Florida Key Club's Sunshine Source Vol X No 2 Jul-Aug 2014

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The <strong>Sunshine</strong><br />

<strong>Source</strong><br />

uly/<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2014</strong> www.floridakeyclub.org <strong>Vol</strong>ume X Issues 2<br />

Getting<br />

TechNICKal<br />

About Dues<br />

ICON<br />

Recap<br />

Service<br />

in the Summer<br />


Your District Board’s<br />

Favorite Thing to do in<br />

the Summer<br />

03 Editor’s Message<br />

04 Governor’s Message<br />

05 District Goals<br />

06 ICON Recap<br />

12 Getting TechNICKal<br />

about Dues<br />

14 Service in the<br />

Summer <strong>Sunshine</strong><br />

18 FAQ<br />

19 Working Together<br />

20 District Summer Board<br />

Meeting Recap<br />

16 Test Your <strong>Key</strong> Club IQ

<strong>Key</strong> Clubbers,<br />

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer<br />

so far! While you are hanging out at the beach or<br />

the park, make a difference by giving a compliment<br />

to a stranger or by picking up some trash.<br />

Just by doing a small, simple things, you can<br />

brighten someone’s day. Take our motto “Caringour<br />

way of life” to heart and never stop striving to<br />

make a difference. For inspiration and service project<br />

ideas, check out the “ Service in the Summer<br />

<strong>Sunshine</strong>” article. Thank you to the clubs featured<br />

in this issue for planning incredible service projects.<br />

If your club is interested in being featured in the<br />

next <strong>Sunshine</strong> <strong>Source</strong> or if you have any questions<br />

regarding this issue, feel free to let me know.<br />

Yours in friendship and service,<br />

Katt Crowdis<br />


<strong>Key</strong> Clubbers,<br />

With all of the happiness I enjoyed and memories I created at<br />

ICON <strong>2014</strong> in Anaheim, California, I cannot help but feel a renewed<br />

sense of pride in our District and everything that we, as an organization,<br />

accomplish every year. Our District is the oldest and one of the<br />

strongest in all of <strong>Key</strong> Club International and each and every year<br />

we soar to new heights, accomplish even greater things, and lead<br />

our communities towards a brighter future. At International Convention,<br />

we were fortunate enough to receive several awards for our<br />

District’s success and saw one of our own, Shane Meyers from Dreyfoos<br />

School of the Arts, be elected to the position of International<br />

Trustee.<br />

My greatest joy as Governor is watching <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers accomplish<br />

amazing things. There is nothing that makes me any prouder<br />

than to hear that a <strong>Key</strong> Clubber headed up a project that raised a<br />

substantial amount of money for a non-profit organization or that a<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Clubber was recognized by their school district as the greatest<br />

humanitarian for that year. You are all leading our generation towards<br />

a better future and improving the quality of life for countless<br />

individuals around the world. For that, I am so immensely proud of<br />

each and every one of you.<br />

Enjoy the remainder of your summer breaks and continue to<br />

develop those life-long relationships with the people you serve!<br />

Yours in service and friendship,<br />

Lauren<br />


In every aspect of life it is important to set goals and know<br />

what you are working towards. This year I hope that I, and the other<br />

District Board members, can successfully help clubs and members<br />

reach their full potential as service providers and service leaders.<br />

Therefore, I have established a few specific goals to reflect this<br />

desire. By striving to reach new heights, I am sure that the <strong>Florida</strong><br />

