MEdiA GuidE 2013 - Society of Petroleum Engineers

MEdiA GuidE 2013 - Society of Petroleum Engineers

Journal of Petroleum Technology

MEdiA GuidE 2013

official Publication of

the Society of Petroleum Engineers

Journal of Petroleum Technology

WE arE thE inDuStrY

hank you for considering the Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) as a


marketing and branding vehicle for your company. We are very proud

of the 64-year publishing history of JPT, which has been and continues

to be the leading source of technical information for E&P professionals. as the

flagship publication of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), JPT reaches

more global E&P practitioners than any other publication in the industry.

our editors focus on the latest emerging technologies, technological trends, and

innovations. JPT also spotlights the very best technical papers from SPE’s many

global conferences in order to stay true to the SPE mission.

We are confident that you, too, will find the value of JPT for your organization.

Media Guide 2013

John Donnelly, JPT Editor

John Donnelly has been covering global oil and gas for

more than 20 years. Prior to being named JPT editor in

August 2001, he was a senior editor at an international

oil publishing company. He holds a journalism degree

from the University of Texas at Austin.

Robin Beckwith, Senior Staff Writer

Robin Beckwith has more than 15 years writing, editing,

and photography experience in petroleum and related

industries, with prior corporate communications

background in a wide range of business sectors. She

earned an Honors BA in English at York University,

Toronto, and an MBA at Houston Baptist University.

Dennis Denney, JPT Senior Technology Editor

Dennis Denney came to JPT in 1996 after more than

20 years as a reservoir engineer and consultant. A

registered professional engineer in Texas and Oklahoma,

he earned a BS degree in petroleum engineering from

Texas A&M University.

Stephen Rassenfoss, JPT Emerging

Technology Editor

Stephen Rassenfoss has more than 20 years of writing

and editing experience. He is the former assistant

business editor for the Houston Chronicle and has been a

columnist and reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

and Jackson Clarion Ledgers newspapers. He received a

BS degree in journalism from the University of Illinois.

Gentry Braswell, JPT Online Technical Editor

Gentry Braswell has covered oil and gas industry capital

markets and the midstream petroleum industry, been a

technical writer with a major oilfield services company,

and written for magazines, newspapers, and online

publications. He holds a degree in journalism from the

University of North Texas.

Abdelghani Henni, Staff Writer

Abdelghani Henni is an energy journalist currently based

in Dubai. He launched the first regional downstream

title ‘Refining and Petrochemicals Middle East’, and the

energy department at He holds a degree in

environmental engineering. He speaks Arabic, English,

French, and German.

Joel Parshall, JPT Features Editor

Joel Parshall has more than 30 years’ experience as a

writer and editor for company and trade publications

with further background as a newspaper journalist.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Beloit College

in Wisconsin.

The key to JPT’s success is content

With 140 years of combined experience, JPT’s writers and editors bring to each issue a wealth of

experience covering oil and gas technologies, issues, and trends. The editorial team is committed to

delivering the most reliable, trusted, and unbiased technology-related content. In addition, JPT’s

46-member Editorial Committee includes highly respected experts in the E&P industry. They review more

than 4,000 technical papers annually to select the most high-interest, broad-based, and relevant papers

for highlighting in JPT.

Journal of Petroleum Technology

How does a magazine earn your business?

We believe there are only two ways:





More Than 61,000 SPE members Receive JPT EVERY MONTH *


• JPT truly reflects the growing worldwide E&P industry

through SPE’s increasing membership.

• As SPE’s professional membership expands around the

world, JPT’s print circulation follows.

• Our circulation is growing monthly with an annualized

growth of approximately 4.5% over the past 10 years.

• JPT has the largest printed circulation in the world among

all E&P focused publications based on June 2012 BPA

statements. (Find more information on*


• JPT’s Editorial Committee reviews more than 4,000 technical

papers each year to select the top 130 to be synopsized and

published within JPT.

• Our editorial content covering the depth and breadth of

technology developments is unmatched in the industry.

• Eight (8) full-time editors cover all technological aspects of

the global E&P industry.

Reach More Than 61,000 Global Oil and Gas Professionals Monthly*

• Readership Quality: JPT is circulated to international decision makers who qualify for an SPE membership because of their industry qualifications.

