic properties of the ambient aerosols in Beijing Jianhua chen Poster

594 Atmospheric nano-sized particle counting in Tehran air Farah Halek Poster

595 Ultrafine particles ambient air pollution in an industrial area in Southwest Europe: A fuzzy logic qualitative model Rocio Fernandez-Camacho Poster

596 Recent enhancements and new applications of passive sampling of ambient particles Eckart Schultz Poster

597 Aerosol properties during long-range transport of African dust air masses over Granada (Spain) Francisco Jose Olmo Reyes Poster

598 Shape dependence of atmospheric aerosol light scattering parameters:ALFA simulation and comparison to AERONET data Francisco Jose Olmo Reyes Poster

599 Smog Chamber Studies on SOA Formation from Gasoline Exhaust and Pure Precursors Erik Nordin Oral

600 New 3-Dimensional Model to Study atmospheric processes in Planetary Boundary Layer Gopalkrishnan Kokkatil Poster

601 Long-term on-line measurement of non-refractory submicron aerosol in the city of Zurich Francesco Canonaco Oral

603 Influence of non-ideality on multiphase chemistry: Model studies with air parcel model SPACCIM Ahmad J Rusumdar Poster

605 Optical cloaking and agglomerated fractal clusters Vladimir Maksimenko Poster

606 Local air pollution versus short–range transported dust episodes: a comparative study for submicron particle number concentration Tareq Hussein Oral reserve

607 Diurnal concentrations of organic tracers originated from wood combustion Jürgen Orasche Oral

608 Study on equilibrium vapour pressure of succinic acid in binary aqueous solution and ternary inorganic - organic aqueous solutions using flow tube experiments Taina Yli-Juuti Oral

609 Numerical study of performances of RespiCon sampler in calm air Shamil Zaripov Poster

610 Biochemical characteristics of aerosol Dr. Ranjit Kumar Poster

611 Effect of vehicle emissions on the chemical composition of airborne particulates in urban schools Godwin Ayoko Oral

612 Ergosterol, arabitol and mannitol as tracers for biogenic aerosols in Noa Burshtein Oral

613 Using nigrosin as a surrogate for black carbon to study aerosol light absorption Jeonghoon Lee Poster

614 Performance evaluation of the Airmodus PSM (nano CPC) in the sub 3 nm range. Michel ATTOUI Poster

615 Removal of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins and Dibenzofurans for physico-chemical pre-treatment and thermal treatment of Electric Arc Furnace fly ashes Shun-I Shih Poster

616 Real-time Detection of Bacterial Bioaerosols Using the Aerosol Fluorescence Sensor with Dual Channels of UV- and Vis-band Jaehee Jung Oral

617 PM characterization of Mexico City aerosols by automated single particle analysis Mario Federico Meier Poster

618 An original device for the measure of aerosol deposition. First results on the Pin Sec catchment in Nantes, France Stephane PERCOT Poster

619 Single particle depolarization studies: Unraveling the mysteries of Paris Fog Darrel Baumgardner Oral

620 Atmospheric degradation of ?-caryophyllene: laboratory and field studies Anna van Eijck Poster

621 Electrostatic precipitators for domestic wood sto Heinz Burtscher Oral

622 Futures of atmospheric radioactive aerosol monitoring by ?- and ?-radiation Valentina Yakovleva Poster

623 Monitoring of atmospheric electrical, meteorological and radioactive parameters of surface layer of the storm atmosphere. Preliminary results Valentina Yakovleva Poster

624 Comparison of charging characteristics between particle chargers using different discharging materials Bangwoo Han Poster

625 Radioactive disequilibrium between radon and its decay products in surface atmosphere Valentina Yakovleva Poster

626 Variations in electrical and meteorological parameters of the atmosphere in conditions of fog Valentina Yakovleva Poster

627 Effect on relative humidity on the electric field strength established, negative air ion concentration produced and aerosol removal by an air ionizer Kuo-Pin Yu Poster

628 Growth of Particles via Organic Condensation: Is Gas-Phase Chemistry Enough? Neil Donahue Oral

629 Number concentration measurement of nanometer-sized particles and its correlation with wind velocity Hossein Saghafifar Poster

630 Exposure Measurement in an Industrial Production Facility for CNT-imbedded Nanocomposites Jing Wang Poster

631 Simulation of binary aerosol droplet formation Xinze Zhen Poster

632 Optical scattering observations in two occupied residences with wood-burning stoves Ian Longley Oral

633 Street-to-street variations in PM, PNC and BC in a motorway-dominated urban neighbourhood Guy Coulson Oral

634 Statistical distributions of particle number concentrations observed in urban transport microenvironments during commuting Ian Longley Poster

635 Bio-particle emission and distribution over slums in a tropical Indian metropolis Sat Ghosh Poster

636 Dispersion and deposition pathways of combustion aerosols over tropical evergreens Jason Picardo Poster

637 Urban aerosol variability from meteoparameters on various time scales Arthur Zaripov Poster

638 Development of a Versatile Size Analyzing Nuclei Counter (vSANC) Tamara Pinterich Poster

639 Manipulation of particle-grouping – a new method for reducing health risk David Katoshevski Poster

640 Simultaneous Mobility and Mass Determination of Ionic Molecular Clusters produced in a bipolar 241Am Charger Gerhard Steiner Poster

641 Evolution of aerosol size distributions related to air masses origins in Paris Fog Neda Boyouk Poster

642 Comparison of organic aerosol from different aircraft combustion sources using an Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) Paul Williams Poster

643 Pigeons as Source of Airborne Circoviruses Gregor Jereb Poster

644 Aerosol particles transport on areas of water: experiments and modelling Liudmila Uvarova Poster

645 Characterization of Hazardous Materials Released from a Laser Printer with a New and a Refilled Toner Cartridge SungChul Seo Poster

646 Secondary organic aerosol on southern Pacific Ocean Petri Vaattovaara Poster

647 Australian aerosol and cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) Rosemary Fedele Poster

648 Particle-resolved modelling of the aging process of atmospheric soot particles Nicole Riemer Oral

649 Generation of Au-Ge nanocomposites by spark discharge Shubhra Kala Oral

650 Behaviour of the aerosol charging state under asymmetric concentrations of small ions Johannes Leppa Poster

651 Sulfuric acid measurements with CI-TOF-MS Tuija Jokinen Poster

652 Measured and modelled aerosol radiative forcing over an urban location Rohit Srivastava Poster

654 Approximating sulphuric acid concentration in the atmosphere. A multilocational statistical study Santtu Mikkonen Poster

656 Impaction velocities of particles in low pressure impactor Anssi Arffman Poster

657 Ultrafine particles in various urban microenvironments in Budapest Tibor Borsos Oral

658 Thermodenuder with low nanoparticle losses: design, simulations, laboratory tests and diesel exhaust particle studies Anssi Arffman Oral reserve

