Workshop Brochure - Society of Petroleum Engineers

Workshop Brochure - Society of Petroleum Engineers

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Society of Petroleum Engineers

11–13 September 2012 | Novotel Barcelona City Hotel | Barcelona, Spain

Pushing the Envelope

in Sand Control

Committee Members:


Bala Gadiyar


Mike Tolan

Cairn Energy

Marco Colombo


George Gillespie


Tommy Grigsby

Halliburton Completion Tools

Mike Hecker


Richard Hodge


David Lowton

Total E&P Norge AS

Basker Stargard Murugappan

Cepsa E&P

Mehmet Parlar


Carlos Pedroso


Therese Scheldt


Charles Svoboda


Daniel J. Turick

Baker Hughes

Calum Whitelaw


George Wong


Workshop Description

Sand control completions are getting more complex in terms of design, completion

hardware and installation. The environment where these completions are deployed pose

challenges such as heterogeneous zones, water sensitive formation, poor sorting, early

water/gas breakthrough, etc. Overall this has added a new dimension subsequently

pushing the envelope in sand control.

The purpose of this workshop is to look at the key factors that increase the risk of poor

performance and solutions to address these risks in challenging environments such

as interval length, narrow margin between frac gradient and pore pressure, HPHT

environment, multi-zone (differentially pressured zones) and depleted reservoir.

There have been some technology advances in the areas of Inflow Control Device (ICD),

screens, open hole zonal isolation and cased-hole single trip multi-zone completion.

The sessions will discuss installation challenges, case histories, best practices and

lessons learnt.

Lifecycle management is becoming an important aspect of sand control completions.

In this workshop we will aim to explore:

• How life cycle management gets affected by sand control completion type

• Specific guidelines for well clean up

• Ways to remediate damage

Workshop Objectives

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is a limited attendance meeting for up to 90 people

and is designed for professionals in the oil and gas industry who

are involved in planning, designing, executing, evaluating and

the decision making of sand control completions. The workshop

is aimed at people whose principal job falls into any of the

following categories:

• Academia

• Completion Engineering

• Drilling Engineering

• Field Development and


• Geology/Geoscience

• Geomechanics/Rock


Petroleum Engineering

• Production Engineering

• Reservoir Engineering

• Review the new developments and changes since the last European workshop

in 2008.

• Establish a barometer for the industry regarding sand control in a challenging


• Address technology gaps that need to be focused on in the next five years.

Pushing the Envelope in Sand Control

Sponsorship Support

Sponsorship support helps offset

the cost of producing workshops

and allows SPE to keep the

attendance price within reach of

operations-level individuals, those

who benefit most from these

technical workshops.

Sponsors benefit both directly

and indirectly by having their

names associated with a specific


While SPE prohibits any type of

commercialism within the technical

session room itself, the Society

recognises that sponsoring

companies offer valuable

information to attendees outside

the technical sessions.

For a detailed list of available

sponsorships, including benefits

and pricing, please contact Dean

Guest at

Sponsorship Categories

Sponsorships are offered on a first

come, first served basis.

The sponsorship opportunities

available are as follows:

• Audio-Visual Equipment

• Welcome Reception

• Welcome Dinner

·• Coffee Breaks

• Lunch Breaks

Sponsorship Benefits

In addition to on-site recognition,

SPE will recognise sponsors on

the SPE website and in printed

material for the workshop.

Poster Presenter


SPE welcomes posters at

this event. If you would like to

display a poster and share your

expertise with the attendees of this

workshop, please submit a brief

description of your proposed topic

upon registration.

There is no dedicated poster

session in this workshop,

instead posters will be displayed


For More Information

For more information on any of

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Workshop Timetable (as at 25 June 2012)

Monday 10 September

1700–1800 Registration

1800–1900 Welcome Reception

Tuesday 11 September

0730–0830 Registration

0830–0845 Opening Remarks

0845–0915 Highlights/Summary of Sand Control

Completions in Long Interval

0915–1045 Session 1: Challenging Environment: Long /

Heterogeneous Interval

1045–1100 Coffee Break

1100–1230 Session 2: Challenging Environment: HPHT

1230–1330 Lunch

1330–1500 Session 3: Open Hole Challenging Environment:

Low Frac Gradient/Depleted Reservoir

1500–1515 Coffee Break

1515–1545 Session 3 Continued

1545–1700 Group Discussion

1900–2100 Dinner

Wednesday 12 September

0830–1000 Session 4: ICD (SAS or Gravel Pack)

