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American Magazine: August 2014

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must haves 3 4 7 9 10 2 5 1 11 6 8 *Mountaineer and PhD candidate, American Politics and Public Policy, School of Public Affairs 1. Alaska is one of the coldest places to climb; when I was in Denali in May 2013, it was 20 degrees in the sun during the day, but it got down to -40 at night. Down is the best insulator. 2. Good boots, gloves, and a parka keep you alive. My Scarpa Phantom 6000 double boots are waterproof and warm. 3. In mountaineering, an “alpine start” means you begin climbing well before dawn, when ice and rocks are more stable. My Black Diamond Storm headlamp is essential at night. 4. My Petzl Elios helmet protects me from falls, rocks, and icefall. I’ve never been hit by rock or ice, but I often see it as I climb. 5. Black Diamond Sabretooth crampons attach to my boots and help me keep my footing. 6. My Petzl Summit ice ax is my connection to the mountain—and what I use to catch myself if I fall. 7. Climbing can burn as many as 5,000–8,000 calories a day. You can lose your appetite at high altitudes, so you should carry high-calorie food you want to eat. Dried fruit and chocolatecovered almonds are my favorites. You melt snow for drinking water or treat water with chemicals or filters. 8. There’s lots of sun at high altitudes, so you have to protect your skin and eyes. 9. Your rope connects you to your partner or climbing team. My dynamic, nylon Mammut Glacier Line is 8.3 mm thick and 40 m long, and it can stretch to absorb the impact if I fall. 10. My Black Diamond 55L climbing pack is durable and lightweight. When I went to Alaska, I had 60 to 70 pounds of gear, food, and fuel split between a pack and a sled towed behind me. The goal is to be prepared—but to carry as little as possible. 11. I used to carry a guide book, camera, journal, and GPS—now I can do it all on my iPhone (very compact solar panels keep it charged). But you never want to depend on something that might break, so I still carry a compass and map. 48 AMERICAN MAGAZINE AUGUST 2014 Photographed at Sugarloaf Mountain, Dickerson, Maryland

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