659 Continuous Measurement with High Tim Resolution of Semi-Volatile Components in the Atmospheric Aerosol Markus Pesch Poster

660 Indirect measurement of water vapour supersaturation ratios in continental boundary layer clouds using H-TDMA and DMPS data Erik Fors Oral

661 Characterisation behind a modern civil engine: investigation on new particulate certification David Delhaye Poster

662 Wood combustion emissions in Switzerland and associated impact assessments Nickolas Meyer Oral reserve

663 Microphysical properties of carbonaceous particulate matter emitted by three different aircraft turbofan engines David Delhaye Oral

664 Field measurements of atmospheric sub-2nm particles with Particle Size Magnifier Katrianne Lehtipalo Poster

665 A new algorithm to solve condensation/evaporation growth, coagulation and nucleation of nanoparticles Marion Devilliers Oral

666 Modelling atmospheric OH-reactivity over boreal forest Ditte Mogensen Poster

667 Scaling up the production rate of Ge nanoparticles by spark discharge Shubhra Kala Poster

668 Multi-Particle Sintering Dynamics: From Fractal-like Aggregates to Compact Structures Max Eggersdorfer Poster

669 Particle Resuspension Modeling in Turbulent Flows Fan Zhang Oral

671 Contact angle, seed particle radius and the onset of heterogeneous nucleation Ville Loukonen Poster

672 Observation of decreased final product volatility in the gas ozonolysis of unsaturated carboxylic acids in the absence of oxygen Claudia Keunecke Poster

673 On-line measurements of particle bound ROS in ambient and combustion aerosols Stephen Fuller Oral

674 Binary sulfuric acid–water nucleation, including ion-induced nucleation mechanism Jonathan Duplissy Oral

675 Evaluation of the performances of SidePak AM510 nephelometer compared to the Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM) method for PM2.5 mass measurement Federico Karagulian Oral

676 Aerosol mass spectrometer measurements at the SMEAR IV semi-urban station Liqing Hao Poster

677 Numerical simulation of aerosol deposition and clearance in the large bronchial airways Attila Nagy Poster

678 Aqueous-phase chemistry and its interactions with gases and aerosols in COSMO-ART Christoph Knote Oral

679 Synthesis of copper nanoparticles by photochemical process Naoki Nishida Poster

680 Dispersion of nanoparticles in vehicle wake – Part II: analysis of wind tunnel work Matteo Carpentieri Poster

681 Main activities of the Spanish network on environmental DMAs Francisco J. Gomez-Moreno Poster

682 Direct deposition of aerosol generated AuNPs into biological buffers produce specific protein corona in lung-fluid and blood serum Christian Svensson Oral

683 Sensitivity of cloud radiative forcing to cloud formation parameterization under three different meteorological fields Rafaella - Eleni Sotiropoulou Oral

684 Factors affecting ESP aerosol generation Chih-Wei Lin Poster

685 Break-up of agglomerated TiO2 particles due to impaction Mika Ihalainen Oral

686 Factors affecting the molecular flux during evaporation and condensation of water on an aqueous droplet surface Jonathan Reid Oral

687 Producing Drug particles for Inhalation via Electrospray Caner Yurteri Oral

688 Novel methodology for estimation of mass and surface area of aggregated particles deposited in the human respiratory tract Jenny Rissler Oral

689 Charging states and ion-induced nucleation fractions in an urban and forested area, Finland Stephanie Gagne Poster

690 On-line measurement of chemical composition and size distribution of high-temperature combustion aerosols Ralf Zimmermann Oral

691 A new purification system for airborne particulate matter in pig and poultry farms Bob Ursem Poster

692 Evolving morphology, hygroscopicity and volatility of mixed oleic acid/sodium chloride/aqueous aerosol during oxidative aging Jonathan Reid Oral

693 Aerosol nucleation induced by a high energy particle beam Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen Oral

694 Novel electrostatic air cleaning system as applied in traffic tunnels Bob Ursem Poster

695 New aerosol particle formation and event classification in Hungarian background air at K-puszta Zsuzsanna Becsi Poster

696 Calculation of the electrical field and charge density in a corona unipolar charger with a complex geometry Maida Domat Poster

697 Performance of an Ultrafine Diethylene Glycol (DEG) based Condensation Particle Counter Daniela Wimmer Poster

698 Time evolution of the concentration of PM10, PM2.5, and NO2 in Central Europe until 2015: will we meet the limit values set by the European Commission in time? Sabine Wurzler Oral

699 Effects of elementary school indoor/outdoor PM10 on gene expression and blood coagulation Sebastian Oeder Oral

700 Spatio-temporal variation of particle number concentrations and mean particle number size distributions in a Swiss urban city Harish Phuleria Oral

701 Modelling of ion-induced binary nucleation in the CERN CLOUD experiment Sebastian Ehrhart Oral

702 High-Temperature extraction of aerosol particles from biomass combustion and gasification Michael Strand Oral

703 Simulation of light scattering from air borne tea dust particles: possible carriers of pathogen Sanchita Roy Poster

704 New Software for simultaneous real time determination of particle number distribution and mass fractions with laser aerosol spectrometer Freidhelm Schneider Poster

705 Further experience with low emission zones in Germany: will the next stage do the job? Sabine Wurzler Poster

706 Influence of the sampling site, the season of the year, the particle size and the number of nucleation events on the chemical composition of atmospheric ultrafine particles Jose Ruiz-Jimenez Poster

707 Identification of Eyjafjallajökull volcanic ash particles collected in Munich in spring 2010 by Raman microspectroscopy Natalia Ivleva Poster

708 Stabilizing action of the vertical wind on spatial distribution of stratospheric aerosol Sergey Beresnev Poster

709 Comprehensive GCxGC, a valuable technique for the screening and semiquantitation of different chemical compounds in ultrafine aerosol particles Jose Ruiz-Jimenez Oral

710 Aerosol size distribution study by airborne and ground-level in-situ measurements and remote sensing during EARLINET lidar intercomparison campaign: SPALI10 Francisco Molero Poster

711 Retrieving aerosol size distribution using wavelength dependence of aerosol optical depths sumita kedia Oral

712 Characterization of particulate trace elements in Tehran air Farah Halek Poster

713 Elucidation of organic volatile compounds in Antarctic aerosol particles. Influence of the nucleation events on the chemical composition of the particles Jose Ruiz-Jimenez Poster

714 Can dimethyl sulphide cause new particle formation over the central Arctic Ocean? Matthias Karl Poster

715 Heating process of silver nanoparticles diameter-selected by DMA Daisuke Sugiura Poster

716 Sulphuric acid measurements by CIMS at the CLOUD chamber and cross-check with independent methods to derive [H2SO4] Linda Rondo Oral

717 Comparison of toxicological responses in mice lung induced by PM1 emissions from heating appliances of old and new technologies Mikko Happo Poster

718 Diffusion of charged particles in a DMA with inclined electric field and with a particle collector in gas outlet Jaan Salm Poster

719 Gravity waves observed as a causal mechanism for transition from closed to open cellular convection in the remote South East Pacific Hugh Coe Poster

720 Workers exposure to particulate and gaseous pollutants in a photocopy / printing center Evangelia Diapouli Oral

721 Intercomparison exercise for ambient mass concentration measurement of atmospheric particulate matter by gravimetric samplers Maria Gini Poster

722 Prevalidation of the CULTEX method: In vitro analysis of the acute toxicity of inhalable fine dusts and nanoparticles after direct exposure of cultivated human cells from the respiratory Niklas tract.