District will grow even stronger, provide even more service, and improve<br />

even more lives.<br />

1. Support The Eliminate Project:<br />

A. Raise $125,000 by 3/31/2015<br />

B. Have 75% of clubs participate<br />

C. Award 25 Elimidallions<br />

2. Provide service to the community:<br />

A. Perform 3,000 Governor Project hours<br />

B. Complete 22,000 other service hours<br />

3. Promote <strong>Key</strong> Club:<br />

A. Charter and/or Reactivate 15 clubs<br />

B. Help clubs grow to at least 20 members<br />

4. Improve the quality of District leadership:<br />

All divisions will have contested races for Lt. Governor<br />


6<br />

What is one word to describe International<br />

Convention? Whether it’s<br />

“exciting” or “rewarding”, the <strong>2014</strong> International<br />

Convention in Anaheim,<br />

California was a truly life changing experience.<br />

International Convention,<br />

or ICON, is an annual <strong>Key</strong> Club event<br />

where <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers from 32 countries<br />

and 34 districts gather to celebrate<br />

what it truly means to be a <strong>Key</strong> Clubber.<br />

With four days of convention<br />

and then two days of touring Los Angeles,<br />

no one will ever forget the amazing<br />

memories gained through attending<br />

this International Convention.<br />

As everyone “hopped off the<br />

plane at LAX” and traveled to the<br />

beautiful hotel, every <strong>Key</strong> Clubber<br />

could not help but feel ecstatic for the<br />

beginning of the convention. That<br />

night, attendees had the opportunity<br />

to trade District pins with other districts<br />

at the meet-and-greet. As the<br />

goal for so many soon became to attain<br />

the best looking and the rarest<br />

pins, attendees were soon meeting<br />

and talking to people from across the<br />

world.<br />

By attending opening session<br />

and caucusing the next day, <strong>Key</strong><br />

Clubbers were able to hear from candidates<br />

running for International offices.<br />

The <strong>Florida</strong> District would like<br />

to give a round--of-applause to Katherine<br />

McAllister,Tyler McNanna, and<br />

Shane Meyers. The <strong>Florida</strong> District is<br />

extremely proud of our candidates<br />

even though for some, their

dreams for serving others as International<br />

officers were not realized.<br />

Much like DCON caucusing, <strong>Key</strong><br />

Clubbers asked the candidates<br />

about their platform and experience<br />

in order to make an educated vote<br />

for each office.<br />

workshops. With so many great<br />

workshops to choose from, <strong>Key</strong><br />

Clubbers were guaranteed to learn<br />

something new. During one workshop,<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Clubbers even had the<br />

opportunity to engage in a service<br />

project.<br />

That same day, the first House<br />

of Delegates was conducted. During<br />

this House of Delegates One, the<br />

<strong>Florida</strong> District participated in<br />

amending the bylaws of International.<br />

Later that night, the Hawaiian<br />

Dance Party took place.<br />

On Friday night, the <strong>Florida</strong><br />

District was proudly presented countless<br />

International awards. For a list of<br />

the awards that the <strong>Florida</strong> District<br />

won, please check out page 9.<br />

During Friday and Saturday, attendees<br />

attended insightful<br />

Members made birthing mats by tying<br />

strips of plastic bags together.<br />

These birthing mats were then donated<br />

to hospitals in Africa. By aiding<br />

in providing a more sanitary<br />

birthing environment, <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers<br />

helped women avoid Maternal and<br />

Neonatal Tetanus (MNT).<br />

On Saturday night, the Second<br />

House of Delegates began. In this<br />

House of Delegates, the <strong>2014</strong>-2015<br />

International Board was elected.<br />

Congratulations to the new International<br />

President Maria Palazzolo<br />


and the new International Vice President<br />

Kevin Zhang. Congratulations<br />

<strong>Florida</strong>’s very own Shane Meyers for<br />

getting elected to serve as an International<br />

Trustee!<br />

The final day of the International<br />

Convention came to a close with<br />

The Eliminate Project dance. In total,<br />

$15,000 was raised for The Eliminate<br />

Project during the convention.<br />

The next day, the <strong>Florida</strong> District<br />

toured the beautiful city of Los<br />

Angeles. <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers had the opportunity<br />

to visit the Walk of Fame,<br />

Beverly Hills, the Farmer’s Market,<br />

and Santa Monica Pier.<br />

On the final day of the <strong>Florida</strong><br />

District Tour, <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers enjoyed a<br />

truly magical experience at the<br />

famous Disneyland. <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers<br />