• Shelf Life: More than 56% of SPE members who recieve JPT read it more than once.

• Time Spent Reading the Magazine: 71% of the SPE members who receive JPT spend 30 minutes or more reading each issue.

• BPA Audited Circulation: JPT provides audited circulation numbers twice a year. For the latest BPA statement,

please visit

• Advertisers Brand Reach: With the full-print copy of JPT (including advertisements) available online, advertisers will now reach over

100,000 global oil and gas professionals on a monthly basis.

* BPA June 2012 Statement average monthly circulation. Visit for more information.

Why JPT?

In a 2010 blind evaluation survey of six international industry publications undertaken by a sample of

50% SPE members and 50% non-SPE members, JPT was voted as:

Most trusted, most knowledgeable,

and most relevant industry publication

covering upstream

Rated “favorite publication” among

both SPE members and non-members

Most likely to be recommended to

a colleague

Considered to be “required reading”

BPA Worlwide Circulation Statement

Total Average Circulation

61,812 as per June 2012 BPA Statement.

Global rEaDEr




north america 54%

Europe 17%







asia 10%

Middle East 9%

africa 4%

latin america, Caribbean,

and South america 3%

asia Pacific and australia 3%



Majors/ioC/noC 52%

Service and

Manufacturing 27%

Consultant 13%

other 4%

academia 2%


agency 2%

97% of SPE members

who receive JPT rate its

content as excellent,

very good, and good

Based on the annual SPE reader

survey of the JPT magazine,

conducted in 2012.

30–59 min 38%

less than 30 min 26%

1 hr – less than 2 hr 20%

2 hr – less than 3 hr 9%

3 hr or more 4%

not available 3%

71% of SPE members

who receive JPT

spend 30

minutes or more reading

the magazine

Based on an Ad Impact

Study, conducted by


in March 2012.



Engineer 46%

Manager or

Executive 34%

Consultant 6%

other 6%

Geologist or

Geophysicist 5%

Educator 2%

Student 1%

89% of SPE members

who receive JPT

find it useful

to their business

Based on the annual SPE reader

survey of the JPT


conducted in 2012.

Do not share their

JPT copy 60%

Share their JPT copy

with 1 person 13%

Share their JPT copy

with 3-5 people 12%

Share their JPT copy

with 2 people 10%

Share their JPT copy with

more than 6 people 5%

On average each


copy is read

by 2.4 people

Based on an Ad Impact

Study, conducted by


in March 2012.

Journal of Petroleum Technology

2013 JPT Editorial Calendar

As of 21 August 2012

Subject to Change

January february march april may June

Ad Closing

5 December 2012

7 January 2013

5 February 2013

5 March 2013

5 April 2013

1 May 2013

Materials Due

10 December 2012

10 January 2013

11 February 2013

11 March 2013

10 April 2013

10 May 2013





Performance Indices

Regional Update

Company News

President’s Column

Technology Applications

Technology Update


SPE News

Young Technology

Showcase (NEW)

EOR Performance

and Modeling

Mature Fields and

Well Revitalization

Well Integrity

Decommissioning (NEW)

Drilling Technology

Offshore Facilities

Well Testing

Nanotechnology (NEW)