Moehle Poster

723 Porous tube diluting probe for high temperature sampling of aerosols Olli Sippula Oral

724 Residential wood combustion technology affects the toxicological responses of particulate emissions Pasi Jalava Oral

725 Composition and evolution of volcanic aerosol following three eruptions 2008 - 2010 Sandra Andersson Poster

726 Qualitative Source Identification of PAHs Using Diagnostic Compounds Edvinas Krugly Poster

727 Outdoor/indoor particle infiltration factor in Rome and its relation with urban air quality Alessandro Di Menno di Bucchianico Oral

728 Heterogeneous nucleation of water vapor on nanoparticles and ions, and its temperature dependence Agnieszka Kupc Poster

729 Apparent particle density in Helsinki during the ULTRA II campaign Otto Hanninen Poster

730 To exceed, or not to exceed: are the air quality standards adequate to describe the particulate matter pollution? Alessandro Di Menno di Bucchianico Oral

732 Interferences in thermo-optical measurements of elemental and organic carbon caused by other aerosol constituents Regina Hitzenberger Oral

733 Sensitivity Studies on the Role of Particle Sedimentation and Subscale Microphysics within a Geoengineered Stratosphere. Francois Benduhn Poster

734 Characterization of particle size distributions of powdery building materials aerosol Tadas Prasauskas Poster

735 Exploring aerosol chemical composition in the Finnish boreal forest in late-spring by Aerosol Mass Spectrometry. Aki Kortelainen Poster

736 Cloud droplet activation during the PuCE 2010 campaign Antti Jaatinen Poster

737 Source emission studies and biomass burning assessments in Venice Lagoon area Angela Stortini Poster

738 Hygroscopic properties of the urban aerosol in Paris in relation to its chemical compositions Katharina Kamilli Poster

740 Size-selected Ag nanoparticle clusters deposited on carbon nanotubes Taiki Shinohara Poster

741 Water adsorption and CCN properties of silica particles Sami Romakkaniemi Poster

742 New and Compact Single Particle Laser Ablation Mass Spectrometer (LAAPTOF) Achim Trimborn Poster

743 Activation of “synthetic atmospheric aerosols“ – relation to chemical composition of particles

758 Microstructural Aspects of Catalytic Soot Oxidation in Diesel Particulate Filters Souzana Lorentzou Poster

759 Assessment of temporal variability in microbial communities associated to atmosheric particulate matter in a urban area through Illumina sequencing Elena Innocente Poster

760 Copper nanoparticle synthesis by an arc evaporation / condensation process Henning Förster Oral

761 Microcystins and Bisphenol A in the urban aerosol of the Venice Lagoon Roberta Zangrando Poster

762 Effects of Emulsion Fuels on the Characterization of Exhaust from a Diesel Engine Generator Ken-Hui Chang Poster

763 Vertical transport of aerosol particles in the marine boundary layer near Barbados Birgit Wehner Oral

764 Seasonal and Sourece Depending Activation Behaviour of Aerosol Particles in the North China Plain Katrin Mildenberger Poster

765 Aerosol entrainment footprints over the South East Pacific as observed during VOCALS Hugo Ricketts Poster

766 Variability of PM10 concentrations at different types of locations in central Poland, 2007-2010 Janusz Jaroslawski Poster

767 Physical characterization of ions in the CLOUD chamber Alessandro Franchin Oral reserve

768 A Sensitivity Study: The Influence of Scrit on kappa Katrin Mildenberger Poster

769 Correlation between aerosol parameters measured in-situ and by means of Sun-photometer technique Aleksander Pietruczuk Poster

770 Carbonaceous aerosol in Delhi: Link with regional meteorology and long range transport Jaiprakash Jaiprakash Poster

771 Transformation of diesel exhaust in a new smog chamber Ari Leskinen Oral

772 Uncertainty Analysis of Aerosol Retention in the Break Stage of a Vertical Steam Generator under SGTR Accident Conditions claudia Lopez del Pra Oral

773 Reconstruction of aerosol extinction from visibility and aerosol mass concentration in Budapest, Hungary Agnes Molnar Oral

774 Impact of Geoengineered Aerosols on Stratospheric Ozone Chemistry Francis Pope Oral

775 Optical properties of rural aerosol as the function of mass concentration in Central Europe Agnes Molnar Poster

777 Evaluating the Effects of Aeolian Dust from Jhuoshuei River on the Air Quality Wen-Yinn Lin Poster

778 Investigation of potential Sahara dust transport event indicators by means of aerosol trace metal concentration ratios in the Eastern Mediterranean. Vasiliki Vasilatou Poster

779 Copper caoting of silicon, nickel and cobalt nanoparticles Unto Tapper Poster

781 Method for measurement of diameter of critical nucleus in vapor-to-liquid nucleation Anatoliy Baklanov Poster

782 Small increase in dust fractional iron solubility due to physical sorting of large particles during trans-Atlantic transport Matt Woodhouse Poster

783 Towards a Federated Surface-Based Aerosol Network Cathrine Lund Myhre Oral reserve

784 Trace elements on particulate matter (PM) in the urban areas of Belgrade and Sarajevo Angela Stortini Poster

785 Morphology of catalyst layers deposited by electrospray Jose L Castillo Poster

786 A methodological approach to quantify health hazard from PM2.5 pollution levels in the Northern Italy Maria Grazia Perrone Poster

787 Aerosol particle phase state measurement technique using a low pressure impactor Erkka Saukko Oral

788 Hygroscopic properties of aerosols associated with different air masses arriving at Mace Head, Ireland. Aditya Vaishya Poster

789 Diesel Engine Exhaust Emission Control: Performance Assessment of a Multi-Functional Reactor under Conventional and Advanced Combustion Conditions Dimitrios Zarvalis Oral

790 Ice nucleation and cloud condensation properties of photochemically aged wood burning and diesel soot particles Amewu Mensah Poster

791 Bispehnol A concentrations in indoor and outdoor PM2.5 samples Maria Grazia Perrone Poster

793 Flame-spray derived complex fluoride upconversion nanoparticles Alexander Stepuk Oral

795 Seasonal characteristics of the radiative properties of aerosols at Mace Head, Ireland. Aditya Vaishya Poster

796 Chemical size distributions and bulk composition of Arctic aerosol sampled at Ny Ålesund (Svalbard Islands) and Thule (Greenland) during the 2010 campaign Silvia Becagli Poster

