Download manual - Toshiba

Download manual - Toshiba


Installation and important information

Where to install

Locate the television away from direct sunlight and

strong lights. Soft, indirect lighting is recommended for

comfortable viewing. Use curtains or blinds to prevent

direct sunlight falling on the screen.

Place the TV on a stable, level surface that can support

the weight of the TV. In order to prevent injury and

maintain stability of this apparatus, secure the TV to

the level surface using the strap if fitted, or to a wall

using a sturdy tie to the P clips provided. Otherwise

secure the TV on the level surface using the supplied

mounting screw.

The LCD display panels are manufactured using an

extremely high level of precision technology; however,

sometimes some parts of the screen may be missing

picture elements or have luminous spots. This is not a sign

of a malfunction.

Make sure the television is located in a position where it

cannot be pushed or hit by objects, as pressure will break

or damage the screen. Also, please be certain that small

items cannot be inserted into slots or openings in the case.

‘P’ Clip

Fixing strap

Fixing strap

Sturdy tie (as short as possible)

Stand clip



Avoid using chemicals (such as air refreshers, cleaning agents, etc.) on or near the TV pedestal.

Studies indicate that plastics may weaken and crack over time from the combination effects of

chemical agents and mechanical stress (such as weight of TV). Failure to follow these instructions could

result in serious injury and/or permanent damage to TV and TV pedestal.

When using a Wall Bracket

Please use a wall bracket appropriate for the size Removing the Pedestal Stand:

and weight of the LCD TV.

1 Carefully lay the front of the unit face down on a

• Two people are required for installation.

flat, cushioned surface such as a quilt or blanket.

• To install a wall-mount from another manufacturer, Leave the stand protruding over the edge of the

use the SPACERS (supplied).


1 Unplug and remove any cables and/or other

component connectors from the rear of the TV.

2 Carefully lay the front of the unit face down on a

flat, cushioned surface such as a quilt or blanket.

3 Follow the instructions provided with your

wall bracket. Before proceeding, make sure

the appropriate bracket(s) are attached to the

wall and the back of the TV as described in the

instructions provided with the wall bracket.

4 Make sure to place the spacers supplied between

the bracket and the back of the TV.

5 Always use the screws supplied or recommended

by the wall mount manufacturer.



Stand style is dependent on model

NOTE: Extreme care should always be used when

removing the pedestal stand to avoid damage to

the LCD panel.

2 Remove the four screws.

Four screws

3 Once you have removed all four screws holding

the pedestal stand in place, remove the pedestal

stand from the TV by sliding the pedestal stand

away from the TV.


Wall bracket

Spacer (supplied)

TV back panel

Place four spacers (supplied).

CAUTION: The diameter and length of the screws differ

depending on wall bracket model. Use of screws other

than the screws specified may result in internal damage

to the TV set or cause it to fall, etc.


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