installation guideline

installation guideline

1 Preconditions

You need to have rational rose and rational rose licenses server installed. These

are installed from the rational rose executable (RationalRose.exe) Found on the

common drive in eitstaff to eitstudṗgl. You also need a to obtain license file.

This can be done by running the hostinfo file on the computer you want to run

rational rose on. Hostinfo us found in the same directory as RationalRose.exe.

2 Step 1

First you open the License Tool under ”Start, All programs, Rational Software”.

Then you select the radio button Configuration using License File so you have

the same as figure 1.

Figure 1: Figure 1

Click browse and find the obtained license file, you will have to make it show

all files since the license file will be a udp. When you have selected the license

file the text box will show the path to it.


3 Step 2

Click the Stop/Reread tab pane and you will see something similar to figure

2. The number will be the port number and the text will be the server name

(portnumber@servername). Remember these values.

Figure 2: Figure 2

4 Step 3

Now open the Rational license key administrator. Under settings select Client/Server

Configuration and you will have a window similar to figure 3. Select the use

license server check box, and click Add Server. Now fill in the ServerName and

Port from step 2. Click Ok, if you have a firewall installed you will have to allow

the key administrator to connect to the license server.

You should now be able to run Rational Rose.


Figure 3: Figure 3


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