797 An improved description of cloud droplets development in climate studies over the Mediterranean region Christina Mitsakou Poster

798 Predicted change in emissions of sea salt aerosols for the years 1870-2100 Hamish Struthers Oral

799 Transport processes affecting chemical composition of Antarctic plateau aerosol from size segregated sampling at Station Concordia (Dome C, East Antarctica) Silvia Becagli Poster

800 Development of atmospheric aerosol data by flicker noise spectroscopy method Valery Zagaynov Poster

801 Physical and chemical characterisation of mixed anthropogenic and biogenic secondary organic aerosol Eva Emanuelsson Oral

802 Aging of secondary organic aerosol in a smog chamber Josef Dommen Oral

803 Wintertime and summertime source apportionment of PM2.5, using organic compounds as tracers, in a European megacity : Paris Ehgere Abidi Poster

804 Influence of trimethylamine to sulphuric acid-water homogeneous nucleation Kimmo Neitola Oral reserve

805 Pilot-Scale Aerosol Infiltration Synthesis and Deposition of Catalyst Particles on Diesel Particulate Filters Souzana Lorentzou Poster

806 A comprehensive study of the major sources of fine aerosols (PM2.5) in the region of Paris (France): contribution of local versus imported emissions Michael Bressi Oral

807 Vertical profiles of aerosol physico-chemical and optical properties measured along Italy over basin valleys Luca Ferrero Oral reserve

808 Effect of relative humidity on antimicrobial filter using Sophora flavescens natural product nanoparticles Gi Byoung Hwang Poster

809 Preliminary results on the influence of the vertical distribution of aerosols in the direct radiative forcing Roberto Pedros Poster

810 Carbonaceous particulate concentration in Indian kitchens Khageshwar Singh Patel Poster

811 PM2.5, PM1 and PM0.4 hygroscopicity during spring and summer at one Po Valley site. Luca Ferrero Poster

812 Exposure level of traffic-related air pollutants near a busy road in Seoul, Korea Seung-Bok Lee Poster

813 Hygroscopic properties of HULIS from different environments Thomas Bjerring Kristensen Oral

814 Effect of fuel injection pressure on diesel engine exhaust non-volatile particle size distribution Tero Lähde Oral

815 The effects of air-staging and fuel characteristics on PM1 emissions from small-scale pellet combustion Heikki Lamberg Oral

816 Measurements with a VH-TDMA in CalNex 2010 campaign Jani Hakala Poster

817 Characterization of a bubble tank for Sea Spray Aerosol Studies Andrew Butcher Oral reserve

818 Estimating the radiative impacts of biogenic secondary organic aerosol, their variation with location and climate, and the implications for climate geoengineering Catherine Scott Oral

819 Seasonal variation and source estimation of organic compounds in urban aerosol of Augsburg, Germany. Pietrogrande Maria Chiara Poster

820 On the regional effects of clean fossil fuel combustion aerosols Wolfgang Junkermann Oral

821 Aerosol measurements of nanometer particles, obtained by spark generator Valery Zagaynov Poster

823 Implications of geoengineering assessed in simulations with complex climate models Hauke Schmidt Oral

824 Relationship between the geometrical length and mobility diameter of airborne carbon nanotubes Yeon Kyoung Bahk Poster

825 Multi-instrumental characterization of the mixing of Eyjafjallajökull volcanic aerosols and boundary layer aerosols at Granada, Spain Lucas Alados-Arboledas Oral

826 Tumbling in turbulence and irrational quantisation Michael Wilkinson Oral


828 in Numerical Analysis of particle growtha microwave-driven plasma reactor and comparison with experimental data Marcus Giglmaier Poster

829 No evidence of cerium oxide nanoparticle translocation in maize plants Robert N. Grass Oral

830 Assessment of Size Distribution Models in Coupled 3D CFD Simulations for the Prediction of Nanoparticle Coagulation in Transonic Flows Jan Frederik Quaatz Oral

831 Multiplex real time bioaerosol detection Igor Agranovski Poster

832 Optical online particle measurement in hot gases up to 450°C and in chemically aggressive gas components Martin Schmidt Poster

833 Anthropogenic and natural constituents in particulate matter in the Netherlands Ernie Weijers Oral

834 Characterization of EHDA in the simple-jet mode Luewton Agostinho Oral

835 Characterization chemical and microbiological of atmospheric particulate matter during an intense African Dust Event on Sourth Spain Ana María Sánchez de la Campa Poster

836 Charged and neutral clusters and their connection to new particle formation in Europe Tuomo Nieminen Poster

837 Regional lung deposition of tobacco smoke constituents John McAughey Oral reserve

838 Source apportionment, surface area and particle number concentration analysis of ultra fine particles at an urban background station in the Ruhr area, Germany. Carmen Nickel Oral

839 Levels and composition of atmospheric particulate matter deposited in the Doñana Natural Park, southwest of Spain Jesús D. de la Rosa Poster

840 Modelling the effect of variable air exchange rates on indoor aerosol concentrations James McGrath Poster

841 Evaluation of PEGASOR PPS response time for real time aerosol concentration measurements Gensdarmes Francois Oral

842 Intercomparison of airborne aerosols size distribution measurements Javier Andrey Poster

843 Investigating the morphology and organic fraction of particles from bubble-bursting Stephanie King Poster

844 Partitioning of drops & ice in mixed phase clouds: laboratory and field observations Martina Krämer Oral

845 Allergens from Birch, Grass and Olive in ambient air deviate from pollen counts across Europe: the EU-HIALINE project Jeroen Buters Oral

846 Evaluation of the High Resolution Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyser Jonathan Symonds Oral

847 Quantitative and qualitative characterisation of ultrafine particles emitted by laser printing devices Mathias Barthel Poster

848 Bounce behavior of freshly nucleated biogenic secondary organic aerosol particles Annele Virtanen Poster

849 A new versatile condensation particle counter for research and environmental monitoring Juergen Spielvogel Oral

850 Intercomparison of scatter and backscatter integrating nephelometers: Characteristics and angular sensitivity correction Thomas Mueller Poster

851 Regional chemical weather modelling of the UK using WRF-Chem as part of the RONOCO project Scott Archer-Nicholls Poster

852 In-situ investigation of cloud microphysics and aerosol optical properties during the CLACE 2010 campaign at Jungfraujoch, Switzerland (3580 m asl): An Overview Nicolas Bukowiecki Poster

853 Measurements of ions and ion clusters in the CLOUD chamber nucleation events by mass spectrometry Siegfried Schobesberger Oral

854 Peculiarities of particle generation by laser ablation of nickel Vidmantas Ulevicius Poster

855 A new sensitive long-path absorption spectrometer for peroxide measurements in secondary organic aerosol Peter Mertes Oral