visited both California Adventures<br />

and Disneyland and enjoyed every<br />

sun-filled moment of the last day.<br />

Overall the experience of<br />

ICON was a life changing experience.<br />

Amy Nguyen says that “being<br />

able to physically meet people from<br />

around the world really helped open<br />

my eyes. <strong>Key</strong> Club to Amy is “no<br />

longer just any regular club. It is has<br />

truly changed my way of life.” To Jamie<br />

Fox, ICON is where she<br />

learned what it means to be a <strong>Key</strong><br />

Clubber. She found that through<br />

this organization, “we are truly making<br />

a global difference”<br />

The <strong>Florida</strong> District built so<br />

many great memories in the sunny<br />

state of California. Celebrating the<br />

wonderful things <strong>Key</strong> Club does<br />

with more than 1,500 <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers<br />

is something every attendee will surely<br />

remember forever.<br />

—-From your ICON Chair<br />

Junior Pierre Louis<br />


Single Service 2nd Place: Jesuit High School<br />

Major Emphasis 2nd Place: Jesuit High School<br />

Distinguished Secretary: Lauren McAlliser<br />

Distinguished Treasurer: Shane Meyers<br />

Distinguished Diamond Level Clubs: Braden River High School, Jesuit High<br />

School, Palatka High School<br />

Outstanding Faculty Advisor: Time Deleeuw<br />

Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor: Robert T. Shoaf<br />

Robert F. Lucas Award<br />

Amber Borgerson<br />

Jordan Greissman<br />

Beth Leon<br />

Christopher Murray<br />

Stephanie <strong>No</strong>lasco<br />

Dillon Perez<br />

Edwin Perez<br />

Marcela Sierra<br />

Antoinette Avilla<br />

<strong>No</strong>ureen Ahmed<br />

Katt Crowdis<br />

Arianna Hernandez<br />

Kathryn McAllister<br />

Tyler McNanna<br />

Mia Mundell<br />

Matthew Welds<br />


At this year’s <strong>Key</strong> Club International<br />

Convention <strong>2014</strong><br />

held in Anaheim, California,<br />

the delegates at the House of<br />

Delegates decided that international<br />

dues be raised $0.50<br />

from $6.50 to $7.00. The original<br />

amendment placed before<br />

the House was to raise<br />

dues to $8.50 ($2 increase),<br />

which ultimately was amended.<br />

The heavily debated<br />

amendment was roughly an<br />

hour, as many delegates had opinions to share for both the<br />

pro and con sides.<br />

The reason for the dues increase is because <strong>Key</strong> Club International<br />

was estimated to have a deficit of roughly $170,000<br />

for the <strong>2014</strong>-15 year. This is the first dues increase in over 10<br />

years with the last being in 2003. The cost of running an organization<br />

with over 260,000 members has become more costly as<br />

time progresses. Examples include airfare for events that require<br />

travel; as flight ticket prices increase, the budgeted expenditures<br />

also need to increase in order to compensate.<br />


The second reason that the dues were increased is that<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club International needs to be fiscally responsible in<br />

the event of a financial catastrophe in the future. To do<br />

this, KCI has decided to increase the amount in the reserves<br />

to $2.5 million dollars, or one-year’s operating costs.<br />

This is similar to what the <strong>Florida</strong> District also holds; we have<br />

reserve accounts that we can fall back on in the case we<br />

lose money too.<br />

The final, and arguably the most important, reason that<br />

delegates chose to raise dues by 50 cents is so that the international<br />

staff is able to develop and follow through with<br />

initiatives and goals that were developed in the <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