Hydraulic Fracturing

Production Operations

Heavy Oil

Seismic Applications

Signet AdStudy ®


Offshore Drilling and


Natural Gas Processing

and Handling




History Matching and


Deepwater Projects

Intelligent Fields




Well Construction

Coiled Tubing Applications

Well Stimulation

Wellbore Tubulars

EOR Operations


and Special


Middle East

Regional Supplement

Asia Regional Supplement

Wall Map Insert



Unconventional Gas

Conference and Exhibition

28–30 January

Muscat, Oman

Hydraulic Fracturing

Technology Conference

4–6 February

The Woodlands, Texas, USA

Reservoir Simulation


19–21 February

The Woodlands, Texas, USA

SPE/IADC Drilling

Conference and Exhibition

5–7 March

The Netherlands

Middle East Oil Show

10–13 March

Manama, Bahrain

SPE Digital Energy


5–7 March

The Woodlands, Texas, USA

SPE Americas E&P Health,

Safety, Security and

Environmental Conference

18–20 March

Galveston, Texas, USA

Offshore Mediterranean


20–22 March

Ravenna, Italy

SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing

and Well Intervention

Conference and Exhibition

26–27 March

Houston, Texas, USA

International Petroleum

Technology Conference

26–28 March

Beijing, China

Offshore Technology


6–9 May

Houston, Texas, USA

Heavy Oil Conference

and Exhibition


Kuwait City, Kuwait

AAPG Annual Convention

and Exhibition

19–22 May

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Artificial Lift Systems

Conference - Americas

21– 22 May

Cartagena, Colombia

SPE European Formation

Damage Conference and


5–7 June

Noordwijk, The Netherlands

75th EAGE Annual Conference

and Exhibition incorporating

SPE Europe

10–13 June

London ,UK

SPE Heavy Oil Conference –

Canada/Go Expo

11–13 June

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Brasil Offshore

11–14 June

Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Latin American and Caribbean

HSE Conference

26–27 June

Lima, Peru

SPE Enhanced Oil Recovery


2–4 July

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Media Guide 2013

2013 JPT Editorial Calendar

As of 21 August 2012

Subject to Change

july august september october november december

5 June 2013

5 July 2013

5 August 2013

5 September 2013

4 October 2013

5 November 2013

10 June 2013

10 July 2013

9 August 2013

10 September 2013

10 October 2013

11 November 2013

Reservoir Simulation

Artificial Lift

Unconventional Resources

CO2 Applications

Formation Evaluation

Subsea Technology

Health, Safety, Environment,

and Social Responsibilities

Reservoir Performance

and Monitoring

Completions Today

Drilling Management

and Automation

Field Development Projects

Tight Reservoirs

Data Management and


Sand Management and

Frac Pack

Drilling and Completion


Horizontal and Complex–

Trajectory Wells

Gas Production Technology

Offshore Production (NEW)

Reserves/Asset Management

Production and Facilities

Bit Technology and

Bottomhole Assemblies

Water Management (NEW)

Signet AdStudy ®


ATCE 2013 Show Daily

Wall Map Insert

Industry Salary Survey

Unconventional Resources

Technology Conference

12–14 August

Denver, Colorado, USA

Progressing Cavity Pumps


25–27 August

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

SPE Middle East HSE


2–4 September

Doha, Qatar

Offshore Europe

3–6 September

Aberdeen, UK

SPE Reservoir

Characterization and

Simulation Conference

and Exhibition

15–18 September

Abu Dhabi, UAE

SEG Annual Conference

22–27 September

Houston, Texas, USA

OTC Brasil

8–10 October

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

SPE Annual Technical

Conference and Exhibition

30 September–2 October

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

SPE/IADC Middle East

Drilling Technology

Conference and Exhibition

7– 9 October

Dubai, UAE

Asia Pacific Oil and Gas

Conference and Exhibition

22–24 October

Jakarta, Indonesia

Unconventional Resources

Conference and Exhibition

11–13 November

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Intelligent Energy

International Conference

and Exhibition

26–31 October

Manama, Bahrain

Journal of Petroleum Technology

JPT Advertising rates

Effective 1 January 2013

All rates are gross and in US dollars (USD)

4-Color Rates 1 × 3 × 6 × 12 × 18 × 24 × 36 × 48 ×

Double Page $17,005 $16,720 $16,370 $15,680 $15,620 $15,005 $14,410 $14,060

Full Page $8,995 $8,880 $8,710 $8,365 $8,330 $7,995 $7,720 $7,550

²⁄³ Page $7,465 $7,180 $7,045 $6,805 $6,780 $6,550 $6,315 $6,175

½ Island $6,840 $6,720 $6,595 $6,375 $6,345 $6,140 $5,920 $5,800

½ Page (H or V) $6,335 $6,220 $6,095 $5,895 $5,785 $5,690 $5,505 $5,400

¹⁄ ³ Page (V or Sq.) $4,820 $4,785 $4,710 $4,575 $4,545 $4,415 $4,290 $4,225

¼ Page $4,180 $4,130 $4,080 $4,010 $3,950 $3,865 $3,785 $3,730

¹⁄6 (Resources) $1,290 $1,245 $1,215 $1,185 $1,170 $1,140 $1,100 $1,085

4-Color Cover Rates 1 × 3 × 6 × 12 × 18 × 24 × 36 × 48 ×

Back Cover $11,130 $10,650 $10,050

Inside Front Cover $11,130 $10,650 $10,050

Inside Back Cover $10,225 $9,835 $9,410

Special Editorial Positions

USD 800 additional: Opposite 2nd Contents Page, 1/3 Page (V) on Contents Page 3, 1/3 Page (V) on Contents Page 5.