1000–1030 Session 5: Cased Hole Multizone Completions

1030–1045 Coffee Break

1045–1230 Session 5 Continued

1230–1330 Lunch

1330–1530 Session 6: Sand Screen Emerging Technology

1530–1545 Coffee Break

1545–1700 Panel Discussion

Thursday 13 September

0815–0945 Session 7: Open Hole Zonal Isolation

0945–1000 Coffee Break

1000–1230 Session 8: Lifecycle Management

1230–1330 Lunch

1330–1500 Discussion/Breakout Presentations

1500–1515 Coffee Break

1515–1630 Discussion/Breakout Presentations

1630–1700 Wrap Up and Closing Remarks

Novotel Barcelona City Hotel | Barcelona, Spain

Preliminary Technical Agenda

Tuesday 11 September 0915–1045

Session 1: Challenging Environment: Long/

Heterogeneous Interval

Session Managers: Bala Gadiyar, Schlumberger

Richard Hodge, ConocoPhillips

This session will address challenges in designing and

installing sand control completions for long or heterogeneous

open hole reservoirs. Techniques developed to mitigate these

challenges will be discussed.


Session 2: Challenging Environment: HPHT

Session Manager: Therese Scheldt, Statoil

HPHT fields are characterised by well head shut in pressure

in excess of 70 MPa and reservoir temperature greater than

150°C. Noticeable stress changes will take place during

production and this may lead to plastification of the rock

and result in sand production. HPHT fields are very often

heterogeneous and consist of different sand layers and intrareservoir

silt/shale layers. Selection of an optimal sand control

solution for HPHT may therefore be challenging. So what is the

most favourable solution - perforation with blank sections, SAS

or OHGP? Do we have alternatives?


Session 3: Open Hole Challenging Environment:

Low Frac Gradient/Depleted Reservoir

Session Manager: George Wong, Shell

David Lowton, Total E&P Norge AS

Open hole (OH) completions for low frac gradient, or depleted

reservoirs, bring unique drilling and completion challenges.

For example, in low frac gradient reservoirs, gravel packing

long horizontal interval may require different carrier fluids

with low friction, OH displacement/preparation procedures,

screens with alternate paths, special valves in the wash pipe,

etc. Similarly, for depleted reservoirs, the productivity of OH

completions could be reduced due to reservoir damage and

less effective filter cake clean-up from the high overbalance

pressure induced during the drilling and completion

operations. This session will present field examples and

discuss best practices in these areas.

Wednesday 12 September 0830–1000

Session 4: ICD (SAS or Gravel Pack)

Session Managers: Mike Hecker, ExxonMobil

George Gillespie, Weatherford

ICDs have allowed operators to push open hole completions

longer while still effectively producing the entire length of the

completion. This session will show the successes of ICD

completions and what may be in store for the future.


Session 5: Cased Hole Multizone Completions

Session Managers: Daniel J. Turick, Baker Hughes

Tommy Grigsby, Halliburton Completion Tools

Cased hole multi-zone single trip completions offer

many commercial advantages over traditional stack pack

completions. Increasing completion cost is driving continued

advancements in multi-zone completion technology. New frac

enabled single trip multi-zone systems providing complete

zonal isolation are being deployed to address completion

efficiency in shelf and deepwater completions. As these

systems are deployed in deeper and longer reservoir intervals,

they introduce a new set of technical challenges. This session

will present some of those challenges and potential solutions.


Session 6: Sand Screen Emerging Technology

Session Managers: Calum Whitelaw, Chevron

George Gillespie, Weatherford

Over the past several years, a number of established, as well as

lesser known, companies in this industry have been developing

a range of new sand control screens, some with new wellbore

conforming designs and others using materials that are new

or recent to down hole well screen designs. In this session we

will learn about some of these new designs and deployment

methods that have recently become available for field trial or

use. Target applications and suitability will be presented along

with case histories and testing where appropriate.

Thursday 13 September 0815–0945

Session 7: Open Hole Zonal Isolation

Session Manager: Mehmet Parlar, Schlumberger

This session will discuss open hole zonal isolation techniques

for various open hole completion methods such as stand alone

screens, expandable screens and gravel packing with alpha/

beta and alternate path techniques.

Register by 27 August 2012

Session 8: Lifecycle Management


Session Manager: Charlie Svoboda, M-I SWACO

This session primarily looks at short term issues:

• Proper well start up – bean up under control

• Efficient drilling/completion fluid removal during well start up. This may

also include issues surrounding filtercake removal

• What is the impact of long term (6 months - 2 years) abandonment prior

to well start up

In addition it will cover some longer term issues:

• Maximum production vs. optimum reservoir management

• Re-enter vs. redrill


Novotel Barcelona City Hotel

Avenida Diagonal 201

(Entrada por Ciutat de Granada)

08018 Barcelona

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Workshop guidelines


Three days of informal

sessions, with a number of

short presentations, breakout

discussions, an evening welcome

reception on 10 September and

dinner on 11 September. Full

details will be provided with the

registration pack which will be

sent from late July.