International Strategic Plan. The plan includes six aspects of<br />

KCI that need improvement and, subsequently, need funding.<br />

Some of these initiatives include expanding, connecting,<br />

and publicizing <strong>Key</strong> Club International.<br />

Should you have any questions about the article above<br />

or anything Treasurer-related, please feel free to email me!<br />

Nick Azcarate<br />

<strong>2014</strong>-2015 District Treasurer<br />

treasurer@floridakeyclub.org<br />


Make a difference in someone’s life and be the sunshine in their summer! Hopefully<br />

these examples of great service projects can inspire your club to make an impact in<br />

your home school, and community.<br />

14<br />

SNAP<br />

This year, the Governor’s Project is<br />

SNAP, which stands for Special Needs<br />

Awareness Programs.<br />

Fashion Show<br />

Division: 26B<br />

During a Divisional project, 26B volunteered<br />

at their Aktion Club’s Fashion<br />

Show Kick-Off. They helped set up<br />

the event, hosted games, and handed<br />

out food.<br />

Special Olympics<br />

Division: 12<br />

Club: J.W. Mitchell High School<br />

This <strong>Key</strong> Club volunteered at their local<br />

Special Olympics, which is a sports<br />

organization that allows special needs<br />

individuals to compete in sports.<br />

Horses for Handicapped<br />

Division: 24A<br />

Club: Hollywood Hills High School<br />

Along with their Kiwanis Club, Hollywood<br />

Hills <strong>Key</strong> Club assisted special<br />

needs individuals with riding horses.<br />

Luau<br />

Division: 26A<br />

This Division assisted their local Aktion<br />

Club in a pancake breakfast and<br />

luau party.

The Eliminate<br />

Project<br />

With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis<br />

International and UNICEF have<br />

joined forces to eliminate maternal<br />

and neonatal tetanus. Neonatal tetanus<br />

kills one baby every nine<br />

minutes—nearly 60,000 newborn children<br />

every year. A significant number<br />

of women also die because of maternal<br />

tetanus. The end of this one disease<br />

means the beginning of better<br />

health for so many families.<br />

Eliminate Lock-in<br />

Division: 3<br />

Club: <strong>Florida</strong> State High School<br />

By having a lock-in at night in Fun<br />

Station, <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers were able to<br />

have a great time playing unlimited<br />

games and eating food. In laser tag<br />

(along with regular winners), participants<br />

also competed to find a special<br />

key to win a prize. Money was earned<br />

from selling tickets for the event and<br />

the concession stand.<br />

Bagging for Eliminate<br />

Division: 26C<br />

Club: Island Christian High School<br />

Island Christian High School bagged<br />

groceries at their local grocery store<br />

(specifically Publix) to raise money for<br />

The Eliminate Project. The money was<br />

raised from the tips that were given<br />

from the customers.<br />

Children’s<br />

Miracle Network<br />

Children’s Miracle Network Hospital is<br />

a nonprofit organization that raises<br />

money to benefit kids and increases the<br />

awareness of its member hospitals.<br />

Poptab Collection<br />

Division: 7<br />

Club: DeLand High School<br />

Students at the Deland High School<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club, in conjunction with their Kiwanis<br />

club, participated in a poptab<br />

collection project. The proceeds were<br />

donated to Children’s Cancer Research.<br />


March of Dimes<br />

The mission of March of Dimes is to<br />

improve the health of babies by preventing<br />

birth defects, premature<br />

births, and infant mortality.<br />

Gator Idol<br />

Division: 25A<br />

Club: Barbara Goleman High School<br />

This <strong>Key</strong> Club hosted a talent show to<br />

raise funds for March of Dimes. To<br />

raise money, they sold tickets for the<br />

event, ran a concession stand, had<br />

sponshorships from local businesses,<br />

and had a raffle. At the event, a guest<br />

speaker spoke about March of Dimes<br />

to raise awareness about the charity<br />

and what it does.<br />

6<br />

Skating Event:<br />

Division: 24B<br />

Club: Cooper City High School<br />

This <strong>Key</strong> Club planned a skating and<br />

arcade day for the community to attend.<br />

All the proceeds went to March<br />

of Dimes.<br />

Club<br />

Fundraisers<br />

Candles<br />

Division: 19A<br />

Club: Mariner High School<br />

By selling candles throughout their<br />

community and school, this <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

raised money for their club.<br />

Sweet and Salty Fundraiser<br />

Division: 19A<br />

Club: Mariner High School<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Clubbers sold sweet and salty<br />

food items.<br />

Hot Dog Sale<br />

Division: 22<br />

Club: Barron Collier High School<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Clubbers grilled hot dogs and<br />

then sold them along with chips and<br />

drinks as a fundraiser.