USD 680 additional: Company News, Comments, Guest Editorial, Opposite Performance Indices, President’s Column, Regional

Update, Technology Applications, Techbits, Technology Update, and Young Professionals Showcase.

Additional Opportunities: JPT offers specialty advertiser opportunities beyond the traditional printed advertising within the

magazine. Contact your JPT sales representative for information for separate printing pieces or other items that can be mailed

with JPT as a tip-in, or loose within the poly bag. Whatever your idea, JPT can help you spread your message.

The following testimonials were received from SPE members who receive JPT during an ad study conducted by

SIGNET RESEARCH, INC, in March 2012.*

“JPT is a great source for building a

technical knowledge portfolio about the

various disciplines in our industry and

what is being done successfully in each.

The advertising is a useful metric for

what’s hot in the market.”

“Keeps me informed of what’s going

on in the petroleum industry without

relying on the news media.”

“When I see articles of interest,

I read them thoroughly and often

send a note regarding content

to others.”

“I appreciate being able to easily keep up

with current technology trends…

I also like reading the ads to help me

discern the world-wide application of

different companies.”

*For more information, visit

The Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) is a monthly publication of the Society of Petroleum Engineers

(SPE). When your company advertises in JPT, it is supporting not only JPT but other SPE programs as well.

SPE is a not-for-profit organization. income from JPT is invested back into the society to provide even more

opportunities for industry professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence. Scholarships,

certification, the Distinguished lecturer program, and SPE’s energy education program, Energy4me, are just a

few examples of programs that also benefit from your company’s support of JPT.


Evan Carthey

Print and Digital Sales Representative

(Americas, Companies A–L)

tel: +1.713.457.6828


Dana Griffin

Print and Digital Sales Representative

(Americas, Companies M–Z)

tel: +1.713.457.6857


Mark Hoekstra

Advertising Sales Representative


tel: +1.403.930.5471


Rob Tomblin

Advertising Sales Manager

(Europe, Russia, Caspian and

Sub-Saharan Africa)

tel: +44 (0) 20.7299.3300


Sween Rajan

Sales Manager

(Middle East/India)

tel: +971 (0) 4.457.5852


Taghreed Khallaf

Print Sales Representative

(Middle East/India)

tel: +971 (0) 4.457.5850


Nick Chantrell

Sales Manager

(Asia Pacific)

tel: +60 (3) 2182.3134


Craig W. Moritz

Senior Manager, Sales and Exhibits

tel: +1.713.457.6888



Asia Pacific

Suite 23-02, level 23,

Centrepoint South Mid valley City,

lingkaran Syed Putra 59200

Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

Main tel: +60.3.2182.3000


Eau Claire Place ii

900 521 – 3rd avenue S.W.

Calgary, ab t2P 3t3 Canada

Main tel: +1.403.930.5454

Europe, Russia, Caspian

and Sub-Saharan Africa

First Floor, threeways house

40/44 Clipstone Street

london W1W 5DW united Kingdom

Main tel: +44.20.7299.3300


10777 Westheimer road,

Suite 1075

houston, texas 77042 uSa

Main tel: +1.713.779.9595

Middle East, North Africa, and India

office 3101/02, 31st Floor

Fortune tower, Jlt

P. o. box 215959 Dubai, uaE

Main tel: +971.4.457.5800


nizhnyaya Street, 14, building 1

2nd Floor, office no. 19

Moscow, russian Federation, 125040

Main tel: +7.495.937.42.09


Society of Petroleum Engineers

Mary Jane Touchstone

Advertising Production Manager

222 Palisades Creek Drive,

richardson, texas 75080-2040 uSa

tel: +1.800.456.6863

(toll-free in the uSa/Canada)

or +1.972.952.9351


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