856 Nanoparticle measurements with photon correlation LDA Peter Jani Oral

857 On the activation and ambient peak supersaturation of CCNs at Jungfraujoch, Switzerland (3580 m asl): Results from the CLACE 2010 campaign Nicolas Bukowiecki Oral

858 Ozonolysis of oleic acid: mixed systems, oligomerisation and phase changes. Christian Pfrang Oral

860 Time resolved PAH-emissions from residential wood combustion investigated with aerosol mass spectrometry Joakim Pagels Oral

861 Adapting the Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer for Zeppelin-based measurements Florian Rubach Poster

862 The impact of controlled sea salt emissions on cloud features based on comprehensive regional model studies Kristina Lundgren Oral

863 Automatic classification of new particle formation events Heikki Junninen Oral

864 Soot Particle AMS measurement in smog chamber experiments Axel Eriksson Oral

865 Calibration of Condensation Particle Counters – analysis of sub-3nm calibration ions using mass spectrometry Juha Kangasluoma Poster

866 Evaluating the mixing of organic aerosol components using high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometry Neil Donahue Oral

867 Rain in the test tube? Juergen Vollmer Oral

868 AMS Collection Efficiencies of dry smog chamber aerosols, dependence on (NH4)2SO4, NH4NO3 and SOA fractions Axel Eriksson Poster

869 Comparison of ambient aerosol extinction coefficients obtained from in-situ, MAX-DOAS and LIDAR measurements in Cabauw Paul Zieger Oral

870 Transport and mixing of aerosols due to highway-generated turbulence Mark Gordon Oral

871 Environmental impact of aviation-produced aerosols: Towards alternative fuels Carolina Rojo Oral

872 Rainfall composition evolution in an urban industrial area: Comparison with PM10 wet chemistry. Milagros Santacatalina Poster

873 Effects of relative humidity on aerosol light scattering: Results from different European sites Paul Zieger Oral

874 The effect of dilution and cooling on the chemistry and structure of samples from stainless steel and Al welding fumes Miren Larrion Oral

875 Closure study of aerosol optical properties using in-situ and remote sensing techniques Paul Zieger Oral

876 Extinction of aerosols in an atmosphere simulation chamber: broadband cavity spectrometer measurements extending from 320 to 450 nm Dean Venables Poster

877 Direct Synthesis of Magnesum Hydride using Spark Discharge Tobias Pfeiffer Oral

878 Contact charging of metal nanoparticles Stephan Rennecke Oral

879 Elemental Composition of the Atmospheric Aerosol in the Central Amazon Basin. Andréa Arana Poster

880 Source apportionment of fine aerosol in Marseille and Grenoble Barbara D'Anna Oral

881 Near Real Time Characterization of Si-Nanoparticles from a Hot Wall Reactor with the Universal Nanoparticle Analyzer UNPA Hans-Georg Horn Poster

882 Aerosol-cloud interaction measurements with the Droplet Aerosol Analyser Staffan Sjogren Poster

883 Primary versus secondary contributions to particle number concentrations in the European boundary layer during the EUCAARI campaign Carly Reddington Oral

884 The organic fraction of PM2.5: results from 1-year sampling campaign in Tuscany (Italy) Francesca Pieri Poster

885 Aerosol-halogen interaction: Halogenation processes of secondary organic aerosols Johannes Ofner Oral

886 Design and Evaluation of a Mini Catalytic Stripper Jacob Swanson Poster

887 Two New Fast Response Laminar-Flow Water-based CPCs Kathy Erickson Oral

888 Soot particle aggregates: numerical construction and analysis of influence on laser-induced incandescence and elastic light scattering signals Jonathan Johnsson Oral

889 Continuous time resolved measurements of environmental aerosols especially during New Year 2011 with a new fine dust monitoring system Maximilian Weiss Poster

890 Aerosol-halogen interaction: Change of aerosol optical properties Johannes Ofner Poster

891 Seasonality of aerosol optical properties in the Amazon Basin Paulo Artaxo Poster

892 Microchip Electrophoresis Interfaced to a Cloud Condensation Nuclei Collector for Online Monitoring of CCN Chemistry Scott Noblitt Oral

893 Chemical characterization and source identification of roadside aerosol Gaurav Singh Poster

894 Reaction of OH radicals with secondary organic aerosol from the ozonolysis of alpha-pinene Harald Saathoff Poster

896 Motion of charged aerosol particles in a cylinder array Timur Zaripov Poster

897 Importance of aerosol phase and water uptake for understanding organic aerosol oxidation Peter Gallimore Poster

898 Long term aerosol optical properties in pristine and biomass burning areas in the Amazon Basin Paulo Artaxo Oral

899 The influence of biomass burning on PM2.5 at urban and rural background sites in the Czech Republic Jaroslav Schwarz Poster

900 The ionic composition of PM2.5 at a rural background site in Central Europe on daily basis Jaroslav Schwarz Poster

901 Investigations of the vertical distribution of tropospheric aerosol layers using the data of multi-wavelength lidar sensing Svetlana Samoilova Poster

902 Size selected nanoparticle quantification of deposited aerosol by GIXRF Harald Bresch Oral reserve

903 Mathematical study of inhalable fraction in low velocity conditions Artur Gilfanov Poster

904 Wavelength dependent Angström exponent based source apportionment and its correlation with aerosol size distribution Tibor Ajtai Oral

905 Model evaluation of the physical properties of black carbon in the boundary layer over Europe during the EUCAARI Intensive Observation Period Carly Reddington Poster

906 Mobilization of Aerosol MALDI Mass Spectrometry for Bioaerosol Analysis Caner Yurteri Poster

907 Comparison of measured and calculated charge distributions in post negative corona discharge Nicolas Jidenko Poster

908 Source apportionment of trace metals in atmospheric aerosols in the United Kingdom Roland O'Donoghue Poster

909 New insights into physical and chemical properties of volcanic ash from Eyjafjallajokull eruption during long-range transport Darius Ceburnis Oral

910 Simulating Ultrafine Particle Formation in Europe using the 3-D Chemical Transport Model PMCAMx-UF Christos Fountoukis Oral

911 Geographical mapping of new particle formation events over Northern Europe Adam Kristensson Oral

912 Comparison of qualitative and quantitative approaches for source apportionment of PM at urban and rural alpine sites Christine Piot Oral

913 Formation of Zn and ZnO nanoparticles by homogeneous nucleation Brian Steer Oral

914 Jet interaction in multi – nozzle inertial impactors Estibaliz Garcia Poster

915 Monitoring of the Particulate Matter Deposition Around Port of Koper Gregor Jereb Poster

916 Optical and chemical properties of aerosol particles over an urban location. Estimating mass scattering and absorption efficiencies. Gloria Titos Poster