Community<br />

Daniel’s Dream<br />

Division: 16<br />

Service<br />

Club: Jensen Beach High School<br />

By hosting a successful golf tournament,<br />

this <strong>Key</strong> Club was able to raise<br />

money and awareness of the limited<br />

educational opportunities in El Salvador.<br />

They raised over five thousand<br />

dollars in the golf tournament<br />

to buy new desks, chairs, textbooks,<br />

and other necessary supplies for students.<br />

Additionally, this <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

has started a pen-pal network between<br />

the schools in El Salvador and<br />

the high schools in their school district.<br />

Every Child’s a Swimmer<br />

Division: 26A<br />

Club: St. Brendan High School<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Clubbers were able to participate<br />

in a four day swimming camp to help<br />

teach children how to swim.<br />

K-Family Picnic<br />

Division: 24A<br />

Club: South Plantation High School<br />

A K-family picnic day was planned at a<br />

local park where everyone enjoyed a<br />

barbeque and games.<br />

Dog Toys<br />

Division 19A and 19B<br />

At a joint DCM, <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers had<br />

the opportunity to make dog toys out<br />

of old t-shirts.<br />

Reading in the Park<br />

Division: 4<br />

Club: <strong>Key</strong>stone Heights High School<br />

Kids spent the afternoon at the park<br />

listening to books read out loud and<br />

acted out by <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers. Games<br />

such as Twister and water balloons<br />

were also played and lunch was provided.<br />


Why should my club get involved with our Kiwanis<br />

Club?<br />

By getting involved with your Kiwanis Club, you will be able to build a<br />

better relationship within your local K-Family. The benefits of this include:<br />

having the opportunity to partner in service projects and being able to ask<br />

for funding for projects. By talking to your Kiwanis Advisor to find out<br />

when their meetings are or when an upcoming service project is, you will<br />

be able to strengthen your K-family.<br />

What is the difference between FLOF and YOF?<br />

The FLOF grant is managed by the <strong>Florida</strong> District of <strong>Key</strong> Club International.<br />

On the other hand, YOF is a <strong>Key</strong> Club International grant program.<br />

FLOF and YOF also differ in the amounts of money that they can reward.<br />

The FLOF grant will reward up to 2/3 of the project’s costs<br />

(maximum rewarded is $1,000). With YOF, a club can receive between<br />

$100-$2,000 for the project (amount decided by the International YOF<br />

committee). For more details about the two grants check out http://<br />

floridakeyclub.org/flof/ or contact District Treasurer Nick Azcarate at<br />

treasurer@floridakeyclub.org<br />



In addition to our Preferred Charities (UNICEF, March of Dimes, and Children’s<br />

Miracle Network), <strong>Key</strong> Club International has partnered with three organizations<br />

as vision partners. These organizations and <strong>Key</strong> Club together, make a difference<br />

in the lives of children.<br />

Nickelodeon<br />

Nickelodeon joined the Kiwanis family as a<br />

2013 Vision Partner of Kiwanis International<br />

with a focus on its Big Help initiative, which<br />

addresses issues in service, education, the environment<br />

and health. Learn more about Nickelodeon’s<br />

Big Help efforts, the Halo Awards program<br />

and Day of Play at pro-social.nick.com or<br />

nick.com/thebighelp.<br />

Hershey Track and Field<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club has joined with Hershey Track and<br />

Field to serve children by helping them get active<br />

and develop healthy lifestyles.<br />

Rustic Pathways<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club Co-Sponsor Rustic Pathways has 30<br />

years of experience leading exceptional international<br />

education and service programs for students.<br />

Together, <strong>Key</strong> Club and Rustic Pathways<br />

have the opportunity to broaden their global<br />

perspective while performing meaningful service<br />

projects in communities around the world.<br />


On June 13th through the 15th, the <strong>Florida</strong> District Board of Trustees<br />

met in Orlando for training and to develop plans for the District of <strong>Florida</strong>.<br />