Around 90 delegates from relevant

disciplines with proven experience

and/or knowledge of the subject

areas being covered.


All attendees will receive a

certificate from SPE attesting to

their participation.



The workshop qualifies for SPE

Continuing Education Units

(CEU), at the rate of 0.1 CEU

per hour of the workshop.


The steering committee will

appoint a scribe to make a

full report of the workshop,

summarising all presentations

and discussion. This report will

be circulated to all attendees.

The copyright of the scribe’s

report will belong to SPE.


Written notice received 30 days

before the starting date of the

workshop entitles registrants to

a 50% refund. There will be no

refund for cancellations received

after this time but alternative

delegates will be welcomed.

Register online at or

alternatively complete and send

back the form on the back of

this brochure

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Pushing the Envelope in Sand Control

11–13 September 2012 | Novotel Barcelona City Hotel | Barcelona, Spain


Important: Attendance is limited and is not guaranteed.

Early registration is recommended. Please print or type in black ink.

Registration Deadline:

27 August 2012

First Name/Forename: ___________________________________________________ Middle Name: __________________________

Last/Family Name: ______________________________________________________ SPE Member? ❒ Yes ❒ No

Member No.: ________________ Job Title: ________________________________________________________________________

Company/Organisation: __________________________________________________________________________________________

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Telephone: ________________________________________ Facsimile: ___________________________________________________

E-mail (required): _______________________________ Emergency Contact Number: _______________________________________


Would you like to show a Poster: ❒ Yes ❒ No If yes, please provide a brief description of topic: __________________________________


Do you have any mobility/dietary restrictions? ❒ Yes ❒ No Please specify: ________________________________________________


Will you require any additional nights’ accommodation outside the workshop dates? ❒ Yes ❒ No

Please specify: _________________


I am happy to be included in the list of delegates which will be available to all registered delegates on site ❒ Yes ❒ No

Workshop Fee:

Residential Rate ❒ Member rate: EUR 1,200 + 18% VAT = EUR 1,416 ❒ Non-member rate: EUR 1,320 + 18% VAT = EUR 1,557.60

Residential Rate Includes: all workshop sessions, the scribe’s report, all coffee breaks, three lunches, the welcome reception on Monday 10 September,

the workshop dinner on Tuesday 11 September and hotel bed and breakfast accommodation for three nights (10, 11 and 12 September).

Non-Residential Rate ❒ Member rate: EUR 900 + 18% VAT = EUR 1,062 ❒ Non-member rate: EUR 990 + 18% VAT = EUR 1,168.20

Non-Residential Rate Includes: all workshop sessions, the scribe’s report, all coffee breaks, three lunches, the welcome reception on Monday 10

September and the workshop dinner on Tuesday 11 September.

Bank transfers Barclays Bank, 50 Pall Mall, London SW1A 1QA, UK; Name of Account: SPE Ventures;

Account Number: 62 26 56 88 Sort code: 20-67-59 IBAN NUMBER: GB18 BARC 2067 5962 2656 88 SWIFTBIC: BARCGB22

Please include the name of the registrant and 12ABAR as reference for the transfer.

Credit Card (check one): ❒ American Express ❒ MasterCard ❒ Visa

Card Number (will be billed through Society of Petroleum Engineers)

Expiration Date (mm/yy)

Name of Credit Card Holder: (printed) _______________________________________________________________________________

Signature: (required) ______________________________________________________ Date: _______________________________

Security Code: (3 digits on back of card) ____________________________________________________________________________

Mail, fax, or e-mail completed registration form with payment or credit card information to:

Society of Petroleum Engineers Telephone: +44.20.7299.3300

1st Floor, Threeways House, 40/44 Clipstone Street, Fax: +44.20.7299.3309

London, W1W 5DW, UK


If you have any questions, contact Frances Leon, SPE Africa Programmes Manager, at +44(0) 20 7299 3300.

To submit your registration online, please go to the SPE website at

Cancellation Policy: Written notice received 30 days before the starting date of the workshop entitles registrants to a 50% refund.

There will be no refund for cancellations received after this time but alternative delegates will be welcomed.

Register by 27 August 2012

Society of Petroleum Engineers

11–13 September 2012 | Novotel Barcelona City Hotel | Barcelona, Spain


Pushing the Envelope

in Sand Control

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