917 Distribution of relative velocities in turbulent aerosols Bernhard Mehlig Oral

918 New particle formation at a remote marine site in the Eastern Mediterranean Michael Pikridas Oral

919 Comparison Testing of Model 3783 Environmental Particle Counters Markus Gaelli Oral

920 Organic Aerosol over Europe: Model Evaluation and Response to Increasing Temperature Christos Fountoukis Oral

921 Coagulation scavenging of precritical clusters and the first nucleation theorem Jussi Malila Poster

922 Measurements of the urban Copenhagen aerosol from 2002 – 2010: physical properties and their trends Andreas Massling Oral

923 Ammonia measurements in the gas phase at ppt levels by long-path absorption spectroscopy federico bianchi Poster

924 One year seasonal cycle of airborne bacteria and fungus in southern Sweden: implications on sinks, sources and turn-over time Douglas Nilsson Poster

925 Multilayer deposition and resuspension studies of aerosol particles between periodic steps in turbulent channel flows Martin Lustfeld Oral

926 Three years of Raman lidar measurements in correspondence with CALIPSO overpasses over the South of the Iberian Peninsula Francisco Navas-Guzman Poster

927 Synthesis and Surface Area evaluation of Solid Core Porous Shell Particles Georgia Kastrinaki Poster

928 Aerosol Spray Pyrolysis: A flexible one-step technique for the preparation of tailored iron-based nanoparticles George Karagiannakis Oral reserve

929 A simplified procedure for particle charge distribution measurements and its application to the characterization of the annual DBD aerosol neutralizer Markus Wild Oral reserve

930 Atmospheric processing of diesel soot aerosols studied in a smog chamber Jonatan Carlsson Oral

931 Aerosol chemical mass closure in Corsica Island: towards a better understanding of the seasonal variation of aerosol sources in the Western Mediterranean Jose Bothorel-Nicolas Oral

932 Influence of the road traffic intensity on air pollution in the Prague Jakub Ondracek Poster

933 Hygroscopicity of aerosol particles at Kosetice background station (Czech Republic) using the HTDMA system Jakub Ondracek Poster

934 Estimation of PM10 local sources contribution to background levels in an area of the Basque Country Miguel A. Barrero Poster

935 Impact of Temperature Gradients on Brownian Coagulation Manuel Arias-Zugasti Oral

936 Weak response of CCN to changes in DMS flux: implications for the CLAW feedback in current climate assessments Matthew Woodhouse Oral

937 Importance of different surfactant representations for cloud droplet numbers predicted with the ECHAM5.5-HAM2 aerosol-climate model Noenne Prisle Oral

938 A New Hybrid Solver of Dissolution of Inorganics into the Particle Liquid Phase: Evaluation and Global Scale Implications on Aerosol Properties. Francois Benduhn Oral

939 Rain scavenging of below-cloud aerosol particles: field measurements using Electrical Low Pressure Impactor and Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer coupled with Aerodynamic Particle Philippe Sizer

Laguionie Poster

940 The influence of ion-induced nucleation on atmospheric aerosols based on data from the CERN CLOUD experiment Eimear Dunne Oral

941 Hygroscopicity and water diffusion in aqueous levoglucosan particles Daniel Lienhard Poster

943 S-containing organic components from water soluble fraction of Atmospheric Aerosol Collected in Cambridge and Auchencorth Moss EMP supersite Angela-Guiovana Rincon Oral

944 Atmospheric pollutants at Pallas, Finland, during 1996-2009. Source apportionment and trend analysis. Mika Vestenius Oral

945 Implementation and evaluation of a microphysical aerosol module in the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System Matthew Woodhouse Poster

946 Modelling SOA formation from Anthropogenic VOCs using an explicit chemical mechanism Teresa Raventos-Duran Poster

947 The impact of mineral dust particles on cloud properties and the state of the atmosphere during an intense Saharan dust event over Western Europe Max Bangert Oral

948 Nucleation rates and parametrisation in the CLOUD experiment Joao Almeida-Simoes Oral

949 Source apportionment of ambient particulate carbonaceous matter at Mace Head during the joint EMEP/EUCAARI intensive measurement periods in fall 2008 and spring 2009 Darius Ceburnis Poster

950 Spatial and seasonal variations of biogenic organic compounds in ambient PM10 and PM1 samples in Berlin Sandra Wagener Oral

951 One year of Raman lidar measurements at the South African EUCAARI site Mika Komppula Oral reserve

952 Effect of reaction temperature on the volatility of limonene ozonolysis products Ravi Kant Pathak Poster

953 Mobile measurements of submicron particulate matter in Central Europe during wintertime inversions Robert Wolf Oral reserve

954 Global distribution of cloud droplet number concentration, autoconversion rate and first aerosol indirect effect under diabatic droplet activation Rafaella - Eleni Sotiropoulou Poster

955 The Size- and Time-Resolved Determination of the Water-Soluble Organic Fraction of Submicron Aerosol Particles from the Beijing Area Bettina Nekat Poster

956 In-situ spectral characterisation of atmospheric aerosols after the red sludge disaster in Hungary during the autumn of 2010 based on our novel multi-wavelength photoacoustic Ágnes instrument

Filep Poster

958 From Outdoor Particle Concentration to the Health Impact of Aerosol Particles – a Multidisciplinary Modelling Study, Part I Riikka Sorjamaa Poster

959 Size resolved nanoparticle composition from SOA formation events Paul Winkler Oral

960 Aerosol Cloud Interactions in a deep tropical convective storm, Hector Paul Connolly Oral

961 The annual cycle of water vapour content at several stations of the Iberian Peninsula inferred from different remote sensing techniques Jose Pablo Ortiz de Galisteo Poster

962 Electrostatic controlled coating of particle surfaces with nanoparticles Stephanie Sigmund Oral

963 Size-segregated chemical characterization of PM at two sites in the city of Madrid Alexandre Caseiro Poster

964 Synthesis of the Pt/Al2O3 catalyst particles by MOCVS/MOCVD process at atmospheric pressure Kun Gao Poster

965 Ultrafine particles in flue gas from waste-to-energy (WTE) plants SENEM OZGEN Poster

966 Efficiency of CMA as a dust binding agent Cecilia Bennet Poster

967 Nanoparticle formation from sulphuric acid and BVOC oxdidation at atmospheric concentrations Miikka Dal Maso Oral

968 Role of biogenic organics on aerosol forcing in 2100 Risto Makkonen Poster

969 Comparison of MODIS Deep Blue aerosol single scattering albedo and asymmetry parameter with AERONET for northern Africa, Middle East and Europe Antonis Gkikas Poster