Training throughout the weekend included goal writing, committee work, a<br />

Bonding during an icebreaker<br />

budget discussion, and a presentation on<br />

the Governor’s Project, SNAP. After train<br />

ing on Saturday, the District Board had<br />

the opportunity to enjoy an icecream so<br />

cial and dance party. Many hugs and<br />

goodbyes were given after the board meet<br />

ing on Sunday, as everyone headed home<br />

ready to apply what they learned to their<br />

roles.<br />

0<br />

The <strong>Florida</strong> District Executive<br />

Board<br />


Throughout the weekend, I was not only taught how to be an effective leader but<br />

was introduced to a new family. By the guidance of by Mrs. Parton, Mr. McCampbell,<br />

and Governor Lauren, I learned that leadership meant much more then what I had perceived<br />

it to be. As a leaders, our job is to not only lead others, but to leave a legacy behind.<br />

As a leader, we strive to put others before ourselves, knowing that we will soon be<br />

their future example. Throughout the weekend, board members and I were able to grow<br />

more as individuals and celebrate what it meant to be a <strong>Key</strong> Clubber.<br />

— Division 19B Lieutenant Governor Junior Pierre Louis<br />

Dance Party<br />

Icecream Social<br />

The District Board spent three amazing days learning how to better serve as a part<br />

of the <strong>Florida</strong> District. As a Lieutenant Governor, I was given many valuable resources<br />

that will surely benefit my division as a whole. Some of these resources included Power-<br />

Point presentations, leadership surveys, and lessons on time management. This was just<br />

the beginning. I also had the opportunity to meet other board members and see what<br />

challenges and triumphs they had experienced since taking office. It was great to get to<br />

know my fellow board members and see the passion we all have for this organization. By<br />

the time Sunday came around I was beyond excited to get back home and start putting<br />

to use all of the knowledge that I had acquired.<br />

—Division 24B Lieutenant Governor Katherine Castaner<br />


Test Your <strong>Key</strong> Club IQ<br />

What do you know about <strong>Key</strong> Club?<br />

1. <strong>Key</strong> Club’s Core Values are:<br />

A. Leadership, fellowship, character building, inclusiveness<br />

B. Leadership, character building, caring, inclusiveness,<br />

C. Character building, caring, leadership, volunteering<br />

D. Inclusiveness, service, character building, leadership<br />

2. What <strong>Key</strong> Club International’s Major Emphasis Projects?<br />

A. Every Child is a Swimmer, The Eliminate Project, Children's Miracle<br />

Network,<br />

B. The Eliminate Project, Hershey Tack and Field, March of Dimes<br />

C.March of Dimes, The Eliminate Project, Children’s Miracle Network<br />

D. Trick-or-treat for UNICEF, Relay for Life, March of Dimes<br />

3. How much does it take to save a mother and any of her future<br />

children through The Eliminate Project?<br />

A. $1.80<br />

B. $2.80<br />

C.$1.70<br />

22<br />

D. $ 1.60

1. B 4. C 7. A<br />

2. C 5. D<br />

3. A 6. A<br />

4. What is K-family's goal to raise for The Eliminate Project?<br />

A. $105 Million<br />

B. $125 Million<br />

C.$110 Million<br />

D. $115 Million<br />

5. How many Districts of <strong>Key</strong> Club International are there?<br />

A. 32<br />

B. 33<br />

C.31<br />

D. 34<br />

6. When was <strong>Key</strong> Club founded?<br />

A. 1925<br />

B. 1945<br />

C.1950<br />

D. 1910<br />

7. What was the first District in <strong>Key</strong> Club International?<br />

A. <strong>Florida</strong><br />

B. New England and Bermuda<br />

C.Southwest<br />

D. Capital<br />

Answers<br />



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