970 In situ high pressure XPS investigations of PdAg alloy nanoparticles: Towards cheaper catalysts Maria E Messing Oral

971 Spark generated particles for nanotoxicology studies Maria E Messing Oral

972 Binary CoOx/SiO2 nanoparticle synthesis Pavel Moravec Poster

973 Mobile measurements of ship emissions in two harbour areas in Finland Liisa Pirjola Oral

974 Modelling excess mortality in Europe following a future Laki-style Icelandic eruption Anja Schmidt Oral

975 Photophoretic interaction of aerosol particles in rarefied gas medium Alexander Cheremisin Oral

976 Simulation of the impact of Eyjafjallajökull plume on cloud formation and precipitation over Europe with COSMO-ART Heike Vogel Oral

977 Statistical properties of particle segregation in homogeneous isotropic turbulence Michael Reeks Oral

978 Continuous vs. discrete size distribution representation in simulating nucleation experiments Kari Lehtinen Poster

980 Linking CCN chemistry and supersaturation spectra: characterizing cloud-active aerosol in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains Greg Roberts Oral

981 Source apportionments in a multi rural sites experiment in France (Particulair): Seasonality and regional specificities Cozic Julie Oral

982 Real-time, controlled OH-initiated oxidation of biogenic secondary organic aerosol Slowik Jay Oral

983 Volcanic sulfate aerosols Bernard Grobety Oral

984 Air ion chemical and physical characterization during MaCLOUD Inc at Mace Head Tuukka Petaja Poster

985 Simplified approximations to Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyser performance Kingsley Reavell Poster

986 Studying the effect of coagulation and condensation on the perceived nucleation rate vapour dependence using a molecular-resolution aerosol dynamics model Miikka Dal Maso Poster

987 Particulate matter emissions from a winter operation of a modern on-road diesel engine powered by heated rapeseed oil Michal Vojtisek-Lom Poster

988 Investigations of primary and secondary organic aerosol emissions from mopeds Stephen Platt Oral

989 On ultrafine aerosol growth and the condensation/evaporation properties of atmospheric organics Ilona Riipinen Oral reserve

990 Size-resolved mixing state of soot (black carbon) particles in the Beijing Megacity, China: aging rates, the condensable vapor pressure and parameterizations Hang Su Oral

991 Optical Properties of Coated Aerosols Patrick Hillyard Poster

992 Characteristics of compositions in fine and coarse aerosols in central Taiwan Chien-Lung Chen Poster

993 Aerosol hygroscopicity distribution in size-resolved CCN measurements: the concept, validation and applications Su Hang Poster

994 Improving PM2.5 Retrievals in the San Joaquin Valley Using A-Train Multi-Satellite Observations Barbara Scarnato Oral

995 How morphology of aged soot does influence optical properties? Barbara Scarnato Poster

996 Source profile of the local wind-blown soil contribution to respirable airborne particulate matter in the southern area of Rome (Italy) Adriana Pietrodangelo Oral

997 Sources of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants at some suburban sites in South East Queensland, Australia Godwin Ayoko Oral reserve

998 Biogenic Aerosol Event at Whistler, Canada, Summer 2010 Richard Leaitch Poster

999 Estimation of direct aerosol radiative forcing at Pune Gajanan Aher Poster

1000 Seasonal and statistical features of aerosol optical properties over different Indian sites Gajanan Aher Poster

1002 Simulating secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation over Europe using the volatility basis-set approach (VBS) in the online coupled model COSMO-ART ELENI ATHANASOPOULOU Oral reserve

1003 Development and validation of a novel experimental system to investigate particulate matter emitted from a steelworks Michelle Barker Poster

1004 Carbonaceous aerosol in Europe – Multi-year study with the EMEP PCM model including validation using source-apportionment data Robert Bergstrom Poster

1005 Stability and reactivity of O2-(H2O)n and O3-(H2O)n molecular clusters Nicolai Bork Poster

1008 Towards a better understanding of hygroscopic growth and cloud droplet activation of biogenic secondary aerosols Angela Buchholz Oral

1011 The effects of biomass burning aerosols on the formation of convective mixed-phase clouds and precipitation Di Chang Oral

1014 Light-induced drift of aerosol particle Vladimir Chernyak Poster

1015 Determination of organic compounds in ultrafine particles Silvia De Pieri Poster

1020 Implementation of coagulation into a Lagrangian deposition model Renate Winkler-Heil Poster

1021 Can Storage of Cleaning Products be a Source of Ultrafine Particles in a Supermarket? Aneta Wierzbicka Oral

1022 Effect of the biogenic emissions of isoprene and monoterpene on the CAMx model results in Central and South Europe Ondrej Vlcek Poster

1023 Air Quality Modelling with CAMx: a case study of PM distribution in Tuscany (Italy) Silvia Verrilli Poster

1025 Early stage particle growth rates during the CLOUD experiment Francesco Riccobono Oral

1029 On the Influence of Biodiesel Feedstock on Diesel Particulate Emissions Zoran Ristovski Oral

1030 Sea spray aerosol production via bubble bursting in the southern Pacific Ocean Zoran Ristovski Oral

1031 Cloud Condensation Nuclei Closure Study on Summer Arctic Aerosol Staffan Sjogren Oral

1032 Mobile mapping of BC, PNC and PM2.5 in an urban environment using the Aeroflex bike Martine Van Poppel Poster

1038 Development of a Cost Efficient Policy Tool for reduction of Particulate Matter in Air Konstantinos Eleftheriadis Poster

1041 Chemical composition and ?13Cvalues of OC and EC in the size-segregated aerosol particles Andrius Garbaras Poster

1042 Characterization of Severe Wind Erosion Episodes in a Western Mediterranean Location Jose A. G. Orza Poster

1043 Role of the hysteresis and water content in PM10 measurements Kornélia Imre Oral reserve

1044 Particles in Indoor Air – measurements in residential dwellings Christina Isaxon Oral reserve

1045 Organic markers and anhydrosugars in particulate matter from incense burning Su-Ching Kuo Poster

1046 Level of light absorption coefficient at an engineering classroom Jeonghoon Lee Poster

1047 Scaling of an aerodynamic lens for use in coating technology Dennis Kiesler Oral

1048 EC/OC Measurements on Aerosol Samples by Thermal-Optical Methods: Benchmarking Different Protocols Franco Lucarelli Poster

1049 Characterization of Aerosol Particles around an Open pit coal mine in Germany by electronmicroscopic individual particle analysis Doerthe Mueller-Ebert Poster

1051 Implementation of morphometric mouse lung data into a stochastic deposition model Pierre Madl Poster

1054 Particle activation via heterogeneous nucleation in n-butanol condensation particle counters Athanasios Mamakos Poster

1058 Influence of fireworks on the atmospheric levels of trace metals Eduardo Yubero Poster

1061 Modelling coagulation of liquid particles within the human respiratory system Lukas Pichelstorfer Oral

1062 Different performance of Teflon and quartz fibre filters in collecting atmospheric PM Cinzia Perrino Poster

1065 Reduction of Iodate (IO3-) to Iodide (I-) in seawater and recycling of Iodine (I2) to the atmosphere by the uptake of Ozone (O3): Links to new particles formation Ravi Kumar Poster

1066 Elemental composition of PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 aerosols in Paris Suzanne Visser Poster

1070 Full motion measurement of finite-size neutrally buoyant particles together with the turbulent flow field carrying them Mathieu Gibert Oral

1071 Comparison of methods to achieve a stationary charge distribution Lena Knobel Oral

1072 Personal exposure to urban aerosol in terms of mobile particle number and surface area concentrations measurements Stephan Weber Poster

1073 Source apportionment of airborne particulate matter for three urban centres in Greece Constantini Samara Poster

1074 Aerosol optical properties in Amazonia - Spatial and seasonal variability Kenia Wiedemann Oral reserve

1075 Concentrations of UFP in a tunnel in Belgium Martine Van Poppel Oral

1076 Self-charge Distribution of Nanoparticles Generated by Spark Discharge Konstantinos Barmpounis Oral

1077 Thermal behaviour of water and inorganic ions in particulate matter Silvia Canepari Poster

1078 Long term aerosol optical properties in pristine and biomass burning areas in the Amazon Basin Paulo Artaxo Poster

1079 Strong effect of aerosols on the CO2 flux in the central Amazon Paulo Artaxo Poster

1081 Hygroscopic growth and cloud droplet activation of biogenic secondary aerosols Angela Buchholz Poster

1082 Optimization of Dust Collectors in Incineration Plants to control Fine Particulate, Dioxins and NOx by using ePTFE Membranes and Catalytic Filtration Technologies Johannes Ebert Oral

1083 Particulate matter emitted in biomass burning and respiratory diseases hospitalizations in children of Manaus, central Brazilian Amazon region Paulo Artaxo Poster

1084 Identification and characterization of fine and coarse particulate matter by means of an hourly sampler Eduardo Yubero Poster

1085 Primary control strategies for reduction of alkali aerosols in a commercial 150 kWth biomass plant - co-influences of process and fuel additive parameters Christoffer Boman Oral

1086 Sampling and characterization of biomass combustion aerosols in a simulated high temperature heat exchanger Jonathan Fagerström Poster

1088 Bioaerosols in the Earth System: Sources, Interactions and Effects Ulrich Poeschl Oral

1089 Inactivation efficiency of avian influenza H6N1 bioaerosol using the aptamer-filter Shinhao Yang Poster

1090 Assessing Long-term Oil Mist Exposures to Workers in a Fastener Manufacturing Industry by Using the Bayesian Decision Analysis Technique Hsin I Hsu Poster


1094 Coastal nucleation events: relation to atomic and molecular iodine concentration Mar Sorribas Poster

1095 Sub-arctic nucleation events: Observation at ALOMAR Station, Norway Mar Sorribas Poster

1096 Comparison of a New Optical Particle Sizer to Reference Sizing Instruments for Urban Aerosol Monitoring Axel Zerrath Poster

1098 New Year´s Day Fireworks: Elevated particle area and number concentrations at an urban background station in Germany 2009 - 2011 Holger Gerwig Poster

1100 Local sources of UFP at an urben BG station Holger Gerwig Oral reserve

1101 PM10 suspension of road dust is depending on the road surface macro texture Goeran Blomqvist Poster

1102 PAH in PM10 from tyre and pavement wear Mats Gustafsson Oral

1103 Level of light absorption coefficient at an engineering classroom Jeonghoon Lee Poster

1104 Personal exposure to fine PM in Milan: a comparison of different travel modes Giovanni Lonati Poster

1105 Diurnal cycle of fossil and non-fossil total carbon using 14C analyses during CalNex Peter Zotter Poster

1107 Comparison of stochastic particle lung deposition predictions with experimental data Majid Hussain Poster

1108 Determination of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) in atmospheric particulate samples Maria Catrambone Poster

1110 Aerosol and precipitation chemistry in a remote site in Central Amazonia: the role of biogenic contribution Paulo Artaxo Poster

1111 New parametrization of SOA formation from anthropogenic VOCs for the CAMx model Ondrej Vlcek Poster

1114 Characterization of particles emitted from a marine diesel engine: Influence of sampling temperature on measured particle number, size, and morphology Karsten Fuglsang Oral

1115 Development of a pulmonary waveform generator for study the aerosol propagation and deposition in transparent hollow airway models Attila Nagy Poster

1116 Spatial variability of the direct radiative forcing of biomass burning aerosols in the Amazon Basin and the influence of surface reflectance Paulo Artaxo Poster

1117 Chemical contribution of dicarboxylic acids to wet deposition and acidity of wet deposition in southern Taiwan Ying I. Tsai Poster

1118 A Shape Independent Collision Kernel Valid for All Knudsen Numbers Christopher Hogan Oral

1119 Characterization of welding fume and application of exposure model to predict concentrations in the ship-building industry Ying Fang Wang Poster

1124 Motion of large particles in turbulent flow: rotational motion and lift alain pumir Oral

1125 Wind Erosion and Suspended Particle Concentration in an area of Ephemeral Lakes Maria Cabello Poster

1126 Long range transported mineral dust to the Equatorial Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Station on Mt Kenya Michael Gatari Oral reserve

1127 Particle size distribution, number concentration, CO and sources of aerosol particles in Michael Gatari Oral

1128 Non-local closure model for particle dispersion tensors in a turbulent boundary layer Andrew Bragg Oral

1130 The Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol from Intermediates in the Ozonolysis of ?-pinene Ioan Hoare Poster

1131 Chemical Kinetic Model of the In-Flight Silica Coating of Nanoparticles by Photo-Induced Chemical Vapour Deposition Adam Boies Oral

1132 Modelling SOA formed in a chamber from a mixture of organic gases Marta G. Vivanco Poster

1134 Phase-Field model of droplet breakup in turbulence Alfredo Soldati Oral

1135 Exposure to nanostructured particles during powder handling and mixing, sanding nanoparticle-doped paints and grinding windmill blades Keld Alstrup Jensen Oral

1137 Release of nanoparticles from composite materials under abrasive stress Matthias Meier Oral

1138 A new device for high speed measurements of nano particles Markus Pesch Poster

1139 Cytotoxicity of fly ashes with various inorganic components emitted from a municipal solid waste incinerator Yu-Feng Kuo Poster

1142 Anthrax, aerosols and drums ALLAN BENNETT Oral

1144 Bioaerosol Transmission of Influenza Ben Killingley Oral

1145 Discrimination of secondary organic aerosol from different sources Urs Baltensperger Oral

1146 An Aerosol Dipole - A new found mode Rahul Reddy Poster

1147 An overview of aerosol infection transmission in healthcare Peter Hoffman Oral

1148 Comparisons of aerosol model radiance simulations with global satellite measurements Caroline Poulsen Oral

1154 Is quantum nuclear dynamics significant in the study of the structure of sulphuric acid hydrates? Jake Stinson Poster

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